Warlords finds out mc is pregnant (risky)

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So the backstory. He (is insert warlord here.)

They knew he had to ride out in the morning. The sad feelings were nothing new and they both knew they only had a few hours left together. So as the setting sun was gone leaving the sky colored with deep purples and dark blues he made sure you were in his arms. The act of love was ever sompowerful when he knew he would not have your body and touches to sustain him through the next trails he was facing. He wanted to leave you in the pond of bliss and set out to do just that for the rest of the night.

The kisses that led to the futon were enough only for a few minutes as piece by piece your clothes are stripped from your overheating bodies. Every inch of you is carasses either with his hand or mouth. He knows where to put both as if he was the one who created it, he never left you wanting for anything and your sounds of pleasure he was bottling up inside him to take them with him for his lonely nights. He finds his way to your core and first tastes you, or at least he tries, as if you were a dessert that he could survive on. The lapping of his tonuge and the small circles of his fingers on your clit drives you over the edge the first time.

He moves on to inserting his fingers one, than two, driving them to a beat only he can hear. As he flexes his fingers into different angels which drives you soaring toward that cliff again, he knows what will set you off as he whispers words that drive your orgasm harder and you closer to being thrown off that edge into the comforting lake below, again.

Finally he moves over you and begins to rock himself into you. Slowly and teasingly he moves centimeter by centimeter in you only to pull back almost to exit your wet warmth. He drives you insane with his movements until you are panting and pleading for more. He knows that is his cue to fill you completely. Though you never stay in the same position for long the beginning is always the same until he is completely engulfed in your folds and buried deep within your core. He pushes harder, deeper, all the while talking in a way that normally wouldn’t suit him. As he kisses you that last moment before he throws you off the cliff into the clouds to soar uou know he is finally ready to cum. He will grunt as your walls tighten and the move around him as he thrusts as deep as he can, only to release himself within. The warm sensation fills you and you both fall into a sated peace of mind where none of the realities of the world xan reach you safe wrapped each others arms.

Two months go by. Though it was not unusual for him to be gone this long, you missed him more this time and you didn’t understand why. Untill he got home that is.


He sees you and smailes noticing something was different though he could not see what exactly. You shined more than normal and your smile seemed to show in your skin. He went theough his normal routine for when he returned it wasn’t until you gaged at the smell of the soup he had requested that he put two and two together. You were with child, his child. He started to speak and the questioned the idea. You either didn’t know yet or you were not telling him on purpose. He waited until you did.


He looked at you funny when he saw you the first time. This made you cry. He tried to makenit better using his soothing words but that didn’t work, it seemed you were over emotional and he wondered why? He watched for hours but noticed your tiredness, your glow, and the over emotional tears. He had seen this before. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?”

“That you’re pregnant!”

“Cause I am no—- oh crap.”

He makes you get checked out the next day.


Not surprisingly the first words out of his snarky little mouth, “Why didn’t you write me about this?”

“About what?”

“The fact you are with child. My child.”

“I am what?” Then a few seconds later, “Oh.”

“Come on idiot, I will check you out and then prepare tonics for you.”

Though his words say one thing he is happy when he has the thought of your child together. He makes sure to rub uour back later that night in all those places that were perfect.


He looks at you as you stand by the gate. It wasn’t until Hideyoshi picked you up to hug you that he watchs as your kimono readjusted and pulled in certain areas. It just wasn’t right. When you pulled away he noticed the difference in your skin, you hair had grown faster than normal, your nails were not worn down to the quik either. He knew something was different. Some major was different.

The smell of the food later which was one of your favorites that made you feel queasy and your coloring was greenish. He knew. Without a doubt knew. “Are you okay?”

“Of course why?” You would reply.

“Because of the baby?”, he smiled, “Why didn’t you tell me lass?”

“What are you talking about?” You calmly ask and he tells you his evidence and then you think back and the reality hits you. He is right. He makes sure you eat even if it drives him insane thatvuou have to have the blandest of foods.


This fluffball knows your body. Knows how itnis supposed to look and when he sees you though nothing has really changed he knows instantly you are different. He thinks back to the last together and bam it hits him. He is going to be a father. He doesn’t say anything as he realizes quickly you don’t even know yet but he makes sure your needs are being met. He confides in Hideyoshi who does the mothering for him.


He knew it was a possibility from the start That you could be expecting when he returned. It weighed heavily in his mind while he was gone and it was the driving thought the entire way back to the castle. He saw no outward signs of any difference until later as you changed out of your kimono into sleeping wear. He saw then. Your chest grew a few sizes while he was gone and as his hands cupped them your protest because they were sore gave him everything he needed to know. His hand which snaked around the front of you and rested on your lower abdomen. You wondered what he was doing when you looked into his eyes and saw his molten gold eyes burning.

“This is my cub, growing here.”, he whispered.

“I guess you left a surprise for both of us.” You reply as you realize what he said and you knew it to be true.

“The best kind.”


Warlord finding sextoys

Warlords and finding sex toys

This one is brought to you by the no-shame discussion between Torrie and myself.

Warlords brought to the future and you show them your place for the first time.


-walks in and looks around however you jump up and close your bedroom door before he could really get a good look inside.

– you try to distract him from the items that you had forget to put away.

– he walks around some more listening to all you have to say

-“Princess, what were those things on your bed?”, he askes as he looked at you

– “Nothing you have to know about.”, you reply.

-“I know what they looked like, Princess. I think I should show you how to use the real thing.”


– He follows you through the apartment as you show him around.

– You look inside your room and see some of your toys lying on the headboard.

– You shut the door really fast but you knew he was so close he must have seen them

– His eyes went wide but he never said anything

– He looked like he really wanted to say something but was holding back

– She was showing the rest of the place

– He waited and kissed you gently

– “I am not sure what those things are but I know what they looked like. I think the time is now to show you the real thing.”


– He walks in the apartment and looks around with his one good eye.

– He likes the way you decorated the place

– He follows you so close that you can feel the heat coming off him

– He smiles as you look around the wall to your bedroom and see you forgot to put somethings away from the night before.

– You slam the door shut

– You take him in the kitchen to show him the toaster.

– He was so excited to see the toaster

– He then turned and asked, “So why do you have fake dicks on your bed when you can have a real one?”


– He doesn’t seem to care to much about what you are showing him

– He looks around and doesn’t seem interested in much of anything

– You go to close the bedroom door as you look inside and see things

– You had no idea he was right behind you

– He looks over your shoulders and looks into the room.

– As you try to close the door he pushes you inside.

– “You do not need that thing anymore. You have me, I guess.”


– He follows you into the apartment with an eagerness to see your living space

– He watches as you show him everything and he is amazed with the collections of things you have

– He follows around and looks at different rooms as you shut the door to one room that he already looked it

– He was slightly confused by the item on the bed

– He have never seen anything like it before.

– He smiled and continued to look around

– He asked to use the computer to which you let him

– You go into the kitchen and then you come back to look over his shoulder and saw what he was looking at

– “Princess does your do this side to side or does it get warm as well?”

– You turn bright pink

– “I think I could show you how to use it better.”

Mitsuhide (oh shit this one….)

– He follows you in the door and looks around

– He walks through the whole place without you showing him anything

– He notices the state of your bedroom and raises his eyebrow.

– You rush to shut the door

– He follows you to a different room

– He watches you as your color returns to normal

– “My dear what was with the state of you bed?”

– You answer you had a rough night sleeping

– He then asks, “Did it have something to do with something on your bed?”

– You ignore the question

– He then would say something every chance he would get

– He wants to keep seeing the shades of pink or red

– If you think that was bad

– When he walks out of the room and returns with your personal toy he looks at it and then you

– “This is so small, my dear, if you need something bigger I may be available.”


Re-release *Feeling labor pain* (oda forces) edited

Hey Mom! I think you might genuinely enjoy this one, but the Oda and U/T forces ‘experiencing’ childbirth? A bit modern but I know we can manipulate the muscles with a machine to make it similar. How do you think they would handle it? How far in do you think they’d get and give up on? (Early Labor, Active Labor and Transition Stage)

So This one will be modern obviously.  

The happy couple walks into the Ob/Gyn’s office for the last scan, and the there waiting game will really begin. As she waddles back to the room and they are waiting he talks about how wonderful everything will be as she struggles to get on the exam table only to have to get down to use the bathroom, again. She will still struggle back up and will have to lean back as gravity will pull her forward and she will fall. She begins her common struggle of trying to find a comfortable spot, and she relieves for the thousands she hasn’t been comfortable in months.

The doctor comes in to begin the exam, and the first thing he goes into is Braxton hicks, of course, you feel those to which your man says, she over exaggerates the pain a bit. The doctor snaps his head around and looks at your man. “I have something I would like YOU to try.”, The doctor says and then starts to explain what that something is. Her eyes go bright, and she is nodding. Your man laughs and says sure why not, let him feel what she will be going through. This is those stories.


Though he has been thoughtful during the pregnancy, he has made a few small comments that get under her skin about her lack of knowledge of “REAL” pain. As if he had any idea of what childbirth felt like as you squeeze a watermelon through the size of a kiwi. He has kept the comments down, but they still bother her when he does say them. So when the doctor decided to show him what labor felt like she nearly jumped with joy. She watched as the doctor stuck the pads to his abdomen and began the timer. Nobunaga laid there like this was it when the cramping sensation started.

By the time there were on the mid setting he was sweating, shaking, and visibly in pain. She was relishing the sight on the one hand, and the other was slightly concerned. “You can stop this, you know?”, she told him.

“I, I, I, Will see this through.”, He stumbled out as another minor contradiction ranked through his body. The next setting up which was a six he was swearing and screaming about the prolonged torture he was going through. At Seven he started crying, and the doctor said enough was enough. The doctor said it proved his point and reminded Nobunaga as nice as he could that he made it to seven, she would have to go to TEN and no one could just stop the machine for her.

Nobunaga for the last three weeks of her Pregnancy waited on her hand and foot. He was even so attentive when she did go into labor, and during it, he would give her anything she wanted. When they finally placed the baby boy in his arms, he smiled at his son, “You need to thank your mother one day.”


He had heard of the machine that would allow a man to experience labor pain before and he had thought it was pretty cool. It was something they could share before their child was born. As they stuck the pads on, he kissed her and said this was going to be a piece of cake. By the third setting, he was looking at her with horror. He had never felt so much pain in one area in his entire life. He knew pain. How was her little body supposed to go through this? By setting four, he couldn’t take it anymore. The doctor reminded him that was only setting four; she would have to go to ten.

Hideyoshi was almost in tears not because of any lasting pain he had, the relief of the pads being ripped off had taken any effects of the pain with them, he was so upset that HE was the one who did this to her! He was going to do everything until the child was born.

When afterward as he dried his eyes and looked at the baby girl in his arms, “No man is ever going to touch you, so you will never know what your mother just went through.”


He was game. He laid down and said he was going to take a nap as they did this, he was so sure that it really wasn’t as painful as she said it would be. As the machine started, she sat back and relished him as he got his first light contraction and his eye flew open. He smiled and said it wasn’t that back, every time he said that the doctor would press the button to speed things along. Until level six. He began to whimper and roll around on the table. A tear escaped his eye, and she wiped it away. “What have I done to you?”, he asked.

That of course was the doctor’s cue to say the test was over. He reminded Masamune that he made it to six only. Masamune started on ways to make labor less painful for her; she told her that it was fine.

As his son was placed in his arms, he looked at her as she was resting from the 26 hours of hard labor and smiled. “She did all the work you know, Kid?”


Having a medical background, he was okay with being used as a Guinea Pig for this doctor. He laid down and waited. The entire time he laid still, but every once in awhile he could be seen to move ever so slightly. He did go all the way to ten and rather quickly. After they removed the sticky pads, he went into the restroom and cried from the pain for twenty minutes. He has had bones broken, beaten, and starved but nothing was as bad as that!

He put her on a pedestal higher then she was before, he began bowing to her every wish. She wanted that, by god she would have that. Until the fateful night, she stood, and her water broke. Everything he knew flew out the window. She was in pain, and he was the cause.

As they placed his tiny daughter in his arms he looked down on her, “You are as beautiful as your mother, hopefully just as strong too.”


He usually never said anything hurtful but sometimes the comments he made were biting, and she was happy when he went through with the “test.” She sat there next to him as his sweet smile started to disappear, and a look of pain flashed across his eyes. He didn’t say anything as he went through it, he was determined to see it through because she couldn’t take the sticky, gooey pads off and just be done with it. He wanted to know what she would feel so that he could help her. At six he couldn’t take it anymore and let out a yelp that pierced her ears, and the doctor smiled. “You did good, now remember she will have to go to ten, you made it to six.”

He was more careful with his words and started to watch her more closely to help in any way he could. He would gladly do whatever he could to help her and try to take any of her burdens away. He panicked the early morning when she said it was time to go to the hospital. She told him on the way she had had the contractions for over a day, but they were now at three minutes apart, even with his close inspection of her he couldn’t see she was in any pain.

A few hours later he openly cried when they placed his son in his arms, “I thought some of my friends were warriors, they have nothing on your mom.”


His smile was not a happy one when he laid on the table. He was only doing this because he thought she would watching him squirm. He would do anything to make her happy. He knew that the words that left his stupid mouth at times were harsher then he meant them to be and she right now was sensitive, more so than usual. As the pain started he was impressed that it could actually make him hurt, he was at setting two. By the time he was at five, he wanted to die. He was cursing every stupid thing he ever did and said to her. He was done. Begging and pleading with the doctor and he laughed as well as her.

His yellow orbs took on a new light when he looked at her as she did everything so regularly, maybe not with ease but she worked hard to get everything ready in the three weeks she had left. The night she woke up, she gently woke him up and he panicked.

Fifteen hours later he looked into the eyes that matched his own and then to another set that matched hers, “You two better not be too much trouble. Your mother just worked so hard to bring you here, and you my sweet are a rather big surprise for us since we didn’t know about you.”, he said to one of the babies looking up at him.


re-release *Warlords signing to MC* edited

said to :

Hi, my dear!!🌹 I hope you’re fine! I’m sick since two days, and I’m yet feeling bad 😦 So, while I am in bed without anything to do ‘cause I can’t even read with my illness😿, I was wondering: What song would warlords sing to their MC after she did let them know about her favorite love songs? :3 Lots of hugs and kisses, as always!🌹
Warlord and sick mc songs…
This one is actually hard because this falls into a different category altogether. Since we are talking about favorite songs and the warlords singing them we should go with Japanese pop songs, but I only know one or two, and I already did an HC about it with MC singing it. I have to go off of American music for this one so, yea…… I am going to be general as I do not wish the wrath of some fans coming down upon my head.
He would sing a lullaby. With his deep voice, it would lull you into a deep sleep in which he would watch over you and continue when you would wake up.
He would try to sing something comforting and something to let you know how he loves you or matter what. Just so even if you are very sick he can be close to you; it would be soft and sweet.
He would pick something he could do fast and over and over again until you are resting quietly. He would watch over you as you were down while he worked from his desk not too far away. He would keep humming to fill the silence of the room.
I see him huffing throughout whatever he tried to do. He knows it will help you rest, but he is unaware that he really isn’t bad at it. His song would be more your taste, but he would make it slow, soft, and sweet. As the sleeping draft, he made you take its hold he would just sit there and watch over your sleeping form.
He would sing you anything you wanted and as many times as needed. This angel hates it when you are sick and will try to do anything to make you feel better. A pop song, sure he will try to remember the words and tempo, something slower okay! He will do whatever he can to get you to rest.
This one will tease you until you can’t take it anymore and just lie down. He will cradle your head instead of letting you lay on a pillow. As he sings a soft love song, he will play with your hair and rub his long fingers on your scalp to get you to sleep. It doesn’t matter how long you sleep either as he will sit there and hum as he works just to comfort you when you do awake. He wants to remain close to fetching whatever you might need.


re-release *HC Sick Warlords* edited

Sick warlord…
Hahahahahahahahaha I have found that men are the biggest babies when it comes to being sick. It really doesn’t matter what their usual attitudes and behaviors are if they get a cold the world is ending altogether. I usually sit back and laugh when it happens in this house just cause that’s me.
When his head began to hurt, and he started to sneeze she ordered him into bed. He started complaining about how much he has to do to which she said it could wait. He pouted, yes pouted as she checked his temp and told him he had a fever. He whined the entire time keeping her close but not to close as he tried to sleep.
Denial, he wasn’t sick. He would bull through it like he always did but she was mad at him, and he didn’t understand why. He just needed more fluids and rest. Rest wasn’t happening, but she managed to get him to lay down to which he passed out for nearly a day.
He refused to sit still, and when Ieyasu showed up to give him an elixir, he turned into a toddler who refused to open his mouth. As they both tried to pin him down and plug his nose, he fought them off refusing to take medicine. Finally, she had an idea and switched his water for sake to make him compliant. It worked and then she went down in history as the victor!
He said he was fine. He knew better than her of course, and he had to go over those reports.. she wasn’t having it though and made him lie down. She was ordering him to eat this which was bland and had no favor, but he choked it down because she was glaring at him and he knew he was glaring back.
He would want to snuggle up in his cocoon and go to sleep. He was no fuss because if it made her happy, he would be glad to do it.
I’m not sick; he says as he sneezes to which she points to the futon. “I have things to do,” he replies. She still stands there pointing as he finally gives in and lays down to make her happy. He will want her close all day to fetch him things and each time she replies, “As you wish.”


re-release *MC trust issues HC* edited

Trust issues
MC who has been with them for about six months has let little things slip about her past and a few crappy people she has known in the past who all caused her a world of hurt. Some of them left her with some major trust issues that can be found in her everyday life, but the ones that cut most deeply are of course the ones that affect her relationships. Even though the warlords have done nothing to encourage or deserve the sneaky behavior from her which all leads back to she wants to trust but just can’t, they all handle it well.
He knows something was different about her from the start. A meek and mild-mannered female with a backbone of steel but something was off still about her. Dealing with her was like peeling away an onion. No matter how much he gave in to her and tried to brush away her doubts she still had them. Tonight he had enough as he was trying to read his read his letters he saw her trying to read them over him. He didn’t know why but he just handed the stack of letters to her and asked if she wanted to read them all. She looked taken back by his bluntness but understood she was going too far; it seemed the more she wanted to trust him the more she doubted him. He was understanding but needed to work still. Later that night he told her that whatever she needed to understand that she was his one and only she could consider it given and he would try to help her along.
He hates that she doesn’t fully trust him, of course, his fan club is a significant part of that. He knows he would never do anything to risk her trust, but she doesn’t seem to understand that. It had to do with some guy from her past not him, but he was the one paying for it. He noticed that her whole demeanor changes within seconds if some of his female friends get close. She at first would get close, but now she walks away with her head down. It kills him inside to know he is adding to her issue but he can’t be rude to the other women. It went against his nature, but he would have to do something. As the two went into town he saw the horde before she did but waved and turned directions so they wouldn’t be able to meet, she looked up at him noticing the movement and realized what he was trying to do. She wanted to get over her issues herself, but now she knew he would try to help as well.
He tries to put all her fears out of her mind. It doesn’t really help, but he will sit her down and just let her talk. He doesn’t want to change her in any way but help her over her hump of her issues. He doesn’t try ever to act as if he is hiding anything because that isn’t him so she can relax about that with him. He listens for the most part and will try to ease her mind and body any way he can.
He doesn’t understand. He tries but doesn’t get it. Why is he being punished for what some other idiot did in her past? He will listen but will add his usual sarcastic comments which will leave her quiet. She doesn’t know why he is like that so he will tell her one day when he is drained, and his own walls come down a bit about his life. She realizes that despite her issues his life was indeed a thousand time worse and if he can learn to trust again she could too. It is their own bond that no one can understand.
He will do anything to make her happy. Since he often forgets to respond to letters, he leaves them out when she sees one written in a females hand she heads back into her own dark place. It was Hideyoshi’s words though that brought her out of it the next day when he laughed and said Mitsunari wouldn’t even know the woman’s name or face if she was to meet him again. He would be polite but within minutes would forget any other woman and as far as Hideyoshi knows the princess is the only woman he has ever cared to know her name. She tested the theory later that night as they went for a walk in town where all the women gather, and he was polite, but as they walked away she asked, who was that? And he responded he had no idea. It made her day, and she learned to ease her mind a little bit around him, he would never hurt her.
Trust issues? She thinks she has trust issues? The kitsune himself was nothing but walking trust issues. She found herself with him one evening, and he let his guard down around her with the threat of death if she tried anything, of course, not that she wanted too in the first place. As his guard was down a bit, she noticed he did everything he could to make her feel more welcome. He was a walking contradiction in many ways, and as he moved forward with plot a and plot G leaving the others for a later time, she grew to understand his need for the secrets she hated so much. She didn’t like it, but anytime she asked a direct question he would answer it honestly. She knew she had a foothold into the insight of the man himself and would enjoy finding out more.


re-release *Tomboy MC* edited

She was up before dawn again. She knew she shouldn’t be up at this hour but it was the only time she could get into the training hall without too many people seeing her, she wasn’t ashamed that she liked to work out and also to learn the weapons of this time period. She had dealt with all those issues before as a girl living in a place that she was supposed to be demure and more feminine, she hated it. She felt like she was living a lie. However, she would workout before dawn every day and practice what she saw the others doing with swords, daggers, or ax’ and be content at least for a while. She could always take off in the afternoon to go to the forest to climb a few trees if she needed to burn some excess energy off. She didn’t know it wasn’t a secret though and they, the warlords, knew of her early morning activities and her joints to the forest.
“She is UP again! I am surprised. Even I don’t train as much as she does.”, Masamune said to his cohort this morning.
“She is up every morning at this time. Though she started completely unskilled, she has made progress with the weapons left in the training hall.”, Mitsuhide replied easily.
“Your handiwork I assume?”, Masamune raised his eyebrow at his friend.
“If she was going to train she needed the right weapons to do it with. Since she hasn’t asked for help or a sparring partner, I thought to give her the weapons though used and duller than normal would be the best plan, for now.”, He said his golden eyes watching the girl as she headed into the building behind the castle proper.
“Have you been watching her?”, Masamune asked.
“Sometimes but not often enough.”, The man smiled.“The castle is normally asleep at this time so watching for unusual behavior is my job. A lone female out here at night is enough to catch anyone’s eye. Not that it is hard for our princess to catch the eye, of course.”
“That is true enough. I wonder what she is really up too.”, Masamune asked.
“I think this has gone on long enough don’t you? We should go and ask her.”, Mitsuhide replied as he already started to head to the training hall.
“No that isn’t what I meant!”, Masamune in a rare moment didn’t want to know what the princess was trying to do really. He liked just thinking she was a sweet young princess instead of what they might find. He didn’t want to be the one to tell Nobunaga his pet was a traitor or worse a spy.
“Well, are you coming?”, Mitsuhide said over his shoulder. Exceptionally reluctantly Masamune shifted his weight and started to follow the Kitsune of a man he was friends with. They both strolled as not to alert her as she did have a sword in his grasp and even though both men were unarmed they could most likely overpower the girl with ease if necessary. When they were in sight of her though they were not so sure. She was working rather hard on a move the Masamune had been working on the day prior and they watched as she tried it with ease. She was somewhat skilled they both thought in a crude way.
“She must have taught herself by watching us practice.”, Masamune said as he almost whistled. He caught himself in the process and realized she still didn’t know the two of them were there. Her form was off, but she would have been able to get the job done with a better weapon. The fact she was copying them and their daily workouts were impressive on its own.
“She is better then I thought.”, Mitsuhide said as he propped himself against the door in the shadows and let his eyes rake her over. She must have felt the three eyes on her as she turned and looked around. She spotted them both watching her, and in the quiet of the hall, she looked for some sort of excuse. Mitsuhide thought this might be worth more than any gold to see her flustered so much. He pushed away from the door.“Your form was off, Princess.”
“Ummm, I thought I was alone.”, she said as she looked around like a nervous sparrow.
“He is right. The form was off which would lead to an easy counter-attack.”, Masamune said also enjoying the sight.
“Okay then. I should be headed back to the castle.”, she said trying to preserve what little she had left on the facade she was trying to hold on to.
“Your secret Princess really isn’t one any longer, my dear.”, Mitsuhide said while moving closer to her.
“What secret?”, she asked.
“This one, my dear. Also, your trips to the forest, are they too met someone a lover perhaps?”, he replied slyly.
“What NO!”, she nearly screamed. He already knew she went into the forest to climb trees of all things but her reaction to them thinking she had a lover was fabulous.
“What now then princess could you be doing. No one here would think less of you if you had taken one.”, He said as her blush grew.
“Not a lover.”, she choked out. “I go for walks and to climb.”
“Climb?”, Masamune played dumb.
“Trees. Climb trees.”, she said. “It isn’t ladylike I know, but neither am I. I’m so sick of living a lie like a perfect little princess.”
“You are far from a perfect princess.”, Mitsuhide said and then realized that he had truly insulted her which he didn’t want to do. “You are just you.”
“Thanks, snake.”, she said to his raised eyebrows.
“I know of the perfect tree to climb, and I bet you I can reach the top faster."Masamune tried to steal her attention away.
"I doubt that.”, she replied.
“Then how about a race later.”, he said to which Mitsuhide was nodding his head. “If you beat me I will train in you with a sword the correct way.”
“What happens if you beat me?”, she asked.
“You have to take me to dinner.”, he said off the top of his head.
“As well as myself.”, Mitsuhide also chimed in.
“Fine. It’s a bet.”, she said as she took her leave of the two men to prepare for the day ahead.
Later that afternoon Masamune led her to the tree he knew of, what she didn’t realize that their bet had spread through the upper levels of the castle-like wildfire. She was ready, but when she saw all the warlords, she wondered if they all knew about the secret life she had tried to have. She was glad it was out now, but she didn’t like the looks they all had for her. Hideyoshi was now approaching her and had the look of a mother hen whose chick messed up bad. She found it amusing that he was now trying to give her instructions on how not to get stuck as Mitsuhide calmly walked up and told him she could probably out climb any boy or man here. Thus proving he knew the entire time this morning what she had been doing out here. His snake-like smile plastered on his face she told him in no uncertain terms to just go and slither away. He laughed and left her to her own devices, Nobunaga had already told her he had a bet with Ieyasu that she would beat Masamune and not to let him down.
As the two were at the bottom of the tree waiting for the mark, they had agreed on where the top would be considered, and now we’re just waiting for the shout to begin. She had turned down a head start, and so when Nobunaga yelled to start, she was already in the air grabbing ahold of the lowest branch and swinging herself up. Masamune had missed his jump up. She was already finding her handholds easy while he was close on her tail. For most of the race, the two were neck and neck, but somehow she jumped up and reached the mark before he had a chance to place his hand. She had won. He shook his head at her speed and strength because he had to use his own brute strength just to keep up with her. They made their way down when she slipped a bit but didn’t fall. Just enough that each man had their hearts in their throats as they saw the slip. No one was going to say anything though. This new side to the princess seemed to bring a real smile to her face. As they descended from the top of the tree, Masamune was outlining the training schedule he had for her. She was inwardly beaming with all he was telling her.
Later after dinner and everyone was still in the great hall she had challenged Masamune to an arm wrestling contest in which she outlined the rules. Everyone again thought she would be easily overcome because of Masamune’s strength. Though she did lose on the first try, he was surprised at her own that now only he knew she had. In time he knew she would be able to beat him easy. To that, he smiled and nodded. He would play along with her for now but challenge her often.


re-release *HC Heavily pregnant MC* edited

1. Anonymous said to :
So this might seem silly, but MC is heavily pregnant and trying to reach for something on a shelf. The belly is in the way, so she decides to reach for the item from the side but only pushes object back further away. Frustrated MC grabs a chair because ‘I could reach this shelf before!’ Cue the warlords coming in at that specific moment, what are their reactions? (My husband was not happy with me that day. *laughs nervously*)
“What are you doing!”, he exclaims as he sweeps her off the chair and moves it away from the cabinets. “I was trying to get that!”, she pointed to the jar she wanted as he easily got it down for her. “A whole castle full of people and you climb a chair?”, he asks.
“Well, I could get it a few days ago!” I am so big now I can’t do anything!“, she cried out.
"That is our child you are carrying, soon it will be done, and you will be more normal.”, he said softly.
“Fine. I will ask next time.”, she said softly.
“Good because nothing should happen to you if you keep your feet on the floor. If you fell, it could hurt the both of you, and then I would be mad.”, he stated as he walked her back to their room where he would rub her swollen feet for her.
Cue panic. He would have to be quiet but still, make enough noise, so she didn’t jump and fall off the chair. As she turned her to see him and the look he had. “Of all the times to walk in you have to pick now!”, she said.
“Princess please get off the chair.”, His voice was strained as he was trying not to lose his cool. The last time he suggested something she nearly ripped his head off, literary.
“I could get it a few days ago. I am so big now I can’t get it.”, she stated.
“I will get it for you.”
“I don’t need your help.”
“Princess please let me help you.”, he said.
“Fine help.”, she said as she looked defeated.
“Not much longer now. Just let me help until then.”, he pleaded.
“Fine since this is your fault.”, she said as she motioned to her large size laughing.
“what are you doing, idiot!”, he stated as he huffed the way over to her to take her hand and gently pulled her off the chair taking care to have her reach the ground safely.
“I was trying to get that. I could last week.”, she said.
“Well, now that is off limits to you too!”, he said pointing to the chair.“That is for you to sit on, not to stand.”
“I just wanted the jar!”, she said defensively.
“Tough now you have to ask for help.”, he said firmly.
“I am a grown-up, don’t speak to me as if I am a child.”, she said.
“If you were a child we wouldn’t be expecting our first child, now would we?”, he countered. “Let me help you while I can. You have to do so much already; I can get the jar.”
“Fine.”, she mumbled hastily.
“Lass? What are you doing up there?”, he asked softly.
“Trying to get something!”, she responded.
“I can get it.”, he stated, “When your back on the ground.”
“I just want to get it, Masamune. I could last week when I wanted some.”, she replied.
“Please get down Lass. Let me get it.”, he tried again.
“Fine.”, She said., “I am a whale. Can’t do anything.”
“What’s a whale?”, he asked. “No never mind. You are growing our child; I can get the high jars for now.”
“doesn’t seem fair.”, she said to herself.
“It isn’t. So let me help when I can, okay?”
“Princess what are you doing!”, he exclaimed as he walked into the room as he hurried over to brace her up.
“I was trying to get that jar. I could reach it last week but I can’t now.”
“This jar?”, he reached up and brought it down.
“I wanted to get it.”, she said as she looked at him and he knew he was in for it.
“I know you did, but I need to help you. Not much longer and you will be your old self who never needs to much help. Let me help you now.”, he started hoping she wouldn’t kill him for getting the jar or start crying as she was also prone to do.
“Fine.”, she said, and he also knew that was her tired fine.
“Let’s go back to our room, and I will rub your shoulders and back. Does that sound good.”, he asked as he learned she enjoyed that.
“Yes, it does.”, She said as she started to waddle out of the room at her slow pace. He just smiled and followed to do her bidding.
“Do tell me what you Think you are doing on that chair, my love.”, he stated as he slithered into the room after one of his pages alerted him that the princess yet again had found herself doing something he said not to do.
“Mitsu! I am trying to get the jar up here. What does it look like I am doing?”, she asked.
“It looks like you are doing something I asked you not to do last week when you almost fell off another chair.”, he said as he took hold of her arm and was wrapping his other around her widening frame and lifted her and placed her on the floor.
“But I wanted that!”, she said.
“And you shall have it.”, he said as he reached to get it for her and place it in her hands.
“I can do things for myself, ya know.”, she said huffily.
“I do know that my love, however until you are free of the burden of our child, I will be your personal slave and fetch whatever you need. Just no more standing on chairs please, or climbing ladders, or running around.”, he said.
“Personal slave, huh?”, she repeated.
“Yes now let’s go to our palace, and I will show you.”, he said as he nuzzled her neck as he wrapped himself around her.


re-release *MC bikini Warlords react* edited

She was over the heat wave that had hit, and she had made swim tunks for all the warlords as a gift as they were all headed to the lake to relax for a bit. They didn’t exactly understand why she had given them the shorts as she called them but they were going to wear them just to make her happy. It seemed like a little to much skin to be decent but they didn’t care, and she must not have cared either. She had said they were standard in her time so she must be used to the sight. They have had no idea if SHE was going to be wearing shorts either which they all might just roll over and die. After the short jaunt over to the lake by horseback, they all had their ‘shorts’ on and began to strip down to show her. She laughed at the sight as it looked like a runway show with each modeling the bathing suit. They all jumped in to leave her to get ready and were not paying attention as she also stripped leaving a two-piece bikini on. She was getting ready to jump in herself when she heard the commotion in the water as she looked over to where they had all gone. Hideyoshi was gasping for air and was turning red and almost blue. He was pointing at her. Mitsunari was blushing but could not take his eyes off her. Nobunaga had a smirk on his face and a glint in his eyes that seemed like he was planning something. She made a mental note to stay away from him until she had her normal clothes on. Ieyasu was facing the opposite direction waiting for her to get into the water. Masamune was wide-eyed and had a grin on his face as she could see the wheels turning, and a plot of the chase was going to take place. She looked as she stood on the tree which she had planned to dive off of but couldn’t spot Mitsuhide anywhere and she wondered what he had gotten himself into here. As she lept off the tree into the water, she had no idea Mitsuhide was just under the surface waiting for her to jump in. She nearly screamed as he came up behind her and grabbed on to her waist. He was slightly confused as he thought she would have more of a bathing suit on and hadn’t seen her or the other’s reactions. He had to smile to himself that he had her while the other’s wished they did.
They all quickly recovered and had to splash around and generally swimming around. Ieyasu didn’t look at her the entire day, and she wondered if she had been too far with the bikini though they other warlords didn’t seem to mind. Truth be told all of them had tried to make other plans with her for a more private swimming experience which with the summer heat seemed like it might be a good idea. She wouldn’t mind it except for the secluded settings might give them more ideas which she didn’t want to think about. She loved the water period and could spend the rest of the spring and summer as it got hotter looking forward to going to the lake with them. On the way back after everyone had changed out of the wet shorts back into their standard outfits, and she had managed to slink out of the two-piece suit back into hers they began asking if what she had worn was normal in her time which she laughed and said yes. Each had started to wonder what the future was really like if that was normal to which Ieyasu had merely said he would die if that were everywhere in her time, she chuckled to herself with the knowledge that she had seen him peaking at her with a sly smile and when the others weren’t around had also asked to go to the lake with her at some point. She would hold on to the secret though so that he could save face.