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Chapter 13 Game of love

NFSW under the cut

She loosened her grip on the towel as he pulled it, and her
closer to him as he kissed her hard. In those quick moments, she knew she was
over her head, and she didn’t care. She wanted this. He wanted this. Why stop

He pulled back for a second, and he looked like he was going
to back away. He really did want to be noble, she thought, but this was her
friend. This was something more than she knew. She knew how she felt about him.
she had to believe he felt something like it. He basically had told her that he
did. As another clapped of thunder rolled over the house, she squeaked, and he
went to pull her closer. She stood there in his arms with the towel now
drooping closer to the floor in the dimly lit room. The light from the main
living room was filtering lightly into this one.

She gripped onto his back, and the towel fell to the floor. His
hands roamed her bare back for a second as the quick intake of air from him was
enough to make her think maybe that wasn’t a good idea. When he released the
breath that he had held onto for what seemed like a few minutes too long, she began
to think how quickly she could grab the towel.

“Naughty girl.” He whispered in her ear as his hands trailed
down her back and over to her sides. As he stood to his full height his hands
still rested just under her chest as he was pondering what to do, the light in
his eyes was enough to tell her he did want this too and she hadn’t made a
major miscalculation. They were still standing toe to toe as he looked down
into her eyes. “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes.” She said softly. It was almost a whisper, but it wasn’t.

“Princess.” He started to say, “I was right that amour would
never do you justice.”

“Mitsuhide.” She said as he ran his fingers through her hair,
almost reaching the ends and then wrapping his hands in the softness as he
pulled gently back. Her head went backward with the pressure, and he attacked
her neck in a way she had only read about. he showed every inch of her skin
some attention there. It was overwhelming, and she was breathless as he moved
up to her ear lobe, and he took it in his mouth and sucked lightly.

“Arrrgh.” She let out softly. He took that as need for more,
she thought as he traced her jawline with tiny kisses and then repeated the
process on the other side. Everything he did set her skin a light, and she was
near panting with just that.

“Careful princess there is much more to come.” He said. “Pace

“can’t” she managed to breath out.

“Ah, sweetheart, then we are going to have a hard time.” He said.
“Because I plan on taking my time with you.”

“Damnit Mitsuhide!” she said.

“Not sorry, my love.” He said as he again untwinned his
hands from her hair and then ran them down her sides. Barely touching her skin
and then back up again as he again barely touched her. Then he ran his hands
over the sides of her breasts, and she shook with a small tremor. “Has anyone
ever touched you here?”

“No.,” she said softly.

“So no one has ever kissed you here either?” he asked. His voice
was the only thing keeping her tethered to the world at the moment. She knew
she couldn’t speak, so she shook her head. That was when he dropped to his
knees in front of her. His head as perfectly level with her breasts. She looked
down at him as he smiled faintly almost if he was in pain and he moved his
head. He kissed under her chest first. Then between her breast in the valley of
what was normally covered up cleavage. He took his time, and she was again
panting, and she didn’t know what to do with her arms. She was concentrating on
him and what he was doing. She let her head fall back for a moment as she relished
the feeling of him there in front of her.