sneak peek willful daughters head canon


It didn’t surprise him when the toddler that was
his daughter picked up a practice sword to learn with after watching him and her
brother spar. What surprised him is the teenage beauty who still fought with
him and could nearly best him now.


The Kitsune of the Oda
forces was known to be the trickest person around until his second daughter
came of age.


daughter came after a few boys that were exactly like himself so his partner was excited that this child would
be like her instead and give her nerves a break.


Sneak peek Mitsunari

He didn’t have to go far as it was now dark outside and he
figured she would be in her room. He was still in his slightly disheveled robes for the day when he knocked on
the door and called out to her. She slid open the door with a slightly shocked
look, and she was flushed. “Are you okay, Princess?”, he immediately asked.

“Ah yes. I was just
thinking about something.”, She readily
replied. She had been thinking about him, but
she wouldn’t say that out loud even if someone
had paid her a million bucks.

“I have a question for you; I
hope you don’t mind the late hour.”, he said quickly
as she motioned for him to come in.

“It’s not that late. What can I help you with?”, She said as she closed the door and realized he
was still standing next to her. So as she turned to face him, she was face to face with his impressive chest
and had to look up, or she would blush
again. When he took her hand quickly in his,
she couldn’t help but feel even more intoxicated by him, and it left her mind in complete disarray.

“This Princess.”, he said as he touched her hand so gently. “Why
am I craving to touch your tiny little hand so much it haunts my dreams?”


Sneak Peek MC picks Kenshin over Ieyasu

Kenshin sat in his tent as he thought of the woman who was
with his enemies now safe and off the battlefield. He could not believe his
eyes as he saw her on the back of Ieyasu’s horse and wanted to end the war the
second he saw her. He wondered at the fact that the young war lord would even bring a woman, any woman
for that matter, to the battle but that woman, in particular, was unthinkable to him. She was soft and sweet to
everyone she met even to him when he was less than friendly to her everytime
they were foisted into each other’s presence for events for Yukimura and
Sasuke, sometimes even Shingen would try to get her to come to dinner when they
were all in Azuchi. He hated the thought for those times as she was and would remain
their enemy or with their enemy’s forces. She was so full of life that he found
her to be too blinding and she also brought up memories he fought hard to have
buried. She brought them all out, and he couldn’t stand them, he wanted to
forget. He wanted to hate her or better yet be indifferent to her, but she was too
beautiful, to kind, and worse yet to open even to him, the man who tried to
slice her down at every chance.

sat in the tent listening to Masamune and Ieyasu planning their attack for the
next day. She hated every second of it. She personally
knew people on both sides and in a way it was tearing her in two just by
beginning there at the battle. Seeing Kenshin and Yuki on the field squaring
off with the Oda troops was heartbreaking and a sight she never wanted to see
again. To know that her fellow time traveler
Sasuke was also on the field somewhere was enough to keep her paralyzed with
fear for his safety regardless of his abilities as a ninja.


Sneak Peak Mitsuhide

He was
surprised that he had managed to get all of the work done before sunset as he
quickly strolled to his manor. He was going to surprise her with a dinner on
the town as he would have the next day off because of all the work he’d been
putting in over the past week. He just really wanted to spend time with her as
when he would return back to the palace he would find her asleep and then he
would have to get up before dawn again the next day. He hadn’t really seen her in
days. he could think of nothing better than to treat her to something he knew
that she liked just to see the smile on her face that she would probably deny
having. He was surprised when he walked in to the house and he could hear her
talking to someone in their room which would be more surprising that she
allowed somebody in there. She had fixed up the sitting room and had often
found that that was her favorite place to be during the day. He stood at the
door and just listened for a little while as trying to figure out who would be
in their bedroom with her. It seemed more that she was talking to herself or
possibly her fox cub. He still wanted to hear what she had to say more than
anything else, he also just wanted to listen to the sound of her voice. 


Sneak Preview Snowball fight

Three hours after the war counsel began it was let out, and from the window,
on the side of the room they could all see it was still snowing pretty hard. No
one had seen the storm roll in as it seemed to be the last big storm of the
season or so they hoped. They all had seen the look in the princess’s eyes as
she talked about doing something later in the snow, but all had been called into
the meeting before she could say what it was. They had heard a weird ‘thunk’
sound on the side of the room and Nobunaga went to the door and slid it open
just to catch a snowball to his face. They could also hear a squeak and then as
the snow slowly fell off Nobunaga a fit of laughter that could only come from
one person, Azchui’s Princess. The war lords
all stood in fear as they saw the snowball land squarely on their lord’s face,
then as the peals of laughter came from outside they all joined in except for
Hideyoshi who was frozen still figuring out what to do.


Sneak preview Kenshin

The god of war was not
someone she could just approach. She knew she could but the fact was she didn’t
like having a sword at her throat first thing in the morning and she knew she
would have to talk to him at some point during the day. She wanted to get it
over with but was slightly afraid at what his reaction would be to her request.
He normally ignored her when she was present in the room saying that she was
Shingen’s problem since he was the one who brought her to the castle without
asking. They had found her in the castle’s town of Azchui after meeting with
her the night she had arrived in the past, she was taken back to the castle
where her first instinct after a horrible introduction with Nobunaga’s
warlords, was to runaway. She had no where to go except with Sasuke and his
friends back to yet another castle and wait to the next wormhole to open so she
could return home. Now she had to ask him something and she really didn’t know
she was going to get the courage do ask. She had noticed that in the castle’s
town they had a tailor who would take in commissions however there was no where
really to tend the smaller issues one may have with clothing. She wanted to
open a spot that could do that and also some larger things as well but to focus
on that for a bit would be her goal. It could be a good starting place for her
in the clothing business and could help some of the unemployed women in the
area be able to support themselves. In her mind it was a win win situation
however she had to ask for Kenshin’s support and she wasn’t sure if she could
be that brave.