Aphrodisiac series six


Aphrodisiac Series Princess/Mitsuhide Final one

Mitsuhide spent most of the next two weeks watching the Princess and planning his move. She held the same duties around the castle, so it was natural to expect to run into her. She, for some reason he couldn’t fathom still had any real fear of him, and he planned to use that lack of fear to his advantage. She didn’t seem to mind his attention or his offering of one drink or another. She would readily accept them, and he was happy with the fact it would make it that much easier to dose her water and then hand it to her.

The princess thought Mitsuhide must be up to something because he was being to nice to her now on a daily basis. He would offer her drinks, and she had wondered what his reasoning was since he rarely did anything without a reason behind it. She was waiting for the other shoe to fall as she watched him one day before she announced herself at his manor. The door was slightly open, and she saw him dump the contents of a vial into a cup. She was expected, and she knew that he would poison her but she had a feeling whatever was in the vial was supposed to be for her, and possibly for his amusement in one way or another. She thought it out and quickly formed her own plan as she walked in the room and smiled at him. He had no idea she had seen what he had just done, so she waited until he offered her a glass of cool fresh water. She gladly accepted and placed the cup on his desk as she sat before it. He had poured one for himself as well and set it before him. She took out the packet of missives that had been dispatched for him to read while she waited for a distraction. Ironically it came quickly as a vassal had a question for him that he needed to address promptly. He walked out of the room, and she switched the waters around. She then downed the one he placed in front of himself and waited for his return.

He was delighted to see that the princess had drunk her water with the tonic in it by the time he got back to the room. Their meeting went on for about an hour, and he wondered at how long until he could see the results of it. She left the manor with a small smile on her face knowing he would probably be nearby to watch the results of whatever he had tried to slip her with, and she couldn’t wait to see them either.

He later looked for her, for some unknown reason he couldn’t get her from his mind. Everywhere he looked she had just been there, but no one knew where she actually was. It seemed to him she was somehow avoiding him but he was still on her trail and he would find her. The growing need to see her was all too consuming for him. He now needed to find her and he couldn’t. It was driving him insane. He was nearly to his breaking point when he spotted her down one of the dimly lit hallways. He stalked closer to her and his need intensified by hundreds as he moved closer.

“What did you do to me?”, He asked as he walked right up to her as she backed into a wall. He pressed his lean body against hers as he stared into her lovely light eyes.

“Whatever you were going to do to me.”, she responded.

“What?”, he asked his already baritone voice dropping and becoming more husky.

“I saw you pour something into the cup you offered me. I switched them when you left.”, she said softly. “Whatever you had planned for me that is what you have to deal with.”

“You also have to deal with it, my princess.”, he whispered as he lowered his head and lightly kissed her neck.

“What has gotten into you, Mitsu?”, she asked slightly surprised by the contact.

“You have.” He responded as he continued on her neck leaving her somewhat breathless. He let his hand drift over her slight frame and settle on her waist as he pressed her against the wall even with more pressure. She was making soft sounds, and he couldn’t stop the piece of himself he kept hidden from the world from breaking free. He picked her up gently and moved through the darkened hallways back to her room and shut the door behind them with his foot. He didn’t break free from his hold on her until he gently laid her down and was next to her. “Tell me to stop now if you are because we will not stop this night until tomorrow if we continue.”

“Tell me what you were trying to do dose me with Mitsuhide.”, she said softly.

“An aphrodisiac tonic.”, he said as he looked away from her.

“So that is what your issue is?”, she asked.

“It only enhances what was already there, Princess. It doesn’t create new desires.”, He said as he moved for her neck again. She caught his head and brought it to hers and placed his forehead on hers.

“You wanted this before?”, she asked.

“God yes, Princess.”, he whispered.

“Good.”, She replied, and she kissed him at that time, and they began anew. Their hands did the talking, and their kisses grew more intense.

They found themselves wrapped up in each other answer their mutual desire for hours. He was slow but meticulous on his worshipping every inch of her. He found all the spots that made her bit her lips and even the ones she would call out as he would nip, kiss, or lick. He had held off on his desire for so long that it had built silently and he needed the princess to be as tricky as him for it to be released finally. He could only find his release within her, and he showed her how much he wanted and loved her many times throughout the night and even into the daybreak of a new day. They both were to spent with each other and wrapped up in the futon to care if they had anything to do that day. They smiled at each other as both closed their eyes and before sleep found him he thought,“The rest of the tonic is for my use and maybe hers as well if she wants it.” With that thought, he reclosed his eyes after peering down upon her now sleeping body next to his and knew the series of experiments had finally come to a close, and she was right where she was meant to be, with him.


Aphrodisiac series five


Aphrodisiac series Mitsunari

Mitsuhide had no qualms about dosing the man at, but for his plan to work he had to figure out when to send the princess to him and something that would peak the man’s interest long enough to keep him from burying his head in a book and ignoring everything else around him. Though Mitsuhide had watched the pair interact for a week now, the brief interactions would probably not be enough to get the result Mitsuhide had desired for the second to last of his experiment. This one was perhaps the only he could think of to fail but not for lack of trying or planning. Mitsunari’s indifference to everyone was well known, and even Hideyoshi’s horde of women had finally picked up on it. The only female Mitsuhide had ever seen Mitsunari show any interest in was the princess, so Mitsuhide hoped that would be a factor in making the plan work.

He waited until it was a beautiful, pleasant day and found Mitsunari early enough and half asleep to begin his plan. He brewed the man a cup of tea and poured the vial in as Mitsunari was preparing himself for the day. As they sat for awhile, Mitsuhide suggested because it was an excellent day outside that after a few hours of reading he should find the princess and ask her for a stroll. Mitsunari thought that would be a great idea and as Mitsuhide left for the day, he said he would send the princess to him around lunchtime for their walk. Mitsunari had already started to read and was lost in the book by the time Mitsuhide left the room.

Mitsuhide found the princess doing her daily tasks and was surprised by the idea of a walk with Mitsunari. However Mitsuhide had worded it as one of her duties to do instead of something she might enjoy, and he sincerely hoped she would. She agreed only because it was Mitsunari and she did think he needed to get out of the room and needed to rest his eyes a bit. It was one of her common complaints about him. It wasn’t hard to make it seem like work instead of his careful planning. She would hurry up to finish everything early so she could do that for Mitsunari.

The day grew hot but was still pleasant enough to go for a quick stroll or a walk in the wooded area by the stream. That seemed to be a favorite destination that the two would head to on their walks. She headed over to Hideyoshi’s manor after she had her lunch and finished her chores for the day. She luckily had nothing to do as the staff seemed ahead of her on finishing every regular thing for the day. As she walked, she noticed the slight uptick in the humidity but there were no clouds in the sky. A quick walk to the river would probably be the most pleasant to do and not walk around in the crowded town center or marketplace. She planned their trip mentally as she walked into Hideyoshi’s manor and went straight to Mitsunari’s quarters. She slid the door open and was surprised not to find him sitting reading but eagerly awaiting her arrival. He nearly overran her in his haste to greet her and take her hand for their walk. She was shocked at this new side to him she had never seen before.

Mitsunari pulled her along quicker than just a stroll, and he didn’t even notice his own hurried pace as she finally asked him, “Mitsunari are you in a rush?”

“No, I don’t believe so.”, he responded, and she laughed at his response. “I don’t understand it, but I just want to get to the river and be alone with you.”

She pondered his words and like everything else he said she thought it was most likely just an innocent expression. His angel smile appeared, and she wrote it off as he was just happy to be outside. She would often have to evaluate what he said as he was so sweet that sometimes his words could be misheard for something she figured it wasn’t. Still, the idea of being alone with him and that making him happy or even excited make her heart quicken.

Mitsuhide stood far back on the trail that they couldn’t see them to close or hear what they were saying. He did notice the quickened pace that the tactician was taking and the slight blush on the princess’s face as a sign that maybe his one failure in the experiment wouldn’t be a failure after all. He had a kindling of hope that perhaps the dunderhead genius would succumb to the tonic after all. He knew this was as far as he would go but he would be nearly enough to see the results if there were any to witness.

When the pair got to the river’s edge, they both looked peacefully at the water as they let their hands and feet cool off in the stream. The water was refreshing even though it wasn’t entirely too hot it was warm enough to be slightly uncomfortable. Every time Mitsunari looked at her, he flushed even more, and she wondered if the heat was too much for him. As she was going to ask a massive clap of thunder rang out of nowhere and through the tree tops she could see the clouds had formed and were not happy looking clouds. He also looked up and smiled again, but it wasn’t his usual sweet smile but one of a man with a plan, one that very much included her.

He knew the rain would be hitting soon, but there was a small crafter’s hut not far away. He had a wish to take her there before the storm, but it wasn’t for her safety as much it was his desire to be even more alone with her in even more secluded climes. He needed that though he didn’t know why. He needed it more than even air to breathe. He reached for her hand and started off toward the small cozy hut, and they got there right before the sky opened up and began to downpour. As they could hear the raindrops beating on the roof, they took stock of the small unused hut. A small rolled up pallet was in the corner, and he went over and unwound it. He was happy to see it was still in excellent condition and no small rodents had got into it. He motioned for her to sit as he knew these storms could linger on and he wanted to be closer to her regardless.

One clap of thunder that seemed right overhead was his salvation as she jumped and moved right into his lap. Though he had no idea why he his mouth found hers, and they both began playing a great game, then just him trying to distract her from the loud claps of thunder. Soon he moved from her lips down to her neck, and he was moving purely on what he wanted to do, she let him know at each stage it was okay to move ahead to the next spot. Soon neither had a stitch of fabric on and they were both lost in each other. They didn’t even notice that the storm had stopped until it was much later and he deemed it too dark to try and find their way home with a devilish smile. He had somehow found something much more interesting than a book to learn from, and he wanted to learn from her much more. He would use his words, but his lack of them left her breathless at times also throughout the night.

At daybreak, the pair made their way back to the castle proper where they were greeted by all the warlords who were only slightly worried about the couple. Everyone noticed that Mitsunari had not let go of her hand the entire time they were standing around giving their accounts of the crafters’ hut and the storm. Each man smiled knowingly at him as they all looked at the princesses slight blush and the very few red marks marring her skin just barely visible from her clothes.

Mitsuhide had to chuckle to himself and start to plan for the last time on when he was going to dose the princess. He wondered if it would have the same effect on a female as it did all the males he had tried it out on. Again he started to formulate his plan.


Aphrodisiac series four


Aphrodisiac Series Masamune

Mitsuhide had to wait and watch Masamune to see when would be the man’s weak point. Masamune would often cook meals for him and Mitsunari because neither cared much for eating both for different reason’s. He couldn’t taste so eating became just a thing to do to survive and keep his body going. Mitsunari because even though he was a tactician and a genius one at that, he would just forget to eat while he was lost in some book. Masamune felt the need to make sure every few days they had a real meal to keep their energy up and their bodies healthy, just in case. It was well known throughout the upper vassal’s of Masamune’s inability to handle any type of alcohol, and for that reason, Mitsuhide had taken to switching the man’s water for sake at different events. Mitsuhide has found it ever so amusing to watch as only a sip or two in the man would tip over and fall asleep in a drunken coma. Dosing him with the tonic in the vial wouldn’t be all that hard, but he didn’t know how the over flirtatious man would handle it running through his veins or how fast it would take effect. He had to plan this out, and for that he needed time, luckily this was his own experiment, and he had all the time in the world to figure it out.

After a few weeks of watching Masamune while he worked it out what exactly he was going to do and when. He suggested to Masamune that instead of cooking at Hideyoshi’s Manor he should do it at his own and he could possibly invite the princess for the dinner as they had not seen her in a week or so as she had been busy with her commissions and her work as caretaker of the castle. Masamune’s eyes lit up at the idea, and he jumped up and ran pretty much with the idea. Per normal Mitsuhide had to pry Mitsunari from his book but both headed over to Masamune’s manor way before they were expected. He had to be there early enough to dump the vial in his water, but only his water, before the Princess arrived. Otherwise, his plan could quickly fall apart quickly.

He found that dosing the water wouldn’t be an issue as he had walked out of the room but left his cup for water empty to fil he emptied the vial and waited for Masamune to pour his own water in the cup. It had worked out even better then he had hoped and planned for. He paused and watched as Masamune looked at the still almost empty cup and refilled it with water and quickly downed the contents. He smiled at Mitsuhide and said, “You’re not going to trick me today by switching my water.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”, Mitsuhide replied easy as it was never his intention for today, at least.

“Sure.”, Masamune replied as he left the room to check on the food once more.

Mitsuhide just smiled to himself content with the knowledge of what he had done. When the princess arrived, he watched and waited quietly as a mouse, who saw the goal in reach. He hurried dinner along and saw the change in the man he had just given the tonic too. His eyes dilated, and he looked with a burning lit in his blue eye. Mitsuhide had figured he would react faster to the potion then the others and he was happy to know he was correct. After they hurried through the meal as the princess said she would help clean up, Mitsuhide grabbed Mitsunari who again was lost in his scroll and walked out of the manor without saying goodbyes or a thank you.

When the princess and Masamune returned to the now empty room, they were surprised by the lack of Mitsu’s there. She also went to take her leave when Masamune grabbed her hand and led her out to the veranda to look over the back of his manor’s full lawn’s. It was sunset, and the colors played well in the sky as they changed. The two stood in silence when he leaned over and took her lips with his own and then proceeded to devour her slowly. Though his control was legendary, he lost all of it as he thought about her underneath him. He drove the wild beast inside to the breaking point, and he lost all of his control. Her sounds just edged him on more and more until he had to have her, and luckily for him, she wanted it just as bad.

Neither the princess nor Masamune slept much that night, but the sounds that were coming from the lord’s chamber kept everyone away from the door. Her soft sounds versus his own louder ones had every person in the manor with the distinct impression that the princess was with him, and would probably be with him for a while. Everyone could have seen his growing infatuation with her and his people could not be happier with this result. When the two emerged the next morning, they were greeted by knowing smiles and nods.

Mitsuhide watched the scene of the two walking into the castle together, and his grin was recalled to his face. He knew his plan had worked by the simple, pure blush she had when Masamune touched her cheek in a quick goodbye and also the stolen kiss before he turned away to go talk with Nobunaga. Probably about his actions and the fact that the princess was now his. Masamune’s playful nature would only extend so far when it came to her.

Mitsuhide for his part counted his success as a win. He had one more person to test out and that one wouldn’t be all that hard to do as he didn’t notice if things tasted off. Mitsuhide would have to think on the when though as to plan it out successfully. The scatterbrained genius of a warlord maybe is the only one who the whole plan could fail and miserably. This was going to take thought and hope that it would work in the end.


Aphrodisiac series three


Aphrodisiac series Ieyasu

Mitsuhide didn’t have to think too hard about how he would end up dosing Ieyasu with the potion. Since Ieyasu only brewed his own blends of tea, he knew he could slip it in a pot before Ieyasu even knew what had happened. Mitsuhide just had to wait for the correct moment to do so. He had learned that the tonic took effect about three to four hours after given and had to time it well with the Princess being in the same area at the time otherwise who knows what the younger man would do.

One morning Mitsuhide knew he had a letter to drop off to Ieyasu that he had been holding off on just for a day like today. The castle life was sometimes so predictable that he knew a mid-day war council would be held soon that he could hold off on the letter until today. It would be perfect in the timing. As he reached Ieyasu’s palace, he knew it was time. Ieyasu was in the process of making tea anyway when he arrived at his rooms. Mitsuhide sat a little close to the stand as Ieyasu turned his back he dumped the vial into to the warm water and moved to a further spot away from the stand. He smiled as Ieyasu drank his tea after offering Mitsuhide a cup to which he declined. After they discussed a few new possible tactics, Mitsuhide took his leave and began his countdown.

Ieyasu began to feel slightly off center, but he wrote it off as maybe the weather or the changing of the seasons. He waited until he knew he would close to the beginning time of the earlier war council then usual as they just wanted to get it over with and then enjoy the rest of the night with whatever activity the other warlords would choose. He had planned on working throughout the night until he was beyond exhausted and then he would wake early the next day to spend his regular hours in the training hall to build his strength and stamina for the next battle. Though at the moment there was peace one never knew when something would happen that threatened that peace and he would be ready. They all would be.

As he reached the audience hall where everyone including the princess of the castle was there waiting to walk in, he felt a rush of overwhelming lust for her. As he saw Masamune teasing her and she smiled back to Mitsunari reaching for her hand to lead her into the hall, he wanted to rip the heads off his allies, and he couldn’t internally explain why he felt that way. He even wanted to rip off Hideyoshi’s head as he leaned in to talk with her intimately. Ieyasu had never lost control of his emotions as he did at that moment and he struggled to place them all back in their place.

He couldn’t take his darting eyes off her as the council dragged on, by the time it was done he wanted to kill them all except for her. His tone even more sarcastic than usual he didn’t understand why he had the need to find a secluded space with her and make her understand his allies were not who they tried to be when they were around her. He wanted to claim her, and he didn’t even know why the need was so great at that exact minute, but it was. He had to act, and act fast.

“Princess, I need your help at my manor reorganizing some of my herbs.”, he said rather plainly.

“Of course, when?”, she asked.

“Now.”, he replied as he took her hand and tugged her behind him.

This left Hideyoshi and Masamune chuckling in his wake. Mitsuhide was grinning as he watched covertly from the shadows of the hall. It had worked now to see the result. He knew that he didn’t have a need to see the total effect, but he would watch close enough to know what it was. He ambled slowly far enough behind them to not alert Ieyasu’s senses.

Ieyasu pulled her along like she was a ragdoll until he walked in his palace he pulled her right into his chambers instead of his stillroom. He didn’t know why but he turned and was face to face with her. Her complete surprised look in her eyes was enough to let his demon lose, and he quickly moved. His arms found her back, and his mouth found hers in the blink of an eye. He ravished it. He let go of her when he was done and took a step back knowing that he had probably gone too far. She looked up at him, her eyes glistened in the low light of his room, but they also held a fire that was burning. He knew in that instant that it was going to be a long night and they weren’t going to get any real work done.

When he took her in his arms again, the world seemed to shift. He helped her ease out of her clothes one slow step at a time the whole time easing himself out of his own as well. He made sure to lavish her with everything he felt and wanted to do, and she let him long into the night. She woke while it was still dark, and he was already staring at her, ready to move again he touched her gently and whispered only loud enough for her to hear, “I don’t know what has come over me, I am not myself, but you are everything I wanted and need to fill my life.”

She was shocked to hear the words from him as they were not normal coming from him, as his nature was too contrite that she wondered if he was ill somehow. She didn’t have time to dwell on it too much as he made her lose thought very quickly and she couldn’t regain it until the next day.

Mitsuhide was still in the shadows now far from Ieyasu’s palace when he saw the princess leaving the next morning on Ieyasu’s arm. They both were smiling, and head’s placed together. He also noticed the small red marks on the princess’s neck and the line of scratches on the back of Ieyasu’s neck. He smiled to himself knowing that it had worked yet again. Though he didn’t need to really think that someone like Masamune needed something like the tonic but he was next on the Kitsune’s list to cross off. He had a feeling it would be the more fun than switching his water for sake.


Aphrodisiac series two


Hideyoshi A Series

Preface: This series is about each warlord and Mitsuhide plots and plans to dose each one, though the stories intersect at places they are stand-alone stories. (primarily MC/Princess in not sleeping or other things with EVERY warlord.)

Mitsuhide knew that Hideyoshi would never let his guard down around him. If he offered him the last glass of water on the planet, Hideyoshi would throw it to the ground. This was not going to be as easy as dosing anyone else. He would have to find the right time and person to help him even unwillingly; he was going to do this. Mitsuhide had an idea of the who and when but needed to gather more intel on the pair. Hideyoshi would never refuse two people, and Mitsuhide knew Nobunaga would never help in this research and neither would the princess they had all taken in a few months ago, he wondered if he could somehow use on of them without them even realizing.

He had thought of nine thousand ways to finally give Hideyoshi the potion however it happened in the easiest of ideas that he didn’t even plan for. She had walked into his workspace above ground in the castle proper, and took a look at the set of vials and looked at him questionably.

“Some from Ieyasu’s had dropped that off here for Hideyoshi. Some booster he asked for. It goes in his drink.”, he said waving them off.

“One vial?”, she asked.

“Yes, one.”, he said. “It is too bad they were left here as he wouldn’t take it now that it’s been sitting with me.”, Mitsuhide said.

“Promise me you didn’t do anything to it.”, she said suddenly.

“I did nothing to it, I swear.”, He said as he held up his hands. She knew he could lie with a straight face, but to her knowledge, he never had to her. So she believed him.

“Fine, I will give it to him, then.”, she said and with that took the vial and went off to find Hideyoshi with some fresh infused water.

Mitsuhide sat in his work chambers and smiled to himself, that was easier then he had expected, and he listened for the temple bells and knew the effects would be happening right around the party tonight. A good place for him to observe the interaction and at least the beginning scene. This would be worth going to the useless celebration.

At the party…..

Hideyoshi didn’t feel right. He chalked it up to the Sake he had been drinking in slow sips drawing out the cup. He had been surprised when the Princess had sought him out to give him a glass of water as she had said it was infused with some new things. He wanted to thank her again, but he hadn’t seen her tonight. He wondered if she had skipped the event when she did enter the room he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He had never realized how absolutely beautiful she was. Every other Male in the room seemed to know already. Now he wanted to tell her that as well. It was like hitting a brick wall. He was one who might flirt on occasion, but in earnest, he kept that part of him private and secluded. He felt the rush of desire hard and grow deep within him. It was like something else was taking over and he didn’t know how to control it.

Mitsuhide sat in his usual spot as he watched the inner struggle that his ally, if not his friend, was going through. He was fighting with himself, and Mitsuhide wondered which would win, the potion or Hideyoshi’s resolve. It was fun to watch this one more so Nobunaga’s reaction which no one really saw but could hear well enough. He was going to enjoy watching this happen.

The princess was surrounded by vassals and their retainers. It was a horde of men each seeking her favor when Hideyoshi pushed into the crowd and drew her close to him. The action raised a few eyebrows including hers, but she took it and could use the breathing space. When she turned, she saw the look that was in his eyes, if she didn’t know better it was burning with a fire she never saw before. She wondered if he had too much to drink. When he spoke, it was about the little things, but nothing of consequence and she wrote off her first impression of him for the night. It was when he leaned close and asked her if she would like some air that she saw the burning fires that were there under it all were out, she was almost scared of this new Hideyoshi, almost.

They walked side by side to a lookout in which was far enough away from the party sounds that the cool air found them and even better no one was there. He pressed himself close to her to keep her fine soft form from the wind and possibly taking a chill but she wasn’t cold, and he was positively burning at that moment. He knew he wanted her more than anything he had ever wanted before. It was a desire even more significant than his service to Nobunaga. It was beyond him. He bent to whisper a word in her ear and because of the closeness of the pair his breath tickled her neck, and she shivered at it. He did it again, and as she turned to face him he pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her, she was surprised but as he lowered his head, even in his burning desire was giving her the time needed to push him away if it wasn’t what she wanted. She just looked in his eyes, and as he grew closer her lids fluttered down, and he lost whatever control he had. The kiss was long and almost punishing. When he was done he lifted his head to look into her haze filled eyes and saw her own burning desire. He lifted her off the ground and carried her bridal style out of the castle and to his palace that was close by. It was only a few minutes’ walk for him, but he wasn’t calming down, it was just building his desire. When he arrived in his palace, neither one got any rest for the rest of the night.

Mitsuhide stood in the shadows and saw his handy work knowing full well what was happening at that point. He was slightly surprised at Hideyoshi’s ability not to go to her room here in the castle but to take her to his own palace. He smiled to himself and walked back to the party.

The princess awoke some hours later as she felt Hideyoshi yet again working her body up, he seemed to have a and endless need for her body tonight. She smiled at the thought and wondered if that was the boosters Ieyasu had made for him. She wasn’t going to say anything though; she was just going to ride this out for the time being. No words were indeed spoken, they let their bodies talk again and again throughout the night and finally close to dawn Hideyoshi was too exhausted to move. She had been passed that point hours ago. She curled up next to him as he wrapped himself around her again to keep the night air off her.

The next day…

The awkward morning after didn’t happen as he was gone by the time she had awoken. She got dressed and made her way back to the castle proper to finish her day. Mitsuhide stood in the hallway watching the two interact for the first time that day as if nothing happened the night before. They all knew something had, but the results would be it was probably just a one-night thing when he heard a low whisper coming from Hideyoshi about seeing her later. He really chuckled to himself as Ieyasu Came upon him to go over something in a report. That is when Mitsuhide turned his sights on the baby of the group.


Aphrodisiac series one


Aphrodisiac series one


The day was just beginning in the castle town, but he knew that his lord would have been awake for hours already. He thought of that as he stopped by the well to fetch him some cooler water before heading to his apartments high in the castle. In a darkened hallway he stopped and took the small vial out from his kimono and uncorked the stopper to release its content into the half pitcher of fresh water. He knew what he was doing, but if anyone saw Mitsuhide Akechi do what he had done, hell would break loose. He chuckled to himself as he continued on his way as he thought about the rumors that swirled around his person and the actions such as this that would give them actual credence. He was, of course, drugging Nobunaga for his own amusement but not with a poison as everyone would assume. He knew the castle was in for a long day.

When he arrived in his Lords apartments replace the water on his desk and poured a glass for him. Nobunaga reach for it took a deep go and then looked at him puzzled, “this water tastes different?”

“I had it infused with some botanicals. I thought that it would enhance the flavor just a small bit.”, Mitsuhide said. “I hope that it does please you.”

“Always one step ahead aren’t you.”, Nobunaga replied as he downed the rest of the drink. And then poured himself another. The other man just did there and enjoyed the watching his Lord continuously drink the water until it was completely gone. He knew the effects of what he had actually put in the drink would take a few hours so he went back to his room in the castle and began to plot on how he could get the Princess to go to Nobunaga’s apartments by herself. He definitely didn’t want Hideyoshi or anyone else to get in his way.

This whole thing is basically nothing but an experiment in a joke in his own mind. He had planned this all out, and for months he’d been slowly gathering the supplies that he needed. This was something of a cruel joke using his allies and friends as guinea pigs to see if the aphrodisiac that the small village outside of Tamba actually worked. He figured that it actually did work even though he really didn’t believe in the effects of these natural aphrodisiacs, but the village always had a huge crop of new children in the springtime. He was always wondering if it had anything to do with the aphrodisiac or just the simple fact of the timing of mother nature. This in itself was just a small experiment to see if it could already increase the libido of certain people, he had planned on somehow dosing every single one of his friends and he had thought about doing it all at the exact same time but he also realized that he needed to be able to observe silently and from the shadows each time so he devised a plan, and it would take over two weeks for him to be able to gather enough information. The simple fact was is that he wanted to see how it affected each person’s personality. Sometimes you can’t really judge a person by the character that they provide to the world even his counterpart the goody two shoes Hideyoshi had a more darker side, and he wanted to see if the aphrodisiac would actually bring that out.

Three hours later……..

Nobunaga couldn’t understand the burning desire he had to see the Princess. He had sent pages for the past hour to try and locate her, but she seemed to be out of the castle, and this was making him very frustrated. He had to see her it was becoming an uncontrollable rage of emotion to see her. And he was growing more and more anxious by the minute. He was about ready to cancel war council and hunt for her himself, but he knew that he couldn’t at the moment because they were planning for the new rice production and he had to be there for that. Even though his vassals could easily handle any decisions knowing what his preferences were it was the simple fact that as a ruler he had to be there. By the end of war council which had taken a little less than an hour, he was undeniably fuming and chomping at the bit to see the Princess who had decided to be walking in the hallway at that exact moment when they all walked out of the audience hall. As she smiled and greeted everyone he reached out and grabbed her hand and a mechanical grip that she couldn’t even possibly break and he pulled her along without a side glance for anyone else that was there. She had let out a little yelp as he bent down and threw her over his shoulder to carry her up the stairs to his waiting apartment which he knew would be vacant and no one would bother them. Though he had never actually shown any feelings for the Princess who came from the future before, right now the only thing that was burning in his mind was the fact that she was not his. He was going to rectify that fact. He had no idea what had possessed him over the past few hours however the inability to find her and the thought of her being with somebody else drove him past his point of no return.

“What has gotten into you Nobunaga?”, The Princess asked.

“You are my lucky charm. It’s time that you become something else as well. Are you willing to do that?”, He grunted out as he placed her on the floor.

“What exactly do you mean?”, She asked hesitantly. He decided not to answer with words; instead, he chose to respond with actions. In one swift movement, he grabbed her and placed her in his arms as his head lowered down and he took her mouth with a vengeance that she had never seen before or felt. It was like he had become someone else who had no limitations on anything and he was willing to share that with her. It was a new feeling for her to think of him this way but she had always loved him from the moment she arrived she just didn’t realize it at the time. When she answered him with her mouth instead of with words he took that as a yes and continued on into a much deeper kiss. It seemed like the time when on his need became unbearable to leave open. She had begun to claw at his close, and finally, he decided it was time, to indeed make her his.

Much later in the day………..

The vassals have been looking for Lord Nobunaga for with seem to be ours, and no one could locate him, of course, no one had actually looked in his personal apartments since no one thought that he would be there. Or asked the resident snake who had been lurking outside the apartments and at the bottom of the stairs for most of the afternoon. He had actually learned quite a bit as he patiently and somewhat disgustingly listened to what was going on in his Lords apartment. He was waiting to see how the fair princess faired through the ordeal. Mitsuhide smiled to himself maybe, just maybe his magic potion did work and change a few things in people. Nobunaga being so open with the princess during the few hours they had just spent together as he snooped around. He knew further information was needed though. As he heard footsteps in back of him, he turned around and pulled his usual snakish smile from nowhere and spotted his next target walking his way. Hideyoshi was stalking closer as he saw the man in front of him. He was walking his way with that damn smile on his face.

“I do believe, his Nobunaga is quite busy at the moment and would like not to be disturbed.”, Mitsuhide said as he got closer.

“Where is he?”, Hideyoshi asked.

“In his chambers…… with the princess. They are rather busy at the moment.”, Mitsuhide said as he floated back in the opposite direction.

Hideyoshi turned and followed the man not wishing to disturb the pair if they were talking business or anything not even thinking they could and were doing what they were. No one saw the princess for the rest of the day, except for Nobunaga of course who saw more of her then anyone could have imagined. The smile they both had never faltered for a few days the week they both disappeared for a day.


Mitsuhide’s willful daughter

Mitsuhide’s willful daughter

The princess knew of all her children with Azchui’s Kitsune; their middle daughter would be the most like him. She not only looked more like him she also had his sneaky personality. Their sons were more laid back as she was, however, her husband had, of course, trained them to handle a sword as well as your friend Sasuke who taught them with essential skills for being a ninja. She often had to sit back and watch as the two would go at it head on when she was nothing but a toddler following him around day and night. Mitsuhide doted on all of his children; he loved them all in their own unique way. He trained Their daughters along with their older and young brothers, but the one who took all his lessons to heart was his second daughter who he knew was going to cause trouble when she was older than her ten years now.

He remembered her as a baby, the first of his children to look entirely like him with very little of her beautiful princess mother in her. She was headstrong from the beginning, and she was also the one who favored him over her mother. All the rest of his horde wanted nothing to do with him until they were older opting to stay and cuddle with the princess. Minka was different, she wanted him, and he spoiled the young girl until he saw the effect she had. His friends had dubbed her hurricane Minka because where she went things happened. He knew she was fearless and often started little troubles around the castle town, but when she was three, she snuck into the castle’s kitchen with the help of one of her older brothers and got ahold of Nobunaga’s konpetio. She moved it from its regular place to another not taking any but relocating it to a location she thought was better. She had heard her uncle Hideyoshi complaining about how Nobunaga would steal his own candy and she as a child thought that was ridiculous. Why steal your own candy? So she moved it, and she sat back and watched from the courtyard as Nobunaga lost his temper when his candy stash was gone. She thought silly men, even then. The whole castle was brought down as the lord and master was losing his mind when her father and mother both looked at her. Her mother was laughing slightly, and her father looked deadly as they both made their way over to her to ask if she had anything to do with this. She smiled at both, and they both knew she was going to be in trouble and get worse with age.

When she was five, Minka wanted to learn from Ieyasu how to use herbs. After talking with the princess, he agreed to show her a few but none that could be used in any poison. Minka was slightly upset with that news, but even then she could understand how misguided her uncles were. She was trying to help most of the time, and they were the ones being backward about it. So like always she took the labels off Ieyasu’s jars to make new ones that were more clear to read and forgot where everything was again. She just wanted to make things easier for him, and he told her to go. She tried to help and yet again she knew she was just misunderstood. She thought it had to do with the last name as they always said “There goes another Akechi, just like her father,” though she had no idea what that meant at the time, but that saying went with her as she grew. Funny as it was no one said that about her brothers and sisters

She was now nine and wanted to help more. She was taking cooking lessons with Masamune who was cooking for a feast, and she was determined to help. She knew by then taste and flavors were lost on her father, but her mother enjoyed them. She also knew Ieyasu loved spicy things while most others didn’t. She wanted to help and her uncle Masamune was the fun uncle as he worked around the kitchen he was fun to watch chop things up, and he was patient enough to help guide her. She was in the kitchen as he was plating everyone’s dishes while she was waiting to help she saw what she thought was Ieyasu’s plate and she decided to add a half jar of red pepper flakes because surely he might like her again if she surprised him with the spice. That was until all the dishes went out and she saw her uncle, Mitsunari with the plate that Ieyasu was supposed to have. She went to stop him but it was too late, and he was already popping them into his mouth. She waited and watched as his color changed, and he started gasping for air. Her father instantly looked at her and knew as he got cold water for his friend and took his daughter outside before the rest of them could accuse her of trying to poison everyone.

“Minka, Why?”, he asked as the two walked.

“I was trying to help again.”, she replied. “It wasn’t supposed to go to Mitsunari but Ieyasu. He would like the extra spice.”

“Minka, My dear, can you not try to help for a little while?”, He asked. Knowing that the others knew this one would be the one to follow in his footsteps and have doubt thrown on her always up to something as he was.

“Papa, I was just trying to hel.p.”, she cried out.

“I know Minka. You are unlike your siblings who are tempered with a good portion of your mother, you, however, are special in a different way and very much like me.”, he started. “You will often be misunderstood so for the time being could you please tone it down a bit in helping people.”

“I guess papa.”, she said as her head hung low.

“Run home.”, He said as he went to go inside to make her excuse only to find Nobunaga laughing and everyone else in good spirits. He walked to his wife and cocked a brow at her.

“Mitsunari decided he liked it after all. I am taking it Minka had something to do with the spice war?”, she asked.

“That girl will kill them all, I swear.”, he said as he sat down next to her taking her into his lap.

“She is the most like you.”, she said smiling.

“I know, that’s what scares me.”, he said hoping for the future as he knew his daughter would have a hand in future whether it is bad or good.


Happy birthday Mitsuhide

Happy Birthday, Mitsuhide…..

The day was like every other except he was looking forward to the day. The princess of Azchui would be over at some time today, he knew. It was her sunny personality and her way of trying to please everyone at every time. Today she had proclaimed it was his day, his birthday.

He never thought the day was particularly special. So what it was the day of his birth? It meant very little to him, just another day of working and working on his web. She, however, wanted to do something for him. He didn’t understand the sentiment but if she wanted to do some silly little thing he would make the time for her and her alone.

He could hear the commotion of when she entered as his servants loved the Princess as did everyone in the castle and castle town. If Nobunaga introduced her to the entire country, she would probably win over everyone as well. He assumed it was her smile and naivete. So he waited and waited, but she didn’t come to the door. He arose from his seat as he thought to go and see what was keeping her. The maids hushed the moment he opened the door as she smiled brightly. He knew he interrupted something and he hoped no one was planning anything.

She followed him back to his room as he went back to work as she stood at the door. Staring at him as he went to sit down with a look of confusion. When he looked up, he saw her frown and her wrinkled brow. He knew something was wrong, though he couldn’t place it. “Princess?”, Mitsuhide asked with a raised brow.

“Mitsuhide what are you doing?”, she asked.

“Working.”, he replied.

“You said you would be ready to go when I arrived.”, She said with a slight huff in her voice. He picked up on the sound though he was sure she didn’t realize how she sounded.

“Oh, you meant outside. I thought we would be staying here.”, he replied a little taken back by the fact she wanted to go out, with him, in public.

“I told you Mitsuhide. I made plans.”, she said.

“You made plans, princess?”, he asked.

“Yes, you need to do something on your birthday Mitsuhide.”, she said.

“I do not understand why you insist.”, he said as he stood, keeping his face clear of the warm bubbling in his chest.

“Because it is your birthday.”, She said as she hopped with joy. He waited for her to exit the room before him as she walked out the maids handed her a sack and she nodded with a smile. He was taken back as the maids nodded back and bowed to them both.

“Come on Mitsuhide.”, she said.

“The town is the other direction, My dear.”, he stated.

“I know. We are not going into town.”, She stated as she headed down the path away from the town. She knew he would have gone with her anywhere she wanted to go, but he would be uncomfortable in town, always looking over his shoulder and never being able to relax. She had been scouting for a location for this afternoon for a few weeks now. She had found a spot she didn’t think anyone had been in forever. It was untouched and amazingly beautiful. She hopped and nearly skipped as he kept pace with her. She noticed he always slowed down when he walked with her. He never moved more then he had to when he walked or did anything physical. He was slim, but she had known that his body was lean, but it was well sculptured. His muscles were there he just didn’t make a show of them, as some of the other warlords did.

“Where are we going?”, he asked.

“You’ll see.”, she said with glee.

“You seem sure of yourself Princess. This is not in the normal area that you should be.”, Mitsuhide said.

“Why not?”, the tiny princess asked.

“Bandits.”, he stated as he pulled her a little closer.

“Mitsuhide it is safe.”, She stated. She led him through a small path into the trees, and she reached up to take his hand and was surprised at his warn hand clasped around her smaller one. “Here.”, She said as she unpacked the small sack. It had a bamboo rug that she laid it out. As they sat, she continued to unpack a small feast and a bottle of sake. He looked up at her with a question. “I scouted this area out. The area is desert, and we could hear anyone coming some distance away because of the pine needles. Mitsuhide, my gift to you, is this place.”

“How so?”, he asked confused.

“Mitsuhide you never just relax. This place offers you the chance to do that, outside in the fresh air. Everyone needs that. I wanted to give you that small place you can find peace.”, she said.

He looked at her with wonderment. She was just sitting there smiling at him when he found it very hard to talk. He was swallowing hard when she met his eyes. “Thank you.”, he whispered he couldn’t make his voice come out. “This is the most perfect gift I have ever received.”

She smiled softly and offered him a plate. He graceful took it, but he watched the way she ate. He did not mix her food. So neither did he. She looked so content at the moment, and he felt more relaxed then he had in years. After the two ate she laid back on the mat and just looked up. He did the same. An hour of watching the clouds and discussing the shapes and he lifted his head and gazed at her. She looked at the sun and knew their time was now at an end as the party would be soon after they walked back.

As they walked back, he took her hand again, and he placed the sack in front of his palace instead of walking back inside. He led her to a new way to the caste via the gardens. As he stopped in the garden where the leaves had begun their change before they fell. It was the cold season now. Today had been warm, one of the last truly warm days. He held her by the hand as he stopped to look around. He wouldn’t let go as she looked up to his face.

“Thank you, Princess.”, He said as his usual smirk seemed more relaxed and genuine. He bent down and placed a kiss on her forehead. She moved her face up, and he kissed her lips. “This was indeed the best birthday I can remember.”


Headcanon sick MC


⁃ He sees immediately you don’t feel good

⁃ He tries to get you to take it easy by assigning you elementary tasks

⁃ When you basically start swaying on your feet because you are drained he throws you over his shoulder

⁃ He places you in his futon so he can keep an eye on you

⁃ He has the kitchen make some soup and has plenty of cold water for you

⁃ He will not allow you even to stand

⁃ He keeps you there in bed for an extra day just to make sure you are better


⁃ he starts adjusting his schedule to keep checking on you since you didn’t look right this morning

⁃ When he sees you didn’t eat your meal for the second time he starts worrying

⁃ He REALLY looks at you his next chance

⁃ You’re pale, and dark circles are under your eyes

⁃ He is in an internal panic mode

⁃ He gentle persuades you to go lay down

⁃ He forgets all other tasks

⁃ He stays with you brushing your hair off your face as you sleep

⁃ He sends word to everyone that your sick and shouldn’t be bothered

⁃ He makes sure that you do finally eat something

⁃ When he sees the color returning to your face he loses his panic but doesn’t leave your side

⁃ When you finally start to feel better he works with you all day just to make sure you really are okay


⁃ since this one works with herbs and medicine, he sees it before you even feel it

⁃ He already has an elixir brewing for you

⁃ He carefully gives it to you every four hours even in the dead of night

⁃ He watches as you sleep making sure there is no change

⁃ He has the kitchen staff make special things to encourage you to eat

⁃ He continues to hover, but as you start to feel better he begins to rest himself

⁃ He makes sure you have plenty of fresh air before he allows you to start doing things again


⁃ he sees the dark circles and even though he was going to try something new that night he just places you in the futon not surprised you fell asleep quickly

⁃ He opens the screen to cool the room and give you fresh air

⁃ He snuggles up to keep you warm

⁃ He checks on you throughout the night

⁃ In the morning he cooks you a breakfast that he makes you eat

⁃ He runs around all day but keeps coming in to check on you as he ordered you to stay in bed

⁃ He takes you for short walks as you start to feel better

⁃ He continues to cook your meals for a week to make sure you’re recovering


⁃ for someone ordinarily oblivious to everything he picks up on it quickly

⁃ It is because it’s you

⁃ He notices everything that has to do with you

⁃ He beings by offering you tea hoping that will help

⁃ He spills it everywhere though

⁃ He really tries to help you throughout the day by assisting you in your tasks

⁃ He creates a stir when he enters the seamstress area

⁃ He again tries to help with whatever but it isn’t working

⁃ He finally suggests that you need to rest after you sneeze while sewing and poke yourself for the 43rd time

⁃ He covers you up and sits next to you as you fall deep in sick sleep

⁃ He has a book, so he doesn’t even realize you’ve been asleep for hours

⁃ He just keeps his guard over you until you feel better

⁃ Once you aren’t sneezing or have a runny nose you allow the Eskimo kisses again which always make you feel better


⁃ he has been busy, so the first site of you in days almost scares him

⁃ You’re pale and thinner than normal

⁃ Though he outwardly stays calm and begins to speak he is inwardly panicked

⁃ Once you talk back with a scratchy and lowers voice he gives up trying to remain calm

⁃ Over the shoulder and to his palace you go

⁃ You’re too weak to fight him

⁃ He lays you down gently as he explains you are just to sick to work

⁃ He sends word to the castle you’re ill and with him

⁃ He informs his staff to stay away electing to care for you himself

⁃ He makes you drink a horrible broth however it clears out your head for a bit

⁃ He notices that you are feverish so a consistent cool cloth it on your head and back of your neck

⁃ He made you change into an old kimono of his which feels wonderful

⁃ When it is completely dark outside he gently lays down next to you and just rubs your sleeping body

⁃ He repeats this for days until you feel much better

⁃ After washing day you find the old kimono on your bed in your room

⁃ Along with flowers and some new fabric that somewhat matches the old kimono


Warlord finding sextoys

Warlords and finding sex toys

This one is brought to you by the no-shame discussion between Torrie and myself.

Warlords brought to the future and you show them your place for the first time.


-walks in and looks around however you jump up and close your bedroom door before he could really get a good look inside.

– you try to distract him from the items that you had forget to put away.

– he walks around some more listening to all you have to say

-“Princess, what were those things on your bed?”, he askes as he looked at you

– “Nothing you have to know about.”, you reply.

-“I know what they looked like, Princess. I think I should show you how to use the real thing.”


– He follows you through the apartment as you show him around.

– You look inside your room and see some of your toys lying on the headboard.

– You shut the door really fast but you knew he was so close he must have seen them

– His eyes went wide but he never said anything

– He looked like he really wanted to say something but was holding back

– She was showing the rest of the place

– He waited and kissed you gently

– “I am not sure what those things are but I know what they looked like. I think the time is now to show you the real thing.”


– He walks in the apartment and looks around with his one good eye.

– He likes the way you decorated the place

– He follows you so close that you can feel the heat coming off him

– He smiles as you look around the wall to your bedroom and see you forgot to put somethings away from the night before.

– You slam the door shut

– You take him in the kitchen to show him the toaster.

– He was so excited to see the toaster

– He then turned and asked, “So why do you have fake dicks on your bed when you can have a real one?”


– He doesn’t seem to care to much about what you are showing him

– He looks around and doesn’t seem interested in much of anything

– You go to close the bedroom door as you look inside and see things

– You had no idea he was right behind you

– He looks over your shoulders and looks into the room.

– As you try to close the door he pushes you inside.

– “You do not need that thing anymore. You have me, I guess.”


– He follows you into the apartment with an eagerness to see your living space

– He watches as you show him everything and he is amazed with the collections of things you have

– He follows around and looks at different rooms as you shut the door to one room that he already looked it

– He was slightly confused by the item on the bed

– He have never seen anything like it before.

– He smiled and continued to look around

– He asked to use the computer to which you let him

– You go into the kitchen and then you come back to look over his shoulder and saw what he was looking at

– “Princess does your do this side to side or does it get warm as well?”

– You turn bright pink

– “I think I could show you how to use it better.”

Mitsuhide (oh shit this one….)

– He follows you in the door and looks around

– He walks through the whole place without you showing him anything

– He notices the state of your bedroom and raises his eyebrow.

– You rush to shut the door

– He follows you to a different room

– He watches you as your color returns to normal

– “My dear what was with the state of you bed?”

– You answer you had a rough night sleeping

– He then asks, “Did it have something to do with something on your bed?”

– You ignore the question

– He then would say something every chance he would get

– He wants to keep seeing the shades of pink or red

– If you think that was bad

– When he walks out of the room and returns with your personal toy he looks at it and then you

– “This is so small, my dear, if you need something bigger I may be available.”