lesson learned ch16

next few days were a blur to both of them. The people started to arrive with
gifts for the son they had but were shocked to find out there was a second baby
in the room as well. As the two had multiple tests and Noelle could not go to
each of them but refused to allow them to go alone Mitsuhide went each time and
watched over them as they passed each test surprisingly. Though she was born at
a little over five pounds she was perfectly formed and had a good set of lungs
as they found out when she cried.

needy little princess.” Mitsuhide would coo at her and she would stop for a
second and look up at him. her eyes a striking blue were more alert than her
brother who was more laid back and hardly made a sound unless he was hungry.

think she likes you more.” Noelle said as she looked at the two as he sat with
his daughter in his lap as he fed her. He had called his supervising professor
and explained that his wife had given birth somewhat prematurely and he needed
to take leave for a month. Though things were still scheduled that they would be
discharged on the third day of their stay he didn’t want Noelle to be alone
with two newborns for the first few weeks. He had heard from others that was
the most important time for the bonding anyway.

The charge
nurse had come in and chuckled at the sight of the two parents adjusting
everything they had for the two babies. “I can see you in them.” She had said
to Mitsuhide as she looked at the pair.

really?” Mitsuhide smiled. “I think they look like their mother.”

about the eyes.” The nurse said. Mitsuhide just smiled and kept his mouth shut
for once and took it to mean people might think these two were his biological
children. Though he didn’t mind any part of the fact they were not, he also didn’t
want any problems with that later.

you hear that Mouse?” he asked.

“I did.”
She sat on the hospital bed smiling at him. “You are going to let that one go
to your head aren’t you?”

“I have
two beautiful children and a gorgeous wife. How could I not let that go to my
head. You know I never cared what they looked like. The fact is that they look
like you.” He smiled at her. He was about to get up and place his new daughter down
when everyone from the department walked in.

they said as one and he looked at them. “I hope we aren’t disturbing anything.”

“No you’re
not.” Mitsuhdie said somewhat strained.

“So we
heard there was a slight surprise for you as you were only expecting to have
one baby.” The department head said as he moved forward with a large box. “Here
is another car seat for you as we know you were prepared for one but not two.”

give them the rest.” The department head said over his shoulder.

were expecting a boy and also had a little girl. We weren’t sure how you wanted
to dress her but her is a few outfits for her. We knew she was small so we got
premie ones.” Hideyoshi said and Noelle was almost in tears.

“I also
brought some good food for you to have since hospital food sucks. You need to
keep your strength up now that you have two little people and Mitsuhide to take
care of.” Masamune said as he placed the basket of food over next to the bed. “When
you guys go home I will have a few weeks worth of food sent over to your house
so all you have to do is warm them up.”

you all so much.” Noelle said as she cleared her voice to speak. Just then the
baby in Mitsuhide’s arm let out a scream and had the whole room looking at her.

think she agrees.” Mitsuhide said chuckling.

you have a name for her?” hideyoshi asked as he looked at the small baby.

“No we
are still trying to work that out. Maximus took awhile to find but this time we
are in a crunch.” Noelle said. “Mitsuhide picked some weird names for Max when
we were trying to find one. He hasn’t changed with the weird names with her as

princess deserves something nice.” He countered.

Mitsunari asked, “That would be Sara.”

Noelle and Mitsuhide both asked.

means Princess.” The other man replied absently. The two people looked at each
other and then at the baby.

“It can’t
possibly that simple.” Mitsuhide said.

think it is.” Noelle replied.

we have one name for her.” Mitsuhide chuckled.

“Well I
guess it is a start and no real fighting over this one.” Noelle replied as the
other men looked at the two small babies and all smiled. Soon they took there
leave and they were left alone with their small family again.

and Sara.” Mitsuhide said with a grin as he sat next to Noelle on the hospital
bed. “Noelle Akechi I love you more than I can ever say.”

I love you as well.” She sighed as she placed her head on his shoulder. “This is
the best lesson learned of all time.”

is?” he asked as he brushed his lips on her temple.

lesson of love.”

is something I can get behind, Mouse.” Mitsuhide replied as he held her against
his side with his daughter in his lap and his son in her arms. This was the
best lesson he ever learned and the most rewarding as well.


lesson learned ch 15

The funeral was a week later. Mitsuhide was shocked when he walked i to what he assumed was going to be family affair into the realm of business men and their wives all gathered together. Noelle had warned him that it would be something like this. She stood next to him at the entrance to the hall her mother had rented out and she had to shake her head mentally at the affair. She saw her mother and siblings at the front of the hall and made her way through the crowd to get to them.

“Noelle it is so good to see you again.” A woman said as she stopped directly in the way of her Noelle’s path. She looked down and smirked, “so the rumors are true.”
“Rumors?” Noelle asked in a voice Mitsuhide had not heard before that almost sounded like his new mother in laws.
“That you found yourself in some dire circumstances a few months ago.” The woman said snidely.
“I am not sure what you are speaking of.” Noelle responded. “Oh I should introduce my husband shouldn’t I however I am strapped for time. I need to make my way up to my family.”
“Husband?” The woman asked as she looked at Mitsuhide with a question in her eyes.
“Her very devoted husband.” Mitsuhide said as he moved Noelle through the crowd. “Are all rich people assholes?”
“Yes.” She replied easily. “That won’t be the last time someone questions about Maximus. So pace yourself.”
“wonderful.” Mitsuhide said under his breath. Noelle looked at him and chuckled to herself as she forced herself closer to the front where her family was . She looked at her mother who nodded at her to acknowledge that she was there. Her brother Henry leaned over , “Have you heard from the lawyers yet?”

“No.” she replied.

“Oh really then they must be going from oldest to youngest.” he said. Noelle looked at him and the face she gave him was pure disgust.

“Our father just died can you please not act like a vulture. Mother would have you behave better, you know that. People will be watching all of us and you do not want to risk mother’s wrath.” Noelle said in hushed tones. She knew her siblings would never try to upset her mother who was looking the part of the grieving widow with her dearest “friend” standing close by. Noelle shook her head at even her own mother’s behavior by bringing her longtime lover to her husbands funeral. She couldn’t imagine living a life like that when the baby kicked hard and almost made her fall down. Mitsuhide had his hands bracing her up as he leaned in.

“Is Max acting up?” he asked softly.

“Yes.” she said as she stood and tried to shake off the feeling that something about that kick was not normal. She was trying to breathe when Mitsuhide looked at her.

“Noelle is it something more? You look like you are in real pain. not just one of his hard kicks.” Mitsuhide asked as he moved her off to the side of the room.

“Mitsuhide I just have to get through this and we will be fine. I think I need to lay down.” she said.

“Noelle do you want to go home?” he asked.

“No honey.” she said as she was beginning to be able to breath when the doctor from the practice walked up.

“Noelle is everything alright?” he asked. “Stress can bring on labor if you are not careful.”

“I am not in labor.” she said softly. “I can’t be. It’s too early.”

“Noelle maybe we should go have you checked out.” Mitsuhide said.

“I am not in labor.” she said again. “I just had a pain.”

“Noelle.” Mitsuhide said to calm her down as she was starting to get emotional. he did have some experience with her losing it over the most ridiculous  things. He knew that she would return to normal when she had the baby. She was trying to regain her composer as she focused on Mitsuhide’s face. Another pain went through her abdomen which made her gasp. “That’s it. we are going to the hospital.”

“Mitsuhide no.” she pleaded. “Just let me sit.”

“Noelle if you are in labor we need to be in the hospital.” he said as he looked at her with pleading eyes.

“I am not in labor. It is too soon."  she repeated. 

"Noelle.” Mitsuhide said as he had her sit down in a nearby chair. 

“Noelle I think if you have another one of those pains you do need to be checked at least. The labor can be stopped until your water breaks at least.” the doctor said. “Though you are at least thirty five weeks now. The baby will be fine if he is born now for the most part.”

“Mitsuhide?” she asked.

“Yes my love?” he asked.

“Go get the car.” she said and he looked at her, “We need to go to the hospital.”

“Noelle?” he asked.

“My water just broke.” she said as she looked up at him. The panic in her voice was there and he could hear it.

“Okay sweetheart. I will bring the car to the door.” Mitsuhide sid calmly while internally he was screaming and jumping up and down. he walked out to the hall and got into the car as he tried to steady himself for what was going to come. He let out the air he had trapped in his lungs and drove up to the door and parked the car. the officer that was there looked at him, “My wife just went into labor. Can I leave it here while I get her?" 

"Yeah. five minutes though.” the officer said.

“I hope it doesn’t take five minutes.” Mitsuhide said as he walked back in to the hall and located her on the side clutching her abdomen. The doctor was standing beside her and talking low to her. “Come on hun." 

"I will call the hospital to get you admitted right away.” the doctor said as they all walked out together. he watched as Mitsuhide place her into the car he took out his phone and made the call as the two drove off. Mitsuhide took her hand in his and kissed her hand as she cried out.

“I love you Noelle.” he said.

“I love you too.” she ground out as another wave of pain wracked her body. “I knew we wanted to meet Maximus but not right now.”

“Sweetheart.” Mitsuhide said as he made a turn to the left making a sharp turn. “We will all be fine.”

“Not if you drive like that!” she nearly screamed. 

“Sorry.” Mitsuhide said. “Just trying to get us there. god damnit!”

“What?” Noelle asked as another pain hit. 

“Construction.” Mitsuhide said with a tone that made her look at him. “Are you okay?”

“Mitsuhide I think I need to push.” she said.

“What?” he nearly screamed.

“Mitsuhide I think it is time to push. I feel him.” she said.

“Can you wait?” he asked.

“This isn;t like going to the bathroom.” she said. she moved her skirt a bit and touched herself lightly and she gasped. “Mitsu his head is right there.”

“Holy crap.” he said as he took out his phone to call for an ambulance. “Hello we are on University blvd and my wife is in labor. the baby is coming right now as his head is right there and she wants to push. White sedan." 

As the operator gave him instructions he moved to the car door and he opened the door and helped her move to face him. she screamed out and Mitsuhide looked at her, "Sweetheart it is time. I am here and we will do this together.”

“Mitsuhide!” she said as she screamed again. they could hear the sounds of the ambluence headed towards them. She pushed without any prompting and Mitsuhide followed the instructions of the dispatcher and cleared out the mouth and then turned the baby slightly. she bared down again and soon the baby was out and was wrapped in Mitsuhide’s jacket. He placed the baby on Noelle who looked down at the baby. “Is he okay?”

“He looks it.” Mitsuhide said as he was looking at the baby again. when she cried out again.

“What?” Mitsuhide asked.

“Feels like another.” She said as he looked back on the seat and he saw the sight that floored him. 

“Noelle, honey I am glad I bought all those clothes.” he said as he helped do the same thing again. After that he moved the jacket and placed another smaller but perfectly formed baby down in it. “Except one fact.”

“What’s that?” she said.

“The second one is a girl.” he said with a smile.

“We have two?” she said as she looked down at the babies. 

“Sweetheart we have two.” he said with a smile. he let out a breath as the ambulance finally showed up and they helped her out of the car on to a stretcher. “Baby I will be right behind you okay.”

she nodded as she looked down at the two small babies in her arms wrapped in his jacket. she was in awe of the two little beings in front of her. The baby girl was smaller than Maximus. when she got to the hospital Mitsuhide was somehow magically next to her as she was wheeled up to the labor and delivery department. They finished the birthing process and processed both of the newborns which both seemed without issue despite them being a few weeks early and twins. Noelle was able to clean herself up as they cleaned up the babies as Mitsuhide stood next to them watching everything that was done. 

“Are you the father?” the nurse said.

“Yes.” he said with a slight grin. 

“Heard about the excitement so you delivered them?” she asked.

“Yes.” he replied as he looked at both of them in the tiny cradles. “She was a surprise.”

“What do you mean?” the nurse asked.

“We didn’t know we were having twins. We had two scans and she must have been hiding.” he replied. 

“So you don’t have anything for her?” the nurse asked.

“Not really. we have tons for him though. I need to go get another car set but that won’t be an issue.” he said. 

“Well dad here you go.” the nurse said as she placed the small baby girl in his arms and he looked into the pair of very alert eyes and he felt something he had never felt before. As the nurse place Maximus in his arms as well he looked back and forth between the two. His heart was gone. He was near tears as he walked toward the bed where his heart resided in her. 

“Noelle?” he said as he looked at her.

“What Mitsuhide?’ she said almost afraid that this new development might be the thing that made him change his mind and want to run.

"Thank you.” he said as he looked back to the babies. “They both look like you. They are so perfect.”

“Your not upset?” she asked.

“Why would you think I would be?” he asked surprised. “I mean it is a surprise but a good one, honey. A baby girl as beautiful as her mother why would I be upset about that?”

“Just that you spent all that money on stuff for him.” she said.

“And you think that bothers me?” he asked laughing, “ I will spoil her as well.”

“Mitsuhide.” she said as she yawned.

“Sleep my sweet.” he said. “I will watch over them and start thinking of a name for our princess.”

“Nothing weird.” she said softly.


Lesson Learned ch 6

Sometime later he looked at the door knowing that she would be coming out and he had not found anything for her to wear. He had been sitting on the bed, wondering how this was all going to work out between them. He could understand her wanting to try things differently, and he was even happy that she had come up with the idea herself instead of starting a separate room for herself and hiding in it. It was going to be an adjustment for the both of them as he had to temper his own desire to show her the depths of his feelings right then and there. She was starved for human contact. She had been shunned from her family and friends and had the last six months completely on her own. He knew she had worked hard to get the things she had, and he had been on the sidelines proud of her the entire time as his own feelings became more and more engaged regarding her. It had been a long time he had been in a relationship of any kind, let alone with a beautiful very pregnant female who had just given him the greatest gift a person could receive though he had asked for it.

He had thought he would have to ease into the idea of breaking it to her. He wasn’t even sure it was going to be before the baby was born. Now he was not only going to have a relationship on his plate, but he was going to be a father as well. He had even more feelings rolling through him now that were so foreign to him; he was almost completely overwhelmed. He heard the water shut off and he stood as the door opened and Noelle was wrapped up in two towels. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she looked at him.

“Mitsuhide are you okay?” Noelle asked as she took a step closer to him.

“I’m fine.” He said as he waited until she reached him.

“Are you sure?” she asked as she looked up at him.

“I am better than okay, my love.” He said with a grin that took her breath away. He looked at the dresser and the clothes that were on it. There were two pairs of sleep pants and a shirt resting on the top. “Wear one of those.” he pointed to the dresser and the clothes. She walked over and took the top two things and walked back to the bathroom to change. He decided he would change now as well. He took his clothes off and folded them on the chair as he put the sleep pants on with no shirt. He looked at the door opening and saw her wearing one of his button-up shirts and his pants which were way too big for her, even with the enlarged section of her abdomen. She smiled as she tried to lift her leg up to roll the bottoms so she could walk. He chuckled at the sight. He walked over and stood next to her as she straightened to her full height, which still only made it to under his neck.

“Sit on the bed.” He said softly. She followed his instructions without any thoughts. She did, and he moved behind her. His hands found her shoulders, and he began kneading. The muscles there were tight. They were extremely tight, and he knew the extent of her stress. He wished he had asked her sooner to move into his house. That would have been one less thing she had to worry about. He didn’t want her money. He wanted her safety above all else. “Sweetheart, you are so tense.”

“The past few months haven’t been easy.” She said softly.

“I know that.” He said as he moved her hair to the front of her shoulders. He kneaded a little harder, increasing the pressure slightly as he went. He moved to her back slowly and worked his way down. She was making slight breathy noises that were driving him insane, but he was trying to keep his cool. She quickly straightened and had to take in a deep breath. “What? I didn’t hurt you, did I?’

"Not You Mitsuhide,” Noelle said, trying to catch her breath.

“Then what?” he asked concerned.

“He is kicking hard.” She replied. “Right into my ribcage.” Mitsuhide wrapped his arms around her to rub her stomach and feel the baby moving. He smiled and laughed as the baby landed a hard kick under his palms. “Yeah, it is funny.”

“Sweetheart, it is new to me. I don’t think it is funny. I think it is amazing. There is a completely new little person in there. You are amazing.” Mitsuhide said in her ear.

“I hope he kicks you all night.” She said, laughing. “You won’t find it amazing then.”

“Does he keep you awake often?” Mitsuhide asked as he moved his hands around a little.

“Sometimes.” She replied as she yawned slightly.

“Well with that you must be tired. Come here.” He said as he gently leaned her back against him.

“I forgot what it is like being around people Mitsuhide.” She said in a soft voice.

“Did you date many people before this?’ he asked softly as he rubbed her growing burden.

"No. I was laser-focused on finishing school. I dated some, but they were few and far between. None of them had the same drive I had, and I knew what I wanted. Most of them wanted to play games, and that wasn’t me.” Noelle said with a sigh.

“I understand that.” He said with a small chuckle.

“Is that how you were?’ she asked as she moved her head so she could see him.

"No. I was like you. I knew what I wanted to do much to everyone’s dismay. I didn’t have time for people, and that holds true to this day. I tend to make people uncomfortable because I sit and watch.” Mitsuhide said. “I use it for work when I consult on a case, but it spilled over into everything I do. I try to reign it in, but it doesn’t always work.”

“I like watching people, and I can see how it would be useful to someone in your field where every detail is a clue. Do you consult often?” Noelle asked.

“I get new cases every week, but I only take on the ones that interest me. Being a professor took a lot of the drive out of me. I take on maybe thirty to forty cases a year, and my consult is often less than a week.” He replied as he was still rubbing her shoulders and sides as she lay against him.

“Does it mean you travel often?’ she asked.

"No, I do most of it from here.” He replied. “Don’t worry, I am not going anywhere anytime soon.”

“I wasn’t worried.” She replied.

“It’s okay sweetheart.” He chuckled.

“I really wasn’t,” Noelle said as she tried to stifle another yawn. She looked over at the clock, and it was only ten. The peace and quiet of the house and the events of the day must have drained her. She could barely keep her eyes open.

“Time for good girls to go to sleep.” He said softly, and his voice was enchanting. He laid down first and then found her in his arms. She sighed softly, and his hand found its place draped over her side, and he listened to the sound of her breathing becoming more steady. Soon he knew she was asleep. He smiled as he felt the front of him warming with her body heat, and he wondered how lucky he really was. “Mouse I think we could be happy together.” He whispered softly into her hair as he gently placed a kiss there and closed his eyes and followed her into a deep sleep.

He woke to a weird pressure against him that seemed to be wiggling. He blinked open his eyes and found they had shifted positions during the night. She was laying on her side now facing him, and the wiggling was the baby. The baby was moving around doing what seemed to be flips against his side. He found the feeling to be an awakening of sorts. He placed his hand there and then spoke softly, “You need to let your mother sleep, little guy.”

“Too late.” She said in the darkness of the room. “Did I wake you?”

“No, he did. You got your wish, sweetheart.” He said with a smile as he brushed his lips against her forehead as they resettled.

“He just started with this a week ago. It seemed the days I had a test or exam he would just kick all night.” Noelle said.

“That doesn’t seem all that nice,” Mitsuhide said as he patted her side. “I guess I will have to talk to the boy.”

“Mitsuhide it isn’t like he stops because I ask him too.” Noelle laughed.

“No, but I am his father.” He said with a smile.

“And you think that matters?” she said as she snuggled into him again as they got comfortable.

“It should. He seems to stop when I talk.” He said.

“He is probably trying to figure out who you are.” She replied. “Your voice was the only other one he heard consistently so he will recognize it.”

“Well, he hopefully will get better now that he will hear it even more,” Mitsuhide said as they both yawned and fell into silence as they both tried to go back to sleep again. “Goodnight Noelle.”

“Goodnight Mitsuhide.” She said as she was drifting off to sleep. It was impossible for her to keep her eyes open. The comfort of his bed and the warmth of his arms and body, keeping her warm was lulling her back to sleep. This was her dream come true.


Lessons Learned ch 4

He was sitting at his desk in the office when his phone rang. He reached for it and saw it was Noelle. He picked it up to hear her crying.
“Noelle what is it?” He asked before he she could speak.
“The the the apartment buuuuildinng.” She drew out.
“Noelle where are you?” Mitsuhide asked as panic flew through him.
“Outside.” She responded and he was now standing grabbing his jacket and checking to make sure he had his wallet and keys.
“Noelle are you at your place?” He asked.
“Yeah.” She replied.
“I’ll be right there.” Mitsuhide said as he got in his car and flew out of the parking lot and was racing towards her. They had gone out to dinner at least once a week since the first time he took her to dinner and then to his house to go over studying. That had been five weeks ago. He had been happy for the first time and he was scared nearly out of his mind when she called.
He got to the perimeter and the local police all recognized him as they waved him through. “What are you doing here. A simple drug fire.” One of the cops said as they looked at him.
“Not here for the case. A friend called me who lived in the building. I need to find her.” Mitsuhide said as he was looking through the crowd.
“A friend of yours lives here?” The cop said.
“My assistant.” Mitsuhide said as he walked away. He was looking everywhere for Noelle when he spotted a woman sitting on the sidewalk. “Noelle?”
“Mitsuhide!” She said as she struggled to stand. She went to him and he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.
“Are you okay?” He asked into her hair.
“I heard the explosion and then the heat and then The fire alarms went off. I managed to get out quickly.” Noelle said. “Everything is gone.”
“It can be replaced.” He said. “You are what is important here. You and the baby.”
“Mitsuhide I have nothing now.” She said as she sobbed into him.
“You’re alive. Everything else doesn’t matter.” He whispered into her hair. “You and the baby are fine Noelle that is what matters.”
“I don’t know what to do. I grabbed my purse and my backpack but everything else is gone. I don’t have anything Mitsuhide. Anything.” She cried.
“Come love. Come with me. I will take care of you for now.” Mitsuhide said as he started to lead her away from the building. She was distracted and distraught. He knew that she was probably in shock as well. He wanted to get her out of the cold. He wrapped his jacket around her.  As he led her away he passed his information to one of the investigations as the contact for her and her apartment. He knew that meant they would watch whatever was left of hers closer because of him.
He sat her down in the car and he went to the driver-side and got in.
“Noelle talk to me.” Mitsuhide said as he started the car and started driving away.
“I don’t know what I’m going to do. Now there is no way. I can’t do this.” Noelle said in a quiet voice.
“You can, sweetheart.” He said softly he took her hand in his and she looked at it like it was an alien concept.
“Mitsuhide I need to think about this in reality. I should talk to an adoption agency. I can’t do this. I can’t do anything right.” She cried. When he pulled into his driveway she looked around blankly. He got out and helped her out as he got to her side. He braced his hand around her when she had a deep intake of breath. He felt the reason she did that and he was surprised.
“Was that?” He asked.
“It was him.” She said softly.
“Him?” Mitsuhide asked, “you didn’t tell me you knew what it was.”
“I found out earlier.” She said. She reached in her purse and pulled out the ultrasound pictures and handed them to Mitsuhide.
“So this is what the little alien looks like.” He chuckled.
“I don’t want to see it.” She said.
“Noelle stop.” He said as he showed her the pictures, “ this is your baby boy. He is fine.”
“Mitsuhide I can’t do this. I tried and I failed.” She said defeated.
“Oh really and how did you do that, my dear?” He asked as he led her to the couch.
“Everything I had was there. It’s all gone.” Noelle said softly, “I can’t rebuild it. I can’t afford another place.”
“What were you paying?” He asked.
“450.” She said.
“Okay sweetheart how about you rent two rooms from me?” He asked.
“What?” She asked.
“Rent the two upstairs rooms from me. You can have one and the baby can have the other. Hell just pay for one room. The baby can stay  for free. Actually let me help with the baby Noelle.” Mitsuhide said as he sat down.
“You want to help?” She asked confused, “why?”
“Call it a need to help you. Look he will be here in a few months let me help you.” Mitsuhide said. He saw her hands on her abdomen and he wanted nothing more than to feel the baby as well. “Can I?”
He reached out his hand and she looked at it, “Of course.” She guided his hand to the side of her growing stomach and put it there. The baby kicked almost immediately.
“Is it always like that?” He asked as he chuckled moving slightly closer.
“He is active at night more. I think the quiet gets to him.” Noelle said as she looked up at the man who just offered to house her and her baby. “Did you mean it? Letting us stay here?”
“Yes. Actually I insist. Noelle I meant to bring this up before this happened. I didn’t like you living there and to be honest a fire was the best thing that could have happened to you. A young woman in general in that area is not safe. I had a hard time sleeping at night knowing you were there. Noelle I have a proposal for you but I don’t think Now is the time to ask.” Mitsuhide said.
“Just ask Mitsuhide.” She said. “I’m not completely in shock.”
“I know you want to keep him regardless of what you said. Noelle you will be a great mother I already know that but you shouldn’t have to do it alone. What you say if I claimed him as mine as well?” Mitsuhide said.
“What?” Noelle asked.
“Look we get along well enough. You need help and I am willing to step up and help you and the baby. Let me claim him as my son, Noelle and he will be safe forever if you let me do that.” Mitsuhide said softly. “Noelle please allow me to do that. He will never want for anything, neither of you will.”
“Mitsuhide why?” She asked.
“Do you really want to know?” He asked as he moved closer to her. His hand was still on her abdomen rubbing in small circles. She was acutely aware of it as he was so gentle as he touched her.
She nodded as she swallowed. He leaned forward as he brushed his lips on hers as his other hand wrapped around her nape and brought her closer to him. She was not in shock as she kissed him back.  
“Noelle.” He whispered softly against her lips.
“Yes Mitsuhide. I will allow you to help me and him.” She said equally as soft against his lips.
“Thank god.” He said as he smiled. He kissed her again gently as he moved his hand on her abdomen.
“Are you sure you want that?” Noelle asked.
“A son? You? Of course I wanted that since the day I found you outside my office.” Mitsuhide said. “Look Noelle I would like to try at something I never had before, regardless of this between us working or not I will be this guys father forever, okay?”
“You mean that?” Noelle asked.
“I wouldn’t say something that permanent if I didn’t mean it, sweetheart. I have reached the point in my life I want more than just working. I’m tired of coming home to an empty house. I will admit I was attracted to you that first day. I didn’t want an assistant. Somehow you broke through that with your honesty that day. You wanted walls and barriers all around you I can understand why. I watched you struggle and stumble and the whole time I wanted nothing more to step in an help you. I don’t make interpersonal relationships Noelle. I tend to want to sit on the sidelines and watch things but with you somehow it was impossible to do that. I worried about you even before you told me about him. We might not be a conventional thing but I will help you as much as I can with him. Having a child around might be the last puzzle piece I need. I want to have you here.” Mitsuhide said softly.
“What about my job?” She asked.
“Thats what you ask?” He laughed.
“Well I do need money.” She said.
“Your job was never in question, my dear.” He said chuckling. “As long as the directors don’t catch wind of it I don’t see any issues. I think the problem will arise when I take paternity leave. However I will take the consequences when they arise.”
“Mitsuhide I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me.” Noelle said as she sat back into the couch.
“There will be no trouble, almost all the Professors have relationships with some of their students some more than one or two. As long as it is consensual and no laws are broken everyone is adults so no one cares. Of course you are not my student so there is no question of authority or misuse. I am fine.” Mitsuhide countered. “And regardless this is worth a paper in my file. No one has to know the true parentage of the child, just us. And we can take our time with each other. I am not saying we jump into something we aren’t ready for. Everything will happen as it should. Tomorrow we will go and get you a bed for tonight you will sleep on mine, I will be out here. We will also start getting things for him. We have some time so we can get enough for him to have to be ready.”
“Mitsuhide I don’t know what to say.” Noelle said as she looked at the man in front of her. This man was laying everything down in front of her that she wanted without and qualms or conditions. She had to think this was a dream. She never expected help, or anything from him. He was offering everything she wanted to her including a family and a father for her son. “Mitsuhide there is only one problem with your plan.”
“What is that?” He asked as he narrowed his eyes slightly he had thought this through for over a month and could see nothing wrong with it.
“I don’t know who the father is, he could be a completely different race.” She said softly.
“And you think skin tone would matter to me?” He asked.
“If you claim him and he is a mixed race baby people will talk.” She said.
“So let them. Noelle from this moment baby Hanson is now Baby Akechi do you understand?” He said with a soft grin, “I personally like the sound of that.”
“I think I do too.” She said as she moved her head to his shoulder and rested a moment. His hand still rubbing soft circles on her abdomen. When the baby land a sharp kick right under his hand.
“I think he does too.” Mitsuhide said softly as he moved his arm around her and held her tight to him with his other on top of where his now son resided. He went from scared out of his mind to more content with life then he had ever been. He made a silent promise to both of them to keep them close and happy as ling as he was able too.


Lessons learned ch 3

Mitsuhide drove up to the address she had listed on her application and was horrified that this was where she lived. The area was so run down and from his experience working with the police force was majorly crime ridden. A young woman living alone here was dangerous let alone a basically asking for trouble.

She walked out of the apartment building and got in his car. He looked her over. “What?” She asked.

“Are you crazy or stupid?” He asked rather bluntly.

“Excuse me?” She retorted as they started driving.

“This neighborhood is no place for someone like you.” He said.

“Excuse me again?” She asked.

“Noelle it isn’t safe. You have to see that.” He said softly.

“Well it is the best I could afford at the moment.” She replied. “Not like a lot of people are running out to make a nice apartment cheap.”

“I understand that.” He said “but this neighborhood I know is riddled with drugs, prostitution, and other gangs. It’s not safe for someone like you. You are alone and pregnant a perfect target here.”

“Professor please.” She said as she looked around.

“Alright I will drop it for now.” He said as they neared the restaurant he had picked. “I hope you like this place.”

“I’m sure I will. Its been awhile since I’ve been out.” She said with a smile.

“I should have asked what you prefer but this place has a wide selection.” He said, “it is also out of the way so no prying eyes.”

“Prying eyes?” She asked.

“Things that could make you feel uncomfortable if lets say a few of the other Professors came in.” He replied, “I would prefer not to have them around myself. ”

“You’re right I wouldn’t like it if the other professors thought something more was going on between us.” She said with a chuckle.

“Of course you wouldn’t.” He said dryly and he figured he had all his answers.

“That didn’t come out the way I wanted it too.” She said. “I don’t want to be seen as a gold digger.”

“What?” He asked chuckling now.

“I am a pregnant young woman who is completely alone, Professor Akechi. I am afraid that that is how I would be seen if I was seen with a prominent professor with a reputation like yours.” Noelle said, “I know how people who see it.”

“Noelle.” He sighed. “Couldn’t it just be the opposite though. A Professor like me sees an attractive young woman and wants to try to build something he isn’t sure he could have in a different situation.”

“I’m not sure I follow.” She said.

“Let’s go eat.” He said as he pulled in as he wanted nothing more than to drop the conversation. He had given to much away already.

As they sat down in the dimly lit room near the back she looked around and understood this had to be his go to place. In a way it was like him. Dark and mysterious and full of secrets. Noelle’s attraction to the man hadn’t diminished an once since she began to work for him. She was well and good deep into a crush for the man and this was like a dream come true. She looked at him as he looked over the menu and she had to smile to herself. The reasons that led her here were also the reasons she could never have what she wanted the most. He wouldn’t ever want her she was damaged goods now. However she could still have that private fantasy in the back of her head.

As they ordered he was not impressed with her choice. She was supposed to be eating and she seemed more inclined to pick at a small entree instead.

“Is the food to your liking?” He asked.

“Yes.” She smiled at him.

“Next time you can get something else which is bigger.” He said.

“Next time?” She asked.

“Noelle I didn’t expect this to be a one time thing.” He said. “Someone has to look out for you.” He hand over his card to the server and looked at her.

“Professor that is a nice thought but I can take care of myself.” She replied as she put her napkin down and couldn’t look him in the eyes.

He reached over the table and hooked his finger under her chin and nudged her head up to look at him, “Noelle look at me.”

“Professor.” She whispered.

“Noelle when it is just the two of us would you please call me by my name?” Mitsuhide asked.

“That doesn’t seem right.” She replied.

“Why ever not?” He asked. “You do realize I am more than just a professor correct? I am a person too.”

“I guess so. Its just that I work for you and I can’t afford to lose this job.” Noelle said.

“Who said anything about you losing your job?” He replied.

“But if I am to familiar with you I could lose it.” She said softly.

“Silly girl. You won’t lose your job.” Mitsuhide chuckled. “In fact you may end up with more than you bargained for.”

“What does that mean?” She asked.

“Oh nothing Noelle. Now will you please call me by my name when it is just the two of us?” He asked.

“Fine.” She said.

“Fine what?” He prompted.

“Fine Mitsuhide.” She said.

“Good girl.” He smirked as he sat back in his chair as the server brought the receipt back along with his card. The first steps had been taken. He knew it and so did she though it was not clear to her at the moment. He had to smile to himself as he helped her from the table and escorted her to the car. “Is there anywhere else you wish to go?”

“No.” She said softly. “I have to study and I have some work to do from my slave driver of a boss.”

“Study what?” He asked ignoring her boss comment.

“I have a test on the formula and chemical compounds of enzymes reactions between substances.” She replied.

“Like oxidant And reactives?” He asked.

“Thats it exactly.” She said surprised.

“You’re in luck than.” He said. “I happen to be somewhat of an expert on that.”

“Really?” She asked.

“Despite what you think my dear, I did take a variety of course while I was in college.” He said to her laughter.“

"I can’t see you in a lab coat though.” She said.

“Maybe one day I will let you see it.” He chuckled. “Come on I help you with your studies.”

“Pro- Mitsuhide are you sure I mean it is your time off.” She said.

“Noelle I can’t think of anything better to do or anything I would rather do either.” Mitsuhide said as he started driving to his house.

“I need my books.” She said.

“Perks of being a professor, my dear. I have access to all the books.” He chuckled.

When he pulled into his house she looked around at the driveway and then the house. Noelle didn’t want to seem surprised that he had a place like this. It was nice and well kept. The two story house was in a quiet neighborhood somehow she never would have thought it was something he would have. She had to shake her thoughts. “You coming or are you going to stand here and stare at the house?” Mitsuhide asked as he chuckled, “I know most people have that reaction when they see it as if I was supposed to live in a cave or something.”

“I’m sorry was it obvious?” She said as she walked over to him as he opened the front door.

“The house is new. I figured since I am going to stay here for some time it was time to be an adult. I am not sure it was a good fit.” Mitsuhide said.

“Why is that?” Noelle asked as she walked in to a nearly empty house.

“Like I said the house is new and it is too much for just me.” He said as he threw his keys on the counter.

“Professor it is.” She started to say.

“Mitsuhide.” He said.

“What?” She asked.

“My name is Mitsuhide.” He said as he looked at her again.

“Fine Mitsuhide I was going to say that the house just needs some things. Plenty of people live alone in places like this.” Noelle replied. “I know plenty of people that have more than this but they often are miserable.”

“Well that is good to know.” He said with a deep chuckle, “personal experience?”

“My parents.” She replied as she looked around.

“Well now that doesn’t sound all that good.” Mitsuhide said as he guided her to the couch in the corner of the large room. “I will pull up the text books. Did you want something to drink?”

“Water is fine.” Noelle said as Mitsuhide looked at her and shook his head, “sorry for a moment I forgot. It isn’t like I have many people over." 

"The funny thing is I did forget for a minute.” She laughed. “Normally it is like a plague hanging over me. You made me forget for a minute.”

“I know I have no right to ask but is it horrible like that often?” Mitsuhide asked.

“I guess what makes it horrible is the being alone. I mean I didn’t expect that my parents would even refuse to talk to me or that my siblings would follow suit. Its a child not a deadly disease or something. Thats what hurts the most that if I chose some other route they would welcome Me back into the family fold if inly I bow to their wishes. A unmarried woman having a child is unacceptable. Not knowing the child’s father is also unacceptable. However the worst sin of all is choosing to have it and keep it.” She said.

“So your family is what ultra religious?” He asked as he sat with his computer open as he listened to her.

“No more like ultra controlling. They aren’t religious at all. My sisters and brothers follow their lead and do as they are told. From the career choices they could have to their spouses my parents make all their choices. It took them cutting me off for me to see it for what it was. Thats why I haven’t run back. I could never live a life like that under someone’s thumb. I might not be able to provide much but I can try at least. I have to try. It is my decision after all.” Noelle said as she looked up at him. “What?”

“I find you extremely interesting Noelle. You had everything at your finger tips and you chose to make your own way.” He said as he brushed a piece of hair away from her face. He looked into her eyes and he saw the slight flash of awareness in them. He had to internally smile at that. This was going to be interesting but he knew it would be worth it for both of them in the end, he just needed not to spook her long enough to have her see the truth in front of them.


Lessons learned ch 2

Two months had gone by and somehow she had survived so far. Noelle was sitting on the beat up couch in the office as he finished up his last class of the day. She had finished the grading for the packet of papers he had left her. She had the list of things he needed and she had ordered them all for him. She was just sitting think what else she could do when the wave of drowsiness took over. That was the next stage of this she had heard though the doctor she had seen hadn’t told her it would be this bad. She closed her eyes for what seemed like a moment and when she opened them he was at his desk reading something on the computer.

He glanced up and peered at her through his glasses which just made his eyes seem even more golden. “Noelle I really do think we need to have a conversation.” He started. She sighed knowing that all her hard work and dedication to the job he was going to find out the reason she needed it and he would fire her.

“I really don’t want to have this conversation professor.” She sighed again, “I will pack up my things and will help you train my replacement.”

“You’re quitting?” He asked.

“I thought you would be firing me.” She said.

“Why would I fire you?” He asked, “so far you have been the best assistant I ever had.”

“But why did you want to have a conversation then?” She asked.

“Because your issues are becoming more prominent, Noelle. You have to say the words and I need to hear them so we can change some of your tasks.” He said.

“Nothing has to change.” She replied.

“Noelle.” He said sternly as his eyes narrowed.

“Fine. I am pregnant. Fine are you happy now?” She sputtered out with tears in her eyes.

“Not particularly. Are you?” He asked, “hiding something like that has to be exhausting.”

“It was.” She said as she sat back.

“Where is the father?” He asked, as he raked his eyes over her.

“I don’t know.” She said softly.

“Now I have to admit that shocks me.” He said as he sat back in his chair.

“I don’t. I hate to say it but I don’t know who the father is. It was a surprise for me as well.” She said.

“Care to explain?” He asked with his fingers now steepled on his desk as he leaned forward.

“I really don’t want to but I went to a party with a few friends last school year. I had one drink and then the next thing I know I am in my dorm room. Everything seemed fine but a few weeks later, well yeah.” She shrugged.

“That unfortunately makes much more sense.” He said softly. “What do you plan to do?”

“Finish the year. I’m on track to but as you already probably guessed I have been cut off from my family so I have to do this on my own. Hence why I needed this job.” She said.

“I meant about the child.” He said keeping his tone even.

“I know I had a choice in the beginning and everyone told me to take it I couldn’t. It’s mine, you know.” She said shrugging, “I know it won’t be easy but I will do whatever I have too to make it work.”

He sat back and looked at her again his eyes giving nothing away.

“You need to rest more.” He said, “I believe we should cut your hours.”

“But I need those hours.” She said. “Professor please. This job is me saving so I can get the things the baby needs.”

“Will you promise not to work yourself to hard?” He asked.

“Do I have a choice?” She retorted.

“Noelle how far along are you exactly?” He asked.

“Four and a half months.” She said with a sigh. She didn’t want to be here having this conversation with him but she knew she had too. He had surprised her with how observant he was. Picking up on things she liked and didn’t. He had avoided mixing his meals around her.

“And you have no one?” He asked.

“No.” She replied.

“No friends?” He asked.

“Professor why would that matter?” She avoided answering the question.

“So no, let me guess when you said something they all thought you were crazy and stupid. As they went to bar or something like that?” He asked. She nodded. She had made the hardest decision of her life and everyone around her had thought she was insane for making that one. “Admirable.”

“What is?” She asked as the tears filled her eyes.

“You changed course without anyone instead you have worked hard and continued doing what you needed to to hopefully fulfill your dreams. That is admirable.”

“Thank you.” She choked out as the tears slipped passed her eyelids.

“Here.” He said handing her a piece of paper.

“What’s this?” She asked.

“My phone number. My cell number. You have no one else if you need to call me.” He said as he looked at her, “Noelle you need to eat more as well. I know your money is locked up right now, let me take you out to dinner.”

“Sir.” Noelle started and then “Professor Akechi I’m not sure that is a good idea.”

“Food.” He replied, “you need to eat.”

“Fine.” She said softly not wanting to agree but things were tight and though she was eating it wasn’t  always the best option.

“I will pick you up in a few hours say six o’clock?” He said, “you are dismissed for the day.”

“Fine.” She said as she stood up and got her bag. It was Friday and she had to start the weekend somehow. She had given up the fun of going out and had to stay at her apartment most of the time. The noise from her various neighbors was almost as good as watching television. A dinner out would be nice even if it was with her boss. It wasn’t like he liked her he was just being a thoughtful boss.

She walked out of the office and Mitsuhide Akechi sat back in his chair and wondered why he just did that. Noelle was the best assistant he ever had but there was something more about her. He was attracted to her the moment he saw her sitting on the floor by his office door and knew he was asking for punishment when he did hire her. He had started pitting things together about her pregnancy very early on. She often had a greenish complexion when food was brought up, her tiredness though she was working the job well was also becoming more evident ever day, in the past month though it was the changes in her appearance that sealed the deal. He wanted to find out who the father was and make sure he was doing his part in helping out only to find out there was none. This hard working woman who was cut off from her family had no one to help her and she was barely making it. He did admire her. He was envious as well.

He was even more attracted to her than he was before and now he knew it would be difficult to work with her. He never had a burning desire for a female before but knowing she wasn’t even a regular college student and never one of his students allowed him to pursue her if he chose too. He could easily help her out and it wouldn’t make a dent in his life but he wanted more. He wasn’t sure what he wanted but it was just more than writing a check to her and calling it a day. He was eight years older than her and though until that conversation he had thought he was content to be alone as his colleagues were all getting married and having children he was sure he would remain alone that is until a certain female applied to work for him.

He stared to make plans in his mind. This dinner would be the catalyst for his next move either way. If it was a good one he would move on and if it turned bad he would just remain her boss and it seemed only friend.

“Knock knock” he heard from the hallway and looked up to see Professor Toyotomi one of his colleagues and he begrudgingly called him a friend though their friendship at best was strained.

“What do you want?” Mitsuhide asked.

“Came to see if you wanted to go out with the others tonight?” Hideyoshi asked.

“I have other plans.” Mitsuhide said.

“Oh. Doing what?” Hideyoshi asked skeptically.

“My assistant.” Mitsuhide countered.

“What?” Hideyoshi asked with wide eyes.

“I have a working dinner with my assistant, Miss Hanson.” Mitsuhide said with a smirk. “What did you think I meant?”

“I mean she is a pretty girl.” Hideyoshi replied.

“She is an adult you know. A graduate student getting ready to graduate but that is neither here nor there. Just a dinner to go over a few changes I made to the syllabus.” Mitsuhide said his smirk growing. He knew how to get under his friends skin. Though it was perfectly fine for a professor and student to have a relationship Hideyoshi had numerous objections to the practice. This time he couldn’t say much of anything if it did work out the way Mitsuhide hoped for it too she was never his student.

“Well if it is a working dinner.” Hideyoshi said as he eyed the other man.

“Whatever else would it be?” Mitsuhide asked with a tone of innocence both men knew he didn’t have.

“I could go on the dangers of getting involved in a relationship with a student but I have a feeling you just want to rile me up. Just be careful Mitsuhide, some of these women will do nearly anything to make sure they get an A.” Hideyoshi said as he stood up.

“I am sure she has no desire for that type of A.” Mitsuhide said with a laugh. “You do realize of course she is not my student nor has she ever been.”

“Then how is she doing the work?” Hideyoshi asked as he turned to look back at Mitsuhide who was now standing and getting his papers to place in his computer bag.

“Thats the thing Hideyoshi she learned the course the first two weeks she worked for me. She never took my classes.” Mitsuhide smiled, “she is a rather impressive young woman. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go get some things ready before dinner.”

“Be careful though.” Hideyoshi said as they parted in the hallway.

“I have nothing to worry about.” Mitsuhide as he smirked again and he knew he didn’t. Either way this dinner went he had nothing to worry about when it came to Noelle.


Leason learned ch 1

This does have a few warnings. Mention of date rape drugs and drugged rape. Single pregnancy also.

On moblie and can’t put in a break. Sorry.

The teacher list who needed Ta’s had been posted for a week before she had got the chance to look at it. She was kicking herself now even more than she had been already. If her life hadn’t been going down hill since she got the news that changed everything and then her parents had cut off the financial aide because of her decisions this was going to be the next bad thing in her life. At twenty two she was technically an adult and had been for four years as she had gone to college and then Grad school this was her final year. She had managed to scrape up enough for tuition and books and even a small apartment but she needed to make a little money to prepare for her new reality.

The last teacher accepting  Applications was the one she had avoided for the five years she had been at the school. There was something about him that set her awareness off. Not only was he one of the best forensic  investigators in the world he was handsome as hell as well. She hung her head low and swallowed her pride as she headed to his office. There was a box of applications outside his door and she took one and sat down by the door to fill it out when the door opened and there was a woman who was crying as she looked horrified and nearly ran from the door.

“Oh another one, good.” The professor said as he looked down at the woman sitting in the floor. His sarcasm was thick, “well come on and let’s get this over with.”

“Sir, I-was just filling this out. I didn’t expect an interview today.” She replied.

“Does it truly matter if today or tomorrow? Will the information change in twenty four hours?” He asked.

“No sir.” She replied as she stood.

“Then let’s get this over with.” He said as he took her application and turned and went into the office and she followed as she squared her shoulders and then looked around the room and saw there was no personal touches. There were no windows and she looked at the door and saw the same. “Well Mouse what do you see?”

“Nothing.” She replied.

“And that means?” He asked.

“I honestly see nothing. There is nothing in here that shows who you are. I believe this room was once a storage closet. The lack of windows gives that away, the door is the same. No window.” She replied.

“What else do you see?” He asked now amused at this one person.

“You’re a Private person. You don’t take your accomplishments too seriously. You’re not married or at least you wear no ring. You must work out as the sports bag in the corner. Im guessing that with your impatience to complete this interview you never wanted a TA to begin with but the department just got a grant to hire one for every professor and your hand was dealt.” She said.

“Why do you need this job?” He asked with a gleam in his golden eyes.

“To make money.” She replied.

“We all need a job for that. You could easily qualify for assistance obviously why this job?” He asked.

“You’re the only professor left.” She replied. “I meed a job that can work around my schedule here at school.”

“Why?” He asked.

“Because I need to cram two semesters into one.” She replied.

“So you only plan to work for one semester? I thought the job posted was for both?” He asked fully knowing that it was.

“I will work for you as long as I can into the second semester.” She said swallowing hard.

“And the reason for your departure?” He asked.

“Is personal.” She replied.

He stared at her for a moment and then nodded, “Quite right. Some things should remain completely personal. Be here at eight am tomorrow and we will go over your hours and responsibilities.”

“Wait you’re hiring me?” She asked surprised.

He chuckled and the sound filled the room, “Mouse I do believe you will fill the job well.”

“Thank you sir!” She said.

“First rule don’t call me sir.” He said as his eyes snapped back into a hard stare.

“Yes professor.” She said as she stood and placed her hand out.

“Miss Hanson I will see you in the morning”, as he took her hand and shook it and she turned out of the office. She had a shocked smile on her face but she was breathing out easier. Not only did she get a job but she had virtually said she would have to leave the position mid semester as well and he was accepting of that. She nearly bounced out of the building to her car.

This was going to be a new start of her being self reliant. She had a long way to go but this was her new start. She made her way back to the small dingy apartment she had and looked around it had potential for something but for now she sat down on the futon and sighed.

She was up at sunrise and on her way to the building. She squared her shoulders again and took a deep breath and instantly regretted that. She felt like she was going to be sick. She tried to swallow the feeling. It wasn’t going away. She walked up the stairs to the office of the professor who hired her and found him sitting at his desk as she knocked on the door that had been propped open. He was hunched over his desk with a bowl of food that was mushed and mixed together, she tried to swallow the feeling again but couldn’t. She turned and ran to the rest room and threw up. She finished and washed her mouth and tried to clean herself up before she walked out and back to the office.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“Fine.” She replied.

“Miss Hanson is there anything I need to know?” He asked.

“No.” She replied as she took the seat across from the desk. “Now what exactly will I be required to do?”

“Straight to business. I appreciate that.” He said with a smirk. He began listing everything that she would have to which included helping grade papers, making copies, fetching items for him at times, helping with office hours, and keeping his schedule open. She nodded as he listed everything and he was watching her as she took notes. She knew he was. She knew she should tell him as it would be out soon enough but she wanted to show him she could do this job and finish her course load. For some reason proving herself to one person would make all the difference. He was that one person. She would be the best assistant he ever had, she resigned herself to being that.

She would show the world she was okay with what was thrown at her. She would roll with the punches that life gave her and though she was down and out right now she would rise again. She had so many things to worry about this job didn’t seem to be one of them. She smiled to herself. This was going to be alright as she sighed to herself.

“Mouse are you paying attention?” He asked as it seemed she zoned out for a moment.

“Yes professor.” She replied with a smile.

“Really now? What was the last thing I said?” He asked as he sat back in the chair watching her.

“You said you preferred your coffee black and that certain blend.” She repeated.

“Good. You surprise me mouse.” He said as he leaned forward. “I do believe we shall work well together.”

“Professor my name is Noelle, not mouse.” She said.

“However I will continue to call you Mouse.” He smirked, “it seems to fit you more.”

“Thanks a lot.” She said sarcastically.

“You’re very welcome.” He replied with the nonchalance that only someone who didn’t care what people thought of them. She wondered if she could learn that from him as well. She hadn’t taken his class before so she would have to crash study it as he taught it so she could keep up with the demand of being his assistant. “Now mouse, you look exhausted did you stay out partying last night?”

“I don’t party.” She replied.

“Hot date then?” He asked with his eye brows up.

“I don’t date either.” She said.

“Then what?” He asked.

“My neighbors were fighting all night. The apartment I live in had paper thin walls.” She said as she rubbed her eyes.

“Then you should move.” He said.

“I wish I could.” She said as she nervously laughed slightly, “I barely can afford that one.”

“Then This job should help out with that.” He replied.

“I have other things to buy then a new apartment.” She said and he again looked her over.

“I expect that you will be dedicated to this position Mouse. If I give you work to do I expect it to be done in a timely manner and your personal life to not effect your job here."He said.

"And that means what exactly?” She asked.

“Do not bring your significant others here to distract you.” He said. She started laughing almost to the point she had tears in her eyes.

“That won’t be a problem, Professor.” She said.

“I am not sure I follow.” He said softly.

“I have no ‘significant other’ to worry about and I don’t see that issue arising anytime soon.” She replied.

“Why ever not?” He probed as he looked her over again.

“I just don’t.” Noelle said as she looked back at him. Now was the perfect chance to say the reason why but she couldn’t bring herself to say it. The last time she said the words her parents looked at her with disgust saying she had thrown her life away. She knew life was never going to be easy again but she was determined. For some reason beyond her knowledge she wanted one person to see she could do it and make something for herself. Again it fell to This Professor for that to happen.

As he gave her the list of things he needed before classes started the next week and she set off to get them for him. This was going to be the most difficult thing she had ever done but she was going to do it all.