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Each is a multiple chapter book. All Stories are many chapters.

 Love Again- Romance/Past Life

Finding the heart- Time Travel Modern

A restless life

The Beginning of Time- Science Fiction

Aphrodisiac Series- Collection of Mitsuhide being bad

Crash- Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

Stalked to the Sengoku- Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Poison to the Heart Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Love at the Right Time

Vampire Collection

The Truth between Friends Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Ikemen Sengoku Collection

Ikemen Sengoku Collection Part Two

A Piece of Time

Battle for the Heart Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Up on the Hilltop Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Down in the Valley Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) a sequel to Up on the Hilltop

 The Dance Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Mission Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 A Dangerous Interaction Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Why are we Friends Again? Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) sequel to A Dangerous Interaction

 Heating up the Kitchen Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) a sequel to A Dangerous Interaction

 Into the Darkness Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) horrorish/romance

 Out of the Light Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

Sequel to into the darkness

 Five-minute Prompts

Five Minute Prompts part two

Ikemen Sengoku Pregnancy and Delivery Series

Beginning Again Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Box of Bones Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Lightning Strikes- Science Fiction/ Time Travel

Meeting the One Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Game Of Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Online Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Through Hell Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Shattered Bones Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) Science fiction

 Terms of Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Let the Games Begin Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Lessons Learned Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Falling in Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Reality of Love Alternate Universe Ikemen Sengoku

Two become One Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Shorts, one off’s, and requests

Raising a Princess Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Blind Date Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Headcanons Ikemen Sengoku

Cabin in the Woods Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Village Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)


Sorry guys

From now on when i find a writer who has written a hc or short that is basically a copy of one of my stories or hc I will be posting the original with the date published.

I’m tired of the bullshit of “new” writers using my work. By using I mean changing one or two words and then posting. Once I do this as well tumblr will be notified for copyright infringement and plagiarism.

Sorry to have to do this but honestly I have been writing non stop for this fandom for two years now. I have covered all these asks a year ago or more. Write your own stuff don’t copy mine.


Lessons learned ch 13

The weekend came and went as did the beginning of the week. Mitsuhide and Noelle both took Tuesday off much to the delight of his students who didn’t have to attend his class. As they stood in the local courthouse in front of a judge Mitsuhide couldn’t help but grin widely.

Noelle wore one of her business suits though it didn’t hide her pregnancy and judge couldn’t help but look her over a few times as he went through the ceremony. Two of the assistants stood as their witnesses and when it was over Mitsuhide was visibly ecstatic. It was rolling off of him in waves as Noelle looked at him she could feel his happiness as it matched her own. She had never thought that this would be the twist in fate that awaited her when she thought back to the dark days of being in her apartment. Everything worked out in a way she never imagined. This man before her loved her in a way she didn’t know was possible, let alone that he loved also her unborn son. The feelings that invoked by itself was a powerful thing. Mitsuhide had accepted on his own the fact that the child he did not contribute to at all was his and he would never back down from that thought. Now Maximus would be born an Akechi and he would never not know the love of both his parents.

Though this was not her dream wedding that she had deep in her thoughts from the time she was a little girl it was the one where she would get all her dreams answered. Her husband was a prominent member in his field. He was starting something she thought herself was a good thing to bring unity and streamline the process for the law enforcement community. It was something she could get behind and run with pride. She was happy and content the two things she had thought were beyond her a few months ago as she struggled with the day to day movements. His friendship and then his love were what gave that ability to her.

“I am sorry mouse.” He said softly as they got into the car after waiting for the paperwork to be finished.

“Sorry for what?” She asked.

“I know you probably had some huge event in your head about how this day should be. I rushed us. For that I am sorry.” He said as he took her hand in his and kissed each knuckle.

“You know I did at one point Mitsuhide.” She said after she thought for a few seconds. “However what you gave me is important.”

“And what exactly did I give you?” He asked slightly confused.

“Happiness.” She smiled, “and you.”

“Well it seems my love that I got the better end of the deal.” He chuckled, “because you, Mouse, are simply the most wonderful thing in the world.”

“You’re bias.” She said.

“I am.” He replied as he pulled into the restaurant that everything started for the two. She looked at him and he grinned, “this was the place was the first we went to as a couple though you didn’t have a clue it was this dinner I knew I would have you next to me. I knew then I wanted to be sure that you allowed me to be in your and his life.”

“And you are.” She said.

“You gave in almost to easy mouse.” He said. “The fact was I was willing to wage a battle to win you.”

“Well I just need a friend at the time. You stayed up that night helping me with studying. Then you helped me through the days. I think I fell in love with you then.” She said.

“Oh you did? So thats why. I thought it was the night of the fire.” He said squeezing her hand across the table.

“No Mitsuhide it was well before that.” She smiled. “You know that he probably knew two voices from nearly the start. Yours and mine. He was always good when you were around like he was listening for you. He wanted you to be his dad as well.” She laughed.

“Well our son has the same awful taste as his mother."  He said with his grin coming out. "Now we need to discuss something my sweet mouse.”

“What?” She asked.

“I want to add you to my insurance through the school.” He said, “but to do that you may lose your employment as a TA. The risks outweigh the loss in my mind because this will get you off your parents insurance and make it easier to put Max on mine. The fact you are still kn your parents insurance bothers me, I won’t lie. Noelle the idea they can access your records and also make decisions medically because of that makes me nervous. If they wanted to they could become a huge thorn in our sides later.”

“All of that makes sense.” She nodded. “You are my husband now and you will make the medical decisions for me if I can’t or for Max. But I hate the idea of losing my job. I kind of like working with you everyday.”

“You still can of you want. As the one running my side business you can consult for me.” He smiled.

“Mitsu.” She said softly.

“Your salary was pennies to me, my love. It doesn’t matter and to be honest I want you to be close in these last few months. You know just in case something happens. I want to be there when you need me to be.” He replied with a shrug.

“It is not a pleasant experience.” She laughed.

“No but I will do whatever I have too to get you through it. You are the most important thing to me, Mouse. Going through that with you will only make us stronger. At the end as well we will get to meet Maximus, and that is pretty amazing.” He smiled.

“Mitsuhide every time you say his name he moves. I think he likes it.” She smiled.

“I think he likes not being called alien any more.” He said with a grin. As they finished their meal he got up along with her and walked out to the car. “I think we should get a different car as well.”

“Why?” She asked.

“I think we will need more room soon. I can drive this one but you should get something bigger and has more safety features.” He said.

“More room?” She asked as she laughed.

“Well. Who could blame me?” He asked as she feigned innocence.

“We do have to wait on that.” She said.

“We will see.” He replied.

“We will.” She said knowing that he was right. They would be adding to their family. Maybe not as quickly as he wanted but there would be more children for them. Nothing could go wrong today.

They were in the home office later as they were going over the business side of everything when her cell phone went off and she looked and sighed as she declined the call. He looked at her and asked the silent question, “it was my mother.”

“Oh.” He said as the phone rang again. She declined it again.

“They will not ruin today for me.” She said rather strongly.

“Noelle let me answer it.” He said as it rang again.

She tossed it to him.

“Hello.” Mitsuhide aaid.

“Hello I am looking for my daughter Noelle Hanson.” A haughty voice replied.

“I am sorry she can’t come to the phone.” He said.

“ and you are?” The woman asked.

“Her husband.” Mitsuhide replied. Noelle rolled her eyes.

“So she married you.” The woman chuckled, “maybe she wasn’t a complete waste then.”

“Excuse me?” Mitsuhide’s tone went ice cold.

“Oh nothing.” The woman said, “the. You are my son in law now. Fine. What is your name?”

“Mitsuhide.” He replied trying to remain civil to her mother.

“Sounds foreign.” She said.

“Family name.” He replied.

“Well tell my daughter her father is in the hospital. Things do not look good at the moment and he wants all of his children here.” She said with no inflection that this was was of any importance.

“I will tell her.” Mitsuhide said as he looked at the phone as the woman hung up.

“Well?” Noelle asked ,“tell me what?”

“Your father is in the hospital.” He said, “ apparently it doesn’t look good. He wants all of you there.”

“Okay.” She said almost blankly.

“I hate to ask this but is your mother always so cold?” He asked.

“Yes, she is. How did she react to the news we are married?” Noelle asked.

“She seemed more worries I was foreign.” He laughed.

“She would.” Noelle said as she stood. “Well we should go to the hospital and get this over with.”

“Over with?” He asked.

“Not the first time I have received a call like that.” She said, “we will go and see what is really going on. Then we can come home.”

“Noelle are you sure about this?” He asked as he stood as well.

“Mitsuhide they can’t hurt me anymore. I have you. It is something that if something was actually wrong and I didn’t go I would regret that. So let’s just go.” Noelle said and he smiled with understanding.

“Then let’s go get this over with.” Mitsuhide said with a smile.


Lessons learned ch 12

The drive over to the doctors was quiet. Neither of them said much as they finally pulled into the parking lot. Noelle tried to get herself out of the car though she was having some difficulty. Mitsuhide wanted to chuckle but knew if he did she would be mad for days. Though her mood swings were not as bad as some he had heard they were still there and he was not willing to risk her wrath most of the time. She normally would just start crying at the weirdest things and though he didn’t mind he would end up soothing her with hushed words and soft back rubs the best he could.

They entered the building and she checked in and then sat to wait her turn. This wasn’t Mitsuhide’s first time with her so he waited for her to chose her seat and dutifully sat next to her waiting for her turn. She gripped onto his hand like she expected some sort of problem ahead. This was supposed to be the last scan for her.

Mitsuhide just calmly smiled and held her hand as they were called back. He paced himself with her and supported her back as they walked. They went back to a small room and she was told to get into the chair and wait.

The doctor came in and looked over the two of them and then began to address only her. “So Miss Hanson have we decided on what you are going to do about the baby?” His voice boomed through the room and Noelle was sure every person in the building could have heard the statement. This doctor was the first she had seen at this office so many months ago, where as she had seen the others in the practice lately and they knew of her change in situation because of Mitsuhide. She also knew this doctor had been friends with her father.

“We have.” She replied snidely.

“We?” The doctor asked.

“My partner and I have decided to raise our child.” She said.

“I knew your story didn’t make much sense.” The doctor said as he went on to say,really Noelle the pain you put your poor parents through.”

“Excuse me sir,” Mitsuhide cut in, “Noelle and I will raise our child though the child is not biologically mine. Whatever Noelle’s relationship with her parents is I do believe as her doctor it is none of your business.”

“You are taking on a child that is not yours?” The doctor turned and asked Mitsuhide.

“But it is mine.” Mitsuhide smiled. “Any other questions?” Noelle shook her head knowing that this verbal back and forth could last all day. The tech finally came in and started the machine with a smile for her. The tech slightly glared at the doctor in the room. “Doctor there is a call for you.”

“Thank you.” The doctor said and he walked out of the room.

“I saw in your chart you requested for him not to be one of the doctors you see. Unfortunately he heard your name when they were pulling your chart. I am sorry for any discomfort he caused. He will be retiring soon we all hope.” The tech said softly and with a smile.

“He is a old friend of my fathers.” Noelle said, “I don’t mind him so much but the idea he is giving information to my parents still about me and the baby is enough to set me on edge.”

“If he did that would be a break of doctor confidentiality. You could sue him.” The tech said.

“I know I could but the idea of my personal information being in a courtroom Is just as scary to me.” Noelle replied. “I just got my life back on track with the help of my.” Noelle looked at Mitsuhide and smiled softly, “with the help of the man I am going to marry.”

“Congratulations.” The tech said as she looked down at the ring on Noelle’s finger. Mitsuhide’s grin took over as he held her hand as he brought it to his lips.

The tech smiled at them both and began to put the jelly on her abdomen and move the wand. “I put a cd in so everything about this scan with be on it for you. Do you want pictures as well?”

“Yes.” Mitsuhide said before Noelle could answer.

“Excited for the baby?” The tech asked Mitsuhide.

“My first son? Of course I am.” He replied as he looked at the woman and waited to see if she would say something instead she smiled gently and quietly said ,”I wish more men were like you.”

“No you don’t he can be a pain.” Noelle said as she chuckled and then in the screen she saw the face of her baby come into view. This scan was slightly more advanced then the normal ultrasound. It was a combination of 3d and 2d technology. She was looking at her unborn sons face clearly. She looked at Mitsuhide whose eyes were glued to the screen as well.

“That’s Maximus.” He said softly.

“That is.” Noelle beamed at her a smile that was breathtaking.

They sat there watching their son on the screen and waited as the tech printed about a hundred pictures for them. “Everything looks good. He is measuring about a week or two ahead of schedule but that is entirely normal at this stage. It will fluctuate until the end. He may be doing more this week and not much next. So don’t worry.”

“Thank you.” Mitsuhide said as he took the pictures and the cd so Noelle could clean her abdomen with the towel and he could help her up. They walked out hand in hand with huge grins on their faces.

“We can see him clearly in these.” Mitsuhide said as he looked down before he started to drive away.

“We can.” She said softly.

“What?” Mitsuhide asked as he heard the hesitation in her voice.

“Do you like him?” Noelle asked quietly.

“Noelle he is beautiful just like his beautiful mother. I see you in him. He has your nose.” He said chuckling. “Noelle it was never about what he looks like. He is my son regardless of all that. He is our son regardless of all that.”

“Mitsuhide.” She started.

“What?” He asked as he turned the key.

“Ask me again.” She said softly.

“Mouse will you marry me please.” He asked as he turned his golden eyes her way.

“Yes.” She said softly.

“Finally” Mitsuhide smiled and started the car.

“Where are we going?” She asked.

“Home.” He replied.

“I thought you would be slightly more excited I finally said yes.” She said softly.

“That is the reason we are going home Noelle.” He said equally softly. “So I can show you properly how much I love you.”

Hours later as the two lounged in bed dozing in and out of sleep filled bliss he rolled onto his side and looked at her. He placed his hand o. Her growing burden and felt the slightest movement of the baby. He had looked at the face of the unborn child she was carrying, the one he had claimed months ago as his own, and he had seen her in the babe. He studied the face and he only saw hers in it. He meant what he had said earlier to her it didn’t matter what the boy looked like but the fact he looked like her made him feel a surge of love more for the baby he had grown to love. He did really in his soul love the child as he would his own. He had watched her grow with it and he felt his life was better for everything that happened.

He knew people would have never believed it was possible for someone like him to feel so content in a domestic life. The truth was until she sat outside his door that day he would have never looked twice for someone like her. He had come to grips with the overwhelming need to take care of her. It was an overpowering need that had grown from that first night when he took her to dinner. He understood fate had thrown him a bone and he ran with it. He had found something that most people only dream about. He watched her blink her eyes open and look at him. Her soft expression in her eyes only called to him even more to secure her by his side.

“What?” She asked after he brushed his soft lips against hers.

“Marry me next week mouse.” He said softly, “I wanted to give you the wedding of your dreams but I find I just want you as my wife now. If you still want the one that takes forever to plan we can do that one later. Just marry me.”

“You really want to get married next week?” She asked.

“If we could I would marry you today.” He sighed. “But there is paperwork to file. The earliest We could is next Tuesday if we fill everything out tomorrow and file it.”

“Mitsuhide.”she started but saw the look of love and wanting in his eyes. “Fine we will file it out tomorrow and file it. I will marry you on Tuesday.”

“Noelle, I promise you I will make you happy.” He said as he kissed her again.

“Mitsuhide you already do.” She smiled as she looked at him. “I don’t think I could be anymore happy than I am with you.”


Warlords adult time

Suggestive warnings but not nsfw completely

Hc playtime


– this one likes a certain type of play

– He is so dominant in everyday life he cannot let go of that

– He knows he has responsibilities as the first unifier

– He enjoys his role play though

– He needs a certain release

– Though he can not lose that dominant trait

– He will try for you

– He learns to let things go

– Never crosses a line with you

– He needs you to be completely submissive

– Completely

– He will make it worth your while though


– honestly I can’t see him trying to be dominant

– He isn’t submissive either

– He likes touching

– You work at making your own fun game

– He has to say or do something before he can touch

– Like full contact 20 questions

– Though you never make it to 20

– He tries to do whatever you like and will spoil you in the process


– games?

– Play time games?

– The hedgehog doesn’t have time for that

– However he sees your disappointment in your eyes

– You explain you just want to spice things up

– He takes at he is dull

– He is willing to try once

– He is not sure when you explain to him

– You bind his hands lightly as not to trigger things from his past

– Talk sweetly as you do it

– You let your hands explore as he is trapped on the ground

– He doesn’t not like it

– After he admits he could see a future of that

– One step at a time porcupine….


– up for anything

– He is good to go

– He doesn’t mind being sub or dom

– Whatever your pleasure is

– Either way you both get what you want

– He doesn’t mind ropes or anything else

– He goes with the flow

– He enjoys the soft touches or the harder yanks regardless


– you want to do what?

– He is still learning everything

– though a quick study he doesn’t quite get this side to playing with you

– But if you want to try it he is willing

– He honestly could be both sub and dom as well

– Meet darkside Mitsunari

– This side thrills you

– Also slightly scares you as he only comes out when Mitsunari is extremely tired or hurt

– This could be awhile

– He learns he likes everything and he is rather good at working you up either way

– Good bye heaven

– Hello wonderful hell


– since he is a natural dominant person he enjoys both

– A master at torture he likes a little pain himself

– He is also a master at rope work

– He likes teaching you as well

– He doesn’t mind when you want the lead

– Smacked, shoved, hair pulls all turn him on

– The more you do the more he will please you

– Flip-side he won’t-hit you. Playful swats and spanking yes but never harder then that

– He tries not to bind you to tight either

– He will pull hair be prepared

– He will leave marks as well

– He likes when you do as well

– I don’t see him into breath play***

– He enjoys taking his time during playtime on either side

– He knows he has the stamina to last hours and hours

– *** common canon in the ikesen world. Though breath play does add excitement I can not think he would find it fun to choke the life out of MC just as a release. He loves her and that would be to close to seeing her dead, in my eyes.****