Mc and sasuke having a whole convo that’s just quotes from the princess bride while the warlords look at them like they have 3 heads. Not sure if it’s really worth writing about but I’m literally loling at the idea and thought I’d share

Sasuke had been invited to the celebration for the week. Like her they knew he had just managed to survive when he came theough the wormhole and he had become a loyal servant to Kenshin. There was no hard feelings and more important the ninja seemed important to their princess.

“Princess what was your favorite movie back home?” Sasuke asked at the beginning of the celebration.

“Thats easy “princess bride” without a doubt.” She replied with a smile.

“One of the most quotable movies in the twentieth century.” He chuckled.

“Inconceivable!” She said over her shoulder. Again he chuckled.

“Good one.” He said to her, “so why are we here exactly?”

“Marrwiage. Marrwiage is what bwings us toggether today.” She said.

“Really?” He aaked and she nodded. “Is there a swamp nearby?”

“No rodents of unusual size are in azuchi. Well maybe a few but shhh.” She replied.

The two split up for a little while. When they met up now she had a few of the warlords surrounding her. Though the ninja was a guest he wasn’t well trusted.

“Ewww they are kissing again, i told you to skip the kissing part.” She said out of no where and sasuke tried to crack a smile.

“You seem like a decent person I would hate to kill you.” Sasuke said and realized his mistake as the warlords eyes flashed. Without missing a beat she replied, “you seem like a decent person I would hate to die.”

The warlords looked down at her and then to him. They were slightly confused. “To the death!” Sasuke said.

“To the pain! “ she replied.

“Your feiend is mostly dead not all dead there is a difference.” He said later.

“Have fun storming the castle!” She said waving to him. The now group of six warlords were listening and looking. The words ahe was saying made no sense but ahe was laughing and smiling. They had had eyes on the ninja. The confusion was there and he could see it. It made him wish he could smile at them.

“You killed my father prepare to die!” She nearly yelled after the food was served. She laughed as he nodded and then walked over to her.

“As you wish.” He said.