Crash 11

Crash 11

She saw the note on the island and picked it up. She figured that it would be from him, but she was a little unsure.


Went to the store to get supplies and didn’t want to wake you. I will be back soon.


She smiled despite herself wondering what his idea of supplies was precisely. She went to the deck and sat there just looking over the lake wanting to clear her head, and she started the thought process as to what was going on with everything. She didn’t want to start this early, but she had to think there was a bigger picture at play than what she could see. She was lost in thought when she heard the door open, and she smiled to herself as she stood up and walked to the sliding doors of the deck and propped herself up on the side as she walked him to set about ten bags on the ground. He looked from the note to the room upstairs, and she saw he went to make his way upstairs.

“Shouldn’t you put those away?”, she asked as he stopped and smiled as he changed direction.

“Good Morning My dear.”, he said as he swooped down on her and wrapped his arms around here.

“Good morning. You have been busy.”, She said with a chuckle the small soft peck on her forehead brought her back to the here and now. She felt surprisingly light as air while she was safe with him and she knew it.

“Come on. I’ll show you what I got.”, He said as he went to the few food bags and started the reveal of the food that he had bought. She wasn’t surprised that the staples where all there but he had only got enough food for maybe a week instead of the weekend. She laughed to herself as she started to plan out meals for them to have. The three bottles of wine he had picked also didn’t surprise her or the case of beer he had. If anything he was trying to make this getaway less a hideaway for her and more of a weekend getaway for the couple. She smiled knowingly.

He also tossed a bag of what looked like clothes to her as he took one for himself. She rummaged through them to see it had a few tee shirts and two pairs of pants. There was also something that resembled a longer shirt that she assumed was for sleeping in. She looked up and smiled at him. “I hope you can wear any of it.”, he said. “I didn’t want to buy kids clothes which by looks is all that would really fit you.”, he said with a smirk.

“And here I was about ready to thank you for your kindness.”, she said.

“You can thank me, Princess, any way you like.”, he smiled. “We are here for at least two days. I figured that you might need something to change into.”

“I do need something to change into. So Mitsuhide, thank you.”, she said with a laugh. “Two days?”

“Today is Saturday.”, he said. “Monday is a holiday, so we don’t have to go back, remember?”, he replied.

“Monday is a holiday?”, she asked as she tried to remember which one, better than that she was trying to remember which month it was.

“You work way too much.”, he said shaking his head. “You have no clue do you?”

“No, and that is fine. Mitsuhide I was thinking.”, she said.

“Shoot.”, he said as he started ripping tags of the clothes he got for himself out of the bag.

“I don’t think these two things are separate.”, She said, and he nodded. He loved watching her brain work.

“I agree.”, he said.

“You do?”, she asked.

“Yes, and I spent half the night thinking about it as well.”, he replied. “You, however, gave me the answer.”

“I did?”, she asked.

“Yes, you did. Don’t sound so surprised, my love.”, He said as he abandoned the bag and stalked over to her and took her hand. He led her back to the computer room which he had left open in the morning when he had come down while she was sleeping still. “I have the companies computers searching now. You said something about making money off the information we have for the business.”

“I said I would rather earn my money instead of making it off of other people who don’t realize they signed it over to you.”, she said.

“Yes regardless of how my father’s company works and the legality of it. We have a huge amount of information at our hands. Including a way to see if any of your team and the good doctor have any overlap somewhere.”, he said.

“You can do that?”, She asked. He looked at her like she grew three heads for a moment.

“Yes. I could pull up a person’s purchases if they signed their credit card up to the rewards program. It is rather easy to cross-reference.”, he said. “If there is any overlap even within a mile of persona and one of the members of your team it will be there, and we can look at it. If this one comes back completely empty, I have a few other searches to run.”

“This is how you are so good, huh?”, she asked.

“This is the first time I have used the databases like this princess.”, he said as she tilted her head. “What? This is personal.”

“It is personal for you?”, she asked.

“Very personal.”, he said as he moved closer.

“Why is it personal for you?”, she asked on a whisper.

“You are personal for me.”, he said as he bent to her neck and nuzzled into it. “Your safety is very personal for me right now.”

“It is?”, she asked with a slight smile.

“Oh yes, princess it is.”, He said while nuzzling there. His warm breath tickling her and she just stood there. She thought about him for a split second, and she smiled as she wrapped her arms around him and held him there. “Now it is time for you to relax.”

“Relax?”, She said as he pulled his head up and looked into her eyes.

“We are at your dream vacation place, princess. Let’s enjoy it for the time being.”, he said as he touched her face.

“Mitsuhide.”, she started when he cut her off and kissed her and took her breath away and her thoughts away.

“What were you saying?”, he asked with a slight smirk as he looked down into her light eyes.

“You pain in the ass.”, she said as she turned away.

“Why don’t you go sit on the deck princess. Go and commune with nature for a bit. I’ll bring you a glass of wine in a minute.”, He said as he swatted her behind as she walked away. She headed for the deck, and he pulled out his phone.

“Hey, dad.”, he said as she left the door open. “I just wanted you to know I am in the lake house…… Well, I am here with someone…… Dad don’t start….. We needed to get away for a bit…… yes they are rather special…… No dad you can’t…… Dad this one is mine don’t think to do something you may be surprised what I will do back.”

She heard the whole conversation and had to laugh as he hung up. She was sitting on the futon looking over the lake. The leaves had begun to change color as the colder air took over. The leaves led to the overall enhancement of the idea of a vacation. She couldn’t get over everything that happened though. She wasn’t surprised when a glass of white wine was put in front of her face from behind her.

“Thank you.”, she said as she looked back and smiled at him.

“Do you like it here?”, he asked.

“What is not to like?”, she said.

“Company maybe?”, he asked.

“Hmmm, Somehow I can overlook that one.”, she said with a laugh. “Really Mitsuhide this place is beautiful. How could I not love it here?”

“We could go for a hike later if you want.”, he said as he settled into the seat next to her.

“I think I would like that. I think around the lakefront would be nice.”, she said.

“Whatever you wish. If it is a hike, or watch tv, or even a nap, it is all good for me.”, he said.

“You need more sleep do you?”, she asked with a smile.

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tired, Princess.”, he said as he touched her nose.

“Than go take a nap.”, she said. “I promise I won’t go anywhere.”

“I know you won’t. You need one as well.”, he said.

“Oh, I do?”, she asked.

“Yes, you do.”, he replied. “Hopefully my father took the hint but don’t be surprised if he does show up this weekend.”

“You think he would?”, she asked.

“My father often tries to ‘test’ the woman who are with my brother and I.,” he said shaking his head as he got to his feet and reached down and pulled her up as she drained the glass of wine.

“Well, that doesn’t sound very nice.”, she said as she pulled a face.

“I think three of his ‘girlfriends’ are people my brother had started to date at one point.”, Mitsuhide said.

“You’re joking.”, she said.

“I wish I was.”, he replied over his shoulder as he led her back up the stairs.

“That’s horrible.”, she said now grateful that her father was somewhat normal with his relationships with his kids. “Did he do that to you?”

“He is the number one reason I do not date openly, Princess.”, Mitsuhide said as he did not answer the question.

“He did.”, she said.

“His number one girlfriend he has, Princess. She was my first and last girlfriend. I probably would have married her in the long run, but he stepped in and well showed me her true colors.”. He said as he reached on his back and in a smooth motion lifted his shirt over his head. She looked at the sight before her and smiled. “However with you.”

“Me?”, she asked as he stepped closer to her.

“Oh yes you. You already turned him down.”, he said with a smile. “I can trust you with him.”

“Mitsuhide!”, she said as he picked her up and braced himself on the wall and holding her in place until she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Princess that means more than you know.”, he said as he kissed her gently.

“It does?”, She asked as she smiled as he played with her shirt still being hesitating in his actions. That meant more to her than he knew.


Crash 10

Crash 10

“I lied a little,” he said as she pulled on her hand leading her to the back of the first floor.

“You lied?”, she asked.

“Well, I said there were four rooms. There are more of course, but we don’t normally discuss the others.”, He said with a chuckle. There was an outline of a door but no knob on it. He typed in a code on the pin pad she saw as he touched it, it became luminescent. She tilted her head and looked at him as the door popped open. He walked into the larger open room, and she followed. “The family business, Princess.”

“What in the hell?”, she said with her eyes open and looked at him. “Wait. Seriously Mitsuhide who are you?”

“Mitsuhide Akechi. My father owes more than half the stock for IOD inc.”, He said with a shrug. She glanced again at the walls of server units that were all processing something and storing it away.

“IOD inc is a parent company to one of the ones who contracts out to the military.”, she said.

“I know.”, he replied.

“If we are being totally honest, I also work for them.”, she said looking at him. “I work for your family’s company.” She started to laugh. “I have met your father.”

“You have?”, he asked.

“It was a board get together.”, she said, “My company likes to show off the newest and brightest assets they have.”

“What did you think of him?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“I ignored him.”, she said. “In total discloser, he hit on me.”

“That doesn’t surprise me.”, Mitsuhide said dryly.

“I wasn’t interested obviously. So I ignored him.”, she said, and she felt a hand on her back.

“You were not interested?”, Mitsuhide asked both in shock and awe of her.

“Why should that be a thing?”, she asked. “I’m sorry for one I can’t abide by rich men hitting on anyone with a wife at home, regardless of any arraignments they might have.  The other thing was I am not going to allow myself to be under any spell caused by money.”

“Princess you are a rare gem.”, Mitsuhide said with a smirk.

“I don’t think so.”, She said and then went on to ask, “So, on to what we need to do. Track my team.”

“Use any of those.”, He said as he pointed to a wall of open terminals. She began typing even before she sat down. Mitsuhide thought to himself bringing her to a family event would prove to be very entertaining at least for him.

“Is this why you became an intel officer?”, she asked over her shoulder.

“You asking because of the unfair advantage  I have?”, he countered.

“No, it was just a question Mitsuhide.”, She replied still typing away. Screen by screen it was moving closer and closer to seven targets that were pinpointed on the screen.

“No, I fell into this career. I wanted to be airborne.”, he replied. “I guess they found out or my father pulled strings behind my back to make sure I was on this team instead of what I wanted. He does that often.”

“He was trying to protect his son, that isn’t really a bad thing.”, she said as she looked at him over her shoulder then turned back to the screen as it stalled out for a second.

“He was protecting an asset, Princess.”, Mitsuhide said. “Out of all my siblings, I am the only one who understands the network he built.”

“So he wants you to step up in the end and take over.”, she said.

“I think that is his plan, yes.”, Mitsuhide said. “It would leave me very wealthy.”

“Money is money.”, she said.

“That is true, and money can be useful.”, Mitsuhide said.

“I think I would rather earn it then make it off other people not even realizing what you are doing.”, she said.

“Information is money, Princess.”, He stated. She rolled her eyes at him. “Hmm Let’s see.”

He sat down next to her and also began typing on the computer as she was watching the team’s location as it moved away from her more upstate. She could rest easy for a moment. He looked over at the screen and saw why she had just sighed. He looked back at his screen.

“What are you doing, Mitsuhide?”, she asked.

“Learning.”, he said.

“About?”, she asked.

“You.”, he replied.

“What?”, she asked in a voice he hadn’t heard before.

“You like mint chocolate chip ice cream, you also have a Netflix account that you never use, and your subscription to scientific weekly is about to expire.”, he started.

“Really what else about me can you learn from that information?”, she asked.

“Oh, I can piece together just about anything if I wanted too.”, he said as he turned to her, “But I would rather learn it from the source, not a computer screen.” His golden yellow eyes were burning with a wanting. He had seen something on the screen that had piqued his interest, but he wouldn’t ask her about it.

“What do you want to know?”, she asked matching him in the now staring contest.

“Why are you still single?”, He asked. Blunt and to the point, he liked it better that way.

“That was straight to the point. The last guy I dated he, well he, he kinda made it, so I just didn’t want to date ever again.”, she said.

“Is that the reason?”, he asked.

“It is one of them.”, she said. “It is the most important one.”

“Tell me about him.”, Mitsuhide said.

“Well, it started like this…”, She went on every once and again looking at the screen still watching the movements of her team. She went on about the guy who changed her view on men and why it would be better if she just didn’t try anymore. When she was done, Mitsuhide was seething on the inside. He wanted to find this man and rip him into a million little pieces. “So I just stayed on focus and worked instead.”

“A waste of skin.”, Mitsuhide said under his breath.

“You aren’t the first to say that.”, she said with a tiny smile.

“Princess you deserve the world.”, Mitsuhide said softly, much more softly than he intended. He met her eyes and just held them with his own gaze.

“I think I will reprogram this so if they come within three miles of this place we will be alerted.”, She said breaking the contact, and she began typing again. Mitsuhide watched her as she tried to keep her hands from shaking as she typed. After she was done, he took her hand and led her back outside. The lights on the deck were still off, and she looked up to the sky, and in the faint light from the moon, he could see her relax and smile. “You can really see the stars here.”

“Yes.”, He said though he wasn’t looking at the heavens above. He was looking at something much more precious than a star. His gaze never left her face upturned to gaze on the stars.

“Akechi you aren’t looking at the stars.”, she said chuckling.

“I see something much more brilliantly breathtaking worth looking at.”, he said soft almost a whisper.

“Mitsuhide you are staring at me.”, she said as she turned to face him.

“My dear, I know.”, He said back. He reached out and touched her face. This time if she didn’t cower or recoil he would act he knew he had reached his limit.

“Mitsuhide.”, she said whispering.

“Princess, let’s go upstairs.”, He said, and she looked at him with slightly widened eyes, but she didn’t move from her spot as her mind was in turmoil. Before she had thought things through she was nodding and he was leading her back up the staircase.

She was surprised that he halted at the room and shook his head as if to clear it. “I can’t do this.”, he said as he looked down at her.

“Do what exactly?”, she asked as he crossed the room and sat on the bed.

“Princess, I want you, but it can’t be like this. Every time I lose myself in the moment I get cloudy. You need me to be on my game, not like some overactive teenager who can’t control himself.”, he said, and she chuckled.

“Sorry visual of that was rather amusing. Mitsuhide, I understand. You think I don’t feel something there too?”, she asked.

“You?”, he asked.

“Yes, me.”, she replied as she sat on the bed as well and reached out her hand, “You think I don’t want this too?”

“I figured, well, something, no. I thought it was just me.”, he said as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Well I do, but I think you are right to a point.”, she said.

“To a point?”, he echoed.

“I do need you on you ’re, and I understand the cloudiness that you described. I feel the same way. Maybe we should just lay down. No, not like that. Just lay down and watch tv or something. We should start fresh in the morning, and hopefully, we will have an idea of what is really going on. I think between the two of us, and with the help of your team, we should be able to figure at least part of it out. Once we do, and the threats have been terminated we can work on this, between us.”, she said as he gazed into her eyes.

“You want to see about us?”, he asked. “Why?”

“Mitsuhide neither of us are normal. Let’s cut to the chase about that.”, She said, and he let out a bark of laughter, “We both need someone who will at least try to understand we both deal in secrets. That in itself has ended a number of promising relationships before they could even start with me, and I guess for you as well. We both also need someone else we can learn to trust. I think you have earned mine already. You must have that time in the gym. You told me about your family, I have a feeling you don’t do that often,” he shook his head, “Right because of your fathers reputation and probably the fact that you and your siblings are in line for a large inheritance that can’t be easy having that over your head like a sword. I don’t care about your possible money. I have enough of my own. I don’t care about your father period. That also can’t be easy having him for a father. I don’t care about your job or your secrets for it, I understand them though.”

“Everything you said is true so far.”, he said as he thought about what she said.

“I am guessing that you won’t care about my job or secrets it involves either. My two rules are don’t cheat on me and don’t lie to me. If you can abide by those simple things, then you will be home free. We don’t have to have sex right now. I know the urge is there, but we don’t have to do anything right now. Most people don’t on the first date anyway. This is still our first date right?”, she smiled.

“I think it was, but it kind of morphed into a second, third and fourth, all rolled into one.”, he said chuckling as well.

“Well, I hope to have a fifth and maybe a sixth as well.”, she said.

“What the hell did I do to deserve you?”, he said as he put his arm around her drawing her close to him.

“I am sure you tried some deity’s patience level.”, she said giggling as they both flopped back onto the bed.

“You are not getting out of this night unmarked. I am just warning you.”, he said as he made his way to the head of the bed.

“Unmarked?”, she raised her eyebrows, “What are you sixteen?”

“Twice that Princess.”, He said as he captured her in his arms. He kissed her deeply, and she melted against him as he laid her head down on the pillow and his followed. His idea seemed to hold her imagination, and he just held her in his arms and kissed her through the night. The pair would fall asleep with their lips together, and she woke up a few times with him kissing her some more. Neither slept well until mornings light when he woke her once again with nothing but a light touch. She felt the bed shift and his warmth gone for a bit. When she opened her eyes, he was not in the room, and she couldn’t find him in the house or deck. She was almost ready to panic when she spotted the note on the kitchen island.


Crash Nine

Crash 9

The night on the lake was darkened, and the lights were only on the inside of the house, so that left the deck bathed in darkness and shadows. As his arms came around her to being gently swaying to the music she was left in awe for the moment. It was an incredibly well thought out moment. Almost to well thought out.

“How is everything already programmed Mitsuhide?”, she asked.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t ask that.”, he said with a sigh. “I should have known you would think about the details considering.”

“Sorry bad habit.”, she said. “Plus and overactive brain for a few moments with everything else.”

“The answer is simple.”, he said again sighing. “My father has these cabins for a reason.”

“Go get away.”, she countered.

“To get away from my mother.”, he said. “Not so much his girlfriends.”

“Oh.”, she said.

“Yeah not a happy moment to talk about but he must have five or six of them.”, he said. “Kinda not the thing you want to talk about on a first date.”

“Is it really still a date?”, she asked tilting her head.

“It is whatever we make of it. To answer your question though he has everything planned well in advance. We all know about it we just don’t say anything and pretend everything is normal.”, he said.

“So….. okay….. probably best to drop that subject.”, she said.

“Probably.”, he replied. “I understand your questioning though. I hope you know this is very much not what I had planned.”

“What did you have planned then?”, she asked.

“A nice dinner so we could get to know each other, then a nice night out, learning about each other. Having fun too.”, he replied.

“Well, we can still do all that.”, she said.

“No princess we can’t.”, he said.

“Why not?”, she asked.

“One you’re still in shock. I was hoping to crack that wall around you tonight, but instead thanks to your team it was probably sealed even more tightly.”, He said looking away from her. He broke away from her and walked over to the railing to look over the lake in the pitch black.

She stood over by the doors, and she tried to process what he just said. She was hurt, confused, and scared on a level she couldn’t remember ever being. He wanted to help her and for some reason get to know her. She looked at him, and he was also on unsteady ground and trying to grab on to anything that wouldn’t break off. She felt the first tremble rack her body and knew she was going to break down. She had remained stoic for too long. She needed a break from being the super person everyone thought she was. She was in danger, and she had nowhere to turn except to the stranger in front of her, and even he had turned his back to her. She felt the wetness through her dress as emotion took over. She hated this part and was so often glad when she could just lock herself away in her house for a day until she could put the pieces of her life back together with duck tape and superglue. This time it wouldn’t be so easy. She had never felt so alone. She turned and started to walk blindly into the house leaving him there on the deck with his own thoughts when she felt a hand on her shoulder. “Where do you think you are going?”, he asked low and in her ear.

“Inside.”, She chocked out, and he turned her around and looked down at the mess of the woman in front of him. He instantly knew that everything had hit her at once. She couldn’t handle anything right now.

“Princess.”, he started. “Oh god, Princess.”

“Wha—a—at?”, She couldn’t even look at him as she spoke. She wanted to fall and just let it all out. He bent down and picked her up since she seemed to unsteady on her feet.

“Sweetheart it will be okay.”, He said as he carried her up the broad staircase into the room at the top left side of the house. When he kicked open the door and laid her on the bed, he was at a loss for words.

“No, it won’t be. Mitsuhide it is not going to be okay.”, she chocked out. “Everything is wrong. Everything. I am just not good enough.”

“What, hun, no. you are.”, He said as he laid down next to her. He was rubbing her hair and her back.

“I didn’t see the threats Mitsuhide, "I didn’t hear them coming for me tonight, now I dragged you into this.”, she said the tears were pouring out of her eyes. “Everything is wrong.”

“Sweetheart you should never have to know about the threats, you won’t even be in that position again, that I promise. Princess, we will figure this out. We will do this together. I am here because I want to be. Don’t forget that, my love.”, he said.

“Why would you want to be here?”, She said, her voice went to next to nothing as she spoke. It was hard to hear the question.

“Because Princess, I don’t want to be just your friend.”, he said.

“You don’t?”, she asked.

“No princess.”, he said.

“What do you want to be then?”, she asked confused and not wanting to try to think too hard on everything or anything.

“Everything else.”, he replied.

“What?”, she asked not grasping what he was saying.

“I want you, Princess.”, he said.

“Wait, What?”, she asked as her head felt like it was going to explode from the fit she just had to now he was saying he wanted her.

“Princess, you are not making this easy. I don’t have smooth words so I will just tell you the only way I can.”, He said as he moved toward her giving her a moment to move, dodge, or put up her hand. His mouth took hers, and she could feel the restraint he had in showing her what he meant. He was wound up as well. Her hands found his face, and he moved closer. He forced himself to break the kiss to look into her eyes, what she saw in them made her heart skip a beat. “You can see through my mask to who and what I really am. Look closely, princess. You should see the answers right before you.”

“Mitsuhide.”, she said softly.

“What my love?”, he asked.

“Kiss me again.”, She said, and he moved quickly taking her mouth and holding her close. She could feel his body against hers. Her confusion was melting away only to be replaced with a burning desire for more. When he lifted his head again, she saw every answer she needed there in his eyes. She thought to his arms around her, and she never felt more safe then she did in that moment. She knew Mitsuhide would do anything she asked all of those answers were right there in front of her.

“Kit. I have to stop.”, he said.

“Why?”, she asked.

“It isn’t the right time for more.”,Mitsuhide said as he ran his finger down her cheek wiping away the tears there.

“What if it is what I want?”, She asked, and his eyes flew to hers. Her soft smile and contented voice which sounded nothing like the one he had just heard.

“You have to be sure Princess.”, he said.

“Why?”, She asked. She wondered at the why of it all.

“Because there is no going back afterward.”, he stated.

“Is there ever any going back?”, she asked.

“Not normally but Princess I don’t think you get the whole picture. I don’t date, Woman, for the most part, could be interchangeable, never has one entranced me before.”, he said as she reached up and he caught her hand and brought it to his lips. “You not only entranced me, but you also captivated me. This is not a hookup or a quick fling Princess. It can’t be, it has to be more.”

“Mitsuhide.”, she said again softly.

“Princess I am not going anywhere. Sweetheart rest easy I am here.”, He said as he kissed her eyelids. She moved her hand to the back of his neck and gently pulled him to her face.

“I want more.”, she said softly. “I want more with you, Akechi.” The dam he had on his emotions and the floodgate broke with those words. All control he had built up went flying out the window with those simple words. He looked in her eyes and could see she was struggling with herself but it was what she wanted. Everyone had let her down and turned from her in some way, he was not going to let her think he was doing that but he also knew she wasn’t ready to go much further. He even knew his long game would be so much better if it went slower.

“Princess.”, He whispered as he let himself be pulled towards her with nothing pulling him. He let his hand go to her body and touch and feel parts of her through the gauzy fabric. He didn’t know or even trust himself at this point. The two sides of him were torn between loving her and wanting her. He kissed her and kept kissing her pressed up against her softened body. She was so responsive to the slightest touch, so he let his hands work completely on their own. The spell was broken by his phone ringing, and they both stopped and looked at it tossed on the dresser. “Perfect timing.”

“Hmm.”, She said. He got up and crossed the room and saw who it was.

“Akechi.”, he said as he pressed the tiny icon on the phone.

“There is a lot of activity going on in the courtyard.”, Nobunaga said softly.

“What kind?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“The kind you asked us to watch.”, Nobunaga responded. “The team is preparing for something.”

“What does it look like to you?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“Honestly. It looks like a hit squad.”, Nobunaga stated. Mitsuhide looked up at her as she sat on the bed waiting for some kind of answer.

“Sweetheart where is your phone?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“I left it in the car. I turned it off after the text message.”, Kit responded as she looked at him.

“Thank god she is sensible.”, Mitsuhide thought to himself. “Good.”

“What if they put a tracker on her things?”, Nobunaga asked.

“We have nothing but the clothes we came with. Her stuff will only lead them to my place.”, Mitsuhide said.

“You are sure?”, Nobunaga asked.

“Positive. She was smart enough to turn off her phone on her own. I will bet she also checked her clothes before she put them on.”, Mitsuhide said, and her eyes went wide, but she did nod. “She did.”

“Where are you?”, Nobunaga asked.

“Close but far enough away.”, Mitsuhide replied.

“Keeping it close to the vest won’t help if you need it.”, Nobunaga replied.

“But keeping her safe is keeping it close to the vest, boss.”, Mitsuhide countered.

“What really is your end game with that?”, Nobunaga asked.

“My end game depends on her end game and neither concern you Oda.”, Mitsuhide said with a smile.

“I will try and remember that.”, Nobunaga said dryly.

“Hint at her fanboys that they have been out fanned.”, Mitsuhide said.

“Neither will take that well, I think we will let you handle that.”, Nobunaga said chuckling, “They are on the move. Date and Takada are on tail duty. Will keep you in the loop. We will let you know if they are headed your way.”

“You don’t know where I am.”, Mitsuhide said.

“Sure we don’t.”, Nobunaga said as he hung up the phone.

Mitsuhide looked up in eyes that were the doorway to a new world for him. “Princess, your team, is moving.”

“Moving?”, she asked.

“They look like a strike team right now. Some of my team is following them, but we have to be prepared.” , Mitsuhide said.

“We can track them.”, she said.

“What?”, he asked.

“I know to look for stuff on me because Mitsuhide I helped design it. Do you think I didn’t test it out first?”, she said with a smile.

“Will they know?”, he asked, and she looked at him as if he grew three heads.

“Of course not, They didn’t even know I was on the design team for it. Is there a computer here?”, she asked, and it was his turn to laugh.

“Princess let me introduce you to the family business.”, he said as he took her hand and led her down the stairs.


Crash 8.5.5

Four rooms?“, she asked.

"A bathroom. The great room which is the entire downstairs that includes the kitchen and dining room. The bedroom and the entertainment room.”, he listed.

“Only one bedroom?”, she asked.

“That a problem?”, he asked.

“No just kind of a waste if you ask me.”, she said. “It would be a perfect place for a family.”

“I’ll keep that in mind when I get the house.”, He said with a smile. Though the words were not meant to be hurtful, she felt like she had been stabbed in the chest. When he opened the door and walked inside, she turned and saw it all. It was a fantastic house. She was surprised when she looked at his hand and saw the faint marks that were forming bruises. She grabbed at it and started to look it over.

“Princess, what are you doing?”, he asked surprised by her sudden reaction.

“You hit that Joe. His head is rather hard. I am making sure your hand isn’t broken.”, she said without looking up.

“Princess.”, his voice sounded strained as she looked up into his molten gold eyes that were glossy.

“Hmm?”, She asked. She was surprised at how fast his arms came around her, and he lowered his head to hers. She reacted immediately, and she pressed herself against him, and she kissed him. He made a sound that was between a moan and a groan. She melted as he deepened the kiss. His hands held her on her back, and hers had found his head. He lifted his head, and his eyes had grown darker, his smile was real. Her heart did flip-flops, and he tugged her out to the deck.

She followed without hesitation now confused by the kiss, but she was feeling good for the first time in a while. He flipped on a light switch and pressed a button. Music started to play, “The next part of our date was to take you dancing so we will have to improvise a little.”

“Dancing under the stars?”, she asked.

“Do you want to go inside?”, he asked.

“No, dancing with you under the stars sounds fine.”, She smiled. As he took her in his arms and moved closer to her, she wondered what else could this man possibly do to steal her heart. He already had it, that kiss still had her head reeling.


Crash 8.5

“Yes, I am moving her to a more secured location, but I want you guys to watch them.”, Akechi said.

“Copy that. Sasuke and Mitsunari look more concerned about her health right now.”, Nobunaga stated.

“I am fine.”, She answered. “Just a little shaken up.”

“Good. Keep us in the loop.”, Nobunaga said as he hung up.

“Where are we going?”, she asked.

“That perfect vacation place.”, he responded.

“Where is that?”, she asked.

“It’s close enough but also far enough away.”, he responded.

“And that is where exactly?”, she asked.

“Classified.”, he said with a smile.

“So it is either be attacked or kidnapped?”, she asked.

“Basically.”, He said as he took her hand in his. She looked at his large hand that was so gentle around her own.

“I’ll take being kidnapped by you.”, she said with a smile.

“Good answer, Princess.”, He said. When she looked over at him, there was a certain glow in his eyes, but he kept moving his head as he looked over the road ahead. She caught glimpses of it, but then she turned to her window and looked out at the fading lights of the stars. She couldn’t get over the way she felt as she looked at the man sitting next to her. She didn’t know why the idea of him liking another woman over her bothered her so much it clouded her mind. She had never been jealous before, but it was like a burning in the pit of her stomach. She wondered if it was jealousy or something else altogether. She also wondered in the end if he was using her, to get the other woman’s attention. She hoped not, but in the end, he did protect her she would swallow her pride and help him win this mystery woman even if it hurt. Prayed not, but in the end, he did protect her she would eat her pride and help him win this mystery woman even if it hurt.

It would hurt she knew. She just couldn’t understand why it would. She didn’t usually even notice men on that type of level, and maybe it was the men she regularly worked with. She was just confused about him. He turned off the highway to a town she had never even heard of before having lived maybe two hours away. She did know the area pretty well as she often took off for a day or two to get lost. She did often get lost, but she would find herself going back to the house of horrors and her responsibilities. She looked around and saw a small lake off to one side, and she smiled. There were trees surrounding it. It was exactly how she pictured her dream vacation. She had to laugh at that.

“About fifteen more minutes, Princess.”, he said softly.

“Okay.”, she replied.

“I thought you had fallen asleep.,” he said. “You were so quiet.”

“Just thinking.”, she replied still looking out the window.

“about?”, he asked.

“Nothing and everything.”, she said. “It really doesn’t matter.”

“It matters to me.”, he said.

“Why?”, she asked.

“I can’t say yet.”, He said, and now she was perplexed. The scenery changed again, and that smaller lake opened up into a larger one that she couldn’t see the edge of. It seemed endless and then he made another turn right toward the lake and on a dirt road. He seemed to know exactly where they were but she had no clue.

“You been here before?”, she asked.

“My father owns a cabin here for hunting and fishing. Basically his dream cottage.”, Mitsuhide said.

“Oh.”, she replied.

“He won’t be there. If he is in the area, he normally lets me know so we can do something.”, he said.

“That’s nice.”, she said.

“Are you planning on anything with your family while you are here?”, he asked.

“Why would I do that?”, She asked. She started laughing at her own answer. “In all honesty no, they all are to busy in their own lives and wouldn’t like to have to drag themselves to see me, make the kids act nice, and all that. It’s best that I see them in a few months for the holidays and then the same next year.”

“So none of you are close?”, he asked.

“No, not really. We see each other on big occasions you know weddings, kids birthdays, funerals, Thanksgiving and Christmas. After mom died, we kind of gave up on each other. We may talk, but it is about nothing, or they nag me. It isn’t worth the headache.”, she said.

“So you have no one?”, he asked.

“That’s about the end of it, yeah.”, she said.

“Kinda like me.”, he replied.

“You have your team at least.”, she said.

“That is true. So do you for the moment.”, he replied.

“True for the moment.”, She said as a feeling of just utter exhaustion took over her. Maybe the adrenaline high was gone, perhaps she was finally starting to regret cutting off her family, maybe she was beginning to regret not trying to make some crappy relationship work, she was tired.

The car stopped, and she looked in front of the vehicle. “This is what your father thinks is just a getaway cabin?”, She asked as she went for the door to get out to look at the house better. He rounded the side of the car, and she turned to see his smile.

“A quick getaway cabin Princess.”, he said grinning. “The others are much well more.”

“Others?”, she asked.

“It’s a long story. So let’s skip it and go inside.”, he said taking her hand and pulling her along.

“This place is bigger than my house.”, she said. “I didn’t think that was possible for a vacation house.”

“Well, you see the inside has been redone to his taste. It is big, but there are only four rooms.”, he said.

“Four rooms?”, she asked.

“A bathroom. The great room which is the entire downstairs that includes the kitchen and dining room. The bedroom and the entertainment room.”, he listed.

“Only one bedroom?”, she asked.

“That a problem?”, he asked.

“No just kind of a waste if you ask me.”, she said. “It would be a perfect place for a family.”


Crash 8

Crash 8

He took one look at her and knew it wasn’t good.

“What?”, he asked as he opened the door.

“Look what the brass just sent me.”, She said. He took her phone and saw the message. As he read it over, he became slightly enraged and wanted to go after the dumbass doctor who took a whole day of their time up promoting crap that didn’t apply to them in the least.

“What are you going to do about it?”, he asked.

“What can I do about it?”, she asked back.

“Well, you can also log a complaint.”, he said.

“For what being a pompous asshole?”, she said.

“He did waste an entire day.”, he replied as he helped steady her on her feet.

“It seems the good old boys club wins again.”, she said. “Logging a complaint against him won’t do anything. It will only backfire on me now. Goddamnit. I knew coming here on this tech tour was a bad idea. Something is up though. I can not see why they asked him to help, and it makes no sense.”, she said.

“How so?”, he asked as the walked toward the small restaurant.

“Well, they normally only ask people who really helped design the tech to do this. They want people to be energized about it that can really sell the ideas and the uses. Is there anything about that guy that makes you want to use the gun?”, she asked.

“If anything it is the opposite. I would rather keep the one I already have.”, Mitsuhide replied.

“Exactly.”, she said.

“My complaint wasn’t even logged, but his was logged, filed, and decided on in what a matter of an hour?”, She said, “That isn’t normal in the least. Something is going on behind the scenes, and I don’t like it.”

“Princess did you ever think.”, he was going to go on, but she cut him off.

“He is the other threat, isn’t he?”, she looked up into Mitsuhide’s eyes pleading.

“We saw it, multiple people on the day you came in late.”, Mitsuhide said. “We, meaning my team was going to watch you while you were here just to make sure nothing happened.”

“I see.”, she said.

“It isn’t like that now.”, he said.

“How so?”, she asked now feeling slightly dejected, and she couldn’t figure out why.

“Look Princess. I am not helping you out of pity or obligations to duty.”, he started.

“You’re not?”, she asked.

“No. I am not.”, he said as he opened the door and helped her in the door.

“Can I help you?”, the hostess asked.

“Reservation for Akechi for two.”, Mitsuhide said as he placed his hand on the small of her back just to remind her she wasn’t alone as she went into her mind to think.

“Right this way.”, The hostess said as she brought them to the back of the place and sat them in front of a bay window with a view of the sound. She looked out the window and smiled. After they both sat and looked over the menu both opting for something different to try. Dinner was quiet, and they didn’t say that much as they both ate and were lost in their thoughts. She looked up at him as he was looking down and she really began to wonder about the man she had trusted without knowing too much about him. He was interested in someone, so she knew not to get her hopes up that he would ever feel the same way about her as she did about him. She wasn’t usually instantly attracted to men, but with him, it was just something about him that made her insides quiver while watching him. His long fingers captivated her, and she had to shake her way out of it.

“You okay Princess?”, he asked.

“Yea, sorry had something in my head.”, she said.

“You ready?”, he asked, and he went to grab the check.

“Yeah.”, she said as she got up and walked with him.

“Here are the keys. You can go to the car if you want.”, He said as she took them and walked outside. As she did, she noticed the parking lot was completely darkened. She strolled across the parking lot trying to miss any of the massive potholes. As she was about halfway across, she knew instantly someone was behind her. She turned, and there were two guys in ski masks about four feet away. Both of them charged at her, and she ducked, and they pasted her. One was about ready to pounce again when she kicked forward and knocked the breath out of him. The second she didn’t see. He was trying to come up in back of her. He was quickly removed without her seeing him even move. Mitsuhide had walked outside to see them creeping up on her. When they made their move she had ducked, and they passed her, but she focused on one. He knew she could easily handle one on her own. He, however, could also handle one or both of them quickly. He tapped the guy on the shoulder, and he was dumb enough to look back and was met with a fist in his face. He was on the ground out cold. The other was close and the second kick she landed did the trick, and he was on the ground knocked out as well.

“Who are these two?”, he asked.

“No clue.”, She replied. He bent down and lifted the mask up enough to see the face. He knew instantly who they were and she did as well. When he looked up a tear was rolling down her face.

“Come on, Princess. Let’s get you away from here.”, he said.

“Where to?”, She asked.“If I go to that complex again even if I am next door they will come after me.”

“You think I will let that happen?”, he asked as he backed out and floored the car.

“What can you do to stop it?”, she asked.

“Watch, princess.”, he said. “Call Oda.” The car started ringing, and it was picked up on the third ring.

“What Akechi?”, Nobunaga said.

“Are you at the complex yet?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“Why?”, Nobunaga asked.

“Remember that we protect our own conversation we had.”, Akechi said.

“Yes.”, Nobunaga replied.

“Well, we need to protect one of ours.”, Akechi said.

“What happened?”, Nobunaga asked, and the fun that was in the background died instantly.

“Someone just tried to attack her.”, Akechi said, “In a parking lot.”

“Was she injured?”, Nobunaga asked.

“No, thank god. She knocked one out herself, and I got the other.”, Mitsuhide said. “However both were wearing ski masks. When lifted it revealed she was right for being wary of the timing of when her team arrived. It was two of them.”

“Wait two of her own team attacked her?”, Nobunaga asked.


Crash 7.5

“Come on let’s go. My car or yours?”, He asked as they walked out together. He turned and locked the door, and she shrugged her shoulders in response. “Either way I’ll drive.”

“Then probably yours. It would take you years to adjust the seat in mine.”, she said with a smile.

“Huh?”, he asked.

“I’m super short. If anyone else drives my car, it takes them forever because of that fact.”, she said.

“oh.”, He replied as he opened the door for her and she sat, and he closed it. As he walked around the car, he was looking up, and she really was starting to be concerned about him not feeling well.

“Are you sure your okay?”, she asked as he got in the car.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s nothing Princess.”, he said as he started up the car. “You been here before?”

“I grew up not far from here. More near the capitol. My dad was stationed here when I was little.”, she said.

“So you know the area?” he asked.

“Yes and no. I don’t remember much, but I do know how to get around vaguely. I can get home from here.”, she said.

“What is home like?”, he asked.

“What?”, she asked.

“I assume your parents?”, he said.

“Oh. My dad still lives in the house we all grew up in. Mom died years ago. My sister lives in the house next door to dad with her husband and two kids. My brothers all live close by too. My other sister is in DC working at the Pentagon.”, she replied.

“Your sister in DC, is she also military?”, he asked.

“No, my side of the family all broke away from actual service. None of my brothers have anything remotely to do with it but will claim the perks of being a brat. My older sister she works with the department of energy on projects that have to do with nuclear power. Then there is me, the lone one who works daily with different branches. I wanted to join, but I was told I would be better off being a contractor instead. I was also too short.”, she replied.

“So you aren’t the only smart one in your family?”, he asked.

“No, I’m afraid not even close. My parents pushed all of us hard when we were growing up. They knew they wanted better for us. They didn’t do half bad either considering all of us are professionals of some sort.”, she said. “What about you?”

“What about me?”, he asked.

“What is your family like?”, she asked.

“Dysfunctional.”, he replied.

“Isn’t everyone’s on some level?”, she asked.

“Yes, but I am sure mine takes the cake. I have a brother and a few sisters. All are married and with like monsters of their own. So get-togethers with them are loud, and also few and far between.”, he said.

“I get that. All of them have kids or step kids as well. At least my dad doesn’t push for more grandkids. He enjoys the ones he has. For now at least.”, she said with a smile.

“Well, that’s rather lucky for you. I get at least once a week via text or phone call when I will be adding to the family from my mother and sisters.”, he said dryly.

“Not your father or brother?”, she said laughing.

“No, and I am grateful for that.”, he said.

“My sisters think that I need to find a man and settle down like tomorrow. They are worse than harpies. As if finding a man solves anything. If anything in most cases I have seen it creates problems.”, she replied.

“You don’t want to get married in the future?”, he asked.

“I didn’t say that. I think I do. I would like to have a few kids so in my mind I would have to have a steady relationship for that to happen. I meant my sisters, for example, one married a guy because she liked his game, as she put it. But that game now doesn’t always pay enough for food for her kids, thus the problem. My other sister married a guy eight years younger than her. That in itself is fine but it becomes a problem when he wants to go do fun things with his friends, and she is stuck at home with their son. Again it is understandable to a point because when she was the same age, it was things she did with her friends. Now they have a kid it isn’t okay. I see both sides on that one, but regardless it is a problem.”, she replied.

“Do you analyze everything?”, He asked. She started to laugh.

“No. These things are right up in my face, and they are just observations not me analyzing. I file the info away so I can take my own advice later and look for someone that won’t cause a problem.”, she answered still laughing.

“What if I told you all men cause problems to a point.”, he said chuckling.

“Then I would have to agree from all I have seen. Okay, a better statement would be a person who causes problems I want to deal with.”, she said.

“Slightly better.”, he said.

“On the other side of that, by the way, all woman cause problems too.”, she said.

“I know, my dear, I already know that.”, he said.

“Bad times before?”, she asked.

“No, I watched a few nasty relationships some of the guys have. I don’t really date much to the dismay of my mother and sisters.”, he said.

“Why not?”, she asked.

“Never been interested in the idea.”, he replied. “Well, that is not exactly true. I was interested in the idea. I just haven’t met someone who kept my interest.”

“Oh.”, She said. She left that one alone.

“Until recently.”, he said.

“Mitsuhide why didn’t you say that before. If this pretend relationship screws that up I will never forgive myself!”, she replied.

“Trust me it won’t.”, he said.

“But.”, she started when he stopped the car.

“Trust me, Princess, it won’t screw up anything. I promise.”, He said. He wasn’t going ever to tell her at this point she was the only female who got his blood stirring. She wasn’t ready for that, and neither was he. He plastered his smile on and got out of the car as he walked around to open the door for her she looked down at a text message on her phone, and her face went white.


Crash 7

Crash 7

“So how do you plan on doing this without alerting them as to the fact I won’t be going back?”, Kit asked as she looked at him right before he was about ready to head out.

“Give me your keys.”, he said first then he went on, “Where is it?”

“Closet.”, She replied, and he walked out. That was five minutes ago, and she was left sitting on the couch that was there. She heard the door close and the footsteps up to the door as he turned and opened it.

“That was easy.”, he said with a smile as he placed the suitcase down in front of her.

“What did you say?”, she asked looking up at him.

“That you were busy and needed it. That you most likely wouldn’t be returning for a bit. They bought it completely so either they are the worst observers on the planet or you are a workaholic and don’t stop often.”, he replied.

“Both.”, she said.

“It looks like hell in there by the way.”, he said.“ I don’t think they have stopped playing since you left them last night.”

“Probably not.”, she said. “What day is it?”

“Really?”, he asked.

“Yeah, with traveling and what not I forgot to check.”, she said.

“Workaholic. When is the last time you took leave?”, he asked.

“Last year. No, wait. The year before that.”, she said with a slight smile.

“You need a break, genius.”, he said. “Otherwise you are going to burn out.”

“When is the last time you took leave?”, she asked as she stood.

“Probably the same time you did. But in my defense I have a lot of downtime between missions, do you?”, he countered.

“Alright point made. It isn’t like I have anywhere I want to go through.”, she said.

“Hawaii?”, he asked.

“Hate it there.”, she said shaking her head.

“Europe?”, he asked.

“I go there all the time for work.”, she said.

“Asia?”, he asked again.

“I would like to go there one day, but I would like to have a rudimentary knowledge of the language at least first.”, she replied.

“Australia?”, he was running out of places.

“Too many things that would kill me.”, she said laughing.

“The beach?”, he countered.

“Sand.”, she said.

“That is the reason most people go to the beach.”, he said.

“Not a fan.”, she said.

“Fine Disney world, ha I bet you can’t find something wrong with that one.”, he said.

“Standing in line for hours to go on a ride that lasts maybe two minutes? I’m not really patient enough for that. Plus it is overpriced, and you really can’t eat the food.”, she said.

“The happiest place on earth I guess isn’t happy.”, he said. “What do you like then?”

“I guess my dream vacation would involve a cabin in the woods somewhere with a lake. No wifi, no cell service, just nature.”, she said.

“I know the perfect place then.”, he said with a smile.

“Where?”, she asked.

“Maybe one day I will tell you.”, he said. “It is Friday by the way. That is why everyone was looking at you weird about the classes coming up. We have a weekend in between.”

“Oh.”, she said.

“Get changed princess. We have dinner reservations in an hour.”, he said.

“Reservations?”, she asked.

“I am always prepared.”, he said.

“I almost forgot about dinner.”, she said.

“I sure as hell didn’t. We will discuss everything else later. Let’s just go out and enjoy tonight.”, He said. She looked at him knowing full well he didn’t mean it as it came out but then again, just maybe he did. Mitsuhide was open to a point as she saw him. He did have things she couldn’t read yet, maybe with time she would be able to.

Mitsuhide felt the weight of her gaze on him. He felt as if she could see into his soul. He wondered if she liked what she saw, whatever she was looking at. Her face softened, and she walked over to him as he was still standing by the front door. She wrapped her arms around him and just hugged him.

“What is that for?”, He asked as he moved his arms slowly around her. He realized she was very much like a wild animal in some ways and he didn’t want to spook her by doing anything to fast.

“You deserved a hug.,” she said.

“I did what now?”, He asked as she turned and the moment was gone. He kicked himself mentally. She walked into the bathroom with her suitcase in tow, and he went about changing himself very quickly. He did not usually wear good clothes as he thought of them. It was often his uniform and shorts or sleep pants. He was happy to find a nice shirt that was wearable and a pair of black pants. When she walked out, he was buttoning up his shirt. She had changed out of her clothes into a cute gauzy dress that he would have never thought she would wear. The brains of the military also had a body to match. He was stunned speechless for the first few moments she looked up as she twisted her hair up leaving her neck exposed. He was trying to breathe which seemed difficult for some reason.

“Something wrong? Is it too much?”, she asked looking down at the dress.

“No. it’s fine.” He stated and tried to look away. A part of his brain was screaming “YES! YES! YES!” but the other part was to focus on trying to remain a decent human being and not stare. It was a fight he wasn’t sure which side would win.

“If you say so.”, she said looking him over again wondering if he had a fever or something considering the look on his face.


Crash 6.5

“I can’t let the people who did work on it go without the credit they deserve. He was not one who did. Seriously he sat back and said nothing until the end to make a small change in the design and then somehow he was the most important person in the room.”, she said. “Bullshit.”

“So you didn’t have a lot to do with that one either?”, Mitsunari asked. She remembered Mitsuhide calling those two fanboys and nearly started to laugh but as she held it together.

“No, I do sometimes work on weapons, but it is rare. I help mostly with the bio or chem side of things. Those are what I can do best.”, She said with a smile. She knew Mitsuhide was right in back of her without placing any of the rest.

“Our van is now up front.”, Hideyoshi said as they moved as a group.

“Lose your temper often like that, angel?”, Shingen asked.

“I hardly lose my temper. Today has been a trying day.”, She said as they all piled into the van again and it took off. No one was paying attention as Mitsuhide poke her side through the seat of the chair. She glanced at him and shook her head at his trying to get her attention.

“So Angel we normally go out to eat as a group do you want to join us tonight?”, Shingen asked. Mitsuhide coughed, and she smiled.

“Sorry I do already have plans tonight.”, she said.

“Oh right isn’t your team here?”, Masamune asked.

“They were this morning at least.”, She replied honestly not knowing what she would find when she got back. They pulled up to the apartment parking lot, and everyone filed out and headed to their own apartments.

“A word Princess?”, Mitsuhide said as he guided her to his apartment.

“Of course.”, She replied as if it wasn’t a full gone conclusion that she was going there in the first place. He opened the door, and she walked in behind him.

“I do have to figure out how to get my things from over there to here.”, she said.

“How much do you have?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“Only my suitcase.”, she replied, and he smiled.

“Watch and see, Princess.”, And he walked out of the door leaving her in the apartment by herself. She put down her computer bag and thought this wouldn’t be too bad.