yesterday I got that anon ask basically saying something about a comment made and my reaction to it.

it has been stuck in my mind now. I honestly hope it was a misunderstanding but I want to clarify a few things. I don’t honestly think that one comment would ever change how I treat someone. I do understand that things, even joking around, come off sometimes as totally not we thought in written form. it lacks the inflections sometimes needed to put things in the right context. So if I took something the wrong way at the time most likely sometime after I revisited it and either saw what I was supposed to or I just simply got over it. 

I also want to say I do understand as well this is a global interface. that means English may not be your first or second or even third or fourth language. Cultural differences may also happen. these things are important to realize as well.  

Now I will say this…. what would change how I see someone. if you are down right rude and it would take multiple statements for this label to be applied. You lied about me or a friend of mine and I caught it. Again that would take a few times for the label to be applied. Or my biggest thing that you are a total fraud or hypocrite. now all people have their hypocritical moments, myself included, but I can not stand when people are. 

The other thing I want to address is the undertone of this cultural that is you don’t agree with something or someone they must be attacked. I am sorry if you go after people with issues, mental or physical, or children meaning some of the younger members of the fandom, I will have issues with you. if you do this while you are screaming about your own mental or phyiscal issues, you now have now met six different requirements for me not to like you personally but I  doubt online I would treat you any differently unless you pushed me too. 

Everyone has a right to say something. Everyone has the right to express themselves. I am a firm believer in the exchange of ideas. if you feel I got something wrong, or you feel I said something that upset or hurt your feelings, Please come slide in my dm’s and we will talk. This goes anytime for anyone.