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This was the hardest route for me to get through in both English and in Japanese. I hoenestly just wanted to get it over with because for me there was no connection what so ever, unlike say Yukimuras or Nobubagas where there was a spark at least, None. I know some people loved his route but I found it to be slow and a chore to read. 


His loyalty. his devotion to both the people who were his people and the people around him. He is a rather good man who is flawed.


the cheesiness of his lines. the obvious rules of attraction. he would use people as pawns as much or even more than say Nobunaga or Mitsuhide, but not show it. He doesn’t care who he hurts either in the process.(though he does)

Overall Appearance:

He is the largest Warlord which should be my ideal but I can’t get over how horrible I thought the route was in both the slowness and the predictably “Goddess and Angel” lines. His colors are kind of like him and muddied. 

over all warlord rating: 6.5/10

*** Please note that these are my own opinions alone and if you disagree with them at least respect that we all have differences. I know many people felt completely different about Shingen’s route but I will express my own opinion as I see fit too.*****


HC for the oda forces and uesugi-Takeda when their s/o see MC in an oversized shirt and underwear because kimonos are uncomfortable. You could make it nsfw, sfw, fluff or anything else. Love you. Sending good vibes your way 💖

It’s bedtime…. the lamps are low and though waiting for him to return home has been nerve wrecking she does manage to fall asleep. She long since gave up trying to sleep in the restricted kimono and made a shirt that was langer but not like the long sleeping gowns that she knew the people in the west were using. The shirt itself was just enough to cover her behind. Since she made the switch a week ago while he was away she has never slept better.

He walks in….


He looks around and sees a leg. He looks more closely and see the whole. He silently approves of the shirt though he has to make sure no kne ever sees his territory.


Happy to be home he apots the low light of your shared room. He walks in and looks arouns not being able to see you. Then a movement on the futon catches his eyes. He is in shock when he sees the shirt slowly riding up. Though he enjoys the sight he is far more concerned with you catching a cold.


“Idiot is still awake!” He grumbled to himself as he enters his palace and saw themlight on but low. He was greeted by the sight of her legs and backside.

“Thats new.” He said with a slight smile as he kept his eyes on her while changing. “More reason to hold her close otherwise she might get sick.”

(Yeah right Ieyasu)


He bolted into the room to find her sprawled out on the futon with her new sleeping outfit. He is not really shocked as he has seen her designs and knows about the future. He however decided in that moment he was going to have some more of those things made for her. It was a delectable sight he could get used too.


He walks in and goes blank. He sees sooooo much. He feels his temp go higher and can’t take his eyes off her legs and the bottom half of her rump. She sighednin her sleep and he decided then to wake her to show her what this new outfit did to him.


“My sweet little mouse was trying to wait up for me?” He though as he moved into the room and then he stopped and saw her. She had talked about things from the future before and he could picture some things ut not this. This was different. He smiled as he forgot he was tired. It was time to show his mouse that he appreciated her sewing work.


He walked in to The room without noise and instantly saw she had that on. He wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. Though not a traditionalist he certainly didn’t like the idea someone else could see her like this either. He changed quickly and moved to the futon knowing he would talk to her about it in the morning.


What is my angel wearing? He walked around her on the futon looking at it closely. He however decided he didn’t care because it gave him access much easier for early mornings!


He looked at her and thought she forgot half of her clothes. He felt his cheeks get warmer as he looked at her and a gentle stirring in his loins. He kinda liked it but was sure never to tell her that.


He looked at her and wondered how she could adjust to this time period so well. Now he only wished he had a few so she could wear those ones instead.


Warlords propose

Oooooh, proposals!!!! I like this one as it goes with the last theme we were doing. Plus it is easy on my brain right now. I have a few other asks still yet to do I am working on them and even though my turnaround is usually a day or so these will be out sometime this week, so if you asked for something it is coming just give my tired old brain a chance to catch up to my eagerness to write.


I can see him basically not asking at all. He would just expect it to be an enviable thing. It would be something akin to rolling over in bed and saying “so when do you want to do the thing?” Yes, unfortunately, my friends that is how my husband asked me to marry him.


Oh, this guy has the day planned out. First finding a day that you both have off and then whisking you away to the town. First, stop the market where he points out some rich fabric that would be for wedding outfits. He is, of course, trying to be slick and not say that word, but it is relatively apparent. Then to the teahouse, you love for a quick bite. Then off to a beautiful quiet secluded spot where no one can interrupt. He didn’t get the memo of going down on one knee but stands before you and asks you, “to be his for the rest of your life.”


He has been super busy between running Oshu and his duties here in Azuchi he has been working non-stop. When he has a lull in responsibilities to take care of, he wants to go for a ride and you to come. His proposal would be utterly spontaneous while riding on horseback. The idea just came to him while you were speaking about your lessons with Ieyasu and he blurts out, “I think we should get married, now.”


He has been secretly planning for weeks, just waiting for the “perfect” time. After realizing there was no perfect time he gives up his wait and goes off during dinner one night, “So I think it would be a good idea if we went ahead and got married. You need a man in your life, and well I guess no one else wants to marry you so I will do it.” Of course, if this ridiculous proposal came from any other male on the planet, you would laugh but since you know him and know it means,“I want to get married to you because you are the only woman in the world who would want to be with me.” You agree.


Sweet Angel has no idea how to go about this. He has studied scrolls, asked other people, even breaking down and asking Hideyoshi what he should do. He still doesn’t know. However, he decides one day to talk a walk with you as the weather was beautiful that day and you end up at a lake. He decides then and there to just ask, “Princess I don’t have the words to say this right, but I would be honored if you chose to be my wife.”

Sweet Angel has the perfect words


He was half joking when at dinner he said, “I really can’t let you go and should just marry you as you seem to be the only woman who can stand me for any period and doesn’t complain about my meal choices.”

You look him dead in the eyes and say, “You’re right. Yes, I accept.”

He has no freaking clue what to do or say at that moment as he is beyond dumbfounded. Speechless he is speechless like he can’t even get a sound out. He just stares at you for a total of ten minutes as he tries to get his mind together but each time he losses it again. You just continue eating as nothing happened. He begins to think it was a complete joke on your part but at evening war counsel when Nobunaga opened the floor, you get everyone’s attention and say,“For once someone has GOOD news to say. Mitsuhide and I will be getting married soon.”

All mouths drop including his again.

(This could be a story on its own) ((I think I will add it to my list))


He would have the bunny army bring in a bolt of fabric on their backs with a note. “The rabbit squad and I would like to ask for your hand in marriage.” Of course, who could say no if bunnies are involved?


He would probably shower you with affection until YOU asked him. “My angel wants to be married to Me? Of course, I accept”.


He knows what he wants. Period. He wants a wife and kids, and he wants them like now. “So…. you think we should get married before or after the baby is born?” This confuses you and realizes it is his way of asking to make it formal.


Now he got the memo. He would plan this ultra-romantic day complete with a meadow of wildflowers and after, tea, snacks, and a hike around a picturesque lake you would stand in the middle of the meadow as he got down on one knee, “I never thought I could meet someone like you in the future or past. I will be the luckiest man in both time periods if you agree to marry me.” Yeah, you melt right there…


Headcanon military mc


• Is she a leader of men?

• No way!

• Look at her stance as she trains

• Could look at that all day

• She is good

• How is she so good?

• Army? She said. Did they let women in the military in her time? What?

• I will have to have her ability tested

• Can you imagine Kenshin’s face as she attacks him? (Rubbing hands together with glee)


• Wait what?

• Can she fight?

• Can she shoot?

• She is outstanding

• I don’t like this!

• Why is Lord Nobunaga rubbing his hands together?

• She is working with our retainers on some skills

• She just flipped a man!

• I have to see if she is okay

• What? She is fine.

• I don’t know if I can deal.


• So the lass has battle experience huh?

• Let’s see what she can do

• Holy snot?!?!?!?!

• She can do that with that tiny sword?

• She is fast

• Mitsuhide needs to test her with a gun

• She wants to go hand to hand

• I will go easy on her

• Ouch

• That hurts

• Okay won’t go easy

• She still beat me!

• I have to train more


• Our tiny little slip of a Princess thinks she can outshoot me?

• I heard what she did to Masamune

• He is still bruised on his back

• Okay she does seem to know a gun

• Five targets dead center?

• I can’t do that

• How?

• Seriously how?

• They train women to fight in her time? Why? Are the men that worthless?

• I can’t figure this out

• Teasing her now will become a full contact game


• She is soooo soft and sweet

• How did she do that to Masamune?

• Did she give instructions to our trainers?

• No way

• She is so tiny

• I have to watch her

• I could study her all day

• She doesn’t fight as we do

• And another guy down

• How did she do that?

• This will require some close observations


• No way this weakling can beat me

• She couldn’t even hold her own for five minutes

• Wait ouch

• She can

• What?!?!

• No not possible

• Again she had me on the ground

• Why is Mitsuhide laughing?

• Nobunaga has that smirk, and he is rubbing his hands still Masamune is leery of her now

• I have to admit she is good

• Of course, I won’t say that out loud


• hahahahahaha

• A woman that can fight

• What? She is cutting through my best vassals

• Okay enough

• She is well trained

• How?

• Not possible

• Is she holding her own with me?

• I don’t think I like this

• No, I don’t like this at all

• Military? She says.

• Hmmm, I wonder if we should train women.

• Nope


• My angel can fight?

• A warrior goddess, sure.

• Wait those are my best men

• She went through their ranks in Less the ten minutes

• She even had Yuki on the ground

• This probably isn’t a good thing

• Maybe a little more training and she could even beat me

• Ouch

• My jaw hurts but I am still standing

• Tiny as she is you wouldn’t think she could honestly hurt you

• And I am on the ground

• “If that’s what you wanted angel all you had to do was ask.”

• Ouch!!!


• A female who can fight?

• Military? Army? I don’t get it

• Sasuke says to leave her alone

• I don’t believe it

• Why am I on the ground?

• Wait, she did that?

• Huh?

• Why is Shingen on the field too?

• Why is he laughing?


• Her fighting style is definitely unusual

• Of course, the others wouldn’t understand

• She really is amazing

• Wow she flipped that guy

• I need her to show me how to do that

• Seriously

• I find her so refreshing

• This is humorous


5500 follower giveaway prompt

why not one when Shingen
learn Yuki has a lover? Maybe after MC spend the night at Kasugayama? (Feel
free to include nsfw but if you can’t, it doesn’t matter, that’s just a bonus)  @mayareth

“Why are you late?” Kenshin demanded as
Yukimura entered the hall for the meeting on the troops progress.

“Some business,” Yukimura said and sat
down. No one seemed to notice the slight blush the young man had as he said
that. All eyes went back to Kenshin who was waiting for a report from another
vassal, all except Shingen who was looking at the younger man and he smiled. He
held his tongue, though. He wanted to do this semi-privately. He waited
throughout the meeting the entire time listening halfheartedly as he watch the
younger man.

When the meeting was done, he called Yuki
over to him and started to walk away from the crowd. “Can I help you, Sir?” Yuki
finally asked.

“Who is she?” the older male asked.

“Who is who?” Yukimura asked.

“Your business,” Shingen replied. “You do
realize who you are trying to fool correct?”

“None of your business, milord,” Yukimura
said as he stopped walking.

“A maid? A townswoman?” Shingen prompted
with a smile.

“None of your business, sir,” Yukimura said

“Come on, Yuki tell me,” Shingen stated. “I
have to know.”

“No, you don’t,” Yukimura said as he
walked in the opposite direction. As he did Sasuke and Kenshin walked up to

“Trouble?” Kenshin asked.

“Yukimura has a woman,” Shingen said with
a smile.

“He doesn’t.” Sasuke replied, “I would

“He does.” Shingen said with a grin, “Though
he won’t tell me who.”

They all walked away and left the
thoughts as to the “Who.” play in their minds. Yukimura worked on training the
troops all day. He made no weird moves to duck out or anything. Shingen was
watching. Sasuke was watching. Kenshin didn’t care.

“I have some things to get in the
marketplace,” Yukimura stated as he walked in the direction as he told a vassal.
He walked fast and started to duck around things. He knew he was being watched.
He knew they would be found out. He was trying though, and he hoped that would
be enough. After making some purchases, he walked around, wasting time before
he went to the inn. He knew she would be waiting there. She flew to him as he walked
in the door.

“They know, princess,” Yukimura said.

“They know what?” she asked with a smile.

“They know I was with someone last night.
They will figure out it was you soon.” He said as the door started to slide
open. Shingen and Sasuke were standing there as the door was wide open. “I told

“Hello, Shingen. Hi Sasuke.” She said
with a smile to both of them. Sasuke’s eyes went wide, and Shingen began to

“Yukimura, my boy, the Princess?” Shingen
asked with a smile. “I didn’t know you had it in you to win an angels heart.”

“Shut up,” Yukimura said.

“Shingen don’t tease him so much.” She said
with a smile.

“Come my children. Let me treat you to a
dinner then you shall have the rest of the night.” Shingen said with a smile,
and he started to walk away. Sasuke was still in shock though you couldn’t see
it on his face.

“I had no idea,” Sasuke said to no one.

“Don’t worry, Sasuke, it is a new thing.”
She said as she wound her arm with Yukimura’s and tugged him to leave the room.
“It would be better to just get this over with and deal with him now then have
to deal with him later.”

“I guess you are right.” He grumpily replied.

“I am.” She said with a smile. “Plus if
you are late again he will be understanding.”

He bent down to look at her and kissed
her, “No, he won’t.”


I enjoyed the headcanons about the Mc telling Masamune and Mitsuhide that she is pregnant. Is it possible to request to see the other warlords reactions to MC telling them she is pregnant?


He would realize something is different but wouldn’t really pay to much attention at first. The stand offish way you stand to the side throws him back for a bit. He wonders silently if she was put off by his campaign knowing how she feels about war. He was doing this for everyone thiugh so he brushes off his concern.

When you finally retire for the night he notices subtle changes on her body. He dreamt of it while he was gone and

things seem different. “Do you like what you see?” She asks as he stares as she changes.

“You know I do.” He replies.

“Well we are glad to here it.” She says and he looks at her funny.

“We?” He asks.

“Your child and I. Nobunaga we are having a child.” She says and now everything makes sense. The words have a calming effect over him and he smiles and looks at her again.


He knows something is wrong. Why is she over there off to the side. Why is she not coming to greet me? He just knows something happened while he was gone. Though her smile is there and looks bright, he just knows.

He is worried but he has so much to do still. He wants to carve out some time just for her to find out. He finally gets a few minutes to himself. His reports from the castle staff was nothing was wrong with the Princess. However he knew something was there.

He goes to his rooms where she is working on something new. It seems so small. She looks up and smiles.

“Surprise.” She says with her face beaming.

“Whats this?” He asks as he looks at the small outfit.

“Hideyoshi we are going to have a child.” She says.

“We are?” He asked wondering how, why, what was going on.

“ we are.” He dropped to his knees and smiled.

“I thought something was wrong.” He whispered. “This is wonderful.”


He looked her over the second she came into view. He could see something was different. He had an idea of what as well. When the people and horses came into view he was watching her. She was shining.

Her brightness was there and he knew. He just knew. She stood off to the side and looked for him. He made his way around the crowd and came up behind her. She was still looking for him.

“Do you have something to tell me?” He asked in her ear.

“Of course you would know.” She said laughing. “Inplanned out this whole thing. Wasabi is going to be hurt you didn’t let her tell you.”

“She is a deer she doesn’t know.” He replied.

“But she is wearing a sign.” The princess said.

“Then for wasabi i will pretend.” He said, “you haven’t told me either.”

“Maybe later.” She replied.


He looks around and sees her. The princess was waiting by the gates some distance away. He dismounted and rushed to her side. He went to pick her up and spin her when she placed up a hand. “Don’t please.” She said.

“Princess.” He asked.

“Spinning will make me sick, nari.” She explained.

“But?” He asked.

“Nari i have something to tell you.” She said.

“What is it?” He asked worried.

“We are going to have a child.” She said smiling.

“We are?” He asked surprised. This was not something he planned out.

“We are.” She smiled and he hugged her tight.


He wasn’t surprised to see her standing there. He was surprised she didn’t fight her way closer. She just stood there looking like the princess she was. She waited for him to walk up to her. He kissed her hard as he walked up.

“Kenshin.” She said breathlessly.

“My love?” He asked.

“Come to our rooms when you can. I have something to show you.” She replied.

He turned and yelled, “no one disturb us.”

He followed in her wake and then when he entered the room he saw she added some thing.”what is the meaning of this?” He asked.

“What would they be used for?” She asked.

“A child.” He said as he looked at her and she nodded. The pair wasn’t seen for the rest of the day.


No shame he will look at her and know. He will walk up to her as he could see over the crowd. They parted for him as he walked towards the princess who was talking to Sasuke. “My goddess do you have something to tell me?”

“Shingen don’t you know to let me tell you.” She said laughing.

“No.” He replied.

“Well we are going to have….” she started.

“An angel.” He said smiling.

She shook her head but he didn’t leave her side for the rest of the day.


He was doing things and giving orders. He barely looked at her. She was waiting and smiling at him. She waited for hours, while he worked.

“Dummy you don’t need to stand there.” He said to her.

“I missed you too.” She laughed.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“I need to tell you something.” She said.

“Can it wait? I am busy.” He said.

“It can for another few months.” She said as she looked at him.

“A few months?” He asked.

“We are going to have a child.” She said.

“Why didn’t you say something!” He exclaimed.

“I just did.” She said.

“Someone take over! I am going to be a dad!” He yelled.


“This ones gonna be a frog strangler…” to Shingen

They were all sitting through the banquet for the local rullers. When an argument broke out and Kenshin began to intervene.

“Lord Nobunaga has more people that means that will be the winning side!” One local said.

“Lord Kenshin and Lord shingen have more heart and are better skilled then that fool.” The second roared.

The princess leaned over and looked at Shingen,”this one is going be a frog strangler!” To which he bagan to laugh.

“Angel you and your sayings will be the death of me.” He whispered as he stood and went to break ip the fight with words before Kenshin reacted and ruined the whole night.


“Take an umbrella. I can smell rain.” MC to Shingen. How can some people smell/feel the weather? I don’t know, maybe it’s something we get with age. Hope I can attain this skill one day


Now i think it is something that you are born with. I can tell when it is going to rain and snow. My friends often called me a weather barometer because of this. It could be sunny and I could pull out the its gonna rain in an hour and it would. It still amazes them.

The day was hot and humid and everyone had done their tasks begrudgingly. Shingen had one more thing to do and that was in the marketplace. She knew this so before he left she walked up next to him. “Take an umbrella. I can smell rain.”

“Smell rain? Don’t be absurd.” He started out the trail to the marketplace.

He returned two jours later completely dripping wet as the summer shower was rather hard at times. She glanced at him as he did her.

“You were right my angel.” He said with a smile.

“Next time just listen to me.” She said with a humph.

Now added the beautiful art by… @pastel-hideout

This is the first piece of art made from one of my stories/prompts. I absolutely adore it. Thank you for doing this.

Do not repost art without permission from the artist.

*** If you ever wish to draw anything from my stories do not hesitate. I give full permission. Please tag me in it.”


How would the warlords react if mc had an asthma attack?

She would have told them in advance is she knew about the asthma.


Would be slightly afraid for her but would sit by her as she tried to get her breathing back under control.


He would be fit to be tied however he knew he needed to remain calm so you could as well. He would sit there with you breathing in and out as you fought to control your breathing. He would hold you until he felt you were okay.


He prepared for this. He has a tonic ready for this so as he places it down so the smell can help you breathe easier he will sit there in front of you to helpcalm you. He doesn’t move fast or try to excite you in anyway.


He doesn’t get it but knows it is a thing. Whatever he can do he will. He will sit there for hours calmly if you need him too. The whole time telling you he loves you and it will be okay.


Though he doesn’t panic it bothers him to see you struggle. He will sit there and hold you hand as he tries to remember which scroll has some answers he read. He will hum gently to refocus your mind and breathing becomes easier.


He will not move from your side untill he thinks you are better. Remembering what your triggers are and who did this. He has consulted with other healers as well and sits there rocking with you back and forth as he traces semi circles into your hand.


At first it scares him. Though he knew it could happen. He orders the castle to a hault so you can focus. He will keep you in your chambers until he deems you fit.


Whispers words of love as you gasp to give you a sense of peace. He has also consulted with other healers and will try anything to help you.


This one is not good with fear but he tries. He will calmly sit down and rub your back. He will help you calm and regain your breath.


Wants you to go back to the future to get an inhaler. He will try anything until he can get one for you.

***My mother has severe asthma and died from complications due to emphysema so I do know how to talk someone out of an attack. This hit home for me****