raising a princess ch 9

well it has been a ride writing this. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. without further ado. 

Mitsuhide was still surprised how his day had gone. At work,
he had been given award for his dedication to his job. when he picked up Sakura
from the school, he had thought something was seriously wrong when she had been
with Kristy. He had not seen anything that led him to believe that she felt as
strongly as she did. He looked down at her with her in his arms. He didn’t understand
her plan on why they had to go to that place for dinner, but he would go along
with it. 

Kristy noticed Sakura was sitting on the couch and she was
looking scared for some reason. “Sakura?” she asked as she walked into the

“What?” the little girl said.

“After daddy changes, we are going to go out for dinner,”
Kristy said softly to the little girl as she sat next to her.

“Okay, Miss Kristy,” Sakura said she yawned again, and
Kristy wondered if the little toddler was having trouble sleeping.

They drove over and almost repeated their first date ultimately.
After the meal, they walked around and used the remaining amount on the cards
he had bought. He went over to the basketball game he had been at when the
little girl had asked her if she could be her mommy.

Sakura looked up at Kristy who was standing right next to
her. “We did this before,” Sakura said.

“Yes, we have,” Kristy said softly. “Sakura I have a
question for you.”

“What?” Sakura said.

“Can I be your mommy?” Kristy asked, and a light glowed in
the little girls eyes.

“You want to be my mommy?” Sakura asked.

“Yes,” Kristy said.

“Daddy?” Sakura called out.

“What princess?” Mitsuhide said as he saw the fear in Kristy’s
eyes. Sakura was lifted up into his arms, and he looked at her.

“Daddy, I have a mommy.” She said as she smiled broadly and
hugged him. “I have a mommy!”

“Yes, you do princess.” He said as he looked over to Kristy.
“And so much more.”

“Now can I have a baby brother?” Sakura asked as she
whispered in Mitsuhide’s ear, and Mitsuhide laughed as he looked at the little
girl in his arms. “We will have to see about that one.”

He put her down, and she ran around playing all the games
she wanted too as both adults watched over her. “What was the whisper?” Kristy

“Sakura asked me for something else.” He said.

“What?” Kristy asked.

“A baby brother,” Mitsuhide said as he chuckled. “She is
rather demanding.”

“Not a bad idea,” Kristy said.

“You want more kids?” he asked. They hadn’t discussed it
before so he had no clue if she did or she would be content with just Sakura.

“Mitsuhide I come from a huge family. Of course, I want to
have kids.” She said as she looked at him. “What about you?”

“A few more like her wouldn’t be too bad.” He said as he
looked at the woman by his side, “As long as they turn out like their mother.”

“Mitsuhide.” She said softly.

“Sweetheart I think I got why you wanted to come here but
just tell me if I am right. Didn’t she ask you to be her mom right there?” Mitsuhide

“She did. I told her then we would have to see.” Kristy
said, “it was only fitting that I tell her there in the same spot.”

“You are something else. Can you take tomorrow off?” he

“I wasn’t supposed to work anyway, why?” she asked.

“I am going to take liberty. I want to spend the entire day
with the most important females in the world.” He said with a grin. “Plus I don’t
plan on letting you sleep too long.”

“Mitsu.” She said. “Did you forget your daughter wakes up at

“I put a lock on the door.” He said with a grin. Two weeks
into their relationship, Kristy had once again fallen asleep on Mitsuhide as
they relaxed in the back yard. He had helped her back into the bedroom, but
this time she didn’t fall back asleep and in the middle of the two of them making
love the three-year-old walked in on them and started asking a lot of questions.

Remembering that whole incident made Kristy blush. “Well, I guess
if you put it that way.”

“I love you, Kristy.” He whispered in her ear. “You know
this all started because the other daycare didn’t like when I called her a

“She is a princess.” Kristy said with a smile, “Our


A year later……..

“Are you planning on staying in bed today?” Mitsuhide asked
as he looked at Kristy who was in bed sitting up.

“I wasn’t for the whole day you know.” She said with a
smile. “Would you stop pacing like that?”

“It is the only thing that works.” He said softly. “You know
that.” He continued to walk around the room, and the silence filled the air. He
went over to the corner of the bedroom and looked down as he placed the now
sleeping baby girl down in the playpen.

“Now come do that with your son.” She said from the bed.

“He doesn’t like it,” Mitsuhide said as he crawled into bed.
“Only she likes to fall asleep on me. He likes you better. I can’t say as I blame
him, though. You are rather soft.”

“Sakura slept in today,” Kristy said as she looked at the
clock as Mitsuhide start to play with the baby in her lap.

“Stop playing with him while he is eating.” She said as she
tried to glare at Mitsuhide. “He takes forever as it is.”

“I can’t possibly understand why?” Mitsuhide said as he
looked at the baby attached to her breast. “This whole parenting thing is
easier when there is two people. Even if you get a little crabby at me.”

“I hope it is easier. You have enough experience, and Sakura
doesn’t mind sharing you with her brother and sister.” Kristy said with a

“She is still our little princess,” Mitsuhide said as he
kissed her temple and the baby stopped and looked up at him with a smile.

“Toki finish up; otherwise, your mother might kill me,”
Mitsuhide said to the baby who turned his head and started rooting around

“We do have to go to the new school.” Kristy said with a
sigh, “as much as I want to stay in bed.”

“You are right, of course,” Mitsuhide said as he looked at
the two babies in the room. “Doing anything requires both of us.”

“Mitsuhide we do have to go. Sakura’s placement in the
school is important.” She said.


In an office two hours later, “Mr. and Dr. Akechi.” The headmaster
looked them over, “Sakura’s placement test was off the charts. We will be happy
to accept her in the fall.”

“Thank you,” Kristy said. “We look forward to her being

They walked out with Sakura and the twins onto the stairs,
and Mitsuhide looked up at her, “Why did we pick this place again?”

“This is the best school for math and computers Mitsuhide.” She
said with a slight smile, “They also have classes on manners and etiquette.”

“That matters?” he asked.

“Well, you wanted to raise a princess, didn’t you?” she
asked with a smile, “Those are some princess classes.”

“I guess I did.” Mitsuhide smiled at his wife and his three
kids. “I guess they all will have to go here.”

“Two princess’s and a prince. The world will never be the
same.” Kristy said as they put the two car seats in the back of the car.

“How about another prince to add to the mix sometime in the
future?” Mitsuhide said with a grin.

“We will have to see about that,” Kristy said with a laugh,
and they went on back to their house to see about just that.


raising a princess ch 8

They all sat down for breakfast together. Mitsuhide looked
at the woman in the kitchen and then his daughter. “Sakura Kristy and I want to
talk to you about some things.” He said.

“What Daddy?” Sakura’s eyes looked at him.

“Kristy and I are going to date some more. Okay?” he
prompted, “Remember what I told you about a date?”

“Yes.” Sakura said. 

“Okay. Kristy is going to be here with us and around us
more.” Mitsuhide said. “because I like Kristy and I think Kristy likes me.”

Kristy who was bring food to the table smacked him on the
shoulder when he said that. “You think?” she asked playfully.

“I will never put words into your mouth.” He said with a

“Just other things.” She replied and when she turned she
thought she saw a hint of color creeping on his cheeks. She smiled at that.
“Like ice cream. What are you thinking about?”

He knew that was his cue to leave for a minute. He got up
and went to the back of the house where he wasn’t in the room with them. He
wanted to listen but he couldn’t find a place he could.

Kristy sat down at the table with Sakura, “Sakura I have a
big question to ask you.” She started, “it is a very big girl question though
and I need you to think about it before you answer it, okay?”

“Okay Miss Kristy.” Sakura said with her eyes bright and

“Sakura like your daddy said we are going to continue to
date but I have to ask you something important. I want to know if you are okay
with sharing your daddy with me? If we continue to date it won’t be just you
and him anymore but I will be around too. You will still have your special time
with your daddy and I won’t ever get in the way of that but are you okay with
me and daddy spending more time together and sometimes being alone?” Kristy
asked. She hoped she put it in a way that the three year old could understand.

“Like when you are in daddy’s room?” Sakura asked.

“Something like that.” Kristy said trying not to either
laugh or cry.

“Amber’s new daddy dated her mommy.” Sakura said with a
straight face, “Are you going to be my mommy if you date my daddy?”

“We can’t say that right now sweetheart. I like your daddy.
Your daddy likes me but we have to see if we could be good together and that
takes time. If your daddy and I last some time maybe I will be your step-mom
but I can’t say that now. I can tell you I will always be your friend though.
You and I can also go out and do things together.” Kristy said.

“Okay.” Sakura said and kristy was confused to which part
was okay.

“Are you okay with sharing daddy?” Kristy asked.

“Yes. And doing things with you. Are you going to live here
with me and daddy. I want you too.” Sakura said. Kristy looked at the little
girl and saw something in her eyes. Kristy knew then Sakura was planning
something. It was the same look her father got when he was up to something.
Mitsuhide walked out and looked at Kristy as she nodded her head and he looked
up to the sky for a minute to hide his relief.

“Ready to eat?” he asked his daughter who looked at him.

“Daddy I want Miss Kristy to live here with us.” Sakura said
and he nearly spit out his coffee. “I asked her too.”

“Sakura we haven’t hit that part of the relationship just
yet.” Mitsuhide said as he ran his fingers over her hair.

“Don’t take to long daddy getting there you’re getting old.”
Sakura said and with that Kristy choked on the coffee and started to laugh
hard. She looked up into his face when she stopped laughing and could settle
down and his eyes were also planning something.

“Thirty one is not old.” He said.

“Well to her it is like being the age of dirt.” Kristy said
with a small smile.

“And how about Kristy?” he looked at his daughter who he
could clearly read her eyes as well. He knew that she was going to be the
biggest supporter of their relationship because she wanted Kristy to be her

“Miss Kristy is a girl, daddy.” Sakura said with a bit of
sass. “Girls don’t say their age.”

“And where did you learn that?” he asked as he looked at his
daughter amused.

“Amber.” Sakura said.

“I am beginning to think Amber is a pain in my.” Mitsuhide
said as Kristy covered his mouth.

“She repeats.” Kristy said softly.

“True.” Mitsuhide said with a smile.

“Well after breakfast I should be going.” Kristy said. Four
citrine eyes looked at her quickly.

“Why?” the owners of those both sets of those eyes asked.

“I don’t want to change your plans.” Kristy said with a
smile, “And I need to change.”

“We didn’t having any plans that I know of for you to
change.” Mitsuhide said as he touched her hand. “I am I sure I have something
you could wear.”

“We can go feed the ducks.” Sakura said as she looked at her
father, “You said we were going to feed them last night.”

“You were asleep, munchkin.” He said. “We could go feed the
ducks. “No one there will care what you are wearing if it iss something of

“I don’t have a choice do i?” Kristy asked with a smile.

“Well you always have a choice, sweetheart. It would just break
our hearts if you chose something other than us.”

“You are good.” Kristy said as she tried to look serious at
him, “Really good Mitsuhide Akechi.”

“How good?” he asked as he kissed her hand.

“I guess good enough to keep me here.” She said and Sakura started
laughing. She got up and went back to her room upstairs to pack her backpack
for the ducks.

“Just good enough to keep you here huh?” he asked softly as
he pulled her to sit on his lap when she stood to go back to the kitchen.

“Mitsu.” She said softly. “You never know when little eyes
are around.”

“What did she say?” he asked as he looked into her eyes.

“She said she would share you.” Kristy said. “I think her
awareness of moms and dads is coming from amber and her mother getting
remarried. I hate to inform you of a small fact. Amber’s mother is my cousin
and I know that Amber is really excited to have a new dad. Sakura sees things
and places them almost like an adult would. She sees her friend’s mother dating
and she is getting a new dad. Sakura sees you dating and she thinks she will
get a new mom. I think in her mind she has made it up and she chose me.”

“I knew that kid had good taste.” Mitsuhide said. “You know
I think you are right. She saw you first and told me I should have you over for

“Oh she did?” Kristy said. “Mitsuhide the important thing is
we keep talking to her. I also explained the what if.”

“What do you mean the what if?” he asked.

“Look Mitsuhide. I do like you and you haven’t hidden how
you feel which I like but there is always the possibility that this could work
out or it could fail. What ever happens I want Sakura to remain separate from
that. I want to still be there for her if things don’t work out between us. I
told her we will remain friends.” Kristy said and Mitsuhide looked at her and
knew the instant he fell in love with the woman he was staring at. It was that
second. He didn’t even have to think about it. He always thought it would take
weeks or months or even years but it was that second when she said that to him.
He also knew he never felt that way about anyone before. He brushed his
fingertips down her cheek and she smiled at him.

“You know when Sakura was left here that night I watched her
for a little bit in the basket she was in before I called the police. She
opened her eyes and I saw them for the first time and I knew she was then mine.
She refused for a week to sleep in her playpen she would only sleep on me while
we were on the couch. I never thought there would be another person who would
want to help me with her. I never thought I could want another person to help
me with her. She is the last piece of my older brother. Kristy I want you to
help me with her if you will. I don’t just mean with the girl stuff that I am
still at a loss with but everything else in life. I made it three years without
any help and I would really like some now.” Mitsuhide said softly. “I want
Sakura to grow up and be like you. Full of life and a light that shines through
you. A woman who is smart and more intelligent then she lets on but has no
problems talking to children at the same time. I can’t think of anyone else I
would ever want to help me raise her.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Kristy said as she looked at

“Say you will help me.” He said as he brushed his lips on
hers. Before the contact became complete she whispered back, “I will help you.”


Five weeks later…..

Kristy was in the office when she heard a scream coming from
the back room. She got up and rushed into the classroom where she saw the two
toddlers on the ground and bleeding from what looked to be a run in with each
other. Sakura looked at her as the tears fell from her eyes and Kristy went to
her without thought. She picked up Sakura and brought her back to the office to
calm her down. Kristy got out the first aid kit and started to clean up the
cuts and rug burn on Sakura’s little knees.

“Shhh sweetheart. You know it is okay. Does it hurt?” Kristy
said softly.

“Mommy it hurts!” Sakura said and she looked at Kristy with
wide eyes still full of tears.

“Sakura it is okay my sweet.” Kristy said as she rocked the
little girl after she placed the band aid on Sakura’s knee. Kristy kissed the
little girls head as she did. The other teacher came to check on Sakura and
Kristy told her she would stay with her for a while. It was naptime and Kristy
knew Sakura was tired. She yawned as she found a comfortable spot.

“I love you mommy.” Sakura said as her eyelids dropped and
Kristy felt her heart soar. She knew that the little girl knew she wasn’t her
mother but she was so hopeful that Kristy didn’t have the heart to correct her.
She dropped the word mommy every once in awhile and Kristy never thought to
stop her. She looked at the girl in her arms and knew she was supposed to be
her mother. Kristy loved the man who was supposed to be this little girls
father as well.

Sakura slept soundly in Kristy’s arms well passed the normal
nap time. Soon Mitsuhide walked in and as he walked by the office he looked in
to see the woman he loved cradling his daughter against her as he used to do
when she was a baby. He smiled and walked into the office. “What happened?”

“She fell and skinned her knee.” Kristy said as she looked
down. “There is an incident report for you to sign in her classroom.”

“How did she end up here?” Mitsuhide asked as he lifted the
girl in his arms.

“I cleaned her up.” Kristy said. “I know we weren’t planning
on anything tonight but I would like to go to that place we went on our first

“Whatever you wish, my love.” He said as he looked down at
her. He went into the classroom and signed the paper he had to and got Sakura’s
things. She was waking up as he put her in her seat. “Good afternoon princess.”

“Where’s mommy?” Sakura asked. As she looked around.

“Sakura.” He said.

“Daddy where’s Miss Kristy?” Sakura asked.

“She will be home in a little bit.” He said.

“Daddy.” Sakura started to say and then she went quiet.

“What?” he asked as he was driving.

“Nuffin.” She said as she looked out the window. He could
tell something was going on in her head.

Kristy arrived at the house less than an hour later. She
walked in and he looked up. “Honey did something else happen with Sakura

“Why?” Kristy asked.

“She isn’t acting right.” He said.

“When she fell asleep she called me mommy again.” Kristy
said. ”Actually a few times this time.”  

“I thought she understood.” He started to say but she put
her finger on his lips to quiet him down.

“That is why I wanted to go out to dinner.” Kristy said. “Mitsuhide
I want to be her mom.”

“What?” he asked.

“Mitsuhide I want to be her mommy. She cried out for me when
she was hurt and I went to her. She fell asleep on me telling me ‘I love you
mommy’ Mitsu I want that.” Kristy said.

“Do you know what you are saying?” he asked as he looked at
her with a light growing in his eyes.

“I want to marry you.” She said.

“I thought I was the one who was supposed to say that.” He
teased as he cupped her face. “Kristy will you please marry me and help me
raise a princess?”

“Yes.” She said and he kissed her.

“Now do we have to go to dinner still?” he asked with a
gleam in his eye that she had grown to know and love.

“Yes we do.” She said.

 one more chapter to go……


raising a princess ch 7

“Well we can’t feed the ducks now.” He said with a shrug. He
was running out of things to keep the date going. He almost sighed with regret
that he was drawing a blank on anything more to do, even with a sleeping
toddler with him. As if dating was a foreign concept dating with a child was
near impossible, he was beginning to think. 

“That is okay.” She said with a soft smile. “It is pretty to
get sit here for a while and watch.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Yeah. I mean look around Mitsuhide it is almost fall. Soon
all the leaves will be changing color and then falling off. Right now is the
perfect mix of late summer flowers and hardly any pollen in the air. The air
might have a chill at night and early morning but it isn’t quiet sweater
weather. It is just cozy.” Kristy said as she looked around. “Soon it will be
sunset and those colors that paint the sky is definitely something else.
Sometimes I wish I was an artist just so I could paint them and do them

“I never thought about it that way.” He said.

“You’re a man. Most don’t think about things like that
unless it is pointed out to you.” She laughed. He looked at her as she did
laugh, it was even more beautiful to see that then any sunsets. Her face was
pure happiness. He was amazed she was here with him. “Oooh. Mitsuhide ice
cream.” He looked at her as she pointed to the cart that was down the path.

“Do you want some?” he asked.

“Surprise me.” She said as she nodded. He got out of the car
leaving her and Sakura in the car and walked toward the cart. He was reading
the sign when he got close the man behind the cart looked him over.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“Two bowls of chocolate, please.” Mitsuhide said and the man
looked him over again.

“For you?” the man asked.

“No. My date wanted some.” He said laughing.

“A date. Then you want one of these.” The man said as he
made one large bowl with different toppings. “Trust me. This will add to the

“Oh really?” Mitsuhide said amused.

“Yes you get to share this. It will add to the date.” The
man said.

“Probably. Unless my daughter wakes up.” Mitsuhide said with
a deep chuckle.

“Well that I can’t help you on.” The man said as he nodded
and Mitsuhide walked back with the sundae mix to the car. He looked down and
saw the man only gave him one spoon. he laughed and realized how it was
supposed to help the date.

“That is one hell of a sundae.” Kristy said as her eyes lit

“Well it is the Friday date special.” He said. She looked up
at him and laughed. “I believe I am supposed to share this with you.”

“I think you are.” She said as she smile. He dutifully gave
her spoon after spoon taking one for himself in between. When the sundae was
done he looked over and saw a small bit of whipped cream on her cheek. He moved
his thumb over the spot as he wiped it off and she looked at his thumb and then
took his hand and licked it off. “Can’t waste that.”

“You really shouldn’t do that.” He said as his voice lowered
and felt his chest tightened slightly.

“Oh why is that?” she asked softly as she looked him in the

“Because.” He said as he moved his hand behind her head and
pulled her closer to him as he watched her eyelids flutter closed. The vice
around his chest tightened even more as his lips met hers and soon he licked
her bottom lip and she sighed. His tongue found his way into her mouth and they
began a dance. He continued with the slight pressure on her neck so she
couldn’t back away though she never gave any sign of even wanted too. He felt
her hand tug on his shirt. It seemed like time stood still within the car as
she moaned softly into his mouth and he felt everything snap and crumble around
him. he started to pull back in stages as he eased his hold on her though she
didn’t on his shirt. He lifted his head and looked at her and when she opened
her eyes he was lost in the depths that were there.

“Mitsuhide.” She said softly.

“What?” he asked as he tried to speak but it came out rough.
His voice was lowered and the desire he felt was laced in it.

“We should go back to your house.” She whispered.

“We should.” He said. He had to think about that for a
minute before he started the car. His hand grasped hers and gently played with
her fingers as he drove.

He pulled into the drive way and then they looked at each
other. “Kristy you can come in and stay a while if you want.”

“I want too, Mitsuhide.” She said softly. They both got out
of the car and he took Sakura out of her car seat and she was dead asleep propped
on his shoulder. He had given his keys to Kristy to open the door and he walked
in as she shut the door. He continued to walk up the stairs and to Sakura’s
room. He laid her down in her bed and he pulled the covers up on to her. He
walked to the door and like a repeat of the previous Monday he blew out the air
in his lungs as he shut the door.

He walked down the stairs as he looked around for Kristy and
couldn’t see her. He went to the window in the front of the house and looked to
see if her car was still there. He could feel his heart sinking but when he saw
her car still there he was confused. He couldn’t find her anywhere until he
looked at the back door. It was unlocked.

He walked outside and he saw her standing in the moonlight.
She was beautiful in the light of day but by the light of the moon he thought
he had walked out to find a silver sprite in his back yard. When she turned to
look at him he couldn’t breathe. He was stunned by her. She walked over to him
and smiled as she just leaned into him as his arm wrapped around her.

“I couldn’t find you in the house.” He said softly.

“I thought the air would be nice for a bit.” She said as she
turned up to him.

“Kristy.” He said as he couldn’t find the words he wanted to
say. She reached up and placed a finger on his lips.

“I know.” She said. “Mitsuhide let’s just enjoy tonight for
what it is.”

“and that is?” he asked.

“A new chapter.” She replied and he smiled at her.
“Hopefully a long one.”

He kissed her softly then and she wrapped her arms around
his neck and they stood there in the moonlight with kiss after kiss for the
nest few hours. Soon Mitsuhide could sense she was growing tired as the intensity
was dimming. As she laid her head on his chest while they sat in his backyard on
the loveseat he had for the patio he knew she was falling asleep.

“Sweetheart come on inside.” He said. She very sleepily murmured
something as he helped her up. “You can sleep in my bed. Ill take the couch.”

She seemed to nod as he guided her to his bedroom. She
stumbled a few times as she walked and he realized she was exhausted from the
day and the late night before. He helped her into the bed.

“Mitsuhide?” she asked quietly.

“What honey?” he said as he moved closer to her so he could
hear her with her tired tiny voice. “Stay with me?”

He didn’t know if he had that much self control left in him.
it had been a very long time since a woman was in his bed. He looked at her as
she forced her eyes open to look at him and he knew he could. He could because
the emotion in her eyes mirrored his own. She wanted this to last, like he did.
He nodded and then grabbed some looser pants and went into the bathroom and
changed quickly. He walked out and got into the bed and she rolled right to him
and snuggled up as he pulled the blanket to cover them both.

He fell asleep with her in his arms. This night he didn’t
dream of doing wicked things with her. He dreamt of a future with her by his
side. One date and he knew she was the one to stand beside him.

He woke up with a small weight crawling on his legs and up
his turso. He blinked his eyes open and he saw two golden yellow eyes looking
at him. “Daddy?”

“What Sakura?” he asked with his voice extremely rough with

“Why is Miss Kristy in your bed?” the little girl asked. He
looked down and not only saw his very observant and early rising daughter there
but also Kristy who was still asleep on his chest.

“Sakura go play in your room.” He said softly. “Kristy is
still sleeping.”

“Okay daddy.” She said and bounced off her fathers legs onto
the floor. The movement jostled the woman in his arms and on his chest enough
to wake up. She blinked her eyes open and she stretched slightly. She looked up
into the older pair of golden eyes who greeted her with a kiss on the nose.

“Good morning.” He said.

“Good morning.” She said back with a smile.

“Sakura is up.” He said softly.

“Is that what woke me?” she asked as she laughed softly.

“I am afraid so.” He said. “She is still learning to knock.”

“So she saw me here?” Kristy asked.

“Yes.” He said.

“Will that be a problem?” Kristy asked.

“I don’t think so.” He said. “if we explain it to her she
won’t get upset but if we don’t she will be confused.”

“And how do you want to explain it to her?” Kristy asked
with a soft smile.

“The truth is always the best way. We tell her how we feel
and then what she can expect to have happen. Kristy you are the first woman in
both of our lives that I really want to stay around. I don’t know how to do
this whole dating thing without having a toddler who can’t knock, I wasn’t good
at it when I tried. Work was always the most important thing until she came
along. I am at the point where I do want to go through all of it again but with
some help this time. Sakura loves you as well.” He said.

“You are right.” Kristy said with a smile as she thought of
what he just said. “And I love her as well. Mitsuhide I think we should talk
with her but I also have to talk to her by myself.”

“Oh?” he asked as he looked at her.

“We talk about an us situation with her together but I have
to ask her a question and you can’t be there when I do.” Kristy said.

“What question would that be?” he asked as he looked into
her eyes.

“If she is willing to share her daddy with me?” Kristy said.
“If she is then everything is fine. If she is not we have to take this very

“God I hope she is.” Mitsuhide said under his breath and
Kristy laughed which made him kiss her until she was breathless.


raising a princess ch 6

Chapter Six

They walked in and were seated in a booth far enough away
from the entrance to the larger building that they could still talk. “So why
did you join?” Kristy asked.

“A way to get away.” He said. “Small town life didn’t
exactly suit me when I was eighteen.”

“That is why my dad also. He didn’t want to be a farmer and
he wanted to learn a trade.” She said as she looked at the menu.

“How many places did you guys live?” he asked.

“Five that I can remember. If you ask my oldest brother it
was something like fifteen. After we came here from brazil we stayed
stateside.” She said and he smiled. “You?”

“A few duty stations nothing to write home about. this place
has become my home though. It is funny that I now have  the option of staying here and working and
possibly train others or I can get out.” He said softly.

“Because of?” she asked.

“I am a single father. It is a weird thing in the military
and they don’t exactly like it.” He said laughing slightly.

“You don’t see many single fathers who are as hands on as
you either.” Kristy said, “It is nice.”

“She is all I have.” He said as he looked down at the girl
who was coloring.

“I doubt that.” Kristy said and went back to the menu. They
ordered and then talked throughout the meal. Asking questions of each other and
also including Sakura into their conversations. When the meal was over he
looked at Kristy and asked, “Are you ready to play?”

“I am always ready to play.” She said with a smile as she
took Sakuras hand and started to walk to the main building. He followed watching
his daughter and her and he felt something he hadn’t in a long time. He was
content. He didn’t feel lonely. He went over and started to but three cards for
the gaming tokens. He gave Kristy hers and looked at Sakura and shook his head.
“You will leave it somewhere. i will hold on to it.

“You’re no fun daddy.” Sakura said as she started to pout.

“Come on Sakura. Let’s go see what games they have here.”
Kristy said as she seemed excited to play. Her infectious smile was to much for
the little girl and they started off without him. he followed in their wake
though as Kristy was telling Sakura what she had to do with each game. Sakura
saw a game she wanted to do and soon found that she was good at hitting the
button just right and with three games she won five times. The machine was
still uploading her tickets to her card when she started to walk away.
Mitsuhide laughed at his daughter and still followed. Soon Kristy was throwing
balls at clowns heads and he walked up behind her.

“You’re throwing to high.” He said in her ear.

“Okay it is clowns though so it really doesn’t matter.” She
said. “And where is your daughter?”

“She is playing the alien game next to you.” He said.

“Are you just going to stand there are are you going to help
me kill the clowns?” she turned her head slightly to look at him and he moved
to grab a ball and without looking at the clowns he tossed it and they all
fell. “How did you do that?”

“I had to kill the clowns to save you.” He said with a
smile. She leaned into him as they both looked over to Sakura who was winning
at the racing game.

“She plays like you do.” Kristy said.

“She plays like my brother.” He said softly. “Every face she
makes is his.”

“Mitsuhide.” Kristy said softly. “That has to be hard.”

“it is. She makes it worth it. I still ask the same question
I did that night she was left with me, why Toki picked me.” He said.

“That is easy.” Kristy said.

“What?” Mitsuhide said.

“He must have knew you would do anything for her.” Kristy

“He didn’t even know her though.” Mitsuhide said.

“But she had you.” Kristy said. He moved a few inches closer
to her. He wrapped his arm around her in the front and he leaned his forehead
on her shoulder.

“Thank you.” He said softly. She patted his arm and just let
her hand stay there onto of his arm.

“Why is daddy hugging you?” Sakura asked as she won her game
and looked up. “Are you leaving?”

“No Sweetheart.” Kristy said. “Daddy is just having a

“Oh.” Sakura said and she went off to the next game.

“I’m having a moment?” he asked as he chuckled.

“It is something Ruth says when she needs a minute to think
of something or to do something.” Kristy said. “She tells the kids that and
they get it.”

“Oh.” He said. “I guess I was having a moment.”

“It happens to the best of us.” Kristy said and she walked
to the small girl. “You know you are really good at these games.”

“Daddy showed me the tricks.” Sakura said.

“Tricks?” Kristy said.

“How to win.” Sakura said.

“Oh those tricks.” Kristy said. Mitsuhide was looking at
some basketball game a few more down.

“Miss Kristy do you like my daddy?” Sakura asked.

“Yes.” Kristy said. “Your daddy is a nice man.”

“But do you like like my daddy?” Sakura asked.

“And where did you hear the term like like?” Kristy asked.

“Amber.” Sakura said.

“Ah, and Amber’s mother is getting married next month. Is
that why you asked me if I was married?” Kristy asked.

“Maybe.” Sakura said as she looked at the woman standing
next to her. “Amber says I am a weirdo because I don’t have a mommy like
everyone else. Will you be my mommy miss Kristy?”

Kristy’s eyes went wide for a second and it was the first
time Mitsuhide had seen her look confused. He looked at his daughter and he
wondered what the hell the kid had said and how bad it really was. “Is everything
here okay?” he asked as he walked up and looked at Kristy and then his

“It’s fine.” Kristy said he knew whatever Sakura had said
had somehow done something to the woman in front of him. She smiled again as
she looked at Sakura. “We will talk about your question later okay?”

“Okay.” Sakura said and went back to her game.

“What question?” Mitsuhide asked softly in her ear.

“it’s nothing.” Kristy said.

“Oh it is something.” He said.” I could see it from across
the room hun. Now tell me what my daughter asked you.”

“She asked if I would be her mommy.” Kristy said.

“She did what?” Mitsuhide croaked out.  

“Mitsuhide it isn’t anything to get worked up over.” She
said softly. “A girl in her class whose mother is getting remarried has been
talking about getting a new dad. Sakura is putting two and two together and she
sees something she knows she wants. A mom. She doesn’t understand things like

“She just asked you if you would be her mom.” Mitsuhide said
as he shook his head. “I can’t believe it.”

“Sakura is the type of child who asks questions, which is a
good thing, Mitsuhide.” Kristy said.

“Well that isn’t like a normal first date question.” He said
as he looked down at the ground and knew this would probably be his first and
last date with the woman by his side.

“No but Sakura isn’t a normal child.” She said laughing. “I
am kind of honored that she asked me it. It just took me by surprise.”

“Honored?” Mitsuhide looked up and into her eyes.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I be. It isn’t everyday a child
asks you to be their parent. It means she likes me and trusts me enough to ask
something like that.” Kristy said. “It was just sudden. Do not make a big deal
out of it. It isn’t like she goes around asking every woman to be her mother.
We will all talk about it another time and tell her we can’t ask people to be

“You are to good to be true.” Mitsuhide said as he looked at

“Why do you say that?” Kristy asked.

“Any other person would be running away. You not only are
still there you are telling me not to be mad at her which I wasn’t going to
be.” He said. He brushed a lock of hair off her cheek and tucked it gently
behind her ear. “I think we are the ones who are extremely lucky to have the
chance to know you.”

“Mitsuhide.” She said softly as the pink in her cheeks
returned and he couldn’t wait any longer. He bent down and gently touched his
lips to hers. She responded to the kiss by softly kissing him back. When he
lifted his head he looked at her but then he looked around to see where his
troublesome daughter was.

“Sakura?” he called out and the little girl was standing on
the other side of the game thinking she was going to be in trouble. She shook
her head in response. “Little devil come here.”

“No Daddy.” She said.

“I said come here.” He said.

“Daddy I don’t want to go home!” she said.

“Sakura no one said anything about going home.” He said and
she poked her head around the side of the game.

“We have to take a picture.” Kristy said.

“What?” Mitsuhide asked and Sakura looked at the woman.

“Come on.” Kristy said as she pulled him along and grabbed
on to the little girls hand. The picture booth was in front of them. They did
the poses for the three of them and as Sakura played a game right next to the
photo booth the two of them did a set. On the last one Kristy turned to
Mitsuhide and smiled as she reached up and he bent down and kissed her as the
picture was taken.

As they waited for
the pictures he looked at her as she kept looking for Sakura through the crowd.
He had to smile at her. Sakura wasn’t wrong she would make a good mother for
any child. When the photos dropped she put one set in her purse and he took the
other. “Our first kiss.” She said.

“Second.” He replied without thinking.

“Close enough.” She said as she looked to where the little
girl was ahead of them. “It is getting packed in here.”

“It is.” He replied as he looked around and saw people of
all ages everywhere. “How about we go to the park for the last part of the
daylight. Sakura loves to feed the ducks.”

“Well I hate to inform you of this but I also love to feed
the ducks.” Kristy said.

“is there anything you don’t like?” Mistuhide said with a

“Clowns.” Kristy said. “I hate clowns with a passion.”

“Noted. So watching It later is a no go?” he asked

“That is a negative.” She said.

“How about killer clowns from outer space?” he asked.

“Still Negative.” She said.

“You’re no fun.” He said with a deep chuckle.

“I will have nightmare for weeks if I see one.” She said.

“Well I have to protect you from those nightmares.” He said
softly. “Sakura?”

“What daddy?” she said as she moved forward.

“We are going to go see the ducks.” He said and she got a
bright smile.

“Yay! Ducks.” She said as she hopped up into his arms.

He put her in the car seat again after he opened the
passenger side door for Kristy. When he got into the drivers seat she was
talking up a storm about the different ducks and what she had named them all.
Kristy was listening and laughing with the little girl and Mitsuhide just sat
back and listened to it all. He had no idea this was what he had been missing
out of life.

When they got to the park which he judged they had an hour
left of daylight left to find and feed the ducks. He hadn’t really been paying attention
to the things around him when he realized the car had gone silent. He looked at
Kristy who was sitting there looking back at the tiny girl herself. He looked
in the rear view mirror and saw Sakura was passed out. There was no hope of
waking her either. He had to shake his head.


raising a princess ch 5

Mitsuhide was late three more days during the week. He always
came home to the same scene with Sakura curled up on Kristy and the two resting
on the couch in the living room. He always found it the most peaceful and
wonderful sight and one he hoped he would continue to see. It was calming to
him to finally have some help with Sakura who seemingly was doing better in
school and even for him at home. He had always encouraged her to speak her mind
and they would compromise on things but this week she hadn’t given him any attitude
on anything.

After he dropped Sakura off on Friday to which he wasn’t surprised
that Kristy wasn’t there. She had left close to two in the morning after
telling him that she was going in for the afternoon but the morning. He had
sent her a time to be at the house or he could pick her up at her place on the
way. He had found a place that had both a nice restaurant and a playcenter for
children. He had heard of it from one of his friends who had been roped into
going to it for a kids birthday but had never thought to take his daughter
there yet.

He was grinning as he was packing up his bag to go home for
the day. His boss walked in. “No you don’t” Mitsuhide said as he looked at the

“What do you mean?” he asked with a cocked eyebrow.

“I am not working late tonight.” Mitsuhide said as he shook
his head. “Pile it on next week but not tonight.”

“Plans?” his boss asked.

“Yes.” Mitsuhide said with his grin spreading across his

“I wasn’t going to ask you to stay. I just wanted to check
in with you. You haven’t been acting like yourself this week.” His boss said.

“I have a date tonight.” Mitsuhide said.

“You have a date?” his boss asked. “You haven’t been out
since Sakura.”

“I know.” Mitsuhide said. “ She kind of works at Sakura’s
new school.”

“Do you think that is a good idea?”

“She is perfect.” Mitsuhide said. “Look I don’t think that
it is wonderful or this will be easy but damnit it has been a long time.”

“For?” his boss asked.

“Anything.” Mitsuhide laughed. “Now if you will excuse me I have
to go get my daughter so we can go get ready for our date.”

“Your taking Sakura?” his boss asked.

“Yes.” He replied.

“You think that is smart?” his boss said as he followed the
man out of his office and to the outer door.

“Smart or not Sakura is a part of this. She is coming.” Mitsuhide

“Have a nice weekend Akechi.” His boss smiled.

“I certain hope too have one.” He replied.

Mitsuhide drove to the school and walked in. he was still in
a wonderful mood. He looked in the office and saw that Kristy was in there with
another parent. She turned his way and smiled for a second as she turned back to
the parent in front of her. He chuckled to himself and went back to Sakura’s

“Daddy!” Sakura said as he walked in. “are we going home?”

“Yes Princess.” He said as he picked her up. “We are going
out tonight.”

“We are?” she asked.

“We are.” He said with a smile. “Time to go home and get

They walked to the front and he saw Kristy who was alone in
the office. “Did you get the text?” he asked quietly.

“Yes I did. Sorry I haven’t been able to think for five
minutes since I got here.” She said with a smile. “I will come over.”

“This time park in the driveway.” He said with a soft smile.

“Ok fine.” She said. He asked her on the second day why she
parked in the street when he had plenty of room in the driveway. She replied
then that it was because she didn’t want to be in his way. The two looked at
each other and then he looked down at the little girl in his arms, “I have to
scrub a demon princess. See you soon.”

“See you then Mr. Akechi.” She  said as she saw a teacher walking up to the
office and he walked out with a chuckle.

“Am I staying with Miss Kristy again?” Sakura asked as he
buckled her into the carseat.

“No.” Mitsuhide said.

“Miss Kristy is coming?” Sakura asked as she perked up.

“Yes.” He said with a smile as he thought about it. “Sakura
we are going on a date.”

“A date?” Sakura asked.

“It is when two grown ups go out to dinner and usually
something else.” Mitsuhide said. “It has been a long time since daddy has gone
out on a date.”

“Why are we going on a date daddy?” Sakura asked.

“I like Miss Kristy, Sakura.” He said.

“I like Miss Kristy too.” Sakura said.

“Well that adds to the reason I like Miss Kristy,
sweetheart.” He said with a smile. “The fact Miss Kristy likes you too add even

“Daddy are you going to get married?” Sakura asked.

“Wh-what?” he asked as he nearly choked from surprise.

“Ambers mommy is getting married soon. How come I don’t have
a mommy daddy?” Sakura asked.

“Sakura that is a hard question to answer. We will have to
talk about that later.” He said.

“I want a mommy too.” Sakura said.

“I hope that someday you have one.” He said softly. “This is
the first step.”

“What daddy?” Sakura asked as she couldn’t hear what he said.

“Nothing honey.” He said as he pulled in to the driveway. “Come
on. You need a quick bath and then I have to take a shower. We need to look
nice today okay.”

“Okay daddy.” She said as she waited for him to juggle his
bag and  hers with his keys. He unlocked
the door and she ran upstairs to start her bath. He threw the stuff on the
table as he followed taking off his uniform shirt knowing he was going to be
soaking wet after a bath.

Twenty minutes later he was dripping but his little girl
looked again like a child and not a straggly child. He brushed her hair and
began to braid it as he put out her clothes and she giggled as he picked a
dress for her to wear.

“I am going to take a shower. You know the rules.” He said.

“Daddy you say that every time.” Sakura said.

“And I will continue saying it until you follow the rules.” He
said with a sigh. He walked downstairs and judged that he had five minutes
before the little girl was dressed and will come looking for him. he nearly
ripped off his clothes and hopped in the shower even though it was still cold. He
lathered up and quickly rinsed off. He washed his hair and let the water roll
over his body as he tried to calm himself. He was feeling a little to excited
and he was trying to relax. He did not want to seem like an over active teenager.

He wrapped up in a towel and he started to look through his
closet. He went through the closet twice as he looked at everything he had. He was
surprised he didn’t have much that would make him look nice. He finally picked
a white button shirt and a black pair of pants. He was debating on a tie when
Sakura walked into his bedroom.

“Sakura I told you, you need to knock before coming into here.”
He said as he looked at her.

“Why Daddy?” she asked.

“Because you aren’t a baby anymore honey.” He said. “Daddy
needs his privacy just like you do.”

“okay daddy.” She said as she walked out. The door bell
peeled through the house. He walked to the door and opened it and looked down
at her standing there.

“Hello.” She said as she took in the fact she was looking
him up and down as well. He cleared out his throat.

“Hi.” He said still standing there. He looked at her

“Am I early?” she asked.

“No.” he said and then realized he had yet to let her in. “I’m
sorry. Come in.”

She laughed as she looked at him and walked in. he stood at
the door and wanted to bash his head into it. Why was it he acted so idiotic
when she was around. It was like his brain stopped working completely. “You
look beautiful.” He said as he walked up behind her.

“Thank you.” She said. She turned and there was a tiny three
old staring at the two of them. “And who is this little princess? It can’t be

“It’s me!” Sakura said as she giggled and ran to the young
woman to give her a hug.

“Oh my it is you! How pretty are you?” Kristy said as she
hugged the little girl back.

“Daddy said we are going on a date.” Sakura said. Mitsuhide
looked at his daughter hoping with everything he had that she didn’t say
anymore than that. He realized he had made a huge tactical mistake in telling
his daughter anything. The three year old had no concept of keeping things
private and between them.

“We are.” Kristy said with a smile. “Do you know where we
are going. Your daddy didn’t tell me.”

“No.” Sakura said, “He didn’t tell me either.”

“Well how about I show you both instead.” Mitsuhide said as
he grabbed his wallet and keys. He scooped Sakura up and whispered in her ear, “The
rest of what I told you do not repeat it.”

“Okay daddy.” Sakura whispered. A smile he had seen before came
over her face and he knew he had made his second mistake. His three year old
daughter now had something to use against him. he shook his head and just
sighed. He was going to be even more on edge now. So much for relaxing.

They all got into his car and he was driving while asking
her questions. He wanted to try to get to know her as a person not just a
beautiful woman who stirred him in ways he didn’t want to think of. “Why did
you want to be a doctor?”

“I thought of ways I could do something I liked. I always found
science to be fun. The science program at the school Ruth did most of that for
me. When my mother got sick I was still young and I wanted to fix her. Now I want
to take the last class and pass my mcats so I can go on to study pathology.”
She said.

“That kind of doctor.” He said with a smile.

“It kind of puts people off so I don’t talk about it often.”
She said.

“I think it is interesting.” He said.

“Really most people are grossed out by it.” She said. “I
believe that everyone should have a voice. In this case I am that voice for
those who can’t speak anymore.”

“I think that way of looking at it is amazing.” He said. “And
realistic. You are right everyone does.”

“You are not just saying that are you?” she asked.

“We never learned how my brother died. I wish someone like
you had been there and spoke for him.” Mitsuhide said.

“I am sorry.” Kristy said.

“I should be over it by now, but I have a constant reminder
of him.” he said with a chuckle.

“Maybe later you can tell me more on how that happened.”
Kristy said.

“I will.” He said. He never really talked about those first
few days learning what to do. He was trying to stay sane as he was sleep deprived
and he felt even more alone. “Does everyone help out with the school like you
do, I mean in your family?”

“Most do. My sisters come in every once in a while to do
arts or music. My cousins will help out if needed. One of Sakura’s teachers is
my cousin as well.” Kristy said.

“I have cousins.” Sakura said.

“My younger brother just had his first.” Mitsuhide said. “Sakura
is happy to be an older cousin.”

Kristy turned and looked at the little girl, “it is a lot od
responsibility being the older cousin, you know.”

“I like it.” Sakura said, “I get to boss them around.”

“Spoken like a true older cousin.” Kristy said as she
laughed. “I was one of the younger ones so I was the one always bossed around.”

“I don’t remember if I had cousins.” Mitsuhide said. “We
weren’t close with either of my parents families.”

“Well you missed out.” Kristy said.

“Miss Kristy do you have brothers and sisters?” Sakura

“I do.” Kristy said with a laugh. “I have seven older
brothers and Four older sisters.”

“Thats a lot.” Sakura said with her eyes full.

“It is.” Kristy said as she smiled.

When they pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. She
smiled even more. “Have you been here before?” Mitsuhide asked.

“No but I have heard of it.” Kristy said.

“I hope you don’t mind.” He said as he motioned to Sakura, “I
thought it would keep her busy.”

“I think we all will have fun here.” Kristy said with a
smile and nearly had him melt right there in the parking lot.


raising a princess ch 4

Mitsuhide hated working long hours. It was something he
rarely had to do anymore as every one helped out because he had Sakura. He was
sitting in the meeting which had now become a one up feast for every one there.
As he listened to the rest of the bicker about the petty things about their
jobs and how they would rather be at home with their girlfriends or in a few
cases their wives. He thought it was an ironic twist of fate that he was the
only one with a child. This was not how he had pictured his life.

After the meeting every one including those that had completely
scoffed at the idea of being at work late decided to head to the local bar to
grab a drink. “Come on.” One of his co-workers said.

“Thank you but no.” he replied though he could use a drink after
the day he had. “I have to get home.”

“And how many times do you have a sitter?” the guy
countered, “Or when was the last time you had a date?”

“The sitter is from Sakura’s day care and as for a date. I am
not like the rest of you.” He said and even to his own ears it sounded pathetic.
“Look I have a kid that changes things slightly.”

“Well if it means you sit alone in a house with a three year
old as your company then I will have to take a hard pass.” The guy said as he
looked at Mitsuhide.

Mitsuhdie had thought of that himself. It was about time for
him to find someone or something to relieve this ache he had for the small
woman who worked at the daycare. After his disastrous phone call earlier he was
dreading going home to relieve her from watching Sakura. The fact he wanted the
small woman in ways he could not remember wanting anything before made him
completely tongue tied when she was around. His legendary way with words flew
out the window and he was a stammering mess.

He tried to plan out the conversation when he got out of the
car when he pulled into his driveway. He saw the car out front and his heart
began to race. He just knew he was going to look even more stupid with anything
he planned to do. He got out of the car and up to the door. He could see a
faint light from where the television was on. He looked down at his phone and
he hoped that Sakura had not refused to go to sleep for Kristy.

When he opened the door and shut it behind him he made his
way down the hall to the main room of the house. Kristy and Sakura were on the
couch both passed out with the television on as background noise. He just stood
there looking at the two of them. His heart was still doing triple time in his
chest just at the sight.

Kristy blinked her eyes open. “Oh your home.”

Her voice laced with tiredness.

“I just walked in.” he said softly as he went over and
picked up his daughter off of her. He turned and brought Sakura upstairs to her
room and laid her down gently. He tucked her in. He blew out a breath and went
back down stairs to face the woman who had given up her night so he could work.

“Did you have a nice meeting, Mr. Akechi?” Kristy said.

“Why do you call the other parents by their name but me by
Mr.?” he asked as he looked at her.

“I don’t know.” Kristy said with a smile.

“Please call me Mitsuhide.” He said.

“Alright.” She said as she looked up at him.

“How was she?” he asked.

“Sakura is a wonderful child.” She said. “We watched a movie
and I cooked her dinner. Nothing fancy but I made some for you too.”

“You did?” he asked. She waved to the table and he saw the
plate that was there waiting for him. he hadn’t even realized he was hungry
until he saw it.

“Did you get everything done in your meetings?” she asked.

“No.” he replied, “unfortunately not many people were ready
for them. We have to redo our yearly budget and the reports were due last week
but no one went over them like they should have. It might take all week. I don’t
have to go to all of the meetings though if I can’t find someone to watch her. I
happen to be the only single parent who works in the building.”

“I can watch her when ever mister” she started to say and
then a smile broke out, “Mitsuhide. I mean if you being there can help the meetings
or your department it is no trouble. Like I said Sakura is a delight.”

“Are we talking about the same child?” he asked. “Mine is a
horned little monster.”

“She is not.” Kristy said as she laughed. “Actually I was
wondering if we could talk about her for a minute.”

“Sure.” He said as he looked at the food, “Do you mind if I eat
while we talk?”

“No please, eat.” She said as she moved to the chair and sat
down next to him as he sat at the table. “Sakura is beyond bright and she can
read people better than most adults but a piece of her is not as developed.”

“What do you mean?” he asked now slightly concerned.

“Mitsuhide you have been a wonderful father to her. That shows
in everything she does. She needs more female exposure though.” Kristy said. “She
wore herself out by watching princess movies and playing dress up because as
she said she never did before.”

“I never thought of that.” He said as he thought about what
she was saying.

“I know you took her on because of the situation you were
placed in and no one else, not even my aunt, knows the extent of that. You didn’t
plan for this but you made the best of it. I want to help, if I can. I like
Sakura a lot. She reminds me of me when I was that age. I can help with all the
girl stuff but only if it is okay with you, of course.” Kristy said as she met
his eyes as he thought about what she had just said.

“You will help with her?” he asked.

“I would like too.” Kristy said.

“Can I ask why you want to?” he asked.

“Like I said Sakura reminds me of me. I was three when we
moved from Brazil to here. Though both of my parents were Americans I didn’t speak
a lick of English. My nannies were all Brazilian so I didn’t have anyone when I
came here. My brothers and sisters all spoke different languages as well. My
father worked all the time and my mother was to self absorbed to notice that
her kids were even there. I didn’t have anyone until Ruth came along.” Kristy
said, “I understand what it is like to be different from everyone else. I might
as well not had a mother either. I want to make sure Sakura doesn’t have to go
through the weird stages of life without someone other than you to talk too. Does
that make sense?”

“Yes it does.” He replied.  “I would be grateful for the help.”

“Good. I think that watching her a day or two a week would
be a good start and then you can have some free time as well. Who knows you
could find someone and then well you wouldn’t need me anymore.” She said though
she was still smiling it seemed to fade as she said that.

“Kristy?” he asked very softly.

“Yes?” she replied.

“Would you like to go out to dinner with me and Sakura on Friday?”
he asked. She looked at him with wide eyes and then her smile grew.

“I would like that.” She said.

“Just so we are clear on what it is.” He started. “I am
asking you out on a date.”

“I know that Mitsuhide.” Kristy said with a grin.

“I just wanted to be clear.” He said as he chuckled. “I
haven’t asked anyone out in a very long time.”

“oh really? Like three years?” Kristy volunteered.

“More like five or six.” He said. He let out a breath and tried
to school his features to not show his excitement for the end of the week.

“I have no idea why.” Kristy replied.

“I am sure you want to get home.” He said softly.

“Actually I hate going to my townhouse.” She said. “But I am
sure that you have things to do.”

“Would you like to stay and watch something?” he asked. It wasn’t
completely late. He knew he had a late start in the morning anyway because of
the meetings running late.

“Sure.” She said. They both got up and walked the ten feet
to the main area and they both sat on the couch. They flipped for a few minutes
through the channels and soon found some cooking show that she seemed to be
interested in. she was talking about trying something when he noticed she was quiet
for a few minutes. He also felt the weight on his shoulder. He looked down and
saw she was asleep again and this time she fell asleep on him. he slid his arm
around her to make her more comfortable and about a half an hour she woke up again
and looked up to him. “Sorry about that.”

She tried to sit up without his arm around her but he kept
it right there. “There is nothing to be sorry about. Sakura tells me all the
time I am the best pillow.” He chuckled.

“I just meant.” She said and he turned his golden eagle eyes
on her.

“Shhh. Kristy it is fine.” He said. “If you want to go back
to sleep.”

“I should be going.” She said as she stood up.

“I will see you in a few hours then.” He said as he walked
her to her car. “Thank you again for watching her.”

“Anytime.” She said with her trademarked smile. He watched
her drive off and thought to himself this wasn’t the worst night like he
thought it would be. He even somehow managed to ask her out. He was on cloud
nine as he walked back into the house and went to go get ready for bed. He was
happy for the idea he finally did it and asked someone out again. He made him
even happier that the woman he couldn’t get out of his head had said yes. The fact
she also cared for his daughter was the biggest bonus to him. he found sleep
easy enough as he let everything float away from the day. He had four days to
plan a night to remember.


Raising a princess ch 3

The alarm went off and he groaned. He had not slept well
since he realized he liked the woman at the daycare. His dreams had become
invaded by x rated things that he never imagined doing to another person but he
woke up every time extremely hard and even more lonely. He honestly was not
looking forward to seeing the woman today. He didn’t know if he could look her
in the eye with the things he had been dreaming about her.

Sakura was already up and waiting for him. she had been this
way since hey had changed schools. She was waiting impatiently for him to finish
putting on his uniform so they could sit and have breakfast together. “So Sakura
Miss Kristy may be taking you home today or tomorrow. I don’t know which day I will
have to stay late.” He said breaking the silence in the room as he made her

“Okay daddy.” She said with a smile.

“Will you be a good girl?” he asked.

“Daddy! I am always a good girl.” Sakura said and he looked
at the small girl and almost laughed. She was the most precocious child on the

“Okay. Just be good. I may need Miss Kristy to watch you
again.” He said.

“Okay.” Sakura said as she put on her backpack and he wrote
out the check for the daycare before they left. He stuffed it into his pocket
and grabbed his own bags and helped her in the car. She sat in her seat and
buckled her in. “I love you daddy.”

“What do you want?” Mitsuhide asked as he looked at the
little girl who was beaming up at him like an angel.  

“Nuthing daddy.” She said and he chuckled.

“Okay then. I love you too sweetheart.” He said as he got in
and started the car. He drove off towards the daycare and in the silence he
schooled his facial expression to hide his feelings about the person who would
undoubtedly be at the school waiting to greet them for the day.

When they pulled up into the parking lot Sakura waited for
him to unbuckle her and then she hopped out of the car. He watched his tiny
little princess as she twirled about and he grabbed her bag and slung it over
his shoulder. He reached out his hand and soon enough her tiny one was in it.
He looked down at her and smiled as the walked into the building. There was no
one in the front of the school which was rare. He walked back to the classroom
and helped Sakura put her things away. She went off to the teachers and he
signed her in to the room. He walked back slowly and saw the tiny woman who
haunted his dream for the past two nights sitting in the office.

“Good morning Miss Kristy.” He said as he neared the office.

“Oh Mr. Akechi I didn’t see you or Sakura come in. Good morning.”
She said as she smiled her smile that seemed like a warm ray of light.

“I  have Sakuras next
month payment.” He said as he held up the check to hand to her. She reached out
to start writing a receipt for him and their fingers brushed. He almost dropped
the check completely. “I may need someone to watch Sakura tonight or tomorrow
depending on when I have my meetings.”

“When you find out just give me a call. I can do it either
day. I don’t really have a life.” Kristy said with a light airy laugh.

“No significant other?” he asked.

“God no.” she said. “I have been so focused on school that I
kind of forgot about that part of life.”

“That I understand.” He said chuckling.

“I guess you would.” She said as she looked at him. She went
back to writing the receipt for him.

“If it is today do you need me to leave the car seat for
you?” he asked.

“No I have one in the back of my car.” She said and he
tilted his head to ask a question. “As I told you a lot of my cousins and I went
here as kids, well their kids also go here as well as my nieces and nephews. I get
to bring them home sometimes. I just keep one in the car for those times.”

“Oh I see.” He said. “I meant to ask you what year are you on
in medical school?”

“I have one more class that I missed my last year. It fills
up quick and I will be done. I am hoping to get it this semester. Then I have
to figure out the mcats.” She said.

“Impressive.” He said. “We never discussed a fee either.”

“That is because I don’t charge.” She said.

“What?” he asked.

“I love these kids like they are my own family. I don’t charge
people to watch them for a few extra hours.” She said.

“But I have to pay you something.” He said. “It wouldn’t feel
right if I didn’t.”

“We will talk about it later, Mr. Akechi.” She said with a
smile.  “Where did you want me to take

“You can bring her back to the house if you want. She would
probably behave better there.” He said, “There is an extra key in her backpack
in the small pouch.”

“Alright.” Kristy said as she looked up as she handed over
the receipt. “You have a good day Mr. Akechi.”

“You too. Miss Kristy.” He said as he pocketed the receipt and
started out the door to begin his day.

Her aunt Ruth walked in. “A single father like him would be
perfect for you.” The older woman said.

“Aunt ruth please. He is focused on his daughter and her
well being. I am sure he could have any woman in the world with the way he
looked. He wouldn’t like me.” Kristy said as she looked out the window to the
man getting in his car. It took everything she had to remain calm when he was
even near the building.

“Child come on. You are beautiful and brilliant who wouldn’t
want someone like you to help them raise their daughter? A strong woman is the
best role model.” Ruth said as she looked at the younger woman.

“Like you aunt Ruth?” Kristy asked as she hugged her aunt.

“You are twice the woman I was at your age.” Ruth said with a
fond smile and a pat on the head. “I remember the day you walked in here for
the first time. You looked at everything and you sat in this office and told me
‘yo esta aqui’ and you did. You stayed right in that spot for the rest of the
day. You refused to learn or speak English I think for months though you were
right there sitting. In a way I knew you would be a strong woman then and you
have not disappointed me.”

“Thank you Aunt Ruth.” She said as she remembered that time
as well.

“Now what about him?” Ruth asked.

“Nothing.” Kristy said, “I am doing a little extra work for
him concerning Sakura. I may be watching her a few days this month.”

“Oh is he going on dates?” Ruth asked.

“No working late.” Kristy said.

“Well have fun then.” Ruth said as she walked around to the
other rooms and all of her children were arriving. She thought of every child
that came to this small school was either one of hers or like a grandchild.

She had pictures of past students as they grew up all over
her walls. Including the first group that was her actual children and nieces
and nephews. They helped build this school into the special place it was now.
Every child here was important. Ruth had taken an interest in the small girl
named Sakura who only had a father. It would be nice to see her niece settle
down and have a family of her own as well. The small girl would be a nice
addition to the actual family Ruth thought with a smile as she looked over all
the three year olds in the class with fond eyes for the smaller girl who
excelled at nearly everything she did.

It was mid-day that he knew the long meeting would be that
day instead of the next. He went back to his office and took out the slip of
paper that Kristy had given him the friday before out. He called the number.

“Hello?” she said as she picked up.

“Hi, Miss Kristy. This is Mitsuhide Akechi, Sakura’s father.”
He stuttered out and he began to feel like a complete moron.

“Hi Mr. Akechi.” She said. “What can I help you with?”

“I just found out the meeting I told you about this morning
is today and not tomorrow but may go into tomorrow.” He stammered out.

“So you need me to watch Sakura tonight?” she asked.

“Yes.” He said wanting to slam his head against his desk.

“Not a problem. I am probably going to take off in an hour
is it okay for me to take her then?” Kristy asked.

“If that is what you want to do. I have no problems with it.
If you want to go back and get her that is fine too.” He said.

“I’ll take her.” She said. “I will stop and get my books for
review and them we will be at your house. Is this a good number for me to reach
if there is a problem?”

“Yes. I will have my phone on me.” He said. He felt like a
complete loser when he thought of how he sounded.

“Alright I will see you when you get home.” Kristy said and
for a moment he could let those words mean something completely different.

“Sounds like a plan.” He said, “Thank you again Kristy.”

“Not a problem at all Mr. Akechi.” She said and hung up. She
saved his number in her phone. She then went on to finish the things she needed
to do for their new computer system and then she would be ready to leave.

She walked into the room of three year olds and spotted her
as she came running over. “Miss Kristy!”

“Well hello My favorite little flower.” Kristy said as she
got down to the little girls level. “I just got off the phone with your dad. I will
be taking you home and watching you for a little bit okay?”

“That sounds fun, Miss Kristy!” Sakura said. Kristy stood up
and signed out the girl to the raised eyebrows of the teachers.

Kristy turned around and looked at them ,”I am watching
Sakura tonight while her dad has a late meeting.”

“Good bye Sakura.” Her teacher waved as the other also waved.

“Come on Sakura.” Kristy said as she walked out of the
classroom with a small backpack over her shoulder. “We are going to go get some
of my books for my school from my house and then I will take you to yours.”

“Will daddy be coming home soon?” Sakura said.

“I don’t know when your daddy will be home but we will have some
fun. Do you like the princess’s?” Kristy asked.

“Yes!” Sakura said.

“Which one?” Kristy asked as she lifted the little girl up
into the car seat.

“Ariel!” Sakura said.

“Belle is my favorite.” Kristy said.

“You like princesses?” the tiny girl asked with wide eyes.

“Of course I do!” Kristy said with a laugh and she got into
the car and started it up. She talked the whole way with the little girl in the
back seat who was even more animated then she normally was. That was when
Kristy realized she had no one else who would talk to her about the things that
little girls normally liked. Kristy thought she might bring up an idea to help
her father with this later when he got home. Right now she had more important things
to do like get some books and a movie for the two of them to watch.


raising a princess ch 2

Two months in to Sakura going to the school it was summer
for the local colleges. He looked forward to picking up his daughter from her
daycare as the woman who had sold the school to him was often there. He knew
the idea of a single father was off putting to most woman but she always had a
sweet smile for him even if he was in one of his more teasing moods she blushed
under his attention.

“Hello, Miss Kristy.” He said as he walked in the front door
to pick up Sakura.

“Mr. Akechi. How nice to see you again.” She said with that
smile that he had come to enjoy.

“And how was my little monster today?” he asked as he began
to sign her out.

“She was ghoulish as usual.” Kristy said with a smile. “Though
I do have to discuss a few things with you.”

“Oh no.” Mitsuhdie said as he figured something was  coming that he didn’t want to deal with after
a long day at work.

“Would you follow me?” she asked as she went into the
conference room. She shut the door and offered him a seat. “Sakura has been an
excellent student and she is smart as a whip.”

“But there is a problem?” he asked.

“She has been asking where babies come from and why she has
a dad but not a mother.” Kristy said. “I wanted to talk to you about this
before it became an issue and how you wanted to handle it. Like I said before
we are all a family here and we are here to help you in anyway we can.”

“I didn’t know she was getting to that age.” He said as he
started thinking. “she hasn’t said anything at home.”

“That isn’t abnormal.” Kristy said with a soft smile, “Sometimes
a child won’t ask their parent or tell their parents but ask someone else they
trust. She doesn’t want to upset you by asking certain questions.”

“I honestly don’t know what to tell her.” He said. He hadn’t
thought that when the adoption was final he would ever have to deal with any of
this. She was only a year old then. Now she was to bright and she wanted to
know more about why they as a family were so different. He should have seen
this coming.

“Well we don’t have to say anything right now. I just wanted
you to be aware Sakura was starting to notice things in her life were slightly
different then some of her classmates.” Kristy said, “And when you finally do
decide on how you wanted to handle this all you have to is tell us and we will reinforce
what you want us too.”

“How would you handle this?” he asked.

“How would I handle what?” Kristy asked softly.

“I adopted her after she was left on my doorstep literally when
she was three months old.” Mitsuhdie said as Kristy looked shocked. “Her biological
father was my older brother who died about six months before she was born. Her mother
who I never met had hired a lawyer to handle the exchange of custody to me as
she termimated her rights to Sakura.”

“Wow.” Kristy said she shook her head as she thought all he
must have gone through. “I don’t know. This is nothing I have even heard of
before. However I do have to say you have my respect I don’t know if I could
have done it. Sakura is a wonderfully beautiful little girl.”

“Thank you.” He said as he smiled softly. “She is my life

“It shows.” Kristy said, “She is forever in my the office
telling me what you are doing with her or what you have planned.”

“I hope she isn’t to much.” Mitsuhide said.

“Not at all.” Kristy said. “Give it some thought and let us
know how you want to proceed. Until then we will skirt around it with her.”

“Thank you.” He said.

“What is family for?” Kristy said with a smile as they both
stood up.

“I do have a question for you, personally.” He asked as he
looked at her as she stopped. “I may have to work late a few night in the
coming month. Do you know of anyone who could watch her like a babysitter for few
hours? I don’t have a normal babysitter and the people she knows like my team
mates will be there with me.”

“If you need someone to watch her I can.” Kristy said.

“You?” he asked.

“Of course.” She said with a smile.

“Well I didn’t that would be that easy.” He said as he

“Most of the teachers here often will do a few hours of babysitting
if needed, just for your information.” Kristy said. “The only thing you will
need to do is fill out the updated permissions with who ever you chose.”

“Can I update it now?” he asked as he looked at her.

“Yes.” She said with a smile as they walked out of the conference
room back into the front of the school. She pulled Sakura’s file and showed him
where to place her information. In the process she took a small sip of paper
and wrote down her cell phone number. “You can call me anytime to watch her.
Since school is over for the summer I am free most of the time.”

“Thank you Kristy.” He said.

“Your very welcome Mr. Akechi.” She said with a bright

Mitsuhide walked back to Sakura’s classroom. When the door
opened Sakura’s head shot up and smiled as she saw him. “Daddy!”

“Hello princess.” He said as he scooped her up and looked at
her and saw she was covered in dried paint. “Did you paint today?”

“How did you know Daddy?” Sakura asked as she looked at him
as he smiled and laughed.

“I don’t have a clue sweetheart.” He said as he waited for
her to go and get her picture. He stood and smiled at the teachers. They were
staring slightly at him though they never said anything to him.

“Daddy I want go get something to eat.” She said as he
picked her up and she hugged him.

“We will see Princess.” He said as he started to walk up to
the office area. He had her tiny backpack on his back and was headed for the

“Good bye Sakura. I hope you have a fun weekend with your
dad.” Kristy called out from the office.

“Bye Miss Kristy.” Sakura called back.

He chuckled at the reaction his tiny daughter had to the
young woman. He put her in the car seat and buckled her in. “Do you like Miss

“Yes Daddy.” Sakura said.

“Would you like it if Miss Kristy looked after you a few
days because I have to work late?” he asked.

“Yes daddy.” She said again. “I like Miss Kristy a lot.”

“Well sweetheart I do too.” He said with a soft smile. “Let’s
go get some dinner.”

Over the weekend he began to wonder how he should handle
Sakura’s wondering mind and her questions. He didn’t know that by being her
only parent would be so hard now. He thought he would have more trouble when
she was a teenager. He didn’t have any women friends that could help him
either. He had to think about this some more as he was grateful to the daycare
he happened to stumble on. They had been a lifesaver not only with everything
they had helped her with. She was excelling in ways he didn’t even realize were
important but also they were helping him in ways he didn’t know he needed.

He had made a decision not to date after he adopted Saukra. Though
he wasn’t completely ready to give up hope that a perfect woman was out there
he had really debated that there would be someone for him. He was content with
his life with Sakura. When he looked at Kristy though he had a slight hope
there maybe, just maybe. He could have the full life he had denied himself.

He looked at his daughter as she played with her dolls and smiled.
Three years ago he wouldn’t know how to do any of the things he knew how to do
now. This was his life and he wouldn’t change anything but he was lonely again.
He could start dating again. That idea scared him more than being by himself
with a small daughter.

He wanted more than this for his life. He wanted someone to
share it with. After everything he had to go through with being a single father
for Sakura he also knew that he did want to have more children. He just didn’t want
to do it all alone again.

He wondered if he could somehow change their lives in a good
way. He was trying to plan ahead and with everything he was thinking only one
woman kept creeping into his brain. He realized he was more than attracted to
the woman in his head. He was very attracted to her.

He didn’t even know if she was single. He finally let that
thought sink in. He really wanted to know that small fact now. Everything else
he planned was based on that small detail. He didn’t even know how to find out.

He began to daydream of a slightly more full life with a
woman he hardly knew. He smiled as he looked down at the little girl on the
floor. If she hadn’t asked a few questions he wouldn’t have had the idea to ask
the woman to see if she would watch her. He smiled.

“Sakura do you know if Miss Kristy is dating someone?” he

“She isn’t daddy.” Sakura said without looking. “Miss Ruth always
tells her she should stop and smell the roses and go out with someone.”

“And you know this because?” he asked as he looked at her.

“I don’t like it when someone says something to Miss Kristy.
She is really nice.” Sakura said as she turned around.

“I like Miss Kristy too.” He said with a soft smile.

“Maybe she could come over for dinner.” Sakura said and he
choked on his drink. He looked at the girl and knew he was a step behind her. The
realization that his three year old daughter was trying to set him up on a date
with the woman he liked who was a worker at her daycare was almost to much for
his brain. Almost.


raising a princess ch one

“Sakura come here!” Mitsuhide yelled through the house.

“No daddy.” She said as she stood on the landing, “I don’t wanna
go to school.”

“Sakura Akechi! I have to go to work and you need to get to
daycare.” He said as he went over to the stairs.

“I is a big girl, Daddy. I can stay here by myself.” She said
as her golden eyes glowed with a knowledge Mitsuhide sometimes hated.

“You are a big girl but baby you have to go to daycare. I have
to go to work. It is Friday and we can go to the park this weekend if you will
just please go to school.” Mitsuhide pleaded with the now three year old.

“I don’t like it daddy!” she said as he moved up the stairs.

“Why don’t you like it?” he asked as he sat down at the
landing she was standing on.

“Daddy Miss Tanya yells all day.” She said. “She is mean. I don’t
want to go.”

“Sakura Do you want to look for another school?” Mitsuhide

“Yes Daddy.” Sakura said as she hugged him.

“Well you still have to go to school today but after my
meetings I will pick you up and we will go look to see if there is something
you like better.” Mitsuhide said as he knew he was giving in to her to easy but
he also really didn’t like the way the school was headed. When he placed her
two years ago in the new school it was fashioned to be more of a learning
center where the young girl would learn things like a pre-school but as time
went by he could only see it being a place where people dumped their children
all day. He hated leaving Sakura in it but until she said something he wouldn’t
move her again. That day finally arrived.

“Okay daddy.” She said as he hugged him and he lifted her
up. He carried her to his car and belted her in to her car seat. Still small he
wondered if she would ever be ready for a booster seat. They got to the daycare
and he walked her in with her small backpack on his back and he looked around. She
walked to her classroom which was in the back, though she was small she was in
the advanced classroom with some of the older kids. He placed her backpack in
the cubby hole she had and he bent down.

“I’ll see you in a few hours, princess.” He said as she
hugged him tight and he pat her back.

“I love you daddy.” She said as she went to the table in the
center of the classroom.

“I love you too princess.” He said softly.

“Mr. Akechi.” Miss Tanya said as she walked up to the man
who was watching the tiny little girl at the table. “We would prefer it if you
only used Sakura’s name here instead of any nicknames or pet names.”

“I will call my daughter whatever I wish.” Mitsuhide said as
he looked down at the woman with disgust.

“It is just that some of the other children do not get
called things like Princess by their parents and we find it gives a false sense
of superioty to a toddler.” The woman went on.

“She is three. If I want to call my daughter princess, I will.”
He said.

“I just find it causes much more trouble down the road.” She
said, “Also I do have to ask you to refrain from doing it here.”

“You know what.” Mitsuhide said as he was trying to reign in
his temper, “I don’t believe that we will have an issue with nicknames any

“Well it is good to see that you are taking my advice
seriously.” Tanya said with a smile.

“I would like my daughters records please.” Mitsuhide said. “Sakura
come here please.”

“Her records?” Tanya asked blankly.

“Yes. I would like her records please, NOW.” He said
forcefully trying to not roar.

“But we don’t give those back to parents unless they are
pulling their children from the school.” Tanya said.

“I know. As of this moment you do not have to worry what I call
my daughter. She will not be going here any longer.” He said as an evil smile
crept over his face.

“But.” Tanya said and the owner of the day care came over to
help disfuse the situation. To which five minutes later he was walking out of
the daycare with a folder on one hand and Sakura holding on to the other.

“Where are we going daddy?” she asked.

“To my job. I have that meeting I have to go to today but
you can stay with one of your uncles. After that we will go find you another
school.” Mitsuhide said.



Three hours later he was standing in front of a small house
as he wondered if he had the right address. This did not look like any of the
other daycares he had been too over the years. He looked down out the little
girl next to him who also had bright wide eyes. He went up and rang the bell. A
young woman opened the door with a smile.

“Hello, Can I help you?” she asked with a slight southern accent he
could detect.

“I called about the daycare about an hour ago.” Mitsuhide
said when he cleared his throat to speak as the woman in front of him was one
of the most beautiful he had ever laid eyes on.

“Oh, Mr. Akechi. It is so good to meet you.” She said as she
opened the door wider to let the two of them in. “And you must be Sakura!” she
bent down to Sakura’s level and put out her hand to shake the girls hand. Sakura
looked up at her father who nodded and she placed her small hand in the one of
woman in front of her. “It is a pleasure to meet you Sakura. My name is Kristy.”
She stood up and looked again at Mitsuhide, “If you will come with me we can
discuss what you wish for Miss Sakura and then if your still interested in our
program I can gladly show you around.”

“Lead the way.” Mitsuhide said as he looked down at his
daughter who also seemed to be taken with woman. They went into an office off
to the side and she left the door open.

“As I told you the owner who happens to be my aunt isn’t in
today. She won’t be in for a week or so but I can answer any of your questions.”
Kristy said as she sat down.

“So your aunt owns this place?” Mitsuhide said.

“My aunt started this place because of the sheer size of the
family.” Kristy said. “We all went here at some point of our lives.”

“We?” Mitsuhide asked.

“My Siblings, cousins, and myself.” Kristy said as she
pointed to a picture on the wall. “We were a huge family and my aunt was the
only one who had a degree in early childhood education. She started this place
to help all of us find a place to fit in.”

“A place to fit in?” Mitsuhide asked.

“Most of our fathers were also in the military. We were born
in different places and often had different backgrounds in education even from
our own siblings at times. She helped us with learning English and getting us
ready for the school systems here. She made the program to help us, her family,
but found that adding a few children from other families was the key to having
a well rounded program. Even now the family is the main users of the school.”
Kristy said with a smile. She looked at the tiny girl who was looking around
the office. “Do you have any questions Sakura?”

“Is that you?” the tiny girl asked as she pointed to a
picture on the wall.

“Surprisingly no, hun.” Kristy said as she walked over and
took the photograph off the wall. “This is my mom.”

“Mom?” Sakura said with a tilt of her head. “I don’t have
one of those.”

“Well if you wanted to see me in one of those pictures. I am
in this one. Though I must be around your age.” Kristy said as she glossed over
the admission of the young girl, “It was when my dad moved us from south America
to here. He was in the military too just like your dad.”

The girl continued to look at the different photographs on
the wall. “Now Mr. Akechi can you tell me what you are looking for in a program
for Sakura?”

“Something that will teach her something. I don’t want her
to be sitting in front of a tv or doing arts and crafts all day every day.” He started
and Kristy let out a small laugh.

“I understand.” She said. “I think maybe I should show you
around so you can see that we are slightly different then most daycares.”

“Yes. I think I would like to see that.” He said and Sakura took
her fathers hand as they left the office.

“Now this right here is the front entrance. Though most
people use it to come and go so we can monitor who enters and leaves we do have
another entrance around back. It has a special badge that you have to have to
open the doors. We do have an alarm on that one as well so we know inside the
building that someone accessed it. These front rooms are our conference rooms
that we can have meeting with families to give quarterly reports on each child.
We do have these conferences on your schedule so if you have an issue we can help
address it here as well. Now here comes the classrooms. This is the babies
room. We have two teachers and eight infants under twelve months old in here. We
also have a floating teacher that helps out in here when needed. Now the younger
toddlers room. And further down the hall over here is the classroom that Sakura
would be in.” Kristy opened the door and waved as all the twelve heads of the
children turned and saw her. The two teachers that were in the room also looked
up, “Please continue.”

“And this is how we say it in French.” The teacher said as
she repeated a phrase in french to the class while the other teacher said, “This
is how we say it in Spanish.”

Kristy shut the door and smiled at the two people she was
giving the tour too. Mitsuhide was impressed already and it seemed his daughter
was. “Now let’s go to the art rooms and the computer lab.” Kristy continued on
the tour showing them room by room and the outside of the building with the
semi large playground.

“This place is completely different.” Mitsuhide said.

“Like I said my aunt built this whole concept from the
ground up. She knew that it would be more effective on the learning parts if it
wasn’t like a school. There is one television in the whole building. That is
only used for the older children on a Friday if they have received enough
credit for the week. They also only watch a half an hour of whatever it is they
won. Language skills are important for under five years old so we introduce
things that will help them as well when they are older. It also helps for those
who have to learn English that we offer five different langagues here. We are a
family regardless and my aunt runs this place like it is her family.” Kristy
said as she sat back down.

“Sakura what do you think?” Mitsuhide asked.

“I love it here daddy.” She said as she looked up at the
woman who was sitting there.

“Okay princess.” He said as he looked up at the woman. “How
much is the school.”

Kristy threw out a number and Mitsuhide looked at her like
she was insane. “How is that possible? I was paying three times that amount at
the other place.”

“Mr. Akechi we believe in quality over making a profit.” She
said. “My aunt will never be rich but she will have the knowledge she helped
guide her children here into something better.”

“We will take the spot.” Mitsuhide said.

“Good, now let’s have you fill these out.” Kristy said as
she pulled out a new folder with a bunch of papers.

“Do you work here?” Mitsuhide asked.

“Actually no I don’t.” Kristy said, “I fill in for the
office if I am needed like this week that my aunt is on vacation. I also help
out here over the summer. I am in medical school and have break then.”

“A doctor huh?” he asked.

“Yes but I owe a lot to my aunt. You will find that most of
the teachers here are either my cousins or they are former students.” Kristy

Mitsuhide looked at her and smiled. This was going to be the
daycare that worked out for him and Sakura. Something told him this was going
to help him with the girl.


Raising a Princess

I was asked a question by @dmiqueles about what if instead of the female lead of my stories had children what if Mitsuhide was a single father and he wanted to start a new relationship. 

I thought about this over the weekend and started this new story with this twist. 

Prologue under the cut.

Mitsuhide Akechi arrived at his near empty house just as the
weather had turned chilly. It almost found it a comfort as he unlocked the door
and walked in placing his bag on the ground and walking deeper into the house. It
was quiet and nothing was out of place though the sheer emptiness of the
somewhat large house could be overwhelming at times. Today it was a blessing. He
looked around and turned on his television for some noise and he walked over to
the closet in his kitchen to see what ready made meal he would eat today. His life
was simple though he was beginning to think he wanted more out of it.

As the meal heated he took off his uniform shirt leaving him
in his undershirt and his pants. He placed it over the chair he used more as a
clothing rack then a actual chair. He heard the word storm and looked up at the
television to see where the storm would hit and how much possible snow or rain
it would dump on to the area.

The newscasters were again beginning the hyping of a storm
that would probably not amount to much. He shook his head as he took out his
food and sat in front of the television and began the simplicity of his unwinding
from a long day of digging around in peoples lives to find out if they were
involved in the plot against the country. Sometimes he loved his job, others he
hated it but he was a necessary evil to have.

After his shower he through on some clothes that had been on
the floor when he heard the doorbell ring. No one ever rang the doorbell and he
wondered for a minute what the sound actually was. It peeled again a minute
later as he moved forward to the front of his house. He cracked the door as he
opened it slowly. No one was standing there. He was about ready to shut the
door when he heard a small squeak. He looked down and saw the basket and the
contents within it. He opened the door and just stood there staring at the
basket on his doorstep. When it finally registered in his brain on what it was
he bent down and lifted it gently and brought it inside. He placed it down and
saw there was a note in the basket as well.

Mr. Mitsuhide Akechi,

This is your brother Toki’s daughter. Her mother could not
take care of her without your brother’s help and had made a promise to him
before his death a few months ago that if trouble should ever arise to get the
child to you. We have already begun the legal process of severing ties of the
mother and you have been named as legal guardian of the baby girl. The only
request of the mother is that you keep her name of Sakura Victoria Akechi.
Enclosed are the legal papers already filed with the state of your residence
and the beginning of others.


The law offices of Turmen and Giloes

Mitsuhide had to read the letter five times to begin to
grasp what was going on. His older brother’s death six months ago had hit him
hard. Toki was the one who everyone had relied on for anything and when news of
his death had been passed along everyone had looked at Mitsuhide as the next in
line to fill that role.

He wanted to be the one people could rely on though it wasn’t
in his nature to be in the limelight. Toki had lived his life in the light and
had enjoyed it. Mitsuhide had always preferred the shadows.  Mitsuhide looked at the small creature in the
basket and knew he had to call the authorities but as he looked down into the
two eyes that peered back at him he knew the letter was real. This was his
brother’s child. The eyes said it all as they were the same eyes he had as

Three hours later from when the police and the department of
child services had arrived they also had left. Everything stated in the letters
had proved to be true and was proven very quickly. He had no time to figure
anything out as the adoption of the child was already stared without his
signature which it was waiting for.

He looked at the baby in his arms which had started making
noise about an hour ago to which he had learned very quickly how to make a
bottle and he fed her like he was supposed to know how to do any of this. He had
called his teammates over and they had come then left to help get him the
supplies he needed to get through the next few days.

He looked at the small baby which he now had an idea of how
old she really was because of the birth certificate. She was three months old.
This tiny thing in his arms which was his brother responsibility now turned on
to him. He couldn’t be bitter though as she reached for his finger and held on
to it.  Everything for him had changed in
the blink of an eye.

He now had a major responsibility. His house was no longer
his own. He had a child to take care off. He looked at her as she fell asleep
in his arms as he walked around the house. He had to think to himself, “What in
the hell was Toki thinking when he picked me?”

Mitsuhide tried for two hours to lay the baby down in the
small playpen that had been set up for her from the shopping trip his friends
took. Every time she would wake up and squeak to him. He finally gave up and
sat on the couch with her still in his arms. He grabbed a throw blanket with
his foot as he dragged it over her and most of him. he laid back on the couch
with the smallest weight on his chest and he let his eyes close slowly. He would
have to figure everything out in the morning.

He had forgot that babies wake up a few times to eat and be
changed. Though at first he had thought it almost wrong to change the babies
diaper he realized that he had too. Though he could only remembering doing it a
few times before when he was a teenager and changing his younger brother and
sister it seemed the result was the same. Sakura stopped crying and she seemed
to be more content. She would fall back to sleep within a few minutes of eating
and being changed.

Mitsuhide knew his whole life had changed in those few
hours. He was now for lack of a better term since he was now in the process of
adopting this tiny thing on him, a father. He had to shake of the thought of
the fact his simple life was never going to be simple again.

In the morning he looked at the child who was now dressed
and ready in her car seat looking at him as he did research on every daycare
place that had openings. Her wide golden eyes reminded him of his own and those
of his siblings. A rare family trait that made the eyes appear almost yellow in
certain lights. There was no denying that Sakura was an Akechi.

He looked over the six he had narrowed it down too. He was
going to have to go through them and look at each one. If anything he was going
to make sure his brother’s child was cared for while she was not in his care.

“Well come on kiddo.” He said as he looked at her. “We
should go and see these places to find out which one you like the best.”

The baby just sat there quietly and looked at him. she
seemed to be absorbing everything around her to which he had to laugh to
himself. “You must be more like me than your father.”

Sakura didn’t make a noise as he went on to tell the small
creature all about the man that was her biological father and the things they
got into as children. He looked at her as he placed her in the back of his car,
“I miss him but now I have you to take his place I guess.”

He drove to the first place on his list and began his new
day as a father. It was going to be a lot hard than he realized to pick a place
that he trusted to watch over her. In a matter of a few hours she had become
not his niece that he didn’t know about but the thing that transformed him
magically into something he never thought he would be. Mistuhide Akechi was a
father now.