Kenshin Fluff Mc picks Kenshin over Ieyasu

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       I really really love your writing ❤ Can I ask for more mitsuhide please?  And if possible, kenshin win MC’s heart over ieyasu.. thank you

Kenshin sat in his tent as he thought of the woman who was
with his enemies now safe and off the battlefield. He could not believe his
eyes as he saw her on the back of Ieyasu’s horse and wanted to end the war the
second he saw her. He wondered at the fact that the young war lord would even bring a woman, any woman
for that matter, to the battle but that woman, in particular, was unthinkable to him. She was soft and sweet to
everyone she met even to him when he was less than friendly to her everytime
they were foisted into each other’s presence for events for Yukimura and
Sasuke, sometimes even Shingen would try to get her to come to dinner when they
were all in Azuchi. He hated the thought for those times as she was and would
remain their enemy or with their enemy’s forces. She was so full of life that
he found her to be too blinding and she also brought up memories he fought hard
to have buried. She brought them all out, and he couldn’t stand them, he wanted
to forget. He wanted to hate her or better yet be indifferent to her, but she
was too beautiful, to kind, and worse yet to open even to him, the man who
tried to slice her down at every chance.

She sat in the tent listening to Masamune and Ieyasu
planning their attack for the next day. She hated every second of it. She personally knew people on both sides and in a
way it was tearing her in two just by beginning there at the battle. Seeing
Kenshin and Yuki on the field squaring off with the Oda troops was
heartbreaking and a sight she never wanted to see again. To know that her fellow time traveler Sasuke was also
on the field somewhere was enough to keep her paralyzed with fear for his
safety regardless of his abilities as a ninja. This was a side to her friends she never wanted to see, but when the call went out for a healer to go
out onto the field, she answered it
without hesitation as she knew if they couldn’t bring the troop member to her
he was serious and would probably die as she worked. Seeing Kenshin at that
time knowing he might have even caused the injury ripped a piece of her soul
out as she tried to force the bitter pain down to deal with later. She didn’t
know why it bothered her to see him in that element, he was the god of war
after all, but it did. He had never been kind to her, but she felt something for the man, she just didn’t know what.

Ieyasu was done listening to Masamune and started to focus
on the princess as she had not said anything for the entire time they had been
talking and that worried him as she would often come out with some ridiculous thing at that most annoying time to stop to
have one of them explain it to her. The fact she was not saying anything and
looked lost was bothering him, he couldn’t exactly say why it was, but it was.
He didn’t like the idea of bringing her on the field earlier as he had been the
one who was trying to shield her from the sights of war but there she stood
demanding to be taken to the wounded man who would most likely die before she
could attend him. Surprising she had stood her ground, and he had taken her,
the soldier was still alive at that time. He had somehow lived as they moved
him back to the camp and he was still breathing now. That gave Ieyasu a sense
of pride for her as he was the one who taught her the basics of healing. “princess,
are you okay?”, he asked huffily which surprised both her and Masamune who also
was thinking something was off. “ You haven’t interrupted us like you normally

“Yes, I am fine. I am just
tired.”, she said as she got to her feet,” I am going to do one more round on
the injured then I will be headed to my tent for the night.”

“Get some rest, Princess.”,
Masamune said as she left.

She turned and replied, “I
will. I know tomorrow will be just as bad.”

“Does something seem off with
her?”,”Masamune asked to Ieyasu after she left.

“She should not have come.
She isn’t made for war or battles.” I will go and talk to her.”, he said as he
got up and went out of the tent enjoying the fresh air as they were just far
enough from the battlegrounds that the scent of death wasn’t surrounding them.

He could see her in the
moonlight as it was right at dusk and the moon had begun its ascent into the
sky. He wanted to reach out for her and just hold her tight as he was battling
his own demons about her safety and keeping her out of danger he wondered what
Nobunaga had thought when he sent her out here to hell? Had he wanted to punish
her for some reason or was it just for his sick pleasure, whatever the reason
he was sure she was never to be the same. As he waited for her by her tent
entrance just to see if she was truly alright, he wished they all were back in
Azuchi, and she would smile again so that he knew the world would be fine. As
she came out of the infirmary tent, she looked right at him while he was waiting
and he tried to seem to be doing anything other than waiting for her.

“What are you doing Ieyasu?”,
she asked as she smiled for what seemed to be the first time in two days.

“Um, just checking everything
and happened to be right here, not checking up on you if that is what you
think.”, He stumbled out clumsily. Somehow everytime he wanted to talk with her
he lost track of his words. She nodded and gave him a slight smile as she
looked him over.

“I am fine, Ieyasu no need to
hover. Go and get your own rest as tomorrow will be a hard battle.”, She smiled
as she opened the flap to her tent. He knew she was right as soon found his own
tent and settled for the night.

She woke up in the dead of
night from the nightmare of what she saw earlier that day. She could barely
breathe and was gasping for breath hard. She knew she needed to clear her head
and poked her head out of the tent and saw and heard everyone had settled for
the night. She knew they were by the forest and she wanted to clear her head
with a short walk, so she headed that way quickly. She knew she wasn’t going to
be able to sleep anytime soon and it seemed the best thing she could do. She
continued to walk away from the base camp and what had seemed only a short
while, but her legs told her she was wrong she looked up and saw she had
wandered right across the battlefield into the enemies camp. She was going to
head closer to the forest and back to the Oda’s side as she heard a chilling
voice behind her.

“Going somewhere Princess?”,
she knew instantly who it was and she had no fear as she turned to face him and
his beautiful multicolored eyes.

“I went for a walk, Kenshin.
I didn’t realize I walked this far. I am not spying on you all. I was just
heading back.”, She replied as she looked at him. “Would you mind if I start
heading back now.”

“Yes, I do mind.”, he said as
he seemed to surprise himself.

“Wha— What?”, she asked
surprised herself as she must be thinking of all the things he could use her

“I do mind, Princess. Why are
you here?”, he asked now nearing the distance between them.

“I told you. I took a walk.”,
she said.

“No at this battle. This is
no place for a woman, let alone a woman like you.”, he said cutting her off.

“A woman like me? Why because
I am weak?”, She asked defensively back. He surprised her when he reached out
and touched her face gently.

“No, because you are too
bright and might blind us all.”, He said. She looked at him confused for this
didn’t sound like the man who would normally cut her down just to keep her away,
and he was now standing before her touching her cheek gently, so gently, in
fact, she didn’t even know if this was the real Kenshin before her. “You don’t
belong here, Princess. It isn’t safe for you to be out here and I would like to
show those two Oda warriors a lesson for bringing you.”

“It was Nobunaga’s idea, not
Ieyasu or Masamune’s.”,She said in defense of her two friends.

“Even more reason to dislike
the man.”, he replied coldly. “Come I will walk you back closer to you camp and
promise me you will not go onto the field tomorrow.”

“I can’t do that. If they
need me to tend someone injuries, I will go as I did today I will do tomorrow
as well.”, she said as she fell in line next to him as they headed back.

“Stubborn woman.”, he muttered
under his breath, and she pretended not to hear it.

Though the night was only
cool but not cold, he thought twice about her attire and took off his hoari and
placed it on her shoulders. She looked up at him though she wasn’t cold she was
grateful for his thoughtfulness and was really confused at his behavior as this
didn’t seem like the man she had met a few times before. She was pleasantly
surprised by the reaction she had to him taking hold of her hand and leading
her closer to her campsite. She couldn’t help but smile at herself as she
wondered about the man standing beside her and wondered if she should give him
another chance.

He was trying to lead her
back to the oda’s force campsite as quick as he could, but as the wheels turned
in his head, he knew he had to do something to end the fighting. She would be head
strong enough not to heed his warning and head onto the field and get herself
killed. He could not allow that to happen, and he didn’t know why. That feeling
was too strong to deny, and he didn’t want to fight it either unlike his normal
self that wanted to keep her at bay. He wanted her to himself. He couldn’t deny
that any longer which is why Shingen’s stupid pick up lines bothered him,
Sasuke’s friendship with her bothered him, and most of all the murderous rage
he now felt for Nobunaga bothered him. He knew he was in love with Azuchi’s
Princess as he looked at her as she walked beside him. He knew he had made a
horrid first impression on her and he wondered if he could change that. He
wondered if it was possible that she could ever look at him differently. As
they reached the outskirts of where the camp was he knew what he had to do and
what he needed to do and what he wanted to do. She went to take off his hoari
and hand it back and when he stopped her. “Keep it, Princess. The night will
grow colder, and you will need to stay warm tomorrow as well.”, He said as he
redid the knots keeping it on her. She nodded and as she went to leave her
caught her wrist and pulled her back to him as his head lowered he took her
lips and left her breathless and then surprised him as responded in kind. When
he lifted his head awhile later, he looked down into her eyes which were glazed
over with desire, “Stay off the battle field tomorrow Princess.”

“I can’t if I am needed.”,
she whispered back.

“Well, then we will have to
make it, so you will not be needed.”, he said back,”When this is over in two
weeks time meet with me in Azuchi at the bridge near the lake.”

“Why?”, she asked.

“To learn something.”, He
wasn’t going to say any more than that she could already see as she nodded to
him as he turned and stalked away. She made her way back to her tent and fell
asleep rather fast still wrapped in his hoari with the scent of him surrounding
her. She awoke surprised as the sun was already up and she could hear the
troops still there. She walked out of the tent after she remembered to take
Kenshin’s hoari off to find everyone was still there. She looked around to find
Ieyasu or Masamune, and when she did, she was surprised as they announced
Kenshin had sent over a scout that he wanted to meet and work out a treaty, at
least for this battle. She smiled as she now knew what his comment of we would
make it, so you are not needed, was. He was going to stop this entire battle
because she was there. She felt her heart soar, and she felt a bit more for the
man who confused her and her senses.

When he arrived unarmed, they
all knew he meant what he had said. He asked for the three major people in the
Oda forces to be present which included her. He sat hammering out his deal with
the two warlords as he would look up occasionally and steal glances at her. When
he was done he nodded to the two men and said,”Your Princess looks chilled.”
With that, he took his leave not before taking another stolen glance at her.
They all started packing up as they prepared to withdraw when another scout
with two horses came riding up and delivered the silver-white mare to the
princess from his lordship. The saddle bags themselves had some fine trinkets
and fabric with a letter for her that had said the fabric was what she should
be sewing, not the soldiers back up. She wondered how he had got all these
things so quick but decided to not to ask for the moment she was too happy. The
two war lords standing next to her were not happy in the least, but as he had delivered
the mare to her and bypassed them completely, they had to let it go. She packed
her supplies and placed them on the mare and took Kenshin’s hoari and placed it
on which sent both of them over the edge that she was wearing it and got on her
own horse which was also his mount. She knew he had sent the horse to her to
hide the fact he had given the jacket the night before. As the leaders of both
armies headed their separate ways, Kenshin took pride that she was outfitted
with his, even if she was headed back with them.

She had to listen to
Masamune, and Ieyasu complain the entire way back about the hoari and how she
should burn it. She told them no at every chance and then wouldn’t discuss it
with them at all. The horse was beyond well behaved, and she had already fallen
in love with her. She could believe Kenshin would gift her such a beautiful
animal who would be a prize on the battlefields. She couldn’t wait to thank him
in person in two weeks if he held to their deal. Ieyasu kept hinting that he
would like to spend a little more time with her but she ignored him. She was to
busy thinking of the man who filled her senses and confused her beyond belief. She
knew Kenshin would take a long time to get to know, but she was willing to try
to figure out this new side to him, no matter how long it took.


Mitsuhide overhearing MC


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       Congrats on finishing the novel!! That’s an amazing accomplishment 😃 if you’re up for it, what about a fluffy scenario for Masamune or Mitsuhide catching the MC reminiscing about her life in the future to their pet absentmindedly when she thinks she’s alone. Not in a sad way but just to kind of remember a pleasant memory 😁 best wishes!!


He was surprised that he had managed to get all of the work
done before sunset as he quickly strolled to his manor. He was going to
surprise her with a dinner on the town as he would have the next day off
because of all the work he’d been putting in over the past week. He just really
wanted to spend time with her as when he would return back to the palace he
would find her asleep and then he would have to get up before dawn again the
next day. He hadn’t really seen her in days. he could think of nothing better
than to treat her to something he knew that she liked just to see the smile on
her face that she would probably deny having. He was surprised when he walked
in to the house and he could hear her talking to someone in their room which
would be more surprising that she allowed somebody in there. She had fixed up
the sitting room and had often found that that was her favorite place to be
during the day. He stood at the door and just listened for a little while as
trying to figure out who would be in their bedroom with her. It seemed more
that she was talking to herself or possibly her fox cub. He still wanted to
hear what she had to say more than anything else, he also just wanted to listen
to the sound of her voice. Beyond the door he heard.

“I know he has to work all the time, it would just be really
nice if I could see him. It probably would’ve been better if I had just stayed
at the castle instead of moving in here. We probably see each other more.
Though it’s not really like our jobs overlap but we could still have lunch
together, walk home together well we would be able to walk home together if he
ever came home.”, He could almost see her face as she was speaking to whomever
or what ever she was actually talking to. “I just wish that I could talk to
him. I miss him. I’ve been feeling really down lately thinking about home. I
wish it was a simple as getting in the car and driving to my parents house to
be able to see them or riding the train to get to work. I never thought that
I’d actually miss going to work, but I do. Also getting the phone calls to go
out with some of the people I worked with or with a few friends that I had.
Dinner at my grandparents house was always the best, the whole family got
together. You couldn’t possibly imagine what it would be like to have the whole
family together with aunts and uncles telling stories. The funny thing is the
stories were always the same week to week. If you couldn’t go everybody talks
about you so everyone had to show up otherwise they knew what was going to
happen the whole family would know all of your business. I never really thought
that I’d miss all of them the way that I do, I know I just traded my life for
something else which would’ve happened probably anyway but it isn’t exactly the
same as just moving on and everything like that. I can’t see them not anymore
at least. I have a new family now I’m really lucky that way and the banquets
are very much like the family get-togethers except the not on a weekly basis.
Masamune is a wonderful cook much better than my aunt Sheila. Since those weird
things that you remember when you’re not thinking about it that sometimes
blindside you on a Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock. I wouldn’t trade any part of
my life now for the way that my life used to be. I just miss some things and
when I don’t get to see him that feeling comes out even more. I wouldn’t go
back to that life now but I can still miss and I don’t have to feel bad about
that. Though I do feel bad about that.”

He stood on the other side of the door silently listening to
her ramble on to what he assumed was definitely now the fox cub she had taken
in the fall. He wondered what he could do to help her more than just being
available for him to talk to since now he was starting to question her sanity
if she was talking to the club as she was. Not that he was one to ever question
somebody sanity, he found slight enjoyment and torturing other human beings to
get information. It was a job and no one else in the oda forces wanted to do
and he was somehow stuck with it so he decided that he would continue on without
too much issues. It’s not like he actually truly enjoyed doing his job but he
was extremely good and talented at getting what information he wanted. He often
tried his tricks on her to get her to open up however it seemed that she was
more willing to talk to a dog than him at times. He wasn’t exactly thrilled
with that idea but he did understand the need sometimes to have your own
secrets not that he wanted to have any secrets from her or have her have any
secrets from him.

The fact she was thinking of her past in the future and
missing it hurt him in an unbelievable way. He didn’t know if he would ever be
enough for her to be happy. She gave all of that up to be with him and he was
now having second thoughts for asking her to stay with him. He loved her more
then anything in the world but she had a future in the future that had been
more then what he thought he could offer her. He began listening again with a
more heavy heart.

“I don’t know why I feel so down right now or why I feel the
need to tell you all these things but I know I made the right choice. He is
wonderful even if he doesn’t think so. I couldn’t be more happy anywhere else.
He is everything I ever wanted even more so. So though I miss certain things
there is a balance to my life. I can’t wait to see him again that will definitely
make me happy again.”, she said and he decided that it was time to go in and
give her what she wanted. When the door slid open he saw her in the middle of
the floor with the cub wrapped up in her lap, she turned and smiled at him. He
nearly held his breath as she was breathtaking. He walked over and sat behind
her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck and cheek as she turned
her head and relaxed against him. After awhile he pulled her to her feet and
informed her of their impending date night and took her hand as they walked out
of his palace. Her smile was not forced and he relaxed slightly with the sight
of it. As the pair walked he lifted her hand to his lips and said, “Princess
you make me the luckiest man in the world and I love you so very much.”

She smiled and gently smacked at his chest before they had a
simple dinner and enjoyed each other for the rest of the night by talking about
everything and anything.


Head Canon for teddy bears for warlords

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       Hello thanks for opening the request again 😆😆 recently i’m in love with Cybrid’s idea on April fool. Can i request how’s the warlords (plus Sasuke & Kenyo) reaction when MC giving them Teddy Bear that looks just like them? Thanks 😆😆   @happylifecometome

I forgot to add kennyo but will soon.

Nobunaga was surprised when you handed him of present late
one night before heading to bed. He wondered what it was as he began to unwrap
the parcel. As he lifted the small cloth bear that was dressed eerily similar
to himself he looked at her questioningly. She laughed at his look and began to
explain that she had made the bear for him and decided to dress it just as he
did. She thought it would be a nice gift and one that came from the heart. He
wanted to know what he would do with such a thing and she smiled and pointed to
the shelves that he kept his knickknacks from all over the world. He surprised
her as he went over and placed it on the shelf in a very prominent place so
anyone who walked in to the Tenshu would be able to see it. As he said thank
you he easily picked her up and decided to show her his thanks as well.

Hideyoshi was surprised when you handed him a package that
he wasn’t expecting. He had been wondering what you’d been doing the past few
nights as you seem to be working hard on a new project. He always enjoyed
seeing what you had made and so when he unwrapped the package and saw that it
was a bear that was dressed like him he couldn’t help but smile and wonder what
exactly it was. It didn’t really matter what it was, it was the fact that you
had made it and had thought of him at the same time. When she explained that it
would be for him as a gift that he could do with with whatever he wanted he
made sure he put it in a prominent place in his room so when she wasn’t there
he could easily think about her when gazing upon the bear. It would be a
treasured gift for him and she knew that as he didn’t stop smiling at it.

Masamune saw the package that was laid out on his desk and
with a childish glee he had to tear into it he wasn’t expecting anything so he
knew that it had to and from her. He had seen that she’d been working on
something that she didn’t want him to see until it was done which was unlike
anything from before as she often light showing off her designs to him. He had
thought that maybe she had been making something that she didn’t think he
wouldn’t like but now he could see that it was a small bear that even had an
eyepatch and was dressed in a blue kimono that was eerily similar to the one
that he normally wore, he even thought it was slightly odd that it was part of
the fabric that might’ve come from one of his old kimonos. Then he started
thinking of the thought she must have had when she made this for him
unfortunately he wasn’t paying attention as he held the bear in his hand and
the tiger had jumped up and taken it and run into the back with it. She walked
out onto the balcony of their bedroom to find him chasing after the tiger to
get the bear back so he could place it somewhere safe. He loved the idea of
even more bears and would ask her for them at different times.

Mitsunari was extremely exhausted after spending most of the
day and part of the night reading a new scroll that had been dropped off in the
library on war tactics so when he saw a package on his table as she slept in
the futon his curiosity had been peaked and he decided to open it. He was
absolutely delighted to see the small bear that was dressed almost identically
to himself. He studied the bear as if it was a fine piece of art that he had
never seen before and admired the fact that she had thought of him in such a
way. It warmed his heart in a way that he did not know so when he placed the
bear back on the table he had to wake her up to show her how much he loved the
bear and her for making it.

Mitsuhide had been wondering what she had been up to as
she’d been avoiding him for what seemed like a month but was actually only four
days. When he finally had managed to talk her into going to dinner with him out
in town she surprised him when he picked her up at her room to go out, with a
small package that she wanted him to open. When he did he was very surprised to
find a bear that was extremely detailed in its appearance, he loved the idea
but he would never let that show on his face as she had made that bear for him
and made it even look like him. He whispered in her ear as he placed the bear
on her floor so they could leave that he would come back and bring it to his
own manor after the dinner. And that he would also show her the appropriate
gratitude when they weren’t about ready to go out into town.

Kenshin had no idea where she had hidden herself for such a
long time without him being able to find her. When he was finally able to a
notice the small package at her feet that he assumed was for him as he looked
down and she smiled. It had been a long time since somebody had given him a
gift so he opened it extremely quickly to reveal the small bear that was
dressed just as he would be himself. He looked up questioningly at her as she
quickly explained why she had done that and that the bear contained her own
love for him. He had never thought that he would actually care about and
animate object however he loved the bear as well and made it a prominent place
on a shelf in his room.

Shingen had been pestering her for days to see what she had
been working on so when she finally threw the parcel at him he was pleasantly
surprised. When he finally undid all the wrapping he was even more surprised to
find a small bear like Koro that was wearing an outfit that was similar to his
own. It had been a long time since somebody had given him such a simple present
that had filled him with such happiness that he couldn’t help but lay his lines
on thick for the rest of the night with his normal goddess, Angel, and
Celestial being comments however it completely warmed her own heart when she
had walked into his room later that night and had found it on the shelf that he
could see clearly from his futon.

Yukimura had been busy for the past couple of days so he
hadn’t even noticed that she had been working on something. It wasn’t until
after the party in the great Hall that he moved back to his room and saw the
the small bundle that had been left in the middle of the room. He had been
taken by surprise when he got closer and saw his name scrawled out across the
paper, so he he opened it like a child opening a Christmas present on Christmas
morning nearly throwing the paper everywhere and making a giant mass. When he
got to the actual present he saw that it was a bear that was made out of cloth
and he was examining it as if it was the most precious and foreign thing to
him. When she walked in a few minutes behind him and saw the paper scattered
all over the floor she had made a simple statement and he turned around and
grabbed her and hugged her tight and she knew that that was the only
acknowledgment that she would get from him but it was still wonderful to her.
When she woke up the next morning she was greeted by the sight of the bear
staring down at her from the shelf that was closest which made her smile for
the rest of the day.

Sasuke knew that she could sew but didn’t realize that she
could also design animals. So when he got back to his room after running a
mission for Kenshin he noticed on the table that there had been a package that
he was not expecting. So very carefully he opened it and was surprised at the
sight of a modern-day teddy bear that was dressed exactly as he was in a ninja
costume. He thought it had definitely been the best present he could’ve ever
received whether it had been a secret or not since he had arrived in the
sengoku and one that he would treasure for the rest of his days. He was even
surprised that she somehow had made glasses out of yarn to go around its eyes. He
put it up next to his posters of his theories that he had written out and would
keep it there where he spent most of his time while in his room.


Hi my dear!🌹 Today I ask: what kind of hugs would warlords give to their MC? Passionate, wild, hopefully? :3 Lots of hugs and kiss🌹

Hugs from warlords


His hugs would be like a sneak attack, and you would never know when they would be
coming. Like that one time, he grabbed
you on the balcony and pulled you to him as he rubbed your back and then
carried you inside to play a game of go with him while he had you sitting on his lap as he moved the board back and
forth for each move. His need for contact was extremely high that day.


As the day grew longer and you still hadn’t seen him for
most of it as he was busy doing things for Nobunaga the quick embraces he had
for you in the hallways as no one was looking were quick but enough to get you
through the day. As you walked into the manor
you now shared with him he was for once already
there. He moved through the room silently as he wrapped
you in his arms and just held you there as you two talked about your busy days.


He always finds the time to embrace you or hold your hand
and doesn’t even care where or who sees.
He knows how lucky he is and wants the
world to know as well. Like that one time after going to the open air tea shop
and he not only pulled you into a bear hug he lifted you up to place a sweet
kiss on your surprised lips in front of the horde of women who normally gather
to flirt with him daily.


He doesn’t care for public displays of affection in any way but get
the man alone he will always want a little bit of contact. He loves to surprise
you with tiny embraces that will lead to neck nuzzles and his hands exploring
the territory he claimed and loved to explore. Though his demeanor can often be offputting, he will make it up to you in those sweet moments just
for the two of you.


He loves his cuddles, period. He will always want to have
you in his arms when he is not super busy or researching something, and even then he finds himself wanting you to
be near him. Sometimes in the library, he
will surprise you with a deep hug that will end with you clutching unto his
clothes as he chuckles and promises you more later.


He will often find you where ever you may be in your duties
as caretaker for the castle and will leave you with a touch or some naughty
comment whispered in your ear leaving you adrift
for the rest of the day. Depending on his day the way you are met when you finally enter his palace you
know how his day went on if he scoops you
up and holds tightly his day was good and
he wasn’t in the dungeons or wasn’t there for too
long. If he walks over slowly no matter how busy he is and just holds you tight
and rests his head in the crook of your neck you know he feels bad. His days
and moods often affect how your nights go and the amount of affection he shows,
however, he is always surprisingly tender but only with you after teasing you
to tears, of course.


He will gather you in the
morning before he leaves the room for a sweet embrace but the hugs at night are
breathtaking as he will often sweep you up in his arms and just hold you tight
as he whispers sweet nothings in your ear until he breaks down and kisses you
hard and passionately a side that he only shows with you.


He loves to walk up behind you and embrace you whenever you
are. No shame given for making you blush but his most powerful hugs and also
the sweetest are right before he takes you in his arms before you fall asleep
as he tells you all his feelings before you head to dreamland.


His hugs and love are for you alone. He doesn’t like the
feelings he has when he feels he is being
watched, as he knows someone will make a teasing comment and that will embarrass him. If he has had a hard day his embrace
when he finally walks into the room, you both shares will be tight as he just
needs to feel you in his arms as he will hide his face in your neck. If he had
a good day, it would be open, but his hands will roam all over your body
beginning to work you up pretty well for the night ahead.


He will pop out of nowhere and take you in his arms, but
only if he feels it is appropriate. He
would never want to embarrass you, most of his
embraces will come after a mission or a long day dealing with Kenshin as he
will want just to feel you next to him or in his lap as he will rub your
shoulders and just make you feel nice as you snuggle into his chest.



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