Let’s play a game…

The person who answers the most questions about me correctly gets a short of the warlord of your choice. The second and third also get one.

1)I have been to _______ countries. (Number is between 1-40)

2)I became a scientist because I wanted to work with ___________.

3)I have ________ kids.

4)I am married to who?

5)I just moved to where?

6) I have written _________ chapter stories for ikesen?

7) my favorite food is?

8) my favorite drink is?

9) am I religious?

10) Do I have any sleep issues?

Winner will be announced on Friday 27th have fun.


Birthday Month has begun

Kat’s birthday extravaganza!

So I got this idea from, my cousin the awesome Yesha, and thought it was excellent. Ironically my birthday is exactly a month after theirs on August 16.

I would like my feed to be flooded with Ikesen things for my day! To be honest I cannot think of anything better for my birthday.

I also would like to help people so if you feel inclined to you can donate to : the special Olympics at https://www.specialolympics.org

As you know I grew up with many people with severe disabilities. They made a huge impact on my life and I would like for many other families to be able to experience the wonderfulness of this program. If you donate you will receive a short as a thank you. To receive I will just need a timestamped copy of the receipt and the warlord of your choice.

For every story, mood board, piece of art I receive I will also donate $2 to the charity. (For clarity sake and openness I will post the receipt after August 17th). This way we all can help even if funds are tight, sharing something simple like a mood board or a doodle will help.

Everyone knows that my favorite character is Mitsuhide so anything with him is perfect! Small prompts or whatever!

I want to share my day with you so everything will be reblogged startingon the 16th Of August with a reaction from me!

I love you all!



It’s been a year….

My life took a major turn two thanksgivings ago when I got a call from one of my closest friends asking me if I could make sure her daughters, who happen to be my daughters best friends, got to school on time. My answer was of course. I knew something was up but I would wait for her to tell me.

She did. She called me crying. This woman never cried. I met her when I was 12 and she was ten as I “dated” her older twin brothers(yes both of them. Yes at the same time.) I watched her grow up. She never cried. She was the one who always had the strength to muscle through. She never leaned on anyone. She was my rock. She needed me to be hers. She had been diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer.

After we talked And she gave me the run down of everything that was to come I begged her to get a second opinion. In my medical knowledge I knew her surgery schedule was not right. She however trusted this doctor. He did get her youngest daughter into remission a few years prior. Yes,her seven year old daughter at the time she was diagnosed, had also battled ovarian cancer and won. I could not sway her. To this day I regret not pushing harder.

I went that day and bought yarn. I taught myself to make hats. I made fourteen of them over a few months all in her favorite colors, pink and purple. She lost her hair in January. By april she had lost nearly eighty pounds. By May I knew something had changed. We talked bi-nightly when she wasn’t in the hospital and when she was I would go in for a bit but she wanted people to not see her like that.

I helped with her daughters. I did often make sure they got to school. They did their homework. They call me their second mom.

She posted about an upcoming surgery inJune of last year. The cancer had spread. The chemo wasn’t working. She went into the hospital and she didn’t ever come out again. Alive that is.

She died a year ago today. A year I have been without a piece of myself I won’t ever get back. A year I have been pissed off because she didn’t listen to me in The first place. A year I have hated nearly everything because she knew and she didn’t tell me. I never got the chance to say goodbye the right way. I never got the last chance to tell her I loved her. She knew but I never got to say the words.

I sit here in a new state. A new house. Balling my eyes out because I miss her so god damn much.

RIP my dearest friend, my sister in arms, my guardian angel. Until we meet again.


Hello All….

If your enjoying Crash and want to read more of it then waitng everyday for a release hop over to wattpad where all has been released up to chapter 15 which was just released today. Wattpad name is kthomas325.

Things in the northeast are white outside as we got about seen inches of snow last night. so working outside has become a huge no no at least till the mud and white crap are gone. I should still be able to put out something on a near daily basis but there will be some exceptions. I am also working a huge project which I hope to unveil sometime next week.

Love to you all.



So it is late….

and today has been a day. I have been battling and losing a bad cold the past 24 hours and right now I am losing said battle, but I can’t sleep.

Things happened today in my personal life which I do not normal get into on the blog but it really has me thinking. it actually started a few days ago in Discord when a young woman was talking with me about a club she had joined in college, a place where she wanted to feel comfortable about her own sexuality. She was telling me that the belief system of the group which was for other than straight people was if you didn’t agree with their beliefs you were wrong. I nearly lost my shit, after telling her at no point should someone dictate how you feel and how can who your attracted too ever be wrong, she understood and thanked me for being super nice.

the thought that ran through my head was why should someone ever have to thank someone for validating who they are? I know that she did it because we are friends but still the thought sat with me and bothered me for days. Not because she brought it up but because people can not just accept that people are different. Why is this not the norm?

Well let me explain some about myself. I was born in the seventies and raised in the eighties. I know some of you will understand immediately while others those were decades you only associate with power ballads, big hair, and blue eyeshadow. These were trying times to be gay. How do I know this because I am a straight female you ask? I have eyes for one, but because of one incident I said before awhile back. When I was 10(yes ten) my best friend at the time went into my older brothers room during a sleep over and took one of his playboys and hustler magazines. I had no idea what either of those were nor did I know it. this friend then went to school a few weeks later and made a scene and told everyone the magazines were mine. Logic doesn’ t apply here because how would a ten year old have either of them, but needless to say it happened. The next SEVEN years of my life were hell. I was a lesbian in everyone’s minds and that was that. I was overlooked by all the cute boys because why would I be interested in them, when the talk died down and I thought I could move on, it was somehow mysteriously brought back up and the cycle repeated until I turned 18 and got the fuck outta here. 22 years later when I run into these women who continued the rumor when we were kids they still try their shit. look my husband hates people, he also hates crowds, he doesn’t go shopping ever, I am sorry you haven’t seen him but I assure he does exist and is a huge pain in my ass 90% of the time.

I am glad we don’t live in a time anymore where anyone should have to go through what I did, the ironic thing is I should have never had to go through it. It opened my eyes to a new way of thinking though. At no point would I ever look down at someone because of race, age, religion, or sexuality. you all do you and wear it with pride. 

When my two oldest daughters came to me and expressed themselves I think they were a bit shocked with my answer. Good you be you and I will be happy. Many of their friends did not have that experience and I was a little sad for them. This leads me to today. My oldest child realized that they are non-binary. Now I have learned quite a bit in the last few months because I will fully admit I don’  t have a clue with most of the terms used today BUT if you explain it to me without being condescending to my open ignorance than I will do everything in my power to understand. Talking with my Cousin opened my eyes to this, and honestly realized that my oldest was non-binary before they did. When Rin announced this earlier on tumblr earlier I realized I was beyond proud of them, because I do understand it is a big thing for them. I know with my cousin I use the wrong pronouns at times but I am getting better because I have so much respect for them, and the fact we are cousin’s and well they have a place in my life forever. 

I realized that Rin had something I never did when I was going through hell, they have support for people. I as a mom have to say the writing fam on discord, the people here on tumblr, even surprisingly the people in our own family all stepped up today and I have to say thank you. 

Now the last thing. I never want anyone to EVER feel left out or go through hell alone. I am a mom, that has been held against me before with some people, but here’s the thing. I’m not your mom, nor do I want to be. If you are feeling left out, or are going through some shit, or want to be you but are afraid to do that, shoot me a message. my inbox is always open. I don’t bite and you can say one thing and never respond, or you can type with me for hours. I won’t sugarcoat shit but you will have someone in your corner unwaveringly.

And with that I bid you adieu.



So I had a blast with @ikesenhell and @debonedwolves and Monkey(who said maybe all of five words the entire night. )

However cousin time included dinner, shopping, and @ikesenhell trying to make me into the Hideyoshi friend but it didn’t work,lol!!!!

@debonedwolves got themselves a new suit for their presentation tomorrow, monkey got a awesome raccoon onesie, and yesha and I got matching full hand bracelets.

Fun times that left my girls saying so when can we go see Yesha mom?