Falling in Love ch 1

No warnings….

They had become reluctant heros. The group of fourteen men had done what they had been trained to do in any situation. However it had not only garnered national attention but the attention of women everywhere. Their faces were now plastered everywhere and they had found they did not like it.

It was to much for them. They hated the attention. They didn’t see what they did as anything special. It was an accident that started everything. Three motorcycles had been hit by a tractor trailer then the pile up behind all of it. They had been right behind it all when it happened. As they came to a screeching halt they three open their doors and all ran towards the people.

One pulled out his phone and placed his ear piece in,“ Doc?”

“What?” A soft voice replied.

“Accident right in front of us. Multiple injuries I need help accessing them.” He said quickly as he made his way through the wreckage.

“Are you all okay?” She asked threw the phone.

“Sweetheart we were behind the accident not a part of it. Now im going to send you pictures. You ready?” He asked.

“Go ahead.” She said and rapid fire he was taking pictures of the motor cyclist and sent them. “Lift the leg of the first in the straight black jacket. Tie off the leg at the joint. Did someone call ems?”

“Ieyasu did but they are 20 out.” He replied and he called out her orders to Hideyoshi who was by the first.

“If ieyasu is there why call me?” She asked, as she scrolled through the pictures,“ red and black jacket I need a pulse stat. He looks in bad shape but can wait.”

“I wanted to hear your voice.” He replied to her first question and then went on to bark out more orders to Masamune. “Ieyasu is dealing with the other cars and trucks involved. Lots of injuries with this one. He looked at Nobunaga who was working on the last.

"The on in the black and white jacket. Lift his leg and apply pressure quick and hard.” She said. He looked around as he heard a faint cry in the wooded area. He told Nobunaga and then he turned and followed the sound. “What are you doing now?”

“I hear something that sounds like it is crying.” He said.

“Crying?” She asked and he saw it.





“Not you my love a real baby.” He said.

“I figured that.” She replied. “Car seat?”

“Yes thank god.” He replied as he gently turned it over. The baby was scraped and bleeding. “Spoke to soon.”

“What? picture, Mitsuhide.” She demanded.

“You are seriously demanding you know that?” He said chuckling.

“Just do it.” She said. “Infant takes priority.”

“I know that, sent.” He replied ,“and it is one of the qualities i love about you.”

“Mitsuhide.” She said. “Don’t play like that.”

He thought to himself if she only knew I wasn’t playing. He held his tongue though.

“Crap.” She said as she looked at the photo.

“What honey?” He asked ready to move if he had too. He would do whatever she said. He knew that and so did she. She was like his guardian angel as they often worked in tandem like this.

“Mitsuhide get that baby to the medic on the ems. Im going to call a chopper in.” She said.

“What is wrong?” He asked as he the. Took a good look and he saw what she did. He scooped up the carseat and began running. The first truck arrived and he waved it down. He almost threw the baby at them and told them what she said. They got the orders that she had called in. They took the baby and flew out of there to reach the chopper at the spot closest it could land.

Mitsuhide looked at the organized chaos that was all around them as the news crews began to swarm. She was busy ordering things though he could still hear her. He helped where he could with the things she taught him. Soon enough first responders were there and could take over the scene.

“Sweetheart they took over.” He said.

“Good.” She replied.

“Thank you.” He said as he waited.

“For what?” She asked.

“Helping.” He replied, “when we get back can I come over?”

“Why do you even ask anymore?” She asked laughing. “Of course you can. Movie?”

“Sounds good.” He replied.

“See you soon.” She said.

She turned on the tv and saw the coverage. Mitsuhide, who was one of her closest friends was there handing off the baby she had seen in the pictures. She was waiting and listening when she knew something was different about this news coverage. They weren’t talking about the accident but the team of bystanders who rushed to the rescue. She could see what was happening and knew the men she worked with were in for it. Every woman who was watching would fall in love and they were going to have a run for their money.

They had no idea what was going on either. she silently sent up a prayer for them to realize it before it got to out of hand. She had seen this before a few times. The guys, themselves, were clueless on how things like this worked. She knew it was going to go viral, how could it not. Fourteen great looking men helping people out who were soldiers as well, this was going to hit big time.

the text messeges to her started quickly.

“The guys on tv they are your co-workers?” one of her friends asked.

“Those guys are hot!” another said.

“Wait you work with them?” another sent soon after. she unplugged her phone and then turned the sound off.

“Did you see the television? that guy with the baby, crap my whole body is burning for him!” was the last message that was sent. She thought to herself this could be a problem. She knew he had no idea how she felt about him and now he was viral famous. So many other women would be throwing themselves at him and she would have to sit by. She had no idea why that idea scared her so much. 

When the doorbell rang throughtout her house she walked slowly to the door knowing it was him. She did and didn’t want to see him right then. She knew she had to figure out her mind before she did. Would she do something? Should she do something? the idea was coming to her when he opened the door and was standing there with a bag of food and some flowers he must have picked up. He was looking at her and he stopped. “What?” he asked.

“We have an issue, Mitsu.” she replied.

“What is that?” he asked confused.

“The news is making you all out to be more than heros.” she started. “You and the others are going viral right now.”

“And why is that a problem?” he asked.

“Mitsuhide every woman who looks at all of you is going to push to meet all of you.” she said.

“And?” he asked.

“Mitsu don’t be difficult!” She said.

“I am not trying to be, my dear. I just don’t understand why this bothers you so much.” he replied with a lazy grin. “it doesn’t bother me at all.”

“Mitsuhide.” she said as she walked back into the house.

“Sweetheart take your flowers please.” he said as he followed her into the house as he kicked the door closed behind him.

“You’re worried about the flowers?” she asked as she took them from his grasp.

“I did buy them for you.” he replied. “I thought you might like them.”

“Thank you Mitsu, but you do need to take this seriously.” she said.

“I do not understand why, Mouse. You seem to be doing that enough for the both of us.” he chuckled. 

“Damnit.” she replied.

The pair were in the kitchen and standing closer than they normally did but she was not facing him. She was looking away debating if she did want to make that next statement that she had been holding back. She was trying to force herself to bit her cheek not to speak when she turned around and he was right there looking at her. the golden eyes she knew she loved with every fiber of her being though she had tried to fight through it and hide it. she looked at his face and the dam broke. 

he looked at her as she turned to look at him. she was holding something back. he wondered if the situation though it was not as dire as he thought it would as bad as she thought. he was watching her when he saw the flash of everything in her blue eyes that he thought of as he looked at the sky mid-day. She was the center of every thought he had though he had never let her know. When he saw that flash he knew. He knew everything. 

He bent to her level. A foot taller then her he bent to peer in the eyes. “Do you wish to tell me something mouse?" 

"No.” she replied quickly and she tried to turn but he was quicker than she was as he pulled her closer to him and she couldn’t pull away she wanted too. She didn’t though.

“Liar.” he said as his lips pressed into hers. her hands found the back of his neck and held him there. “I do believe you do have something to say. I know I do.”

“Mitsu.” was all she could say as he had pulled back slightly.

“Mouse how long?” he asked.

“Forever.” she replied and she found herself being pushed into a counter as he bent down effortlessly and picked her up and placed her there in front of him. 

“Well that is way to long to wait.” he said as he moved in between her legs and ravished her mouth forgetting the food and the flowers. when he pulled back a grin took over his mouth and pressed his forehead to hers as they both tried to catch their breaths. “God damnit it Princess, I love you so much, now it is time to punish you for making me wait so long to do that.”