Warlords as fathers

Warlords as fathers


At first, He would just watch the sleeping infant with adoring eyes. However, wouldn’t interact at first. He would be entirely grateful for a child and love you even more for bringing it to life, but he would be afraid of breaking it. As the child grew, however, you could often find the two playing on the ground or him telling it what was going on and how important it was. He would be more strict then you, but it was to ensure the child’s safety more than anything.


Since the second he found out he was to be a father he had things in place. He had started asking questions of everyone and anyone so by the time the baby arrived he was ready for anything. As soon as you place the baby in his arms, he is off running with his crazy ideas. You almost don’t have the heart to tell him he is wrong but you roll with it. He is extremely involved with the day to day tasks for the baby and can often be found talking to it as he works. The child will grow up with a vast respect for Nobunaga and be extremely proper.


He takes the news in stride, happy he may have just sired the next heir to his clan. He makes sure from the get-go that you’re eating properly even though everything he makes just seems gross at the moment. He begins to wonder how the child will change the both of you as you want to have the child with you, even doesn’t get that as his mother had little to do with him. After the baby is born he takes pride in showing it off, boy or girl he doesn’t care, it’s his. He is a very playful father from the get-go and often uses the baby in his pranks on you. None of them are funny. However, he is protective and begins training the little munchkin as soon as it can hold the wooden sword.


He enjoys his peace so when you inform him of the new bundle of joy inwardly he groans. However, the move of the baby fascinates him. He details the entire ordeal for future reference. He didn’t think he would care as they placed the bundle in his arms but he is overcome with every emotion at once. He begins to be an active role model for the baby. He takes it everywhere with him and proudly shows it off. He begins to train the toddler and before you know it you have a baby ninja in the house. He is as strict with the child but not nearly as moody. He is learning.


He is floored when you tell him basically dropping to his knees and kissing your stomach and then you. He loves you so much that he can’t believe he is so blessed. However, he realized he knows virtually nothing about babies. So research time. He is doing his job by day and researching anything he can in his free time. When they place the tiny bundle in his arms, he lost his heart again. He sits and reads to the baby as you work. He entirely focuses on you and it. He is amazed by its growth and early speech patterns, so he begins to teach games and writing. So by the little angel is three it is beating him and Nobunaga in go.


He is beyond emotions when he finds out. However, it is just another life he has to add to the list to protect from his plots. He begins as the day they place the tiny bundle in his arms, and he quickly passes it back to you. You really don’t find he behavior that odd coming from him. However, when you find him standing at night in the moonlight with the newborn you know, he couldn’t stop himself. He is in thrall of this perfect little creature he helped make. Despite his misgivings, at first, he does everything with the baby. He talks to it as if the baby understands every word and it is possibly the other person who knows about all his plots. As the child grows his attention does not waver as the child is trained in all things. However of all things he can be found in the back of his manor exploring with the child or sword fighting or curled up sleeping somewhere together.


He would gush about his prowess at becoming a father. When the time came, he would become emotional and promise the world to it. The child would be as demanding as the father however strict he would be he would be as proud. “My child did …… they are brilliant” his softer side would show as he handled situations and god forbid anyone messes with it.


As the baby was born, he swore there was only one thing more beautiful, and that was you. He would be the proud papa and would bring the baby everywhere with him. He would do training with the baby, so it was only natural for the toddler to reach for Yukimura’s spear. He trains it as he did Yuki and a gentle hand to push when needed.


He would be a nervous wreck when they placed the babe in his arms. He looked confused and scared at the same time. He liked children in general, but this was HIS. He didn’t want to break it or drop it. However one day you walk in to see Yuki quietly humming as the baby fell to sleep. He turned to you, and you saw the new light in his eyes. He, from that moment on, took the baby with him. The training he says they are never too young to learn. He would be that dad pushes but right to the point for the child to better themselves.


He wishes you all were back in the modern day as he wants to be 100 percent everything was fine with both of you. He would again lose his heart to the small babe as he sees it the first time. He would begin almost immediately teaching the tiny newborn as he would read late into the night or just explain nearly everything in a hushed and low tone that often you would fall asleep as well. As the child grew with its small spectacles perched in its nose, it would emulate its father by disappearing through ceiling tiles or using a smoke bomb which they could now make. Sasuke never loses his temper with the child however he nudges the child when you are about ready to. He tries to explain people to it and as it nods you realize to only understood maybe four out of ten words, and you know how you are in serious trouble. He also instills a love for Ieyasu you can’t understand…..


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How about Nobunaga with fluffy angst? Maybe mc starts feeling like she’s not good enough and tries to leave and asks Sasuke about the wormhole, but Sasuke intervenes and gets pissed that he hurt her and confronts him. I guess that’s not simple lol but maybe that gives you an idea

She was so tired. Another day another complaint from him. She was beginning to hate having to even beni. The same room as him. Whatever she felt for the man she knew he would never change. Not really change enough for her to be happy with him.

The day had started with him giving her A list of things to do. She knew that she had to do the things on the list and hopefully this time she would be able to complete it before it got dark. She managed to get through about 90% of the list when all hell broke loose in the castle. Of course it had to be in with Hideyoshi and Mitsuhide fighting to which she had to clean up the aftermath. Just meant more work for her and she wasn’t pleased about it. She just wanted to get to her list.

When she finally managed to get through the list it had just become dark. She went to report and on the other side of the door she could hear him complaining about her and the fact that she couldn’t seem to get anything right. The word stung because all she ever did was try to get everything done that he wanted her to do. It was the straw that broke the camels back. She snapped. And her heart broke at the same time. She knew she didn’t survive here and longer and all she wanted to do was go back home. Of course she would miss the people that she met here but she just couldn’t live her life this way any longer. She tried her hardest and no matter what every little task was picked apart. She went inside the room give her report for the day. She didn’t even look at him as it hurt too much. The other warlords that were in the room as well on the picked up on her silent cues but no one ever said anything. No one has set up for her.

She went back to her room and she began packing. She didn’t have all that much with her but the simple stuff that she did have and the things that she arrived with she put in a satchel and waited. Sasuke Shut up just like she thought he would and she begged for him to take her with him. She wanted to go home. She wanted to leave this time. She just wanted to go back to her old life. Surprisingly he agreed and they went on their way.

The trip turned into days as he was taking his time and when they finally reached the small area where an inn was so she could wait for the next wormholeHe had gathered enough information to know why she wanted to go back so badly. He was furious not that he ever showed it to her though. He told her to wait and to keep her head down while she was there he had a few errands to run. He would be back before the next wormhole was to show itself.

he flew back to the castle down on horseback and demanded an audience with the Lord of the castle. When he walked in they all knew exactly who he was and what he was doing there. He waited until all the objections of him being in the audience hall. And what they were planning on doing with him to find out what was going on. They had no idea of his alliance with the princess them love that he was the one who had taken her away. It wasn’t until he had been given the chance to speak that his reasoning for being there came the light.

“I told her to stay here and you made her miserable.” He said in a soft voice as he stared down Nobunaga. “ she tried her hardest to do everything that you asked of her and you did nothing but belittle her.”

“What I do is none of your concern. Where is my lucky charm now?” Nobunaga demanded as the other war lords all were ready to get the ninja for taking their princess away.

“She is safe. She will return to where we came from and rebuild her life. I only hope the damage you caused is not everlasting.” Sasuke said in his even tone. “I only came to tell you this so you do not start another war trying to find her. She will be out of your reach for good soon enough.”

“Then tell me ninja where is she?” Nobunaga asked, “if she will be safe from me finding her I would at least like to say good bye.”

“Sorry but I will not destroy her trust me and tell you.” Sasuke responded and the room filled with smoke as he disappeared.

“Follow him and bring her back.” Nobunaga said as they all rose from their seats and began their treks to follow the ninja. Though Sasuke was good, better then most ninjas in fact, they followed in his wake. He had to get back to her and knew he had to do it fast. Giving her the chance to say what she needed too may be the only way forward.

When he arrived back at the inn he found her and quickly told her what happened. Though she looked torn she knew he had done what he did out of friendship. She walked out of the inn into the six warlords. She stared them all down. Her week by herself had given her the ability to do so.

“Princess.” Nobunaga started.

“No.” She said.

“What?” He asked as he was surprised by her tone.

“You will remain quiet and listen. I came here to wait so I could go home but I have had time to think. Time to heal myself. You have one option and that is to listen if you wish me to stay here. You need to change. You need to understand that I am trying. Everything I have done including the mistakes are me learning how to live here. This is so different from my home. I am willing to try but you have to be as well.” She said with a strength none of them had heard before within her voice.

“I will try.” Nobunaga said, “you are to important to lose.” His head lowered as it finally hit him he caused all of this.

“Sasuke will continue to find a way for us to go home so even if I miss this chance there will be others.” She said and the threat was not missed by any of them. They all nodded their understanding. “Fine then I will return to the castle.”

“You shall ride with me.” Nobunaga said as he walked her to his horse, “I shall make up for my mistakes as well, Princess.”

“Make sure that you do.” She said with a smile.


So for both Oda and U/T forces, our warlords head to the hot springs bath late for some alone time but as they enter the bath they realize they aren’t alone. It’s MC, then they see the tails and realize the Princess is actually a kitsune! How do they react?

No one knew her secret. she was glad of that. she had no idea how it happened but she knew it happened as she came through the wormhole. she had been changed. she got really good at hiding the fact from everyone, even her maids didn’t know.

the time that everyone went to the hot springs for a retreat was upon them. she had tried everything not to go along with the six warlords she lived with but still they made her. she had learned to hide herself from them but horsebacking was still difficult because of it.

she didn’t know that they had called a truce with Kenshin and shingen as well for this trip. they would also be there with Sasuke and Yukimura. when she found that out she was fit to be tied. there was going to be no escape. she would just have to refuse to go to the springs themselves. there would be too many eyes, too many chances for someone to learn her secret.

the ride was long and she ached from it by the time they all arrived. she wanted nothing more to soak in the water to ease her bones and soft bruised flesh. she couldn’t though. four sets of eyes were on her the second they arrived. the other six seemed to know she was there but they didn’t stare.

“Go and relax, Princess.” Nobunaga ordered as the rest of them went into the inn and meet with the four who were waiting. it seemed they had a common enemy for the time being and need to work out a plan for them. she took that to mean go to the springs. it was dusk now. she could maybe risk a quick soak.

she got undressed and then quickly into a light bathing robe and stepped down into the water. it was so warm that the steam and the smell was enough to put her into a trance. it became later then she knew and she heard them on their way closer. she got up and went to the shack to change quickly but it was not quick enough. they had seen. all of them saw one of her tails.

“Princess?” Hideyoshi asked as they all stopped.

“It really isn’t what it seems.” she said as she placed her hair up. “Don’t look into it please.”

“Did it happen when the wormhole?” Sasuke asked.

“it isn’t like I had nine tails before!” she exclaimed.

“I see.” said shingen. “You are a supernatural creature.”

“God help me.” she replied. Though they were shocked at first they weren’t upset. she was glad of that.

“My lucky charm is a Kitsune.” nobunaga chuckled as he went on his way. Hideyoshi gave her the side eye for a second as he followed too. 

“I can probably cut them off.” Ieyasu said.

“We will see.” she replied and watched as the rest followed in Nobunagas wake to the other side of the springs.

“You do realize, my dear, this means you are my kind.” Mitsuhide said softly.

“I never thought of it that way. you are not really a kitsune though.” she said.

“How do you think I got the nickname though?” he said as he went on his way in the others wake and she began to wonder about him.


“Sad day for organized crime. Your friendly neighboordhood Sasuke. Is. Watching.” With Sasuke

everyone knew about the few gangs of pick pocket and other unsavory characters that sometimes flooded the marketplace on days. Sasuke was in there when he saw someone lift a coin purse of an older woman and he snapped. he found himself face to face with the person and soon they were hanging upside from a tree faster then he knew what he was doing. he stood there and watched as he sent a message to all the others in the gang. NOT HERE was the message.

he said to himself mostly as he spoke out loud, “Sad day for organized crime. Your friendly neighborhood Sasuke is watching.”