Leasons learned ch 14

They walked into the hospital to where they were directed to the ninth floor. As they got into the elevator she was smiling and almost laughing.

“Noelle what is It?” Mitsuhide asked as he looked at the unusual reaction.

“Mitsu the ninth floor is the ‘private’ floor. It basically means that if you have a certain amount of money you can be placed in that floor for recovering from lets say a cosmetic procedure.” She replied.

“Oh.” He replied. “You really don’t think anything is wrong?”

“No I really don’t. I know my parents. My mother is probably making arrangements to go somewhere and my father probably had another facelift or something and maybe had a twinge of pain during it so he must, of course, be dying.” She laughed. “This has happened before.”

“Your parents seem interesting.” He said flatly.

“Interesting is not the word I would use.” She said as the doors opened and they were greeted by pandemonium in front of them. “The Hanson’s at their best.”

“I forgot you have brothers and sisters.” He whispered.

“Stay close or they will try to bite.” She said under her breath as all eyes went to her and him as the got off the elevator. She was walking with her head high as she made her way to where her mother was staring down her nose at her youngest child.

“At least you had the sense to find a man Noelle. At least now your condition can be explained easier.” Her mother said as Noelle just smiled. “Now introduce me to my new son in law.”

“Where is father?” Noelle defiantly asked instead of introducing Mitsuhide.

“In a moment.” Her mother said standing her ground.

“Mother this is my husband Mitsuhide Akechi.” She said with a flourish of her hand.

“With a name like that you do sound foreign.” Her mother said as she looked him over. “However I do believe I like what I see. You will do for the Hanson’s. If you want to take on that.” She nodded to Noelle’s baby bump.

“Take on that?” Noelle bristled at her mothers words and she felt Mitsuhide’s hands on her shoulders calming her down.

“Ma’am I don’t believe this is the time or place for this. Noelle is my wife and all you are doing is stressing her out and our son."Mitsuhide replied. "Today has been a busy day for us and she would like to see her father. We both do have to be at the university in the morning.”

“Why would you have to be there? Either of you?” Her mother asked.

“I am a professor there and currently my wife is setting up a business with my contacts.” Mitsuhide said as he waited.

“Oh Noelle you chose well with this one.” Her mother said.

“Mother I didn’t choose him. He chose me and the baby.” Noelle was clenching her teeth. “Now as my husband said we had a long day and I need to get some rest. Can I see father?”

“Noelle it is slightly more dynamic that simply letting you see him."her mother stated and Noelle looked at her mother.

"Is something really wrong with him this time?” Noelle asked.

“He had a heart attack Noelle. A serious one. He is recovering for the open heart surgery but he had a few complications.” Her mother said again in her cold as ice tone.

“What kind of complications?” Mitsuhide asked.

“His heart wouldn’t restart even with the pace maker they installed.” Her mother said, “Noelle I am afraid it may be his time.”

“Well mother can I see him please?” Noelle asked.

“If you really want too. I mean you were not cut out of the will as of yet so you don’t have to do much.” Her mother replied.

“As if any of that matters Mother.” Noelle said as she looked at the room. Mitsuhide nodded and followed her as she slowly walked into the room with an open door. She stopped short if the bed looking at the man she thought was the most fearsome she had met in her life. It looked as if he was sleeping instead of possibly dying. She touched his hand and said, “Dad Im here.”

There was a flicker of movement in his hand. So she went on, “I am starting a business dad. Hopefully I won’t have to be like you but it should be good. Im starting it with my husband. I got married as well. He is a good man as well. I won’t have a marriage like you and mom but I think it will be a good one, a great one in fact. We named the baby. He will be named Maximus Nathanial. I hope you get to meet him. Everyone is here dad. I hope you recover but if you don’t just know we are all here.”

Mitsuhide looked at her and only saw the strength she had. This man who was in the hospital bed kicked her out and cut her off at her lowest moment and she was here holding his hands in what could be his lowest moment as well. Her strength only enhanced her beauty and he had to admit she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen before this.

“Noelle?” Mitsuhide asked as he saw the nurses waiting to come in.

“I see them too.” She said as she looked down. “We won’t be far dad.”

They walked out of the room and the two nurse walked in. Shortly after Noelle made the rounds of her siblings she looked up and swore she saw her father standing up in the room. She motioned for Mitsuhide to look but when he looked he didn’t see what she saw. Then the activity in the room exploded as doctors and nurses ran in.

Two hours later the family waited and watched but nothing the doctors could do could bring her father back. They called his time of death then. Her mother looked frazzled but never lost her composure. Her siblings also seemed distant and almost uncaring. She had to admit to herself that it was difficult to muster any real sadness. Her parents had had very little to do with them since they were mere toddlers. She looked around at everyone and sighed, she did not want to be the same as her family.

“I will be in touch for the arrangements.” Her mother said to everyone, “I am sure your fathers lawyers will be in touch with you all as well.”

Noelle and Mitsuhide stood along with the rest of her siblings and their spouses and the two watched as a group they all left. She began to feel lost and Mitsuhide helped guide her down the elevator hallway and then outside where she looked up at the stars.

“Mitsuhide I don’t want to be like them in thirty yers.” She said as they got to the car, “i grew up thinking that was a normal marriage. A man died today that was my father and no one cried. To be honest they want the lawyers to contact them before my mother.”

“Sweetheart we won’t be like that.” He said as he started the car. “You’re not like that. Why lawyers though?”

“My parents have lived completely separate lives for as long as i can remember. Mother was always off doing good somewhere her children were not. Her parents were the same. Cold and distant with each other. She is from what people call old money. She was born with it and always had it. My father was the opposite he fought and scraped by to make it. Marriage between them was a business transaction and not much more. They didn’t raise us. I think if that was one of our nannies we would be inconsolable right now. My father set up his will to be separated from our mother. She lived off of her allowance from her family and father off of his businesses. So fathers lawyers would handle his estate and our inherences. Thats why they showed up today. Not to see him but to make sure they were not forgotten.” She said.

“Thats a hard way to grow up.” Mitsuhide said.

“That is the reason when given the chance I didn’t run back to them.” She said with a smile. “The idea of a real family, one with love at the center is more important to me than any amount of money.”

“Noelle you are absolutely amazing.” Mitsuhide said. “And I do love the way you think. We will jot be like that and that is a promise I will keep til I die.”

“Mitsu I think you are pretty amazing as well.” She replied with a soft smile.

“Come on Mrs. Akechi I do believe it is time to rest.” He said as they pulled in to the driveway.

“Surprisingly Maximus has not been to active tonight.” She said.

“He is saving it for later.” Mitsuhide replied with a chuckle. “You know so he can wake both of us up.”

“Probably.” She shrugged her shoulders and laughed.

“Sweetheart i do know what it is like to lose a parent as well. It will hit you in a few days.” Mitsuhide said.

“Mitsu is almost hard to think about him or her as a parent. They were ones we had to submit a bank withdrawal notice too, not much more. That’s honestly why I was caught off guard about their reaction to the baby. It isn’t like they cared for us. It was their reputation they cared about and what we could do to it.” Noelle said softly. “They both would have used him if he was the right demographic for them to use, say if he looked like me. You saw how my mother was with you because of your name. You aren’t foreign but if you were it would have been a strike so to speak. Instead of looking at a person they look at what a person can do for them.”

“So they are typical rich people.” Mitsuhide said as he chuckled. “And you their daughter bucked their rules by defying them and keeping your baby then marrying a foreign sounding named man. Not to mention you lived in one of the cities worst drug dens for months. God Noelle I love you.”

“I love you too, Mitsuhide.” She said. “Just think that if it wasn’t for one decision and me standing up to them we wouldn’t be here now.”

“But we are.” Mitsuhide said softly.

“Yes we are.” She replied, “and tonight is our wedding night.”

“Our wedding night is somewhat rememberable and not for good reasons.” Mitsuhide said softly.

“Mitsuhide I don’t want to think about any of that right now.” She smiled at him. “Tonight is about us.”

“You’re right.” He said as he swooped her up into his arms.

“Mitsuhide put me down! You will hurt yourself carrying me!” Noelle yelped.

“No my dearest Mouse.” He said, “you weigh no more than a mite.”

“I weigh a lot more than a mite, Mitsuhide.” She said as he pushed through the door. “You’re going to throw your back out or something.”

“If I do it won’t be because of  lifting you but there is always the possibility of something else causing it.” Mitsuhide chuckled.

“Mitsu!” She exclaimed.

“Quiet mouse. Its time for our wedding night. If you say my name it better be as you scream for me.” He said softly as he placed her down on the bed.


Lessons learned ch 13

The weekend came and went as did the beginning of the week. Mitsuhide and Noelle both took Tuesday off much to the delight of his students who didn’t have to attend his class. As they stood in the local courthouse in front of a judge Mitsuhide couldn’t help but grin widely.

Noelle wore one of her business suits though it didn’t hide her pregnancy and judge couldn’t help but look her over a few times as he went through the ceremony. Two of the assistants stood as their witnesses and when it was over Mitsuhide was visibly ecstatic. It was rolling off of him in waves as Noelle looked at him she could feel his happiness as it matched her own. She had never thought that this would be the twist in fate that awaited her when she thought back to the dark days of being in her apartment. Everything worked out in a way she never imagined. This man before her loved her in a way she didn’t know was possible, let alone that he loved also her unborn son. The feelings that invoked by itself was a powerful thing. Mitsuhide had accepted on his own the fact that the child he did not contribute to at all was his and he would never back down from that thought. Now Maximus would be born an Akechi and he would never not know the love of both his parents.

Though this was not her dream wedding that she had deep in her thoughts from the time she was a little girl it was the one where she would get all her dreams answered. Her husband was a prominent member in his field. He was starting something she thought herself was a good thing to bring unity and streamline the process for the law enforcement community. It was something she could get behind and run with pride. She was happy and content the two things she had thought were beyond her a few months ago as she struggled with the day to day movements. His friendship and then his love were what gave that ability to her.

“I am sorry mouse.” He said softly as they got into the car after waiting for the paperwork to be finished.

“Sorry for what?” She asked.

“I know you probably had some huge event in your head about how this day should be. I rushed us. For that I am sorry.” He said as he took her hand in his and kissed each knuckle.

“You know I did at one point Mitsuhide.” She said after she thought for a few seconds. “However what you gave me is important.”

“And what exactly did I give you?” He asked slightly confused.

“Happiness.” She smiled, “and you.”

“Well it seems my love that I got the better end of the deal.” He chuckled, “because you, Mouse, are simply the most wonderful thing in the world.”

“You’re bias.” She said.

“I am.” He replied as he pulled into the restaurant that everything started for the two. She looked at him and he grinned, “this was the place was the first we went to as a couple though you didn’t have a clue it was this dinner I knew I would have you next to me. I knew then I wanted to be sure that you allowed me to be in your and his life.”

“And you are.” She said.

“You gave in almost to easy mouse.” He said. “The fact was I was willing to wage a battle to win you.”

“Well I just need a friend at the time. You stayed up that night helping me with studying. Then you helped me through the days. I think I fell in love with you then.” She said.

“Oh you did? So thats why. I thought it was the night of the fire.” He said squeezing her hand across the table.

“No Mitsuhide it was well before that.” She smiled. “You know that he probably knew two voices from nearly the start. Yours and mine. He was always good when you were around like he was listening for you. He wanted you to be his dad as well.” She laughed.

“Well our son has the same awful taste as his mother."  He said with his grin coming out. "Now we need to discuss something my sweet mouse.”

“What?” She asked.

“I want to add you to my insurance through the school.” He said, “but to do that you may lose your employment as a TA. The risks outweigh the loss in my mind because this will get you off your parents insurance and make it easier to put Max on mine. The fact you are still kn your parents insurance bothers me, I won’t lie. Noelle the idea they can access your records and also make decisions medically because of that makes me nervous. If they wanted to they could become a huge thorn in our sides later.”

“All of that makes sense.” She nodded. “You are my husband now and you will make the medical decisions for me if I can’t or for Max. But I hate the idea of losing my job. I kind of like working with you everyday.”

“You still can of you want. As the one running my side business you can consult for me.” He smiled.

“Mitsu.” She said softly.

“Your salary was pennies to me, my love. It doesn’t matter and to be honest I want you to be close in these last few months. You know just in case something happens. I want to be there when you need me to be.” He replied with a shrug.

“It is not a pleasant experience.” She laughed.

“No but I will do whatever I have too to get you through it. You are the most important thing to me, Mouse. Going through that with you will only make us stronger. At the end as well we will get to meet Maximus, and that is pretty amazing.” He smiled.

“Mitsuhide every time you say his name he moves. I think he likes it.” She smiled.

“I think he likes not being called alien any more.” He said with a grin. As they finished their meal he got up along with her and walked out to the car. “I think we should get a different car as well.”

“Why?” She asked.

“I think we will need more room soon. I can drive this one but you should get something bigger and has more safety features.” He said.

“More room?” She asked as she laughed.

“Well. Who could blame me?” He asked as she feigned innocence.

“We do have to wait on that.” She said.

“We will see.” He replied.

“We will.” She said knowing that he was right. They would be adding to their family. Maybe not as quickly as he wanted but there would be more children for them. Nothing could go wrong today.

They were in the home office later as they were going over the business side of everything when her cell phone went off and she looked and sighed as she declined the call. He looked at her and asked the silent question, “it was my mother.”

“Oh.” He said as the phone rang again. She declined it again.

“They will not ruin today for me.” She said rather strongly.

“Noelle let me answer it.” He said as it rang again.

She tossed it to him.

“Hello.” Mitsuhide aaid.

“Hello I am looking for my daughter Noelle Hanson.” A haughty voice replied.

“I am sorry she can’t come to the phone.” He said.

“ and you are?” The woman asked.

“Her husband.” Mitsuhide replied. Noelle rolled her eyes.

“So she married you.” The woman chuckled, “maybe she wasn’t a complete waste then.”

“Excuse me?” Mitsuhide’s tone went ice cold.

“Oh nothing.” The woman said, “the. You are my son in law now. Fine. What is your name?”

“Mitsuhide.” He replied trying to remain civil to her mother.

“Sounds foreign.” She said.

“Family name.” He replied.

“Well tell my daughter her father is in the hospital. Things do not look good at the moment and he wants all of his children here.” She said with no inflection that this was was of any importance.

“I will tell her.” Mitsuhide said as he looked at the phone as the woman hung up.

“Well?” Noelle asked ,“tell me what?”

“Your father is in the hospital.” He said, “ apparently it doesn’t look good. He wants all of you there.”

“Okay.” She said almost blankly.

“I hate to ask this but is your mother always so cold?” He asked.

“Yes, she is. How did she react to the news we are married?” Noelle asked.

“She seemed more worries I was foreign.” He laughed.

“She would.” Noelle said as she stood. “Well we should go to the hospital and get this over with.”

“Over with?” He asked.

“Not the first time I have received a call like that.” She said, “we will go and see what is really going on. Then we can come home.”

“Noelle are you sure about this?” He asked as he stood as well.

“Mitsuhide they can’t hurt me anymore. I have you. It is something that if something was actually wrong and I didn’t go I would regret that. So let’s just go.” Noelle said and he smiled with understanding.

“Then let’s go get this over with.” Mitsuhide said with a smile.


Lessons learned ch 12

The drive over to the doctors was quiet. Neither of them said much as they finally pulled into the parking lot. Noelle tried to get herself out of the car though she was having some difficulty. Mitsuhide wanted to chuckle but knew if he did she would be mad for days. Though her mood swings were not as bad as some he had heard they were still there and he was not willing to risk her wrath most of the time. She normally would just start crying at the weirdest things and though he didn’t mind he would end up soothing her with hushed words and soft back rubs the best he could.

They entered the building and she checked in and then sat to wait her turn. This wasn’t Mitsuhide’s first time with her so he waited for her to chose her seat and dutifully sat next to her waiting for her turn. She gripped onto his hand like she expected some sort of problem ahead. This was supposed to be the last scan for her.

Mitsuhide just calmly smiled and held her hand as they were called back. He paced himself with her and supported her back as they walked. They went back to a small room and she was told to get into the chair and wait.

The doctor came in and looked over the two of them and then began to address only her. “So Miss Hanson have we decided on what you are going to do about the baby?” His voice boomed through the room and Noelle was sure every person in the building could have heard the statement. This doctor was the first she had seen at this office so many months ago, where as she had seen the others in the practice lately and they knew of her change in situation because of Mitsuhide. She also knew this doctor had been friends with her father.

“We have.” She replied snidely.

“We?” The doctor asked.

“My partner and I have decided to raise our child.” She said.

“I knew your story didn’t make much sense.” The doctor said as he went on to say,really Noelle the pain you put your poor parents through.”

“Excuse me sir,” Mitsuhide cut in, “Noelle and I will raise our child though the child is not biologically mine. Whatever Noelle’s relationship with her parents is I do believe as her doctor it is none of your business.”

“You are taking on a child that is not yours?” The doctor turned and asked Mitsuhide.

“But it is mine.” Mitsuhide smiled. “Any other questions?” Noelle shook her head knowing that this verbal back and forth could last all day. The tech finally came in and started the machine with a smile for her. The tech slightly glared at the doctor in the room. “Doctor there is a call for you.”

“Thank you.” The doctor said and he walked out of the room.

“I saw in your chart you requested for him not to be one of the doctors you see. Unfortunately he heard your name when they were pulling your chart. I am sorry for any discomfort he caused. He will be retiring soon we all hope.” The tech said softly and with a smile.

“He is a old friend of my fathers.” Noelle said, “I don’t mind him so much but the idea he is giving information to my parents still about me and the baby is enough to set me on edge.”

“If he did that would be a break of doctor confidentiality. You could sue him.” The tech said.

“I know I could but the idea of my personal information being in a courtroom Is just as scary to me.” Noelle replied. “I just got my life back on track with the help of my.” Noelle looked at Mitsuhide and smiled softly, “with the help of the man I am going to marry.”

“Congratulations.” The tech said as she looked down at the ring on Noelle’s finger. Mitsuhide’s grin took over as he held her hand as he brought it to his lips.

The tech smiled at them both and began to put the jelly on her abdomen and move the wand. “I put a cd in so everything about this scan with be on it for you. Do you want pictures as well?”

“Yes.” Mitsuhide said before Noelle could answer.

“Excited for the baby?” The tech asked Mitsuhide.

“My first son? Of course I am.” He replied as he looked at the woman and waited to see if she would say something instead she smiled gently and quietly said ,”I wish more men were like you.”

“No you don’t he can be a pain.” Noelle said as she chuckled and then in the screen she saw the face of her baby come into view. This scan was slightly more advanced then the normal ultrasound. It was a combination of 3d and 2d technology. She was looking at her unborn sons face clearly. She looked at Mitsuhide whose eyes were glued to the screen as well.

“That’s Maximus.” He said softly.

“That is.” Noelle beamed at her a smile that was breathtaking.

They sat there watching their son on the screen and waited as the tech printed about a hundred pictures for them. “Everything looks good. He is measuring about a week or two ahead of schedule but that is entirely normal at this stage. It will fluctuate until the end. He may be doing more this week and not much next. So don’t worry.”

“Thank you.” Mitsuhide said as he took the pictures and the cd so Noelle could clean her abdomen with the towel and he could help her up. They walked out hand in hand with huge grins on their faces.

“We can see him clearly in these.” Mitsuhide said as he looked down before he started to drive away.

“We can.” She said softly.

“What?” Mitsuhide asked as he heard the hesitation in her voice.

“Do you like him?” Noelle asked quietly.

“Noelle he is beautiful just like his beautiful mother. I see you in him. He has your nose.” He said chuckling. “Noelle it was never about what he looks like. He is my son regardless of all that. He is our son regardless of all that.”

“Mitsuhide.” She started.

“What?” He asked as he turned the key.

“Ask me again.” She said softly.

“Mouse will you marry me please.” He asked as he turned his golden eyes her way.

“Yes.” She said softly.

“Finally” Mitsuhide smiled and started the car.

“Where are we going?” She asked.

“Home.” He replied.

“I thought you would be slightly more excited I finally said yes.” She said softly.

“That is the reason we are going home Noelle.” He said equally softly. “So I can show you properly how much I love you.”

Hours later as the two lounged in bed dozing in and out of sleep filled bliss he rolled onto his side and looked at her. He placed his hand o. Her growing burden and felt the slightest movement of the baby. He had looked at the face of the unborn child she was carrying, the one he had claimed months ago as his own, and he had seen her in the babe. He studied the face and he only saw hers in it. He meant what he had said earlier to her it didn’t matter what the boy looked like but the fact he looked like her made him feel a surge of love more for the baby he had grown to love. He did really in his soul love the child as he would his own. He had watched her grow with it and he felt his life was better for everything that happened.

He knew people would have never believed it was possible for someone like him to feel so content in a domestic life. The truth was until she sat outside his door that day he would have never looked twice for someone like her. He had come to grips with the overwhelming need to take care of her. It was an overpowering need that had grown from that first night when he took her to dinner. He understood fate had thrown him a bone and he ran with it. He had found something that most people only dream about. He watched her blink her eyes open and look at him. Her soft expression in her eyes only called to him even more to secure her by his side.

“What?” She asked after he brushed his soft lips against hers.

“Marry me next week mouse.” He said softly, “I wanted to give you the wedding of your dreams but I find I just want you as my wife now. If you still want the one that takes forever to plan we can do that one later. Just marry me.”

“You really want to get married next week?” She asked.

“If we could I would marry you today.” He sighed. “But there is paperwork to file. The earliest We could is next Tuesday if we fill everything out tomorrow and file it.”

“Mitsuhide.”she started but saw the look of love and wanting in his eyes. “Fine we will file it out tomorrow and file it. I will marry you on Tuesday.”

“Noelle, I promise you I will make you happy.” He said as he kissed her again.

“Mitsuhide you already do.” She smiled as she looked at him. “I don’t think I could be anymore happy than I am with you.”


Lessons Learned ch 11

As promised I wrote this up this morning in between the teens and tween leaving and the horrible task of waking up the boy child.

Noelle and Mitsuhide fell into a
comfortable routine over the next few weeks as they cleared out a room in his
house to use for the base of the new business. Noelle received her diaploma on
the third week after the hellish week of finals. She was now working full time
as his TA while she was ordering things and getting the paperwork and insurance
for the business set up.

Mitsuhide couldn’t complain about
anything in his life currently. He was content to watch over her everyday and then
again at night to make sure that she was not over doing it. The other
professors in the building had noticed the change in him and commented on it
almost daily. Everyone else had noticed the growing size of his TA and they
started to put together that she was his partner but the how’s and why’s were
never answered.

After one staff meeting Hideyoshi
caught up to him. “Why did you tell us your signanifcate other was your TA?”

“Why ever would that matter?”
Mitsuhide asked.

“Well she is showing now so when
exactly did you two hook up? It had to be before the semester started but you
seemed so indifferent to her in the beginning.” Hideyoshi asked, “Or was that
part of your plan?”

“I was never indifferent to her.”
Mitsuhide replied with a smirk. “Hideyoshi don’t look into it to much. Noelle
and I are two adults and we decided to try to have a normal relationship for
once. I love her and she me, though I have no idea why.”

“Well you have money, my friend.”
Hideyoshi replied.

“And you think she is a gold digger?”
Mitsuhide snidedly asked. He then laughed as he remembered the conversation on
the first time he took her out to dinner what seemed so long ago. “She is not. Furthermore
she is carrying my child there, I would watch what you say.”

“Come on Mitsuhide think about it
clearly. I mean an very pretty young woman seemingly falls for a professor in
her last semester. What better way to trp him then to get pregnant?” Hideyoshi asked.

“Or you could ask a seemingly
beautiful intelligent woman managed to stir a professors mind and body and he went
after the one thing he wanted in years.” Mitsuhide said as he smiled, “Either
way Hideyoshi she was never my student and she is an adult so no lines were
crossed professionally or legally. In a couple of months our son will be here and
to be honest none of that concerns you. Now you will excuse me as my very
pregnant TA who happens to be the love of my life is waiting for me.”

“Akechi just be careful.” Hideyoshi
called out.

Mitsuhide just mumbled under his
breath, “Your being careful will only lead you to be alone if you question
every detail of other peoples lives, asshat.”

He walked to his office building and
made his way up the stairs to hear a female seem to yell from the middle of his
hallway. He walked down the corrider and saw his door was propped open. He rounded
the corner and saw a student in the office with Noelle who looked up with
relief as she saw him. she moved around the desk to place herself behind him.
The student had wide eyes and looked almost deranged as she met his eyes.

“Do you remember me, Professor?” she
asked though the words were forced.

“Of course I do Miss. Thompson.” He replied.

“Did you forget what we had so quickly
that you moved on to her?” the young woman screamed.

“Miss. Thompson I am truly sorry but I
have no idea what you are talking bout.” He replied clearly confused. As
another young woman walked into the room.

“I am sorry Professor. It seems she
went off her medication again and is slightly delusional. She had a slight
crush on you while she took your class.” The other young woman said softly. “It
seems she is having a slight break from reality and when she heard that you
were having a child with your TA she broke completely.”

“How the hell did everyone find out?”
Mitsuhide asked and Noelle shrugged her shoulders. She shook her head as well
as she went to step around Mitsuhide to say something to the other woman but he
forced her back behind him. “No, Noelle. You do not give her the chance to hurt
you or him.”

“Mitsuhide I wanted to say something. I
am not a child you know.” She said.

“God I know that already. Someone in a
dissossitive state like this could easily throw or do something to seriously hurt
you. I will never allow you to place yourself in that danger, let alone place
him in that danger.” He said softly as he looked at her.

The other two women in the room were
quiet now as one was talking softly to the other. She was calming the other
down to the point it seemed she snapped back into place and saw where she was. Her
face completely changed and so did her voice. “Oh my god. What did I do?” she
asked as she stood up.

“Miss Thompson I believe you need to
go have yourself evaluated and you also need to stay away from this building.We
will not press charges today if you do that.” Noelle replied.

“Oh my god, did I hurt you?” Miss Thompson
asked as she looked over Noelle.

“No. you did not. But you need to be
seen by someone and you need to keep up with your medication. Neither of us
will remember this incident though if you do those things.” Noelle said softly
as the other woman helped lead Miss Thompson out of the building.

“You handled that surprisingly well.”
Mitsuhdie said as he touched her stomach and pulled her closer.

“Mitsuhide I can handle myself without
you getting in the way.” She said with a chuckle. “The simple fact is I understand
her problem. Well both of her problems to be honest. I wouldn’t want to see you
with any one else either. Her other issue well that isn’t her fault either.”

“I will always stand in front of you
and will get in the way.” He said softly as he lowered his forehead to hers. “You
are simple to important to me for me not to protect you.”

“I understand the reasoning but know
that I can also take care of myself.” She said softly.

“I will try.” He whispered on her lips
as he kissed her slowly and softly. “I just love you to much Noelle to let
something happen to you.”

“I know that.” She said, “But do you
think I want you to get hurt?”

“Instead of having this conversation mouse
don’t we have to get ready for an appointment?” he asked.

“Really?” she said with a smile.

“Well we do have an appointment in an
hour.” He replied.

“I know we do.” She said as she
absentlymindedly rubbed her abdomen. The baby had been quiet most of the day.

“We are getting ready to bein the last
part of just us, you know.” He said as he placed his hand there. “He needs a
name sweetheart.”

“I know.” She said softly.

“I didn’t want to bring it up again
after you got mad at me the last time, but I found one I like.” He said.

“I didn’t get mad at you but you were
picking weird names Mitsuhide.” She said with a laugh. “What is this one?”

“Maximus.” He said.

“Maximus huh?’ she said as she thought
about it. “Maximus Akechi.”

“What?” he asked as a look passed over
her face.

“I like it.” She replied.

“You do?” he asked.

“You seemed surprised.” She laughed.

“You haven’t liked any name I suggested.”
He chuckled.

“Maximus. It has a certain ring to it.
Maximus Nathanial Akechi.” She said.

“Noelle that sounds perfect.” He said
with a grin forming on his face.

“I like it. I think we found the
aliens name Mitsuhide.” She said.

“Now you need to agree to become an
Akechi as well.” Mitsuhide said.

“We talked about that already.” She said.

“I am not going to relent until you do
agree to become my wife, Noelle.” He said. “I told you I don’t care if it is
before the baby comes or after but I want you at least agree.”

“Mitsu.” She said with a huff.

“Please Noelle.” He asked. “I want my
family to be complete”

“So if we aren’t married or engaged we
aren’t complete?” she asked.

“You know what I mean.” He said. “When
he is born I don’t want to see the name Hanson on anything. I want him to
always be an Akechi. He is my son as well as yours.”

“I see your point. They did go over
that at the last appointment that no matter what he will be born with my name
not yours. I have to think about this Mitsu. I mean you are changing his life
for sure but also mine.” She said.

“Mouse you know I love you.” He said
as he looked at her.

“I know. I love you as well.” She said
with a smile. “I never doubted that Mitsuhide. You have to understand I haven’t
had the best examples of how a good marriage should work. The idea somewhat
scares me.”

“I understand. Just know Mouse it is whatever we
make of it. We haven’t followed any pattern to date. We will make our own way.”
Mitsuhide said as he turned the ring he gave to her on her hand. She wore it
openly and knew it was an engagement ring though she had not said yes yet. He knew
he would wear her down sometime in the near future.


Lessons learned ch 10

As they pulled into the house, she smiled as he helped her out of the car. There were a few packages at the front door which he expected as their shopping trip over the weekend had bee so fruitful. He was like a kid opening them when he brought them into the house one by one.

“Where are you going to put those?” she asked. “I don’t think there will be enough room in his room for him.”

“Noelle, really?” he asked.

“Mitsuhide things are already spilling into the loft and soon will be down here as well.” She laughed as he looked at the swing and realized she was right. Not that there was too much, but the fact the baby stuff was everywhere.

“You know what?” he asked.

“What?” she replied back knowing what he was going to say.

“I don’t care. This house was to empty before. Since you moved in it finally feels like a home.” Mitsuhide said as he stood up from putting the box down and looked at her.

“It has been less than a week.” She replied.

“It seems like forever.” He grinned. His phone started going off, and he saw the number and knew it. He picked up “Akechi.”

Noelle watched him as he nodded and he wasn’t saying much, but she knew he was more of a thinker than a sayer type person. It was one of the things she understood about him the most. He did like to watch people. He often found the things that made them tick, and he either teased them about it, or he used it to get under the other persons skin. He was just that way. It was one of the things she loved about him as well.

He then asked out of the blue, “So when?” and then the silence again and then, “now?” he looked at her and nodded to stand up. They were leaving again, but she had no idea to where they were going. He grabbed his keys off the counter and waited for her as he hung up the phone after agreeing to meet.

“What was that about?” she asked.

“The fire marshal has cleared the building, and that was the local police. The night of the fire I gave them my card to contact me about your apartment when the scene was cleared so we could get whatever was left. Tomorrow they will be releasing the building back to everyone else, but we can go now to get your things.” He said.

“How bad is it?” she asked she was trying to prepare herself for the worse.

“The back half of the building is bad. Your apartment, though, wasn’t hit as bad. The whole building was a firetrap, though. So whatever you want to get you can tonight.” He said. “I don’t know the extent of the damage, but they did say most of your stuff is intact.”

“Well, that is good.” She said with a sigh.

“I know you were worried about it, so it is.” He said with a smile. “I think we should get as much of your stuff as possible tonight before the looters get there.”

“Again, you are right.” She said.

“How much do you really have? One car full? A truck?” he asked.

“A car full maybe.” She said. “Most of it is clothes and books. I didn’t really have all that much except a bassinet for him.”

“Well, that is one thing we still need.” He said with a smile.

“Thank you, Mitsuhide.” She said.

“For what are you thanking me for?” he asked, slightly surprised.

“For being you.” She said as she took his hand and gave it a squeeze.

“I am not sure that is worth thanking me for.” He replied with a laugh.

“Mitsuhide you were just going to take me in, and buy anything and everything I need, that the baby needed or you thought he needed at least, for no other reason than you were attracted to me.” She said.

“There are other reasons besides that one.” He said softly.

“Like?” she asked.

“Noelle, you are good and decent. You were taken advantage of and left in an impossible situation. I watched you, and you tried your hardest to just survive and complete your degree. It was easy to see the things about you that I can relate too and the things that make you perfect for me.” He said. They arrived, and he flashed his id to the police officer there guarding the building as they were allowed to park in front of the building off the street. He took her hand and went up the stairs, and she walked to her old apartment. She opened the door and saw that the rooms were mostly untouched by fire damage. She looked around and started throwing things into the baskets she had from moving in.

Soon the place was mostly gutted, and she looked around one last time. He stood behind her as she glanced around. “Ready Mouse?”

“Ready Mitsuhide.” She said as she took his hand. “Why do you still call me mouse?”

“It fits.” He said. “You know people call me a snake because I seem to know peoples weaknesses and I am supposedly sneaky. Snakes eat mice for dinner but after playing with them. Though sometimes, when you place a mouse in a snakes cage, they will bond with it. They will continue to eat other mice, but they will love the one mouse forever.”

“Am I that mouse?’ she asked, laughing at him.

"You are my mouse, yes.” He said.

“What kind of snake are you though?” she asked.

“Whatever kind that will protect you forever.” He said as he got into the car. “Now let’s go home for good mouse.”

“I like that idea.” She said as he pulled away and she didn’t have to think about that apartment again.

At dinner, she asked for the business ideas he had. He began to outline it to her, and she looked at him and thought it was a brilliant idea.

“I didn’t know it was all by word of mouth.” She said.

“It is. Which for the most part has built my name up and I can work with any department, but the fact is there are many of us that can do the job and they get passed over. So I think that having a centralized company in which people can be matched up to the correct job for their specialty would be best.” He said.

“It would. Not only for all of you but for law enforcement too. If we streamline all the information, we could double or triple the productivity for both you guys and them.” She said.

“Do you think you could do it?’ he asked.

"You mean start it up?” she asked as she looked at him.

“Yes. I mean start it up and keep it running.” He asked.

“I think I could with a little help. The thing is I don’t know exactly what you need to do. I have a good clue that you need a database of people that will contract out from the company, but I am not sure on the details of what they will do exactly.” She said.

“I will handle that part.” He said with a grin. “The business part you can do, though.”

“That part is easy.” She said.

“How long do you see it taking to set it up?” he asked.

“Mitsuhide if it is this straightforward, I can have it up and running before the baby is born.” She said, and he smiled.

“Then you can stay home and run the business and take care of the baby.” He said.

“I could do that.” She smiled.

“Good. Now you tell me what you need, and I will get it for you.” He said.

“Right now, I need to go shower and rest.” She said as she looked at him. “I will start making lists of things we need to do tomorrow while I am supposed to be working for some professor.”

“That’s fine.” He smiled, “I am sure that professor doesn’t have much for you to do except sit there so he can look at you.”

“You are one weird man.” She said as she shook her head and walked to the kitchen with her plate. She went to turn and found herself encircled in his arms. “Mitsuhide.”

“Yes, my love?” he said softly in her ear.

“Time for a warm shower.” She said.

“I couldn’t agree more.” He whispered and began moving her towards the master bedroom.

“I can take a shower by myself.” She said.

“I dare say you can. However, I want to help you.” He said.

“Help is not what you want to do.” She replied, and he laughed.

“I just want to love you, Noelle.” He said.

“When you put it that way.” She said over her shoulder as she walked into the bathroom and left the door open for him to follow. He did, and neither of them said much more for the rest of the night.

They lay in the bed together as she was sleeping, and he was awake rubbing her back as she took deep breaths. He was in heaven. He felt the baby move again and smiled to himself. His life had changed so much in the last few days he had to lay back and love it. He was feeling like everything in the world was for his taking at the moment. He moved closer to her and held her against him with the baby in between them moving slightly he never felt so much for two people in his life. this was his life now. His heart was now outside of his body, and it was in the form of this tiny woman. He let his eyes fall slowly as he wanted the last thing he saw to be her, and the first thing he saw in the morning to be her. Soon their lives would change again when the baby would be born. He was going to enjoy every moment of both of them for the rest of his life. He sighed as his eyes finally closed, and he went to sleep to only see her face again in his dreams.


Lessons learned ch 9

Mitsuhide was sitting in his office knowing she was in her morning class. It had been an eventful weekend, in fact, he couldn’t think of any other time in his life so much happened. He was sitting back with a grin on his face knowing he not only had the best weekend of his life but he also knew it was only going to get better. He looked at the picture of the ultrasound that he had scanned and made a copy of and it had a small frame around it. He began to think of names and had a small list he would bring up to her. Though he knew the final choice would be hers he also knew that she was at a loss when it came to names as she didn’t want to think of to much before the last weekend still not sure if she was making the best decision for the child. Now she had things at her hands she didn’t have before, namely him.

“You look happy for once.” The culinary arts professor walked in with a bowl of food that he placed on the desk for the man. He looked down at the picture on the desk. “What’s that?”

“My son.” Mitsuhide said as he stretched back into his hair.

“Your what?” the younger man asked as he was surprised.

“My son.” Mitsuhide said chuckling.

“How come you never said anything before this?” Masamune said as he flopped into his chair.

“I had my reasons.” Mitsuhide he looked at the food. “Thanks for the food but I already ate this morning.”

“You ate this morning?” Masamune asked.

“She cooked for me before we left.” Mitsuhide said as he smiled in a way that none of the other professor had seen before.

“She?’ Masamune asked.

"Not sure the word I would use to describe her. She isn’t just my girlfriend since she is also the mother of my child.” Mitsuhide said, “Significant other doesn’t work to much either. She is simply everything important to me.”

“So who is she?” Masamune asked.

“That my friend will have to remain a mystery for a while.” Mitsuhide said as he straightened his tie and stood. “Now I have a class to go teach.”

“I’ll see you later then.” Masamune said as he also stood and they walked out of the office and Mitsuhide turned and locked his office door. He pocketed the keys and went to the lecture hall and opened the doors as he walked down to the small stage and he smiled at his class and began the lesson.

Noelle was meeting with her counseler after her class and she was on point for graduation in a month. There was no way she could fail her classes and she was down. She smiled and headed to Mitsuhide’s office. She was on cloud nine as she made her way across campus. She saw a group of her old friends and she wasn’t going to let the sight of them get her down.

“Noelle?” one called out as she ran over. “Holy crap you are getting huge.”

“Thanks.” Noelle said as she laughed. She was wearing one of the outfits that Mitsuhide had got her a few days prior. She did have to admit that they did fit better than her old clothes.

“So how is it going?” shelia asked.

“Well.” Noelle said.

“Really? I thought you were cut off from your family.” Shelia asked.

“I was. I found something better.” Noelle said. “Right now though I have to get to work.”

“Yeah I heard you got the job working as professor Akechi’s TA. That has to be hard. He is such a dickhead.” Sheila said.

“I don’t find him to be.” Noelle said. “But I do have to go or I will be late.”

“Well good luck I guess.” Sheila said as Noelle walked away.

Noelle muttered to herself that she didn’t need luck anymore.she made her way to the office building that Mitsuhide’s office was in and she went up the two flights of stairs and went to his office which the door was closed. She knocked and was called in. she opened the door and saw him standing behind his desk stretching. He looked at her and smiled.

“Well hello Miss Hanson. Shut the door please we have some work to do.” Mitsuhide said as he looked at her.

“Yes, professor Akechi.” She said as she shut the door.

“Lock it.” He said as she shut the door.

“You have office hours.” She said.

“I canceled them for today.” He said as he walked over to her and pressed her back into the door.

“Mitsuhide.” She whispered.

“Oh my love.” He said as he bent down and kissed her hard. “I have been waiting to see you. Do you know how hard it was not to go and find you after your class?”

“I went to the counselor to make sure I would be getting my diapolma next month.” She said.

“And?” he asked as he kissed her neck.

“I’m scheduled to get it.” She smiled.

“Good girl. We will have to celebrate.” He said with a grin. “Now you must be tired. Come sit.”

“Professor what happened to things being different at work?” she asked with a smile.

“Professor huh?” Mitsuhide said as he sat down next to her. “I thought we left that behind a few months ago.” He reached over and rubbed her belly, “How is my boy doing?”

“He has been quiet today.” She said with a smile. She snuggled into Mitsuhide. “Did you really cancel office hours?”

“I wish I could but they don’t open for another hour.” He said with a grin.

“How was your class?” she asked.

“It went as expected. I often wonder if any of them are really listening.” He chuckled.

“Well you know some of them had to take an extra course.” She said.

“I did also make a few phone calls. Noelle everyone I talked too is interested in my idea. They all want in on it. I think I found something we can do together and you can run it.” Mitsuhide said with a broad smile.

“What do we have to do?” she asked.

“Not much. Now that I have an idea of how many people are interested I think we could run this out of the house. With your business skills and your leadership in running it I think we could completely get this up and running with in a year.” He said as he rubbed her stomach even more.

“We will talk about it more when we get home.” She said with a laugh. “I assume I have some papers to grade sir.”

“Noelle you are going to drive me insane you know that?” he asked as he smiled as he looked at her.

“one of us needs to professional.” She said as she went to his desk and saw the new frame on it. She looked at it and then at him.

“You once said I have nothing in her that is personal. Now I have everything that makes me human in this room.” He said with a grin.

“Mitsuhide.” She said as he came up behind her and kissed her shoulder as he looked at the picture as well.

“What my sweet?” he asked with a chuckle. When she looked at him and then finally smiled. “Now that’s much better. I have some papers for you to grade and I will unlock the door. I doubt any students will come in today. You know no one comes in on Monday’s.”

“Fine.” She said with a sigh.

“Don’t worry I will take care of you when we get home.” He said softly.

She thought about what he just said and had to laugh. She settled into to her part of the desk that she had claimed to do her work. He unlocked the door and propped it open. He looked out into the hallway and saw Hideyoshi coming his way. Mitsuhide had an overwhelming feeling t shut and lock the door again but instead he just stood his ground.

“Good you’re getting ready for your hours. I wanted to catch you before they began.” Hideyoshi said.

“Oh and why is that?” Mitsuhide asked.

“I ran into Masamune this morning. Why did you tell him you were having a kid?” hideyoshi asked.

“Probably because I am having a kid.” Mitsuhide replied. “A son to be exact.”

“Since when?” Hideyoshi asked.

“Well I could describe the whole mechnatics of it all but honestly if you don’t know that by now we have bigger issues.” Mitsuhide replied.

“I am being serious Akechi.” Hideyoshi said.

“So am I.” Mitsuhide responded. “Look I know it is rather sudden but things change. I found someone who makes me happy and content and we are having a son in a few months. Life happens.”

“But you never told any of us about this woman.” Hideyoshi said as he looked over the other man.

“And I don’t have to tell you all anything that happens in my personal life.” Mitsuhide replied.

“What about your TA. I know you liked her for a bit how is she handling it?” Hideyoshi’s voice dropped to a whisper.

“She is handling it.” Mitsuhide chuckled.

“Why does that amuse you so much?” Hideyoshi’s eyes darted to the other man.

“Everything amuses me at the moment.” Mitsuhide said as he turned back into his office. “You hear that?”

“I heard.” She said without looking up.

“Noelle?” he asked at her lack of interest in the conversation.

“Mitsuhide.” She said as she looked up. The look in her eyes was breathtakingly happy.

“Damnit.” He said as he walked over to her.

“What?” she asked.

“Now I really wished I had canceled hours today so I could take you home.” He said as he kissed her head leaning over.

A few hours later and three students coming in to ask for extra credit otherwise they may fail the class he was ready to go. He still had a half an hour to go and Noelle was waiting for him. They had come in together this morning. When a female student walked in with a short skirt and and half shirt on. He immedienty knew who the student was and wished anyone but this one walked in.

“Professor Akechi. I have a question about your class.” She purred as she sat down in the chair opposite his desk.

“okay.” Mitsuhide replied as he waited for her to get on with it.

“Could you send your TA outside while I ask it since it is somewhat personal?” she asked.

“No.” Mitsuhide said as he looked up at the student. “My TA is here for my protection as well as yours.”

“What would a man like you need protection from?” the student asked.

“Any acusaions of improperty.” Mitsuhide said.

“But sir I wouldn’t do that.” She stated.

“That’s fine. My TA still stays.” Mitsuhdie said.

“Well she may be into that type of stuff. I really need to pass this class and I don’t think I am at the moment. Is there anything we can do to change that?” the student asked as she leaned over and showed her clevage.

“Sorry but no.” Mitsuhide said with a grin. “Maybe if you had applied yourself to the course you would be faring better with your grade but I do not trade favors for grades.”

“But.” The student said as she looked down and saw the picture of the ultrasound.

“I didn’t know you were married.” The student said. “Maybe I should go and tell your wife about this conversation a bit.”

“I’m not married, yet.” Mitsuhide said , “I don’t take lightly to someone trying to blackmail me either. My better half already knows the outcome of this conversation. I suggest you go and study for the final, you may scrape by a decent enough grade to pass the class that way.”

“Fine.” She huffed as she pouted out the door as she stomped out.

“Does that happen often?” Noelle asked.

“About five times a year.” Mitsuhide said with a grin. “I have never taken one of them up on that offer just so you know.”

“I figured that already.” She said.

“I wouldn’t either.” He said as he kissed her neck gently. “Come on. It is time to go home.”


Lessons learned ch 8

Chapter Eight

When they got home, she had trouble unloading the car. He had bought so much that the walking around even from the kitchen to the car was hurting her legs. He went wild in the actual baby store going from one section to another with glee in his eyes. They seemed to shine with excitement the more he saw. He had bought so much that he had to have some of it delivered to the house instead of packing the car full. He had seen the swings, bouncers, toys, more clothes, and then on the back wall, there was the bedding sections.

His eyes went to her as she followed him looking around, wondering if every father was acting the same way. She saw that they were the ones holding the women back. She had to laugh every time he got excited about something.

“Mitsuhide I think you bought too much for the baby.” She said as the living area was getting to be too full that she was having even more trouble walking through it.

“No, I didn’t,” he said as he looked at the growing pile. “Are you okay? You are holding your back.” He dropped the bags he was carrying to help her through the mess of baby things.

“I’m fine. Sometimes when he moves just right, it hurts to walk and stand.” Noelle said.

“Why didn’t you tell me that?” he asked as he then kicked the bags out of the way as he helped her to the couch.

“Because it normally is not a big deal.” She said as she took a deep breath in.

“This is a big deal.” He said.

“No, it isn’t, Mitsuhide.” She replied. “Give me a few minutes, and I will be fine. Go get the rest of the stuff. I have to put the food away anyway.”

“Noelle.” He said.

“Go. I am fine just give me a minute.” She said as she tried to smile. He was gone in and out three more times, and then he came over and sat down next to her. She had her eyes closed and was focusing on her breathing. He watched her as she tried to relax and gently push on her side to move the baby. He placed his hand on the other side and rubbed gently as well. Soon the baby moved closer to his hand, and she could breathe easier. She smiled and looked at him as he felt the movement of the baby.

He didn’t think twice as he hunched over for a second and said, “Come on little guy, you have to give your mom a break. She now has to deal with the two of us.” He leaned in and kissed her stomach and then looked up to her. She heart was beating double-time as she met eyes with him. He had a look she had never seen before in his beautiful golden-hued eyes that took her breath away. She cupped his face as he looked at her and he moved and took her mouth hard as it seemed his damn broke and he let everything he had been holding back out. His hands went to her face to frame it. She felt as if her heart was going to beat right out of her chest.

“Mitsu.” She whispered as he pulled away.

“Well, my love.” He said softly as he rubbed the spot he could feel the baby move too. “I think I should help you put the things away from the grocery store. Then I will help you sort the clothes.”

“Mitsuhide?” she asked.

“What my love?’ he asked as he pulled her up to stand.

"Do you think you could ever love me?” she asked in a soft voice.

“Noelle, I already do.” He said as he pulled her closer. “and no it has nothing to do with him. I started to fall for you the day you came into my office and told me you needed to make money to live.”

“You do?” she asked.

“Do you doubt me?” he asked.

“I just didn’t know if it was me or him you really liked the idea of.” She said.

“Noelle I love the idea of being a father but if it was anyone else I would never would have even thought to ask. It was only you. I wanted you, my love.” He said softly.

“So you want him because of me?” Noelle asked.

“I want the both of you, Noelle. It is a packaged deal. If you had said no I would still be buying all of this.” He said as he waved his hands around, “instead you gave me the best gift in the world, a son. Now I am going to spoil you because I want too. When we are at home it will be different than at work, I know you know that. Noelle, I don’t want you because of him just know that as well.” Mitsuhide said softly.

“I don’t know what to say,” Noelle said as her eyes were tearing up.

“Don’t cry, my love.” He said as he brushed the sides of her eyes.

“This is like a dream come true. Mitsuhide when I found out I really thought no one would ever look at me the same again. I thought you often looked at me differently, but I was so paranoid about losing my job that I wrote it off. I never expected to fall for you like I did. I never thought in a million years you would ever like me in any way besides the best assistant ever.” Noelle said.

“Why were you paranoid about your job?” he asked.

“I thought you would fire me for something small if you found out.” She said.

“You do realize that is against the law right?” he asked with a chuckle. “Noelle, we have a good working relationship already, and we get along outside of work. I do think we have a shot if you really want to try.”

“Mitsuhide I have to agree. I think we could try. I mean really try. I think we owe it to our son.” She said with a smile.

“I hope he looks like you,” Mitsuhide said.

“So we don’t have to answer to many questions?” she asked.

“No so I have the most beautiful family in the world.” He said chuckling.

“Mitsuhide.” She said as she swatted at his arm.

“What? Who could blame me?” he asked.

“Let’s get these put away.” She said with a smile as they unloaded everything and put it away. He didn’t have much in the house, so the kitchen became instantly her domain. When they were done, she smiled at him.

“Come my love. Let us go over the amount of clothes we got today.” He said.

“That you got today.” She said.

“He needed clothes,” Mitsuhide said.

“Not this much.” She replied.

“We can save the rest.” He said with a grin.

“how many of these aliens do you want Mitsuhide?” she asked.

“A few. No set number.” He replied. “I would like to enjoy them for who they are.”

“Good answer.” She said. “But don’t you think maybe we should hold off on the more of them right now. This is new to both of us.”

“Sweetheart one thing I have learned is not to hold back on saying what you want. I want you. You and only you. I want our son. I want a future together with you. That future, I hope, includes some more children with you.” He said as he kissed her nose.

“I guess we should be open with each other,” Noelle replied as she tried to straighten only to have a sharp kick to the side.

“Sweetheart why don’t you go lay down for a bit. He seems to be hurting you a lot today.” He said softly as he tucked a wild lock of hair behind her ear.

“That won’t help if anything, not moving makes him more of a pain.” She said as she rubbed her stomach gently.

“Headphones.” He said.

“What?” she asked as she looked at him.

“Would playing music to him calm him down. You see it all the time in movies and tv shows. Plus it is supposed to be good for their brain development.” He said. “I will get you a set next time we go out.

"You really want me to wear headphones on my stomach?” she asked giggling.

“if it calms him down and gives you a break, why not. It couldn’t hurt could it?” he asked.

“I guess you are correct on that.” She said. “It never occurred to me to try that.”

“Well, you had other things on your mind, like making money and finishing school.” He replied as he pulled her closer. “What do you want to do after he is born?”

“I don’t know. I know we talked about a break last night and I think that is good, but I am not sure for how long. to make this work, I want to be able to contribute something to the household as well.” She said.

“And you don’t think staying home and raising our child is something worth a lot more than money?’ he asked as he looked at her.

"You want me to be a stay at home, mom?” she asked.

“If that is what you want to do. Noelle, I do make enough to keep us comfortable.” He said, “I have the professor thing, and I have the consulting thing as well. You know I want to expand that part.”

“You do?” she asked, “To what like a business?”

“I have some ideas, but I have to ask around and see if anyone is interested in them.” He said.

“I am sure they will be.” She said as she smiled softly. “I could help with that.”

“I forgot you’re a business major.” He said. “Well, maybe I should make some phone calls.”

“What is the worst they can say, no?” she asked.

“They could also laugh.” He replied as she looked up at him.

“At you? I doubt it.” She said.

“You’re bias.” He replied as he kissed her.

“Maybe. A little.” She said as she reached up and placed her arms around his neck.

“You know you make not picking you up and making you rest very hard.” He whispered on her lips.

“I don’t think that you actually mean rest, though.” She smiled.

“Oh really?” he asked as his eyes got lit up like a child’s on Christmas day.

“What have I gotten myself into?” she asked herself aloud.

“A very sticky situation, Mouse.” He said as he moved with her to the wall of the kitchen.

“And that is what?” she asked.

“You found someone who only wants the best for you.” He said as he kissed her again.

“That is rather sticky.” She said.

“Mouse, I love you.” He said as he kissed her neck and rested his head there. She smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“I know.” She said as she felt him stiffen. “I love you too.”


Lesson learned ch 7

After loading Noelle into the car Mitsuhide looked at her and smiled. This was his new beginning in life. a full life. He first went to the mall where he set to get her a few new outfits that would fit her better than the baggy clothes she had been wearing to cover the increasing of her waist.

“Mitsuhide these clothes are to expensive.” She said as she looked at the price tags. “I only have a few more months of wearing them.”

“And you think he will be your only child?” Mitsuhide asked. “You can wear them again later if necessary.”

“You want children?” Noelle asked.

“A few I believe.” He said. “This one has become more interesting to me. I think I would like a few more.” His grin took her breath away.

“Mitsuhide if we do have other children you wouldn’t treat them any different would you?” she asked quickly.

“Sweetheart, no I wouldn’t. I think you believe that men would would prefer our own child over that of a strangers correct?” he started as she nodded, “it doesn’t always work that way though. You have an instantous connection with the baby because it is literary a part of you. Men don’t have that connection. We sit on the sides watching and waiting. I think that once a man decides to be a father to the child the bonding moment can begin. Often more times than not that doesn’t really happen until the time of delivery. When a man can see the fruits of his labor so to speak. I already chose to be his father. It matters not to me that he is not connected to me by blood. He doesn’t have to be my blood for me to care for him. So the answer is no, Noelle. If we have our own children it won’t matter to me and I will not treat him any differently. I will be there from his first breath to my last one. Now lets get these for you.”

He took the things she picked out and looked at her as she stood there still trying to process his words. He really had thought all of this through. He really did want the both of them in his life. She was amazed by him as he stood there in the middle of the store buying her five maternity outfits. He walked back with a smile and took her hand. As they were walking she heard a familiar voice. She looked around.

“What?” Mitsuhide asked.

“I hear someone I know.” She said. “Can we leave?”

“I wanted to go to the baby store.” Mitsuhide said softly.

“Mitsuhide.” She said but it was to late.

“Noelle?” the both heard coming from in back of them. “is that you?”

She turned around and looked at the older man behind them. Mitsuhide also turned and looked at him and instantly placed him as somehow related to her. They had the same eyes though the mans complexion was much darker and his hair black where as hers was light and fair and her hair flaxen with streaks of bronze red.

“Father.” She said.

“It is good to see you.” He said as he looked her over. His clipped accents begged him for someone who thought he was much better than every one else. Mitsuhide knew what he had done to the woman standing next to him and wanted nothing more than to punch the man square in the jaw.

“Same.” Noelle replied.

“And the child?” her father asked.

“He is fine as well.” Noelle said as she was also keeping her refined accent in check.

“He?” her father asked. “I will have a grandson?”

“I thought you said neither he nor I would be welcome in your lives.” She said plainly as she was trying to keep her cool.

“Noelle it was a heated discussion and you were being difficult. You have to know your mother and I would calm down eventually and you could come home.” Her father stated.

“I could come home?” she said.

“You still plan on keeping him don’t you?” her father asked. “Then of course our grandson would be welcome as well.”

“Father I don’t need your money anymore.” Noelle said plainly.

“No it looks like you have done well enough on your own.” Her father hinted at Mitsuhide’s presence.

“You think I am using him?” Noelle asked.

“A single woman, let on her own. You could have done worse.” Her father said.

“A single very pregnant woman left on her own could do very much worse, father. Mitsuhide however has been there from nearly the beginning and he was the only one who seemed to care about me and him. so excuse me if I let you think I am using him for whatever. He is my child’s father as far as anyone is concerned.” Noelle spat out.

“You are the one who got my daughter in this condition?” her father asked staring Mitsuhide down.

“You misheard me father.” Noelle said quickly before Mitsuhide could speak. She could feel the silence vibrations coming from him as he was seething underneath his skin. “I said he is my child’s father as far as we are concerned. I didn’t know Mitsuhide before I found out. Father I found someone who looks out for me first. That is all that should matter. Now excuse us.”

“Noelle, before your go. The family will be gathering for the holiday at home. It would be nice if you came home for it.” Her father said.

“I will think about it.” She said as Mitsuhide watched the man walk off and she took his hand again.

“That was your father?” Mitsuhide asked.

“What gave that away?” she laughed as she looked at him.

“He said you could go home.” Mitsuhide said quickly.

“Mitsuhide it might be nice to hear but I know them there are conditions. There are always conditions. I don’t want to live my life like that.” She said.

“But your family?” he asked.

“Is right here Mitsuhide.” She said with a soft smile. He looked at her and he kissed her forehead.

“I don’t want to ruin a chance between you and your family, Noelle.” He said softly.

“You aren’t. Mitsuhide they left me with next to nothing. I am not going to go into what they said but when push came to shove and they cut me off from everything because I wasn’t doing what they said it was an eye opener. They will try and use the baby either for their own pride or for some kind of gain and then he will be stuck in their loop as well. We are much better off not in that place.” Noelle replied.

“I’m glad you think that way.” Mitsuhide said.

“Why is that?” Noelle asked as she tilted her head to the side.

“Because that means I won’t have to fight for you. I would too. Noelle I waited to long to act and now that I have I want you next to me. I want to have you both with me. I may not be rich like your parents but whatever is mine I will glad give to you, and only you.” Mitsuhide said with a grin.

“Mitsuhide I don’t want you to give me everything. I know I can add to this myself now.” Noelle said.

“Sweetheart I think you should stay home with the baby for a while after he arrives.” Mitsuhide said.

“Like how long do you think?’ she asked.

"Eighteen years or so.” He replied.

“Mitsuhide. I do want to work too. I want to be okay if something happens between us or something happens to you.” She said.

“Noelle.” He said.

“No mitsuhide I have to make sure I can take care of him by myself.” She said.

“Fine then a year. Take a year off.” He said.

“Maybe.” She said with a smile.

“Maybe we could work together and you could stay home.” He said as an idea hit him.

“How?” she asked.

“Let me think on that one.” He said as they stood in front of the store he wanted to go in. he gripped her hand and pulled her in it. “Lets get some stuff for our son.”

He walked into the store and she was overwhelmed with the tags on everything. She had spent so much time watching every cent that she had that the idea of spending so much on clothes for the baby was blowing her mind. He was looking at things that she would have never dreamed of like more onsies and then matching outfits. He had more than a few on his arm that she was so surprised. “What?” he asked as he looked at her.

“Mitsuhide that is too much.” She said.

“No it isn’t. It is five outfits Noelle. Sweetheart it is okay for me to buy things for our son. We still have to get the bigger items too like a crib and swings and stuff. Sweetheart you had to made do with less because of your situation but now we are in a different one. This isn’t going to hurt me. This won’t even put a dent into the savings I have. Not even a nick. I have been alone for way to long and now I have you two. Let me do this, my dear.” Mitsuhide said as he looked around even more.

“Can I help you?” a young woman sales clerk can over as she looked Mitsuhide up and down and smiled.

“No we are just looking.” Mitsuhide said as he placed another outfit on the pile he already had.

“For a friend?” The clerk asked.

“No, for my son.” Mitsuhdie said grinning even more.

“Oh you’re married I didn’t see a ring.” The clerk said softly.

“Not married yet but regardless we are here buying for our son.” Mitsuhide said once he knew for sure what the clerk was interested in and it wasn’t helping him pick out items. He also knew that Noelle was watching and he wanted to make it very clear to her as well, he was not interested in other women. Just her. That was all he wanted.

“Well congratutions.” The clerk said. “how old?”

“He isn’t born yet. Just getting ready.” Mitsuhide said.

“When is the due date?” the clerk asked.

Mitsuhide looked confused for a second as Noelle walked up and looked at him, “Honey when is the due date?”

“March first.” She smiled.

“Congratulations to you as well.” The clerk said as she looked over Noelle.

“Thank you.” Noelle said as she looked at the pile Mitsuhide had. She shook her head but looked up at him and smiled. “That is enough for today.”

“Fine for today.” He grinned as he tucked her under one arm as he carried the large amount of clothing in the other. As they were scanned and wrapped Noelle watched away when she saw a baby blanket, she turned around and saw Mitsuhide watching her and he nodded. She picked it up and brought it over. “That is nice.”

“We can bring him home in it.” She said.

“Yes. We can.” His grin growing even more. Once everything was placed into the bag and he paid without paying attention to the amount he helped her out of the store and to the car as he took her to go get food next but he realized that there was another baby store next to the grocery store. He wanted to go there first.

“Are you doing okay?” he asked.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Noelle asked.

“Because you get winded going up one flight of steps.” He said.

“Those are steps.” She laughed.

“Fine another store then food, okay?” he asked.

“Another baby store?” she asked.

“How did you know?” he questioned.

“I hate to say it Mitsuhide Akechi you are rather predictable.” Noelle said.

“I am not.” He said as he looked away from her as her smile made him want to take her home instead of doing what he wanted and she needed to do.