A snippit of the newest story “Into the Darkness”

“Kid, come on. None of this is your fault.”, He said with a sigh.
“I have a bullseye on my back. Everyone knows it too. No one wants to be caught up in this.”, she said.
“Has it really been that bad?”, he asked as he tilted his head to look at her. “Have you even eaten yet?”
“I can’t.”, she said.
“You look thinner than you already were and super pale. Kid, you need to eat something.”, Aaron said.
“I can’t.”, she replied again.
“You can’t keep going on like this.”, Aaron said as he shook his head in her direction.
“Until he is caught Aaron, I can’t do much of anything.”, She said softly.
“Is it really that bad?”, Aaron asked as he noticed different units looking in their direction.
“I am locked away in a basement at work. I have guards on my street at night. Yes, Aaron, it is that bad.”, she replied. ”I can’t do my work. I can’t even look at my emails without a chance that he will reach me there. It is never-ending. He is now laser-focused on me because of… well, you know.”
“The book.”, Aaron stated.


Sneak Preview Snowball fight

Three hours after the war counsel began it was let out, and from the window,
on the side of the room they could all see it was still snowing pretty hard. No
one had seen the storm roll in as it seemed to be the last big storm of the
season or so they hoped. They all had seen the look in the princess’s eyes as
she talked about doing something later in the snow, but all had been called into
the meeting before she could say what it was. They had heard a weird ‘thunk’
sound on the side of the room and Nobunaga went to the door and slid it open
just to catch a snowball to his face. They could also hear a squeak and then as
the snow slowly fell off Nobunaga a fit of laughter that could only come from
one person, Azchui’s Princess. The war lords
all stood in fear as they saw the snowball land squarely on their lord’s face,
then as the peals of laughter came from outside they all joined in except for
Hideyoshi who was frozen still figuring out what to do.



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