Mitsunari- never ending book

As she walked into the archives, she noticed him sitting at a desk knowing he wouldn’t even realize she had entered. When he was reading, he was in a completely different world. A bomb could explode right next to him, and he wouldn’t notice. She had seen the other warlords pull his hair, knock into him, and so much more to prove the point he just doesn’t notice. She admired that he could get so lost in reading she wished she could.

As she walked through the vast room, she was as quiet as possible, but he noticed she was here. She hadn’t done or said anything, but he woke up from the place he had gone to while reading when a feeling crept over him. It was the feeling she was around. He always knew when she was even without seeing her. He had compared her to a book once before, but she was so much more, he didn’t know the words to describe the feelings he had or even a reference point to figure them out, but he wanted more, so much more than just to be her friend.

“Princess,” he softly spoke,“ Is there something I can help you find?”

“Oh no, Mitsunari. I am just looking for something to distract me.” She said back smiling.

He wanted nothing more to be the distraction she desired. He didn’t even know how to distract her. “I do understand the wanting of a good book but if I may?” He said in his hushed tones,“ I could use a bit of distraction also. Would you care to go for a walk with me?”

“Are you sure you can take a break? You looked heavily engrossed in your studies of that book.” She replied.

He chuckled in his angelic way,“ Yes princess this is for future reference not really pertinent to anything now. Please say you will come?”

“Alright, Mitsu,” she came over to stand with him as he reached out for her tiny hand and led her out of the castle with nowhere in particular in mind for a destination.

They ambled down a lane that leads to the forest and then the stream where they once held hands in the water. He wished for a time like that again but had no idea of how to make it happen. He still had her hand in his, and he felt so much lighter than his usual self.

They reached the river bank, not in the same place they were last time, but a new more secluded spot and she bent down touching the water again. He stood in back of her just staring at the picture before him. He wished he was an artist so it could put this on paper so he would remember it forever not that he forgot any interaction he had ever had with her. He couldn’t remember even if he tried. He thought to himself this river was becoming his favorite place.

“The water is cold.” She said looking over her shoulder back to him.

“It is?” He asked moving a little closer.

“Oh yes, Mitsu. It feels good even if it is cold but not freezing.” Her smile got brighter as she spoke. He knelt down and placed his hand in the cold water as it rushed around his more massive hand. He glanced at her as she was looking at their two hands inches apart. He wondered what she was thinking if it was about him. How did she see him?

“Princess?”, he began cautiously,“Why do you call me Mitsu and not my full name?”

“Oh does it bother you Mitsunari?” She asked the continued,“Where I am from we often call people by different names. Its called a nickname. It’s a sign of affection in a way.”

He thought back and grinned his angelic smile. “Princess you only call me by a nickname.” He said shyly,“Is it because of an affection?”

She thought for a moment, and her smile grew, and his chest began aching. Why was her smile making his chest hurt? He hoped she knew, but he was afraid to ask.

She was going to answer Mitsunari’s question when she noticed he was slightly shrinking back. His hand was only an inch or so from hers in the river, so she moved it into his and twisted her tiny fingers within his. His face went blank. She saw the change instantly. Hideyoshi had joked that he thought Mitsunari might have a crush on her a few times before but she willfully ignored it. She knew at that moment he must have but didn’t have the experience or the knowledge even to know he did. She looked into his light amethyst eyes and her gazed softened. “Yes, Mitsunari it is because of affection that I call you Mitsu.” She squeezed his hand in the water. His face became so full of love in that second. He had no idea that he had become so much more to her than just a friend. She didn’t know how to go on because of his sweet innocence.

He looked at her and saw his world tilting. When she squeezed his hand, he nearly stopped breathing. She had some sort of affection towards him. She had only given him a nickname. All the times they had shared filled his brain. He didn’t even realize his other hand was moving to cup her cheek. He just looked at her and saw it. She leaned her head I to his palm, and his head went blank. “Princess…” he choked out. He had no idea of what to do.

“Oh, my angel Mitsu. My sweet Mitsu, you have no clue do you?” She said in her soft low voice.

As he was going to say something she stopped him by placing her forehead to his. Nose to nose they just sat there for a while. Then her eyes closed as she moved her face away. He wanted to scream out, but then he found her placing her lips on his. A kiss. He had never been kissed before that he could remember. Their wet hands still joined were now out of the water and placed on his chest as she grew closer and closer till she was sitting on his lap. The kiss was sweet and straightforward. “Oh” was all he could say. He wanted more but again didn’t know what to do.

“Mitsu. Trust me.” She whispered.

“I do princess. I just want—- I want—- I don’t know the words.” He grumbled out.

“I know my sweet Mitsu.” She said whispering against his lips.“ With you, we can only go slowly so you can learn. You will learn the words and the actions. It’s like a book, but the story never ends. I do promise the rewards will be the best ever.”

“You promise Princess?” He whispered back.

“Mitsu this will be the best book ever.” She said with the most dazzling smile ever. She was entirely too beautiful to him.

They began the walk back to the castle both distracted from talking. Mitsunari had one last thought that the river was ultimately his favorite new destination but he would only go there with her. He glanced down at her as she glanced up. They both smiled at each other.

From the garden which had an unobstructed view of that path Hideyoshi, Nobunaga, And Ieyasu were there staring at the couple walking back. Hideyoshi smiled and said,“I knew it!”

Nobunaga grinned,“So my fireball likes that type? Interesting.”

Ieyasu looked and shook his head as he grumbled out something like,“ Doesn’t she know she could have anyone she wanted? Not just that bumbling oaf?”

The other two men looked at Ieyasu and shook their heads…..


Warlords and finding your “Sex Toys”

Warlords and finding sex toys

This one is brought to you by the no-shame discussion between
Torrie @rainbhrts94 or the @ikesenlemonadestandstories herself  and myself. God I love this one…….

Warning NSFW implied……..

Warlords brought to the future and you show them your place
for the first time. the rest is under the cut……


-walks in and looks around however you jump up and close
your bedroom door before he could really get a good look inside.

– you try to distract him from the items that you had forget
to put away.

– he walks around some more listening to all you have to say

-“Princess, what were those things on your bed?”, he askes
as he looked at you

– “Nothing you have to know about.”, you reply.

-“I know what they looked like, Princess. I think I should
show you how to use the real thing.”


He follows you through the apartment as you show
him around.

You look inside your room and see some of your
toys lying on the headboard.

You shut the door really fast but you knew he
was so close he must have seen them

His eyes went wide but he never said anything

He looked like he really wanted to say something
but was holding back

She was showing the rest of the place

He waited and kissed you gently

“I am not sure what those things are but I know
what they looked like. I think the time is now to show you the real thing.”


He walks in the apartment and looks around with
his one good eye.

He likes the way you decorated the place

He follows you so close that you can feel the
heat coming off him

He smiles as you look around the wall to your
bedroom and see you forgot to put somethings away from the night before.

You slam the door shut

You take him in the kitchen to show him the

He was so excited to see the toaster

He then turned and asked, “So why do you have
fake dicks on your bed when you can have a real one?”


He doesn’t seem to care to much about what you
are showing him

He looks around and doesn’t seem interested in
much of anything

You go to close the bedroom door as you look
inside and see things

You had no idea he was right behind you

He looks over your shoulders and looks into the

As you try to close the door he pushes you

“You do not need that thing anymore. You have
me, I guess.”



He follows you into the apartment with an
eagerness to see your living space

He watches as you show him everything and he is
amazed with the collections of things you have

He follows around and looks at different rooms
as you shut the door to one room that he already looked it

He was slightly confused by the item on the bed

He have never seen anything like it before.

He smiled and continued to look around

He asked to use the computer to which you let

You go into the kitchen and then you come back
to look over his shoulder and saw what he was looking at

“Princess does your do this side to side or does
it get warm as well?”

You turn bright pink

“I think I could show you how to use it better.”

Mitsuhide (oh shit this one….)

He follows you in the door and looks around

He walks through the whole place without you
showing him anything

He notices the state of your bedroom and raises
his eyebrow.

You rush to shut the door

He follows you to a different room

He watches you as your color returns to normal

“My dear what was with the state of you bed?”

You answer you had a rough night sleeping

He then asks, “Did it have something to do with
something on your bed?”

You ignore the question

He then would say something every chance he
would get

He wants to keep seeing the shades of pink or

If you think that was bad

When he walks out of the room and returns with
your personal toy he looks at it and then you

“This is so small, my dear, if you need
something bigger I may be available.”