***NEW***  Finding the heart pt7

Finding the heart Part seven

The day of the wormhole was upon them. It was also the day that Sakura’s adoption would become official. They all went down to the court house and watched as she took the pledge to take Sakura as her own child. She couldn’t be happier and neither could Sakura who had been in her arms the entire time. The war lords had planned a special day of sight seeing as their last thing on this plane, it would be a fun memory to which she took hundreds if not thousands of pictures. Mitsuhide had stayed in his normal place of right next to her. He had claimed that place two weeks before and no one spoke of the change in the two but everyone had noticed. In their own way they hoped it would bring her closer to the decision of coming with them. They had been happy when she had allowed them to share the happy day with them, Sakura was officially hers and they had already stopped by us consultant to have Sakura’s passport drawn up. She didn’t want to stay here after they were gone. She was planning to leave the second they got Sakura’s passport and could return to America.

She didn’t know how her family would handle the news. She had not been close to them in years, the idea she went off and then adopted a child without informing them might take them back a few steps. More so a half Japanese child who was blind. She knew her family wouldn’t accept the girl, regardless if she were perfect, and as far as Princess could tell she was perfect, because she was hers. She didn’t want to expose Sakura to the kind of life she had grown up in. James would help she was sure, but it really was going to be Sakura and her against the world.

She started to feel like she was being watched. She thought maybe it was one of the guys at first, being thoughtful and staring just a bit to hard to remember her. She knew that feeling as she was trying to do the same thing. Burn every second into her memory and keep it there forever. She caught herself tearing up more then once during the day. She was sure everyone was in front of her though, except Mitsuhide who on the sly had taken her hand in his. She knew she felt someone looking at her. She turned to look over her shoulder but no one looked amiss. She glanced at Sakura who was surprisingly on Hideyoshi’ s shoulders who had a look of fear on her face. “Hideyoshi?”, she called out and he turned to her. “I need to talk to Sakura.”

“Okay.”, and he padded over and placed the girl in her mother’s awaiting arms.

“Sakura they are here aren’t they?”, She asked. Mitsuhide who was standing next to her popped his head up and started to look around.

“Yes.”, Sakura said. ” I heard a voice and I can FEEL them.”

“Crap.”, She said, “I do too. Sasuke? How much longer till the time?”, she called out.

“An hour.”, Sasuke called back. She knew they had to make their way back so they could be ready to leave. She wanted more time but she and Sakura needed to head anywhere but a where they were headed.

“It’s time.”, she said as she pried her hand off of Mitsuhide’s. “It’s time to say good bye.”

She swallowed hard and forced herself not to look at him. He had given her so much more then just a night. He had spent every night since that night with her. He had shown her more love in two weeks then she had ever had before in her life. He had given her his heart and she had given him the same. Saying goodbye was going to kill her, a piece of her would be gone. She turned from him to give each a hug goodbye and tell each one of them something silly to remember her by. Nobunaga was to try to remember to be more patient. Hideyoshi it is okay to run in the hallways once or twice. Masamune to think of her every time he burnt something. Mitsunari to not read in the dark. Ieyasu it was okay to smile once or twice it wouldn’t break his face. Kenshin to stop trying to kill everyone. Shingen to find one woman and stop flirting. Yukimura to just not talk if a female is near. Sasuke she made him promise that regardless of either side to watch out for all of them. She then turned and they all did as well taking a step to the side and taking their time with Sakura, she looked at him and knew what he was thinking.

“No you can’t kidnap us.”, she said as she walked into his arms that he had outstretched.

“I want too.”, he said as he kissed her head.

“I know.”, she said into his chest. “We do need to go now though. I told myself I wouldn’t cry, so don’t make me. I love you Mitsu. Please be good when you get back.”

“I love you Princess. I will try. Take care of our girl.”, He choked out. He himself was trying to show emotion as well. He bent down and gave her the sweetest most touching kiss he could. When he lifted his head he looked into her eyes and then let go of her. She walked over and took Sakura’s hand and raised hers in a wave as the group of men headed off in the other direction. She stood rooted to that spot as their figures left her sight and where gone.

Sakura who had been holding on to her mother’s hand gently squeezed it. “Momma?”, she said. “We need to go to. They are close.”

That snapped the Princess back to reality. She picked up the girl and started moving. She could also hear the footsteps following them. She had tried to get away by cutting through a different area where more people were there. She did for a bit but then again could hear someone closing in. She was running now and made it back to the warehouse. She had two bags packed and they were by the door in the common room when she walked into the building the eerily silence in the building awoke her to the fact they were not alone in the building like they should have. She tucked the few papers she needed to be safe into the bag and silently she lifted Sakura again and hefted the two bags on her back.

“Doctor? Going somewhere?”, She heard come from the darkened hallway where she had kept her office.

“Ummm, YES!”, She said as she bolted out of the doorway and slowed them down by a few minutes when she jammed the keypad to the last door outside. She and Sakura were now outside and across town from the consulate, she didn’t know where to go. By some force she was headed in a direction and she just followed her feet while her head was trying to figure things out. She got to an open area though not many people were out she felt safe enough for that minute to place Sakura on the ground. She had been here before. She looked off in the direction to see a flash of light and felt the rain that came out of no where. Sakura took her hand as she could sense the men approaching. The princess was going to start running but Sakura took off in the direction opposite of where she wanted to go. The girl was fast when she wanted to be even though she couldn’t see. The Princess saw the two men round the corner and then she turned and followed her daughter and saw exactly where she was running to. The two men in the back of her were gaining on her while another stood and was laughing. She knew that laugh and it sent shivers down her spine. The whole time he had been right there and she nearly handed him the girl. That was why he had stalled on the adoption, he didn’t want her to have a paper trail so he could kill her once and for all, and now the Princess as well. She never gave him the time of the wormhole and so he had no idea what was going to happen next as the Princess finally caught up with Sakura and swung her up. “Ready?”, she asked.

“For what?”, Sakura asked a little out of breath.

“To go say hello.”, the princess stated.

“What?”, Sakura asked as the princess ran right into the wormhole holding on tight to her daughter. She turned and saw the window shut a split second after she entered it. It was dark and misty. When she could feel something again it was like another window to which it was over a open field of grass. As they got closer she could see the Warlords all looking up at the wormhole and Sasuke speaking. It wasn’t until she and Sakura started to fall in the air did she realized the wormhole was way up in the air. She grabbed Sakura mid air from her side and pulled her to her front and she would hit then earth on her back. Instead she found herself in a pair of arms. She looked up in to yellow eyes that were full of tears. She didn’t know if he was happy to see her or if he was in pain. She tried to hop up but he wouldn’t allow her too. Sauske took Sakura from her and explained sometimes it took a while to recover from the wormhole.

“Why?”, He asked. “Why are you here?”

“Not happy to see me again?”, she asked.

“No. I mean yes I am. Just confused.”, he said.

“They chased us. They were in the warehouse. I ran, then Sakura ran right toward the wormhole. Basically at that second this was our only option.”, Princess said.

“I can’t believe you are here.”, He said as he placed her on her feet.

“Neither can I.”, Sasuke walked over from placing Sakura on a pallet near the campsite with Mitsunari watching over her. “You do realize you are here for awhile.”

“Sasuke, It wasn’t like I had a choice. I remember, the next wormhole is in over a year.”, She said.

“In the meantime you and Sakura will come to Azchui.”, Nobunaga stated.

“What if she wants to come to my castle?”, Kenshin hastily replied. “Oh yeah forgot, the kitsune claimed her.”

“Okay guys how about this? That truce you guys planned. Do it. That way I can go in between places. I am here for at least a year. Sakura will want ALL her uncles around her.”, Princess said smiling.

“We will see.”, Both Nobunaga and Kenshin said at the same time to which she laughed.

“Momma?”, she heard.

“Sakura!”, she said as she went to the girl and rubbed her hair.

“Where are we?”, Sakura asked.

“Home. Sakura we are home.”, She said softly to the girl and no one else heard. “We are safe, we went back in time. Your uncles are all here and we are safe.”

“They are?”, She shot up. Everyone gathered around the two females as they passed the girl around and tossed her up in the air. Mitsuhide had slipped behind her as he took her in his arms, openly and kissed her cheek.

“You are the Kitsune?”, she asked.

“Many of the names they call me.”, he chuckled in her ear. “You will have your hands full, keeping her safe and me in line.”

“Is that a question?”, she asked.

“No a promise. After finding my heart I won’t let it go again.”, he said.

“I guess after finding mine, neither should I.”, She said as their lips met and sealed that promise.



****NEW***** Finding the heart part Six

Finding the heart part six              

She had gone out reluctantly
on her own to go get Sakura some
clothes and other things, leaving her in the care of the men. She wondered what
exactly she was in for when she got back. She wasn’t sure if it the smartest
decision but she knew she could fend off an attack if they truly came at her.
She stayed in crowds and because of her small size she was easily lost within
them, for once grateful for it. She bought the things she needed including a
few parenting books which she would hopefully get a chance to read one day. She
started to think to herself a simple decision that was to change her life so
dramatically, she was so full of emotions that were foreign to her that she really didn’t know how to deal with them.

When she arrived back the common room was quiet and she saw
the sight that melted her heart into that goo, that so many speak of. Sakura was curled up on both James, her
best friend and Mitsuhide whom she didn’t know what she felt about him but it
wasn’t normal. She sees a friendship
forming with each of the other men but him, she was unsure of. James eyes lit up, “Oh good your back.”, he
said softly.”She was worried you would get hurt or not come back and I wasn’t
sure where you wanted her.”

“Right there is fine.”, She said.”I have to make up for the
lost time today.”

“No you need to rest.”, Mitsuhide stated.

“I have to work through the test results.”, She said back.

“He is right. Princess you have to think about more then
work right now.”, James said as he stood. “You have her now.”

She let her eyes settle on the girl and start wondering if
she did the right thing in taking her. She barely knew how to take care of
herself let alone a child. She had to at least elimate the threat to the girl
before she could think the next part of the equation. She didn’t want to work,
she didn’t want to do anything, all at once the death of a collegue, the threat
to Sakura and possibly herself it hit her. She just stood there and looked at
the girl as she slept. She didn’t notice that both men had left or so she
thought. She was battling with herself and she knew the stronger side the one
that pushes everything away was the one losing. “What have I done?”, she asked

“You saved her life.”, Mitsuhide whispered in back of her. She jumped as she had thought he was gone for the night.

“I did my job.”, She said. “But then I got involved,
personally. I swore never to do that. Now she is here, my responsibility. I
don’t know what to do.”

“It shows you are human. Do you not think that every new
parent feels the same?”, he asked as he touched her back softly.

“I am sure they do. I don’t know if I will be able to keep her though. I don’t want to get attached and
then lose her.”, she said.

“We will find a way to make sure you keep her.”, He promised. She tilted her head at him, she
wondered how, but decided just to stand there
and take it in, everything that was around her. She knew somehow everything
would work out, it always did.


Six Weeks later…….

“You are sure the next wormhole is in two weeks?”, She asked
again as Sasuke explained the math to her.

“Positive.”, he stated.

“Well I should inform them.”, she stated.

“Do you have too?”, he asked.

“Yes, technically. I am supposed to, but what if you hold off
on telling me the final time and date.”, She smiled.

“Why would that be important?”, he asked.

“IF they don’t know the exact time and date they can’t be
there to screw something up.”, She said.

“You don’t trust them, do you?”, He asked.

“Sasuke. I don’t trust many people. Let alone government officials.”,
she stated. “Plus they have been holding Sakura’s adoption over my head. Now is
my trump card, let me have her and then they can watch you all disappear and I
can lose the math.”, she said.

“The guys have really
pushed hear for the adoption to go through.”, He smiled.

“I know. It’s their
support that has made it go this far. You know when the countries unifiers, who
are long dead, stand up for one simple adoption the government sometimes backs
down. Sakura has no idea how special that is, but I do.”, She smiled as she
walked away. Back in her office she looked out the window to see Masamune
sitting with Sakura on the floor letting her touch the ingredients to the meal
he was going to make. He was giving her hints on how to tell the difference between the veggies by the feeling. She picked
up the phone to make the call, “Hello?”, she said into the speaker. “Ah yes
that is me.”

“How are you doing today, Doctor?”, the voice asked.

“I am fine, and you?”, she replied somewhat repulsed by
trying to sound nice.

“Fine, My dear. Now what can I help you with?”, he asked
sweetly and she was going to be sick.

“I was just informed that the wormhole should open up in two
to three weeks. Our visitors will be leaving then.”, she said.

“Ah of course. Thank you for the information, now could you
get back to us when they narrow that
down?”, he said.

“I could, of course.”, She said as she knew this was her
only chance to play hard ball with him. ”But my daughter’s adoption keeps
getting pushed back. I really think they
would like to see that before they leave. I find they might share more
information with me, and in turn you all, if they get that final wish to see
Sakura legally mine.”

“Oh do you?”, he said as the pretense of being nice was

“Yes I do, However when you are here tomorrow to talk with
them ask them yourself.”, she said sweetly.

“I will. Good day doctor.”, he said as he hung up the phone.

“Mom? Was that the bad guy?”, Sakura who rounded the corner
to her office asked.

“Sakura, That man is evil incarnate. However I have a few
devils around here to release on him. Uncle Nobunaga for example, not someone
who I would want to cross. Uncle Kenshin wants to take off his head, maybe I
should let him.”, she said as she laughed.

“No momma, no!”, Sakura playfully said as she could
completely understand the sarcasm in the statements.

“Sakura? Is your mother plotting the death of the under
secretary again?”, Mitsuhide asked as he walked into
the room.

“I think so, Uncle Mitsuhide.”, she said.

“Tsk tsk.”, Mitsuhide said as he looked into the Princess’s
face, “You are such a bad influence on this angel.”

“Angel, sure.”, She said as she stood up and pat her
daughter on the head, “If I remember correctly
you are the bad influence and it took three days to get the ink off of Masamune’s face.”

“I am not sure of what you speak of.”, Mitsuhides classic
smile appeared with a hint of real amusement.

“Sure you don’t. I am going to miss you guys, it certainly
will be quiet when you all leave.”, she said.

“Momma? Why can’t we go with them?”, Sakura asked.

“It isn’t our place. This
is our place. Uncle Sasuke is different so don’t even try that again.”, She replied to the girl again. This was the aruguement she didn’t want to have
again with the girl. It had been brought
up that they, she and Sakura, could come back with them, the warlords and they
could be together and not have a need for a piece of paper.

“Sasuke is defiantly different.”, Mitsuhide said also hoping
to change the subject. He knew the princess was conflicted about the idea of going
back with them but he had hoped maybe that she would change her mind, He didn’t
want to be the added voice though pushing her when he knew she didn’t want to
go. He knew she had touched them all, but he would be leaving his heart and
whatever was left of his soul with her, here.

She went on with the day sitting around basically a glorifed
babysitter now. They acted more as a unit and even talked about a truce when
they returned back to the past. She was
glad for the people of that other world. She had a lot of extra time that
normally she didn’t and so thinking became a problem she had. She would miss
them, as the time crept closer though she knew she really would miss them. Her
team had been sent back home over a month
ago so she got the extra time with them. Ieyasu had to give her lessons on their natural medicines and she had in turn
given him some as well. Mitsunari though he was by far the quietest of the group, had sat and talked with
her on occasion about anything and everything he could. Hideyoshi was found
trying to chase people around and telling them to do this or that, Sakura had
asked her once why he was like that and her reply was some people were just
good at being a mother. Nobunaga and Kenshin both listen to her stories of
traveling the world and the people she had met both fascinated by the tales.
Shingen and Yukimura both trained her with a sword in one of the open bays, all
the men had looked on as she excelled at her lessons. She did it for fun, they
did it so they could leave her with a way to protect herself and Sakura.
Masamune tried to teach her to cook, that was an ongoing disaster. It was
probably one of the few times he was too frustrated to talk, and that lasted
two days. She would miss them but she also knew she would have Sakura and just
looking at the girl would bring them back in her memory. She also took photos
of them. She knew she shouldn’t have but she didn’t think they would become
such important friends, more so they just became her family. So late that night
she stood in the empty room and just let it all out. She began crying for the
loss of them before they were gone. He walked silently into the room, he had just checked in on her as he had become prone
to do. He would watch over the two females he most cared about as they slept and
tried to burn the memory into his head.
She hadn’t been there in her cot on this night he
wondered where she was. When he found her
sitting on the floor in the common room with tears streaming down her face.

“What is it?”, he asked.

“Oh.”, she said as she tried to pull herself together.

“What?”, he asked again, “What has you so upset?”

“I don’t know. You guys? The adoption?”, she said.

“”US?”, he asked.

“I don’t want you to leave. “, she said softly.

“I don’t think you understand, We don’t want to go back
ourselves.”, he said as he pulled her closer to him. “I don’t want to go back.”

“You don’t?”, she whispered as he was wiping the tears from
her face away.

“No.”, he said back.

“Why?”, She asked. She
knew it was a loaded question but just once she wanted to hear the answer. She would ask for herself just once.

“You already know.”, he said low and deep.

“I do, but say it. Please just
say it, once for me.”. She practically

“I love you princess. I don’t want to go back because a
lifetime without you is to long.”, he said so softly she could barely hear it. “You
won’t be there, Sakura won’t be there. It isn’t worth going back.”

She didn’t know how to process his words. She wasn’t good
with these things. As he wiped her face she could feel herself give away and
she kissed him quickly. He pressed closer and cupped her face as he ran his
fingers through her hair. All the emotion she had gone into what she was doing now, at
this moment. She wanted something more from him, then just a picture. A night
that she could hold on to. He gave it to
her willingly so he could also have something to hold on too.


How is it for all this next generation stuff we have not considered what could possibly be the biggest gold mine of all….*drumroll*….~*unlikely father-in-laws*~ Example~ Nobunaga and Shingen :D heeheehoohoo


He would be the stand offish type. He never speaks to anyone
at family gatherings and it shows as he watches everything. As the family grows with his children’s spouses though
he begins to ease and will crack a joke every once in awhile. If you are
the girl marring his son he will be kind and courteous but on the flip side if
you are the man marrying one of his daughter god help you.


From the minute they are brought home to meet the new family
Hideyoshi will treat each new member as they were old ones. He will want to
know every detail of their lives so he can form his own opinion of them.


He takes a new member of the Date Clan with ease. He is
always asking questions but his favorite is when will their be grandchildren to
play with. He loves to show off the new
dish and if all out together it would be hard to spot who was just married into
the family as he would treat each as his own


Prickly. This does not
change with age. He is lovable in his own
way but very much off putting even with his children whom he adores. The
spouses of the children will be welcomed
but for the first few years will doubt he likes them at all.


He adores his children. He made as much time for them when
they were growing up so when they are grown and start the process of moving on
with their lives he is happy for them. He will greet each new member with the
same love that he has for his children and loves talking to each. While he prefers
to read and relax, he will be happy to sit and talk to get to know them as they
are now important too.


This could go either
two ways. He adores his children and would do anything for them so
he could be the nicest father in law or
the one from hell. If he likes them or more importantly he sees the love
shining between his child and their spouse he would treat them as if they too
were his children. On the flip side he could be rather nasty if he felt it wasn’t
for the right reason that they married. His teasing for his family would take
on new levels. If you were the new daughter in law he would make sure you knew
your place in the family and would make you welcome. If the new son in law he
again would make sure he knew his place in the family, he would also take them
aside and make sure they knew if his daughter wasn’t completely happy he knew
places to hide the body.


He would be the intimidating one. No matter how nice or
sweet the new spouses were he would stare them down. After maybe a year or so he would see they meant no harm and would ease
around them and crack a joke which is so out of character the entire family
will go silent.


He would be the ever watchful father in law. He would watch
over the new spouse but not in a threatening way, a fatherly way. He would be
the welcome wagon into the family, period. He wants grandkids as well and will
ask every time whent hat will happen.


After testing the new comers he will be meh about them. He will
enjoy watching his kids go through life and the struggles of it as they are
much more grounded then he was. He will come to care for everyone in time as he
watches his wife love them.


He would be the nerd father in law. You like the fact he
talks to you but even at your best you understand one in five. Of course the sister
in law you have who also married intot he family can have a full conversation with
him and you just feel dumb. He will make
it so whatever you are also good at he can talk to you about it after learning
everything he can about it to make sure he can also speak with you and you are
not left out.


U/T Forces feeling labor pain

 this is the second half of the head canon……… I had a blast thinking about this!


He didn’t see the point but as he knew she would have to
deal with the pain of the ordeal. He laid down on the table and they started to
strap the pads on and he waited with his
eyes closed as the tingling sensation began. He began to ease into the pain but as it increased slowly he
began to think this was not the best way to understand. By the fourth setting he needed to stop, not because he was
in too much pain but he caused her to have to go through with that. He was
conflicted. He said he would love and protect her in his vows but instead he
caused her to go through THAT, and he didn’t even make it to the end. He looked
at her with new eyes and he became even
more protective in her final weeks.

The night she said it was time, she looked so peaceful that
he couldn’t believe she was so calm. After hours of standing by her bedside
swearing to himself this was the only time she would go through this pain, his
son arrived. He looked at the boy in his arms as she was resting, “You come
from Strong stock, young man. Not me but your mother.”



He thought this was going to be a nice time to crack jokes
as the nurse came in. She didn’t take to kindly to the fact he was doing this
in front of his heavily pregnant partner so she would increase the machine every time. He was now on setting six and he
lost the ability to speak, at seven he couldn’t think. He was teary-eyed when the doctor unhooked him and smiled.
The doctor and nurse both had knowing looks on their faces as did she.

He showered her with love and attention more so than normal, even though it was his nature to
flirt with everyone he kept his eyes on her the entire time. He wasn’t going to
make that mistake again. He wasn’t sure if he could watch her in that much
pain. The fact he was the cause of it
would and very might kill him.

She called him at work as she had already gone to the
hospital and had been settled into a
room, by the time he arrived she was far gone.
She was smiling at him and he knew she was not really
that happy, she couldn’t be. Four hours later he sat down with his daughter in
his arm, “You are perfect my little princess, just like your mother.”


He was happy to do it, just
to prove that he could handle any amount of pain. He laid back and settled
himself to go through what everyone had said would be a gradual pain and work its way higher. The first set of impulses
took him by surprise and he thought okay even though it was pretty intense. Two
hours into it he was rolling around crying
openly. She was trying not to laugh as he was only on setting four.

The doctor called it quits after that and gently reminded
him he couldn’t handle the easy part let alone the worst part. He was in awe.
How did she and other women do that?

She told him it was time and they went off to the hospital. He
begged her to do the epidural to which she refused and continued on. He was off in the corner trying to block
out her panting.

When his Daughter was placed
in his arms he looked down at her with an
awestruck expression, “no man is ever going to touch you.”


He knew the science behind the instrument so he thought it
would be nice to understand what she would feel during the process. As he was strapped up he began to feel uncertain because of the light she had in her eyes,
surely this wasn’t going to be that bad, right? He knew at setting three it was
that bad. At setting six he wanted to die and rip those things off. At Eight he
couldn’t handle it anymore. He was trying to think again as his brain had done
a hard restart and hadn’t switched back on fully yet.

He watched his words and tone after that. Though he was
never outright rude sometimes in her
overly sensitive state he was a tad bit not as understanding, that all changed.
He was there when he said he would be and did as much as he could to help her
out. The day she called him as he was teaching a class he rushed home to pick
her up. She was smiling and ready to go. He was sure she was playing a joke on
him but as they got to the hospital the nurses confirmed she was in active

Seven long hours, the longest of his life, he sat and held
his son as she was asleep. ”You, my boy, are
a miracle.”


****NEW**** Finding the heart Part five

Finding the heart part five

“Did you just say they are going to kill me also?”, she
asked the tiny girl as she moved closer to her.

“Yes, I did.”, The girl
responded. It was when she looked into the young doctor’s
eyes that she could see that the girl was either mostly blind or completely.
Her eyes had the blue opaqueness that covered the lens of her eyes. It was probably something she had been born with.

“What is your name?”, Princess said of her.

“I don’t have one.”, the girl responded.

“Everyone has a name.”, she responded.

“I don’t. They never
called me anything except the girl.”, The tiny thing said. She was getting herself
out of bed.

“What are you doing?”, princess asked.

“We need to leave.”, The girl responded. “Soon. They will be
here to finish me off and then you.”

“How do you know this?”, princess asked.

“I heard their plan from the
beginning. You were never supposed to be here. Once they know you saved me, they
will be after you.”, She said taking her hand.

“Hold on. You can’t just leave.”, princess said. “But I know
a way to get both of us to somewhere safe.”

“How?”, the girl asked.

“Get back into bed. Don’t move. Don’t react.”, Princess instructed her. Princess for her part
had to steady herself. She needed to calm down for a second. She walked into
the hallway and grabbed one of the nurses and told them to phone the director
of the center. As the prim and proper man walked on to the floor she steadied
herself for what she was about to do, she wasn’t sure it was going to work but
as she looked over the man and thought it might be doable.

“Doctor, How can I help you?”,He said.

“I think we need to discuss this in private.”, Princess said
as she motioned with her head to the room with the girl who was laying completely
still and had her eyes closed. He walked in and looked at her as she closed the
door. “I think we need to move this patient to a containment facility. I think the poison she was exposed to
might still be in her system and she could be a biohazard.”

The man’s eyes flew to the girl and then to the closed room
they were standing in. The fear was extreme, but
she knew she would get what she wanted from him it took everything not to
smile. “What?”, he stumbled out and started for the door.

“If you grant me permission
I will have removed and placed in my facility
which doubles as a containment one.”, she
said also knowing no one except a few knew where her warehouse was and the two
of them would be safe there.

“Do whatever you need to. The patient comes first.”, He said as he nearly ran out of the room. He
had signed the papers she handed him without even looking them over before he

“Now you can get out of bed.”, Princess said to the girl.

“What are we going to do?”, she asked quietly.

“Leave.”, princess answered to her.

“Won’t someone try and stop you?”, she asked tilting her

“Nope. They aren’t going to know. Hold on a sec.”, As she walked out of the room and started typing
on the computer and she motioned to the girl for her to join her. Hand in hand
they walked right into the stairway and down the two flights of stairs and out
the door.

“Where are we going?”, she asked.

“Back to where I really
work. We will be safe there.”, Princess
said. She quickened the pace still holding the girl’s
hand. “You really don’t have a name?”

“No, I don’t. Just
girl.”, She replied.

“You ever go to school?”, Princess asked.

“School?”, the girl said never hearing the word before.

“Okay, what would you
like your name to be?”, Princess asked.

“Something pretty.”,She said.

“Sakura?”, princess asked.

“What is that?”, the girl asked.

“Cherry blossoms is what we call them in America. Sweet, delicate flowers that are pink and
white.”, Princess answered.

“Sakura, yes that sounds wonderful.”, The girl smiled.”My
name is Sakura.”

“What about your parents?”, Princess asked.

“What are those?”, she asked.

“A mother and father? The people who take care of you?”,
Princess said.

“I don’t have those. A team of people watched over all of
us. They did things to us.”, Sakura said.

“Did things? No, wait
we will talk about that later.”, Princess said.

“Will you be my mother now?”, Sakura asked.

“We will talk about this later.”, Princess stated as she was
navigating the streets with the small
blind girl she started to feel like she was being
watched. “Sakura? I am going to pick you up now okay?”

“Okay but why?”, Sakura asked.” Is it because they are
following us?”

“I think so.”, Princess stated, but she knew they were not far away from the building. She wanted
to cut through the crowd and lose them while in the pack. While Sakura held on
to her, she was small enough that she added weight was nothing to the princess.
She began weaving in and out of the crowds and then cut back through an alleyway
and into the set of doors that look like any other in the area. The door opened,
and she walked in and pressed her code in,
and the next set of doors opened. She
greeted the guards and informed them of her being
followed. They, however, could not take their eyes off of Sakura who was
still in her arms.

“Princess? Who is this?”, One asked as he pointed to the

“Apparently my
daughter.”, she said as she continued toward the main housing unit.

“What is a daughter?”, Sakura asked.

“You asked if I could be your mother? A girl child to a
mother is a daughter.”, Princess answered.

“You were going to say no
when I asked.”, Sakura stated quietly.

“I probably was until I saw how the other people looked at
you because of your eyes.”, Princess said. “You being blind people will be
afraid of what they can’t understand. I saw them react in fear of you. You don’t
need that, so I guess if you want me to
be your mother I will be.”

“I do. I like you. You talk to me not at me.”, Sakura said.

“You are one perspective,
little kid. Do you know how old you are?”, Princess asked.

“Ten.”, Sakura answered.

“You are very small for ten. We judged you for half that
last night.”, Princess replied.

“I know. That is why they
terminated me.”, Sakura said. “Or tried

“Well I am not sure how we will do this, but I will figure something out.”, Princess

As the two made their way back into the housing area, she was shocked to see them sitting
eating pizza and watching TV. James was the first to notice her and the little
girl. “Cute kid. Whose is she?”, He asked
as he got up to greet her and some of the other guys did as well.

“Mine.”, she stated and walked to her office.

“Umm, What?”, James
said following her. “I am pretty sure I would have noticed that.”

“Your blinder then she is.”, Princess stated to which Sakura

“That would be pretty blind, then.”, Sakura said as she was
put down on the floor.

“Seriously Princess
whose kid is that?”, James asked.

“I just told you. Mine.”, She said.

“You are a Princess?”,Sakura asked.

“Sort of. I will
explain it later Sakura.”, Princess stated. “Are you hungry?”

“Food would be good.”, Sakura said.

“Hey, Guys? You got a
slice for my kid?”, She asked. Masamune
was the one who brought it over and placed it in front of Sakura. She thanked
him, and he chuckled.

“I thought it was bad losing one eye.”, He said to Princess.

“You are blind as well?”, Sakura asked.

“I don’t even have the eye anymore.”, He said as he bent
down to her level.

“Mother? Can I take out my eyes?”, Sakura asked.

“Its mom and no you can’t.”, She stated. “Masamune is
different than you.”

“Cute kid.”, Masamune stated as he walked away.

“Already a handful.”, she said as she shook her head. “Not
even an hour and we know each other pretty well.”

“An hour?”, James asked.

“Oh, James go away. I
need to think.”, She stated as she walked
back into the office area. She was pacing, James took that as a sign something
was wrong. She started writing things
down and shake her head. She had no idea what it would like to be a mother, or
even better a mother to a special needs child. From what Sakura had said she
couldn’t be any worse off in her care than
with whoever had her before. The girl
needed clothes and shoes. That was first on her list of things to get. She also
had to figure out how to get her out of the country and get legal custody of
the girl. That would be hard she already knew.

“Mom?”, Sakura asked from the doorway. Princess looked up at the little girl. “Thank you.”

“For?”, Princess asked as she also saw James, Masamune, and the
two Mitsu’s rather close to the girl.

“Saving my life. Bringing me
here. And saying you will be my mom and giving me a name too.”, Sakura
said so calmly.

“Oh, Sakura.”,
Princess said as she moved to the little girl. “We are in this together. I am
not perfect, but I am willing to keep you

“Safe. I don’t know what that feels like.”, Sakura said.

“It feels like this.”, The Princess said as she wrapped her
arms around the girl and brought her in close. “You are safe here.”

“Does that mean you are safe as well?”, Sakura asked. The
princess knew what the girl had meant as she wrapped her tiny arms around the
princess as well, but she looked up and past the little girl into the faces of
the men staring at her.

“Yes, Sakura. I am safe as well. Nothing can hurt us here.”,
Princess said. “Nothing at all.”

The little girl lets
go of her. Masamune walked forward and reached for her hand,” It’s Masamune.
Come on Flower lets go over here and I will introduce you to everyone who is
here for a bit.”

She watched as Sakura and Masamune walked off, and Mitsunari followed. Mitsuhide looked at her
but was looking over her more. James was openly confused.

“Seriously Princess what is going on?”, James asked.

“Someone tried to kill her.”, she said as she lowered her

“What? Why?”, James

“No clue. She didn’t
even have a name, James.”, She said. “The doctor who called me in last night?”,
This time she was speaking to Mitsuhide to which James face even went more confused,
“He is dead.”

They both looked at her,”What? Why?”

“Not you too?”, She asked as she looked at Mitsuhide. “The
only thing I could do was declare her a biohazard and move here to here. She’s
not. The poison they used I was able to
remove from her blood stream in time, but she knew they would be back to finish her
and the erase me. Fanciful I know, but we were followed throughout the city
getting back. She is blind but could hear the people following as well as feel
them watching.”

“So what now?”, James asked.

“She doesn’t belong to anyone.”, Princess said as she shrugged
her shoulders.

“She is not a puppy or kitten, Princess.”, James stated.

“Do you think I don’t realize that James.”, she responded. “I
know this won’t be easy, but she deserves
someone, even if that someone is me.”

James walked off toward the group gathering around the girl.
Mitsuhide walked closer, “Being a little hard on yourself there aren’t you?”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it is more I deserve her.”, She said as she looked at the tiny girl who
at the moment was the center of attention.

“A beautiful child for a beautiful
woman, I see no wrong in either.”, He said as he walked to join the group. She
wondered what she had really gotten herself into.


***NEW ****                          Finding the heart pt4

Finding the heart part 4

She awoke much later still in the chair and only awoke
because she felt two hands then arms wrap around her. Through heavy lids, she tried to open, but she couldn’t it felt as if she was drugged. She knew somewhere in her soul she
wasn’t; she could just relax now that they were back, six months of running nearly on
empty, she could finally rest. She had the feeling of being swept up into an
unknown set of arms and lifted into the air like a child. She would have
normally resisted the gesture, but
tonight at this moment in time she not even half awake snuggled into the arms
and probably what was a hard muscled chest. A feeling she rarely felt of
feeling complete at ease took over. The scent of him went over her, and she sighed and settled back to sleep in a
matter of seconds.

“Silly girl.”, he said as he noticed she had moved enough
deeper into his hold. “You won’t hurt as much in the morning, this way.”

“Mmmhmm.”, she hummed as she went deeper into sleep.

“Now where exactly is your room?”, he said to himself as he
realized she hadn’t followed them into the room area last night. “Wonderful,
Where shall I put you then?”

“Sleeping.”, she said still asleep to which he laughed.

“Princess, I can see that.”, He
said as he nuzzled her closer. He was the man no one thought could feel, that
he was cold and uncaring. He was never spotted
with a woman; he had little use for them.
This tiny slip of a woman who was so different than
him had the complete control over him and
his sense. He had watched her throughout the day and the night prior, somewhere
in that he had watched his heart and soul, what was
left of that, walk right over and hand themselves to her. If he was
honest with himself, he knew it was the second he saw her as they all had unpiled from the wormhole. He saw her as she
was, a beautiful woman who was smart and willing to care. He decided that
bringing her to his room wouldn’t be a good option as would not like the
outcome, he wouldn’t mind watching over her sleep, but if someone else saw her in there,
it could cause trouble. He settled in the long chair they had been sitting on
watching the wall box. He knew they had names, but
he didn’t care to learn them. He settled back into the soft cushions still with
her in his arms sleeping soundly next to the chest
and the heart that beat for her.

She woke up when she heard her phone going off. It seemed
far away, but the sound was one that she
had woke up to many times before. She stretched as much as she could and opened
her eyes to look into a set of unusual yellow orbs looking back at her.
“what?”, she said as she was still waking up.

“I tried to move you to your room.”, he said softly; she could feel his long fingers in her hair.
“You fell asleep in the chair as you worked. There was a slight problem

“What was that?”, she asked.

“I wasn’t informed on which room was yours.”, He said now softly chuckling. She couldn’t
exactly hear it, but she more felt it.

“My phone?”, she asked.

“Still in your office.”, he said as he let her go as she

“Damn.”, She said as she walked out of the office and he
shot her a look. She began to press buttons and then held it to her ear. “Hey, it’s
me. Sorry I was dead.”

“I have a patient for you.”, the voice said on the other

“I have twenty-two patients
currently.”, she said.

“Oh really? Your
mission?”, the voice said.

“Its progressing.”, she replied.

“Well I am sorry, but
I definitely need your help with this
one. Not your normal case but one right up your alley.”, the voice said.

“Tell me about it.”, she said.

“Can’t. Looks like she
is gonna code again. Just get here.”, the
voice said as the phone went dead.

“Crap.”, She said. She
looked at the man before her. “If I leave will you all behave?”, she asked.

“We can but try.”, He
replied. She smiled and shook her head. She went into the office and grabbed a
plastic id and looked at him.

“I have to go, not sure when I will be back. Behave until I
do.”, she said.

“Where are you going?”, he asked. “In case the others want
to know.”

“The hospital. Mitsuhide?”, She replied.

“Yes, Princess?”, he

“Thank you for the sleep.,” she said with a smile as she made her way
through the doors.

Three hours later she
was standing at the bedside of a five-year-old
girl. She had coded three times already since the time she arrived. They had
run a battery of test on her, but no one
could figure out why she was still failing so quickly. Each code was lasting
longer before they could bring her completely back.

“She isn’t going to last much longer.”, she stated to the
doctor who had called her.

“No, she isn’t.”, Dr.
Li stated He had been one of she first contacts here in Japan, and he had watched
the young doctor think quickly and never care if she would get paid for her
services. She was one of the few who would rather heal then become rich which
was rare enough, but her understanding of rare conditions and the unique
treatments set her apart from most others anyway. “Any Ideas?”

“I’m thinking.”, She
started, “It looks like a case of blood poisoning
and even presents as one, but her blood
is fine. I think to be honest the test results are wrong even though they

“How can the test be both?”, he asked wondering if he should
have called her as she wasn’t making much sense.

“Not blood poisoning but just the poison part.”, she said. “Okay, I have a plan. We don’t have time to test
for every major poison. She will die if we do that. We need to treat her for
all at once.”

“What? That will kill her!”, he said.

“Treat her but not with actual drugs.”, she stated as if she
knew her answer was the only way forward.

“Okay, Kid how do we
do that?”, he asked. “How do we treat her for everything but with nothing?”

“Not with nothing. Just not a drug.”, She smiled and started to outline her plan.
When she was done, he looked at her with
new eyes. It was brilliant, and it may be
the one thing that could save the young girl. They worked in tandem, and he ordered the necessary things needed.
Within an hour the girl had started her treatment, and they both held their breaths.

One hour ticked by. She was taking the girls vitals again. Again
they were stable. Dr. Li commented again this was the longest that the girl
hadn’t coded. They continued their vigil at the girl’s
bedside with him checking in on his other patients every so often.

Two hours passed. She
could feel her lids growing heavy again.
She walked out of the room an got some awful black coffee. She paced the
hallways thinking of the girl and her mission. Could there be a connection? She
doubted it. She had three vials of the girl’s
blood in her pocket. She would have them tested more thoroughly at her lab.
Something was off with her results, but
she couldn’t place her finger on it.

“Doctor?”, a nurse walked up to her as she was pacing.
“Patient 32’s new blood work results.”

She took the piece of paper and went over it. She was right; her treatment was freeing the cells she
needed to fight off the poison. The girl had a long road ahead of her, but she was out of the danger area. She
shouldn’t code again tonight. She went to seek out Dr. Li to tell him the news.

“Kid?”, he asked after she told him the news, ”How do you do

“Do what?”, she asked.

“Do what you do. That girl was going to die. You come in, and four hours later she will survive. You did
not even use western medicine to treat her.”, he replied.

“A good doctor is always willing to learn new things.”, she
said. “Everywhere I go I learn something. This time my time in Africa paid

“You are a god send.”,
He said as she smiled. “I wish you luck on your mission.”

“Thanks. That I will need. Please keep me informed on her condition.”, She said as she walked away
and back to her warehouse lab and containment unit.

She was dead on her feet later that day. Determined to push
through she was swaying on her feet. Every one
of the men could see her doing it. Even James didn’t have the nerve to say
something to her though. She had already ripped apart one of the techs on the
other side who had inputted some information wrong. Her lack of sleep and her
growing concern for the young patient she had left hours ago was taking over
her normally good-natured personality.
The blood that she had taken showed some rather horrible things. She was not
happy with the results. She also couldn’t get a hold of Dr. Li which was odd in
itself as he was one to always get on her about answering her phone when he

It was now six hours after she had left the hospital and
another set of results had come back, both on
these men from the past and the young girl at the hospital. She was surprised
by how close to their normal all, but
Masamune was with their results. Masamune had a slight elevation in Small pox tittlers,
because he had fought off the virus when
he was a child. That was why he had lost his eye though he did like to make
jokes about how he lost it, telling one
of the techs he ate it one day because he was hungry. She felt certain as long
as no one knew who he really was and
didn’t know that he had had the virus and was a carrier he wasn’t a risk to
their society. She would limit his interaction though as a safety protocol.

The young girl’s test
results were far more troubling to her. The poison was detected in small amounts that were almost trace amounts; she was lucky to have even seen it in the results. She didn’t see it in
the later results at all. It was a fast acting but long lasting one she had
seen in the jungle once or twice. That left no doubt, Someone tried to kill
that young girl but why? She called Dr. Li again only to have another voice
answer the phone. “Hello?”

“Hello May I speak to Doctor Li Please?”, she replied.

“This is Sergeant Nakamura with the police force. Who is
this?”, the voice asked.

“Doctor Jankowski. I sometimes
work with Doctor Li.”, she replied.

“I am sorry to inform you Doctor Li was part of an accident
a few hours ago. It seems he was poisoned at the hospital and crashed his car
on the way home.”

“I was with him last night!”, she said surprised. “Damnit.
Thank you, sir. I have to go.”, she
stated quickly both to him and the people around her as she hung up the phone.

“What is it?”, James asked.

“I gotta go!”, She
said as she ran to grab her bag and hospital id. She had a sinking feeling the girl was in danger. She
didn’t know exactly why but it was taking over her with a fear she didn’t know.
She was out the door in a flash and on her way across the four blocks from the
medical center. The staff when she arrived were all in tears, and though she wanted to join them, she had to see the girl.

“Hello.”, She heard as
she came into the room with a start. The
tiny voice came from the girl. “Who are you?”

“Oh god, you are
okay.”, she said as she could breathe again. “I am one of the doctors who
helped you last night.”

“Oh, I remember you
know. You told me to stay here, so I
did.”, The little girl said.

“You remember that?”, she asked.

“I remember it all.”, the girl said.

“I need to move you to somewhere else.”, she replied.

“I know. Otherwise, they will kill you too.”, the tiny girl said
matter of factly.


***NEW***                            Finding the heart part two

Finding the heart 2

They walked into the large building that she had obviously taken over. It already had walls and a lab
built into it. One of the other men, not from her team was walking around
looking like he was in awe of the sight. When he spoke, it was clear from a
scientific standpoint.

“Is this an atom separation centrifuge?”,he
asked with his eyes glowing.

“Yeah.”, She responded. She
looked at him, and he didn’t have the same amount of fear that the other nine
men seemed to have. She looked again and saw it wasn’t fear, but they were in
shock, trying to process everything as if they had never seen any of it before.
She turned on her friends and looked at them like we are here you can tell me
now,  but they too seemed slightly off
balance about seeing everything again.

“Where did you go to?”, she
finally asked. “And who are these people?”

“We went here just about five
hundred years into the past.”, james started. “ As for them maybe they should
introduce themselves.”

She turned to face them and could clearly see the look of panic on ones face. The one who had listed
every piece of equipment looked again at her,
“My Name is Sasuke. I was a grad student at Kyoto University studying
astrophysics. Then I stumbled through the wormhole and became a ninja and
vassal to Lord Kenshin, here.” He said motioning to one of the men standing off
to the side. “He was allied with Shingen, here. Yukimura is Shingen’s Vassal.”

“Okay stop right there. You stumbled into the wormhole and
what changed history? Kenshin and Shingen were mortal enemies. Last I read. If you want to stay here for an extended
amount of time you have to know Japanese history, it’s a requirement. So if your serious and that is Shingen Takada and his
vassal Yukimura Sanada, then those other men. Nobunaga Oda? Ieyasu?
Hideyoshi? Mitsuhide? Not exactly sure who the other two are but I guess another samurai?”, She said calmly not believing what he said or what she just had.
Each of the men perked up when she had said a name. “Oh god, you are freaking kidding me right?”

“I am afraid not Princess. The other two are Masamune date and Mitsunari.”, James said to
her disbelief…..

“Wait. Hold up. That isn’t possible. This is not possible. They
are all relatively the same age with
maybe a decade between them. That isn’t
history. I mean Masamune Date was fifteen when Nobunaga died.”, she said.

“Wow you do know your history, I am sorry I didn’t catch
your name.”, Sasuke said to her.

“Just call her Princess, everyone does.”, James replied.

“To my annoyance.”, she said under her breath to which James

“Okay then Princess, What you said is true for our timeline
of events. I come for the same timeline as you, but
these guys don’t. Not only did the
wormhole take us to the past but a different reality.”, Sasuke replied.

“Okay one thing at a time. Way to much to process right now.
Wormholes, The fact you all are here, and now time travel and different
realities?”, she said as she sighed softly. “Give me a few minutes.”

“How did you know to be here right now, Princess?”, James

“I got to the video footage before he could have it edited.
I saw what happened before the feed cut out. I can put two and two together, and in this case,
it still didn’t equal four. I started to do my own
research and saw weather patterns have been reoccurring right here at that spot
every few months before your disappearance. I thought maybe they had something
to do with it. So there is a distinct
pattern and it normal builds up for six days before
hand. I programmed an alert when the pattern starts up again so I could
get here in time. I was alerted five days ago and flew out here immediately.
Since I don’t report to senior ass now, I
can come and go as I please without requesting leave.”, she smiled.

“Wait you don’t report to the commander anymore. How? What
did you do?”, James asked.

“I caught him red handed. No biggie. He really should have
realized I would outsmart him one day.”, she smiled.

“Do you have anything for a headache?”, A voice on the side of the room. She looked up
and saw him closely for the first time.

“You spoke English?”, she asked.

“I did?”, he replied.

“It must be from the wormhole itself. Your friends had the
same abilities when I found them.”, Sasuke said as he leaned closer.

“I have some pain stuff yeah.”, She said reaching into her
bag. She pulled out a bottle and poured two out. “Get some water and swallow

“What are those?”, the one named Ieyasu came over to look at
them. “They are both the same.” He was studying
the pill as she looked up as Sasuke got closer to them and started to explain
to her.

“Ieyasu is a healer, their version of a full-fledged doctor.”, he said as she looked
slightly confused.

“Ah, I see. Now we can
buy premade medicine. Every one is made exactly
the same in dosage and shape. For
things like pain or headaches, there are
these. For stronger medicine or for different
things if someone is sick, you can go to a doctor, and they will give you a
piece of paper that will allow you to get other types of medicine but each is
already at a store, a special store and they will get it ready for you in about
a half an hour.”, She responded.
Ieyasu who was still puzzled at her description nodded and went back to his corner clearly thinking about what she had said.

“Now what Princess?”, James asked.

“I wasn’t expecting so many
people to come with you. We will have to make sure everyone is healthy. That
complicates things, these people come from a completely different time, and
plane, they have no immune system that is going to fight off our bugs. I always
have to run more test on them to make sure they won’t cause a pandemic.”, she
said softly. “But first I’m sorry, but you are all stuck here for the time

“What?”, one of her team members asked rather loudly. “First
I get sucked into a thing, then we spend months in the past, now you are
telling me I have to stay. Screw that. I’m going
home.” He started for the door, and he never saw her raise her arm and fire.
“What the hell? Doc.”

“Tranq gun. Sorry but you can not go out those doors.”, She
said calmly as all the twenty men stared at her. The man who tried to leave
slowly swayed on his feet then crumbled down to the floor. “Anyone else want to
make a run for it?” she asked of the rest. “Good. I don’t want to do that by
the way, but I won’t hesitate to do it again.”

“Always the solider, Princess?”, James said.

“Always the doctor, moron. By letting any of you out of
these doors, I could be releasing a plague
onto the streets. Also on the flip side letting any
one of you out there could easily kill anyone of you. I would rather not
have either happen.”, She said. One of
the other soldiers who had made the
warehouse into a research lab made his way into the room.

“If you will follow me? We can get you all settled and then
begin.”, he motioned for everyone to follow him and for the most part, they did without hesitation.


As the group settled in their new rooms within the warehouse, she began to think. Twelve of the
people she most cared about were now targets until she could clear them health
wise. She could easily clear them it would take a few days though, her biggest
issue would be the ten other men. They not only came from a different time period but another dimension. What if they
had something that could end life on the planet. What if she wasn’t good enough
to find it, and then released it into this world. What if someone finds out about
the wormhole except for the few who already knew? She had to get them back to
their time and plane but no way to figure out how. So many things swirled
around in her head she needed a pain killer. It was
unbelievable and still very much a reality she hadn’t signed up for, but she
would rise to the challenge of it all, she always did. This would be very much
like teaching a toddler new things but everything at once to an adult. This was
going to take time, and patience something she knew very little about. She
decided on asking for help but not in the normal way. As she picked up the

“Hey Nadia, It’s
Princess. Yeah I know I hate that name, but
you knew who it was didn’t you.”, she asked into the phone. “I need to speak to
Ken, is he around.”

“I will go and check. Something wrong? Did you finally lose
it?”, Nadia asked.

“I lost it a long time ago.”, She laughed,”I have a case I
need some advice on. I am in Japan for
awhile, and I am consulting.” She hated
to lie to her old friend but the less she knew, the

“Hold on Princess. I will go find him for you.”, Nadia said
as the horrible hospital evaluator music popped on the line.

“What is that noise?”, the man she had given the pain
killer to stood in the doorway looking in.

“Music. Crappy music.”, she smiled at him. “I am on hold for
a friend who may be able to help me help you all.”

“Why do we need help?”, he asked.

“Help to teach you
about here and now.”, she said. “What is your name?”

“Akechi Mitsuhide.”, he answered easily.

“Okay, Mr. Akechi.”,
she said.

“Mitsuhide, if you please.”, he countered.

“Well then since you are just going to stand there to find
out my plan, why don’t you have a seat.”, She
smiled remembering that this man was the one who killed Nobunaga in their
history. She had met killers before, and
he didn’t seem to give off that vibe. She
wondered if their reality was so different or was she losing her touch.

“Princess?”, he heard coming from the speaker.

“Ken. Hey.”, She said
as she snapped back to reality. Mitsuhide was staring at the phone probably
trying to figure it out. “So I an up a
creek and need some ideas.”

“Ok kid shoot.”, Ken said as she heard him flop into a

“I have ten patients that all have collective memory loss. A serious loss, like everything. What can I do
to help elevate the confusion they will have.”, she said hoping to leave the
details out.

“Ten you say?”, ken repeated.

“Yeah traumatic event. Let say.
So What can I do.”, she asked.

“Maybe I should come to elevate?”,
he said.

“Can’t high profile. I had to jump through hoops to be
involved. I can call out though for help. Which is what I am right now.”, she
said quickly to which Mitsuhide had a grin appear on his face.

“Oh okay. Then can be breaking
the rules right kid?”, ken said sounding slightly disappointed.”Let me
ponder this one, and I will email you
some tricks.”

“Thanks, Ken.”, she

“No Problem Princess. Always feels weird calling you that,
since I knew you before that took off, but somehow it fits you.”, he said laughingly.

“Yeah, I hate it still
too, no matter how I try to make it go away it was the one thing that took from
that horrible experience.”, she said as
she hung up the phone with the touch of a button.

“Now please tell me you don’t have people in that box?”, Mitsuhide
said pointing to the phone.

“No not people. This
is a phone. A phone allows you to call anyone anywhere. Ken, the man I was just talking to
he is in the united states, he is a doctor as well.”, she said.”We call others
when we need help or want to talk to family or friends.”

“Okay.”, he said as he looked again at the phone. “This is
going to be difficult to get.”

“I know. That’s why I called him.
To see if I can figure out a way to teach you all faster how to get along in
our world for the time being. Tomorrow we will begin
the tests.”, she said.

“Tests?”, Mitsuhide’s yellow eyes pierced her own blue.

“Medical test. I have to make sure everyone is okay health
wise. It should hurt too much.”, she

“This is going to be more difficult then we all thought.”,
he said as she looked down at her as he stood.

“You have no idea.”, she countered.


modern day warlord visit



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           Can I request MC taking the warlords to the future for until the next wormhole? What would they think of the buildings and products ( would be hilarious to bring them into Spencer’s) sorry if this is a big request 😓

Modern day

When they stood a little to close to the wormhole that
opened up everyone who was there got
sucked up into its depths. She was surprised when they all landed as she did on the pavement barely conscious of
what had just happened. Thankfully Sasuke had remained completely intact and
was able to fend off the inquiries if they were alright from passers-by. She, however, would take longer to
recover from the effects of the wormhole and had to sit and collect her
thoughts before being able to take it all in;
she was back in the city now standing before the monument that changed
her fate. The main difference, of course, was the ten other people standing
with her, nine of which were silent and looking all around them at the cities
skyline and everything else. It was beyond their comprehension of what was
going on.

She and Sasuke divided them up into factions. She would end
up with the Oda forces and him his
allies. Somehow the wormhole would be back this time in only a few weeks so
housing them though her apartment was
small it was sort of doable. Everyone
would have to sleep on the floor, but
since that was a norm for them to a point,
she didn’t think they would mind. Ironically her job had held its position for her and she could submit some
ideas and would still get paid as she had been and her bank account was full
enough that visitors would be able to be
supported. She was okay with showing them around when she could. Though the
first thing she would have to do is get them clothes, modern clothes. The idea
somewhat scared her, but she was happy
enough to order a few things and then go out and get them a few outfits each.
She wondered on those first few days if Sasuke was having the same issues or

They met up at a local mall to discuss their guests. The nine
war lords who looked like normalish people in their modern attire were
somewhat still subdued by the way things had changed in the five hundred years.
Nobunaga was the first to point out anything that caught his eye and wanted to
know everything about the said item.
Hideyoshi was surprised about the attitudes
of the people. Masamune still couldn’t get over the previous nights trip to the
supermarket which ended up being three hours long as he had to see every thing. Mitsunari and Mitsuhide were again
fighting over who had control of the tablet, Mitsunari wanted to read all the
books available, and Mitsuhide wanted to
google all his enemies to see what happened to them. He was shocked to find his
own entry and promptly declared they had
it wrong. Ieyasu was reading as well but a book on medicine and how it has
changed, and he wondered what if anything
he could bring back to improve his science. Kenshin was unhappy; he had to leave his sword behind. Shingen was
flirting with every female within 500 yards. Yukimura wanted to leave saying
everyone here is weird and talks funny and says things that don’t make any

As the pair ignored the war
lords for a few minutes as they walked with the group following them she
heard a noise from behind them which proved to be Masamune who saw something
that caught his good eye and he bolted into a store. The store was, of course,
Spencers, the best gag gift store on the planet. She had no idea what they
would be getting into as they followed to try to pull him out only for the
other men to follow as well. Soon the store was full of men and a small female
who was trying hard to remove them as the questions started that neither her or
Sasuke wanted to answer. Of course, they
all had to divide and go in different directions. Yukimura was the first to go
down that one section where he looked around at the unusually shaped objects only to recognize a certain shape, and he turned bright red. He promptly left the
area and would speak nor look at anyone else as he made his way to the entrance
of the store. Kenshin was stuck looking at the strobe lights as it almost put
him in a trance. While Shingen was looking
around basically understanding what things were for as he innocently asked the
sales clerk if she used anything like this as he held up a ten-inch vibrator.

Nobunaga was to busy wondering where the body jewelry would actually go onto a person as a young lady was
standing there who had at least fifteen piercings was telling him where and how
painful some of them were. Hideyoshi was trying to stand as quietly with Yukimura
as possible but not before he had some pretty wild comments about the selection
of fuzzy handcuffs. Masamune was in awe. He couldn’t stand in one place as he
was dragging Ieyasu around through the store as Ieyasu would not make eye
contact for hours afterward but when he did, there was a slight smile that kind of creeped her out. Mitsuhide was dragging
Mitsunari around though he was to busy reading
some book by an unknown author who had stories all over the internet, Mitsuhide
would walk up behind the frustrated princess and say low for only her ears how
he wondered if she used this or that, bringing the princess to smack him. He
then judged her real answer by how hard she hit him. Which would lead to more comments and how he saw the objects. Finally, after an hour and a massive headache, they left. She made Sasuke promise
not to meet again in a place with a store like that again. He laughed, and that is when she noticed the bag he was
holding. She shook her head as she started to walk off leaving the nine men
watching her as they all looked at the bag too and wondered if their sneaky
ninja had a few plans himself since he knew what the objects were for after


A little Naughty Mitsunari


She had no idea what she was in for when she had agreed to let him massage her hands two weeks ago for repayment of helping him with his eye stress. Every time she touched something now that was soft or silky, she could remember the intense pressure he had placed delicately on her hands as he tried to ease her stress. She couldn’t get the angel of the Sengoku out of her head, and it was slightly driving her mad. Also the fact that he also had tried to do it again last night as she had said something about the slight cramp she had in her hand do to the sewing she had done the past week. She nearly lost it when he just took her hand and started rubbing it gently to ease the muscles that were overworked. She didn’t even think he understood what he was doing to her.

He sat on his futon that morning thinking of those hands. The hands he longed to hold but could not understand why. He small and delicate hands had become his obsession, and he was waiting for yet another chance to hold them in his much larger ones. She had become a slight obsession herself to him, but it was keeping him awake at night and unable to focus on his reading or record keeping. He would often find himself day dreaming of those tiny hands and what they could do. He had never thought of a woman in this way and would often wake up more frustrated then he had been before the daydream, it was becoming and issue for him, and he had no idea what to do about it. He hoped that if he brought it up to her, she would know how to fix it, even if it left him embarrassed for not being able to figure it out himself. He decides he would never know if he didn’t ask so he would now set off to find her.

He didn’t have to go far as it was now dark outside and he figured she would be in her room. He was slight in his slightly disheveled robes for the day when he knocked on the door and called out to her. She slid open the door with a slightly shocked look, and she was flushed. “Are you okay, Princess?”, he immediately asked.

“Ah yes. I was just thinking about something.”, She readily replied. She had been thinking about him, but she wouldn’t say that out loud even if someone had paid her a million bucks.

“I have a question for you; I hope you don’t mind the late hour.”, he said quickly as she motioned for him to come in.

“It’s not that late. What can I help you with?”, She said as she closed the door and realized he was still standing next to her. So as she turned to face him, she was face to face with his impressive chest and had to look up, or she would blush again. When he took her hand quickly in his, she couldn’t help but feel even more intoxicated by him, and it left her mind in complete disarray.

“This Princess.”, he said as he touched her hand so gently. “Why am I craving to touch your tiny little hand so much it haunts my dreams?”

“It does what now?”, she asked as she was trying to deal with his contact and to gather her scattered mind that she didn’t even have a chance to process what he had said.

“I can’t sleep, I can’t read, I can’t even focus when someone else is talking to me. I just want to have your hand in mine so I can do this.”, He said as he rubbed gently and then increasing the pressure. All her rational thoughts slipped away, and he couldn’t be saying what she thought he was. She had always thought of him as an angel beyond worldly desires, but the truth was he was most definitely a man, a real man who didn’t have the words to describe his own feelings that he had suppressed for years. It hit her like she had run headfirst into a brick wall, he desired her as much as she did him. He just didn’t understand the whole nature of this part of a connection with a member of the opposite sex. He was innocent; she was mostly innocent too so it wouldn’t be a bad thing to find out together she thought to herself.

“Oh.”, Was all she could get out for the moment as he scattered mind was trying to find the words to help him and her as well. He looked at her, and she wondered if it showed on her face. His hands kept moving on hers but he was still holding something back, she could see It in his beautiful amethyst eyes. She got lost in those that she didn’t even realize she had moved closer to him. She was a half a step away from him up against him, and he still didn’t know what to do. She wanted to reach up and pull him to her but he came here for words, not actions and if she didn’t explain he wouldn’t understand. “Have you ever heard the word desire Mitsunari?”

“Yes.”, He said. Both of their voices were lower than normal, and she was almost whispering.

“Do you know what it means?”, she asked again.

“I believe so.”, he responded.

“This is desire.”, She told him, and his mind started processing what she had said. She was trying to go easy on him but also herself as she didn’t know if she could find many more words.

“Really? This is desire.”, he asked.

“Yes.”, She answered. He looked hesitant for another moment. All her words were gone as the look changed on his face and a small smile appeared.

“IS it mutual?”, he asked.

“Yes.”, She replied trying to stop the blush on her cheeks and neck to no avail. His smile grew as he the innocent angel she had thought of had a wicked smile on his face.

“So you would mind if I move from just touching your hands, they aren’t the only thing I have dreamed about.”, he said in a voice that no longer sounded like him.

“To where?”, She asked. He didn’t wait to use his words either, and he now had her pinned against her wall, and his hands that had done wonders on her hands were moving all over her body drawing out a gasp here or a moan there. She didn’t want him to stop, and he didn’t want to either. She placed her hands on his chest not to push him away but to pull him closer. His magical hands touched nearly everywhere on her body as she felt she was a pot of jelly trying to stand on wobbly legs. She noticed his breathing was ragged as it matched her own. He tugged her closer to help brace her standing even she really couldn’t anymore.

He had an idea, one he hoped she would allow but she didn’t seem even to be coherent at the moment. Her soft sounds were like trophies he didn’t know he wanted, in a game he wasn’t sure of how to play. It seemed he could do nearly anything to her at this moment and she would let him. As he pulled her closer and off the wall he wanted to touch her more; he wanted to touch her skin most of all. He moved her across the room to her futon as she gasped at the idea and turned a new shade of red he couldn’t help and wonder if he had gone too far. She looked at him deep in his eyes and smiled as she got on the bed to which he followed her down. He let his hands move all over her body, and she looked at him as he was so focused on learning every part of her. He started to unwind the cords that held her robe together slowly allowing her the ability and time to stop him. She didn’t though. There was a haze over her vision, and he wondered to himself how many others had ever seen this sight. As her robes fell open, his hands touched her skin, and he almost lost it there. He couldn’t breathe at how soft she was, how silky smooth she was. He didn’t think as he let his mouth trail over her where his hands roamed, and she was panting now. He felt different as well, he was lost at the sight of her and the touch was too much for his senses, the taste of her was what set him over the edge. He didn’t know if he could stop what would happen next if he tried too. He raised his mouth and covered hers, and she wrapped her arms around him. His inner demon was patting him on the back while the angel was somehow absent at the moment. He wasn’t sure exactly what was the next step but as he disrobed as well and she brushed her hands on his chest she smiled and wrapped her legs around him, and he knew, instinctively he knew.

The pair while wrapped up in each other she was moaning, and he was trying to control his own hunger that until she told him a few hours ago was a desire he had no idea what it was. He was now spent, and she was beyond gone. He wanted to throw her off the edge one last time as he would go with her this time. He knew she was close as she had been before and he changed the pace of his thrusting hips to encourage it as she left more scratches down his back which he was sure looked like he had been in a fight with a cat and lost. The reality was he had won with her, and he was pleased with himself to no end. She flew high, and he could feel her spasms around him, and he let go as well. He collapsed on her and then rolled off as he gathered her up and hold her close to him. Only a few hours till sun rise and both would be tired the next day. He closed his eyes and fell asleep as she already had in his arms.

He woke her up by rubbing her shoulders in a gentle massage though there was no resistance in her muscles she sighed content, and he smiled. He knew what she must be feeling. Everything seemed brighter to him. She was now his, and he could touch her when he wanted to, he could also continue to make her his whenever he wanted to, like now in the early morning hours before the castle would completely wake up. He left her sleeping as he went to make her excuses for not being there in the morning for her chores. None of the other war lords bought what he was saying as they all had heard them throughout the night as everyone had remained at the castle for a counsel. However, they let the resident angel think no one knew what he had done with the princess for the time being and they let the princess sleep it out.


Goddess MC

Anonymous said to forallyourikemensengokuneeds:                                    

       How would the warlords react to a mc who was an actual goddess(like the goddess of love and beauty)?

Goddess MC

MC was the reincarnation
of a goddess. She still had all the attributes
that she did in her previous life as the Goddess of love and beauty. She had
fallen out of favor in her previous life and was made to be born in human form
and live her life as a mortal. However,
her natural beauty was not something that could be
erased, and she had to live her
life over and over with it.


Not only is she my lucky charm, but she is also the most beautiful woman. She is happiness itself
at times, and she will rule the world at
my side. The gods must favor me to be the one who will rule Japan.


How could she not love his way with everyone? As she also loved and cared for everyone as was her
natural it would bring out her inner beauty as well. He could not believe that
such a woman could ever love him, but he
was so very glad that she did.


What does she see in everyone, her beauty was eye-catching, but
her gentle way and inner strength are
what led him to love her. She understood him
and his desires which were unbelievable
to him as he couldn’t state half of them without getting flustered. She was life
itself to him and a reason to fight which was a new life to protect.


He knew who she was right off the first time she spoke. He had
done some research on the gods and goddess’s to understand the other culture.
She was everything she had been in the scrolls. She was instantly drawn to him, and
for that, he could never know why. As another supernatural creature like herself, she knew that he was a reborn fallen
angel which he couldn’t remember his formal self.


He wasn’t surprised when she acted as she did, taking in all
the sights from new eyes. She was different, and
her outward appearance was undeniably beautiful that wasn’t why he fell for her
though. She had the ability to see
through his mask and reach into whatever was
left of his soul. He wanted to be better when she was around; he wanted her to keep seeing him for what he


He wasn’t shocked to learn her past. She was grace even
enough to make the god of war bow to her desires with just a look. She didn’t
use the ability often only when he knew he was getting out of hand. She would
simply smile, and he would melt.


His goddess was really
a goddess so though she didn’t care for his lines she figured he could see her
for what she was. He treated her as such though he was mostly over the top. She
also knew how to fix his issues, and for
that he was grateful.


He would make jokes about her falling to earth, but in all honesty,
he could hardly look at her without
seeing the love coming off her. He had never thought of family or children
until he saw her and he had a whole new reason to fight, to keep her safe. He
saw a future in which he was something else besides’s
Shingen’s, right-hand man. He just wanted to be worthy in her eyes now.


Who knew she was a goddess? She was in the wrong place at
the wrong time but somehow knew exactly
what was going to happen. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen so
when she wanted to be friends then lovers he was shocked and beyond happy. He
would do anything for her to keep her happy though she was not high mate nice at all and only wanted a simple life her
natural self would draw everyone to her which she would always turn to him and
smile, which took his breath away.