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Warlords overhearing MC singing in japanese. For Angelprincessjill97

I had to do a bit of listening for this one to see if I could find a song. It wasn’t easy as I have stated before I am not japanese nor do I speak the language so it took awhile.

Yuko began her day sitting in the castle gardens of Kasugayama by herself or so she thought. She wasn’t working today and just wanted to sit in peace and be relative isolation. She began humming to herself to pass the time and soon found herself singing a traditional song in japan of her time. The sweet “lullaby of Itsuki” had come to mind as she continued singing to herself as she sat in the back of the garden watching the flowers dance with the wind.

Yuko had no way of knowing on the other side of the garden wall Yukimura and Sasuke where listening to her quietly. The both had stopped the second her voice had carried over the wall and into their ears. Yukimura stood completely still as he listen to foreigness of the words even though it was the same language they spoke daily. Her tones and inflections were amazing and he could see her words before his eyes. It was unlike anything her had heard before.

Sasuke listen to a song he had heard from his youth with an interest other then normal. He was familiar with the song as most were. He had heard it at festivals as a child. She however added something to it he couldn’t quite grasp. However he closed his eyes and he could picture her there smiling as she sang and it was a breathtaking sight in his minds eye.

The pair listened until she was done and then quietly and quickly made there way through the castle to reach the walled garden she was in to hear more if she was going to sing again. They were sadly disappointed as she had moved by the time they arrived. Yuko had no way of knowing her voice would play a huge part in the next battle either as she only sang when she thought she was alone.

She had been dragged along to help out in the relief tents for the wounded and as she worked instinctively she sand to calm the wounded men. It had come to everyone’s knowledge of her soft but beautiful voice was a wonder at calming the men down and relaxing them before the nexts day battle whether they were wounded or not. What no one had realized was the enemy camp could also hear the soft sounds on this night as they sat around the fire.

Hideyoshi and Masamune were puzzled at the soft sounds coming from the Uesugi/ Takada forces camp. It was a woman’s voice but unlike anything they had heard before. Even Nobunaga sat and listened curiously quiet as the soft sound died on the wind. She wasn’t trying to distract them it just was enough to lull both forces to relax. Yuko wasn’t trying to have anyone hear but the two fueding lords had heard the soft sound as it carried to the entire field somehow by magic. They both thought of the beauty and wonder of the song and its sounds and began talking to each other to work out a deal.

By morning both leaders of the larger armies had been brought together to help negotiate a treaty. She was surprised to hear this and went to the tent where they were meeting. She was shocked to see so many powerful war lords in one place. Her friends and allies from Kasugayama and their enemy forces the Oda forces were all standing around waiting on someone’s answer when all the men turned and looked at her. She looked on as she was bored as Kenshin had instructed her to do. When the time came to leave each man stopped and told her, her voice was magical and they honestly hoped the would hear it again.

Sasuke And Yukimura laughed and informed them she was theirs. Yuko smiled at them all and thanked them for the undeserved compliments. They all watched her leave and then heard her as she began another song.