Warlord I love yous


I love you


-has no idea of the warm burning he has for you in actually love

– he tries to play it off for days, weeks, even months

– when you murmur in your sleep “I love you”

He realizes

– reality shifted for a moment for him

– he knows he loves you know

– he smiles at the knowledge

– you catch him smiling at you

– he does it when he thinks your not looking

– sorta creepy

– when you confront him he gets that smile again

– “My dear how can i not smile at you when I love you so much.”


– after being sister zoned for so long you don’t know how to react to anything else for awhile

– you know how you feel

– regardless it isn’t easy loving the towns ladies man

– he doesn’t encourage it anymore but women

– he looks at you as you get slightly upset at your night ruined by other women interloping.

– he wants to make it up to you


– as you fall asleep he whispers to you

– “I don’t deserve to love someone like you.”


– this one is difficult

– on the best of days he is difficult

– however you adjust your days around him

– you have gotten to the point you know he rarely says what he means directly

– still it isn’t easy loving a pricky pear

– you do regardless

– he sees how you do everything for him

– you hardly interrupt anymore when you know he is busy

– he still has that yearning for your company though as he works

– sitting in silence is the best way to show him

– he knows

– “For someone who endlessly chatters about your silence is a boon.”

– “I love you too.”


– he doesn’t hesitate

– he sees your love for what it is

– he knows his own feelings

– he can’t and won’t promise tomorrow but god help you today

– he wants tomorrow’s

– an endless amount of tomorrows

– “Kitten you are the moon and sky, how could I not love you?”


-he knows something is not right

– it isn’t wrong either

– new feelings he has no name for

– he wants to ask

– he doesn’t what to feel dumb though for not knowing

-he just tries

– tries to eat

-tries to sleep

– tries to read

– he can’t do any of those things without thinking of you

– “I fear something is wrong with me.”

– “why?” You ask

– he explains and as you softly smile at him he relaxes

– “love feels like that.” You tell him

– “then I love you.”


– nope

– he knows he is well over his head

– he will not admit it freely though

– he shows it with everything he does when you are around

– his teasing

– his touches

– his speaking to you

– you know

– he knows

– he will wait till you are deep asleep in his arms to whisper, “My love you can never know just how much I love you”

– though you are thought to be asleep you wait every night to hear those words

– you respond one night without thinking

– “I know that already, snakey kitsune, go to sleep.”


Warlords adult time

Suggestive warnings but not nsfw completely

Hc playtime


– this one likes a certain type of play

– He is so dominant in everyday life he cannot let go of that

– He knows he has responsibilities as the first unifier

– He enjoys his role play though

– He needs a certain release

– Though he can not lose that dominant trait

– He will try for you

– He learns to let things go

– Never crosses a line with you

– He needs you to be completely submissive

– Completely

– He will make it worth your while though


– honestly I can’t see him trying to be dominant

– He isn’t submissive either

– He likes touching

– You work at making your own fun game

– He has to say or do something before he can touch

– Like full contact 20 questions

– Though you never make it to 20

– He tries to do whatever you like and will spoil you in the process


– games?

– Play time games?

– The hedgehog doesn’t have time for that

– However he sees your disappointment in your eyes

– You explain you just want to spice things up

– He takes at he is dull

– He is willing to try once

– He is not sure when you explain to him

– You bind his hands lightly as not to trigger things from his past

– Talk sweetly as you do it

– You let your hands explore as he is trapped on the ground

– He doesn’t not like it

– After he admits he could see a future of that

– One step at a time porcupine….


– up for anything

– He is good to go

– He doesn’t mind being sub or dom

– Whatever your pleasure is

– Either way you both get what you want

– He doesn’t mind ropes or anything else

– He goes with the flow

– He enjoys the soft touches or the harder yanks regardless


– you want to do what?

– He is still learning everything

– though a quick study he doesn’t quite get this side to playing with you

– But if you want to try it he is willing

– He honestly could be both sub and dom as well

– Meet darkside Mitsunari

– This side thrills you

– Also slightly scares you as he only comes out when Mitsunari is extremely tired or hurt

– This could be awhile

– He learns he likes everything and he is rather good at working you up either way

– Good bye heaven

– Hello wonderful hell


– since he is a natural dominant person he enjoys both

– A master at torture he likes a little pain himself

– He is also a master at rope work

– He likes teaching you as well

– He doesn’t mind when you want the lead

– Smacked, shoved, hair pulls all turn him on

– The more you do the more he will please you

– Flip-side he won’t-hit you. Playful swats and spanking yes but never harder then that

– He tries not to bind you to tight either

– He will pull hair be prepared

– He will leave marks as well

– He likes when you do as well

– I don’t see him into breath play***

– He enjoys taking his time during playtime on either side

– He knows he has the stamina to last hours and hours

– *** common canon in the ikesen world. Though breath play does add excitement I can not think he would find it fun to choke the life out of MC just as a release. He loves her and that would be to close to seeing her dead, in my eyes.****


HC for the oda forces and uesugi-Takeda when their s/o see MC in an oversized shirt and underwear because kimonos are uncomfortable. You could make it nsfw, sfw, fluff or anything else. Love you. Sending good vibes your way đź’–

It’s bedtime…. the lamps are low and though waiting for him to return home has been nerve wrecking she does manage to fall asleep. She long since gave up trying to sleep in the restricted kimono and made a shirt that was langer but not like the long sleeping gowns that she knew the people in the west were using. The shirt itself was just enough to cover her behind. Since she made the switch a week ago while he was away she has never slept better.

He walks in….


He looks around and sees a leg. He looks more closely and see the whole. He silently approves of the shirt though he has to make sure no kne ever sees his territory.


Happy to be home he apots the low light of your shared room. He walks in and looks arouns not being able to see you. Then a movement on the futon catches his eyes. He is in shock when he sees the shirt slowly riding up. Though he enjoys the sight he is far more concerned with you catching a cold.


“Idiot is still awake!” He grumbled to himself as he enters his palace and saw themlight on but low. He was greeted by the sight of her legs and backside.

“Thats new.” He said with a slight smile as he kept his eyes on her while changing. “More reason to hold her close otherwise she might get sick.”

(Yeah right Ieyasu)


He bolted into the room to find her sprawled out on the futon with her new sleeping outfit. He is not really shocked as he has seen her designs and knows about the future. He however decided in that moment he was going to have some more of those things made for her. It was a delectable sight he could get used too.


He walks in and goes blank. He sees sooooo much. He feels his temp go higher and can’t take his eyes off her legs and the bottom half of her rump. She sighednin her sleep and he decided then to wake her to show her what this new outfit did to him.


“My sweet little mouse was trying to wait up for me?” He though as he moved into the room and then he stopped and saw her. She had talked about things from the future before and he could picture some things ut not this. This was different. He smiled as he forgot he was tired. It was time to show his mouse that he appreciated her sewing work.


He walked in to The room without noise and instantly saw she had that on. He wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. Though not a traditionalist he certainly didn’t like the idea someone else could see her like this either. He changed quickly and moved to the futon knowing he would talk to her about it in the morning.


What is my angel wearing? He walked around her on the futon looking at it closely. He however decided he didn’t care because it gave him access much easier for early mornings!


He looked at her and thought she forgot half of her clothes. He felt his cheeks get warmer as he looked at her and a gentle stirring in his loins. He kinda liked it but was sure never to tell her that.


He looked at her and wondered how she could adjust to this time period so well. Now he only wished he had a few so she could wear those ones instead.


Warlord twister hc

Since you’re doing head canons too, how do you think the warlords would react to playing Twister?

Left foot blue right arm yellow….


How in the world do you do this? How are people that flexible? He would sit on the sidelines and watch the first few games trying to make a statagy.


“Someone is going to end up hurt!” He would join in but only to make sure the game ended without a serious injury.


“This is ridiculous I don’t have time for this.” Though he does secretly want tonplay he will sit out the first few rounds.


He will study everything about the game. The options, what people do, he will be the master of twister by the end of the first day.


He will join in only because Hideyoshi doesn’t want people to play. He will make sure that he is thenone closest to the princess to ensure he was the only ine touching her. This game may not be so bad affer all


Mc stabbed (oda forces)

Headcanon for watt pad for Mc being Stabbed Protecting Warlord

The pair was out for a nice little trip to a nearby lake. As they were walking and holding hands, they were surprised by eight bandits that were laying in wait. He felt he could quickly take them on as the, and he did but when he wasn’t looking she saw one of the first he had laid out stand with a smaller dagger. She ran and threw herself in front of him as the blade hit home right through her shoulder. It wasn’t a life-threatening injury but one he treated as one because it was her who received it. After he made sure the bandits could not harm anyone else he carried her back to the castle…….


“Why did you do something so reckless, princess?”, He asks emotion he usually never lets through is thrumming there her as she can still feel the pain lancing through her. She knew it wasn’t all that bad and she wasn’t going to die, but the way he was treating her she could have been on death’s door. He had packed the wound and was mainly talking to himself about all the things that will be done when they got back to the castle. He was in a state of shock; she figured as he was finally calming down. He wouldn’t look at her the closer they got to town, and by the time they reached the castle, he was beyond angry. She could understand all the emotions he had ranged from, but he was mad at her which she couldn’t exactly believe. As soon as the two of you were in the castle, he started barking out orders to everyone. As the time progressed and the salves and everything arrived, he was pacing the floor. After the wound had been dressed, she stood and walked over to him while he was on the balcony. He looked off in the distance almost ignoring her but then asked her never to do something so foolish as to save him again as he placed an arm around her. He was admitting he feared to lose her and to appease him this one time she nodded.


He saw the dagger enter and he lost his mind. He went on survival mode as he struck every one of them down, again. He swooped her up and practically ran back to his manor. He had started screaming for this or that and for a doctor even though he knew the wound was not that bad. He was taking no chances. He cleaned the wound himself again not letting anyone else near her. She was his to protect, and he believed he failed in that. He was mentally beating himself up and after the doctor told him what he already knew it was just the two of them again. He curled up next to her whispering how he should be a better man, as she shut him up and told him he was already a wonderful man. She had to deal with him and his insecurities though knowing he was a splendid soldier and warrior, he had these slight issues. She talked him through them all and was just glad to have him with her. He wouldn’t let her do anything except walk for a few days. That was his love.


As he carried her back to the palace, he was figuring out mentally what to do to help ease the pain. He was already making lists of things to do when they got back; he was fighting his fear of failure to do all this. He was trying to make sense of the how’s and why’s that lead to the her getting stabbed. It was eating at him as only those things he considered failures did. As he placed her down, he started with a salve and cleaning the wound. He was as gentle as he could be basically treating her as he would a broken little sparrow. His eyes, however, were hard and also in pain. She tried to explain that it was just a reflex but that only made him worse. Finally, he was able to react usually, again. He held her close often waking up throughout the night knowing she was there and alive was enough for the moment.


He usually does everything at his usual pace quick, but not the walk back. He was careful and more aware of any pain you may have. He took his time not because he was delaying treatment but because he didn’t want her to be in pain from his rushing. He tended to the wound immediately and dressed it proper. He encouraged you to sleep. He sat at his desk as you slept quietly. He was coming to grips because of his foolishness he nearly caused her death. It was a simple reality he couldn’t wrap his head about; however, he knew he had to do something to make sure she was protected again, the thought of using her as a human shield was ludicrous. He was trying to think as she called out in sleep and he went to her as she slept. He gathered her in his arms and just enjoyed the feel of her in his arms.


He could believe his eyes as he watched the dagger enter her shoulder. He quickly struck the other man down and picked her up as carefully as someone holding a porcelain doll. There was no place better than the manor to clean and bandage the wound, and he took care of that all himself. He didn’t tell anyone of it, as he wanted to be the one who did everything. He even made tea to calm her nerves. She was grateful and didn’t feel all that bad as he gathered her in a hug that would typically crush her, but it was gentle and soft on this night. He had seen his own life flash before his eyes when he thought for a split second that she was gravely injured. He just wanted to hold her, forever if need be to help ease his own guilt.


He was abnormally talkative on the way back, commenting on this or that and waiting for her response. He was gauging her injuries based on her answers. He was pleasantly surprised that she hadn’t fallen in a fit of hysterics after he removed the dagger. She had been calm, and though she winced, he felt she would be fine. Upon entering his manor, he called for supplies and his vassals and maids having overseen taking care of his various injuries over the years helped take care of hers. She never winced again, and he thought of her pure resolve as she did. He was in awe of it. He knew the whole situation could have been avoided, but she was as headstrong as ever all he could do was help curb her more wild side. As the two lay down for the night after the powerful tonic his maid had given her he told her not to try to save someone like him again, it would break him to see her hurt worse than this. She nodded though mostly asleep already; he would then use that against her if she ever tried something so foolish again.


Headcanon heavily pregnant Mc needs help

1. Anonymous said to :

So this might seem silly, but MC is heavily pregnant and trying to reach for something on a shelf. The belly is in the way, so she decides to reach for the item from the side but only pushes object back further away. Frustrated MC grabs a chair because ‘I could reach this shelf before!’ Cue the warlords coming in at that specific moment, what are their reactions? (My husband was not happy with me that day. *laughs nervously*)


“What are you doing!”, he exclaims as he sweeps her off the chair and moves it away from the cabinets. “I was trying to get that!”, she pointed to the jar she wanted as he easily got it down for her. “A whole castle full of people and you climb a chair?”, he asks.

“Well, I could get it a few days ago!” I am so big now I can’t do anything!“, she cried out.

"That is our child you are carrying, soon it will be done, and you will be more normal.”, he said softly.

“Fine. I will ask next time.”, she said softly.

“Good because nothing should happen to you if you keep your feet on the floor. If you fell, it could hurt the both of you, and then I would be mad.”, he stated as he walked her back to their room where he would rub her swollen feet for her.


Cue panic. He would have to be quiet but still, make enough noise, so she didn’t jump and fall off the chair. As she turned her to see him and the look he had. “Of all the times to walk in you have to pick now!”, she said.

“Princess please get off the chair.”, His voice was strained as he was trying not to lose his cool. The last time he suggested something she nearly ripped his head off, literary.

“I could get it a few days ago. I am so big now I can’t get it.”, she stated.

“I will get it for you.”

“I don’t need your help.”

“Princess please let me help you.”, he said.

“Fine help.”, she said as she looked defeated.

“Not much longer now. Just let me help until then.”, he pleaded.

“Fine since this is your fault.”, she said as she motioned to her large size laughing.


“what are you doing, idiot!”, he stated as he huffed the way over to her to take her hand and gently pulled her off the chair taking care to have her reach the ground safely.

“I was trying to get that. I could last week.”, she said.

“Well, now that is off limits to you too!”, he said pointing to the chair.“That is for you to sit on, not to stand.”

“I just wanted the jar!”, she said defensively.

“Tough now you have to ask for help.”, he said firmly.

“I am a grown-up, don’t speak to me as if I am a child.”, she said.

“If you were a child we wouldn’t be expecting our first child, now would we?”, he countered. “Let me help you while I can. You have to do so much already; I can get the jar.”

“Fine.”, she mumbled hastily.


“Lass? What are you doing up there?”, he asked softly.

“Trying to get something!”, she responded.

“I can get it.”, he stated, “When your back on the ground.”

“I just want to get it, Masamune. I could last week when I wanted some.”, she replied.

“Please get down Lass. Let me get it.”, he tried again.

“Fine.”, She said., “I am a whale. Can’t do anything.”

“What’s a whale?”, he asked. “No never mind. You are growing our child; I can get the high jars for now.”

“doesn’t seem fair.”, she said to herself.

“It isn’t. So let me help when I can, okay?”


“Princess what are you doing!”, he exclaimed as he walked into the room as he hurried over to brace her up.

“I was trying to get that jar. I could reach it last week but I can’t now.”

“This jar?”, he reached up and brought it down.

“I wanted to get it.”, she said as she looked at him and he knew he was in for it.

“I know you did, but I need to help you. Not much longer and you will be your old self who never needs to much help. Let me help you now.”, he started hoping she wouldn’t kill him for getting the jar or start crying as she was also prone to do.

“Fine.”, she said, and he also knew that was her tired fine.

“Let’s go back to our room, and I will rub your shoulders and back. Does that sound good.”, he asked as he learned she enjoyed that.

“Yes, it does.”, She said as she started to waddle out of the room at her slow pace. He just smiled and followed to do her bidding.


“Do tell me what you Think you are doing on that chair, my love.”, he stated as he slithered into the room after one of his pages alerted him that the princess yet again had found herself doing something he said not to do.

“Mitsu! I am trying to get the jar up here. What does it look like I am doing?”, she asked.

“It looks like you are doing something I asked you not to do last week when you almost fell off another chair.”, he said as he took hold of her arm and was wrapping his other around her widening frame and lifted her and placed her on the floor.

“But I wanted that!”, she said.

“And you shall have it.”, he said as he reached to get it for her and place it in her hands.

“I can do things for myself, ya know.”, she said huffily.

“I do know that my love, however until you are free of the burden of our child, I will be your personal slave and fetch whatever you need. Just no more standing on chairs please, or climbing ladders, or running around.”, he said.

“Personal slave, huh?”, she repeated.

“Yes now let’s go to our palace, and I will show you.”, he said as he nuzzled her neck as he wrapped himself around her.


How would the warlords react if they find out that MC has a tattoo on her back?

Heya I have answered this a long time ago. Here is the head canon I did for this. All of my headcanons can be found on wattpad under the headcanons book user name kthomas325.

I find people’s reactions to tattoos somewhat hilarious, as they have changed over my lifetime a great deal. When I was small, it was still a taboo to openly show them publicly and even as far as my own mother swearing to disown one of her children if we got them. However, she didn’t disown us or more specifically me when I accidentally forgot to wear socks one day with shorts, and she saw the one on my ankle. It wasn’t a pleasant conversation at all, but that didn’t stop me from getting a few more including one to honor her memory and my heritage. Now they are accepted without question.


As she got of out of her bath he noticed the mark on her lower back again, it was apparently a picture of something, but he didn’t know what. He had seen it before but never let the question linger in his head for too long as he always wanted to move on to something else than to dwell on the picture on her back. Today he wanted to dwell on the image as he walked up surprising her as he turned her around to look more closely at the small of her back. She laughed as he touched it and asked what it was, she told him a tattoo and then had to describe the process in detail to him. He had so many questions which took half the night for him to be content with her answer finally.


Though he noticed the design on her back, he never said anything, but after a drink or two, he started to wonder about the weird mark. When she explained, he didn’t understand the desire to hurt one’s self for the sake of having it. However he like gazing at it in the mornings because he knew no one else would see it.


He straight up ask’s her the first time he sees it. It intrigues him, and he likes hearing about it, and the modern world that can do this type of thing without too many risks involved. He loves the design because it is a part of you.


He loves it. He loves everything about her and the fact only he can see it is a beautiful thing to him. He is more openly curious about the process and the meaning of the design as he whats to know every detail about her. The fact there is a large blue symbol on her back doesn’t bother him in the least he just wants to keep it from the view of anyone else.


He is slightly confused the first time he saw it, like why would she marr her perfect porcelain skin? However, when he ask’s her about it he could see the conviction she had about the design. He felt an overwhelming sense of pride that he was the only who would ever see it here and late at night or early in the morning when the two of you are alone he will trace it with his finger lightly marking it as his and his alone to see.


I really love your blog. Can I request a headcanon for the Oda forces and KU+ST forces for when MC loves animals and casually adopts injured ones and keeps them in the castle? Thanks! I’m so sorry if requests are closed, please forgive me

Hehehe this is me…. when my husband was deployed He cane back to 120 rabbits then another time he came back to three alpacas.

He looks at her as she walks up the path to the castle. He wonders at the fact she always comes back with something new, always alive. Where was she going to keep them all? When was she going to have time for him?

He was reaching his limit. The animals were completely taking over his palace. He needed more room for them.

He likes animals as well. However his tiger wanted to eat them all so he had to keep everything separated. It was becoming work. How was he going to transport all of them to Oshu?

Half heartedly jokes about their emergency food supplies and that brings her to tears. He swears he won’t eat anything of hers. She continues to care for them and it makes her happy so what the hell?

He doesn’t mind. He tries to remember they are there. He does wonder about all the time she spends with them and is slightly jealous.

So my pet loves her pets? He sees it as a way for her to keep busy when he is way. He builds a shed for her to keep them. He will do anything to keep her happy.

My bunnies were not enough? This cat hates the rabbits. He finds himself at a loss for actions. He wants to support you but the animals are taking too much of your time.

He likes that you like animals. When he rebuilds his lands he will be working with the people and finds it heartening that you will be as well. He makes time to help and shows you new things you didn’t know.

Same as Shingen. Though he doesn’t like the time away from you so much.

He is glad that you found something to make you happy. Not happy that they aren’t in the future where vets and such are to make owning them easier.


Dunno if this one was done, but I assume there wasn’t many obese or overweight folks in the Sengoku period, so how do you think the Warlords would react to an MC who’s now fit but has a lot of stretch marks, or maybe even loose skin?

I have to start this one with a bit of info. Stretch marks can happen damn near to anyone. You don’t necessarily have to be a bit overweight nor pregnant to get them. They are just a way of the skin stretching.


He would be amazed with the marks on your hips. Though a faint purple and can also be an angry red. He would look at them as she undressed and be amazed at the stories she told him of why they were there.


He wants to make sure they don’t hurt now. They look like they hurt. He will look at them and make sure they don’t change to much. Often bringing you to a fit of laughter. You know he has never seen anything like them before and he is just looking out for you.


He knows and has seen them before but nevernin someone he cares about. It isn’t anything more than something he can study for the future. He will try different herbs and lotions to help them fade. He makes sure that you know he only wants the best for you.


There is something different about you? Where?

He doesn’t care.


He spots the angry looking marks and begins to study them as he looks for mentions in text books for the same marks. Even when you explain he wants to make sure they can not really hurt you. He helps every night to lotion your skin and keep them from getting worse.


He will trace them with his finger tips. He doesn’t care about the marks or the loose skin. It is you. He may tease you about nearly everything but not this. These are his private marks on your body. You accept him with all his scars he excepts you for yours as well.