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Wattpad Master List

 Links will take you to the first chapter of each book………..

Each is a multiple chapter book. All Stories are many chapters.

 Love Again- Romance/Past Life

Finding the heart- Time Travel Modern

A restless life

The Beginning of Time- Science Fiction

Aphrodisiac Series- Collection of Mitsuhide being bad

Crash- Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

Stalked to the Sengoku- Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Poison to the Heart Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Love at the Right Time

Vampire Collection

The Truth between Friends Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Ikemen Sengoku Collection

Ikemen Sengoku Collection Part Two

A Piece of Time

Battle for the Heart Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Up on the Hilltop Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Down in the Valley Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) a sequel to Up on the Hilltop

 The Dance Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Mission Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 A Dangerous Interaction Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Why are we Friends Again? Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) sequel to A Dangerous Interaction

 Heating up the Kitchen Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) a sequel to A Dangerous Interaction

 Into the Darkness Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) horrorish/romance

 Out of the Light Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

Sequel to into the darkness

 Five-minute Prompts

Five Minute Prompts part two

Ikemen Sengoku Pregnancy and Delivery Series

Beginning Again Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Box of Bones Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Lightning Strikes- Science Fiction/ Time Travel

Meeting the One Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Game Of Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Online Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Through Hell Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Shattered Bones Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired) Science fiction

 Terms of Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Let the Games Begin Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Lessons Learned Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Falling in Love Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Reality of Love Alternate Universe Ikemen Sengoku

Two become One Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Shorts, one off’s, and requests

Raising a Princess Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Blind Date Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 Headcanons Ikemen Sengoku

Cabin in the Woods Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)

 The Village Modern(Ikemen Sengoku inspired)


Rate Ieyasu :)



I found his route to be in the middle of fast paced and middle paced. It did have its good qualities and did explain why he is so contrary. though it proved his loyalty to Nobunaga and why I didn’t think the route was all the rage.


He is smart. He is tough. He is loyal. He has a very long memory. 


He believes he is weaker than others. He kind of believes that everyone should be like him. He finds that people all have differences but he wishes they were kind of the same. He also has a long memory and will use that to hold grudges.

Overall Appearance:

Ieyasu being the smallest and “Youngest”(by canon) has to be somewhat brighter in colors. though yellow which is dominants color is bright and sunny his personality makes up for that. 



Aphrodisiac series three


Aphrodisiac series Ieyasu

Mitsuhide didn’t have to think too hard about how he would end up dosing Ieyasu with the potion. Since Ieyasu only brewed his own blends of tea, he knew he could slip it in a pot before Ieyasu even knew what had happened. Mitsuhide just had to wait for the correct moment to do so. He had learned that the tonic took effect about three to four hours after given and had to time it well with the Princess being in the same area at the time otherwise who knows what the younger man would do.

One morning Mitsuhide knew he had a letter to drop off to Ieyasu that he had been holding off on just for a day like today. The castle life was sometimes so predictable that he knew a mid-day war council would be held soon that he could hold off on the letter until today. It would be perfect in the timing. As he reached Ieyasu’s palace, he knew it was time. Ieyasu was in the process of making tea anyway when he arrived at his rooms. Mitsuhide sat a little close to the stand as Ieyasu turned his back he dumped the vial into to the warm water and moved to a further spot away from the stand. He smiled as Ieyasu drank his tea after offering Mitsuhide a cup to which he declined. After they discussed a few new possible tactics, Mitsuhide took his leave and began his countdown.

Ieyasu began to feel slightly off center, but he wrote it off as maybe the weather or the changing of the seasons. He waited until he knew he would close to the beginning time of the earlier war council then usual as they just wanted to get it over with and then enjoy the rest of the night with whatever activity the other warlords would choose. He had planned on working throughout the night until he was beyond exhausted and then he would wake early the next day to spend his regular hours in the training hall to build his strength and stamina for the next battle. Though at the moment there was peace one never knew when something would happen that threatened that peace and he would be ready. They all would be.

As he reached the audience hall where everyone including the princess of the castle was there waiting to walk in, he felt a rush of overwhelming lust for her. As he saw Masamune teasing her and she smiled back to Mitsunari reaching for her hand to lead her into the hall, he wanted to rip the heads off his allies, and he couldn’t internally explain why he felt that way. He even wanted to rip off Hideyoshi’s head as he leaned in to talk with her intimately. Ieyasu had never lost control of his emotions as he did at that moment and he struggled to place them all back in their place.

He couldn’t take his darting eyes off her as the council dragged on, by the time it was done he wanted to kill them all except for her. His tone even more sarcastic than usual he didn’t understand why he had the need to find a secluded space with her and make her understand his allies were not who they tried to be when they were around her. He wanted to claim her, and he didn’t even know why the need was so great at that exact minute, but it was. He had to act, and act fast.

“Princess, I need your help at my manor reorganizing some of my herbs.”, he said rather plainly.

“Of course, when?”, she asked.

“Now.”, he replied as he took her hand and tugged her behind him.

This left Hideyoshi and Masamune chuckling in his wake. Mitsuhide was grinning as he watched covertly from the shadows of the hall. It had worked now to see the result. He knew that he didn’t have a need to see the total effect, but he would watch close enough to know what it was. He ambled slowly far enough behind them to not alert Ieyasu’s senses.

Ieyasu pulled her along like she was a ragdoll until he walked in his palace he pulled her right into his chambers instead of his stillroom. He didn’t know why but he turned and was face to face with her. Her complete surprised look in her eyes was enough to let his demon lose, and he quickly moved. His arms found her back, and his mouth found hers in the blink of an eye. He ravished it. He let go of her when he was done and took a step back knowing that he had probably gone too far. She looked up at him, her eyes glistened in the low light of his room, but they also held a fire that was burning. He knew in that instant that it was going to be a long night and they weren’t going to get any real work done.

When he took her in his arms again, the world seemed to shift. He helped her ease out of her clothes one slow step at a time the whole time easing himself out of his own as well. He made sure to lavish her with everything he felt and wanted to do, and she let him long into the night. She woke while it was still dark, and he was already staring at her, ready to move again he touched her gently and whispered only loud enough for her to hear, “I don’t know what has come over me, I am not myself, but you are everything I wanted and need to fill my life.”

She was shocked to hear the words from him as they were not normal coming from him, as his nature was too contrite that she wondered if he was ill somehow. She didn’t have time to dwell on it too much as he made her lose thought very quickly and she couldn’t regain it until the next day.

Mitsuhide was still in the shadows now far from Ieyasu’s palace when he saw the princess leaving the next morning on Ieyasu’s arm. They both were smiling, and head’s placed together. He also noticed the small red marks on the princess’s neck and the line of scratches on the back of Ieyasu’s neck. He smiled to himself knowing that it had worked yet again. Though he didn’t need to really think that someone like Masamune needed something like the tonic but he was next on the Kitsune’s list to cross off. He had a feeling it would be the more fun than switching his water for sake.




Foot fetish (podophilia)


Age play


Medical play


Food play


Quirofilia hand worship


Tickling (Knismolagnia, Knismo, Titillagnia)


Wax play








HC Mc popular in the town

@sillyikesenthings and I had a tumblr reblog war the other day and this came up as we talked.

Mc is as popular as Shingen and Hideyoshi in town.

She was walking out in town. Soon she was surrounded by some
of the younger villagers, some of the business owners, and their own vassals. It
had become an issue to even go out with her anymore as they would be jostled to
the side even if they were prepared for it and standing in back of her and
holding on to her shoulders.

She was someone to be around every person in the town knew
that, and they all wanted to be the one to catch her eye. The one who had
become the one to stand beside her was only wanting to go to the market place
with her quickly to pick up one thing. It was supposed to be a quick trip
before their outing that was supposed to be the two of them…….


“Are you done looking around?” he asked as he dismissed
every other person there. He would be damned if he had to fight for her attention.
When he had brought up the simple fact that he hated going into the town with
her because of the cow eyes every male had around her she laughed and said it
wasn’t that bad.

He had cleared his schedule to take her to the hot springs. He
had to fight with Hideyoshi not to have a guard as he wanted it just to be them
for the time being. They needed someone on one time she had said. Now as he
should in the heart of his own castle’s town with her he was finding that it
was difficult reminding himself not to scream, “She’s mine!”

“I am.” She said, and with her smile she turned and on his
arm though some tried to follow her and him, they walked to the waiting horse
for their trip. She looked around and smiled softly as she knew it drove him
crazy, but she couldn’t help but be nice to everyone. This trip was for her,
and she was grateful, regardless. He would have to deal with his issues on his
own time.


He saw the crowd gathered around her of the men in the
forces as she was trying to get her supplies. He wanted to go over to her, but
the crowd of woman was around him, and he could not be rude. He tried to meld
the two groups, but that didn’t seem to work either. He wanted to get to her
before someone else offered to help her. That was his job. his alone.

As he dismissed the women one by one in the nicest possible way
he tried to get her attention. She looked over and had a slight scowl still on
her face as she looked around him. he knew how she felt about all of his female
friends, but he was about ready to say the same about all the men surrounding
her. That was when it clicked with him how she must have been feeling all this

Without warning for the few hanger ons he had left around he
walked through the crowd and took her parcel and looked around at the group. He
was polite enough to dismiss them saying she had things to do. He looked down
at her and smiled, “I understand how you feel now. Can we try not to get the
crowds around us and next time just stay together?”

“We can try that.” She said as she looked up to him as she
lost the scowl.


“Well, kitten, you sure do have a lot of people who like
you.” He said as he saw the hordes of men turn and start to crowd around them. He
had only wanted to check the produce in the market place. He didn’t want this
at all. Though he sat next to her for a little while as she tried to get them
all to understand she was only there for a little while, he was losing patience.
He walked off to find what he came for as she tried to go after him. she always
thought herself not the crowd worthy type.

Masamune came back, and he nearly growled his way into the
center of the circle to where she was. He had a small pouch of the veggie he
wanted, and he then surprised the crowd by throwing her over his shoulder and
stalking off back to his palace. “Next time, we take Shotgetu.”


He hates going out period. Going out with her into town sets
him off the edge completely. He doesn’t want the attention. She doesn’t either,
but she just draws people to her as much as he tries to get them away. “I told
you there would be a crowd.” He mumbles to himself not even sure she could hear
him. when she shrugged her shoulders in response he wanted to go back to the
palace and wait.

He was not thrilled, pleased, or even slightly amused to
stand there and wait as the soldiers paid homage to her. He was the one who was
supposed to do that. He held his ground and waited until she finally could
break free from one crowd to walk into another. He looked at her, and though
his face was cold his hand tightened, and she smiled. “You like the attention?”
he asked through the rest of the insult was near his mouth he thought better of

“Not really. I don’t understand why they do this.” She said
as she looked at him, and he pulled her through the market to the back way to
his palace. “Maybe I should tell you. I won’t though.”

He was not going to let her go there again by herself.


“My new shipment of book is in. do you want to come?” he
said, and soon he instantly regretted it. He loved her and wanted to spend time
with her, but her crowds were too much. It was surprising because he always found
the women would be around him at certain times, but she would be surrounded by
other men.

The burning he felt when that happened always set his nerves
on edge. It was like he was in a battle he watched to see what those other men
would do. He didn’t like the feeling. He didn’t like the crowds. He didn’t want
her to go into the town.

“No, Nari. I think I will stay here for now.” She said as
she looked at him from the futon. “Go and get your books.”

He was silently grateful she didn’t want to go, he also
decided he would rather stay with her in the futon as he sent a vassal to get
the books.


“I must go into town. Be a good mouse and wait here.” He said
as they both knew he had things to ferret out, and she needed supplies. He went
off to the shady tea house deep within the towns limits through the alleyways
and what not. She was supposed to be headed to the market when it started with
one person stopping her, then another, and another. Soon the crowd was entirely
around her. She was smiling when and looking around when she felt a sudden
presence at her back. As his hand snaked around her torso and pulled her flush
to his lean body she knew she was in for it.

“Have you even made it to the marketplace, Princess?” he
asked as his silky tones washed over her. She shook her head, and he chuckled
as he looked up, and some the crowd left on their own.

“How do you do that?” she asked.

“Tricks of the trade.” He said as he helped her to the
market and then take her back to his palace. He wanted to show her a few tricks
of his own.