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Each is a multiple chapter book. All Stories are many chapters.

 Love Again- Romance/Past Life

Finding the heart- Time Travel Modern

A restless life

The Beginning of Time- Science Fiction

Aphrodisiac Series- Collection of Mitsuhide being bad

Crash- Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

Stalked to the Sengoku- Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Poison to the Heart Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Love at the Right Time

Vampire Collection

The Truth between Friends Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Ikemen Sengoku Collection

Ikemen Sengoku Collection Part Two

A Piece of Time

Battle for the Heart Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Up on the Hilltop Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Down in the Valley Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) a sequel to Up on the Hilltop

 The Dance Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Mission Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 A Dangerous Interaction Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Why are we Friends Again? Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) sequel to A Dangerous Interaction

 Heating up the Kitchen Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) a sequel to A Dangerous Interaction

 Into the Darkness Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) horrorish/romance

 Out of the Light Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

Sequel to into the darkness

 Five-minute Prompts

Five Minute Prompts part two

Ikemen Sengoku Pregnancy and Delivery Series

Beginning Again Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Box of Bones Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Lightning Strikes- Science Fiction/ Time Travel

Meeting the One Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Game Of Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Online Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Through Hell Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Shattered Bones Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) Science fiction

 Terms of Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Let the Games Begin Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Lessons Learned Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Falling in Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Reality of Love Alternate Universe Ikemen Sengoku

Two become One Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Shorts, one off’s, and requests

Raising a Princess Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Blind Date Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Headcanons Ikemen Sengoku

Cabin in the Woods Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Village Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)




Foot fetish (podophilia)


Age play


Medical play


Food play


Quirofilia hand worship


Tickling (Knismolagnia, Knismo, Titillagnia)


Wax play








Warlords as fathers

Warlords as fathers


At first, He would just watch the sleeping infant with adoring eyes. However, wouldn’t interact at first. He would be entirely grateful for a child and love you even more for bringing it to life, but he would be afraid of breaking it. As the child grew, however, you could often find the two playing on the ground or him telling it what was going on and how important it was. He would be more strict then you, but it was to ensure the child’s safety more than anything.


Since the second he found out he was to be a father he had things in place. He had started asking questions of everyone and anyone so by the time the baby arrived he was ready for anything. As soon as you place the baby in his arms, he is off running with his crazy ideas. You almost don’t have the heart to tell him he is wrong but you roll with it. He is extremely involved with the day to day tasks for the baby and can often be found talking to it as he works. The child will grow up with a vast respect for Nobunaga and be extremely proper.


He takes the news in stride, happy he may have just sired the next heir to his clan. He makes sure from the get-go that you’re eating properly even though everything he makes just seems gross at the moment. He begins to wonder how the child will change the both of you as you want to have the child with you, even doesn’t get that as his mother had little to do with him. After the baby is born he takes pride in showing it off, boy or girl he doesn’t care, it’s his. He is a very playful father from the get-go and often uses the baby in his pranks on you. None of them are funny. However, he is protective and begins training the little munchkin as soon as it can hold the wooden sword.


He enjoys his peace so when you inform him of the new bundle of joy inwardly he groans. However, the move of the baby fascinates him. He details the entire ordeal for future reference. He didn’t think he would care as they placed the bundle in his arms but he is overcome with every emotion at once. He begins to be an active role model for the baby. He takes it everywhere with him and proudly shows it off. He begins to train the toddler and before you know it you have a baby ninja in the house. He is as strict with the child but not nearly as moody. He is learning.


He is floored when you tell him basically dropping to his knees and kissing your stomach and then you. He loves you so much that he can’t believe he is so blessed. However, he realized he knows virtually nothing about babies. So research time. He is doing his job by day and researching anything he can in his free time. When they place the tiny bundle in his arms, he lost his heart again. He sits and reads to the baby as you work. He entirely focuses on you and it. He is amazed by its growth and early speech patterns, so he begins to teach games and writing. So by the little angel is three it is beating him and Nobunaga in go.


He is beyond emotions when he finds out. However, it is just another life he has to add to the list to protect from his plots. He begins as the day they place the tiny bundle in his arms, and he quickly passes it back to you. You really don’t find he behavior that odd coming from him. However, when you find him standing at night in the moonlight with the newborn you know, he couldn’t stop himself. He is in thrall of this perfect little creature he helped make. Despite his misgivings, at first, he does everything with the baby. He talks to it as if the baby understands every word and it is possibly the other person who knows about all his plots. As the child grows his attention does not waver as the child is trained in all things. However of all things he can be found in the back of his manor exploring with the child or sword fighting or curled up sleeping somewhere together.


He would gush about his prowess at becoming a father. When the time came, he would become emotional and promise the world to it. The child would be as demanding as the father however strict he would be he would be as proud. “My child did …… they are brilliant” his softer side would show as he handled situations and god forbid anyone messes with it.


As the baby was born, he swore there was only one thing more beautiful, and that was you. He would be the proud papa and would bring the baby everywhere with him. He would do training with the baby, so it was only natural for the toddler to reach for Yukimura’s spear. He trains it as he did Yuki and a gentle hand to push when needed.


He would be a nervous wreck when they placed the babe in his arms. He looked confused and scared at the same time. He liked children in general, but this was HIS. He didn’t want to break it or drop it. However one day you walk in to see Yuki quietly humming as the baby fell to sleep. He turned to you, and you saw the new light in his eyes. He, from that moment on, took the baby with him. The training he says they are never too young to learn. He would be that dad pushes but right to the point for the child to better themselves.


He wishes you all were back in the modern day as he wants to be 100 percent everything was fine with both of you. He would again lose his heart to the small babe as he sees it the first time. He would begin almost immediately teaching the tiny newborn as he would read late into the night or just explain nearly everything in a hushed and low tone that often you would fall asleep as well. As the child grew with its small spectacles perched in its nose, it would emulate its father by disappearing through ceiling tiles or using a smoke bomb which they could now make. Sasuke never loses his temper with the child however he nudges the child when you are about ready to. He tries to explain people to it and as it nods you realize to only understood maybe four out of ten words, and you know how you are in serious trouble. He also instills a love for Ieyasu you can’t understand…..


You did the MC stabbed when protecting warlords from the oda forces. Can you do a part 2 for the U. T. Forces?

It was already done. For future reference ALL of my head canons and stories are released on both AO3 and wattpad or you can search the tag lines here on wattpad.

A continuation of the previous headcanon.

The pair was out for a nice little trip to a nearby lake. As they were walking and holding hands, they were surprised by eight bandits that were laying in wait. He felt he could quickly take them on as the, and he did but when he wasn’t looking she saw one of the first he had laid out stand with a smaller dagger. She ran and threw herself in front of him as the blade hit home right through her shoulder. It wasn’t a life-threatening injury but one he treated as one because it was her who received it. After he made sure the bandits could not harm anyone else he carried her back to the castle…….

Kenshin was appalled at the fact that she had thrown herself in front of him only to take a blade through the shoulder. The wound itself wasn’t all that bad and had stopped bleeding very quickly; it was the idea that she could be so reckless with her life to save him. Didn’t she know he was the god of war? Apparently not as he would’ve have easily dispatched anyone who dared threatened him and her without a second thought. He had to come to grips with her actions and he knew to talk to her was out of the question at the moment as his feelings were to far gone. He didn’t know how to handle the grips of fear he had felt or the rage he still felt both aimed at her. He could barricade her in some high room with no escape, and that was his first thought. However he came to the conclusion that would not work, and they would have to have a long conversation about the dangers of this world and how he could not lose her, ever. It would destroy him.


He was surprised for a moment but quickly threw the enemy to the ground with striking blows. His concern, however, was for his angel and the blood that had soaked through her outfit for the day which was one of her favorites. He would, of course, replace anything she wanted but her safety was paramount to him. After reassuring himself that hers was just a minor injury, he could feel the vice around his chest slowly ease. He refused much to her delight even though she was arguing about it, to put her down. He carried her to his room and tended the wound himself trying to be tender as he did. He also lectured her then entire time on the fact he was the warrior and her his goddess and that was it, and if she tried another stunt like that again, he would tie her up and leave her in her room for a week.


Yuki was dumbfounded at the fact that she had walked right in front of the sword. Went to pierce through her shoulder and started bleeding he about lost his mind and began to see red as he then dealt with the scoundrels. He then, of course, turned his attention to her to make sure that her wound was not life-threatening, if it was he was pretty sure that he would have tried to hurt her himself, for leaving him like that. However, when he realized that it was just a flesh wound that was bleeding profusely, he was able to stop the starch of blood and was able to patch it up on the spot quickly. He wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to handle the fact that she had done something so reckless, he was trying to force the thought out of his head as he managed to carry her all the way back to the castle complaining the entire time about the fact that she doesn’t weigh anything. He knew he was deflecting from the subject at hand and he didn’t want to deal with the scary feelings of loss and fear that he had to figure out eventually. He was distant and quiet for the rest of the day as he came to grips with his own issues, after a very long discussion in which he surprised her with the depth of his feelings she agreed to be more careful next time if there was a next time.


He was taken back The action that she had taken. He was surprised when he saw the dagger enter her arm and quickly did an appraisal on the location to make sure that it was not near an artery or anything like that, after that he was able to take on the bandits with ease to defend them. After he dispatched the bandits which he knew that Kenshin would be mad that he did not leave them To deal with. He then quickly brought him and her back to the castle so he could clean and dressed The wound appropriately. He was still in somewhat of a shock that she had thrown herself in front of him and begin to question the idea that she might not feel safe around him, that he might be inept and protecting her. When he brought up his question of Insecurity about the subject she quickly laughed and suggested that maybe it was just a quick reaction and the time had finally gotten to her when she had realized that life here in the Sengoku where is infinitely precious and she felt her part in the grand scheme of things. He tried really hard to grasp that concept as they continue to talk and he began to lose his insecurity of the fact. He began to take her at her word with the exception that she would never do anything like that again. She didn’t exactly promise but she somewhat agreed, and he gave her the best smile that he knew how to.


How do you think Kenshin loves and dotes on MC throughout her pregnancy? This for the five minute prompts.

First off I have to say you should check out @lordbunshin ‘s post on this. I honestly believe they nailed it any thing I do or say will fail miserably.

Kenshin will surround you with as much peace as possible and will not allow any danger around you, that means anything he deems a threat like paper(cause paper cuts)

“Can I please have my supplies?” She asked as he walked in.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because I am so huge and I need something to do?” She huffed, “It won’t hurt me and I have to do something.”

“I will have then brought in later for you.” He said softly as he realized he did have to let her do things. “Come here now and I will rub your feet first.”

“That would be fine.” She said with a smile knowing he was trying to ease. “We need to decide on names for the baby.”

“I don’t care whatever you pick as long as you are fine.” He said.

“Kenshin you will help me pick a name.” She replied.

“We will discuss it later.” He said as he caressed her foot that was swollen.

“Later we might have him.” She chuckled.

“Her,” he countered.

“Does it matter?” She asked.

“No as long as you’re fine.” He smiled.


HC for the oda forces and uesugi-Takeda when their s/o see MC in an oversized shirt and underwear because kimonos are uncomfortable. You could make it nsfw, sfw, fluff or anything else. Love you. Sending good vibes your way 💖

It’s bedtime…. the lamps are low and though waiting for him to return home has been nerve wrecking she does manage to fall asleep. She long since gave up trying to sleep in the restricted kimono and made a shirt that was langer but not like the long sleeping gowns that she knew the people in the west were using. The shirt itself was just enough to cover her behind. Since she made the switch a week ago while he was away she has never slept better.

He walks in….


He looks around and sees a leg. He looks more closely and see the whole. He silently approves of the shirt though he has to make sure no kne ever sees his territory.


Happy to be home he apots the low light of your shared room. He walks in and looks arouns not being able to see you. Then a movement on the futon catches his eyes. He is in shock when he sees the shirt slowly riding up. Though he enjoys the sight he is far more concerned with you catching a cold.


“Idiot is still awake!” He grumbled to himself as he enters his palace and saw themlight on but low. He was greeted by the sight of her legs and backside.

“Thats new.” He said with a slight smile as he kept his eyes on her while changing. “More reason to hold her close otherwise she might get sick.”

(Yeah right Ieyasu)


He bolted into the room to find her sprawled out on the futon with her new sleeping outfit. He is not really shocked as he has seen her designs and knows about the future. He however decided in that moment he was going to have some more of those things made for her. It was a delectable sight he could get used too.


He walks in and goes blank. He sees sooooo much. He feels his temp go higher and can’t take his eyes off her legs and the bottom half of her rump. She sighednin her sleep and he decided then to wake her to show her what this new outfit did to him.


“My sweet little mouse was trying to wait up for me?” He though as he moved into the room and then he stopped and saw her. She had talked about things from the future before and he could picture some things ut not this. This was different. He smiled as he forgot he was tired. It was time to show his mouse that he appreciated her sewing work.


He walked in to The room without noise and instantly saw she had that on. He wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. Though not a traditionalist he certainly didn’t like the idea someone else could see her like this either. He changed quickly and moved to the futon knowing he would talk to her about it in the morning.


What is my angel wearing? He walked around her on the futon looking at it closely. He however decided he didn’t care because it gave him access much easier for early mornings!


He looked at her and thought she forgot half of her clothes. He felt his cheeks get warmer as he looked at her and a gentle stirring in his loins. He kinda liked it but was sure never to tell her that.


He looked at her and wondered how she could adjust to this time period so well. Now he only wished he had a few so she could wear those ones instead.