So a little backstory, when I was tiny I would have very vivid dreams, and one of those dreams was my mom just up and leaving me behind. (I actually went into her room just to check if she was still there and gave her a heart attack because obviously, her child is crying really hard.) How do you think our warlords would react if their kiddos did the same? (For Oda and U/T, please?)

I was this kid too. I was so bad at vivid dreams that my
parents had to limit what I watched to the point I couldn’t even watch certain parts
of star wars. Yes , its rather funny now but I hated being that kid at the time
as well.


Rolls over to see a tot next to him with huge eyes and tears
bursting forth, “What is wrong with you?”

As the child tells him about the dream he chuckled and
reassures the child that everything is fine and that they are still both there.
He would rub a back until the tiny tot goes back asleep.


Would again reassure the child and sit up for the rest of
the night watching over them. The next day would have a long and drawn out conversation
with the child that put them to sleep again.


Would wake up his partner, “Your child is crying”.


He would try to change the subject as he would rub his good
eye awake and instigate a game of tag to again tire the tot out and wear them
down. As he places the child back in the futon he makes sure they know that no
one is going anywhere without them.


He would have an issue waking up but as soon as he did, he
would explain how dreams work and that some times they aren’t real. He would grab
the lastest book he was reading for strategy and go and sit with them in their
futon and read out loud until they are fast asleep.


He would wake up as soon as the door slid open. Seeing his
child in distress he would be concerned until he heard it was over a bad dream,
that seemed real. Surprisingly he would be calm and gentle as they would crawl
into the futon next to him and fall asleep safely in their father’s arms.


He would wrap the child up and take them on a walk outside
to calm them. As he promised to always be there, he was a god of course, he
would gently place them back into bed and wait till they fell asleep again.


He would ease out of bed and cuddle with the child as he got
them to open up. As he told them it was only a dream and he and their mother
were still right here, it was okay to go to sleep again. He would lay down next
to them until they were fast asleep and then tip toe back to his bed.


He would try. He calmed them down and then walked them back
to there bed. Promising that he would play later in the day. Waiting there
until the child fell asleep again.


He would wake up, find glasses and then relies it was one of
the kids. After assuring the child that it was perfectly natural to sometimes
have a bad dream he would go into the metabolic rates and chemical reactions
that happen in the body that causes the dreams and how they can seem so lucid.
When he is done with his explanation the child is asleep on his lap.


***NEW***  Finding the heart pt7

Finding the heart Part seven

The day of the wormhole was upon them. It was also the day that Sakura’s adoption would become official. They all went down to the court house and watched as she took the pledge to take Sakura as her own child. She couldn’t be happier and neither could Sakura who had been in her arms the entire time. The war lords had planned a special day of sight seeing as their last thing on this plane, it would be a fun memory to which she took hundreds if not thousands of pictures. Mitsuhide had stayed in his normal place of right next to her. He had claimed that place two weeks before and no one spoke of the change in the two but everyone had noticed. In their own way they hoped it would bring her closer to the decision of coming with them. They had been happy when she had allowed them to share the happy day with them, Sakura was officially hers and they had already stopped by us consultant to have Sakura’s passport drawn up. She didn’t want to stay here after they were gone. She was planning to leave the second they got Sakura’s passport and could return to America.

She didn’t know how her family would handle the news. She had not been close to them in years, the idea she went off and then adopted a child without informing them might take them back a few steps. More so a half Japanese child who was blind. She knew her family wouldn’t accept the girl, regardless if she were perfect, and as far as Princess could tell she was perfect, because she was hers. She didn’t want to expose Sakura to the kind of life she had grown up in. James would help she was sure, but it really was going to be Sakura and her against the world.

She started to feel like she was being watched. She thought maybe it was one of the guys at first, being thoughtful and staring just a bit to hard to remember her. She knew that feeling as she was trying to do the same thing. Burn every second into her memory and keep it there forever. She caught herself tearing up more then once during the day. She was sure everyone was in front of her though, except Mitsuhide who on the sly had taken her hand in his. She knew she felt someone looking at her. She turned to look over her shoulder but no one looked amiss. She glanced at Sakura who was surprisingly on Hideyoshi’ s shoulders who had a look of fear on her face. “Hideyoshi?”, she called out and he turned to her. “I need to talk to Sakura.”

“Okay.”, and he padded over and placed the girl in her mother’s awaiting arms.

“Sakura they are here aren’t they?”, She asked. Mitsuhide who was standing next to her popped his head up and started to look around.

“Yes.”, Sakura said. ” I heard a voice and I can FEEL them.”

“Crap.”, She said, “I do too. Sasuke? How much longer till the time?”, she called out.

“An hour.”, Sasuke called back. She knew they had to make their way back so they could be ready to leave. She wanted more time but she and Sakura needed to head anywhere but a where they were headed.

“It’s time.”, she said as she pried her hand off of Mitsuhide’s. “It’s time to say good bye.”

She swallowed hard and forced herself not to look at him. He had given her so much more then just a night. He had spent every night since that night with her. He had shown her more love in two weeks then she had ever had before in her life. He had given her his heart and she had given him the same. Saying goodbye was going to kill her, a piece of her would be gone. She turned from him to give each a hug goodbye and tell each one of them something silly to remember her by. Nobunaga was to try to remember to be more patient. Hideyoshi it is okay to run in the hallways once or twice. Masamune to think of her every time he burnt something. Mitsunari to not read in the dark. Ieyasu it was okay to smile once or twice it wouldn’t break his face. Kenshin to stop trying to kill everyone. Shingen to find one woman and stop flirting. Yukimura to just not talk if a female is near. Sasuke she made him promise that regardless of either side to watch out for all of them. She then turned and they all did as well taking a step to the side and taking their time with Sakura, she looked at him and knew what he was thinking.

“No you can’t kidnap us.”, she said as she walked into his arms that he had outstretched.

“I want too.”, he said as he kissed her head.

“I know.”, she said into his chest. “We do need to go now though. I told myself I wouldn’t cry, so don’t make me. I love you Mitsu. Please be good when you get back.”

“I love you Princess. I will try. Take care of our girl.”, He choked out. He himself was trying to show emotion as well. He bent down and gave her the sweetest most touching kiss he could. When he lifted his head he looked into her eyes and then let go of her. She walked over and took Sakura’s hand and raised hers in a wave as the group of men headed off in the other direction. She stood rooted to that spot as their figures left her sight and where gone.

Sakura who had been holding on to her mother’s hand gently squeezed it. “Momma?”, she said. “We need to go to. They are close.”

That snapped the Princess back to reality. She picked up the girl and started moving. She could also hear the footsteps following them. She had tried to get away by cutting through a different area where more people were there. She did for a bit but then again could hear someone closing in. She was running now and made it back to the warehouse. She had two bags packed and they were by the door in the common room when she walked into the building the eerily silence in the building awoke her to the fact they were not alone in the building like they should have. She tucked the few papers she needed to be safe into the bag and silently she lifted Sakura again and hefted the two bags on her back.

“Doctor? Going somewhere?”, She heard come from the darkened hallway where she had kept her office.

“Ummm, YES!”, She said as she bolted out of the doorway and slowed them down by a few minutes when she jammed the keypad to the last door outside. She and Sakura were now outside and across town from the consulate, she didn’t know where to go. By some force she was headed in a direction and she just followed her feet while her head was trying to figure things out. She got to an open area though not many people were out she felt safe enough for that minute to place Sakura on the ground. She had been here before. She looked off in the direction to see a flash of light and felt the rain that came out of no where. Sakura took her hand as she could sense the men approaching. The princess was going to start running but Sakura took off in the direction opposite of where she wanted to go. The girl was fast when she wanted to be even though she couldn’t see. The Princess saw the two men round the corner and then she turned and followed her daughter and saw exactly where she was running to. The two men in the back of her were gaining on her while another stood and was laughing. She knew that laugh and it sent shivers down her spine. The whole time he had been right there and she nearly handed him the girl. That was why he had stalled on the adoption, he didn’t want her to have a paper trail so he could kill her once and for all, and now the Princess as well. She never gave him the time of the wormhole and so he had no idea what was going to happen next as the Princess finally caught up with Sakura and swung her up. “Ready?”, she asked.

“For what?”, Sakura asked a little out of breath.

“To go say hello.”, the princess stated.

“What?”, Sakura asked as the princess ran right into the wormhole holding on tight to her daughter. She turned and saw the window shut a split second after she entered it. It was dark and misty. When she could feel something again it was like another window to which it was over a open field of grass. As they got closer she could see the Warlords all looking up at the wormhole and Sasuke speaking. It wasn’t until she and Sakura started to fall in the air did she realized the wormhole was way up in the air. She grabbed Sakura mid air from her side and pulled her to her front and she would hit then earth on her back. Instead she found herself in a pair of arms. She looked up in to yellow eyes that were full of tears. She didn’t know if he was happy to see her or if he was in pain. She tried to hop up but he wouldn’t allow her too. Sauske took Sakura from her and explained sometimes it took a while to recover from the wormhole.

“Why?”, He asked. “Why are you here?”

“Not happy to see me again?”, she asked.

“No. I mean yes I am. Just confused.”, he said.

“They chased us. They were in the warehouse. I ran, then Sakura ran right toward the wormhole. Basically at that second this was our only option.”, Princess said.

“I can’t believe you are here.”, He said as he placed her on her feet.

“Neither can I.”, Sasuke walked over from placing Sakura on a pallet near the campsite with Mitsunari watching over her. “You do realize you are here for awhile.”

“Sasuke, It wasn’t like I had a choice. I remember, the next wormhole is in over a year.”, She said.

“In the meantime you and Sakura will come to Azchui.”, Nobunaga stated.

“What if she wants to come to my castle?”, Kenshin hastily replied. “Oh yeah forgot, the kitsune claimed her.”

“Okay guys how about this? That truce you guys planned. Do it. That way I can go in between places. I am here for at least a year. Sakura will want ALL her uncles around her.”, Princess said smiling.

“We will see.”, Both Nobunaga and Kenshin said at the same time to which she laughed.

“Momma?”, she heard.

“Sakura!”, she said as she went to the girl and rubbed her hair.

“Where are we?”, Sakura asked.

“Home. Sakura we are home.”, She said softly to the girl and no one else heard. “We are safe, we went back in time. Your uncles are all here and we are safe.”

“They are?”, She shot up. Everyone gathered around the two females as they passed the girl around and tossed her up in the air. Mitsuhide had slipped behind her as he took her in his arms, openly and kissed her cheek.

“You are the Kitsune?”, she asked.

“Many of the names they call me.”, he chuckled in her ear. “You will have your hands full, keeping her safe and me in line.”

“Is that a question?”, she asked.

“No a promise. After finding my heart I won’t let it go again.”, he said.

“I guess after finding mine, neither should I.”, She said as their lips met and sealed that promise.



How is it for all this next generation stuff we have not considered what could possibly be the biggest gold mine of all….*drumroll*….~*unlikely father-in-laws*~ Example~ Nobunaga and Shingen :D heeheehoohoo


He would be the stand offish type. He never speaks to anyone
at family gatherings and it shows as he watches everything. As the family grows with his children’s spouses though
he begins to ease and will crack a joke every once in awhile. If you are
the girl marring his son he will be kind and courteous but on the flip side if
you are the man marrying one of his daughter god help you.


From the minute they are brought home to meet the new family
Hideyoshi will treat each new member as they were old ones. He will want to
know every detail of their lives so he can form his own opinion of them.


He takes a new member of the Date Clan with ease. He is
always asking questions but his favorite is when will their be grandchildren to
play with. He loves to show off the new
dish and if all out together it would be hard to spot who was just married into
the family as he would treat each as his own


Prickly. This does not
change with age. He is lovable in his own
way but very much off putting even with his children whom he adores. The
spouses of the children will be welcomed
but for the first few years will doubt he likes them at all.


He adores his children. He made as much time for them when
they were growing up so when they are grown and start the process of moving on
with their lives he is happy for them. He will greet each new member with the
same love that he has for his children and loves talking to each. While he prefers
to read and relax, he will be happy to sit and talk to get to know them as they
are now important too.


This could go either
two ways. He adores his children and would do anything for them so
he could be the nicest father in law or
the one from hell. If he likes them or more importantly he sees the love
shining between his child and their spouse he would treat them as if they too
were his children. On the flip side he could be rather nasty if he felt it wasn’t
for the right reason that they married. His teasing for his family would take
on new levels. If you were the new daughter in law he would make sure you knew
your place in the family and would make you welcome. If the new son in law he
again would make sure he knew his place in the family, he would also take them
aside and make sure they knew if his daughter wasn’t completely happy he knew
places to hide the body.


He would be the intimidating one. No matter how nice or
sweet the new spouses were he would stare them down. After maybe a year or so he would see they meant no harm and would ease
around them and crack a joke which is so out of character the entire family
will go silent.


He would be the ever watchful father in law. He would watch
over the new spouse but not in a threatening way, a fatherly way. He would be
the welcome wagon into the family, period. He wants grandkids as well and will
ask every time whent hat will happen.


After testing the new comers he will be meh about them. He will
enjoy watching his kids go through life and the struggles of it as they are
much more grounded then he was. He will come to care for everyone in time as he
watches his wife love them.


He would be the nerd father in law. You like the fact he
talks to you but even at your best you understand one in five. Of course the sister
in law you have who also married intot he family can have a full conversation with
him and you just feel dumb. He will make
it so whatever you are also good at he can talk to you about it after learning
everything he can about it to make sure he can also speak with you and you are
not left out.


Hey Mom! I think you might genuinely enjoy this one, but the Oda and U/T forces ‘experiencing’ childbirth? A bit modern but I know we can manipulate the muscles with a machine to make it similar. How do you think they would handle it? How far in do you think they’d get and give up on? (Early Labor, Active Labor and Transition Stage)

So This one will be modern obviously.

The happy couple walks into the Ob/Gyn’s office for the last scan, and
the there waiting game will really begin. As she waddles back to the room
and they are waiting he talks about how wonderful everything will be as she
struggles to get on the exam table only to have to get down to use the
bathroom, again. She will again struggle back up and will have to lean back as
gravity will pull her forward and she will fall. She begins her normal struggle
of trying to find a comfortable spot, and
she relieves for the thousands she hasn’t been comfortable in months.

The doctor comes in to begin the exam, and the first thing he goes into is Braxton
hicks, of course, you feel those to which
your man says, she over exaggerates the pain a bit. The doctor snaps his head
around and looks at your man. “I have something I would like YOU to try.”, The doctor says and then starts to explain what
that something is. Her eyes go bright, and
she is nodding. Your man laughs and says sure
why not, let him feel what she will be going through.
This is those stories.


Though he has been thoughtful during the pregnancy, he has made a few small comments
that get under her skin about her lack of
knowledge of “REAL” pain. As if he had any idea
of what childbirth felt like as you squeeze a watermelon through the size of a
kiwi. He has kept the comments down, but
they still bother her when he does say them. So
when the doctor decided to show him what labor felt like she nearly jumped with
joy. She watched as the doctor stuck the pads to his abdomen and began the timer. Nobunaga laid there like this was it when the cramping sensation began.

By the time there were on the mid setting he was sweating,
shaking, and visibly in pain. She was relishing the sight on the one hand, and the other was slightly concerned. “You can stop this, you know?”,
she told him.

“I, I, I, Will see this through.”, He stumbled out as
another minor contradiction ranked through his body. The next setting up which
was a six he was swearing and screaming about the prolonged torture he was
going through. At Seven he started crying,
and the doctor said enough was enough.
The doctor said it proved his point and reminded Nobunaga as nice as he could
that he made it to seven, she would have to go to TEN and no one could just stop the machine for her.

Nobunaga for the last three weeks of her Pregnancy waited on
her hand and foot. He was even so attentive when she did go into labor, and during it,
he would give her anything she wanted. When they finally placed the baby boy in
his arms, he smiled at his son, “You need
to thank your mother one day.”


He had heard of the machine that would allow a man to
experience labor pain before and he had thought it was pretty cool. It was
something they could share before their child was born. As they stuck the pads on, he kissed her and said this was going to be
a piece of cake. By the third setting he
was looking at her with horror. He had never felt so much pain in one area in
his entire life. He knew pain. How was her little body supposed to go through this? By setting four, he couldn’t take it anymore. The doctor reminded him that was
only setting four; she would have to go
to ten.

Hideyoshi was almost in tears not because of any lasting
pain he had, the relief of the pads being ripped off had taken any effects of the pain with them, he was
so upset that HE was the one who did this to her! He was going to do everything
until the child was born.

When afterward as he dried
his eyes and looked at the baby girl in
his arms, “No man is ever going to touch you, so
you will never know what your mother just went through.”


He was game. He laid down and said he was going to take a
nap as they did this, he was so sure that it really
wasn’t as painful as she said it would be. As the machine started, she sat back and relished him as he
got his first light contraction and his eye flew open. He smiled and said it wasn’t
that back, every time he said that the
doctor would press the button to speed things along. Until level six. He began to whimper and roll around on the table. A
tear escaped his eye, and she wiped it
away. “What have I done to you?”, he asked.

That of course was the doctor’s
cue to say the test was over. He reminded Masamune that he made it to six only.
Masamune started on ways to make labor less painful for her; she told her
that it was fine.

As his son was placed
in his arms, he looked at her as she was
resting from the 26 hours of hard labor and smiled. “She did all the work you
know, Kid?”


Having a medical background,
he was okay with being used as a Guinea Pig for this doctor. He laid
down and waited. The entire time he laid still, but
every once in awhile he could be seen to move ever so slightly. He did go all
the way to ten and rather quickly. After they removed the sticky pads, he went into the rest room and cried from the pain for twenty minutes. He has had
bones broken, beaten, and starved but nothing was as bad as that!

He put her on a pedestal higher then she was before, he began
bowing to her every wish. She wanted that, by god she would have that. Until the
fateful night, she stood, and her water broke. Everything he knew flew
out the window. She was in pain, and he
was the cause.

As they placed his
tiny daughter in his arms he looked down on her, ”You are as beautiful as your
mother, hopefully just as strong too.”


He normally never said anything hurtful but sometimes the
comments he made were biting, and she was
happy when he went through with the “test.”
She sat there next to him as his sweet smile started to disappear, and a look of pain flashed across his eyes. He
didn’t say anything as he went through it, he was determined to see it through
because she couldn’t take the sticky,
gooey pads off and just be done with it.
He wanted to know what she would feel so that
he could help her. At six he couldn’t take it anymore and let out a yelp that
pierced her ears, and the doctor smiled. “You
did good, now remember she will have to go to ten, you made it to six.”

He was more careful with his words and started to watch her
more closely to help in any way he could.
He would gladly do whatever he could to help her and try to take any of her
burdens away. He panicked the early morning when she said it was time to go to
the hospital. She told him on the way she had had
the contractions for over a day, but they
were now at three minutes apart, even with his close inspection of her he
couldn’t see she was in any pain.

A few hours later he openly cried when they placed his son
in his arms, “I thought some of my friends were warriors, they have nothing on
your mom.”


His smile was not a happy one when he laid on the table. He was
only doing this because he thought she would watching him squirm. He would do
anything to make her happy. He knew that the words that left his stupid mouth
at times were harsher then he meant them to be and she right now was sensitive,
more so than normal. As the pain started
he was impressed that it could actually
make him hurt, he was at setting two. By the time he was at five, he wanted to die. He was cursing every
stupid thing he ever did and said to her. He was
done. Begging and pleading with the doctor and he laughed as well as

His yellow orbs took on a new light when he looked at her as
she did everything so normally, maybe not with ease but she worked hard to get
everything ready in the three weeks she had left. The night she woke up, she
gently woke him up and he panicked.

Fifteen hours later he looked into the eyes that matched his own and then to another set that
matched hers, “You two better not be too much trouble. Your mother just worked
so hard to bring you here, and you my sweet are a rather big surprise.”


****NEW*** Finding the heart pt3

Finding the heart part 3

Her day started early. She went into the labs and began setting up for all the test she knew she
had to run. Still waiting for some information or ideas to filter her way to
help get these men if they were medically cleared to learn about current
things. She knew this was an up hill
battle but one she was slowly preparing for.
She also couldn’t leave having spent time with them in an enclosed space if
they were accidental carriers she was now infected as well. She hoped her best
was good enough and started prepping medical intake orders that she often used
when in a mass critical event. She opened up the small room that she would use
as an exam room and hoped that they wouldn’t cause too many problems. Her student would be handling her team in that
aspect, because of the severity of the situation the less they knew, the better.

“Princess?”, she heard coming from in back of her to switch
she swung around and saw Sasuke there.

“Damn you are quiet.”, she said,” You shocked me.”

“Ninja.”, he said as it looked like he tried to smile as he
raised his hand.

“So you adapted to the surroundings. Impressive.”, she said,”
What can I help you with?”

“I thought maybe I could help you. If I go first, they
will see what you will do and not put up a fight.”, he said.

“Good thinking, will they put up a fight?”, she asked now
trying to figure out if she needed to load the tranq gun again.

“No, I don’t like it, honestly. I think they may have some feelings of confusion, but overall no one said anything remotely
threatening to or about you. , no I don’t think they will be to much trouble. Well, Kenshin maybe, Ieyasu possibly, okay they
all have some issues, but if they see
what will be done it will calm them down
a bit.”, he said very matter of factly,” Maybe.”

“That is not reassuring me.”, she started to laugh.

“What is so funny?”, a man she hadn’t had much interaction
with said from behind her.

“Ah, Masamune.”,
Sauske said for her to know who it was.

“Sasuke was just trying to help, though the offer was good
the amount of reassurance was slightly lacking.”, she said as she turned.

“Do you need reassurance, Kitten?”,
Masamune purred as he moved closer.

“No, I don’t. Kitten really? Princess is bad enough seriously.”, She went back to prepping the room as the two
men went into the large waiting room and sat. As the minutes past soon everyone
was there. The two doctors were done
getting the room ready, and her student
started to work on the team while she asked Sasuke to come in. That was enough for
all of them to feel slighted and start to fuss. “This is to show you what I
will do. Watch through the window and that way there will be no issues when it
is your turn. I am not sure on which order we will do this. So there will be no fighting. I will get to
everyone don’t worry.”

Sasuke nodded and
headed into the room. “What do you want to do first?”, he asked.

“Blood.”, She answered
as she looked behind her and there were faces
staring at them. She prepped the needles and them wiped his arm with a
prep pad. The face he made as in looking
away and trying to look impassive was comical to her as she filled the vials.
After putting a band-aid on it when she went to her check list. As she was putting the labels on she began her questions.
She then did a quick exam, Eyes, ears, nose, and throat and quickly did blood
pressure and pulse. She then listened to his lungs.

“You seem to be the picture of health.”, She said with a smile as she nodded to the
door. She ripped the paper threw it away, sprayed everything down, and scrubbed
her hands. She walked out and placed the vials of blood in the centrifuge and
began pressing buttons. She pulled out her phone and found a random name
generator. ”Okay, this is how I will pick
next. And inputted names and it will pick next.”

“Kenshin.” Popped up on the screen. She had been hoping that
she wouldn’t have to deal with that man for some time, but she called him in.

“I will have to take some blood.”, she said as she got the
vials and needle ready.

“Why do you do this?”, He
asked. His tone wasn’t exactly harsh, but
it was cool and collected.

“Do what?”, she asked.

“This. See all of us, take blood, all of it.”, he asked.

“I am a doctor. Even more
then that I can’t let you outside until I make sure you won’t hurt the people
here and visa versa. It’s my job
more or less. I have to make sure it is safe you come from a place with
diseases we have since cured, you could release them not on purpose but still.”,
she answered.

“Why did you become a doctor?”, he asked.

“Because I felt it was my calling.”, she said. “I am many
different things; the doctor is just one
of them.”

He either was taking himself through the exam or didn’t
realize she had been working through out
the whole process as she wrote things down he grew even more talkative. “What
are you writing down?”

“Stats. Your vitals.”, she said with a smile. “It lets me
know things. You are done.”

She began the process of cleaning up to which Sasuke had explained
in the other room why she wasted so much and the reason she did everything. One
by one she went through the bunch, finally by mid
day she had cleared four of them and needed a few other tests for some
others. All were healthy. Masamune was the only one that she had doubts of
clearing a hundred percent.

She was going over her notes when her student came in. “I am
getting the blood results back, something is off and I am not sure what it is.”,
he stated as he pushed his glasses up

“I will look at them in a few minutes.”, She said. She continued to go over her notes
and adding them to her computer for easy
access later on. She had popped in a movie for them to watch and they were all
plastered in front of it right now. A quiet moment, that was rare for her.

She went out and picked up his results quickly going over
them as she spotted what he had seen. It was odd. “clean the machine and run
the test again with a fresh sample.”, She
said hoping the anomaly was due to old equipment. She looked at her tests, and they were coming out as she had expected.
So went took her papers and inputted them into the computer, and her mind kept going back to that test
result. She hoped it was wrong. As the day went on,
they sat in front of the large tv while she worked hard on the computer. No
phone calls had come in, and for that, she was grateful and slightly paranoid. She
sat back in the small exam room she had made and looked at the ten men as they sat there watching tv for the first time.
Something caught in her throat as she watched over them, they were very much
like toddlers. She knew she could not treat them as much, but that was how to teach them. She kept
thinking when her eyes slowly closed and she tucked her legs into the chair.
She had been up throughout the night, and
it finally caught up with her.

James walked into the room as did the rest of her team and
they as well plopped down to watch the movie with the visiting men. James
looked around and saw Princess wasn’t around. He got up and walked to the
window and started to chuckle. His actions brought some of the others also to get up and look in the window. “That
girl, Always working herself too hard and
never sleeping.”, he said.

“She does this often?”,Ieyasu asked.”That cannot be

“It probably isn’t, and she will be bitching about a neck or
back ache later. She is dedicated when
she sets her mind to something god help the person who stands in her way. She
may very well rip off someone’s limbs, and they
beat them with their own arm. She is
ruthless, but on the flip side to that, she will take care of everyone around her
before herself.”, James said as he smiled at the girl as he rounded the room
and turned off the lights.

“No Coup tonight guys.”, he said jokingly to everyone as he
walked back.

“I don’t think we were even planning one.”, Shingen replied,”Your
princess has taken good care of us so

“She is like that.”, Another team member said.

“She said it was her calling.”, Kenshin replied.

“She did, did she?”, James said as he raised his eyebrows. “She
normally won’t talk about herself. Interesting. In a sense that is correct
though it was her calling, but that isn’t
why she chose it. She was told she couldn’t
do it. From her earliest days, she was told no, and
she couldn’t do things correctly. When she was old enough, she left and proved them all wrong.”

“How do you know her so well?”, Mitsuhide asked, his own interest had been peaked about her the
night before.

“I was on the team when she first came to work with us. She
was young, brilliant, and so full of herself.”, He
started as he began to laugh, ”She quickly made her own path and became the lynchpin
to everything. She isn’t just another co-worker to any of us. She is a friend, but more than
that probably like a younger sister.”

“Is she married?”, Yukimura asked,”I can’t see any man allowing her to work as she does if she is.”

“She was. He died some
years back.”, James said. “He was a good guy too. It was an accident, and I don’t think it had been even a year at
the time they had been married. He knew
he couldn’t control her; I don’t think he
even tried. She is a force of nature sometimes.”

“So not married any longer?”, Nobunaga asked.

“No, not to a person. She is married to her work.”, He said.
“She doesn’t even go out anymore. It is rather a huge waste. She is something
else altogether.”

“That she is.”, Mitsuhide agreed under his breath, and he could hear others saying similar things
as well. They all sat quietly and watched movie after movie as questions were asked, but
no one made to much noise. They were
acutely aware of the sleeping woman in the tiny room off the one they were in,
each of them making silent plans to get to know her better.



Shut up and listen! I’m being honest right now ! With Ieyasu

Shut up and listen! I’m being honest
right now ! With Ieyasu

He was annoyed. Annoyed with himself. Annoyed
with her. Annoyed with everyone else in the room. He couldn’t take it anymore
and he got up to leave. She wouldn’t notice the fact I am gone he thought to
himself as he reached the door and sent her a tiny look before walking out the
door. He was going home. It was the place he could maybe relax for a moment. He
was half way there when he realized he was being followed. He didn’t want to
fight, not tonight. Soon a hand touched his shoulder and he spun around. He had
to look down to find her eyes.

“You left without saying good bye.”, she

“You followed me to say that?”, he spat
out, “Go back to the party Princess.”

“Fine if you can’t even try to be nice,
the hell with you.”, she stated.

“Wait!”, he said,”Shut up and lisen! Im
being honest right now, I love you.”, he said. He didn’t know if it was the
look she gave him or the rush of sake he had drank but he knew he had to get it
out of his system if he ever was going to get over her.

“I knew it!”, she said with a smile.

“Whatever.”, he turned away to continue
on to his home.

“I love you too, grumpy.”


“Don’t be ridiculous” -Ieyasu

“Don’t be ridiculous” -Ieyasu

“Ieyasu just admit it.”, Masamune said to
him as the two stood in the center of the marketplace.

“nothing to admit.”, Ieyasu said as he
was looking over something.

“You love the princess just admit it.”, Masamune

“Don’t be ridiculous.”, Ieyasu replied.

“You are out during the day trying to buy her something
because you hurt her feelings.”, Masamune shrugged,”You like her.”

“Maybe”, he replied.


“Luck? Nope. Skills.” ~ “If it’s skills then do it again.” – You pick who best works for this banter 😊

“Luck? Nope. Skills.” ~
“If it’s skills then do it again.” – You pick who best works for this
banter 😊

were bored. Four of the six oda warlords were trying to figure out what to do.
They saw the princess as she tossed a balled up piece of paper into the trash
can. She again did it as she ripped the paper from her pad. She wasn’t happy
but the war lords saw a game in their heads.

came up slinking behind her as he whipped the can and the paper ball out of it.
He threw it and it went in. “Luck.”, Mitsuhide said as he watched Masamune do

Nope. Skills.”, Masamune said proudly.

it’s skills then do it again.”, Ieyasu said to him.

Masamune said as he picked up the paper and tried to do it again from another
spot. He missed and then tried again. Missed again.

wasn’t luck! I am that good!”, he stated as the others were moving on before
the princess who was glaring at them started to yell.


“Ieyasu don’t get grumpy but, I love it when I make you flustered”

“Ieyasu don’t get grumpy but, I love
it when I make you flustered”

She was smiling all throughout war
counsel. He couldn’t get that out of his mind. It was annoying him. He couldn’t
stop thinking about her. She seemed to appear out of no where all day. He finally
was able to get to his palace where he could lock himself away.

He shut the door behind him and then saw
it. A vase on his desk with some of the flowers he had been looking for a week
prior. He needed them to make a salve and everywhere he normally got them
seemed to be out of stock. He knew she had something to do with it. Again she crept
into his mind and he was now flustered. He sat down and looked at them for what
seemed to be hours.

He heard the knock on his door but didn’t
respond when she slid the door open he looked over his shoulder to see her. She
was standing there looking down at him with that dopey smile of hers. “Oh good
you see them.”, she said as she floated in the room.

“Why?”, he asked.

“Ieyasu, don’t get grumpy but, I love it
when I make you flustered.”, she said as she smiled at him. “It lets me know
that you really do care.”

He didn’t know what to say so he pulled
her close to him and kissed her breathless. “I like to make you flustered too.”,
he said with a slight smirk appearing on his annoyed face.


Nice pun, but it isn’t helping in any way. – Ieyasu

Nice pun, but it isn’t helping in any
way. – Ieyasu

They we were from the castle to Ieyasu’s palace. the two
were constantly getting stopped either to look at something or by someone. It had
been almost a half hour since they left and they were no where near the house
yet. They both were getting annoyed by all the stopping.

“Lettice go home!”, she said laughing at her self as she had
explained some foods to them before and that popped in her mind.

“Nice pun, but that isn’t helping in any way.”, He sadi as
he took her hand.

“Yeah but it’s funny.”, she said.

“Not really.”, Ieyasu replied.

“Don’t be a grump. It is.”, She said.

“Whatever.”, and he pulled her along with him as he avoided
everyone and everything to get back to his home. He would show her something
fun instead.