yesterday I got that anon ask basically saying something about a comment made and my reaction to it.

it has been stuck in my mind now. I honestly hope it was a misunderstanding but I want to clarify a few things. I don’t honestly think that one comment would ever change how I treat someone. I do understand that things, even joking around, come off sometimes as totally not we thought in written form. it lacks the inflections sometimes needed to put things in the right context. So if I took something the wrong way at the time most likely sometime after I revisited it and either saw what I was supposed to or I just simply got over it. 

I also want to say I do understand as well this is a global interface. that means English may not be your first or second or even third or fourth language. Cultural differences may also happen. these things are important to realize as well.  

Now I will say this…. what would change how I see someone. if you are down right rude and it would take multiple statements for this label to be applied. You lied about me or a friend of mine and I caught it. Again that would take a few times for the label to be applied. Or my biggest thing that you are a total fraud or hypocrite. now all people have their hypocritical moments, myself included, but I can not stand when people are. 

The other thing I want to address is the undertone of this cultural that is you don’t agree with something or someone they must be attacked. I am sorry if you go after people with issues, mental or physical, or children meaning some of the younger members of the fandom, I will have issues with you. if you do this while you are screaming about your own mental or phyiscal issues, you now have now met six different requirements for me not to like you personally but I  doubt online I would treat you any differently unless you pushed me too. 

Everyone has a right to say something. Everyone has the right to express themselves. I am a firm believer in the exchange of ideas. if you feel I got something wrong, or you feel I said something that upset or hurt your feelings, Please come slide in my dm’s and we will talk. This goes anytime for anyone.  

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up on the hill top

She looked at the men standing out in the night. “Can I help you?”, she asked with a smile.
“We need to talk to Akechi.”, The man with the demanding voice said. Mitsuhide laughed from his spot in the front room.
“Let them in Princess.”, He said as she opened the door wider and took a step back. She smiled at him and shook her head as she made her way to the kitchen to check on their dinner. Mitsuhide walked out of the room into the hallway and lead them into his domain of the main living area. “Why are you guys here?”
“You’re moving her in here?”, His boss asked.
“Nobunaga what does that matter to you if I am?”, He asked as he heard her moving around in the kitchen. He was swimming in unknown territory, but he had seen this before when someone else on the team was rushed to do things. This was an intervention of sorts.
“You work for me, so I do like to know what is going on in all your lives.”, Nobunaga said as he sat down and looked him over.
“Just because we work together doesn’t mean you guys can tell me if this is a good idea or a bad one. You don’t understand all the variables.”, Mitsuhide said as he looked around at his teammates.
“You haven’t been interested in any female.”, Shingen said, “Along comes an angel and you are moving on a setting we don’t even know. You have to agree this isn’t like you.”
“Do you even really know me?”, Mitsuhide countered. “The fact is guys I know this is fast. I know that she and I have a lot of work to do so we can make this work between us and yes she does too, thank god. This is different from just meeting someone off the street and picking them up for a one-night thing. This is a chance with the one female who instantly was everything to me. Everything, guys.”
“Why was their such a lapse of time if she was that?”, Mitsunari asked.
“First off guys you need to understand. Things happened in my childhood that I don’t want to talk about. Not with you at least. I still have many issues from there that are buried deep. However, I will say this not many of you know that when I was fourteen, I went to go live in foster care. My foster mother was Sara’s grandmother so to speak. Her father was also raised in foster care and by the same woman. Sara is named after her. Sara was only seven when I went into the house on the farm. She was the only one who tried to get to know me, the real me, not the one I tried to be. We had four years of being constant friends, and then I aged out of the system and joined up. I had to leave her behind. I didn’t want too and almost didn’t, but I did. I wrote to her every week, but my letters were being returned as someone in her family didn’t want her to get them.”
“My mother.”, she said from the doorway. “My mother was a control freak and couldn’t stand my free will. However, I was only eleven at the time, so I could be manipulated rather easily if anything else.”
The men looked from Sara to Mitsuhide. They were shocked he was being open about this. They thought they would have to push to get him to speak. “So what happened?”, Kenshin asked.
“Mitsuhide went off to the Army. I was left in a town isolated, and on my own, with people telling him he moved on. He forgot me. He never really cared. I almost started to believe, but I couldn’t completely swallow that my best friend could just walk away. I figured out what I wanted to do with my life and did it with the help of someone pretty high up in the army. I went on with my life.”
“So did I, I knew she had. I was still in contact with her brother who had told me their mother wanted me to stop writing her. I guess the weekly reminder that her daughter refused to believe her and then when she up and left was too much for the woman.”, Mitsuhide replied. “We both over the years looked into the other, but we both thought the other had moved on from the friendship we had back then.”
“The fact was neither of us did.”, she said with a smile still propped up against the wall. “At the ceremony, it was the first time we had seen each other in fifteen years, and well things got heated for a little bit.”
“She was mad.”, he said. “Which was understandable until she saw the letters.”
“You kept them?”, Sasuke asked.
“Every single one of them.”, Mitsuhide replied.
“Why would you keep them?”, Hideyoshi asked.
“They were my link to her. I knew she never got them, but I wrote them for her.”, Mitsuhide said. “I knew if I ever got the chance I would give them to her, which I did last night.”
“So you decided it was a good idea to move in together?”, Yukimura asked.
“When Mitsuhide gets an idea in his head it is rather difficult to change his mind. Have any of you tried?”, she asked with a laugh.
“We have.”, Nobunaga replied. “And that description is apt.”
“I know it is. I have known him longer.’, she said with a smile. “I just moved here. Like last week recent. I was staying in the hotel, and Mitsuhide suggested that I stay here. To be honest, at first, I didn’t see it as a good idea, but now I am starting to think there are a few perks.”
“And those are?”, Hideyoshi asked.
“None of your business.”, she replied. “I know the whole band of brothers thing. I understand what it is like to rely on your team. How you guys work as one to get the job done and that you all have been together for a long time but understand this. Our relationship whatever turn it takes is our relationship, not yours. I want you guys to be happy for Mitsuhide not always questioning me or my motives.”
“This trip you have planned?”, Nobunaga asked.
“My foster mother doesn’t have much time left. She is well over a hundred years old. I haven’t been back to see her and I should. She was the reason I got this far in life.”, Mitsuhide replied.
“Are you going?”, Masamune asked her as he looked at her.
“She is my grandmother so to speak. Yes, I will be going as well. The town has changed a lot since Mitsu lived there. Since I lived there. This isn’t a romantic getaway guys. This is both of us going back to a place that should be named hell, but for a good reason to pay our respects to the living before we have to say goodbye.”, she said.
“Hell?”, Shingen asked.
“Where I grew up and Mitsuhide came to live was a small farming town. It was full of drama and was pretty much hell growing up at least for the two of us. Going back there won’t be easy, but it needs to be done.”, She replied as she waited for any more questions. She was surprised when Nobunaga stood and walked over to her as he put out his hand. She looked at it.
“Welcome to the family.”, he said.
“Ur, um. Thank you.”, She said as she took his hand and shook it. She looked over to Mitsuhide who was shocked. He was in open shock, and it showed on his face. The rest of the guys followed Nobunaga’s lead, and they walked around the room and talked and asked questions here and there. As they took their leave, Mitsuhide looked down at her. “What?”
“You are amazing princess.”, he replied.
“And how am I amazing?”, she asked.
“Shall I list the ways?”, he whispered in her ear.
“No, but just tell me.”, she said as she turned away from the door.
“No fun.”, he replied. “I will add that to the list.”
“Damnit Mitsuhide.”, she said.
“Princess I think you are the first woman they welcomed into the family.”, he replied.
“What does that mean exactly?”, she asked.
“It means they accepted you. To be perfectly honest I thought they would be a lot worse then they were. The only other time I saw them act like that was when Mitsunari got caught up with a woman who was no good. It was pretty awful to watch because he was so in love with her and she was just using him.”, Mitsuhide replied.
“How awful.”, she said.
“It was. It was worse afterward when her husband came back from a deployment. He had no idea he was being used.”, he said. “I understand their motives to try and move on possible threats to the team again before they get too out of hand.”
“So they deemed me not a threat?”, she asked.
“You aren’t a threat.”, Mitsuhide said.
“You’re right I am not.”, she said.
“You are just a threat to me.”, he said softly.
“How am I a threat to you, Mitsuhide?”, she asked as he wrapped his arms around her.
“You are the threat that could make me happy for once.”, he said as he pecked her lips.
“Well, in that case, I guess you are a threat to me as well.”, she said with a smile.
“Is the food ready yet?”, he asked.
“Why?’, she asked.
“I hate to admit it, but it does smell good. Slightly better then what I am used too.”, he said.
“Anything smells better the MRE’s Mitsuhide.”, she replied.
“I really don’t know what you have against them.”, he said shaking his head.
“We are not going to get into that again.”, she said.
“Dinner?”, he asked.
“Is waiting for you.”, she replied. “I am glad when some of the boxes get here at least I have plates and pots and pans.”
“Did you set that up already?”, he asked.
“Two weeks.”, she said. “They will call with the last bit of info as the date arrives closer.”
“Sounds like a plan.”, he said.
“I should be able to know what to bring into the house and what needs to stay in the garage by the number. So it won’t be a complete mess.”, she said.
“Tear the house apart, it makes no difference to me.”, he stated.
“You don’t mean that.”, she said. “You can’t stand disorganization.”
“I will brave it for you.”, He said with a chuckle. He picked up the plate she had laid out for him and smiled at the sight of real food. “This does look slightly better then what I am used too.”
“I hope it tastes better too, but you wouldn’t know.”, she said as she took hers and they walked back into the living area and started eating. “I think the first thing we should get is a table.”
“A table?”, he asked.
“You know to eat like normal people do.”, she replied.
“I guess.”, he replied. “Pick one when we get back.”
“Mitsuhide you will help with any decisions.”, she said as she glared at him.
“Can’t I just agree with you instead?”, he asked.
“No.,” she replied.
“Whatever you say my love.”, he said, and she smiled.
“I can’t believe I am here with you.”, she said as she finished her plate and went into the kitchen to wash it off.
“Me either.”, he said as he came up right behind him. “By the way, Nobunaga told me the leave was approved, so we are off in the morning.”
“When do you want to leave?”, she asked.
“As you so nicely pointed out it is a four-hour drive. We can’t check in to the hotel until three so we can leave late like noon.”, he said.
“Noon or somewhere around there.”, she nodded.
“And then we can return to the beginning.”, he said with a smile.

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up on the hilltop 9

She told him which hotel she was staying at and he drove there first. He wanted to get her things. To have her entirely to himself, finally. It was written on his face as she looked at him and smiled. That had to be the first thing on their list. She smiled as he drove. This was what happiness felt like he thought. He was never too sure as things often had seemed like there were always on the edge of disaster if he was involved. She was happiness. He smiled as the thought flitted through his brain. When they got to the hotel, there was still guest pouring in from the night’s activities. It had been the closest hotel to the award ceremony, so many people had opted to stay the night. The local police department would have known the Army was throwing a huge party during the night so they would have staked out the best places to find those that didn’t stay over.
She got out of the car to the surprise of a few who knew who she was and looked her over as she was in an outfit that clearly wasn’t hers. She smiled to herself wondering if she would hear it later from certain people. Her military counterpart, for example, was staring at her as she got out. She smiled at him, and he looked even more pissed. He had always treated her very much like a younger sister who needed his protection though she never did. She started to walk when Mitsuhide met her stride with his own and took her hand.
“Friends of yours?”, he whispered as they were getting near the small crowd of people opening gaping at them.
“My co-workers.”, she said with a smile.
“Just co-workers?”, he asked, and she had to laugh.
“That is what I said.”, she replied.
“They don’t look like just co-workers, Princess.”, he said.
“Co-working older brothers who actually act like older brothers then.”, she said as she tilted her head. “I had to make my own family Mitsuhide. These are them.”
“Wonderful.”, he muttered.
“Just don’t say anything.”, she said.
“Why ever not?”, he asked.
“Because your sarcastic ability will keep us here for hours going back and forth. Do you want to go back to the house?”, she asked.
“Home.” he corrected.
“Home.”, she said, and he grinned.
“So….. What do we have here?”, her friend and co-worker Joe asked as she got nearer.
“Guys not today.”, she said.
“A headache, hun?”, Joe asked with a smile.
“No. I didn’t drink all that much last night. I just want to get my things.”, she said.
“Change you mean?”, Aaron asked as he stepped forward.
“No, I mean to get my things. I’m out of the hotel. I found a place.”, she said. “I move in today.”
“Wonderful, where?”, Joe asked.
“It’s a nice house.”, she said. “Roommate is good, and well the rent can’t be beat.” Mitsuhide next to her snickered softly at that.
“Roommate?”, Joe asked.
“You always hated the idea of a roommate.”, Aaron pointed out.
“This one comes with certain benefits.”, she said.
“Who is the roommate?”, Joe asked flatly as she looked at him with a smile.
“And that matters to you how?”, she asked back.
“Not this guy?”, Aaron asked.
“Let me through guys.”, she said as she went to make her way forward, but the two men stood in her way, so she was blocked.
“ The lady wants to get her things.”, Mitsuhide said as he stood protectively in back of her now. His stony face had hardened, and they both looked him over.
“What are you exactly?”, Joe asked.
“Oh god.”, she said as she looked to the sky knowing they were beginning the interrogation.
“What am I?”, Mitsuhide asked. “That is a loaded question I am many things.”
“Come on dude.”, Aaron asked.
“Fine, I am the Intel OC for the green team bravo two.”, Mitsuhide said.
“You don’t look like much.”, Joe said.
“Looks can be deceiving.”, Mitsuhide replied.
“They must be.”, Joe said.
“Wanna try me?”, Mitsuhide’s voice changed to something she had never heard before.
“Just pull them out and measure.”, she said with a huff.
“What?”, Mitsuhide asked as he laughed.
“Honestly if you guys are going to have a contest just get it over with.”, she said as she looked up.
“Note taken, you really do say whatever now don’t you?”, Mitsuhide asked.
“You two know each other?”, Joe asked.
“Yeah because it is so like me to go off with a stranger for the night Joe?”, she asked with a bite that they rarely heard.
“Well, we all have our moments.”, Joe replied.
“No. You all have your moments. I have peace and quiet.”, she said.
“So you two know each other?”, Aaron asked again.
“Old friends.”, she replied.
“So you two are just going to be roommates then?”, Aaron asked.
“Among other things.”, she replied.
“So he is something else then?”, Joe asked.
“Oh he is very much something else, but I doubt that is what you mean.”, she said with a laugh.
“I am standing right here.”, Mitsuhide said dryly.
“Mitsu, it’s okay, hun.”, she said as she squeezed his hand. “I meant that in a good way.”
“I know what you meant.”, He said as he looked down at her. His gaze softened and the other two men took note of that.
“So. Then. You are just going to let her move in with you?”, Joe asked.
“Why wouldn’t I let a beautiful woman move in with me?”, Mitsuhide replied.
“She is much more than that.”, joe said.
“I know that.”, Mitsuhide said as he absentmindedly caressed her shoulder with his other hand.
“Well then. We see you have some stuff to do.”, Joe said, and Aaron looked at him as he spoke. She started through the doors with Mitsuhide at her side. One down about a hundred more to go she thought to herself. Her having a relationship that had nothing to do with work would be something that would keep them all talking for a while. She was the one who loved the viruses, not people. The running joke was she couldn’t possibly love anything more than the microspecies of things versus a human. She shook her head at the looks they were getting. This could prove to be a problem, she thought to herself again.
As the elevator doors shut, he took her in his arms and pulled her close. “Something you want to share?”, his voice was low and whispered in her ear.
“Hmm?”, she asked.
“Did you have a relationship with either of those two, perhaps?”, he asked.
“What? No!”, she said as she pulled out of his grasp and looked at him.
“It is an honest question to ask, sweetheart.”, he started. “That was not a normal family rection.”
“Okay but you have it backward.”, she said.
“What do you mean?”, he asked.
“I didn’t have a fling with either of them. I wouldn’t. not my taste. But they think I can’t have a relationship.”, she said. “That is why they were surprised by it.”
“they think you can’t have a relationship?”, he asked.
“Not with a human!”, she said and then she realized how bad that sounded. “I don’t mean it like that.”
“How do you mean it?”, he asked with a smile.
“Look, Mitsuhide I didn’t have a relationship with anyone in my family for reasons only you know. I didn’t date because I was too focused on work. I could barely maintain a friendship again you know the reasons why. No thought I was able to be in a real relationship with a man, they thought I was more asexual then just trying to avoid people.”, she replied as the doors opened. “Then a mystery man from my past shows up and starts acting like we are a couple? See their point?”
She swiped the key card and walked into the hotel room. She started picking things up and throwing them into the suitcase that was on the bed. Soon enough the room was cleared and packed up, and she was just going over to make sure she hadn’t left anything behind. He took her in his arms as she walked by and as he sat on the bed waiting, he kissed her.
“What was that for?”, she asked.
“Do I need a reason?’, he asked back.
“Not used to this.”, she said with a smile.
“Princess, I get that. Probably better than anyone but I will hold you, touch you, kiss you, and make love to you. That isn’t going to change because of your past. I know that past, and I say we should rewrite it.”, he said with a smile.
“Rewrite the past?”, she asked.
“Well change the ending at least. If you continued on that path, they would have won. They wanted you to be miserable, and you would be. You have always needed other people around you. You need people. I don’t want them to win.”, he said.
“Oh, you don’t?”, she said as she melted into his arms.
“No, I can’t allow that.”, he said with a smile. “You will be everything you were always supposed to be.”
“And what is that Mitsu?”, she asked.
“Everything to me.”, he said.
“Everything?”, she asked.
“Mine. You were always supposed to be mine.”, he growled out as he kissed her hard.
“I like the idea of that but only as long as your mine as well.”, she said.
“I always was.”, he said. ”Are you done?”
“In a rush?”, she asked.
“I would like to finish up with things yes.”, he said as he lifted one suitcase.
“Why?”, she asked.
“I want to get you home.”, he said.
“We have other things to do as well.”, she stated.
“I know that is why I want you to hurry.”, he replied.
“I’m done here.”, she said with a smile.
“Let’s check you out then and move to the next thing on the list.”, he said with flair as he moved to the door.
Checking out was easy. She handed over the key cards, and they headed to the car. He popped the trunk and placed the three suitcases in the back as he went over to her door to help her inside. He leaned over and kissed her right before he shut the door. He seemed to be on a mission now. He got in and drove to the base as he pulled out his id and waited in the traffic for the base gates he relaxed a bit. She also pulled out her id and waited. When they got to the sentry, he rolled down his window and handed over his id.
“a hundred percent id check, sir.”, The sentry said. She handed the id over, and he took it and passed it out the window. The sentry scanned both id’s and handed them back, he moved the barricade up, and they drove through.
“Did something happen?’, she asked.
“I didn’t hear about it if it did.”, He replied. They both looked around wondering the heightened security was in place. “Training maybe?”
“That wasn’t training Mitsuhide.”, she said. “I am in charge of most of the training exercises for hazards. I have to know when they are so I can schedule my own around them.”
“Well, then I have no idea.”, He said. She went to pull out her phone to see if she had any messages. She hadn’t checked it since the night prior. When there was nothing there, she settled back into her seat, and they arrived at a very large building.
“This is where you work?”, she asked.
“The school house is up on the hill. This is where all the special teams have offices. This won’t take long.”, He said. As he scanned his entry card and pulled the door open. He walked in, and she followed. The two guards at the desk nodded. “I want to add her to my entry list.”, Mitsuhide said as they walked by the desk and he stopped.
“Sure thing Akechi.”, one of the guards said as he pulled out a form. “Spouse or girlfriend?”
“Girlfriend. Soon to be spouse.”, He said. Her eyes went wide. “Sorry for the spoiler my dear.”
“We didn’t get that far yet.”, she said.
“Yet.”, He said with a smile. The guard laughed and gave him the form to which he filled out and gave it over.
“ID please ma’am?”, The guard asked ad she fished it out again. They scanned it and handed it back to her. Mitsuhide took her hand and lead her into the darkened hallway.

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into the darkness 19

The team entered the building as a unit. All together and then broke up into pairs leaving her to stand at the front of the building. The other agencies were being called in now. They didn’t want to give any possible warning time so the time of breach it would be called in. She could only imagine the hell it will be outside in a few minutes. She almost had to smile as she walked into the building. They were minutes away from ending her personal nightmare. It was finally going to be over.

The building itself was a run-down warehouse. She had been inside it once before while playing with her cousins as a child. She could remember the inside clearly and the natural mustiness it had from being vacant for so long. It still had that smell. It wasn’t death yet. It had no rotting corpses for her to find that had been there for weeks or months. Anything she would find would be fresh today. Though she hoped they got there in time, she knew there would be some. She hated that part of knowledge.

The noise on the floor above where she was was her first indication that they found things. She could hear of the comms that something was there but since she was mostly an outsider to there they on verbal shorthand she didn’t know exactly what. Mitsunari showed up at her side and told her to go upstairs. She walked quickly and quietly up the marble staircase and started her way to the spot. They knew she would be there as they watched her from the open room. They moved slightly as she rounded the door to look inside. Her father lay slumped in the corner with her sister at his feet. She took a deep intake of breath as her father opened his eyes and looked dead into hers.

“Dad?”, she asked.

“Kit?”, he asked.

“Dad!”, she said as she walked into the room.

“He is still here.”, her father said. “He was going to……”

“I know dad.”, she said as she moved closer. “These are my friends. We are going to clear the rest of the building.”

“He wants you.”, her father stated.

“I know.”, she smiled.

“Be careful.”, Her father said as he looked at the form on the floor with pity.

“Don’t dad.”, she said. “She was gone a long time ago.”

“I know that now. I tried. I tried.”, her father said.

“I know dad.”, She replied as she stood up from her crouching position. Hideyoshi walked over to her and nodded. She knew she would be leaving her father in his hands as well as the body of her sister who lay at his feet. She looked up into Hideyoshi’ s eyes. “Protect them.”

“I will.”, He replied, and she turned to the door. She nodded and made her way to them.

“He is in the basement.”, she said.

“How do you know that?”, Nobunaga asked.

“Start at the bottom and work your way up.”, she said, and they looked at her.

“He always killed from the bottom to the top.”, she said. “I guess we didn’t get that far over the week of going over this or I thought you already saw the pattern.”

“If you say so.”, Oda replied, and they made their way to the stairs and went down so quietly she wondered if this was a dream. It seemed though the eight men who were with her were big and very muscled they all moved with a silence that almost defined them. She was sure the only noise that could be heard was her heart beating so loud that everyone should be able to hear it. As they got to the bottom, they made a line with her in the middle. They opened the door and propped it open as they walked through again on silent feet. She was trapped in the middle as she glanced around the open bay. She spotted the first woman who was now hanging from the wall. Slumped over but she could see with her experienced eyes the woman was freshly dead. They moved as one unit throughout the room. Then they broke off and blocked all doors leaving her surprising alone in the middle of the vast room. She knew what they were doing, she didn’t like it, though she understood. She wondered how they got Mitsuhide to agree to use her for the bait. She had the doubts that he would have gone through with that without some very good reason.

The reason was they knew if she were protected, he would continue to hide. Knowing the building as well as he did. That could be a long and drawn out search. It could take days or even weeks. The quickest way to draw him out was her.

“Did you like the gifts?”, She heard as she stood in the middle of the room. She had to hope the men also heard it though they were scattered throughout the room.

“Not really.”, She answered though she could not place where he was in the room. The voice had echoed off walls in the process of reaching her. The low light was just enough to make the shadows seem as they themselves were moving.

“I am sorry then. I thought you would like to add to your collection.”, the voice said.

“Devin?”, she asked.

“Is not here at the moment.”, the voice said.

“Then who are you?”, she asked.


“Devon what are you doing here exactly?”, she asked.

“What does it look like?”, He asked in the darkness. She could tell he was moving around but still could not locate him. Neither could the other men who are now aware of his presence in the openness of the room.

“I am not sure that is why I asked.”, she replied.

“I am trying to find out how to fix him.”, he replied.

“Him?”, she asked.

“My son.”, he replied.

“Damien?”, she asked.

“A fitting name for the devils own son, don’t you think?”, he asked.

“So you’re the devil?”, she asked.

“No.,” he replied. “I was merely a pawn as well.”

“Jenny was the devil?”, she asked.

“And she has returned back to hell.”, he said almost laughing.

“You killed her?”, she asked.

“No. Your father did that on his own. I knew bringing him here was a bad idea. She knew it would bring you though.”, he replied. “All I wanted was for you to be here.”

“Why would you want that?”, She asked. She knew if she could keep him talking the better the chance someone would figure out where he was and take him out.

“That should be easy to figure out.”, he replied.

“I don’t understand why.”, she said.

“You should. She was the devil you are an angel.”, he said.

“So Jenny was bad that must mean I am good, then?”, she asked.

“Something like that.”, he replied.

“I still don’t understand though.”, she said.

“Understand what?”, he asked back.

“Why you wanted me here.”, she said. “Why did you do this, all of this?”, she asked.

“I told you to see how to fix him. That is where you come in though. He is broken. My only son is broken because the devil is half of him. You are the angel. You must know how to fix him.”, he said.

“He isn’t broken. He is just different.”, she said.

“His blood is tainted with pure evil.”, he replied.

“I still have no idea why you are here doing this to all these people.”, She said knowing every time she spoke the voice got a little louder. She couldn’t see the team as they had all moved to different places.

“I had to find out if it was her or me.”, He said as she felt the breath on her neck. He had managed to get right in back of her without her even knowing. She took a step forward and turned around. There he was. The same man as the one she knew as an agent for the federal government. She had seen him on the different sites for this case. She had never thought it was him.

“It was her. Her tainted blood, not mine. Now I need yours to fix him.”, he said softly.

“My blood won’t fix him.’, she said.

“You are the avenging angel. Of course, it will.”, he stated.

“I am not an angel.”, she said.

“But you are. It was only because of a divine presence that you are here.”, he said. “I made sure of that.”

“What do you mean?”, she asked.

“No one could figure any of this out because I am beyond any of you mere mortals.”, he stated.

“Who am I speaking with now?”, she asked.

“You don’t recognize my sister?”, He asked, and she was confused. He was not another of her brothers.

“I can’t see you.”, she said softly.

“Keep him talking princess.”, she her over the comms softly.

“I’m trying.”, she said as she answered the team. “I’m trying to understand who you are.” She said as if to keep all attention on her and have him forget the team’s presence.

“Azriel it is me.”, he said.

“Azriel?”, she asked.

“You do not recognize me even now?’, He asked as he stepped closer. She was confused but knew who Azriel was. The avenging angel. She was this to him? She was now trying to keep up with a delusion mind and knew that would be impossible. She took a leap of faith and spoke out again.

“Uriel?”, she asked.

“You do know who I am.”, He smiled a cold smile as she looked him over again. Nothing changed as he moved through these personalities. It wasn’t like she expected at all. He was still speaking though it was the same person she had met in the first warehouses. She wondered if he even realized at the time that he was responsible for the carnage in the buildings. He thought he was an angel. He thought she was an angel as well and his sister. She was racking her brain for the memories of the angels that her mother had made her learn. She had never liked the stories, and she had blocked out most of what her mother had said to her over the years.

“It is you!”, she played along.

“I knew you would know me.”, he replied as he stepped forward.

“Of course I would.”, she said as she tried to step back.

“Why do you have one of the human weapons? Where is your sword?”, he asked as if he was now questioning her.

“I have to pretend as well as you do.”, She said with a smile. She heard the whip crack before she felt the pain in her hand as the gun went flying.

“Lair.”, he said as his voice changed.

“I know not of what you speak.”, she said.

“Yes, you do!”, he said. “You are not her. You are not the angel!”

“I am.”, she replied.

“You are not!”, he yelled, and she felt the whip crack again on her shoulder.

“I don’t know why you are doing this!”, she yelled out.

“You must die.”, He said as she stumbled backward again. The room had grown deadly silent, and she wondered if she was already dead, but the pain in her shoulder was enough to keep her tethered to the spot. She was alive. She knew that. The pain grew and lanced throughout her body.

“What did you put on the whip?”, she asked.

“You will never find out.”, He replied. She stumbled and fell back. The pain was now shooting throughout her body. It was poisoned. The whip was poisoned. She looked around as she stumbled yet again and moved backward trying to get out of the way of the ends of the whip. He raised it one more time and went to send it cracking towards her when a shot echoed out and he fell backward.

She got to her feet again and looked at where he had been standing. The body on the floor was not moving, and she moved closer. She looked at the man who had been trying to kill her a few seconds ago and saw the dead center bullet hole in the middle of his forehead. She turned and looked at the person who had shot him. He pulled off his mask, and a pair of yellow eyes glowed in the darkness. They were the last things she saw as she crumbled to the ground.



my writing

bones in the box 4

As the day progressed, she noticed a few other things that were slightly odd. She had started the software to rebuild the skull’s appearance only to have the program shut down twice. She had never had the issue of that happening before. She looked at the skull on her desk again and started up the program again.
“I have to do this you know.”, she said to the skull. “That way I can figure out you who are.”
It seemed after that the program worked, but she was still unsure if it was working correctly. It wasn’t showing what she could clearly see. The face that was rebuild was not as she expected. She loaded the software again and waited as she went over the list of tests again. She was sitting in her office when the light flickered again. She looked up and really wondered at the lights and electrical system. She knew it wasn’t in her purview, but she was going to get up and go look at the breakers at least.
The door that she had propped open to get some air flowing in her office which could become stale throughout the day shut. She glanced at the door. Then she peered down at the skull again.
“I was just going to check on the lights.”, She said. It was like the air changed, and she could feel it. There was tension now. As if a lightning strike was nearby. She knew the area was clear for weather, but it was still growing there in the office. It was so charged that she was spooked when the door flew open. She let out a little yelp. She looked up and saw the director of the museum standing there.
“Geez, you scared me.”,she said.
“Wasn’t expecting you to still be here working.”,he said sternly.
“Why? I have the exhibit to prepare.”,she said.
“I honestly didn’t think you would be working on that now.”, he stated.
“Why wouldn’t I?” She asked.” It is my job.”
“ we all figured you would wait till the last minute and throw something together.”, He replied caustically. She naturally flinched.
“Not my style.”,she replied.
“Who knows what your style is? The only thing we really know about you is the fact you have Lou Gambits money to throw around.”, he said.
“That isn’t exactly true.”, she said. “ Lou is my godfather, yes. However, you picked me for my knowledge not because I was his niece.”
“We picked you because we thought you would be a good fit here. Obviously, we were not all on the same page.”, He said. Each word was a blow. Every word lead the air to get more and more chilled.
“So what are you firing me for doing my job? I am trying to help the museum.”,she said.
“What exactly happened in the load bay earlier?”, he asked.
“Trumbull was next to a box arguing with me over having to clear the bays. The box was tilted and off center.”,she stated. “I place the crate back to center to keep it from tipping over. I turned to leave, and a minute later the crate fell on him. It should all be on the video.”
“You didn’t purposely push the crate so it would fall?”,he asked.
“Why would I do that?”,she asked back. “No, I pushed it back to center. I wasn’t even standing near the crate or him when it fell.”
“Oh.”,he replied.
“It is clear on the video surveillance cameras.”, she said.
I didn’t check those yet.”,he stated.
“So instead you took Trumbull word as gospel. I didn’t say anything when you moved me down here, I didn’t say anything when someone on the executive staff told everyone I was related to a billionaire, but I will say something about this. Trumbull and everyone else here is acting like an actual exhibit is a problem. We are a museum first and a research facility second. Did everyone here forget that?”,she asked.
“You are out of line!”, he said in a huff.
“Am I?”,she asked.
“Yes, young lady you are.”, He stated. Then he smiled at her, and she felt completely creeped out by it. “We may have to re-evaluate your position here.”
“Then reevaluate it.”,she said.
“You are quite sure of yourself.”,he stated.
“You do realize, of course, that if I go because your re-evaluation is unfair that you will lose donors?”,she said.
“One donor possibly.”, he satiated as he nodded.
“Most of your donors.”, she said with a smile.” Lou has a way of getting people to follow him. If he leaves, I will bet you will lose half or more. Then, of course, the lawsuit I will bring for wrongful termination of accusing me of not doing my job which I seem to be the only one here who actually does both sides of my job. Do you think Lou’s money could buy me the best lawyers who could tie you up in legal fees for years?”, she stated.
“You’re going to blackmail me, little girl?”, He asked as he stepped closer to loom over her. She felt the sweep of wind next to her and the hair stand up on the back of her neck.
“I don’t threaten anything. I am merely saying things.”, She said as she stood her ground. Verbally she could spare with the best of them. She was taught well with the inflicting torment of her mother over the years. “It is really your choice.”
“We will still re-evaluate your position.”, He stated. She tilted her head and inclined it.
“So be it.”, She said. She then turned her back and let out the little sigh she had been holding. She didn’t see the door slam back on the man she had just gone at it with. She didn’t see what made him scream as he ran out of the room. She looked at the skull again.
“What did you do?”, She asked the air. She began packing up her things. She knew it was only a matter of time before she did receive a pink slip. She looked at the crates and wondered if she should pack them up too. “I guess I will take you guys home as well.”
She waited till she knew the staff was gone. She had taken her time packing up her office. She didn’t have many personal items in the office, to begin with. She moved everything thing to the loading bays when a truck pulled up.
“Heya Princess!”, A familiar voice said. She looked up and saw the delivery driver from the night before. She smiled.
“Hi!”, she said welcoming the distraction from going to her car. “Another delivery?”
“Yeah, but what are you doing?”, he asked looking over the five crates she had on the platform.
“Leaving.”,she said.
“Leaving as in quitting?”, he asked.
“Leaving as in preparing to be let go.”,she said with a smile.
“Oh. I thought you were one of those fancy doctors that deal with this museum stuff.”,he said.
“I am.”, she laughed. “ Apparently though I am the only one who wants to do their job and I guess around here that is a bad thing.”
“Really?”, He asked as he laughed. The sound was warm and pleasant. “Well, I guess this won’t be my favorite stop then.”
“It was your favorite stop?”,she asked.
“Yeah, kind of. There is this pretty little Doctor that works here. She always turned me down, but I was hopeful. That one day I would wear her down.”, He said with a wink. He went into the truck and got the two smaller boxes and put them through the slot as he looked at her. “That was my last delivery for the night. Need some help moving those?”
“Wouldn’t that be like more work for you?”, she asked.
“You can pay me back though, sweetheart.”,he said.
“And how exactly would I do this?”, she asked with a smile.
“Let me buy you a Drink?”,he suggested, and she smiled even more.
“So let me get this straight you want me to pay you back by letting you buy me a drink?”, she asked.
“I think that is the best payment you could possibly give me.”,he said.
“Then deal. I think I need a drink after today.”, She said with a smile. She looked at his smile as it grew. Something about him was so familiar but still just out of reach. She went to get her car, and he laughed when she drove up.
“Princess, there is no way you can load up that thing with this stuff.”, he said as she looked at her car and then the crates.
“Damnit.”, she said.
“It’s okay. I can load them up in here and then put them in my truck at the depot.”, he suggested.
“You would do that?”, she asked.
“Yeah, but the price went up.”, he said with a smile.
“To what exactly?”,she asked with a laugh.
“Two drinks and a dance.”, he said.
“Still a rather good payment.”,she said.
“I really like your style, Princess.”, He said. He loaded up the truck and jumped in the driver’s seat. “Follow me.”
She felt the wave of the air as she got in her car. She went to start it and when she did the truck started too. She was never impulsive. She felt better about everything today already. She had hoped she would see him again. A flash of something passed over her body like a memory but something more than that as well. She wondered if it was because of the bones or because of him. She really should get his name.

She pulled up behind him with enough room for him to move the crates to his pickup like he said he would. The crates weren’t that heavy, so it was easy work for him. She watched as he worked, she admired his strength and of course his body as well. “Hold tight here Princess. I will be right back.”
She nodded, and the truck went off, and he turned everything in for the rest of the weekend. When he came out, he was changed into a set of regular clothes. He smiled as he approached. “Ready?”
She nodded, and he led her to a small hole in the wall bar that wasn’t too packed for a Saturday night. He hopped out of his truck, and she went to get her door, but he was already ready there opening it and placed his hand out for her to take.
“Thank you.”, she said. “I thought chivalry was dead.”
“There are a few throwbacks.”, he said, “not many like me left.”
“No there are not that many like you.”, she said with a smile.
“Of course there aren’t that many like you either.”, he said as he opened the door for her.
“Not sure if that was a compliment or not.”, she said with a smile.
“You, Princess, are really one of a kind.”, he said.
“Again not sure if that is a compliment or not.”, She said as he pulled out the chair and waited until she was seated. She wasn’t sure who taught him such manners, but it definitely made a good impression.
“You only get compliments, sweetheart.”, he said as he sat.
The waitress walked up, “What can I getcha?”
“House tap for me.”, he stated.
“Whiskey sour.”, she said, and the waitress went off to fill their order.
“That bad of a day?”, he asked.
“I told you it was.”,she laughed.”By the way, I don’t even know your name.”
“Nikolas.”, he replied.
“Hello, Nikolas. It is nice to meet you.”, she said as she held out her hand.
“Trust me, Princess. The pleasure is all mine.”, he said as he turned her hand over and kissed her hand instead of shaking it.
“Are you real?”, She asked as she tilted her head. He threw back his head and laughed. He smiled and looked at her.
“Do you often wonder if your dates for the night are real, sweetheart?”, he asked.
“Well, those other dates are, so I do have to wonder.”, she said.
“Nonexistent?”, he asked.
“I don’t date much.”, she said.
“Why is that?”, he asked.
“I am apparently heir to a billionaire.”, she said.
“Okay if you don’t want to tell me.”, he said eyeing her features.
“And if I told you I am a hundred percent telling the truth.”, she asked.
“You’re not kidding are you?”, he asked as he looked her over again.
“Sadly I am not.”, she said. “Trust me I will understand if you just call it a night.”
“Why would I do that?”, he asked.
“Look I understand when people find out about my uncle they either want something from me or they want nothing to do with me.”, she said.
“I do want something from you, Princess, but it has nothing to do with your uncle or money.”, he stated.
“What do you want Nikolas?”, she asked.
“You to smile.”, he said as he leaned over the table to brush a stray hair out of her face.