Warlords as fathers

Warlords as fathers


At first, He would just watch the sleeping infant with adoring eyes. However, wouldn’t interact at first. He would be entirely grateful for a child and love you even more for bringing it to life, but he would be afraid of breaking it. As the child grew, however, you could often find the two playing on the ground or him telling it what was going on and how important it was. He would be more strict then you, but it was to ensure the child’s safety more than anything.


Since the second he found out he was to be a father he had things in place. He had started asking questions of everyone and anyone so by the time the baby arrived he was ready for anything. As soon as you place the baby in his arms, he is off running with his crazy ideas. You almost don’t have the heart to tell him he is wrong but you roll with it. He is extremely involved with the day to day tasks for the baby and can often be found talking to it as he works. The child will grow up with a vast respect for Nobunaga and be extremely proper.


He takes the news in stride, happy he may have just sired the next heir to his clan. He makes sure from the get-go that you’re eating properly even though everything he makes just seems gross at the moment. He begins to wonder how the child will change the both of you as you want to have the child with you, even doesn’t get that as his mother had little to do with him. After the baby is born he takes pride in showing it off, boy or girl he doesn’t care, it’s his. He is a very playful father from the get-go and often uses the baby in his pranks on you. None of them are funny. However, he is protective and begins training the little munchkin as soon as it can hold the wooden sword.


He enjoys his peace so when you inform him of the new bundle of joy inwardly he groans. However, the move of the baby fascinates him. He details the entire ordeal for future reference. He didn’t think he would care as they placed the bundle in his arms but he is overcome with every emotion at once. He begins to be an active role model for the baby. He takes it everywhere with him and proudly shows it off. He begins to train the toddler and before you know it you have a baby ninja in the house. He is as strict with the child but not nearly as moody. He is learning.


He is floored when you tell him basically dropping to his knees and kissing your stomach and then you. He loves you so much that he can’t believe he is so blessed. However, he realized he knows virtually nothing about babies. So research time. He is doing his job by day and researching anything he can in his free time. When they place the tiny bundle in his arms, he lost his heart again. He sits and reads to the baby as you work. He entirely focuses on you and it. He is amazed by its growth and early speech patterns, so he begins to teach games and writing. So by the little angel is three it is beating him and Nobunaga in go.


He is beyond emotions when he finds out. However, it is just another life he has to add to the list to protect from his plots. He begins as the day they place the tiny bundle in his arms, and he quickly passes it back to you. You really don’t find he behavior that odd coming from him. However, when you find him standing at night in the moonlight with the newborn you know, he couldn’t stop himself. He is in thrall of this perfect little creature he helped make. Despite his misgivings, at first, he does everything with the baby. He talks to it as if the baby understands every word and it is possibly the other person who knows about all his plots. As the child grows his attention does not waver as the child is trained in all things. However of all things he can be found in the back of his manor exploring with the child or sword fighting or curled up sleeping somewhere together.


He would gush about his prowess at becoming a father. When the time came, he would become emotional and promise the world to it. The child would be as demanding as the father however strict he would be he would be as proud. “My child did …… they are brilliant” his softer side would show as he handled situations and god forbid anyone messes with it.


As the baby was born, he swore there was only one thing more beautiful, and that was you. He would be the proud papa and would bring the baby everywhere with him. He would do training with the baby, so it was only natural for the toddler to reach for Yukimura’s spear. He trains it as he did Yuki and a gentle hand to push when needed.


He would be a nervous wreck when they placed the babe in his arms. He looked confused and scared at the same time. He liked children in general, but this was HIS. He didn’t want to break it or drop it. However one day you walk in to see Yuki quietly humming as the baby fell to sleep. He turned to you, and you saw the new light in his eyes. He, from that moment on, took the baby with him. The training he says they are never too young to learn. He would be that dad pushes but right to the point for the child to better themselves.


He wishes you all were back in the modern day as he wants to be 100 percent everything was fine with both of you. He would again lose his heart to the small babe as he sees it the first time. He would begin almost immediately teaching the tiny newborn as he would read late into the night or just explain nearly everything in a hushed and low tone that often you would fall asleep as well. As the child grew with its small spectacles perched in its nose, it would emulate its father by disappearing through ceiling tiles or using a smoke bomb which they could now make. Sasuke never loses his temper with the child however he nudges the child when you are about ready to. He tries to explain people to it and as it nods you realize to only understood maybe four out of ten words, and you know how you are in serious trouble. He also instills a love for Ieyasu you can’t understand…..


Finding love with an angel

She woke up to find a single small flower by her head. She looked at the small flower and sighed with a slight morning smile. He had been sneaking around for weeks now doing sweet little things like this. She wondered how he had the time to do so many little tasks. He was always so busy. She stretched her small body and began her morning ritual. She then places the small flower in the cup of water for all the others. Reaching out she touched the flowers and sniffed them gently. It was always something a flower, a shelf of paper, some new fabrics, or small trinket left behind when she was sleeping or when she returned to her room for the night. Somedays he wouldn’t be seen at all, others they could work together for hours, but he never acknowledged his handy work.

He was debating on his next move. He knew the battle of winning her heart would be a long one and his allies even his friends are all debating on taking part for themselves as well. There was nothing he could do about that but win her soon. For his sanity, he had too. She could have anyone in the castle or surrounding area, but for her grace, she never seemed to care about that. She treated everyone the same including him. She would drop hints and simple acknowledgment of the gifts he left but never came out and asked why he was doing it. What if they were not the only things she received? The thought floored him. He had to move fast. She had to be his.

She started the day by checking in with Nobunaga to see he if had anything to do for her. As usual, he dismissed her with tasks that anyone in the castle would already be doing. She then checked in on the household staff to see if there was anything needed. Again a gentle let-down. There was nothing for her to do. She was always busy, but it was all things she did in her own. She began her day thinking of ways to improve life at the castle, but today she was lacking. She could not think of one thing to do. She headed for the walled garden to see if some fresh air would help clear her mind.

He looked all over the castle for her. A slight panic had started in the pit of his chest when everyone said they had seen her but no one knew where she was. She had to be here somewhere; she wouldn’t just leave would she? War counsel was set to begin, but at that moment he didn’t care. He wanted to see her. Wanted to make sure she was alright. He couldn’t focus on anything else.

A page had informed her while in the garden that her presence was required for the council. She, of course, was just happy to be useful for something at that point. She made her way to the great hall as all of the vassals and allies were waiting around for counsel to start. She saw the most trusted allies and retainers to the cause and briefly smiled at them all. She headed into the room to find her seat in the back of the open room.

He was standing with his allies talking over some new plans to replace a footbridge when they all spotted her as she made her way through the crowds of vassals. His heart felt lighter as she smiled at him and the men around him. Was she going inside? He couldn’t think of why her presence would be needed for this counsel as we were just discussing ordinary affairs not prepping for another battle. He thought back to the smile, it was radiantly beautiful, but the light didn’t reach her eyes. She was troubled. Why? He had to know.

The council began and dragged on as she sat there waiting for her time to speak. It never came. After three hours of listening to the other ramble on about rice production and footbridges, she wondered if Nobunaga had forgotten that he had called her. As she thought this she looked directly at him, and he smiled that knowing smile and looked away at one of his trusted men. Then he looked back her way as she met his gaze his smile turned slightly, and he furrowed his brow a bit as if he was trying to tell her something without words. She began looking back and forth between the two men subtly to see what her boss was trying to say to her.

He watched Nobunaga on his dias looking back and forth to himself and the Princess. His smile was too much when he looked at her. His hope was fading and fast if Nobunaga wanted her then there was no hope. She would be his. His heart sank. He was sure it must have shown to everyone that he was now a broken man.

She looked over at the group Nobunaga had tried to get her to look at. He had played his game for about five minutes before turning to another vassal for a different update. She had lowered her head in frustration as to why her boss was playing with her. She looked up and glanced back to the men and saw. She saw what Nobunaga had wanted her to see. It was written plainly on his face. He looked close to tears. She had never seen him like that before.

War counsel ended, and all the people filed out, but she was last to leave. Nobunaga observed her carefully as she moved forward.“Did you understand my message, Princess?”, he regally asked.

“I believe I did.” , she replied.

“Good, now do something about that,” he said softly very unlike him. “He is lost since you arrived fix that problem please.”

She took her leave of her boss only to walk out to an empty hall. She had to find him but where would he go? She thought for a minute and turned her heels to head for one place. She reached it within minutes and slid the door open and glanced inside. He was there. Alone. His head hung low, and he was scribbling on a sheet of paper. He didn’t notice her entry. She glanced around the darkened room no one else was there for which she was glad. She placed the lock on the door so they wouldn’t be interrupted, she didn’t know how this was going to go. She walked over quietly to him as he scratched out another set of numbers in a sheet of paper. She thought he was the one who loved math; this was his way of dealing with what she saw in his eyes at counsel. Before she knew it, she placed a hand on his shoulder, and he jumped.

“You?”, was all he could get out.

As he sat, he looked up at her and her radiant beauty. The lantern light made her golden hair shine like a halo. He had to clear his throat because he didn’t trust his own voice. His heart seemed like it was going to burst out of his chest. “What are you doing here, Princess?”

“I came to check on you.”, she replied softly,“I think we need to talk.”

“About what? How you and my lord are now together?”,he asked softly.

“Oh no.”, she spoke softly laughing,“We are no such thing. Nobunaga wasn’t trying to get me. He was trying to get me to see.”

“See what?”, he asked not believing her.

“He was trying to get me to see you.”, she whispered back.

“Me?”, he asked. “He wouldn’t.” He began to shake his head.

“Oh yes, he would.”, she said.

“No, No one cares about someone like me.”, he softly said looking beyond dejected.

“I care. All of them care. But I think I care the most.” She said.

He shook his head he couldn’t trust his ears.

“You care?”

“Oh yes, I do care.”, she whispered now looking deeply into his eyes. “Who else but you would leave me those presents? Who else would wish me a great day every day? Who else could ever love me as you do?”

“No one could.” He whispered back. “I love you, Princess.”

“I know.” She calmly replied,“ I didn’t know I loved you too until Nobunaga made me see.” She was smiling at him as she moved closer and now sat on his lap facing him.

“You— you —- love me?” He stuttered out.

“Oh yes, I do.”, she whispered onto his lips as their heads went now met joined at their foreheads.

His hands moved on their own to cup her face and draw it closer. His lips met hers in a gentle touch at first then something took over him. His mind was blank, and he was moving entirely on instinct. Her drew her even closer. Her head tilted just a fraction, and his lips took advantage of that the kiss raged on and in until both of them were gasping. He wanted more so much more than just a kiss. He buried his head on her shoulder as he bared her skin there and he began to kiss the soft skin and suck just hard enough to mark her porcelain skin. He looked at that mark as he bent to kiss the spot.

“You are mine.”, he said it wasn’t a question or even a statement just a fact.

“Yes, I am.” She replied. He then stood with her in his arms, and he started to walk to the door as she clung to him,“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere else. Where I can claim what is MINE.”, he surprisingly said.

Hours later she woke in a futon that wasn’t hers. She was still completely relaxed from his very enthusiastic lovemaking. She could feel the marks that now were all over her body not that they hurt. She rolled over and was surprised to see he was already awake as well. His beautiful amethyst eyes were glancing down tracing her body through the covers of the futon. He brushed a kiss across her forehead as he said,“ Princess I do believe we both have a fever and won’t be able to go to work tomorrow.”

“Oh really?”, she smiled,“I feel wonderfully at this moment.”

“Oh yes, this fever only last for short burst but you will be infected for quite awhile.” He whispered as he kissed her lips.

“Oh well, I guess then we should just spend the day in bed.”,She giggled.

Hideyoshi didn’t understand why they had to stay in the same room if they both were sick, he did pass the information on to Nobunaga in the first morning of the day. Out of character he laughed at the news and told Hideyoshi both could have a few days to feel better. They would probably need it.


Depressed mc headcanon

So I was asked to do this headcanon of the mc being depressed and how the warlords would deal with it…

This is my first headcanon so please bear with me.

The oda forces.


-he notices right off the bat that something is different with you.

-he begins to ask small leading questions to try to get you to talk about whatever is bothering you.

-you, of course, don’t want to speak of it cause it seems small and insignificant to you even though day by day you start to disappear within yourself.

-he won’t allow this.

-he orders you to start talking

-of course, you don’t instead just look at him with dead eyes.

-he again tries to force you to tell him but realizes that tact is not working.

-he holds a war council to get everyone’s ideas.

-the other warlords have nothing.

-he begins to lose his mind the more you disappear into yourself, so he comes up with one last plan

– He has everything you like delivered to the castle, sparing no expense. He tells you of his plan to whisk you away to the hot springs as soon as he can wipe all his enemies off the map.

-you realize that you still have a long way to go to being back to “normal” but begin to smile because you know he loves you that much.


-He is so busy with work he doesn’t notice the sad look shadowing your eyes right away.

-he starts to see when you don’t laugh as much or even talk as much.

-you hardly ever smile anymore and this sets of warning bells in his head.

-he begins a campaign to get you to tell him what is wrong.

-he doesn’t understand

-frankly, it scares the hell out of him

-he tries hard to get you to talk, but all you want to do is lay down and sleep.

-he lays with you and holds you gently, rubbing your back soothingly.

-finally, you softly tell him how your feeling.

-he understands, which surprises you, he tells you his own history.

-he basically tells you that he understands what it is like to fight but you are not alone and he won’t let you fall any further.

-it is a nice feeling having him there, and you promise to talk more.


-he noticed something wrong on the first day

-he can’t figure out what though

-he outright asks

-when you say nothing, he blows a gasket but not at you

-he realized it been a week since you smiled

-he brings home some flowers he doesn’t get the half heart response even though you love them

-he tries the next day again with a new hair comb again you love it, but the half-smile you gave him didn’t reach your eyes

-he is worried now

-Masamune worried is not a good thing

-he starts asking everyone for advice even writing to Oshu.

-he is really trying to let you have your space but he can’t

-finally, he breaks down and lays it all out for you

-you realize how much you mean to him and start talking

-he takes it as a start

-he makes sure you talk at least to him every day

-he is finally happy enough with the outcome and the more enthusiastic smile you gave him he lets it go


-he understands inner demons

-he noticed the first day you started showing signs

-he didn’t say anything at first cause he knows what it feels like

-he also knows he won’t let it get too far

-as you go more and more silent so does he.

-you start to wonder what is wrong with him

-he just waits you out until you can’t take it anymore and say something

-his reply “Oh do you not like silence either?”

-you realize he did it to prove a point

-you start talking as he pulls you into his lap and rests his head on your back as you continue on

-his silence now is him listening and thinking how he can get you back to normal

-he begins to work less for the time being so he can spend more time with you

-you slowly come back to yourself as he helps guide you


-this one has no clue

-he is so attuned to you he could probably pinpoint the second you started feeling down

-he has no idea how to ask you

-the angel thinks it is something he has done and you’re just not happy with him

-he finally breaks down and asks whats wrong

-you try to explain, but words fail to cover it

-he now has a mission and spends every waking second trying to find scrolls on the subject

-he asks Ieyasu to make an herbal remedy for you and hands him a recipe he found

-ieyasu hates doing it for him, but your smile is important to all of them he does it

-he beings to spend less time reading and more on you

-(you are almost sick of him at this point)

-he begs for you to talk and drink your special tea he had Ieyasu make.

-he tries to brew it, but well it is a normal experience

-for some reason this makes you laugh a bit

-he loses his angel mind when that happens

-he hugs you and holds you, and you start talking more.

-he can finally let go and relax a bit

-basically, you tell him he starts working normally again, or you will never smile again

-he nods

-poor angel doesn’t realize you made a joke; however, he is happy none the less because of your talking.


-he noticed something is off, but he is busy with paperwork

-he sees more and more as you stop smiling, talking, and just withdrawal

-he gets it, he really does

-he has no idea how to help you through it though

-he slows down his work pace first off so he can spend more time with you

-he brings you outside to play with wasabi

-he makes an herbal tea to help soothe you

-when he thinks your comfortable, he will ask whats wrong

-if you ignore his questions, he will begin to be more and more sweet to you

-this change confuses you

-he tells you about his life as a hostage and how it made him feel

-you begin to come out of your fog, and he works with you every day until your silky smile is back in place

Takeda/Uesugi Forces


-he knows something is wrong before you do

-he starts leaving small things for you around the castle and in your room

-he starts with shoulder rubs

-he understands your feelings, but he tries desperately to fight the battle for you

-this, of course, doesn’t work

-he waits for you to talk, he doesn’t demand that you do

-he tries to talk with you whenever he can

-again he will just sit there and stroke your hair as he tells you about his day

-he draws the line after awhile at your silence.

-he brings in reinforcements

-the bunny squad will be ordered into your room to wake you up

-it works to a point

-you laugh and smile for the first time in a long while


Mitsunari- never ending book

As she walked into the archives, she noticed him sitting at a desk knowing he wouldn’t even realize she had entered. When he was reading, he was in a completely different world. A bomb could explode right next to him, and he wouldn’t notice. She had seen the other warlords pull his hair, knock into him, and so much more to prove the point he just doesn’t notice. She admired that he could get so lost in reading she wished she could.

As she walked through the vast room, she was as quiet as possible, but he noticed she was here. She hadn’t done or said anything, but he woke up from the place he had gone to while reading when a feeling crept over him. It was the feeling she was around. He always knew when she was even without seeing her. He had compared her to a book once before, but she was so much more, he didn’t know the words to describe the feelings he had or even a reference point to figure them out, but he wanted more, so much more than just to be her friend.

“Princess,” he softly spoke,“ Is there something I can help you find?”

“Oh no, Mitsunari. I am just looking for something to distract me.” She said back smiling.

He wanted nothing more to be the distraction she desired. He didn’t even know how to distract her. “I do understand the wanting of a good book but if I may?” He said in his hushed tones,“ I could use a bit of distraction also. Would you care to go for a walk with me?”

“Are you sure you can take a break? You looked heavily engrossed in your studies of that book.” She replied.

He chuckled in his angelic way,“ Yes princess this is for future reference not really pertinent to anything now. Please say you will come?”

“Alright, Mitsu,” she came over to stand with him as he reached out for her tiny hand and led her out of the castle with nowhere in particular in mind for a destination.

They ambled down a lane that leads to the forest and then the stream where they once held hands in the water. He wished for a time like that again but had no idea of how to make it happen. He still had her hand in his, and he felt so much lighter than his usual self.

They reached the river bank, not in the same place they were last time, but a new more secluded spot and she bent down touching the water again. He stood in back of her just staring at the picture before him. He wished he was an artist so it could put this on paper so he would remember it forever not that he forgot any interaction he had ever had with her. He couldn’t remember even if he tried. He thought to himself this river was becoming his favorite place.

“The water is cold.” She said looking over her shoulder back to him.

“It is?” He asked moving a little closer.

“Oh yes, Mitsu. It feels good even if it is cold but not freezing.” Her smile got brighter as she spoke. He knelt down and placed his hand in the cold water as it rushed around his more massive hand. He glanced at her as she was looking at their two hands inches apart. He wondered what she was thinking if it was about him. How did she see him?

“Princess?”, he began cautiously,“Why do you call me Mitsu and not my full name?”

“Oh does it bother you Mitsunari?” She asked the continued,“Where I am from we often call people by different names. Its called a nickname. It’s a sign of affection in a way.”

He thought back and grinned his angelic smile. “Princess you only call me by a nickname.” He said shyly,“Is it because of an affection?”

She thought for a moment, and her smile grew, and his chest began aching. Why was her smile making his chest hurt? He hoped she knew, but he was afraid to ask.

She was going to answer Mitsunari’s question when she noticed he was slightly shrinking back. His hand was only an inch or so from hers in the river, so she moved it into his and twisted her tiny fingers within his. His face went blank. She saw the change instantly. Hideyoshi had joked that he thought Mitsunari might have a crush on her a few times before but she willfully ignored it. She knew at that moment he must have but didn’t have the experience or the knowledge even to know he did. She looked into his light amethyst eyes and her gazed softened. “Yes, Mitsunari it is because of affection that I call you Mitsu.” She squeezed his hand in the water. His face became so full of love in that second. He had no idea that he had become so much more to her than just a friend. She didn’t know how to go on because of his sweet innocence.

He looked at her and saw his world tilting. When she squeezed his hand, he nearly stopped breathing. She had some sort of affection towards him. She had only given him a nickname. All the times they had shared filled his brain. He didn’t even realize his other hand was moving to cup her cheek. He just looked at her and saw it. She leaned her head I to his palm, and his head went blank. “Princess…” he choked out. He had no idea of what to do.

“Oh, my angel Mitsu. My sweet Mitsu, you have no clue do you?” She said in her soft low voice.

As he was going to say something she stopped him by placing her forehead to his. Nose to nose they just sat there for a while. Then her eyes closed as she moved her face away. He wanted to scream out, but then he found her placing her lips on his. A kiss. He had never been kissed before that he could remember. Their wet hands still joined were now out of the water and placed on his chest as she grew closer and closer till she was sitting on his lap. The kiss was sweet and straightforward. “Oh” was all he could say. He wanted more but again didn’t know what to do.

“Mitsu. Trust me.” She whispered.

“I do princess. I just want—- I want—- I don’t know the words.” He grumbled out.

“I know my sweet Mitsu.” She said whispering against his lips.“ With you, we can only go slowly so you can learn. You will learn the words and the actions. It’s like a book, but the story never ends. I do promise the rewards will be the best ever.”

“You promise Princess?” He whispered back.

“Mitsu this will be the best book ever.” She said with the most dazzling smile ever. She was entirely too beautiful to him.

They began the walk back to the castle both distracted from talking. Mitsunari had one last thought that the river was ultimately his favorite new destination but he would only go there with her. He glanced down at her as she glanced up. They both smiled at each other.

From the garden which had an unobstructed view of that path Hideyoshi, Nobunaga, And Ieyasu were there staring at the couple walking back. Hideyoshi smiled and said,“I knew it!”

Nobunaga grinned,“So my fireball likes that type? Interesting.”

Ieyasu looked and shook his head as he grumbled out something like,“ Doesn’t she know she could have anyone she wanted? Not just that bumbling oaf?”

The other two men looked at Ieyasu and shook their heads…..


A story for Masamune…

Simple nights

She sat alone in town on a rock overlooking the water at sunset was nearly upon them. It was a rare day where she felt not so much herself and was a tiny bit sad as she remembered friendship from her past. It wasn’t so much that she lacked for friends here, but the feeling of things lost. She had drawn something out and immediately thought of an old friend who brought on this feeling. Everyone had noticed that she wasn’t quite herself and he granted her the time off to go and collect herself in peace.

She had been grateful for the time, but she knew this wasn’t going to go away so quickly, she wasn’t one to lie to herself. She hadn’t heard as he moved up to stand behind her. He had been watching for awhile now, and she hadn’t noticed his presence around her which for the two was highly unusual. Despite his usual response of trying to interject himself into whatever was troubling her he had stayed back and just watched instead. He didn’t know how to help her this time. He knew he could explain this from this time but feelings? He wasn’t so good with those. He lived his life based on the principles he thought were most valid but not so much on what he felt. He didn’t understand her need for them, or why she would let things bother her as she did, but he wanted to know. He needed to know.

As she sat looking over the water and he was behind her, he moved closer, so he was just touching her shoulders as he was still standing. “Kitten?”, he asked in his rich tones. “ What is wrong?”

“Nothing is really wrong Masamune; I was just trapped in my thoughts.”, She responded.

“Something was bothering you today, we all saw.”, He said, “You don’t have to hide yourself from me, lass.”

“I know that. It was really nothing.”, she responded looking over her shoulder to him with a smile, but he saw that smile didn’t reach her eyes.

“Come with me.”, He said as he offered his hand. She didn’t want to be alone, but she also didn’t know what he had in mind. He was impossibly impulsive at times. She didn’t worry that much about any of the hidden dangers of life here as he had instinctive protected her which went against his own personal beliefs at the time, sometimes he was a walking contradiction. A puzzle that she, for the most part, wanted to solve because of his magnetic personality, but it was even more.

She places her tiny hand in his as he pulled her up and pulled her along in his fashion. There was only one speed with him she knew, faster. It was reassuring to hear that somethings probably wouldn’t change. He would remain the same, steadfast in his beliefs till his last day, in the meantime he meant to live his life to the fullest never hesitating in his desires. She wondered if some of that could rub off on her in time. Out of all the men here he was the most trusting in her claim she was from the future. He had tested her that first day in Azchui, and he had walked away knowing it was the truth. He never pushed her for knowledge of the future, and that was the best outcome for her, he had explained things in the past to her even when she didn’t want to accept it. She wondered where exactly he was leading her as it wasn’t a way she usually went.

He stopped at a small restaurant that she didn’t know was there. They were small, and it would be cramped if too many people were there but that was not the case, the room was dimly lit, and he had preordered for the two of them. It never occurred to him that she might have said no, even if she had he would have somehow made her come, food was his life besides fighting and ruling. The smells of the food quickly found her and made her wish to try some of everything. He was glad that even with her feelings of sadness she was still hungry enough to eat. He allowed her to have everything even his own food. She was always so eager to please that it was his turn to please her and this was only the first step. He had other things planned for the night as well.

After the meal when she was full and ready to go back to the castle he again lead her to another spot closer to the pier, a ship had come in in the past few days, and they were unloading their wares, one had been some fabric from overseas and he thought maybe she would like to see if it would work with her designs. Something he knew not much about, but he loved her sketches and fancied them as a form of artwork alone. She was in awe of the fabric, and he bought her five bolts of diverse types with the promise they would be delivered to the castle on the morn. She was smiling again, a real smile, he knew he could leave her to know having accomplished his goal, but he chose to go one step further.

He brought her to one last place as he dragged her to it she again didn’t know what the place could be. It seemed to be a table in the middle of nowhere. He motioned for her to sit and then she saw the moon rise over the horizon. She had heard that this was a significant event in these times, to watch the moon risings when it was full. She sat with her back to his chest as he explained the pure joy of watching something so beautiful, she thought he meant the moon; however when she turned to look at him, he was staring at her. Her blush crept over her face, and she turned quickly as he bent down and placed his head on her shoulder. A simple night with a person that means so much is often the best he sighed with contentment.

She smiled at him as he again pulled her up and lead her not so quickly this time to the castle and to her room. He walked slower as not to hurry their goodbyes for the night. He really didn’t want to let her go for some reason. As they made their way up the path to the castle, he suggested that they could do this again sometime, maybe? She laughed but agreed as it was exactly what she needed. As they neared her room his hand almost fell away but instead gripped hers tighter in a wordless bond that the two shared. She opened her door and started inside when he pulled her back to him and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. It was their first real kiss as she didn’t really want to count the one in the lake. She looked up at him not in horror or surprise but with a look that begged for more, and he smirked, and his eyes crinkled at the sight as she led him in her room for just a little more cuddles before he would leave, or Hideyoshi would find him there and the two would never hear the end of it.


Hc pole dancing mc


What would the warlords think of poledancer MC? Not so much for the dancing itself but for her being built all over (not body builder size but there’s clear muscle lines when she flexes and stretches) and her sense of “too much skin” being near non existent. Bonus points if sass/flirt levels are maxed! Your works are so much fun to read, I hope you’re doing well!

again it took a long time to get to this ask/request and I do apologize for that. I am going to do this in a two part with different reactions. one written and one gif.


he would notice that she was tone from the first. he saw her in her normal future clothes so he knows. he would drop subtle hints to her body and the way it is stronger than most other women. she would show him her workout routine when she found a perfect tree to work out on. he would love to watch her as she did. she would also love to talk back as he watched. “ Like what you see? no you can’t touch. I don’t care if you want to rule the world. it is MY body.”


he would also see it in her movements and as some of her kimonos fit her snuggly. she would shed them as she worked out and he stumbled upon her one day and his eyes nearly pooped out of his head. he would watch from a distance and then she would tease him, “Were you watching me? come on big brother you know I can take care of myself. you saw what I can do.”


he would first brush off the toneness of her body. it was just luck. women don’t need to be like that. he would follow one day as she smiled and said it was time to work out. he didn’t believe she really did anything special. he watched as he sat down and couldn’t believe his eyes. she could do things that seemed impossible. “Ieyasu you should try this. it really works your core muscles and could make you faster.” she would call out as she flipped upside down and he forgot to breathe.


Starts to drool everytime the kimono pulls on certain parts of your body that he really wants to see but wouldn’t cross that line, yet. he knew you seemed stronger than most women of your size. he watched you as he was looking for something else in the forest and he couldn’t contain his glee. “Come on Dragon does this make you hot?” she would call out as she slid down the tree pole. he would be left gulping air to calm himself.


He would see your body as a fit piece of perfection but he wouldn’t quite understand his reaction to it. he liked watching you and though he seemed unable to understand the flirty ways or your speech he would enjoy the show you put on. though he couldn’t hide his reaction to some of the moves you did he was impressed. “Seriously how the hell am I supposed to do this with an angel watching me? It almost feels dirty.”


She knows he knows what she does in the woods on the tree but neither of them talk about it. he watches covertly from a distance and she makes sure to put on a show for him. one day after a hard work out she walks by him and smiles coyly, “I always work harder when you’re watching. maybe I should start working a different pole instead.”


Walrord sex first time hc (modern)


Warlords dating and sex for the first time


– will wait till third date before brings it up.

– once it is brought up he will say things to the effect he is ready, but will wait for you to be ready as well.

– will move slowly as he claims you slowly

– when you are ready he will go step by step in slow detail.

– he makes sure before moving to the next step

– makes it as wonderful for you as he can


– never says anything about it

– he moves slowly

– making sure it is real for the both of you

– when you bring it up he is happy to discuss his feelings for you

-will finally move when he just can’t take it anymore

– he goes agonizing slowly

– however it feels wonderful


– he never says much

– a quick peek on the cheek goodbye

– you start to wonder if he is even into you

– finally you get the words out and he looks at you like you grew another head

– quickly picks you up And moves to the most secluded spot

– no words are said but his actions prove he is really into you

– you never doubt his lack of words again

– not openly affectionate but alone slow touches and deep kisses lead to a night of bliss


– second date he moves slightly

-would it be Masamune if he waited?

– he shows affection as easy as breathing

– he builds up every night as if it was the most important in his life

– will never pressure you though makes sure you know he is ready to move on

– when you are ready because he wore you down he nearly rushes through dinner

– he takes his time touching and kissing

– wants you to enjoy the night as much as him

– you won’t regret it


– he waits

– he never says anything plainly

– he wants to move on but doesn’t have the words to express it

– leaves you wondering

– when he finally does speak you nearly jump

For joy

– he takes a hold of your hands and the gentle massage leads to much more touching

– touching leads to kissing

– admits he doesn’t know much about this next part but you gladly show him

– he is a quick study learning your tastes and preferences

-makes sure you are completely satisfied


– are you even dating?

– it never feels that way as he teases you like an older brother

– though the dates are normal (movies, dinner, parks, etc) never seems to long

– he doesn’t stay when he drops you off

– you figure you are friendzoned

– surprises you with close contact all night one night

– breathes on you neck as he speaks after he sees if affects you

– the hand on your lower back most of the night

– finally the kiss good night you break down and ask him in

– he accepts and then as the door shuts he takes you in his arms holding you tightly and deepens the kiss he has started

– admits he was waiting for you

– takes a long time working you up with touches, kisses, and licks

– takes a wonderfully long time making sure you are satisfied before he thinks of himself


Warlord twister hc

Since you’re doing head canons too, how do you think the warlords would react to playing Twister?

Left foot blue right arm yellow….


How in the world do you do this? How are people that flexible? He would sit on the sidelines and watch the first few games trying to make a statagy.


“Someone is going to end up hurt!” He would join in but only to make sure the game ended without a serious injury.


“This is ridiculous I don’t have time for this.” Though he does secretly want tonplay he will sit out the first few rounds.


He will study everything about the game. The options, what people do, he will be the master of twister by the end of the first day.


He will join in only because Hideyoshi doesn’t want people to play. He will make sure that he is thenone closest to the princess to ensure he was the only ine touching her. This game may not be so bad affer all


Mc stabbed (oda forces)

Headcanon for watt pad for Mc being Stabbed Protecting Warlord

The pair was out for a nice little trip to a nearby lake. As they were walking and holding hands, they were surprised by eight bandits that were laying in wait. He felt he could quickly take them on as the, and he did but when he wasn’t looking she saw one of the first he had laid out stand with a smaller dagger. She ran and threw herself in front of him as the blade hit home right through her shoulder. It wasn’t a life-threatening injury but one he treated as one because it was her who received it. After he made sure the bandits could not harm anyone else he carried her back to the castle…….


“Why did you do something so reckless, princess?”, He asks emotion he usually never lets through is thrumming there her as she can still feel the pain lancing through her. She knew it wasn’t all that bad and she wasn’t going to die, but the way he was treating her she could have been on death’s door. He had packed the wound and was mainly talking to himself about all the things that will be done when they got back to the castle. He was in a state of shock; she figured as he was finally calming down. He wouldn’t look at her the closer they got to town, and by the time they reached the castle, he was beyond angry. She could understand all the emotions he had ranged from, but he was mad at her which she couldn’t exactly believe. As soon as the two of you were in the castle, he started barking out orders to everyone. As the time progressed and the salves and everything arrived, he was pacing the floor. After the wound had been dressed, she stood and walked over to him while he was on the balcony. He looked off in the distance almost ignoring her but then asked her never to do something so foolish as to save him again as he placed an arm around her. He was admitting he feared to lose her and to appease him this one time she nodded.


He saw the dagger enter and he lost his mind. He went on survival mode as he struck every one of them down, again. He swooped her up and practically ran back to his manor. He had started screaming for this or that and for a doctor even though he knew the wound was not that bad. He was taking no chances. He cleaned the wound himself again not letting anyone else near her. She was his to protect, and he believed he failed in that. He was mentally beating himself up and after the doctor told him what he already knew it was just the two of them again. He curled up next to her whispering how he should be a better man, as she shut him up and told him he was already a wonderful man. She had to deal with him and his insecurities though knowing he was a splendid soldier and warrior, he had these slight issues. She talked him through them all and was just glad to have him with her. He wouldn’t let her do anything except walk for a few days. That was his love.


As he carried her back to the palace, he was figuring out mentally what to do to help ease the pain. He was already making lists of things to do when they got back; he was fighting his fear of failure to do all this. He was trying to make sense of the how’s and why’s that lead to the her getting stabbed. It was eating at him as only those things he considered failures did. As he placed her down, he started with a salve and cleaning the wound. He was as gentle as he could be basically treating her as he would a broken little sparrow. His eyes, however, were hard and also in pain. She tried to explain that it was just a reflex but that only made him worse. Finally, he was able to react usually, again. He held her close often waking up throughout the night knowing she was there and alive was enough for the moment.


He usually does everything at his usual pace quick, but not the walk back. He was careful and more aware of any pain you may have. He took his time not because he was delaying treatment but because he didn’t want her to be in pain from his rushing. He tended to the wound immediately and dressed it proper. He encouraged you to sleep. He sat at his desk as you slept quietly. He was coming to grips because of his foolishness he nearly caused her death. It was a simple reality he couldn’t wrap his head about; however, he knew he had to do something to make sure she was protected again, the thought of using her as a human shield was ludicrous. He was trying to think as she called out in sleep and he went to her as she slept. He gathered her in his arms and just enjoyed the feel of her in his arms.


He could believe his eyes as he watched the dagger enter her shoulder. He quickly struck the other man down and picked her up as carefully as someone holding a porcelain doll. There was no place better than the manor to clean and bandage the wound, and he took care of that all himself. He didn’t tell anyone of it, as he wanted to be the one who did everything. He even made tea to calm her nerves. She was grateful and didn’t feel all that bad as he gathered her in a hug that would typically crush her, but it was gentle and soft on this night. He had seen his own life flash before his eyes when he thought for a split second that she was gravely injured. He just wanted to hold her, forever if need be to help ease his own guilt.


He was abnormally talkative on the way back, commenting on this or that and waiting for her response. He was gauging her injuries based on her answers. He was pleasantly surprised that she hadn’t fallen in a fit of hysterics after he removed the dagger. She had been calm, and though she winced, he felt she would be fine. Upon entering his manor, he called for supplies and his vassals and maids having overseen taking care of his various injuries over the years helped take care of hers. She never winced again, and he thought of her pure resolve as she did. He was in awe of it. He knew the whole situation could have been avoided, but she was as headstrong as ever all he could do was help curb her more wild side. As the two lay down for the night after the powerful tonic his maid had given her he told her not to try to save someone like him again, it would break him to see her hurt worse than this. She nodded though mostly asleep already; he would then use that against her if she ever tried something so foolish again.


Warlords propose

Oooooh, proposals!!!! I like this one as it goes with the last theme we were doing. Plus it is easy on my brain right now. I have a few other asks still yet to do I am working on them and even though my turnaround is usually a day or so these will be out sometime this week, so if you asked for something it is coming just give my tired old brain a chance to catch up to my eagerness to write.


I can see him basically not asking at all. He would just expect it to be an enviable thing. It would be something akin to rolling over in bed and saying “so when do you want to do the thing?” Yes, unfortunately, my friends that is how my husband asked me to marry him.


Oh, this guy has the day planned out. First finding a day that you both have off and then whisking you away to the town. First, stop the market where he points out some rich fabric that would be for wedding outfits. He is, of course, trying to be slick and not say that word, but it is relatively apparent. Then to the teahouse, you love for a quick bite. Then off to a beautiful quiet secluded spot where no one can interrupt. He didn’t get the memo of going down on one knee but stands before you and asks you, “to be his for the rest of your life.”


He has been super busy between running Oshu and his duties here in Azuchi he has been working non-stop. When he has a lull in responsibilities to take care of, he wants to go for a ride and you to come. His proposal would be utterly spontaneous while riding on horseback. The idea just came to him while you were speaking about your lessons with Ieyasu and he blurts out, “I think we should get married, now.”


He has been secretly planning for weeks, just waiting for the “perfect” time. After realizing there was no perfect time he gives up his wait and goes off during dinner one night, “So I think it would be a good idea if we went ahead and got married. You need a man in your life, and well I guess no one else wants to marry you so I will do it.” Of course, if this ridiculous proposal came from any other male on the planet, you would laugh but since you know him and know it means,“I want to get married to you because you are the only woman in the world who would want to be with me.” You agree.


Sweet Angel has no idea how to go about this. He has studied scrolls, asked other people, even breaking down and asking Hideyoshi what he should do. He still doesn’t know. However, he decides one day to talk a walk with you as the weather was beautiful that day and you end up at a lake. He decides then and there to just ask, “Princess I don’t have the words to say this right, but I would be honored if you chose to be my wife.”

Sweet Angel has the perfect words


He was half joking when at dinner he said, “I really can’t let you go and should just marry you as you seem to be the only woman who can stand me for any period and doesn’t complain about my meal choices.”

You look him dead in the eyes and say, “You’re right. Yes, I accept.”

He has no freaking clue what to do or say at that moment as he is beyond dumbfounded. Speechless he is speechless like he can’t even get a sound out. He just stares at you for a total of ten minutes as he tries to get his mind together but each time he losses it again. You just continue eating as nothing happened. He begins to think it was a complete joke on your part but at evening war counsel when Nobunaga opened the floor, you get everyone’s attention and say,“For once someone has GOOD news to say. Mitsuhide and I will be getting married soon.”

All mouths drop including his again.

(This could be a story on its own) ((I think I will add it to my list))


He would have the bunny army bring in a bolt of fabric on their backs with a note. “The rabbit squad and I would like to ask for your hand in marriage.” Of course, who could say no if bunnies are involved?


He would probably shower you with affection until YOU asked him. “My angel wants to be married to Me? Of course, I accept”.


He knows what he wants. Period. He wants a wife and kids, and he wants them like now. “So…. you think we should get married before or after the baby is born?” This confuses you and realizes it is his way of asking to make it formal.


Now he got the memo. He would plan this ultra-romantic day complete with a meadow of wildflowers and after, tea, snacks, and a hike around a picturesque lake you would stand in the middle of the meadow as he got down on one knee, “I never thought I could meet someone like you in the future or past. I will be the luckiest man in both time periods if you agree to marry me.” Yeah, you melt right there…