re-release *blue hair Mc* edited

Hehehehehehehehe I love it! My oldest daughter had blue hair for quite a while at one point, and the looks she got were priceless. I can’t imagine how it would be taken then, but I will try!

Is everything okay with her?
Her hair is blue!
Sky blue!
(Inspection of hair piece by piece)
Doesn’t get it

What the ?????
Confusion sets in
Why is your hair blue?
You did it
Oh I see
(I don’t really understand)
It’s scary

Blue is the best, isn’t it?
Not sure if we can keep it that way though
It is just SO COOL!

Why blue?
Did it hurt?
Why blue again?
I’m sure Masamune will love it *eye roll*

Um your hair is blue
Well I won’t lose you in a crowd

Oh your hair is so different
It’s a wonderful shade
I think purple would suit you better
If you like purple of course
No pressure
I do like the blue though
It’s unique

Your hair?
Lets cut it off
It’s supposed to be like that why?
It sure is different
However, I guess it is nice
Have some seaweed

A heavenly color for my goddess
It is very becoming
It’s really nice
Much like you

Why is your hair blue?
It’s like the sky or something
Kinda like a fish, I saw at the market
Why blue?
Of your favorite color?
Try red next time
Yes red
It would look better
No, I just mean
Why are you mad at me?
I just said red would be better
Okay I will sit here and not speak

Oh that is nice
I couldn’t pull it off but you sure can
No seriously
What did Yukimura say?
Oh yeah he’s a …….. my friend so I can finish that
Blue looks well on you
I promise


re-release *warlords and pregnancy* (oda forces)edited

Warlords and pregnancy
When you tell him of the impending arrival he begins to plan ahead. He has an area set aside in His room for all the baby item he will obtain often without consulting you. He will sit there and watch with almost a childlike amazement as you grow. He finds the waddling very amusing however won’t dare to laugh at it again as you tried to beat him the last time.
When you tell him, he goes into mothering mode only in you. He makes sure that you get outside and walk for exercise almost every day. He rubs your shoulders and back nightly and makes sure you do not over do anything to stress yourself out. He makes a fuss over every other child the two of you see and secretly he goes to the vassal’s places and learns how to hold and care for a newborn.
He is very chill about the new at first. It seems like you just told him something so nonchalant like you are having rice for dinner. He begins making sure that you are eating correctly and whatever deficiency he see he made up for with herbal remedies. He loves it when he can finally take part by sitting there and rubbing your aching feet and legs. He makes sure to let you know he loves you even though you’re as big as a house.
He is extremely chill about it outwardly. Inwardly he is making a list and checking them twice! Every meal is cooked for you and your ever-changing taste. Though you love his cooking, all you can eat for weeks is plain noodles, and this drives him insane as you must need more than that. He begins to make room for the baby and has sent a flurry of letters back to Oshu to make sure everything is nearly the same.
At first, he didn’t quite understand all you subtle hints until you finally lose it and blurt it out at a war council as you just start balling your eyes out. Let’s blame that episode on hormones. This sends him not in total panic mode but pretty damn close. He does everything right when it comes to you and your health and safety, however, annoying it can be at times. This is of course because of the hours he spends a day going over scrolls and texts on the subject. He loves to watch you as you grow and when the baby starts kicking, he will sit there for hours and just feel. He reads to the baby nightly as you fall asleep in his arms and he will just rub your back smoothly as he does.
When he takes you out for dinner, but the smells of the restaurant turn your stomach he makes a joke of it, this, of course, is when you get mad and blurt out the reason why. He is speechless. Completely and utterly speechless then a real smile, not his normal snakey one appears on his face. He doesn’t overly prepare as he just sees it as a natural progression of life, one he didn’t think would ever partake in. He, however, is extremely protective of you to the point of obsession. You have more guards around you then Nobunaga, some visible some not. At night time when you beyond tired he will make sure your completely comfortable. Back rubbed check, feet check, sides sure why not. He will talk to your stomach after you fall asleep and love when he gets kicked at night.


Re-release *Warlords honeymoon* edited

Honeymoons for the warlords
Nobunaga was fascinated by this idea of a getaway after a wedding. There were no battles looming so he thought long and hard about where he would like to take you. He decided to a country estate he had near the ocean. He whisked you away without telling you not only was this a honeymoon but also another piece of your new domain.
He had thought long and hard about where the two of you should go. He really couldn’t figure out the right place. You drop a hint that anywhere is fine as long as it is the two of you. He opts for a small village that the people were always friendly and it was secluded for privacy.
He whisks you off to a village between Azuchi and Oshu. He knew it well, and everyone in it knew him. He loved the views, and he helped create a few things on the local menu. He wanted to share this place with you as it means a lot to him. You can understand why.
He listened to your talking about a honeymoon, and he couldn’t grasp it. He thought of all things you both should settle into one manor before taking a trip somewhere. He could see the light in your eyes as you spoke though and knew it would make you happy to have this. He took out a map and pointed, they area he pointed to wasn’t involved in any uprisings lately so it would be safe. He informed you of this as He began to pack up to leave. He really tries to make this unique in his own prickly way.
He loved the idea when you told him. A gateway to somewhere alone. He works hard doing all his work so he can arrange the trip. He takes you to a lakeside inn where he spoils you day and night in his angelic way.
He shrugs off the idea at first but sees the appeal. He has to go to Tamba in the coming weeks to check in on everything, so he decided to not only take you with him but also tour the surrounding areas with you. He likes the idea of no interruptions, and he can tease you in that particular way only he can while you two are riding the horse.
He doesn’t like the idea of traveling with you too far. He picks a place near His castle and takes you there. He finds the place relaxing and a perfect spot where you can look around during the day and hot springs at night. He doesn’t even understand that this small thing is a huge one to you.
He wants this to be special. He wishes he had been able to restore Kai to its greatness before bringing you to see what is left. He shows you all he wants to do, and you can see why his fight is so personal. Surprisingly you both learn a lot from each other during the trip, and you both also love each other even more for wanting the same thing for Kai to thrive again.
He wants to show you everywhere, but he also wants to take you to his homeland. He needs too. It is in his blood, and so your stay isn’t fancy, but he shows you so much during it. You enjoy the long walks together as well as the few nights under the stars. It was vital for him to show you this place and eventually, it would be your home too if you desire that.
He would want to go on a quick tour of the general area around the castle. With no real destination in mind, you could enjoy the time alone together, and both see new things. If no inn was about that’s fine too, his ninja skills are fantastic at building a small fort for the two of you or finding some abandoned hut. He would keep you pretty warm as well.


re-release *HC warlords and marriage* edited

Warlords and marriage
• Marriage to him would be difficult
• The guy is trying to conquer and rebuild a peaceful nation
• Getting alone time would be hard
• Along with the separation during battles
• You wouldn’t lack for anything though
• You want he gets it
• He is surprisingly sweet at times when he knows you need that
• He tries to be understanding when you just want to be alone with him
• He really tries to do little things for you
• Tea for two on the balcony
• Dinners alone
• Small quick trips to his favorite hot springs to relax
• He loves you too much to let you suffer his departures
• He will always try to be home as quick as he can
• He is really trying
• His devotion is undeniable
• He worships you
• When you two are together, you share all the household chores
• He won’t let you over task yourself and gets frustrated when you do
• He knows that you run the household AND the castle, so he doesn’t want you to do too much
• Sometimes his hovering is annoying
• He also annoys you with his fawning over Nobunaga
• Sometimes you really hate Nobunaga
• You plot his death more the Mitsuhide ever supposedly did
• Hideyoshi tries to do other things for you like day trips
• He has cut most of his ties with his fan club stating he only needs one woman now
• Time together is great and helps with his time going for battles
• This porcupine of love adores being married
• He will never admit it though
• He enjoys the idea of every day and night you are there somewhere close by
• He is a neat freak so some things you just don’t touch
• He loves those little touches of you throughout his manor house
• It feels better now
• Since you have learned to speak Ieyasunese life is better
• It is even more attentive then Hideyoshi
• He is spot on With your wants and desires
• He takes you nearly everywhere with him as he enjoys your company
• You want something he gets it
• Do you need it? It’s there
• He even tries to understand your friendship with the enemy ninja who is weird
• Life is completely full for both of you
• Sweet Mitsubun would be probably the most adorable husband
• He beyond worships you
• He can be annoying when he gets lost in a scroll as your speaking
• However, he doesn’t get mad when you lose your temper
• Half the time he doesn’t realize your mad because he is lost in a scroll
• He does all the accounts even though you are more than capable
• He just likes math
• He helps clean but fails when it comes to picking up his books
• He needs more shelves
• You need a bigger room
• However, when he snuggles you, it is the most wondrous thing
• Of course, waking up with an angel isn’t bad either
• Married life with a tiger or dragon can be tricky
• You find he has some major quirks
• He does everything at the speed of light
• Almost everything some take a really long time
• He takes over when it comes to cooking
• He likes things in certain places as well
• He, however, would do nearly anything for your smiles
• He really is a big playful child most of the time
• When he isn’t, you just wait and let him deal with his issues
• He takes his time now explaining things
• He is trying
• So are you
• Marriage is learning those quirks and still loving that person
• He was shocked when you said yes
• He never ever thought he could be married
• He outright worships your body and soul when you’re alone
• He is a different person than when he is being Mr. Sneaky pants
• He loves whatever you do
• You could literally spend every cent he had, and he would say “I will make more.”
• He encourages your designs even though he can get slightly jealous when you take to much time
• Forget about other men
• You married the torturer of the Oda forces
• He can be quite jealous if he see you speaking to his “friends.”
• He will take it out on you but not in a bad way, just expect to be tired the next day
• However a marriage with a trickster leaves you wondering what exactly he is doing half the time, he won’t tell you ever
• He does have guards around you all the time
• The fluffy bunny lover would be a caring husband
• Yes Kenshin and caring are in the same sentence
• He loves everything about you
• But mostly the fact you accepted him as he is
• He would give you the world
• He is actually trying to
• He shocks everyone from vassals to villagers whom he could be yelling at or to until you walk in and distract him
• No one recognizes him when he is in husband mode
• Though often short-tempered he isn’t with you
• Ever
• You also curb his desire for battle as he doesn’t want to leave you behind nor take you with him
• He shares completely and you do as well
• What some would call a marriage made in hell is actually heaven
• Worship? Really this one can’t leave you alone
• He knew you were his other half the night you met
• You had no idea
• He stops flirting with other women and turns it all to you
• Its overwhelming
• He doesn’t want you to work in the castle any longer
• However you argue and of course get your way
• You could say the sky is green and he would fight anyone who said otherwise
• He doesn’t want to battle anymore
• He wants to bring you to Kai and rebuild
• Of course you are willing
• He wants till its started though as you deserve a roof over your head
• He tries to be understanding when you speak to other men but doesn’t care for it, even Sasuke
• You laugh at that
• I mean Sasuke is no threat.
• Marriage would be fun for the most part
• Ah no not boy wonder here
• He understands the concept of sharing lives but it is completely new to him
• He tries to make time for you but he is wearing himself thin
• He is so battle ready and constantly training it is hard for him to break away
• He tries though
• He takes you out at least once a week and also plans little trips together
• He is getting better at talking and NOT calling you names
• Except when he wants to get a rise out of you
• He knows your buttons
• He tries
• You try as well
• A marriage between the two of you is a blend of modern ideas and Sengoku ideals
• He tries to make more time for you
• As you carve out time for him as well
• No one is shocked when you start a relationship however everyone is shocked when you get married
• Even him.
• He stays pretty busy doing ninja stuff and training
• You work in your designs and help with the seamstresses
• However he helps cook and clean
• Much to every other males dismay
• Sasuke doesn’t mind the constant ribbing he takes cause he goes home to you and they don’t
• He hates leaving you to go to battle but coming home is the best
• I could very well see him as being one of the best Sengoku husbands ever


re-released hc depressed mc

So I was asked to do this headcanon of the mc being depressed and how the warlords would deal with it…
This is my first headcanon so please bear with me.
The oda forces.
-he notices right off the bat that something is different with you.
-he begins to ask small leading questions to try to get you to talk about whatever is bothering you.
-you, of course, don’t want to speak of it cause it seems small and insignificant to you even though day by day you start to disappear within yourself.
-he won’t allow this.
-he orders you to start talking
-of course, you don’t instead just look at him with dead eyes.
-he again tries to force you to tell him but realizes that tact is not working.
-he holds a war council to get everyone’s ideas.
-the other warlords have nothing.
-he begins to lose his mind the more you disappear into yourself, so he comes up with one last plan
– He has everything you like delivered to the castle, sparing no expense. He tells you of his plan to whisk you away to the hot springs as soon as he can wipe all his enemies off the map.
-you realize that you still have a long way to go to being back to “normal” but begin to smile because you know he loves you that much.
-He is so busy with work he doesn’t notice the sad look shadowing your eyes right away.
-he starts to see when you don’t laugh as much or even talk as much.
-you hardly ever smile anymore and this sets of warning bells in his head.
-he begins a campaign to get you to tell him what is wrong.
-he doesn’t understand
-frankly, it scares the hell out of him
-he tries hard to get you to talk, but all you want to do is lay down and sleep.
-he lays with you and holds you gently, rubbing your back soothingly.
-finally, you softly tell him how your feeling.
-he understands, which surprises you, he tells you his own history.
-he basically tells you that he understands what it is like to fight but you are not alone and he won’t let you fall any further.
-it is a nice feeling having him there, and you promise to talk more.
-he noticed something wrong on the first day
-he can’t figure out what though
-he outright asks
-when you say nothing, he blows a gasket but not at you
-he realized it been a week since you smiled
-he brings home some flowers he doesn’t get the half heart response even though you love them
-he tries the next day again with a new hair comb again you love it, but the half-smile you gave him didn’t reach your eyes
-he is worried now
-Masamune worried is not a good thing
-he starts asking everyone for advice even writing to Oshu.
-he is really trying to let you have your space but he can’t
-finally, he breaks down and lays it all out for you
-you realize how much you mean to him and start talking
-he takes it as a start
-he makes sure you talk at least to him every day
-he is finally happy enough with the outcome and the more enthusiastic smile you gave him he lets it go
-he understands inner demons
-he noticed the first day you started showing signs
-he didn’t say anything at first cause he knows what it feels like
-he also knows he won’t let it get too far
-as you go more and more silent so does he.
-you start to wonder what is wrong with him
-he just waits you out until you can’t take it anymore and say something
-his reply “Oh do you not like silence either?”
-you realize he did it to prove a point
-you start talking as he pulls you into his lap and rests his head on your back as you continue on
-his silence now is him listening and thinking how he can get you back to normal
-he begins to work less for the time being so he can spend more time with you
-you slowly come back to yourself as he helps guide you
-this one has no clue
-he is so attuned to you he could probably pinpoint the second you started feeling down
-he has no idea how to ask you
-the angel thinks it is something he has done and you’re just not happy with him
-he finally breaks down and asks whats wrong
-you try to explain, but words fail to cover it
-he now has a mission and spends every waking second trying to find scrolls on the subject
-he asks Ieyasu to make an herbal remedy for you and hands him a recipe he found
-ieyasu hates doing it for him, but your smile is important to all of them he does it
-he beings to spend less time reading and more on you
-(you are almost sick of him at this point)
-he begs for you to talk and drink your special tea he had Ieyasu make.
-he tries to brew it, but well it is a normal experience
-for some reason this makes you laugh a bit
-he loses his angel mind when that happens
-he hugs you and holds you, and you start talking more.
-he can finally let go and relax a bit
-basically, you tell him he starts working normally again, or you will never smile again
-he nods
-poor angel doesn’t realize you made a joke; however, he is happy none the less because of your talking.
-he noticed something is off, but he is busy with paperwork
-he sees more and more as you stop smiling, talking, and just withdrawal
-he gets it, he really does
-he has no idea how to help you through it though
-he slows down his work pace first off so he can spend more time with you
-he brings you outside to play with wasabi
-he makes an herbal tea to help soothe you
-when he thinks your comfortable, he will ask whats wrong
-if you ignore his questions, he will begin to be more and more sweet to you
-this change confuses you
-he tells you about his life as a hostage and how it made him feel
-you begin to come out of your fog, and he works with you every day until your silky smile is back in place

Takeda/Uesugi Forces
-he knows something is wrong before you do
-he starts leaving small things for you around the castle and in your room
-he starts with shoulder rubs  
-he understands your feelings, but he tries desperately to fight the battle for you
-this, of course, doesn’t work
-he waits for you to talk, he doesn’t demand that you do
-he tries to talk with you whenever he can
-again he will just sit there and stroke your hair as he tells you about his day
-he draws the line after awhile at your silence.
-he brings in reinforcements
-the bunny squad will be ordered into your room to wake you up
-it works to a point
-you laugh and smile for the first time in a long while
-he takes it as a win
-you let him
-he is so attuned to you he knows something is wrong  again before you
-he tries to coax it out of you with sweet words
-he tries to coax it out with presents
-none of that works
-now you have a huge pile of stuff in your room too
-he sees the haunted look in your eyes, and it scares him
-he talks to anyone and everyone about it
-he tries everything humanly possible to get you to speak to him or smile
-he now isn’t sleeping cause he is watching you
-he finally makes himself beyond sick
-you start talking as he is in his sickbed
-he agrees to whatever punishment you feel necessary for him making himself sick
-you laugh at him
-you begin to explain, and whereas he doesn’t get it he will try to understand
-he will literally do anything you ask of him
-he gets it completely 1000%
-he knows nothing he knows of will work here, now
-he starts having you do stretches and yoga poses
-you wonder why Sasuke knows so much yoga
-he allows you to be silent but won’t except it for too long
-he misses your smile
-he steps up his game
-he secretly goes to Ieyasu and asks for help
-he begins leaving little things for you to surprise you
-you get pissed as hell when he left ground spikes around your bed instead of the flowers he planned on
-he wondered why he had flowers in his pocket instead of ground spikes all day
-this guy is a genius, but damn sometimes he is not all there
-he spends hours rubbing your tired hurt feet because of his mistake
-you begin to laugh as he tells you about the mix-up
-he knows his mistake will help bring you back to yourself
-finally, he can breathe again
-boy child is oblivious
-he is always busy doing something he doesn’t see
-when he does, he doesn’t get it
-at all
-he finally sits down with you and tries to get you to talk
-when he calls you dummy you lose it
-he knows he upset you and now that you aren’t saying anything to him he is lost
-he asks Sasuke who tries to explain to him
-he asks Shingen for advice
-he would talk to Kenshin, but it isn’t about war so he wouldn’t be all that helpful
-he sets up a nice day for just the two of you
-all he wants is for you to laugh or smile
-he pulls out all the stops at your favorite tea house; you get to order, a stroll through the marketplace, a fun walk to the river.
-finally, you start talking
-he listens, he doesn’t understand, but he listens
-he tells you he loves you and he always will
Just don’t stop talking to him again
-he makes more time for you and things you want to do just to keep you going
-eventually, you start to feel better maybe not 100% but getting there
(I don’t know much about him so bear with me)
-he is super busy with his plot to kill Nobunaga
-he doesn’t see it
-time passes, and you withdraw more and more
-holy hell he sees it all of a sudden
-your smile is nonexistent
-he can’t remember the last time he heard your laugh
-he asks whats wrong, and you blow him off
-he sees you don’t want to talk
-he still tries
-he begins to pray that you will
-he is still super busy working this nine-part plot to take Nobunaga’s head
-he tries to fit more time with you
-finally, he breaks down begging you to tell him whatever is wrong
-you do
-he understands. Surprisingly his vengeance is a form of what your feeling.
-he talks with you for hours
-he deems it now necessary for his plot to succeed he has to spend time with you
⁃ he takes to out in the forest for fresh air
⁃ Its simple things that make you smile again
⁃ He wants to pat himself on the back, but demons don’t do that
⁃ He helps you regain your way to yourself slowly but surely


Masterlist [DnR/UR]

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