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Each is a multiple chapter book. All Stories are many chapters.

 Love Again- Romance/Past Life

Finding the heart- Time Travel Modern

A restless life

The Beginning of Time- Science Fiction

Aphrodisiac Series- Collection of Mitsuhide being bad

Crash- Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

Stalked to the Sengoku- Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Poison to the Heart Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Love at the Right Time

Vampire Collection

The Truth between Friends Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Ikemen Sengoku Collection

Ikemen Sengoku Collection Part Two

A Piece of Time

Battle for the Heart Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Up on the Hilltop Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Down in the Valley Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) a sequel to Up on the Hilltop

 The Dance Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Mission Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 A Dangerous Interaction Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Why are we Friends Again? Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) sequel to A Dangerous Interaction

 Heating up the Kitchen Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) a sequel to A Dangerous Interaction

 Into the Darkness Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) horrorish/romance

 Out of the Light Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

Sequel to into the darkness

 Five-minute Prompts

Five Minute Prompts part two

Ikemen Sengoku Pregnancy and Delivery Series

Beginning Again Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Box of Bones Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Lightning Strikes- Science Fiction/ Time Travel

Meeting the One Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Game Of Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Online Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Through Hell Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Shattered Bones Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) Science fiction

 Terms of Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Let the Games Begin Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Lessons Learned Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Falling in Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Reality of Love Alternate Universe Ikemen Sengoku

Two become One Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Shorts, one off’s, and requests

Raising a Princess Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Blind Date Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Headcanons Ikemen Sengoku

Cabin in the Woods Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Village Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)


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Book one-
This are the first stories/headcanons/shorts I wrote for the characters


Book Two-
Continuation of book one


Sengoku – These are stories based of the characters in the Game Ikemen Sengoku.

Five minute
Prompts- Followers have sent in a statement and a choice of warlord and thus these


Mood Board
and Art- Speaks for itself


yes that is the name for this multipart story-Currently offline


A Piece of


A Restless


Love Again


Finding the



Sengoku Collections



and Delivery Series





Sengoku Inspired- These Characters are entirely my own. They may have the names
of the warlords from the game Ikemen Sengoku but they are NOT the same
characters. Some traits might be the same but they are not the same characters.

Meeting the


The Truth
between Friends



Love at the
Right Time


Poison to
the Heart


Stalked to
the Sengoku






Let the Games


Beginning of Time


Online Love






The Mission


Box of


Out on the


Battle for
the Heart



Sengoku Inspired Series

A Dangerous


Heating up
the Kitchen-sequel To A Dangerous Interaction



Why are we Friends
Again?-Sequel to A Dangerous Interaction




Up on the


Down in the
Valley- sequel to Up on the Hilltop



Into the Darkness-
currently offline

Out of the
Light- Sequel to Into the Darkness



The Dance(Short)



For fun….

Ask Booklet






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more to all my writings.

Part one of the stories can be found here: 


the part two of book can be found here:


Stand Alone Stories

Love again


Love online


Let the Games begin


A restless life


The beginning of time


Poison to the heart


Finding the heart


Stalked to the Sengoku


Meeting the one



Head Canon Mc getting Stabbed (still alive)

Head canon for watt pad for Mc being Stabbed Protecting Warlord

The pair was out for a nice little trip to a nearby lake. As they were walking and holding hands, they were surprised by eight bandits that were laying in wait. He felt he could easily take them on as the war lord and he did but when he wasn’t looking she saw one of the first he had laid out stand with a smaller dagger. She ran and threw herself in front of him as the dagger hit home right through her shoulder. It wasn’t a life-threatening injury but one he treated as one because it was her who received it. After he made sure the bandits could not harm anyone else he carried her back to the castle…….

“Why did you do something so reckless, princess?”, he asks emotion he normally never lets through is thrumming there her as she can still feel the pain lancing through her. She knew it wasn’t all that bad and she wasn’t going to die, but the way he was treating her she could have been on death’s door. He had packed the wound and was basically talking to himself about all the things that will be done when they got back to the castle. He was in a state of shock, she figured as he was finally calming down. He wouldn’t look at her the closer they got to town, and by the time they reached the castle he was beyond angry. She could understand all the emotions he had ranged from, but he was mad at her which she couldn’t exactly believe. As soon as the two of you were in the castle he started barking out orders to everyone. As the time progressed and the salves and everything arrived he was pacing the floor. After the wound had been dressed she stood and walked over to him while he was on the balcony. He looked off in the distance almost ignoring her but then asked her never to do something so foolish as to save him again as he placed an arm around her. He was admitting he feared losing her and to appease him this one time she nodded.

He saw the dagger enter and he lost his mind. He went on survival mode as he struck everyone of them down, again. He swooped her up and practically ran back to his manor. He had started screaming for this or that and for a doctor even though he knew the wound was not that bad. He was taking no chances. He cleaned the wound himself again not letting anyone else near her. She was his to protect and he believed he failed in that. He was mentally beating himself up and after the doctor told him what he already knew it was just the two of them again. He curled up next to her whispering how he should be a better man, as she shut him up and told him he was already a wonderful man. She had to deal with him and his insecurities though knowing he was a wonderful solider and warrior, he had these slight issues. She talked him through them all and was just glad to have him with her. He wouldn’t let her do anything except walk for a few days. That was his love.

As he carried her back to the palace he was figuring out mentally what to do to help ease the pain. He was already making lists of things to do when they got back, he was fighting his fear of failure to do all this. He was trying to make sense of the how’s and why’s that lead to the her getting stabbed. It was eating at him as only those things he considered failures did. As he placed her down he started with a salve and cleaning the wound. He was as gentle as he could be basically treating her as he would a broken little sparrow. His eyes however were hard and also in pain. She tried to explain that it was just a reflex but that only made him worse. Finally, he was able to react normally, again. He held her close often waking up throughout the night knowing she was there and alive was enough for the moment.


He normally does everything at his normal pace quick, but not the walk back. He was careful and more aware of any pain you may have. He took his time not because he was delaying treatment but because he didn’t want her to be in pain from his rushing. He tended to the wound immediately and dressed it proper. He encouraged you to sleep. He sat at his desk as you slept quietly. He was coming to grips because of his foolishness he nearly caused her death. It was a simple reality he couldn’t wrap his head about; however, he knew he had to do something to make sure she was protected again, the thought of using her as a human shield was ludicrous. He was trying to think as she called out in sleep and he went to her as she slept. He gathered her in his arms and just enjoyed the feel of her in his arms.

He could believe his eyes as he watched the dagger enter her shoulder. He easily struck the other man down and picked her up as carefully as someone holding a porcelain doll. There was no place better then the manor to clean and bandage the wound and he took care of that all himself. He didn’t tell anyone of the it, as he wanted to be the one who did everything. He even made tea to calm her nerves. She was grateful and didn’t feel all that bad as he gathered her in a hug that would normally crush her, but it was gentle and soft on this night. He had seen his own life flash before his eyes when he thought for a split second that she was gravely injured. He just wanted to hold her, forever if need be to help ease his own guilt.

He was abnormally talkative on the way back, commenting on this or that and waiting for her response. He was gauging her injuries based on her answers. He was pleasantly surprised that she hadn’t fallen in a fit of hysterics after he removed the dagger. She had been calm and though she winced he felt she would be fine. Upon entering his manor, he called for supplies and his vassals and maids having overseen taking care of his various injuries over the years helped take care of hers. She never winced again and he though of her simple resolve as she did. He was in awe of it. He knew the whole situation
could have been avoided but she was as headstrong as ever all he could do was help curb her more wild side. As the two lay down for the night after the powerful tonic his maid had given her he told her not to try to save someone like him again, it would break him to see her hurt worse then this. She nodded though mostly asleep already, he would then use that against her if she ever tried something so foolish again.