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Wattpad Master List

 Links will take you to the first chapter of each book………..

Each is a multiple chapter book. All Stories are many chapters.

 Love Again- Romance/Past Life

Finding the heart- Time Travel Modern

A restless life

The Beginning of Time- Science Fiction

Aphrodisiac Series- Collection of Mitsuhide being bad

Crash- Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

Stalked to the Sengoku- Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Poison to the Heart Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Love at the Right Time

Vampire Collection

The Truth between Friends Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Ikemen Sengoku Collection

Ikemen Sengoku Collection Part Two

A Piece of Time

Battle for the Heart Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Up on the Hilltop Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Down in the Valley Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) a sequel to Up on the Hilltop

 The Dance Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Mission Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 A Dangerous Interaction Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Why are we Friends Again? Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) sequel to A Dangerous Interaction

 Heating up the Kitchen Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) a sequel to A Dangerous Interaction

 Into the Darkness Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) horrorish/romance

 Out of the Light Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

Sequel to into the darkness

 Five-minute Prompts

Five Minute Prompts part two

Ikemen Sengoku Pregnancy and Delivery Series

Beginning Again Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Box of Bones Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Lightning Strikes- Science Fiction/ Time Travel

Meeting the One Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Game Of Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Online Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Through Hell Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Shattered Bones Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) Science fiction

 Terms of Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Let the Games Begin Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Lessons Learned Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Falling in Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Reality of Love Alternate Universe Ikemen Sengoku

Two become One Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Shorts, one off’s, and requests

Raising a Princess Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Blind Date Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Headcanons Ikemen Sengoku

Cabin in the Woods Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Village Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)


Me again :) would you mind rating Shingen too?


Oh boy I knew this was coming eventually.


This was the hardest route for me to get through in both English and in Japanese. I hoenestly just wanted to get it over with because for me there was no connection what so ever, unlike say Yukimuras or Nobubagas where there was a spark at least, None. I know some people loved his route but I found it to be slow and a chore to read. 


His loyalty. his devotion to both the people who were his people and the people around him. He is a rather good man who is flawed.


the cheesiness of his lines. the obvious rules of attraction. he would use people as pawns as much or even more than say Nobunaga or Mitsuhide, but not show it. He doesn’t care who he hurts either in the process.(though he does)

Overall Appearance:

He is the largest Warlord which should be my ideal but I can’t get over how horrible I thought the route was in both the slowness and the predictably “Goddess and Angel” lines. His colors are kind of like him and muddied. 

over all warlord rating: 6.5/10

*** Please note that these are my own opinions alone and if you disagree with them at least respect that we all have differences. I know many people felt completely different about Shingen’s route but I will express my own opinion as I see fit too.*****


Rate Ieyasu :)



I found his route to be in the middle of fast paced and middle paced. It did have its good qualities and did explain why he is so contrary. though it proved his loyalty to Nobunaga and why I didn’t think the route was all the rage.


He is smart. He is tough. He is loyal. He has a very long memory. 


He believes he is weaker than others. He kind of believes that everyone should be like him. He finds that people all have differences but he wishes they were kind of the same. He also has a long memory and will use that to hold grudges.

Overall Appearance:

Ieyasu being the smallest and “Youngest”(by canon) has to be somewhat brighter in colors. though yellow which is dominants color is bright and sunny his personality makes up for that. 



Rate a warlord Sasuke


Route: I wasn’t really expecting his route to be the way it was. However the basis of keeping the friendship with MC was paramount and then when the feelings took over it was nice to see. Middle to fast paced and was nicely done.


His is intelligent beyond reason. His ability to adapt is something that is unbelievable even though he had four more years than MC. He is strong too.


His brain is both a strength and weakness. His ability to overthink things and under think others shows that.

Overall Appearance:

They did good downplaying his appearance. He is the basic science nerd in the present time but a aexy ninja warlord in the past.

Warlord rating 8.9/10


Rate my best bois Nobunaga and Sasuke please

Like I did for the other double ask I am doing this one in two parts. So look out for Sasuke.



Nobunaga was a route I did second. After Masamune I found it to be rather interesting because though it did move fast it had a lot of details and different personalities. To be honest I had no idea about Japanese history until I did a google search somewhere theough the middle of his route. It was a route worth doing but I still struggle with his character.


This is the man who decided to unify a country. He has strengths abound. His dominant personality allows him the arrogance to do half the stuff he does. He is a good fighter. He is patient enough to allow cooler heads prevail on most things.


His unresolved issues with people trying to label him and or remove him. The amenthat are strengths are alao weaknesses. His arrogance and his dominant personality are also too much at times.

Overall Appearance:

He has an overall appearance that is rather handsome. His dominant colors black and red are also stronger colors. Though I personally I don’t care for him he is understandably some peoples favorite.

Overall rating:



Rate mitsunari??? 🌸



 His route was in the middle of fast paced and rather slow. He did have some action going on. Things happened to the MC. It was okay. I think they could have developed his character a little better but things that were just assumed about him were answered. 


He is super wicked smart. He is truly focused on learning everything he can about every possible outcome. He can adjust his tactics mid way to win the battle. 


He is one of those people who can seriously get lost in his research. We have seen this as he stops listening and is absorbed in his reading. One track mind. Also though it may work for some people, his lack of experience was a weakness for me. I couldn’t but into the whole he is just too sweet and has no experience with women. he never had to deal with a relationship though he does come to grips with it. Another thing I count as a weakness was the fact instead of facing the music so to speak he pushed MC away. 

Overall Appearance:

Mitsunari is inexperienced with interpersonal relationships and is almost child like with some of his behaviors. To me this is unforgettable and is a part of his apperence. Though classically handsome and has the good manors that anyone would want around them he does have awareness issues.

Warlord rating 8.5/10