Tomboy MC

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       Headcanon for tomboy MC? Like, she’s up every morning for exercise, she finds the weapons they all use cool (when they’re not being used to kill that is), instead of helping clean around the castle she opts to help the soldiers with training, challenges Masamune to arm wrestling matches, etc.

She was up before dawn again. She knew she shouldn’t be up
at this hour but it was the only time she could get into the training hall
without too many people seeing her, she
wasn’t ashamed that she liked to work out and also to learn the weapons of this
time period. She had dealt with all those
issues before as a girl living in a place that she was supposed to be demure
and more feminine, she hated it. She felt
like she was living a lie. However, she
would workout before dawn every day and
practice what she saw the others doing with swords, daggers, or ax’ and be
content at least for awhile. She could always take off in the afternoon to go
to the forest to climb a few trees if she needed to burn some excess energy
off. She didn’t know it wasn’t a secret though and they, the war lords, knew of
her early morning activities and her joints to the forest.

“She is UP again! I am surprised. Even I don’t train as much
as she does.”, Masamune said to his cohort
this morning.

“She is up every morning at this time. Though she started
completely unskilled, she has made
progress with the weapons left in the training hall.”, Mitsuhide replied

“Your handiwork I assume?”, Masamune raised his eyebrow at his friend.

“If she was going to train she needed the correct weapons to
do it with. Since she hasn’t asked for
help or a sparring partner, I thought to give her the weapons though used and duller than normal would be the best plan, for now.”,
He said his golden eyes watching the girl as she headed into the building
behind the castle proper.

“Have you been watching her?”, Masamune asked.

“Sometimes but not often enough.”, The man smiled.”The
castle is normally asleep at this time so watching for unusual behavior is my job.A lone female out here at night is enough
to catch anyone’s eye. Not that it is hard for our princess to catch the eye,
of course.”

“That is true enough. I wonder what she is really up too.”,
Masamune asked.

“I think this has gone on long enough don’t you? We should
go and ask her.”, Mitsuhide replied as he already started to head to the
training hall.

“No that isn’t what I meant!”, Masamune in a rare moment
didn’t want to really know what the princess was
trying to do. He liked just thinking she was a sweet young princess
instead of what they might find. He didn’t want to be the one to tell Nobunaga
his pet was a traitor or worse a spy.

“Well, are you
coming?”, Mitsuhide said over his shoulder. Extremely reluctantly Masamune
shifted his weight and started to follow the Kitsune of a man he was friends with. They both walked slowly as not to alert
her as she did have a sword in his grasp and even though both men were unarmed
they could most likely overpower the girl
with ease if necessary. When they were in sight
of her though they were not so sure. She was working rather hard on a
move the Masamune had been working on the day prior and they watched as she
tried it with ease. She was rather skilled they both thought in a crude way.

“She must have taught herself by watching us practice.”,
Masamune said as he almost whistled. He
caught himself in the process and realized she still didn’t know the two of
them were there. Her form was off, but
she would have been able to get the job done with a better weapon. The fact she was copying them and their daily
workouts was impressive on its own.

“She is better then I
thought.”, Mitsuhide said as he propped himself against the door in the
shadows and let his eyes rake her over. She must have felt the three eyes on
her as she turned and looked around. She spotted them both watching her, and in the quiet of the hall, she looked for some sort of
excuse. Mitsuhide thought this might be worth more than any gold to see her flustered
so much. He pushed away from the door.”Your form was off, Princess.”

“Ummm, I thought I was
alone.”, she said as she looked around like a nervous sparrow.

“He is right. The form was off which would lead to an easily counter-attack.”,
Masamune said also enjoying the sight.

“Okay then. I should be
headed back to the castle.”, she said trying to preserve what little she
had left on the facade she was trying to
hold on to.

“Your secret Princess really isn’t one any longer, my dear.”,
Mitsuhide said while moving closer to her.

“What secret?”, she asked.

“This one, my dear. Also,
your trips to the forest, are they too
met someone a lover perhaps?”, he replied slyly.

“What NO!”, she nearly screamed. He already knew she went into the forest to climb trees of all things but her reaction to them thinking she had a lover was fabulous.

“What now then princess could you be doing. No one here
would think less of you if you had taken
one.”, He said as her blush grew.

“Not a lover.”, she choked out. “I go for walks and to

“Climb?”, Masamune played dumb.

“Trees. Climb trees.”, she said. “It isn’t lady like I know, but neither am I. I’m so sick of living a lie
like a perfect little princess.”

“You are far from a perfect
princess.”, Mitsuhide said and then realized that he had truly insulted her
which he didn’t want to do. “You are just you.”

“Thanks, snake.”, she said to his raised eyebrows.

“I know of the perfect tree to climb, and I bet you I can reach the top faster.”Masamune
tried to steal her attention away.

“I doubt that.”, she replied.

“Then how about a race later.”, he said to which Mitsuhide
was nodding his head. “If you beat me I will train in you with a sword the correct way.”

“What happens if you beat me?”, she asked.

“You have to take me to dinner.”, he said off the top of his

“As well as myself.”, Mitsuhide also chimed in.

“Fine. It’s a bet.”, she said as she took her leave of the
two men to prepare for the day ahead.


Later that afternoon Masamune led her to the tree he knew
of, what she didn’t realize that their bet had spread through the upper levels of the castle-like
wildfire. She was ready, but when she saw
all the warlords, she wondered if they
all knew about the secret life she had tried
to have. She was glad it was out now, but
she didn’t like the looks they all had for her. Hideyoshi was now approaching
her and had the look of a mother hen whose chick messed up bad. She found it
amusing that he was now trying to give her instructions on how not to get stuck
as Mitsuhide calmly walked up and told him she could probably out climb any boy
or man here. Thus proving he knew the entire time this morning what she had
been doing out here. His snake-like smile
plastered on his face she told him in no uncertain
terms to just go and slither away. He
laughed and left her to her own devices, Nobunaga had already told her he had a
bet with Ieyasu that she would beat Masamune and not to let him down.

As the two were at the bottom of the tree waiting for the mark, they had agreed on where the top would be considered and now were just waiting for the
shout to begin. She had turned down a head start, and so when Nobunaga yelled to start,
she was already in the air grabbing ahold of the lowest branch and swinging
herself up. Masamune had missed his jump up. She was already finding her
handholds easy while he was close on her
tail. For most of the race, the two were
neck and neck, but somehow she jumped up
and reached the mark before he had a chance to place his hand. She had won. He
shook his head at her speed and strength because he had to use his own brute strength just to keep up with her. They
made their way down when she slipped a bit but didn’t fall. Just enough that each man had their hearts in their
throats as they saw the slip. No one was going to say anything though.
This new side to the princess seemed to bring a real smile to her face. As they
descended from the top of the tree, Masamune was outlining the training
schedule he had for her. She was inwardly beaming with all he was telling her.

Later after dinner and everyone was still in the great hall
she had challenged Masamune to an arm wrestling
contest which she outlined the rules. Everyone again thought she would be
easily overcome because of Masamune’s strength. Though she did lose on the
first try, he was surprised at her own that now only he knew she had. In time
he knew she would be able to beat him easy. To that, he smiled and nodded. He
would play along with her for now but challenge her often.


Morning with Kenshin during storm

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       You’re an amazing writer and I don’t wanna have too much ‘requirements’ for this. (You’re absolutely amazing when it comes to filling in the between with something that always seems to suck me in) So how about you do something with Kenshin and MC? Maybe some lazy morning kisses and a good storm to set the mood?

The storm blew in from nowhere
with no real warning. She was used to
such storms in the future but found the difficulties with them in the past. She
was getting used to all the prep work when they could see one approaching it
was becoming second nature to her. This one, however, blew in quick, and the castle’s staff didn’t have much time
before it hit. It hit hard, and  the castle and she was sure the
outside town were all taking a beating with it. Inside she lay on the futon
with a pair of arms wrapped around her as it should be bright now, she was sure,
though the outside light was not there. It was grey at best and more than that dark. The kind of day that no matter
how you wanted to get out of bed you just couldn’t manage. The arms wrapped
around her were unbelievably strong and kept her close to the body they were
attached to which was also warm and yet another reason not to get out of the futon.
He had held her from the begin of the storm when the wind kicked up and started
howling which had kept her awake and on edge. She had been grateful for the
distraction as it had sounded horrible outside and she had been slightly
scared, though she would never have admitted that. Luckily she didn’t have too,
the man who had shared her bed could read her silent cues well and often would
protect her even from herself without words.

“You are awake now, Princess?”, She heard him say from behind her. She chuckled at the thought he really wanted to get out of bed, because of all
things he probably didn’t with the storm raging on still there was no need to
rush up and out the door to take care of the duties for the day. He knew as
well and was sure that the castle would
remain dormant for the time being as the
storm continued.

“I guess I am.”, she said as she turned into his body and
saw his relucent smile.

“Did you sleep fine?”, he asked teasing smile flitted across
his lips.

“I did after you came to bed. You know that.”, she said as
she nuzzled her face into his chest to keep his warmth close.

“I do have a mountain of paperwork to do and today would be
the perfect day to get caught up on it.”, He
said his tone was normal, but she knew
what he wanted, her protest. She debated on the words she would use to keep him
right where he was but decided that with him,
actions would speak louder than words.
She craned her head up to look into his blue and green eyes that seemed to read
her very soul before she could form the words and placed a sweet tiny kiss on
his waiting smile. She knew then she had fallen into his plan and just waited to
see the results. He kissed her back, and
she wondered if that was his plan all along.

“It seems the wind has calmed down for a little bit.”, He said as he stopped to listen, but she couldn’t hear anything beyond the futon
she was sharing with him and his heartbeat steady against her ear as she again
nuzzled closer. He would bring his vice-like
grip around her again as she stayed in her spot.

“I guess that means we should get up now then.”, she said as
she sighed not wanting to give up his warmth just yet. “You do have all that
paperwork to do after all.”

“Not quite yet Princess.”, he said with a small laugh as he
tipped her head back to his and lowered it. “We still have time to stay here.”

“I also have things to do.”, She
said right before he took her mouth again in a small but passionate kiss. She
was thinking to herself that this was the best way to wake up but not the best
way to actually get up. Knowing what one
kiss with this man would lead to then neither would be able to get up for some
time yet she contently smiled into the kiss and let him sweep her away.

“Ignore them, the tasks you need to do. They aren’t that important.”,
he said as his hands began to roam. ” Your only job today is to keep me

“Kenshin! That isn’t how today will be.”, she said as she
playfully hit his chest.

“Oh yes my princess, that is how today will be.”, He said as he dipped back down to greedily kiss
her again when the rain seemed to come down even faster and harder though it
had seemed the winds had slowed down. She could barely concentrate on the
sounds outside when this man had captured all of her attention inside. She
wondered if he would be like this every time
there was a storm, so she wanted to make
the most of it as well. A day in bed with him would be rewarding and exhausting
she already knew but only she saw this side of him, and she was content with that knowledge.

The kisses and playful banter continued for the next few
hours as the storm outside had calmed to a gentle downpour and would probably
end soon. He knew when it stopped he would have to go out and see the damage and
make arraignments for any repairs that
would be needed. He wanted nothing more to leave her in a pile of quivering nerves until the night when they would
be together again. She was exactly that at the moment, and he loved seeing her like that anytime as long as he was the
reason why. She had loved him for who he was even when he had been distant with
her, and for that, he was eternally grateful. He
almost didn’t want to wait for the evening, but he knew he would be called away
soon, and she would have to go about her own tasks, there simply wouldn’t be
enough time to love her as she deserved which would lead to her having to rest
the rest of the day, no he decided it would be best to wait and just simply
work her up for the rest of the afternoon when he could. He knew how to
get her the way he wished and was glad she was only like that with himself. He
could hear the castle come to life around them and simply sighed as he took her
in his arms and kissed her again, this time more softly and thoroughly. Knowing he would have her tonight, he let her go as
she got up from the bed as did he. She smiled her sweet smile as they
both changed into day clothes and he went
to leave with another small peck on the cheek with a whispered promise of what
was yet to come. She smiled to herself as she walked in the opposite direction
as him and was happy for the rest of the day also knowing what would be
happening that night. She knows had two
days worth of work to do.


Sneak Peek MC picks Kenshin over Ieyasu

Kenshin sat in his tent as he thought of the woman who was
with his enemies now safe and off the battlefield. He could not believe his
eyes as he saw her on the back of Ieyasu’s horse and wanted to end the war the
second he saw her. He wondered at the fact that the young war lord would even bring a woman, any woman
for that matter, to the battle but that woman, in particular, was unthinkable to him. She was soft and sweet to
everyone she met even to him when he was less than friendly to her everytime
they were foisted into each other’s presence for events for Yukimura and
Sasuke, sometimes even Shingen would try to get her to come to dinner when they
were all in Azuchi. He hated the thought for those times as she was and would remain
their enemy or with their enemy’s forces. She was so full of life that he found
her to be too blinding and she also brought up memories he fought hard to have
buried. She brought them all out, and he couldn’t stand them, he wanted to
forget. He wanted to hate her or better yet be indifferent to her, but she was too
beautiful, to kind, and worse yet to open even to him, the man who tried to
slice her down at every chance.

sat in the tent listening to Masamune and Ieyasu planning their attack for the
next day. She hated every second of it. She personally
knew people on both sides and in a way it was tearing her in two just by
beginning there at the battle. Seeing Kenshin and Yuki on the field squaring
off with the Oda troops was heartbreaking and a sight she never wanted to see
again. To know that her fellow time traveler
Sasuke was also on the field somewhere was enough to keep her paralyzed with
fear for his safety regardless of his abilities as a ninja.


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