The god of war was not
someone she could just approach. She knew she could but the fact was she didn’t
like having a sword at her throat first thing in the morning and she knew she
would have to talk to him at some point during the day. She wanted to get it
over with but was slightly afraid at what his reaction would be to her request.
He normally ignored her when she was present in the room saying that she was
Shingen’s problem since he was the one who brought her to the castle without
asking. They had found her in the castle’s town of Azchui after meeting with
her the night she had arrived in the past, she was taken back to the castle
where her first instinct after a horrible introduction with Nobunaga’s
warlords, was to runaway. She had no where to go except with Sasuke and his
friends back to yet another castle and wait to the next wormhole to open so she
could return home. Now she had to ask him something and she really didn’t know
she was going to get the courage do ask. She had noticed that in the castle’s
town they had a tailor who would take in commissions however there was no where
really to tend the smaller issues one may have with clothing. She wanted to
open a spot that could do that and also some larger things as well but to focus
on that for a bit would be her goal. It could be a good starting place for her
in the clothing business and could help some of the unemployed women in the
area be able to support themselves. In her mind it was a win win situation
however she had to ask for Kenshin’s support and she wasn’t sure if she could
be that brave.

The first thing that she knew she had to do was find him in a
good mood which would be difficult on the best of days since Kenshin was always
ready to be in a battle. He was also the type of person one never actually just
walked up to voluntarily for your life was probably going to be forfeited if
you made him mad. She decided to watch from a distance to see if she could spot
the right moment to go up to him to ask. Both Sasuke and Shingen had already
told her just to get it over with and ask because the worst that he could do would
be say no, however she thought had the worst that he could do would try to take
off her head with his sword. He had said all of three words to her in the three
weeks that she had been living in the castle. So she watched and waited for the
perfect opportunity.

         She had spotted
him out in the courtyard as he was just looking over the lake by himself and
what seemed to be a serene area. He seemed to be surveying the area and not
relaxing as most people would do in the same area. She wondered to herself if
he was thinking of making changes to the common courtyard area of the castle
and for the first time she started thinking of the castle as her home. She
hoped that he wouldn’t change the area too much for it was one of her favorite
places to go and find peace and solitude. The next area that she happened to
run into him almost was as he came out of the audience hall and she had been
passing by he stopped and she could feel him watching her on her back. She
wondered at what he was actually thinking and immediately started thinking that
the fact that he never spoke to her was probably a sign that he truly didn’t
like her. As she thought that she started to have a feeling of regret and loss
that she didn’t even realize could possibly be there as she thought she had no
real feelings for Kenshin but the idea that he didn’t like her was upsetting.
She couldn’t move fast enough away from the area what she didn’t see was that
Kenshin had put up his arm as if to stop her but hadn’t said any actual words.

         He had felt her
presence while he was in the courtyard as she was probably just taking a walk.
He didn’t know why his heart started racing every time she was possibly near or
the fact that she never spoke to him. That bothered him more than anything else
and he often wondered why Sasuke kept reminding him to be nice to her. He
thought that he was nice to her as she refused to speak to him and over the
past few days it seemed that she had wanted to say something but refused and
now he was at a loss for words himself. He wanted to ask her if there was
anything that she needed during her stay at his castle but he didn’t know how
to find a time that she was either alone or that she wouldn’t run away from
him. As he walked out of the audience hall he thought he had found his perfect
chance and just as he was about to speak to her she hurried up and turned down
the hallway. Again he felt alone and almost powerless which for him was
something he was unfamiliar with. He didn’t like the feelings that she brought
on but he was willing to try to figure them out if she would only stop running

Instead of going to dinner with everyone else in the great Hall
she opted to take a tray in her room for she was sure she didn’t want to be
near him right now. She was still upset and lost in her own mind at the idea
that he just couldn’t like her. She didn’t know if she would ever be able to
ask and she knew no other woman would ask for her. She had to figure out a way
but it wouldn’t be today and it might not even be tomorrow. She knew her idea
would be good for everyone involved and it would help his people more than
anything but she couldn’t bring herself to get over her own issues that she
didn’t even realize that she had had. She knew that she would be a coward and
hide in her own room just so she didn’t have to face the Lord of the castle.
She wondered why she came to live here at least the other warlords were more
open and she could’ve possibly dealt with them on some level. She didn’t know
she would ever be able to deal with Kenshin on any level, and naturally scared

He sat on his map during dinner while vassal after vassal poured
a cup of sake for him. He wondered why she wasn’t there and was about ready to
ask but instead the talk turned to possibly the upcoming battle with the Oda
forces. After spending hours discussing it with various people he was done
talking. He was still curious as to where she had been hiding or who she had
been hiding with. It was the second thought that he had that bothered him more
than the fact that she had been hiding and though the alcohol did not affect
him mentally he knew that he had drank more than enough to actually confront
her for the first time. He wasn’t exactly looking forward to the idea that
someone, some male, might be in her room with her for she was a extremely
attractive girl and he knew that quite a few of his vassals had been interested
in her at one time when she first arrived. As he walked through the empty
hallways towards her room he noticed that a lamp was burning still in the room
that was his final destination. He knocked and waited before sliding open the
door to see if she would actually respond or could actually respond. When he
heard the words come in, and her light feathery tone he let out a sigh of

She watched as the door slowly slid open and was extremely
shocked that the man that she had been hiding from since the afternoon was on
the other side. “Kenshin? Why are you here?”, She asked and her voice betrayed
her question as it slightly changed its tone and pitch.

“Princess I came looking for you since you are not there at
dinner. Your presence is supposed to be there. I also came to ask you a
question.”, Kenshin said in his normal tone which could be described as icy.

“I don’t understand why my presence would ever be necessary for
dinner at the great Hall. I’m a nobody. The only reason why your housing me as
a favor for Sasuke, I know that and I know my place.”, She said keeping her
head down and her voice low so it wouldn’t betray her again.

“That is simply not true. Everyone notices when you’re not
around. Also that is not the reason why I agreed to house you. Anyone who
doesn’t like the Oda forces enough to run away from them in the middle of the
night in a world that could easily devour you has a slight respect from me.”,
He said as he moved a little closer to her across the room.

“You respect me?”, She asked very surprised.

“You’ve done nothing but help my people since the moment you
have arrived. How could I not respect that? You’re not as weak as most females
and the fact that your friends with my ninja just adds layers to your
personality. The fact that you don’t like me means very little.”, He stated
with the last part very silently.

“What do you mean I don’t like you? You don’t like me.”, She said
as she was completely startled by that revelation.

“Then why do you run from me? You won’t approach me to talk when
you have no problems approaching any other male. Just like today twice you were
nearby and yet you never said a word am I that unapproachable to you?”, He

“Kenshin, you’re not exactly the most approachable person unless
you want a sword to your throat. Which I don’t normally want. I was looking for
a good time to approach you I have an idea. But for that idea I need your
support. I was just looking for the best time where you weren’t possibly going
to kill me.”, She said as she started laughing.

“How about we work out a compromise. If you don’t have to be
afraid that I will pull my sword on you if you just talk to me instead of
hiding. I would like to hear what you have to say and I know everyone else will
blame me if you choose to stay in your room. And whatever project you need my
support for you have it.”, He said as he moved another foot closer to her as
she stood up.

“What you mean I just have your support? You haven’t even heard
what I wanted to do.”, She asked. She was on her feet and was only about a foot
away from him as he reached out and just touched her face. She always figured
that his hands would be cold but they were extremely warm. She looked into his
multicolored eyes and was mesmerized for a few seconds before he spoke.

“I know that you have the best interest of my people at heart,
whatever you wish to do you have my support. If you want to discuss this more
tomorrow you can meet me in the courtyard by the lake. I believe that I have
taken too much of your time already tonight.”, He said as he pulled his hand
away and for the first time she felt as if she might have actually connected
with the man. She knew at that moment she would be waiting for him in the
courtyard the next day probably with a smile on her face that she didn’t often
show people. If he was willing to make the effort not to be the scary God of
war than she could make the effort to be the friendly Princess.

The next day was one of those rare spring days where the sun was
shining but there was still a chill to the air. That didn’t stop the castle
from almost coming to a complete standstill as they saw the Lord of it walking
around the edge of the lake and the common courtyard with the Princess. Shingen,
Yukimura, and Sasuke all stood on the balcony of one room overlooking the
courtyard with their mouths hanging open. They couldn’t believe the site that
was in front of them as the pair had been avoiding each other since her first
day in the castle. She must have been able to feel their eyes on her back as
she turned and looked up and smiled and waved at the three people peering out
her. They knew that she must be the one doing most of the talking as Kenshin
rarely talked unless it was about war, but also the hand motions relayed the
fact that she was very adamant about whatever she was talking about. Every once
in a while you’d see the Kenshin nod his head yes and even as the pair rounded
the lake and the three men who were standing on the balcony could see Kenshin
had an extremely rare smile on his face as he peered down at the Princess.
Shingen chuckled at the site and told the two younger men the come inside as he
sat there for a few more seconds looking down thinking to himself, “some people
have all the luck.”


Multiple request Mitsuhide

It was at that place during the day where daylight and
nighttime meet and the sky was filled with bright and vibrant colors. Her day
had been extremely long as he had accidentally woke her up when he laughs
before the sun had even risen. She couldn’t fall back asleep so she reluctantly
got out of bed and started making the list for the household that the two
shared. Her normal duties not only included taking care of their household but also
in the castle where she was the caretaker for everything within. She knew that
she was going to have another long day so she just wanted to get on with it.
After attending everything that she had needed to do at the castle she could
come home and make sure that everything had been done in her absence that she
had requested. She didn’t doubt her staff in the household being able to
accomplish the tasks that she had set forth, it was more the part that she was
getting upset at him for never being home. She had chose him over all the other
warlords but yet it seemed that she never actually saw him anymore. She began
to contemplate really what she wanted for her life here in this time frame. She
was beginning to wonder if she had actually made the wrong choice even though
she loved him and she also knew that he loved her it was the simple fact that
she never saw him anymore and she was rather lonely despite her friends being

He had had another long day in the dungeons working on a few
of the people they had caught plotting against Nobunaga. He hadn’t been able to
break them for the past week until he implemented a new form of torture that he
had only heard about before, that’s when they began to sing. It wasn’t so much
that he enjoyed his job it was more the fact that he enjoyed the results of his
work. He had grown tired over the past week and his exhaustion was not only
physical but also mental. He was glad that they all had finally broke and that
he would have a small break before he had to interrogate someone else. He had
no plots running at the moment nor had anyone approached him to betray Nobunaga
or any of the other warlords that he was allied with. For that he was eternally
grateful for he knew that he wanted to spend some time with her alone. She had
moved into his manor just over three months ago right about the time that three
of his major plots had come to a head that he had been preparing for over a
six-month period. He hadn’t expected them all to happen at once so he was taken
a little by surprise when it had all happened so quickly. In the process he
knew he had been ignoring her, at least that was the impression he had been
giving when instead he was actually trying to protect her from the fate of
being used against him and also Nobunaga. When she chose him she had placed a
target on her pretty little head that she hadn’t even realized would be there,
and it was his job to make sure that nothing ever happened to her. In his
brilliant mind at the time he had thought that he was doing the correct thing
by pushing her away and not spending time with her, but even the few moments
that he would make time for her each day were growing more and more strained
and he knew he was losing her. As he prepared himself for her to leave and
either go back to the castle or move on to another warlord his mind was telling
him that it probably would be the best thing for her safety if she did that
while his heart was breaking at every chance when he looked into her eyes and
saw the pain that she wasn’t good at concealing.

She had been on the veranda watching the sunset in the
beautiful painted sky that was orange and red and reminded her of a fire when
she heard him walk into the room behind her. It had been the first time that he
had been home before dark and the moon had risen high in the sky. She wanted to
turn around and greet him but she couldn’t even manage to look at him at the
moment, as her feelings became overwhelming for her. Never in her life had she
ever felt so utterly desperate for attention and that drove her even more crazy
than she already felt. She knew that he was hiding pieces of himself and never
letting them go in front of her but expected her to share every detail of
herself with him. She couldn’t do that anymore she wanted either all of him or
none of him there would be no more in between she couldn’t take that anymore.
She had begin to steady herself before she turned and looked at him as he moved
closer to where she was standing. She could hear his footsteps growing slightly
louder and closer before she turned around and was nearly face-to-face with
them. She tried not to look into his pale yellow eyes that in the painted sun
glowed with an iridescence that was truly unnatural. If she looked into his
eyes her heart would melt again and she would forgive him for all his
indiscretions when it came to her heart, and she knew she had to be strong to
be able to confront someone like him and come out victorious. He was a
wordsmith and he could change the subject rather quickly she had to stay on
point and to focus with all of her energy otherwise he would control the
conversation and she would lose the battle. That’s how she saw it, it would be
a battle to get him to open up and if he didn’t they both would lose.

“Welcome home Lord Mitsuhide, it’s been a while since you
decided to grace my presence during the daylight.”, She stated as she looked up
to him but wouldn’t look in his eyes.

“And your fine presence is very welcome to see, Princess. I
have truly missed it over this past week more than you will ever know.”, He
stated as he tried to take her into an embrace. When she stepped out of his
range and his arms couldn’t reach her he knew something was definitely wrong.
Once again he was fighting his own demons that were threatening to take over
his brain at that moment. He didn’t know if it would be the good demon or the
bad demon that would be released into her presence.

“I have a question before you do something like that. It’s
really important that you answer the question honestly and truthfully if you
want me to stay.”, She stated to him as she looked away back to the sky.

“Ask your question Princess and I will reply honestly I give
you my word.”, He stated back having an idea of what her question would be but
not the answer that he would give he still wasn’t sure which one of his demons
would be answering it.

“Mitsu, do you regret asking me to move into your manor?”,
She asked while facing the opposite way should he could barely hear the
question he knew that she didn’t really want a long answer just the simple

“The answer to that is not as a simple as you think,
Princess. The fact it is just been three months since you moved in and it still
feels like your presence is new every day. I would never say that I regretted
my time with you, any part of my time.”, He stated to her as he could feel his
own heartbreak within his chest. He figured that the fact that she was asking
that question she actually regretted moving into his manor and choosing him
over everyone else. In his heart and even in his mind he knew that he had
driven her away by not opening up, telling her exactly how he felt, and now it
was too late.

“Why did you use the past tense of regret? Do you want me to leave? If you really
want me to I will go back to the castle.”, She said so softly that it sounded
like a whisper between what he could only imagine as sobs that were nearly

“Princess look at me.”, He stated as he reached out for her
shoulders to turn her gently. When he saw her face all the walls that he had built
around himself came crumbling down. The tears that had streaked her face felt
like they were knives into his chest. He could barely find his voice to speak
again, “I don’t want you to go. I’m so sorry that I pushed you away. This is
only so new to me and I wanted to keep you safe from all of our enemies and the
only way to do that was not really let you in. Princess I love you more than my
life itself, and in the grand scheme of things you are the most important
person to me not even Nobunaga outranks you. I am so sorry for how I acted and
I promise you I will try harder. I will have some extra time now that you’ll
probably get so sick of me you want me to go back to the dungeons. Everything
happened all at once and it wasn’t supposed to, we had people coming in that
were extremely dangerous and I did not want you to get caught up in that. For
that I should have told you but I didn’t want you to know exactly what I do,
for that I apologize. For you I will work on adjusting that behavior.”

As she sat there on the edge of the balcony now looking deep
into his iridescently beautiful golden hued eyes she could see the sincerity of
his words registering deep into his expressionless face. Somehow she had
managed to get through to the man and not just the person he pretended to be
most of the time. That was all she ever wanted to get to know the actual man
she had fallen in love with and not just the face he presented to the world,
she knew this was just the beginning but since she had been able to break through
his walls she would continue to chip away until she was completely satisfied
with the person she had chosen to live out her life with. She smiled up into
his face as she moved closer so she could press her head against his chest and
feel his viselike grip in his arms. This was what she had wanted when she began
the conversation to do nothing but hold him and have him hold her. And in the
silence between the two of them as the painted sky turned purple and then black
with the shiny diamonds that were stars they made whispered promises to each
other about what to expect for the future and what each person wanted with
their shared lives.


Kenshin Fluff Mc picks Kenshin over Ieyasu

 Anonymous said to forallyourikemensengokuneeds:                                    

       I really really love your writing ❤ Can I ask for more mitsuhide please?  And if possible, kenshin win MC’s heart over ieyasu.. thank you

Kenshin sat in his tent as he thought of the woman who was
with his enemies now safe and off the battlefield. He could not believe his
eyes as he saw her on the back of Ieyasu’s horse and wanted to end the war the
second he saw her. He wondered at the fact that the young war lord would even bring a woman, any woman
for that matter, to the battle but that woman, in particular, was unthinkable to him. She was soft and sweet to
everyone she met even to him when he was less than friendly to her everytime
they were foisted into each other’s presence for events for Yukimura and
Sasuke, sometimes even Shingen would try to get her to come to dinner when they
were all in Azuchi. He hated the thought for those times as she was and would
remain their enemy or with their enemy’s forces. She was so full of life that
he found her to be too blinding and she also brought up memories he fought hard
to have buried. She brought them all out, and he couldn’t stand them, he wanted
to forget. He wanted to hate her or better yet be indifferent to her, but she
was too beautiful, to kind, and worse yet to open even to him, the man who
tried to slice her down at every chance.

She sat in the tent listening to Masamune and Ieyasu
planning their attack for the next day. She hated every second of it. She personally knew people on both sides and in a
way it was tearing her in two just by beginning there at the battle. Seeing
Kenshin and Yuki on the field squaring off with the Oda troops was
heartbreaking and a sight she never wanted to see again. To know that her fellow time traveler Sasuke was also
on the field somewhere was enough to keep her paralyzed with fear for his
safety regardless of his abilities as a ninja. This was a side to her friends she never wanted to see, but when the call went out for a healer to go
out onto the field, she answered it
without hesitation as she knew if they couldn’t bring the troop member to her
he was serious and would probably die as she worked. Seeing Kenshin at that
time knowing he might have even caused the injury ripped a piece of her soul
out as she tried to force the bitter pain down to deal with later. She didn’t
know why it bothered her to see him in that element, he was the god of war
after all, but it did. He had never been kind to her, but she felt something for the man, she just didn’t know what.

Ieyasu was done listening to Masamune and started to focus
on the princess as she had not said anything for the entire time they had been
talking and that worried him as she would often come out with some ridiculous thing at that most annoying time to stop to
have one of them explain it to her. The fact she was not saying anything and
looked lost was bothering him, he couldn’t exactly say why it was, but it was.
He didn’t like the idea of bringing her on the field earlier as he had been the
one who was trying to shield her from the sights of war but there she stood
demanding to be taken to the wounded man who would most likely die before she
could attend him. Surprising she had stood her ground, and he had taken her,
the soldier was still alive at that time. He had somehow lived as they moved
him back to the camp and he was still breathing now. That gave Ieyasu a sense
of pride for her as he was the one who taught her the basics of healing. “princess,
are you okay?”, he asked huffily which surprised both her and Masamune who also
was thinking something was off. “ You haven’t interrupted us like you normally

“Yes, I am fine. I am just
tired.”, she said as she got to her feet,” I am going to do one more round on
the injured then I will be headed to my tent for the night.”

“Get some rest, Princess.”,
Masamune said as she left.

She turned and replied, “I
will. I know tomorrow will be just as bad.”

“Does something seem off with
her?”,”Masamune asked to Ieyasu after she left.

“She should not have come.
She isn’t made for war or battles.” I will go and talk to her.”, he said as he
got up and went out of the tent enjoying the fresh air as they were just far
enough from the battlegrounds that the scent of death wasn’t surrounding them.

He could see her in the
moonlight as it was right at dusk and the moon had begun its ascent into the
sky. He wanted to reach out for her and just hold her tight as he was battling
his own demons about her safety and keeping her out of danger he wondered what
Nobunaga had thought when he sent her out here to hell? Had he wanted to punish
her for some reason or was it just for his sick pleasure, whatever the reason
he was sure she was never to be the same. As he waited for her by her tent
entrance just to see if she was truly alright, he wished they all were back in
Azuchi, and she would smile again so that he knew the world would be fine. As
she came out of the infirmary tent, she looked right at him while he was waiting
and he tried to seem to be doing anything other than waiting for her.

“What are you doing Ieyasu?”,
she asked as she smiled for what seemed to be the first time in two days.

“Um, just checking everything
and happened to be right here, not checking up on you if that is what you
think.”, He stumbled out clumsily. Somehow everytime he wanted to talk with her
he lost track of his words. She nodded and gave him a slight smile as she
looked him over.

“I am fine, Ieyasu no need to
hover. Go and get your own rest as tomorrow will be a hard battle.”, She smiled
as she opened the flap to her tent. He knew she was right as soon found his own
tent and settled for the night.

She woke up in the dead of
night from the nightmare of what she saw earlier that day. She could barely
breathe and was gasping for breath hard. She knew she needed to clear her head
and poked her head out of the tent and saw and heard everyone had settled for
the night. She knew they were by the forest and she wanted to clear her head
with a short walk, so she headed that way quickly. She knew she wasn’t going to
be able to sleep anytime soon and it seemed the best thing she could do. She
continued to walk away from the base camp and what had seemed only a short
while, but her legs told her she was wrong she looked up and saw she had
wandered right across the battlefield into the enemies camp. She was going to
head closer to the forest and back to the Oda’s side as she heard a chilling
voice behind her.

“Going somewhere Princess?”,
she knew instantly who it was and she had no fear as she turned to face him and
his beautiful multicolored eyes.

“I went for a walk, Kenshin.
I didn’t realize I walked this far. I am not spying on you all. I was just
heading back.”, She replied as she looked at him. “Would you mind if I start
heading back now.”

“Yes, I do mind.”, he said as
he seemed to surprise himself.

“Wha— What?”, she asked
surprised herself as she must be thinking of all the things he could use her

“I do mind, Princess. Why are
you here?”, he asked now nearing the distance between them.

“I told you. I took a walk.”,
she said.

“No at this battle. This is
no place for a woman, let alone a woman like you.”, he said cutting her off.

“A woman like me? Why because
I am weak?”, She asked defensively back. He surprised her when he reached out
and touched her face gently.

“No, because you are too
bright and might blind us all.”, He said. She looked at him confused for this
didn’t sound like the man who would normally cut her down just to keep her away,
and he was now standing before her touching her cheek gently, so gently, in
fact, she didn’t even know if this was the real Kenshin before her. “You don’t
belong here, Princess. It isn’t safe for you to be out here and I would like to
show those two Oda warriors a lesson for bringing you.”

“It was Nobunaga’s idea, not
Ieyasu or Masamune’s.”,She said in defense of her two friends.

“Even more reason to dislike
the man.”, he replied coldly. “Come I will walk you back closer to you camp and
promise me you will not go onto the field tomorrow.”

“I can’t do that. If they
need me to tend someone injuries, I will go as I did today I will do tomorrow
as well.”, she said as she fell in line next to him as they headed back.

“Stubborn woman.”, he muttered
under his breath, and she pretended not to hear it.

Though the night was only
cool but not cold, he thought twice about her attire and took off his hoari and
placed it on her shoulders. She looked up at him though she wasn’t cold she was
grateful for his thoughtfulness and was really confused at his behavior as this
didn’t seem like the man she had met a few times before. She was pleasantly
surprised by the reaction she had to him taking hold of her hand and leading
her closer to her campsite. She couldn’t help but smile at herself as she
wondered about the man standing beside her and wondered if she should give him
another chance.

He was trying to lead her
back to the oda’s force campsite as quick as he could, but as the wheels turned
in his head, he knew he had to do something to end the fighting. She would be head
strong enough not to heed his warning and head onto the field and get herself
killed. He could not allow that to happen, and he didn’t know why. That feeling
was too strong to deny, and he didn’t want to fight it either unlike his normal
self that wanted to keep her at bay. He wanted her to himself. He couldn’t deny
that any longer which is why Shingen’s stupid pick up lines bothered him,
Sasuke’s friendship with her bothered him, and most of all the murderous rage
he now felt for Nobunaga bothered him. He knew he was in love with Azuchi’s
Princess as he looked at her as she walked beside him. He knew he had made a
horrid first impression on her and he wondered if he could change that. He
wondered if it was possible that she could ever look at him differently. As
they reached the outskirts of where the camp was he knew what he had to do and
what he needed to do and what he wanted to do. She went to take off his hoari
and hand it back and when he stopped her. “Keep it, Princess. The night will
grow colder, and you will need to stay warm tomorrow as well.”, He said as he
redid the knots keeping it on her. She nodded and as she went to leave her
caught her wrist and pulled her back to him as his head lowered he took her
lips and left her breathless and then surprised him as responded in kind. When
he lifted his head awhile later, he looked down into her eyes which were glazed
over with desire, “Stay off the battle field tomorrow Princess.”

“I can’t if I am needed.”,
she whispered back.

“Well, then we will have to
make it, so you will not be needed.”, he said back,”When this is over in two
weeks time meet with me in Azuchi at the bridge near the lake.”

“Why?”, she asked.

“To learn something.”, He
wasn’t going to say any more than that she could already see as she nodded to
him as he turned and stalked away. She made her way back to her tent and fell
asleep rather fast still wrapped in his hoari with the scent of him surrounding
her. She awoke surprised as the sun was already up and she could hear the
troops still there. She walked out of the tent after she remembered to take
Kenshin’s hoari off to find everyone was still there. She looked around to find
Ieyasu or Masamune, and when she did, she was surprised as they announced
Kenshin had sent over a scout that he wanted to meet and work out a treaty, at
least for this battle. She smiled as she now knew what his comment of we would
make it, so you are not needed, was. He was going to stop this entire battle
because she was there. She felt her heart soar, and she felt a bit more for the
man who confused her and her senses.

When he arrived unarmed, they
all knew he meant what he had said. He asked for the three major people in the
Oda forces to be present which included her. He sat hammering out his deal with
the two warlords as he would look up occasionally and steal glances at her. When
he was done he nodded to the two men and said,”Your Princess looks chilled.”
With that, he took his leave not before taking another stolen glance at her.
They all started packing up as they prepared to withdraw when another scout
with two horses came riding up and delivered the silver-white mare to the
princess from his lordship. The saddle bags themselves had some fine trinkets
and fabric with a letter for her that had said the fabric was what she should
be sewing, not the soldiers back up. She wondered how he had got all these
things so quick but decided to not to ask for the moment she was too happy. The
two war lords standing next to her were not happy in the least, but as he had delivered
the mare to her and bypassed them completely, they had to let it go. She packed
her supplies and placed them on the mare and took Kenshin’s hoari and placed it
on which sent both of them over the edge that she was wearing it and got on her
own horse which was also his mount. She knew he had sent the horse to her to
hide the fact he had given the jacket the night before. As the leaders of both
armies headed their separate ways, Kenshin took pride that she was outfitted
with his, even if she was headed back with them.

She had to listen to
Masamune, and Ieyasu complain the entire way back about the hoari and how she
should burn it. She told them no at every chance and then wouldn’t discuss it
with them at all. The horse was beyond well behaved, and she had already fallen
in love with her. She could believe Kenshin would gift her such a beautiful
animal who would be a prize on the battlefields. She couldn’t wait to thank him
in person in two weeks if he held to their deal. Ieyasu kept hinting that he
would like to spend a little more time with her but she ignored him. She was to
busy thinking of the man who filled her senses and confused her beyond belief. She
knew Kenshin would take a long time to get to know, but she was willing to try
to figure out this new side to him, no matter how long it took.


The warming of Spring

(continued from Cold days of spring)

Three weeks had passed since the snow storm that had appeared on the cusp of spring. She had been stuck there with him for four days while the town dug its way out. Neither had seemed to mind as they would work and then play with the two fox kits she had found, and he had agreed to home for the time being as the storm approached. He still had the two now as she would go and visit after her daily chores were done, often till after dark. He would walk her back or offer for her to stay as the two foxes often would whine after she left.  

He, who was a creature of the shadows and who enjoyed his solitary state, had really come to enjoy the time the two shared with the two kits. He had begun training both and they were very receptive of the lessons. Her fox whom she named Tod, and his whose name was Kit, were his constant companions in the manor. He had of course noticed that the other war lords had also noticed the Princess’s visits to his manor with a certain lackluster that he enjoyed. She would also go to other manors but not everyday like she did his. He wore that triumph that he had that much with a certain amount of pride. She even had a room in his manor with a few items just in case of a late night. He wanted more of her time then the few hours each evening, he knew that now and he knew the foxes were his answer to his problem.

“Princess”, he began as she was getting ready to leave in which he would have to escort her home, “Why don’t you stay here instead?”
“The night again? I think people are already getting the wrong idea Mitsuhide.”, She said.
“And what idea is that Princess?”, he knew of course but wanted her to say it.
“That we are lovers.”, she said as she looked everywhere but at him. He loved the slight blush on her face.
“And is that a problem?”, he pushed forward.
“It’s that we aren’t though, no one would believe that however with all the time I have been spending here and the snowstorm where I had to stay here. People are talking.”, she said again as she looked at a spot on the floor.
“Then let them talk, Princess. That is of course one way to handle it.”, he said moving closer to her as he spoke, she was still intently looking at the floor and didn’t see his movements. “There is another way to handle such rumors.”
“There is?”, She looked up and was nearly nose to nose with him. She almost wanted to take a step back, but she was already against the wall.
“Yes, a straightforward way.”, he said still inching forward towards her.
“And that is?”, she held her breath as she waited for his answer. The look on his face wasn’t one she knew, it was almost open and honest. His lips grazed hers as her eye lids fell the pressure increased until she realized she was kissing him back. Her arms involutory went around his neck and held him there as he explored her lips and then her mouth as she opened it for him to taste. As the two stood there locked in the kiss that surprised both of them the two foxes seemed to dance with delight.  
She looked into the golden reflection of the lantern light in his already golden eyes as he slowly pulled away, he was gazing down into her own eyes as no words needed to be said at that moment. They just stood there locked against each other both coming to the realization as to what just really happened. She studied his face and expression with her normal openness trying to make sense of that kiss. He was looking at her also coming to grips with the reaction she had with that kiss. He was pondering if she could feel the same as he? He was one to more forward and not backwards, he thought his time for that emotion was long since passed until she came at least. This was a time for words, but they failed him at the moment as his baser urges were driving him at that moment.  

As the foxes ran around as their owners stood locked against a wall. He didn’t want to break contact with her for even a nanosecond to tell them to stop, neither did she. He decided to try his luck again and lowered his lips to hers, again her reaction fed his own pleasure he was lost in those few moments as he reached over her to move the screen door that lead to the kits first room. When he was busy they would go play in there and they ran into the room as he slid the door closed behind them. He didn’t want to press his luck, but he also didn’t want to let her go, for the night, or forever if need be.  

She didn’t need to be told twice that he desired her, she could feel the evidence of that already, what surprised her was her own reaction to him. She wanted him as well. A hidden desire that came to life with an explosion. She knew what he was going to ask her either with or without words when he let the kits out of the room. She knew instantly what her answer would be. She let him know as she deepened the kiss and pressed herself against his lean frame. He chose without words as he bent down without breaking the kiss and swept her into his arms. His futon was not that far away, and he found it easily while not looking at anything but her as her laid her down.  

She awoke sometime later having remembered what she had just done and with whom, she blushed. He was already awake and looking at her with a deepened smile that was reserved for only her. He pulled her closer as the foxes started whining to get back to their preferred sleeping spot on his futon as well. “I should let them in or they are going to get louder.”, he said with a sigh as he moved to peck her on her nose. She moved after the small peck tilting her face upwards and he then kissed her mouth. Her tiniest of moans was enough for him to forget about the two whining foxes.  

She woke again, and the lights were doused. She was completely sated and extremely warm with his body press against hers. The two kits were curled up on the bottom of the bed huddled together. It was the perfect feeling of domestic bliss, she thought. She wondered what his plan was going to be now to get her to stay.

His plan. That was easy for him to work out in his head, not so much to figure out what he was going to actually say. He wanted her there, all the time not just at nights. He already need her his, he wasn’t worried about that in the least. He didn’t want her reputation to be sullied however. She had been
coming to his manor for weeks now and she was right people would be talking. He was honestly surprised he hadn’t been talked to by the castles big brother, Hideyoshi or worse by Nobunaga himself. The thought was almost terrifying. He knew he would have to move fast to secure her, safely without too much damage or lectures. She turned in his arms and his heart soared slightly at her still sleepy eyes. “Sleep now princess.”, he said as he kissed her eye lids shut.
“Mitsu… Mitsuhide, what are you planning?”, her voice still dazed from sleep.
“I will be talking to Nobunaga later in the morning. I would like for you to come live here with me.”, he gently said. Her eyes widened as he said it. “But that it is up to you.”

She knew the second he said those last words he meant it. He would do what she wanted, even if that meant letting her go. She wondered at the statement and his thoughts, even more so his feelings for her. This was not some spur of the moment statement, not for someone like him. She was surprised by her own reaction as her heart began racing not with fear but with excitement at the idea. “I think I would like that.”, she said, and it was his turn to be amazed at her. She snuggled closer to him though and closed her eyes instead of dealing with him though.

Morning came to quickly and though the weather had warmed slightly the cool air outside of the futon was to cold for her still. Mitsuhide was still behind her now. He would be getting up soon to head to the castle to ask Nobunaga for her. He left quickly and swiftly leaving her sleeping with the foxes sleeping next to her. He knew Nobunaga would probably already be up and he was slightly surprised to see him that early in the morning. “I need to ask you something, my lord.”, he said which brought Nobunaga’s attention right to him. He rarely if at all showed that level of respect.
“I guess this is about the princess?”, Nobunaga asked.  
“Yes, it is.”, he paused to gather the words he needed,” I would like to request her.”
“Request her? Surely you can do better then that.”, Nobunaga laughed.  
“I would like it if you granted your permission for her to come live at my manor.”, he curtly replied.
“Well since you are asking so nicely.”, Nobunaga started,” Why should I?”
“Her reputation is being questioned because of her presence at my manor daily.”, he replied.
“So, you only seek to repair that?”, Nobunaga asked now with his serious face in place.
“No. I want her to come to live with me. I only seek to save her reputation for her sake.”, he said. “She deserves better then to have somewhat unfounded rumors spread about her.”
“Somewhat. Huh?”
“They were unfounded totally until last night. She only came to see her pet which I housed for her.”
“A pet you say?”
“A pair of young foxes.”, he replied easily as it was completely the truth.
“She came to see her pets then, and you didn’t stop her?”, Nobunaga asked.
“Why would I?”, Mitsuhide asked back.
“Indeed.”, Nobunga looked at the man standing before him and knew this whole conversion would be eating at him. He had swallowed his own pride to come and ask for the princess something none of the others would have done, they would just have taken her. Mitsuhide was asking for more then just her to change houses and he knew it as well. The princess had seemed happier the past few weeks from the winter storm till now, he had assumed much like the others the two had become lovers during that time and that was the reason. He had just told him otherwise and for him to admit any part of this would be the truth, Nobunaga believed. She wanted to spend time with him even without the entrapment of being intimate. This was interesting news. He did agree with the idea that she must be protected from the rumors, she had been presented to everyone as a princess of the realm.
“Fine, you can have her. She will still have to report to me here at the castle a few days of the week though. You can’t just keep her for yourself.”, Nobunaga relented.
“Thank you, she will.”, he smiled and bowed as he went to her room in the castle he somehow figured she would be there and she was. “Ready to pack your things?”
“He said yes?”, she looked at him brightly as she turned as the door opened. He nodded, and she flew into his arms. It had only been a few hours since he last held her there, but it was to long for his liking. They hurried and packed her things which wasn’t all that much and began to carry them to her new home. It was the beginning of spring and the beginning for them as the foxes greeted them as they opened the door to the bedroom. They spent the day playing in the back of the manor with the kits who were much bigger then when they were brought to this manor, each had a distinct personality that fit the two well. Kit needed him to play and toss sticks, so he could run, were as Tod just wanted to curl up on her and snuggle. The two kits would keep the pair happy and content for the time being. He had never really wanted a pet before, but he was grateful for these two devils for they brought him the greatest gift in her.


cold days of spring

She had survived her first winter in the sengoku. It was cold and snowy at times, but it felt like a true accomplishment for her. She had loaded her room with blankets and had a few heaters, but she had been content to spend it for the most part bundled up and warm. It was now spring as she awaited the fresh flowers and possibilities the new season would hold.

However, as mother nature often does it teased them all in to thinking that the new season was truly upon them as the day grew slightly warmer and then another unthought of deep freeze happened one clear night and with it brought the artic freezing frigid air. When the air turned cold and wet they all knew except for her, that is that another storm was on the horizon. She was thinking of pristine flowers and the vibrant colors of spring when they were preparing for the last real snow fall of the season. It seemed like it was totally against her to not see the reality, but she was blind to the idea.

She carried on as loads of goods were brought to the castle for storage on the off chance that it was a good one. Some of the older staff had told the war lords they felt it was a good one coming as they could feel it in their weary bones. It was unlike the Princess to have her head in the clouds as willful ignorance to the situation had taken over. At the mention of said storm coming she would change the subject then carry on with whatever task she was doing at the time. To the warlords her blindness was becoming concerning.

The day came after a week of blistering cold that shocked everyone. The day was overcast as it began but the sunrise was a vibrant red and orange. Everyone hurried to do the tasks that needed the attention outside for this would be the day the storm would arrive. The slight princess again ignored the warnings and went into town to get her supplies from the cloth merchant. She was there when even he noticed she did not want to talk about the incoming storm, she wanted to completely ignore the fact as she went about her time in town passing this stall or stopping at that one. All the war lords minus Nobunaga who was at the castle ordering for the preparations for it, were also in the marketplace. They all noticed her as she moved swiftly but normally through the stalls as if was another other day.  

Masamune was ordering the produce for the different households of the leading vassals. He was picking out and tasting the various things as he made sure each of his allies would not go hungry during the storm. He had been watching her but very into his task that he didn’t see her disappear from sight until he had placed the last order. He hoped that one of the others who were also in town would pick up where he had left off.  

Hideyoshi and Mitsunari were both looking at some latest items that had been brought over from Europe. They were both keeping an eye out on her as they asked questions and listened to the different items. They were both intrigued but couldn’t keep their minds on the answers as they both took turns watching her out of the corner of the eyes. That was until she disappeared from their sight which neither could comprehend.  
Ieyasu was also buying different supplies as the first trader who had many of the herbs he needed for different thing had arrived. He was stocking up on them as soon as he could which is what lead him to the marketplace on that very frigid day. He was also in the process of giving orders to have everything brought back to his manor when he noticed the princess had disappeared from sight. He figured she very much had her head in the clouds the past few days she was off to the castle to hideaway. He was far to busy to think to much on her at the moment and hoped one of the others would keep an eye on her.

Mitsuhide had just come from one of his meetings at the dark and somewhat secluded teahouse further back in the town. He spotted the princess as she looked back and forth to his allies as to see which one was watching her at that moment. She had learned since his birthday he thought to himself as to track and be tracked and how to disappear. He noticed with very much amusement that he was the only one who was in the position to actually see her abilities as she would disappear from the sight of one into the sight of another. He hung in the shadows as no to alert her of his presence and have his theory tested to see if she could elude him as well.  

When she had made her way through the stalls and had seen most of her friends she decided they could see her and then she would move into the view of another and repeat the process. She had the supplies she needed and would make her way to the cottage to see if it was still there. She didn’t need the idea of another storm to happen even though she knew it was a possibility. It would damper her latest project. She hadn’t seen Mitsuhide and hoped he hadn’t seen her as she was sure he would be the one she couldn’t throw off so easily. She needed to go, before the snow hit.

As she made her way out of the castles walls he wondered where exact she was going. She wasn’t supposed to go this far without a guard. He wondered at the though she was meeting someone in the forest beyond the walls and as he quickened his pace he grew stern. She couldn’t have met someone while they were all busy, could she? His heart gave a little extra push and he had a feeling of regret that he didn’t understand at the thoughts his mind was leading him too.  

She reached a cottage that was rundown and as she looked around he felt that pull yet again. It did look like she would be meeting someone here. He didn’t know how he wanted to deal with these as different emotions he had long ignored like hatred and sorrow were at the forefront of his mind. He moved closer and heard her voice talking within the cabin. He was right in his anger she wasn’t alone. He tried to steady himself before reaching the door but he uncharacterly  couldn’t he was upset something he was never.  

The door opened slowly as he pushed it open. He wasn’t sure of what exactly he would find as he heard her voice soft and sweet in the corner. As he took two steps in she turned and told him to shut the door with a humph. What he saw clouded his mind, she was on the floor sitting facing the corner. The only
two humans were in the cottage her and him. She was facing some unknown thing as he couldn’t see what she was blocking from his view, but she had been talking to something, correct? he thought to himself.  

She should have known he was watching her. She hadn’t felt his presence like she had the others and was able to move through the crowd to avoid them. It wasn’t a surprise that he evaded her notice, it was his job after all and she was still new to the fact of hiding something from her friends. She didn’t like the idea of hiding anything from them, but she knew they would begin to ask questions of the how and why of it. She didn’t want to answer those.

“Princess, it seems you have a secret.”, he said softly.
“One I was really trying to keep, Mitsuhide. Why did you follow me?”, she asked.
“Because Good girls don’t have secrets, my dear.”, he replied.
“Well then, I guess I am not one of those then.”, she countered.
“I highly doubt whatever you are doing here is really all that bad, Princess.”, he said softly. He knew it wasn’t in her nature to be bad. He just really like to tease her at times. Since he was still recovering from his wave of emotion it was the only defense he had at the moment.
“I found them on a walk.”, she said as he slowly crept up to her. As he stood behind her he could see the two wrapped bundles that she had placed some food in front of.  
“And you thought to keep them?”, he asked.
“Their mother was killed by something. I wanted to try. However, I can’t have them at the castle and with the storm they will sure die.”, she said with a sigh. Her face fell with a look of slight anger, but a deeper sadness was also there. He couldn’t stand to see that sight.
“Why can’t you have them at the castle?”, he asked, knowing Nobunaga would probably grant her anything she wished.
“Hideyoshi.”, she said the one-word answer as if it was a curse. “He would take over and they are mine.”
They way she said mine rocked him to the core. She really wanted them, he could see that. “They are not normal pets, Princess.”
“I know but I still wanted them. I have taken care of them now for three weeks. I am sort of attached.”, she said over her shoulder.
“I see.”, he thought on this for a few moments. “What if I knew of a place you could keep them closer to the castle and they could also receive care if you could not be there, such as with this storm?”
“You know a place I could keep them?”, she asked with hope in her eyes.
“Yes, I do.”, he said as he bent over her and picked on of the small foxes up and even pet it as he pulled her to a standing position. She also picked up the other fox who made a sound of fox contentment being close to her. She then gathered the supplies including their blankets and everything else she had gathered for their care.
“Where?”, she asked.
“You will see.”, he replied now back to himself.
“Well at least it will be closer.”, she said to herself.
As the two walked she noticed his way of carrying the little fox. The fox was wiggling and squirming, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was holding on in his long fingers and he stroked the creature gently. She didn’t know if she had ever seen him like that. They came out on a path that would not take them through the center of the castle town but around it to the houses of all the warlords. She wondered to which one they were headed to. As the got closer she knew they had already passed two and only had two left. Ieyasu’s and his own. She wondered if Ieyasu would take on the foxes but soon they passed that palace as well. She was now confused but stayed silent as he rounded the walkway for his own palace.  

He liked the look of confusion on her face. It was a look he knew well as she was now trying to read him and his plan. He had no idea why he was willing to take on the two fox kits, but he was, for her, he was. The thought passed his mind and he wondered why he would do that for her, and only her. He would think about that later when he was alone and didn’t have to wonder or worry about letting his thoughts show. As he showed her to a room that was currently unused he placed the kit he had been holding down. “This should be enough for them currently.”, he said.
“Your manor?”, she asked not even trying to hide her surprised. His smile grew at the fact she was so open like that.
“And why not? The others all have their hands full with their own pets and in Hideyoshi’s case Mitsunari too.”, he chuckled at the statement.
“Why are you doing this Mitsuhide?”, she asked doubting him.
“You needed a place closer that would have someone to watch over your foxes, correct?”, as he said that she nodded, “I have this huge manor and just me here. The staff can assist me in their care and I get to try out if a pet is a good thing. You also are now within a short walking distance from them instead of breaking your rules about staying within towns walls. I know my manor is not ideal for you however it was the only other alternative.”
“Thank you, Mitsuhide.”, she said as she sat and started to unpack the toys and gear for the two. One of the kits had made his way to his foot and plopped down next to it. “I think that one likes you better.”
“Wonderful.”, he muttered nearly under his breath. He looked out the window and saw the snow falling hard, as the two had been inside for nearly an hour now he could see the way back to the castle was impassible for her tiny legs. “Princess we have another issue to deal with first.”, he said as he looked
down at her. As she looked up at him with huge eyes and a questioning gaze he forgot what the issue was exactly. “Never mind.”, He said once again as he also joined her on the floor.  

It wasn’t until a few hours later when the two had full been snowed in that she even noticed the snow outside. It must be up to her waist at the moment and she had no idea of how to get back to the castle. He smiled as he said, “Oh yes it started snowing.”
“Really?”, she asked. “I couldn’t see that. How am I supposed to get back to the castle now?”
“You’re not. I will apparently be your host for a few days.”, he said.
“The castle staff will worry.”, she said.
“No, they won’t they will assume you are here. I had sent a page to the castle after our arrival, on other business. He will mention that he saw you here and everyone will assume you are here.”, he said as he shrugged his shoulder slightly.
“probably wondering doing what.”, she said softly.
“As to that Princess, that is on them.”, he said.
She sank back down to the floor to pet the sleeping kit, wondering what kind of torture this would turn out to be for her. He had a real smile of joy on his face as she looked up at him as he stood before her. She wondered at why he was smiling like that, he also dropped to the floor forgetting all his work he had piled up to stay with her and the two foxes between them.  

He woke to a horrid noise a few doors down as one of the kits was making a fuss. He could hear the princess trying to get the animal to stop with no luck. She was surprised as he entered the room still trying his robe together as he looked down at her who was wearing one of his cast-off robes and he chuckled to himself at the sight. She looked adorable and frustrated. He picked up the offending animal and noticed it was cold and figured that was the problem. He motioned for the princess to follow him with the other kit otherwise it soon would start crying out as well. As they went into his room which was warmer then the other both kits started to settle down. He placed it on the floor and it by itself made its way to his futon, along with it’s sibling. They both curled up at the bottom of the futon. She was looking at him with amazement. “How did you know?”, she asked.
“It was cold. Much like you are as well.”, he said as she shivered a bit. He walked over and gentle put his arms around her. She snuggled closer because he was warm, not because of the kindness he was showing her she thought to herself.  
Her eyelids were growing heavy as she stood there and without thought he picked her up and placed her on the futon as well. She was so tired and cold that she didn’t fight him as his warmth and the two foxes at her feet lulled her into a deep sleep. He looked at her as her eyes shut and wondered how this day could ever happen, he must have done something very right to be rewarded like this.

The next morning was also grey and the snow was still falling slowly now. She opened her eyes to find him asleep next to her. His fox like features in contrast to the actual fox laying near his head were at ease. The two kits had made there way up the futon and one was next to her head and the other was next to him. He blinked his eyes open to find her looking at him and the fox with a soft smile. As soon as he made a noise the little kit pounced on his head and she giggled. Her fox in contrast just curled up closer to her. “I think I prefer your fox.”, he said.
“I think yours suits you better.”, she giggled.
“I thought they both were yours, my dear.”, he said, voice still low and raspy from sleep.
“I think I will share.”, she said with a smile as he pulled her closer, so she could get pounced on too. They both laughed and didn’t move for some time as they had no need to that day.



She sat alone in the darkest of her room thinking and pondering about her time her. She had made so many new friends that it surprised her as it seemed, at least, to her that she had more people who cared about her here then she did back in the present. She had to ask herself did she really want to go back? He would be coming soon for her answer, she knew that much. She had no clue what it would be when he did.  

He waited until the castle was full dark and the last sentry had made his rounds for that part of the castle. It would be clear for about three hours and they could talk if she wasn’t already asleep. He didn’t know how to tell her his news, however maybe he wouldn’t have too. He hated having made up his mind to stay here and knowing she was probably going back. He knew he wanted to stay with her or close by he just didn’t have the words to tell her that. The fact was if she wanted to return to the future he would give up his finely laid plan to stay and he would go back with her.

She heard the quick but soft rap on her ceiling tile and smiled to herself, “Come in or down.” She watched with amazement as he fell through the tiny space and landed on his feet. He looked at her as she was sitting in the corner and his normal stoic expression softened slightly.
“Glad to see you awake.”, he said softly.
“I was just thinking about you”, she said.
“Oh?”, he asked.
“I know the time is nearing for the wormhole and you would be coming to tell me we have to leave.”, She looked at him as he moved closer. “You’re not going, back are you?”, she asked as she looked at him she saw a slight flicker in his eyes that gave it away to her.
“That depends on you.”, he said.  
“Me?”, she asked.
“Have you decided if you’re going back?”, he asked softly as he sat knee to knee with her. She wanted to answer but instead she studied the man in front of her. He was waiting patiently or in fact he was a ball of nerves waiting for her answer. He had been her link to the future and her first faithful friend who had been selfless in his dedication to her and their friendship, even to the point of risking his own life to visit her as he was doing right now. She realized in an instant and wondered if he even knew.  
“Are you?”, she asked hesitantly, trying to probe the deeper question she wanted to ask.
“Please don’t ask that just yet. I want to hear your answer first.”, he said almost to soft to hear.  
“I think I have made up my mind.”, she said, and he held his breath waiting. His ninja skills didn’t help him with this. He was so wound up that he was nearly out of his own skin. “I want to stay……”
He blew out the air that held his lungs in a vice and felt better then he had in a long while, he met her eyes and realized she wasn’t done. “With you.”, her soft voice said as she looked back. Her eyes gave everything away.
“With me?”, he asked, it was more then he could have ever hoped for, so he of course doubted it.
“If you are staying so am I”, she said, “If you are going back I will go too.”
“Why?”, he asked.
“Really?”, she asked now with a half-smile, “I don’t think I have to explain. With that reaction you felt the same, didn’t you? You were waiting for me to decide but the fact is if I chose the opposite you would have gone along with it and followed me.”
“You know me to well. What gave it away?”, he asked.
“You did.”, she smiled even more. “It doesn’t matter in the end. You have been a devoted friend throughout this. I would go with you back or I will stay with you here.”
“You would, why?”, he asked now trying to compute in his head her reasoning which made only slight sense to him.
“Because I care for you, dip wad.”, she said.
“You do?”, he asked now going into his thoughts and trying to find anything to change the subject to avoid telling her.
“Really Sasuke?”, she asked now tilting her head. She couldn’t think of what to say. She didn’t have the words either so they both just sat there looking at each other. The silence became deafening. He nodded and began to stand as did she, but her foot got caught in the hem of her kimono and she began to topple over as she did. Instinctively he grabbed for her and caught her. She was closer then she should be. His hands had a mind of their own as they stopped listening to his brain which told them to let go instead he still had a grip on her. She looked up into his face as she would her arms still in his grip around him and placed her head against his chest. He stopped breathing. She let out a tiny giggle as she was pleasantly surprised at his lanky but muscular body. He hands let go of her arms and moved to her back.  
He never imagined that she could ever feel anything for him. He figured it would be one-sided the entire time and he was okay with that if it leads to her happiness. She was in his arms. He did not have any experience with woman like this. He had dated but that always ended up being more then he could handle. He had always been focused on his studies and working. Woman were never his thing, he didn’t understand them in the least however this one and only this one had become infinitely important to him and he wanted to understand everything about her, like he would a science equation.

She was smiling at him, she knew he was slightly confused as his eyes were the only thing that gave it away, how he felt and even what he was thinking. Though he was attractive to her she had over looked all that in the beginning because of the role he held with Kenshin, also the fact he never seemed interested in her as a female only as a friend. It wasn’t until she looked at him this closely that she knew he liked her, really liked her, she might it even say it could be love.

She didn’t know exactly how she felt at that second either. She could see something for them in future for both, but what whether it be as a couple or the best of friends or both she didn’t know but she knew it boiled down to this moment. She lifted her hand and brought him closer by pushing on his neck, there was no resistance from him and she knew he wanted this also. As their lips met he pulled her closer and she wrapped her arms around his neck. It was everything a first kiss should be., she thought to herself.
“Well. That was unexpected.”, he said as he rearranged his glasses. Then completely took them off tucking them in to a pocket. He then went back in for another long and deeper kiss that completely took her breath away. When he pulled back the second time she smiled at him and said, “But not unwelcome.”
“This complicates things slightly, you know.”, he said.
“Does that really matter?”, she asked.
“Well your position here in Azchui and mine at Kasugayama does complicate any relationship we might have. However, I am sure we could figure something out.”, he said with a slight smirk on his face as he went in for one more kiss. Leaving her breathless again he knew he had to take his leave soon but would return for her soon. “I have to leave now, or I risk being discovered.”, as he took a step back to under the ceiling tile. She smiled at him nodding as the was the last thing she wished. They both had to think on this new discovery and how exactly they would proceed. He nodded back, smiled softly and hopped up. She heard the ceiling tile move back into place as she also heard foot steps out her door. That had been close.  

A week later she was growing beyond frustrated with a certain ninja or more apt the lack of a certain ninja making an appearance. She didn’t know where in town he normally stayed or even if she wanted too. She was to the point of getting angry with the other warlords for simple reasons. They all noticed as well leaving her and her behaviors under a microscope as Hideyoshi believed it was from lack of sleep, Masamune because she wasn’t well enough, and a whole host of other reasons from each one. No one knew the truth of course or so she thought.

“He hasn’t been spotted since that night?”, Nobunaga asked.
“The ninja? No, he hasn’t.”, Ieyasu replied.
“Is that why the princess is so upset?”, Mitsunari asked.
“In a way, yes.”, Hideyoshi answered.
“She yelled at me for not teasing her yesterday, this has become to out of hand.”, Mitsuhide said. “I think that we need to do something like a helping hand.”
“We do not know what their relationship really is!”, Masamune said. “She could be just worried about her friend.”
“I think we can all say this is more then worry about a friend.”, Nobunaga replied. “How to broach the subject with the Princess is another thing all together. We need to do it carefully otherwise he could just come in and take her.”
All the war lords sat thinking in this late-night war counsel with only her in mind. None of them wanted to lose her presence at the castle and the ninja was essentially the enemy. They all knew he just showed up four years ago and according to the princess he had come through the wormhole with her, they just ended up in various places. He could very well take her back through it as well and then they would never see her.  
“Send a scout out for him, with an invitation.”, Nobunaga said, “I think we find out from him what he plans to do.”
“Straight forward, good thinking sir.” Hideyoshi said as he started brushing out a letter for the ninja.

Sasuke woke to four scouts under the tree he was in staring at him. “Don’t worry ninja, your life is not in danger. I have a message from Nobunaga for you.”
Sasuke could not believe his ears. Not only he was found out, but the Lord Nobunaga Oda wanted to speak with him. He was almost so happy he squealed and then he realized he didn’t know the context of why he would want to talk to him. Was it her? Had something happened? His fears were more then his excitement now and he jumped down as the scouts had an extra horse for him. He mounted and read the letter which was more of a formal invitation to the castle. He wouldn’t send an invitation if something happened to her, would he?  

As soon as the scouts lead him in to the audience hall and left he knew he was in for it. All six of the oda warlords were sitting there waiting for him. He bowed slightly and stepped forward.
“Ninja what are your intentions with our princess?”, Nobunaga asked without blinking.
“Ummm.”, Sasuke had no idea of what to say.
“Your friendship with our princess is well known, ninja.”, Mitsuhide said. “We have known all along about your visits even though you are extremely talented.”
“Thank you. As for my intentions, I am not sure.”, he replied feeling very much under an examine glass.
“What do you mean you are not sure?”, Ieyasu asked.
“Our Princess has been upset for the past week because of you and you are not sure?”, Mitsunari said.
“She has been upset?”, Sasuke asked.
“and taking it out on us!”, Masamune replied.
“Not sure how to handle this, is what I meant. I, care for her and I believe she does for me as well, but you know this whole enemy thing it won’t work out that well.”, Sasuke said hanging his head in almost defeat.
“You are like her are you not? From the future?”, Nobunaga asked.
“Yes, but.”, Sasuke started but was cut off with a look from the man sitting before him.
“Then though you have worked for our enemy you personally are not, unless you hold some hatred for me as well?”
“No, I don’t.”, Sasuke looked up, it sounded like they were trying to ease his way.
“Well then you are not our enemy, and certainly not the Princess’s one at that.”, Nobunaga seemed in thought as he spoke, “What if you just saw her, instead of sneaking around?”
“What?”, Sasuke asked.
“Instead of sneaking in, you acted like a normal suitor?”
“What exactly are you suggesting?”, Sasuke asked as he couldn’t believe his ears.
“We care for the Princess as well and want her best interest done. If that means allowing you to openly woo her then we will have to make do. However in lieu of her family you must deal with us instead. Consider us as her protective older brothers.”, Nobunaga said and a broad, yet deadly smile broke across his face.
“VERY protective.”, was echoed by five voices.
“Then I would have to accept the offer.”, Sasuke said.
“Good. Now go and make the princess happy again or risk our wrath.”

As Sasuke walked the hallways instead of climbing on the ceiling he noticed it was homier in this castle then at the other, it must be her he thought. As he was lead right to her door as he knocked, and she came over to open it or throw it open at the intrusion on her peace her eyes flew open when she saw him standing there. She threw her arms around him. “Where have you been?”

“Thinking princess.”, he replied.
“Why are you in the castle? Why at the door? What is going on?”, She asked.
“You. I am here because of you. Shockley the other war lords also care about you, and your disappointment in me this past week lead them to act.”
“What?”, she was seriously confused now.
“They brought me here and said I can openly court you, as long as I do it here and not sneaking around.”, He said with a smile.
“They did that?”, she asked.
“Yes. Your happiness means a lot to them.”, he said as he moved closer to her and then reached behind them to set the door, “It means even more to me.”
And as they embraced or the first time that night they lost count they each made the other breathless.  

The next morning as she breezed by the war lords while doing her chores she smiled and nodded as each watched her a little too closely. She stood up at the end of war counsel and said, “Thank you for what you all did.”
“I don’t think you understand fully, Princess. Your ninja must make us all happy as your older brothers.”, Nobunaga replied.
“I don’t think you understand dear older tyrannical brother how much of your life I can influence now. And that goes for you all. If he makes me happy that is all that should matter to you all.”, she said looking around the room with a smile.
“I think I like her better when she was miserable.”, Mitsuhide said.
“I’d rather not believe she is correct even though she is. We better hope for the best otherwise she could cut my candy supply.”, Nobunaga said with a shake of the head. Sasuke had been waiting outside the room and listened as they discussed her real power within the castle and she smiled up into his face as he gave her lips a small peck as they both walked back to her room with matching smiles.



i was contacted on wattpad by my superfan who needed some motivation for their exams. This was the result. Slightly Nsfw

She was proud of herself when she closed the book. Two months of reading and writing and she finally got the hang of the script and language of the day, it was a struggle in the beginning to re learn everything now she sat back and mentally patted herself in the shoulder. It was a wonderful feeling now she just had to give the last paper to him, for he had to issue any corrections and she would be done with her lessons. It was a bitter sweet moment as she had learned so much from him and she had really begun to enjoy his company, he always seemed to enjoy hers as well.

She found him where she expected as he was pouring over some scroll or book sitting with his back to the door, completely oblivious to another person entering his domain. Not many people came in here and some would only wait until they knew he wasn’t, he had long not cared to learn some of the people’s names and he often wasn’t what we would call open or even friendly, she never noticed this herself as she had always been welcomed by him and he went out of his way to make her feel comfortable at the castle. Some of the other warlords had been joking around and told her they thought he may have a slight crush on her as he rarely learned other people’s names but he never did anything like that with her. She thought it was more like he had just been nice, it was ridiculous to think it could be more. He seemed so focused in his work she just stood there and smiled looking him over from behind. It was of course an impressive sight either front or back he was a fine specimen to look at.

He knew the minute she entered the room as he sat with the book and he could no longer focus, that tingling sensation on the back of his neck snapped him out of the trance he had been in. It only happened when she was around, it had been a few moments and she still hadn’t announced herself, he wondered why as he could picture her standing in back of him a few feet away. She was like a sun ray out of a cloud and she lit up even this dark room he didn’t know why or how but no one else seemed to wonder at the effect she had. He was going to break the silence but remember if she was done with her last assignment then she would be done with her lessons and then she would be done with him. That pain in his chest started again, it was more of an ache then a pain, he did not want to stop the lessons, he knew that much but she would be able to read the script now and also write it so there was nothing more he could do to prolong their studies. He turned to her as she gasp with surprise and when the pair smiled he felt light as air.

“Mitsunari you really shouldn’t read in the dark like this. It’s bad for your eyes.”, she said as she moved closer.

“No one has cared before.”, he stated surprised that she would.

“I doubt that.”, she said as she laughed a slight laugh that sounded like flowers on a pretty day to him.

“No one has ever said as much to me before.”, he wanted her to see the point as clearly as he did but didn’t know how to say it.

“Well. I guess I just did so.”, she said as she moved forward with her paper, “Here is the last assignment.”

As he took the paper from her he saw the slight shift in her shoulders and her head dip. He wasn’t good at reading people not like the others but he could sense in her something wasn’t right.

“What is it Princess?”, he asked.

“Its just that now I am”, she started. “Nevermind it’s nothing.” And with that she turned away suddenly filled with a regret and loss that she had never known. Her chance to spend time with him was now gone. She started for the door as a tear slipped from her eyes. She was about to bolt from the door when she felt a hand on her shoulder gripping her tightly another hand went to shut the door quickly so she couldn’t make her escape. It was when he flipped the lock on the door she turned to question him. He was so close she could feel his body brushing hers as she craned her neck backwards. He bent down and placed his arm around her waist pulling her even closer. She could tell he had never done anything like this before but he was unskilled or clumsy about his movements. It made her heart beat faster as he touched her even as simply as he was. She wanted to turn in his arms and rest her head against him but his hold on her was to tight. He wasn’t letting go either hold.

“Mitsunari?”, she asked.

“Shhh please.”, he said in her ear. As he moved closer to her to whisper that his mouth continued to the skin of her neck. She stood shocked with surprise and a simple pleasure of having his caress her skin.

He had lost his mind, it was gone. He however had heard the others talk of their conquests before but he never paid to close attention to what happens next. He was on fire with a longing that he didn’t know the words were that could describe it or what to do after this. He hoped she did, and she would help him ease this ache. He loosened his grip that was tight to begin with, she turned to face him within the circle of his protective arms. She looked into his eyes and saw a reflection of the same desires she had. She reached around his neck and guided his mouth to her own and what began as a simple kiss turned heated and ragged. Neither of them were completely ready for their mutual desire to take form but neither could deny it anymore. He reached down and picked her up with no thought going on in his mind as he walked back to the desk he had been sitting at. With her cradled in his arms he began to become more bold as he caressed her in any way he could think of. He couldn’t take it anymore and he felt like he was going to explode, she was flushed and panting as well. He boldly opened her obi and kimono as his hand went further on her skin his mouth followed bringing pleasure to both of them. She moaned softly and he wanted, needed to hear it again. His hands working overtime feeling every inch of her, his mouth not far behind he moved her so she straddled him so she was ready for him. He waited for a protest as she look down at him. She was the one who moved and took all of him within her as he groaned loudly. He was in pure bliss to know he was joined with her but she was the only one he had ever felt this with. They both set the rhythm to which they rode and would send them over the edge in to the great oblivion. Nothing coherent was said but the other always understood. He could feel himself close to that edge and as he was going to change the pace she was swept away crying out into his shoulder as her climax brought his even harder. They both stayed there in each others arms as they made their way back to the ground but they were still connected. She moved slightly and so did he as he fixed himself and adjusted her clothes, he tested his legs and then wrapped her up without fastening her kimono and picked her up and made his way to her room.

She didn’t want him to leave when he laid he down, and surprisingly neither did he. She reached around him and then closed her eyes. Sleep found her fast as he was enjoying the sensation of having her next to him, he didn’t want to sleep he wanted to stare and memorize everything about her. However sleep found him as well, with her tucked into his arms and her head on his chest he never felt more content then at that moment, like he had found his home forever.

Hideyoshi was in a mission as it was entirely like Mitsunari to miss a meal or three when he started reading. He went to the library his last known place to be and was surprised as he saw the book and scroll was still kn the desk aling with another sheet if paper written in The Princess’s hand. He wondered if something happened to the two of them and shook his head. He made his way to the Princess’s room to see if she saw where he went. Hideyoshi didn’t get an answer as he lightly knocked knowing she may be asleep he opened the door only a fraction as he peeked him to find the pair wrapped in each others arm, dead to the world and with smiles in their faces.


A different ending for masamune’s dramatic route where he also ends up in the future with Mc, but he just shows up like 4 months later (for dramatic effect ;)) pretty please? ^^

this was fun! 

Masamune’s unexpected trip the future

As she woke up in some hospital bed two days after Masamune pushed her into the wormhole to save her life she had thought it all a dream as she blinked her eyes open. That was of course until she saw Sasuke there who hadn’t left her side since he had been discharged from the hospital himself. When she saw him, she knew it hadn’t been a dream and everything was all too real. Masamune was back in the past and she was now back in her own time. A feeling of unknown sorrow filled her as she began to cry for all she lost. Sasuke tried hard to calm her down and comfort her in the only way he knew how with science. He would work out the next wormhole no matter what it took from him, so she could return. He cared that much for her to do that and knew they had a bond that would be unexplainable to anyone. However, he would remain by her side forever if need be.

 She would eventually get released from the hospital and they couldn’t explain her lapse in memory or the time she had been gone, however she was healthier then she had ever been. So as long as she consulted with her own doctor she would be released. The first thing she had to do was see if her job was still available and lucky for her it was. They also had heard of her disappearance and were willing to work with her because of her talent. She could even move to Kyoto which is where they had a branch office and she felt she needed to be close to their just in case

. A month after she arrived back she felt more herself though she missed him with every fiber of her being. No one understood why she now scoffed at the idea of going out and trying to meet mister right because she knew she already had. Her friends still trying to get her to go out and she refused then every single time. They really didn’t understand her friendship with the science nerd who was based in Kyoto who she would now spend most of her free time with. Sasuke and her often would have a dinner or meet for lunch if they could plan it. She checked in with him daily not just for any update on the wormhole but also to make sure he himself was taking care of himself. She knew he would skip meals and go days without eating, because sometimes he wouldn’t have the rations available in the past.  

She would continue to see him as he figured out when the next wormhole would be, and he found something odd in his calculations that threw everything off. He was disappointed in himself for what he thought was a small error, but he swore everything fit. When he redid the math for it should an anomaly again and he was now frustrated not only at himself but because of her frown. He would do anything to have her smile again. He worked around the clock to input the numbers step by step and even build a computer model to help. That one little blip kept popping up, but it wasn’t a wormhole he would swear it, but something was going to happen concerning the wormhole in less than a month. He wasn’t sure if he should tell her or not, only because he didn’t know the outcome. He figured out beside that blip the next real wormhole would be a year from when they arrived back. A full year almost to the day. She was

determined to go back even if it took that long, she would see Masamune again.

She began to smile again and live more fully as the decision that would of course make him happy as well, she had to keep smiling.  Sasuke and her would often visit the monument together it was a link to the past they both shared and the one thing keeping their friendship going. They both missed people there. He greatly missed his boss and friend Kenshin and of course Yukimura who had become a brother of sorts, much like how soldiers bond during battle. “It was unbreakable even through the distance of 500 years.

 This time however he was standing before the monument by himself something he hadn’t done before for fear that maybe he would get sucked back and leave her here by herself. She would probably work it out what happened but the thought that she would be alone was too great for him to even chance it. Except for today, the blip was calculated for now. He saw the signs of a wormhole happening as the storm blew in from nowhere, and he backed up since he had a job to do here he wasn’t taking a chance, not this time. He saw the flash and heard the thump as a person hit the ground. He turned and was amazed at what happened as he had his back turned.  Masamune Date was rolling on the ground knocking on the pavement with his fist trying to figure out what had just happened.

This ground is hard and like a stone, he thought to himself when he looked up into the face of the enemy ninja who she had risked her life for so long ago. “You?!”, he said. Sasuke for his part was equally shocked and amazed and just parroted him back, “You?”

“well now that we have that figured out, where am I?”, Masamune asked as he stood and chuckled his normal easy going way.

“Kyoto. 500 years in the future from where you belong! ” Sasuke said still shocked Masamune was standing before him. “how? Why? Okay what is going on?”

“She said you were the science person once, don’t you know?”

“How?”, He sputtered. “there wasn’t supposed to be another wormhole!”

“well there was. I happened to be at the temple and saw the sky as it was that day you two left. So, I just stayed in the same spot and then I hit this stone!”

“road. It’s a road. Hold on.”, Sasuke said as he pulled out his phone. Masamune was curious of what it was so he inched closer as Sasuke started speaking into it. “yeah Hey you should come down to the monument. Yes now! Seriously you need to now.” The two waited for about 20 minutes as he heard her around the corner. She stopped dead as she saw both men standing there. She stood there with her jaw down. As tear flooded her eyes she took off running towards him. She hopped in his arms and wrapped herself around him. She couldn’t get enough

of him all at once and even Sasuke who had backed off a bit had to laugh at her reaction.

She finally stood and asked, “what happened?”  

“I guess it was my turn to take a trip!”, he smiled down at her as he looked her over.

“I guess so.”, she said taking his hand.

She looked over at Sasuke who now was back to his numbers in his head. He smiled and waved them off as he was sure they would be busy for a while. She lead him back to her apartment and they talked the entire way about Azchui and everyone but she couldn’t wait to get inside. He was here it was unbelievable! She was still in shock and figured it was a dream of some sorts as she was likely to have lately. Her apartment was small but would house them both comfortably for the time being. She would have to give him instructions on some of the basics like don’t cook yet, and indoor plumbing. However, both were so happy to be reunited again!

Six months Later

He had enjoyed his time in the future but for this future to happen he knew he needed to go back to the past. She never faltered on the fact she would go back with him and it seemed that time was now. He was surprised on how quick it had all happened and everything they had done there. To the small picture he carried in his pocket that he still couldn’t believe was real. A picture of his child that grew within her, he thought it was amazing and life changing but the fact he could see it when she hadn’t even begun to round in anyway was amazing. They even knew it was going to be a boy, the next leader of the Date clan and the next wave of children to raise to be the leaders of japan. He was blessed, and she was happy to be going back. It was of course home. 


Love again pt 4

She had a freedom that was not granted to many females of the time. She thought Nobunaga had given her leave to ‘do princess things’ as a form of punishment but he actually was being kind. She rarely saw him as she began to think maybe he too felt guilty of her past life but she realized again, he was curious about her now and the future she spoke of when peace engulfed the land. The two could speak for hours as if they were old friends at times and others the light in his reddish eyes seemed pained. She wanted to ask about it but decided not to. She had already grown to close to them and knew it would be hard to leave when the time came. She was starting to rethink that decision but she always came back to it was the right thing to do.

She would spend her time helping out around the castle which surprised many as a princess shouldn’t care about trivial matters but she continued to do it. She would find that Mitsunari’s favorite place was in The library where he could zone out everyone and everything. Masamune if not working hard he was working in the kitchen trying new things constantly. Hideyoshi was every where always, he was intently listening to another vassal as she passed them in the hall. He was a caretaker of everyone. Ieyasu’s pursuits often left him by himself as he was constantly learning about herbs and their perspective uses. Mitsuhide would disappear for days on end but she knew he was back when a trinket or flower was left in her room. The sight of him would make her heart race and she would then Think of frogs and giggle as she would turn away. Everyone around her would look at her after the sound would escape her lips and she would walk away still laughing at herself.

“What was that?”,Masamune asked before war counsel.

“It sounded cute.”, Hideyoshi replied drawing and evil stare from Mitsuhide.

“She was thinking of frogs.”, Mitsuhide shrugged.

“Frogs?”, they both asked.

“Yes frogs.” He said smiling at her back as she rounded a corner.

As she did she nearly walked into a man who was a well known vassal to one of the other warlords not her friends. “Sorry. Excuse me.”, she said.

“It can’t be. It can’t.”, he said as he looked at her. She glanced up and saw his face go white. She had a searing pain shoot through her abdomen and she looked to make sure it wasn’t real. She began to panic and breathing became hard. He began to reach for her and she had another vision from her past life. It was nearly the same this man reaching out for her along with the searing pain. She did what she couldn’t do before, she ran. She ran faster and straight into the crowd of men and right into Mitsuhide’s arms where she instinctively knew she would be safe. Her quick appearance and the fact she ran into in and wrapped herself around him took the five men by surprise. She was pale and shaking.

“Princess?”, she heard in back of her.

“He is here!”, she said not moving her head from being buried into his chest. He tried to move her enough so they could all hear the muffled words.

“What did you say?”, Masamune asked.

She turned her head just enough. “He is here!”

“Who is here?”, Ieyasu asked looking around at the large group of men gathered for war counsel.

“The man who killed me!”, she ground out. As the words left her mouth she was lifted into Mitsuhide’s arms and carried to a more private room. Ieyasu had gone to get Nobunaga and cancelled the upcoming war counsel. They other four men waited quietly as she began to visibly calm down. She had not let go of Mitsuhide in the meantime. All the men noted that small fact with a small smile or a nod. As Nobunaga walked in he took in the scene before him as she was still cradled in Mitsuhide’s arms now in his lap as they sat with her head turned away from everyone. She appeared to be a small child in some aspects in others she was a female they all cared about, deeply.

“Princess? What is this you said?”, Nobunaga asked trying to lower his powerful voice.

“He was here. In the hall.”, she had turned and looked into Nobunaga’s eyes. “I walked into him because I was distracted.”

“How can you be sure?”, Hideyoshi asked gently. “You said you couldn’t remember it, you just felt it.”

“I did feel it again. Literally when he spoke I felt I was being stabbed again!”, she said, “worse then at the temple. He knew me, the other me. He said ‘it can’t be you’. He turned white as if a ghost was was walking in front of him. I saw him in a memory that flashed with a sword and….”

“Thats enough.”,Nobunaga said.

She was shaking and Mitsuhide was rubbing her back to calm her. They all could see she meant what she was saying. The person who killed her before was still there, someone who walked amongst them.

“Did you know him?”, the quiet question came from Mitsunari who had a evil look in his angelic eyes.

“Yes. But not by name. It is a vassal for another lord but I am not sure who.”, she replied.

“She will have a guard at all times.”, Nobunaga said flatly.

“I will stay with her at all times.”, Mitsuhide said back. Nobunaga read the look his ally was sending him.

“Fine but she will have more then just you this time.”, Nobunaga said, “This one is to important to all of us not just you.”

Every man nodded his head and she caught the implication referring to something no one had broached openly before, whatever her relationship was to Mitsuhide in the past.

“Fine.”, Mitsuhide murmured. However he was grateful for the help in protecting her this time around.

“Can you point him out?”, Ieyasu asked.

“If I see him again yes.”, she responded. They began planning, carefully plotting. The scene would be set to bring closure to them all.

War counsel the next day was a call for every vassal and lord that served Nobunaga. Most would assume that it was a head count for leaders but it was a set up from the start. She sat next to Mitsuhide on the left hand side of Nobunaga as Hideyoshi was on the right along with the door. Masamune sat somewhere near his normal spot as did Ieyasu. The only one who was not was Mitsunari who wasn’t visible at all. He was the last person to enter and stayed at the door. All the six men faced the arrivals and waited for her reaction. She couldn’t see all their faces as they came in so she waited until each took their seat and faced Nobunaga who was directly to her right. The man she was seeking was far in the back so it took a few moments for her to locate him. She reached for Mitsuhide’s hand and glanced at Nobunaga who nodded and stood. Mitsuhide twinned his fingers with hers as Nobunaga started his speech. They knew he was in the room but not sure where. They had worked out a careful system to do so. The man had no chance of leaving the room, standing anyway. As Nobunaga kept talking as he made his way through the crowds of vassals all to which had pledged their lives to him no one found it odd that he was not sitting though it was. He never walked among them during a counsel. He made his way toward the back of the room and stood in front of every man for a few seconds. He was slow and deliberately giving her time to tell them when the time was right. Finally near the end of his rambling speech even he was near the last row he stood and she squeezed Mitsuhide’s hand hard. He spoke,”My lord?” and Nobunaga’s hand was at his sword in a flash.

The man who had no outlet to run saw the movement to late. Nobunaga was standing in front of him with a sword sharper then any other he had ever seen at his throat. He saw the others move just as quick to ready themselves if needed. The other vassals who were dumbfounded at this new development moved away from him and crowded into other spots careful not to enrage the six men who looked very much like warrior angels who wanted death itself. The princess they noticed was the only one who appeared calm. She walked closer with a fluid grace none of them had seen before even in the woman she had reminded them of. The room cleared as Hideyoshi gave the order. The men didn’t wait then, nor did they care to know what this was about.

The silence of the room was deafening. She was the first to break it.”You killed me.”, she said. Even to her own ears the claim sounded ridiculous.

“How could I kill you if you are standing before us all?”, he asked.

“You killed the woman who was to be my wife.”, Mitsuhide said behind her. “On the day we were to be married.” She was shaken to the core from that revelation.

“But it isn’t her. She is here in front of us, isn’t she?”, he said confused.

“I look like her and act like her, she is a part of me but I am not her.”,she stated flatly,”I do have her memories though and I remember you standing over her as you stabbed her.”

“Lord Nobunaga, you can’t possibly believe her claim. It is outlandish and defaming! I would never kill a defenseless woman on such a special day!”, he pleaded. Nobunaga stood quietly and watched.

“Why were you standing over her then with your sword drawn? Why did you turn white as a spirit when you saw me as I am now?”, she spat out. Her fear had subsided and a rage like non other had taken grip.

“I do not know of what you speak of princess. I had never seen you before.”, he said and turned to face Nobunaga,”You should really be more careful by listening to a woman in these claims. She is clearly unhinged.”

The six warlords took a step closer as someone had let out a primal grunt. She stopped them with a look. “I am clearly unhinged? Maybe. However I can prove to everyone you are the person I speak of.” Her smile was beyond bright. “She fought you. After the first stab through her she stabbed you once back, and I know where. If you bare a scar in that one place my story has to be true. For you have never seen me before How would I know, correct?”

Nobunaga’s smile turned hard as he told the man to stand. She glanced at everyone and then pointed to his left side. “Right here.”

He began to protest as Masamune and Hideyoshi grabbed one side each and held him still as Ieyasu sliced his garments in That spot. There before them was all the proof they needed. A single scar about two inches long was in the exact spot she had said. The vassals eyes turned to a burning rage when he looked up at her and then Nobunaga, “That lying whore had to die. She was going to make a mockery of everything!”

Mitsuhide took a step forward only to feel her hand still in his. He remembered his connection to this woman and not the other. He stepped back next to her again and moved to stand in back of her still grasping her hand and placing his other on her shoulder. All

Of the other men stood and watched this and were amazed by his control or hers for that matter.

“What mockery do you speak of?”, Hideyoshi asked now with a fire in his eyes.

“Low born peasant! The bastard daughter of a maid marrying a lord of the realm. It wasn’t supposed to happen!”, he said again.

“How did you know about her birth?”, she asked. “She didn’t even know that.” She looked up into Mitsuhide’s eyes and saw his question she shook her head,”She didn’t know. She had been told her father died in a battle.”

“That is what she told me as well.”, he said softly to her.

“She was one of my lords brats, or at least thats what he said. A bastard can’t move up is what he always says.”, he ground out.

“Your master is whom exactly?”, Nobunaga asked. The man hung his head and told them. He knew he was as good as dead for his deeds at this point the man who couldn’t save him should shoulder some of the blame. He was lead out for the dungeon where he would begin to feel regret for the first time, but not now.

The two were left alone in the room as Nobunaga and Ieyasu were planning the next scene in their plot. Masamune was following the two as they talked it out. Hideyoshi And Mitsunari brought him to the dungeons themselves. She looked at him as he slightly slumped from the day still grasping her hand. “I think we need to talk now.”, she said softly.


Will you making a story about Mafia!AU for ikemen sengoku? And what’s gonna MC, the normal girl, will do if she’s finally know her boyfriends/husband’s job? Thanks.

Something different. I got this request a few days ago and have been trying to begin it, it was different and slightly difficult to get started. Hope everyone enjoys, since it isn’t my normal style.

The alarm clock was buzzing as she reached for it to shut that horrible noise off. She wondered why did anyone have to start the day so early? As she started to get ready for her day she first showered and dressed. She loved the new apartment she had right in the thick of everything. She was working hard to pay for it even though her long time boyfriend said he would help out since he spent most of his time there. She of course declined his offer, she didn’t even know how he afforded to live as he rarely had to work. She just ignored that fact as she moved on with her day.

She arrived at her studio and began with todays designs. She was making her way in the world by designing clothes for some influential ladies. It was her dream come true and some days it seemed more real then others. She was surprised that day as a few men were now waiting in her lobby to speak with her. She normally didn’t cater to men’s fashions but if the price was right, she would at least try.
“Are you Yuki’s girl?”, one of the men asked. He didn’t look like the other two men as he appeared more normal. Maybe it was his glasses.
“Yukimara is my boyfriend yes.”, she replied already regretting seeing these men.
“Okay. He wanted us to deliver a message as he is a little busy with ya’know stuff”, the glasses man said.
“Why can’t Yukimura call me?”, she asked suddenly fearful.
“He is busy. Didn’t ya here me?”, He replied.
“Okay then what is the message?”, she asked hoping not to prolong this conversation any longer.
“He said not to worry, everything will be fine. Oh and be afraid of any one offering candy.”
“What?”, she asked.
“Yeah that’s it.”, he said as the other two just stood in back of him and stared at her. She definitely didn’t like the feeling she got with their eyes peering done at her.
“Okay.”, she said. She shrugged.
“If ya need anything in the mean time, little lady, don’t hesitate to call us. We owe Yuki and we will take care of you in the meantime.”, he said as he handed her a business card. It was for a waste management facility. Yuki worked there? As what? None of this seemed real.
“Okay fine. Thank you gentlemen. I need to return to work now.”, she said showing them the door. As she closed it she heard one guy say,”Now how did Yuki get a fine piece like that? She called us gentlemen of all things.”
“I don’t think she knows anything Shin.”,one said.
“Me either Kenshin. A lady like that wouldn’t be calling the likes of us Gentlemen for sure.”, Shin said back. She closed the door fully and wrote down the names on the back of the card. As she did her boss walked in, “New clients?”
“Ah no. They were here to give me a message from someone.”
“Hun, you know who those guys are right?”, her boss walked in and leaned closer over her desk.
“No, not really.”, she replied now curious.
“That was Kenshin Uesugi and Shingen Takada. You know the two mob bosses?”
“The what?”
“Mob bosses”, her boss whispered,”they joined up together to get rid of the other major family. He has more lieutenants in the area from other major families. How do you not know this?”
“I never really thought about it.”, she said. As she thought “what was Yukimura into?”
“Well now your in their radar hun! You need to figure it out.”, her boss said excitedly as she exited.

Her day went on as normal and she kept thinking about the encounter. She tried Yukimura’s phone but it went straight to voicemail. What kind of message was that about candy? Who offers strangers candy? She shook her head and finished her sketching for the day. She made a mental note to order some new cloth swatches in the morning and then wrote it down as she knew mental note or not she would forget. When her boss popped in her office once again and looked over her sketches and smiled. “The owner of the company is here, he would like to meet you.”
“Me? Now?”, she said looking at her boss who smiled and nodded. The two went up a few floors to the main building she worked out of.

She walked into the sweet smelling office she had never dreamed of seeing with her own eyes. “Is this her?”, a man who had his head down looking at something on his desk.
“Yes sir.”, her boss said.
“Good. You can leave.” He looked up at her and started to motion to the seat in front if his desk, “please have a seat.”
Her boss nodded to her as she left and she walked calmly to the chair and sat down as nicely as she could.
“Well it is nice to see that we hired such a talented designer.”, he said.
“Thank you sir.”
“Oh we don’t need to have such formality.”
“Okay si—“
“No more sir. Just call me Nobu.”
“Okay si—- Nobu.”
“Good girl”, he said looking up.”I have a job for you.”
“What is it?”, she asked confused.
“I need an escort for tonight. Someone who can tell me about the designs others are wearing.”, he calmly replied.
“I can of course but why me?”
“You’re fresh and new. I believe probably the beat for the job.”
She smiled and so did he. He was gorgeous when he did so. “Go to the staging room and pick an outfit. You will need something more, then that.”
She got up to leave and get a dress from the staging room. She honestly wondered how her day could get any more weird. She found a small dress that she thought was to fancy for her but he said she needed to be more. It was more. She walked back into the office and was surprised that the party had grown by numerous men. She looked around and none of them could be designers. They were all dressed for an event as the fine silk suits. She made her way to Nobu and was surprised as one man stood directly in her way. “What is your purpose here?”
“Relax Hideyoshi I asked her here.”, he calmly replied.
“Fine but I’m watching you so no funny stuff alright?”
“Alright sir”,she said.
“Hey you hear that she called you sir? Hahaha Nobu where did you find her?”, a guy with an eye patch had walked up.
“She is one of my upcoming designers. I thought she could help tonight.”, he said as he rounded the desk.,”Don’t worry about my body guards. They are mostly friendly”
“I wouldn’t mind being friendly with her.”, the eye patch guy said.
“Masamune! She is one of my employees watch yourself.”
He casually put out his arm and they all went down the elevator together. He seemed like a true gentleman which seemed nice for a change. A stretch limo was waiting for them as he helped he in and the settled himself he took a small packet out of his coat pocket and offered her a piece of candy. She wondered….
as he held it out to her she accepted it and smiled. Yukimura had sent a warning about accepting candy from people. It had to be a fluke. She pulled out her phone and typed in mafia bosses in her area. Sure enough a few pictures popped up from her search. She was shocked to the fact the two men in her office earlier were real mob bosses. Yukimura’s face was also there. Shockingly so was the man who sat directly in front of her. She was scared. Like she had never been so scared in her life. She was surrounded by them. She shook her head and started to laugh, a nervous habit she had since childhood.
Nobu looked at her and realized,”Ah you figured it out, did you?”
“What am I a hostage or something?”, she asked.
“Why would I take you as a hostage?”, he asked back.
“You know. Its like what you people do, right?”, she asked. Masamune laughed, the other few guys looked pissed.
“No. That’s not exactly how it works. I knew you were dating Yukimura before I hired you. It was never a factor. You are talented and will bring in revenue without being collateral damage. I really did just want your advice tonight on a few new lines.”, Nobu replied waving his hand. “The other guys however wouldn’t like you being seen with me, however that is not my problem. I will assign you a guard.”
“A guard?”, she asked.
“Yes. I take care of my people. I don’t care that you are dating my enemy. You still work for me, so my responsibility.”, he calmly replied.
They arrived at the showcase for a new fashion line. He really did bring her for ideas. As she looked across the crowd she spotted Yukimura acting as a body guard for someone else. The two locked eyes and she turned away to take her seats. Who knew the fashion world was a place for wannabe mafia types. She shook her head slightly and had to laugh. “I like this one! She has the spirit.”, Masamune leaned over the back of her chair. She looked and saw the look of anger flash across Yukimura’s face. She glared at him back. This time Nobu had caught it and chuckled to himself. “He didn’t tell you did he?”
“Tell me what?”, she asked.
“That he belonged to our world.”, he sighed.
“No. No he didn’t.”, she said to all the men she was with looking in his direction and shaking their heads collectively. “Rookie mistake.”, “poor guy, she might kill him”, “sucker” she heard all around her.
“Well at least I take care of my responsibility”, Nobu leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear,”How would you like to rule this world with me?”
“Pass”, she said but she smiled. It was nice to finally know what was going on in her life. “Wait aren’t there some rules about dating the other side?”
“I told you I don’t care about that. If they do thats on them. They brazenly walked into one of my buildings so probably not.”

After the show as she was getting into the limo Yukimura walked up. “I told you to watch out for this guy? Didn’t you get the message? Dummy!”
“Don’t call the Princess dumb, moron.”, the quietest of her companions said.
“Oh cram it”,Yuki replied.
“Yuki, I am going back to work now. You didn’t inform me as to what you did. Like ever. I like my job. I like the people I work with. If you have an issue deal with it. Until then go.”, she said as she was pretty fed up at the moment.
“Fireball”, Nobu said as she was placed in the limo as she looked out the window she could see the pained look on Yukimura’s face. She worked for his enemy. It could very well be the end of her relationship and she didn’t even feel all that bad. Of course it hadn’t hit her yet. None of this impossible day had hit her yet. Back at the building she went to get in her car when some of the guys can bolting out. “Hit the alarm first!”, Hideyoshi said as he quickly took he keys.
“Never get in your car before checking to see if it is rigged!”, Mitsuhide said.
“Don’t you know even that?”, Ieyasu asked.
“Guys she isn’t like us. She didn’t choose this life, we kinda chose her.”,Masamune said to all of them as they silently agreed.
“Fine tomorrow we will show you the basics. At least those. Every lady should know those.”, Hideyoshi said patting her on the head.
“Good night guys”, she said as her car had been tested and released into her possession. She drove home to find her lights on in her apartment. She had noticed the car following in back of her the entire way home as well. She got out and was surprised to see Masamune sitting in the front seat. She waved him out.
“I turned my lights off before I left this morning.”, she looked up at her floor. “They are on now.”
“Good instincts Kitten!”, he said. “Come on I will go with you to check it out.”
She noticed the smell when they got out of the elevator. She knew who was in her apartment
And cooking very badly. She turned to Masamune who had his nose wrinkled at the smell. “I know who it is.”
“You sure?”, he asked. “Tell him to take some cooking lessons. That is horrid.”
He waited until she walked in and then turned around and left. She walked into hundreds of flowers spread everywhere and a huge plume of smoke in The kitchen. “Yuki?”
“Hey hun.”, he said trying to ignore the confusion on her face.
“What are you doing here?”, she asked.
“I think we need to talk.”, he said shrugging his shoulders.
“Ya think?”, she asked, “I think we are passed we should talk phase.”
“I am sorry. I should have told you, I didn’t think you’d understand. Then you took that job at HIS place I really couldn’t tell you.”
“I’m not quitting Yuki.”, she said.
“That will be okay with your bosses?”
“Yeah they don’t care as long as it doesn’t effect me.”
“Wanna eat?”
“Sure, I guess.”
They sat there for hours talking about his job. She had to admit her first anger had passed and it was kinda cool dating a mobster. That all changed in the morning when she arrived at her office which had been moved. Everything was moved. She started hunting her stuff down when Hideyoshi and Ieyasu appeared at her side and brought her back upstairs. She went into Nobu’s office yet again as he held out a credit card key for the elevator to the upper floors. “Your new office is next door.”
“What?”, she asked.
“I have to keep an eye on you and well you are talented. Can’t let you slip through my fingers.”, he said smiling.
She shook her head as she walked into her new office and into a new life dating one guy in the mafia and working for another.