Depressed mc headcanon

So I was asked to do this headcanon of the mc being depressed and how the warlords would deal with it…

This is my first headcanon so please bear with me.

The oda forces.


-he notices right off the bat that something is different with you.

-he begins to ask small leading questions to try to get you to talk about whatever is bothering you.

-you, of course, don’t want to speak of it cause it seems small and insignificant to you even though day by day you start to disappear within yourself.

-he won’t allow this.

-he orders you to start talking

-of course, you don’t instead just look at him with dead eyes.

-he again tries to force you to tell him but realizes that tact is not working.

-he holds a war council to get everyone’s ideas.

-the other warlords have nothing.

-he begins to lose his mind the more you disappear into yourself, so he comes up with one last plan

– He has everything you like delivered to the castle, sparing no expense. He tells you of his plan to whisk you away to the hot springs as soon as he can wipe all his enemies off the map.

-you realize that you still have a long way to go to being back to “normal” but begin to smile because you know he loves you that much.


-He is so busy with work he doesn’t notice the sad look shadowing your eyes right away.

-he starts to see when you don’t laugh as much or even talk as much.

-you hardly ever smile anymore and this sets of warning bells in his head.

-he begins a campaign to get you to tell him what is wrong.

-he doesn’t understand

-frankly, it scares the hell out of him

-he tries hard to get you to talk, but all you want to do is lay down and sleep.

-he lays with you and holds you gently, rubbing your back soothingly.

-finally, you softly tell him how your feeling.

-he understands, which surprises you, he tells you his own history.

-he basically tells you that he understands what it is like to fight but you are not alone and he won’t let you fall any further.

-it is a nice feeling having him there, and you promise to talk more.


-he noticed something wrong on the first day

-he can’t figure out what though

-he outright asks

-when you say nothing, he blows a gasket but not at you

-he realized it been a week since you smiled

-he brings home some flowers he doesn’t get the half heart response even though you love them

-he tries the next day again with a new hair comb again you love it, but the half-smile you gave him didn’t reach your eyes

-he is worried now

-Masamune worried is not a good thing

-he starts asking everyone for advice even writing to Oshu.

-he is really trying to let you have your space but he can’t

-finally, he breaks down and lays it all out for you

-you realize how much you mean to him and start talking

-he takes it as a start

-he makes sure you talk at least to him every day

-he is finally happy enough with the outcome and the more enthusiastic smile you gave him he lets it go


-he understands inner demons

-he noticed the first day you started showing signs

-he didn’t say anything at first cause he knows what it feels like

-he also knows he won’t let it get too far

-as you go more and more silent so does he.

-you start to wonder what is wrong with him

-he just waits you out until you can’t take it anymore and say something

-his reply “Oh do you not like silence either?”

-you realize he did it to prove a point

-you start talking as he pulls you into his lap and rests his head on your back as you continue on

-his silence now is him listening and thinking how he can get you back to normal

-he begins to work less for the time being so he can spend more time with you

-you slowly come back to yourself as he helps guide you


-this one has no clue

-he is so attuned to you he could probably pinpoint the second you started feeling down

-he has no idea how to ask you

-the angel thinks it is something he has done and you’re just not happy with him

-he finally breaks down and asks whats wrong

-you try to explain, but words fail to cover it

-he now has a mission and spends every waking second trying to find scrolls on the subject

-he asks Ieyasu to make an herbal remedy for you and hands him a recipe he found

-ieyasu hates doing it for him, but your smile is important to all of them he does it

-he beings to spend less time reading and more on you

-(you are almost sick of him at this point)

-he begs for you to talk and drink your special tea he had Ieyasu make.

-he tries to brew it, but well it is a normal experience

-for some reason this makes you laugh a bit

-he loses his angel mind when that happens

-he hugs you and holds you, and you start talking more.

-he can finally let go and relax a bit

-basically, you tell him he starts working normally again, or you will never smile again

-he nods

-poor angel doesn’t realize you made a joke; however, he is happy none the less because of your talking.


-he noticed something is off, but he is busy with paperwork

-he sees more and more as you stop smiling, talking, and just withdrawal

-he gets it, he really does

-he has no idea how to help you through it though

-he slows down his work pace first off so he can spend more time with you

-he brings you outside to play with wasabi

-he makes an herbal tea to help soothe you

-when he thinks your comfortable, he will ask whats wrong

-if you ignore his questions, he will begin to be more and more sweet to you

-this change confuses you

-he tells you about his life as a hostage and how it made him feel

-you begin to come out of your fog, and he works with you every day until your silky smile is back in place

Takeda/Uesugi Forces


-he knows something is wrong before you do

-he starts leaving small things for you around the castle and in your room

-he starts with shoulder rubs

-he understands your feelings, but he tries desperately to fight the battle for you

-this, of course, doesn’t work

-he waits for you to talk, he doesn’t demand that you do

-he tries to talk with you whenever he can

-again he will just sit there and stroke your hair as he tells you about his day

-he draws the line after awhile at your silence.

-he brings in reinforcements

-the bunny squad will be ordered into your room to wake you up

-it works to a point

-you laugh and smile for the first time in a long while


Five Minute Prompts: Not Over Yet, Nobunaga

She was dragging by the end of the day. She thought she may have walked at least fifteen miles between farrying letters and her normal tasks for the day. She finally reached the castle to give her last report to Nobunaga.

“Are you okay princess?” He asked as she was done with her report but she was still sitting there not moving.

“Oh yes. I’m sorry.” She said as she yawned and tried to stand. He helped pulled her up.

“Long day?” He asked with his infuriating smirk.

“You know it was. I need to go to bed.” She said, “my legs are going to be killing me in the morning.”

“Your day is,” he sighed as he looked into her eyes,” not over yet.”

“Nobunaga not tonight.” She said as she tried to walk but winced.

“No princess I shall take care of you instead of the other way around.” He said as he led her to the futon and took her foot in his hand. He began to lighty massage it and moved up her calf. As his motions were calming she fell asleep as he worked.