How would the warlords react if mc had an asthma attack?

She would have told them in advance is she knew about the asthma.


Would be slightly afraid for her but would sit by her as she tried to get her breathing back under control.


He would be fit to be tied however he knew he needed to remain calm so you could as well. He would sit there with you breathing in and out as you fought to control your breathing. He would hold you until he felt you were okay.


He prepared for this. He has a tonic ready for this so as he places it down so the smell can help you breathe easier he will sit there in front of you to helpcalm you. He doesn’t move fast or try to excite you in anyway.


He doesn’t get it but knows it is a thing. Whatever he can do he will. He will sit there for hours calmly if you need him too. The whole time telling you he loves you and it will be okay.


Though he doesn’t panic it bothers him to see you struggle. He will sit there and hold you hand as he tries to remember which scroll has some answers he read. He will hum gently to refocus your mind and breathing becomes easier.


He will not move from your side untill he thinks you are better. Remembering what your triggers are and who did this. He has consulted with other healers as well and sits there rocking with you back and forth as he traces semi circles into your hand.


At first it scares him. Though he knew it could happen. He orders the castle to a hault so you can focus. He will keep you in your chambers until he deems you fit.


Whispers words of love as you gasp to give you a sense of peace. He has also consulted with other healers and will try anything to help you.


This one is not good with fear but he tries. He will calmly sit down and rub your back. He will help you calm and regain your breath.


Wants you to go back to the future to get an inhaler. He will try anything until he can get one for you.

***My mother has severe asthma and died from complications due to emphysema so I do know how to talk someone out of an attack. This hit home for me****


Mc trying to walk normally and sit thru a war council after a particularly eventful night with warlord of your choice.

He was smirking at her as she shifted yet again. She was sure they all must know why. He made her scream more than once throughout the night. He was proud of himself as they sat there and she had to keep adjusting herself because she could not find a position that didn’t hurt.

She glared at him as she did. When the counsel was iver she had a hards time fetting to her feet and then Every step was torture on wobbly legs. She tried to breeze past him as he was talking to Hideyoshi.

“My dear are you okay?” He asked as he grabbed her arm and held her there.

“Fine.” She ground out through her teeth.

“Come I shall take care of you for the rest of the day.” He said as he led her out of the hall.

“You should it is your fault.” She said under her breath.

“Yes but now there is no way they do not know you are mine.” He replied.

“You did this on purpose?” She exclaimed.

“No I forgot you are new to this and me. You do make me lose my mind when we are together.” He said softer then he meant too.

“Good you do the same to me, Mitsuhide.” She replied with a kiss to her brow he led her back to his palace for her to rest under his watchful eyes.


Mc in a desperate attempt to get Mitsuhide to actually admit his feelings, suggests that maybe she should take nobunaga up on his offer to warm his bed.

She had hinted for over a month how she felt for the kitsune. he denied her at every chance he could somehow turning every situation into a teasing feast for her instead. she was at her limit. she either wanted him to stop with the looks of longing he head for her when he thought no one was looking or he needed to admit his feelings. it was do or die time.

she was sitting in the garden yet again as the night was beginning and the air was cooler then earlier in the day. she was alone in her thoughts remembering the times at home days like this happened. she was also slightly homesick as she remembered those nights fondly chasing after bugs with her brothers, dancing around in the moonlight with her sisters. it was no shock when a vision of pale man stood before her.

“I have been looking for you.” he said.

“oh really? for what round two of you ignoring me?” she asked.

“I don’t ignore you.” he replied.

“Mistuhide do you ever let your guard down?” she asked suddenly and he chuckled.

“Why ever would I do that?” he asked.

“Nevermind I see.” she replied as she turned her head back to the sky and her memories.

“What are your plans for the night, Princess?” he asked as she kneeled down to her level.

“The weather will remain cool for the night. I may just allow Nobunaga to have me keep his bed warm.” she said on a whim. she didn’t like Nobunaga in any other way than her boss and even distantly her friend.

“Oh will you?” he asked as he stood up and looked at her. She knew something happened in him that he snapped. she looked at him and she could see the pain of the statement in his eyes. there was something she couldn’t place either. “I don’t see how you could.”

“What do you mean?” she asked but as she got the words out he was already lifting her over his shoulder and stalking back to his palace. 

“The only bed you will be warming is mine, Princess.” he said and her heart soared. she had done it. she had finally got him to admit how he felt! now she had to steady herself for what she knew was going to be a long night.


So we’ve seen the warlords with their daughters but as someone who has an accident prone son (an example of this is that I just mopped the floor and this boy just runs and face plants himself to the floor. He didn’t move for a minute before sitting up with a nose bleed and said “I’M OKAY!!” My husband still laughs and I sit there and simmer because ‘you’re nose is bleeding child’) how do you think they would react to the first accident? (Oda & U/T forces pretty please??)

My kids are accident prone. Oldest broke her foot walking down stairs, second oldest needed stictches because she fell off a bed and another time cut her hand on a fence. My son however he would fall and be bleeding somewhere and look at me I’m fine!


Would laugh. Then he would look at the wound and make sure it isn’t something serious.


Would freak the f out. Runs over and scoops up the child. Making all sorts of promises. Runs to Ieyasu.


Would chuckle and then make sure everything was okay. He doesn’t rush about anything.


Yells “Thats a good one!” He wouldn’t really react as he is laid back. After he would wash it out and make sure it was okay but after they finished the game.


I could see him rushing to make sure the kid was okay. He would do the basic stuff and then go on about Hideyoshi’s rukes about safety.


“That is you in the kid.” He states as he looks over at you. Neither rushing to the child but he does a once over on the kid to make sure they really were alright. He knows to wash it and bandage it properly.

“You inherited your mother’s ability to trip on air, but also her strength.”


So for both Oda and U/T forces, our warlords head to the hot springs bath late for some alone time but as they enter the bath they realize they aren’t alone. It’s MC, then they see the tails and realize the Princess is actually a kitsune! How do they react?

No one knew her secret. she was glad of that. she had no idea how it happened but she knew it happened as she came through the wormhole. she had been changed. she got really good at hiding the fact from everyone, even her maids didn’t know.

the time that everyone went to the hot springs for a retreat was upon them. she had tried everything not to go along with the six warlords she lived with but still they made her. she had learned to hide herself from them but horsebacking was still difficult because of it.

she didn’t know that they had called a truce with Kenshin and shingen as well for this trip. they would also be there with Sasuke and Yukimura. when she found that out she was fit to be tied. there was going to be no escape. she would just have to refuse to go to the springs themselves. there would be too many eyes, too many chances for someone to learn her secret.

the ride was long and she ached from it by the time they all arrived. she wanted nothing more to soak in the water to ease her bones and soft bruised flesh. she couldn’t though. four sets of eyes were on her the second they arrived. the other six seemed to know she was there but they didn’t stare.

“Go and relax, Princess.” Nobunaga ordered as the rest of them went into the inn and meet with the four who were waiting. it seemed they had a common enemy for the time being and need to work out a plan for them. she took that to mean go to the springs. it was dusk now. she could maybe risk a quick soak.

she got undressed and then quickly into a light bathing robe and stepped down into the water. it was so warm that the steam and the smell was enough to put her into a trance. it became later then she knew and she heard them on their way closer. she got up and went to the shack to change quickly but it was not quick enough. they had seen. all of them saw one of her tails.

“Princess?” Hideyoshi asked as they all stopped.

“It really isn’t what it seems.” she said as she placed her hair up. “Don’t look into it please.”

“Did it happen when the wormhole?” Sasuke asked.

“it isn’t like I had nine tails before!” she exclaimed.

“I see.” said shingen. “You are a supernatural creature.”

“God help me.” she replied. Though they were shocked at first they weren’t upset. she was glad of that.

“My lucky charm is a Kitsune.” nobunaga chuckled as he went on his way. Hideyoshi gave her the side eye for a second as he followed too. 

“I can probably cut them off.” Ieyasu said.

“We will see.” she replied and watched as the rest followed in Nobunagas wake to the other side of the springs.

“You do realize, my dear, this means you are my kind.” Mitsuhide said softly.

“I never thought of it that way. you are not really a kitsune though.” she said.

“How do you think I got the nickname though?” he said as he went on his way in the others wake and she began to wonder about him.


Since you’re doing head canons too, how do you think the warlords would react to playing Twister?

Left foot blue right arm yellow….


How in the world do you do this? How are people that flexible? He would sit on the sidelines and watch the first few games trying to make a statagy.


“Someone is going to end up hurt!” He would join in but only to make sure the game ended without a serious injury.


“This is ridiculous I don’t have time for this.” Though he does secretly want tonplay he will sit out the first few rounds.


He will study everything about the game. The options, what people do, he will be the master of twister by the end of the first day.


He will join in only because Hideyoshi doesn’t want people to play. He will make sure that he is thenone closest to the princess to ensure he was the only ine touching her. This game may not be so bad affer all


warlords and the floor is lava


Might play if he has a few minutes. He really doesn’t see the point.


Are you kidding me?


Is bouncing off walls hanging on determined not to touch the floor! Hangs upside down to do things.


“I’ll burn.”


“Oh no how did that happen?” He will play along for a bit. He tries but knows Masamune will beat them all.


“Seems rather warm.” Has no time for games like this.


I really love your headcanons! Can I request a scenario where the warlords ( nobunaga, kenshin and shingen) each have a bad nightmare about losing their own mc and when they wake up mc wasn’t there because she got something to do and when they find her they get very possessive and clingy over her. Can you make this angsty and ends it with a fluff ^_^

They wake up in a cold sweat. Breathing heavy. Panic from the memory of the nightmare fills them still. They reach over and you’re not in the futon. Panic flares even more. Where are you? What happened? The nightmare was it real?

When they find you doing some task you forgot about during the day they are relieved but the feeling has not gone away yet. That nightmare seemed so real they have to stay with you.


“You shall remain by my side today.” He states in his imperial voice.

“I do have things to do today, you know.” You spit out at him not understanding the reason he is demanding your company.

“Someone else can do them. You will remain in my sight today.” He states again.

“What is with you and why are you flushed?” You ask noticing his color is off and his breathing is rough.

“I thought I lost you.” He said softly. You of course reassure him you are still there but decided to not push to hard. He needs you today.


“Where have you been?” He demands as he just ran the entire castle to find you.

“I had to do somethings, I forgot earlier about it. What is wrong?” You ask.

“Nothing is wrong. Uou are to never leave the room while I am sleeping again!” He said harshly.

“Kenshin, what in the world?” You ask.

“Do you understand. You can not.” He stated again.

“Will you tell me why?” You ask again.

“I nearly lost you. Please do this for me.” He says as he pulls you in his arms.


“Where is my angel?” He demands from everyone he spots in the hallways as he searches frantically for you. When he finally finds someone who just saw you he starts to breathe easier. He walks into the room you are working in and without a word takes you in his arms and kisses you hard. “Never leave the room again without telling me!”

“Shingen what is with you!” You demand back.

“I have to be able to protect you, my beautiful goddess.”

“Shingen.” You say with a sigh as he tells you of his nightmare.

“Fine I agree for awhile.” You state as he carries you back to the room to burn another image in his mind.


Can you write a poem about each of the warlords? Like some of them be from the mc pov and others from the warlords abour someone else. (A poem about Shingens hate for Nobunaga would be amazing)

said to forallyourikemensengokuneeds:

Can you write a poem about each of the warlords?
Like some of them be from the mc pov and others from the warlords abour someone
else. (A poem about Shingens hate for Nobunaga would be amazing)


The time spent fighting

Could be time in the darkness

Hiding from fate

Hiding from death

We shall begin a new

Unitied for all the world to see

With you by my side….


Worshipping the devil

He is there with me

Never hiding his nature

Never backing down from the fight

How I wish to be like him

How I adore and worship him

Only to have to fight for everything again.


The pain begins in the worst of ways

Leading to dark thoughts

And torture

Though faded scars last

The pain underneath drives me to go forward

I will be better

I have to be better

Until the end of time


Finding life to be a maze

The past is there behind me

The shadows of the future haunt me

No one understands

Or do they?

The time together with her

Excites and thrills me

But can I promise her my life?

Can I survive to be that for her?

Too many questions for now.


Though the words on the page are there

They stay there for all time

Finding the speech is difficult

The words change to much

She is the light and the guardian to my heart

Forever trying to move from this page

To find the beauty in the world.


The time spent working in the dark

Has left a fear of the light

Time and space no longer exsist

Except for those minutes

We are together.

My heart is blackened and void

But for you

I try.


The loss of her was to much

The ice froze all of me that was human

Only pain and vengeance remain

Nothing will thaw this

Only fighting brings peace

The demon of the earth

Challenges me to fight

I will for my existence

To find the peace I need.


Demon oh demon where are you hiding?

Fighting in red to appease the rest

No one can hide from this burning hatred

To many will be gone now

The need grows to end the demon

Only then can we all find peace

There will never be another

Another demon like this one

We need to end him together

To truly find peace.


The pain of being lost consumes me

The hatred of others fulfills me

I need to keep going

To keep pushing

Through the blood and bodies

To help them pass through

They will not be envane

They will not go unpunished

The rivers will stop soon enough


Watching and waiting

For the time to strike

Often in the shadows

Nothing is there but me

The fight is not mine

Though I fight for what I choose

The pain and fear are there

The love is there too.