have you already done an hc on warlords reacting to/helping a blind or very very nearsighted MC?

I only did a short on a blind MC with Mitsuhide.


He has a hard time understanding the full issue. Though he tries too. His fireball and good luck charm can’t see. He however helps her adapt by getting a maid to be her eyes for her until she has the layout of the castle down. The maid stays with her during the day and if he is gone on a campaign.


He sees the problem and wants to find a solution. He also has a personal maid asinged to her and a guard if she goes out in town. He is protective of her and her freedoms but understands her limitations.


After a through exam he sees that there is nothing he can do physically to help her. Though he will think of things to help boost her other senses. She explained how she got around before and he finds that making her sight stick to be helpful. He thinks about training wasabi to be her eyes as well.


He finds that caring for someone who is sight impaired to be different but not undoable. He describes everything for her when he is with her and when he can’t be he finds people to help her around. His life became more open when she came into it so he wants to make sure she has everything she needs around her.


He understands sort of. Though he uses his glasses to read he understands the strain in a persons eyes. He has read about some great things he wants to try that he believes could help. Though often absent minded when it comes to other things he finds his love for you to take over and will ensure your safety at all times with a guard.


He already placed a secret guard around her before she was even with him. Someone so innocent and pure needed to be protected from the evils of the world. He goes o er everything with her from walking the castles grounds to shorter trips into town. She is never left completely alone even if she never knows it. Like Mitsunari he reads up on things he can have made to help her as well.


re-release *Time travelers unite* edited

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Thank you for all of the fantastic responses! If you’ve got free time, I have all these thoughts I can never put into words; what about a short or Drabble of some sort where MC was accidentally zapped back to the future and later *insert warlord here* travels back with sauske to go get her. He’s so happy to see her again he freezes and before he goes to her sauske dead pans with “Go talk to her already. You’ve been standing here staring, and it’s starting to get weird.” Followed by the reunion💗

She was standing before the monument again, waiting. The accident that happened wasn’t supposed to; she was still beyond upset that it did. She had been back in the future for two months now, and she had to wake for the actual wormhole to happen so Sasuke could help her get back to where she wanted to be. Two months… She was lonely without her friends from the past and began to isolate herself from everyone she knew here in the future. She would find a way to get back even if it meant staying at the shrine all night every night. Her day job was right around the corner, and she had taken to bringing her bag with her where ever she went just in case it began to open up again. She was determined and mad. She wanted to go home, two and half months there and she considered it home more than this time and place. She wanted to see him again too. She missed him so much that it hurt. She missed his laugh, his touch, and his voice which could comfort her even at her worst. She could almost feel his touch at night when she curled up in the futon. She would get back to him if it were the last thing she did. She made that promise to herself every day when she woke up and when she went to sleep.
She repeated the ritual every day. She woke up and went to work and then ate dinner sitting before the shrine and waited. She waited patiently for any signs then she would head home a stone’s throw away to repeat the process again the next day. She was nodding off on the bench when a flash of light happened. She thought it was just a reflex, so she wrote it off, and no storm had appeared even though it was getting close to when she thought, as she just had a feeling something would happen soon if at all. She continued to watch over the shrine and didn’t see what had happened in the back of her.
A flash of light blinded the two men as they hit the pavement rather hard. They were both winded as they began to stand and take an internal assessment of any injuries from when they hit. They looked at each other, and one took stock of his location while the other slack-jawed looked around with amazement. He couldn’t believe any of what he saw; this was all new to him. Sasuke looked at his traveling companion and took in his shock. He had tried to warn him, but it was really no use. There were no words to describe the future that would be adequate. As they scanned the surroundings, they both spotted something that took their breaths away. She was here. That made Sasuke more than grateful as he wasn’t exactly sure how he would locate her and she had taken that trouble away. She hadn’t noticed them staring at her back as she was curled up on the bench before the shrine in which they had met the first time to travel through time. Sasuke waited for the man next to him to react in which he didn’t. He just stood there, staring at her back. He knew it was her as well the fact his breathing became labored and he didn’t tear his eyes away from her form.
She was there. She had been waiting for them. Those thoughts came running through his head and just repeated over and over. He wanted to move but he couldn’t. What if she didn’t want him anymore now that she was back in her time? What if she was saying goodbye? What if someone else had made her fall in love with him? It had been a few months. She could have moved on. For the first time in his life, he felt an intense fear of not being enough for her. Maybe she was better off if they turned and walked away, perhaps he shouldn’t of come here to find her and bring her back. He might as well die right now if she rejected him. He felt the eyes of the man next to him, and he looked over at him. He wondered if his feeling showed. Sasuke made a hand gesture to him like “what are you waiting for, go.” His feet were stuck in place. That was when Sasuke shoved him to get him walking. He moved closer to her slowly, enjoying the moments left as she was sure not to want him anymore. He could feel his heart crumbling with each step. When he reached to about a foot in back of the bench, she still hadn’t heard him or noticed their presence. “I now see how you couldn’t see the stars here.”, he said.
“What?”, she asked as she turned around to look into his downturned face. “What? How? When?”
She turned her entire body as she launched herself over the bench into his arms, and all his doubts left him, and he just held her in his arms. Sasuke laughed at the pair. When he could get a word in edgewise, he told them they had three weeks before the next wormhole back. He would go to his place and check in and begin making preparations for bringing stuff back.
She was clutching onto him. He could breathe again she was his, still. They stood there in the night for an hour at least before heading to her apartment. She called her boss and told them she was ill and wouldn’t be in for a few days. When she did go back to work, they were surprised by the small bruises of love bites all over her body. He would show up during the day to walk her home so they could walk back slowly and he could take more of the city in. On the weekend they took trips, and he saw the country by bullet train. He was more than happy to go back home though when the time came. She was too. Where they could grow and make sure this history happened.


re-release *MC playing koto (Mitsuhide)* edited

Mc playing Koto
He heard the sound from the garden and followed the music throughout the castle. He was wondering to himself who was playing like that as he hadn’t heard of someone so skilled being here. As he listened to follow it, he could also hear the thoughts of the person playing as well. Their emotions were coming through and reaching every person who could hear. It was a fantastic thing to listen to.
As he finally tracked the sound to a small antechamber of a larger room where the gifts were often stored after they had been given to Nobunaga, he realized who the person was playing. It could only be her. Could she play? He asked himself as he stayed in the shadows as not to frighten her as she played. He was relaxed against the door as she continued on. She ability was evident, but he could also sense a considerable part of herself in the song as she played and strummed away. She was well taught and very skilled.
When she was done, she turned to spot him before he could make his escape while he was in the shadows of the room he thought she might have missed him if she did turn. “How did I do?”, she asked.
“You must know how wonderful you play Princess. Do you really need more praise?”, He said as he moved closer to her. He loved these moments between them for he really believed this was all he could have of her.
“I don’t really. I wasn’t so good at music class in school. Definitely not with a Koto either.”, she said as she now faced to face with him only a foot away as she looked into his golden hued eyes.
“You weren’t the best?”, he asked as he seemed shocked. “Then I would want to hear those people play for you seemed to be the best my ears have ever heard.”
“Maybe you’re biased.”, she said as she breezed past him.
“I doubt that, Princess.”, he quickly replied as he also turned and followed on her heels.
“What Mitsuhide?”, she asked as she was going to get back to her tasks for the day.
“Do you think you could play again for me?”, he asked before he had the chance to think about it.
“You would want me too?”, she asked surprised that he did indeed enjoy her playing.
“Yes princess I do. I also don’t mean for the others just me.”, he said.
“I guess. When I have the chance of course.”, She said.
“Good.”, He replied and went about his day like nothing out of the ordinary took place. He had to be gone for a few days, but on his return, he sent her a letter inviting him to his palace. She was slightly surprised to have a formal invitation to his house and at night too. She wondered what he was up to and he just needed help again, and this was his way or luring her to help him. It didn’t matter though as she would go to help if he asked for it. Someone needed to know what he was up too with all his plots and secrets. She knew she was the only person he would allow to see some of the things he was up to because she was not a threat to them or him. He had lowered that guard just enough to know the man for what he was. She didn’t mind the polished exterior he presented to the world only because she could see through that enough to make her really curious about the man underneath. She sometimes wondered if he would ever let anyone in to see him fully and if he did would it be her? She wanted it to be her.
She made her way to his palace down the pathway that led to most of the significant vassal’s palaces. Mitsuhide’s was the furthest out but the closest to the town. He was waiting near the door as she approached and she smiled too brightly at him. He stepped out to greet her, and his protected heart stopped beating. He wanted her to play again for him tonight, but instead, hundreds of other things started flitting through his head. He had to fight them all down before he could speak and trust his own voice. He decided a change of plans was in order, and he continued to walk to her. He wanted to grab her and hold her but instead took her hand and kept walking all the way to the tea house she favored. She hadn’t said anything during their walk as she seemed as confused as he felt. After they finished, they went back to his palace to which he surprised her with a different koto then the one she had been playing before which was a gift in the tribute room for Nobunaga. He motioned to her to try it out when she did he sat back and closed his eyes as he had it set up on the veranda so they could sit and see the stars and moon as she played. She did play for him for an hour or so as he could again let all his stress leave for the time and could be relaxed enough to sigh and close his eyes. She giggled between songs as she watched him sink more into a relaxing state she hadn’t seen before.
The songs were beautiful, and he knew she was telling him a story for she had to be gifted in her classes, this was the first time he had relaxed just by the sound of music. He thought that maybe she did have some mystical power over him or the songs she played and had to let out a deep and rumbly chuckle at the thought. She was gifted. She was gifted for being the person he wanted to see him like this. He made a deal with her at the end of her concert for him. She would come over once a week to play for him, and he would take her to a dinner or treat. She surprisingly agreed to his surprise. He thought it was a win-win deal for him as he would get more time with the lovely princess but she had beamed at the idea herself.


re-release *HC Heavily pregnant MC* edited

1. Anonymous said to :
So this might seem silly, but MC is heavily pregnant and trying to reach for something on a shelf. The belly is in the way, so she decides to reach for the item from the side but only pushes object back further away. Frustrated MC grabs a chair because ‘I could reach this shelf before!’ Cue the warlords coming in at that specific moment, what are their reactions? (My husband was not happy with me that day. *laughs nervously*)
“What are you doing!”, he exclaims as he sweeps her off the chair and moves it away from the cabinets. “I was trying to get that!”, she pointed to the jar she wanted as he easily got it down for her. “A whole castle full of people and you climb a chair?”, he asks.
“Well, I could get it a few days ago!” I am so big now I can’t do anything!“, she cried out.
"That is our child you are carrying, soon it will be done, and you will be more normal.”, he said softly.
“Fine. I will ask next time.”, she said softly.
“Good because nothing should happen to you if you keep your feet on the floor. If you fell, it could hurt the both of you, and then I would be mad.”, he stated as he walked her back to their room where he would rub her swollen feet for her.
Cue panic. He would have to be quiet but still, make enough noise, so she didn’t jump and fall off the chair. As she turned her to see him and the look he had. “Of all the times to walk in you have to pick now!”, she said.
“Princess please get off the chair.”, His voice was strained as he was trying not to lose his cool. The last time he suggested something she nearly ripped his head off, literary.
“I could get it a few days ago. I am so big now I can’t get it.”, she stated.
“I will get it for you.”
“I don’t need your help.”
“Princess please let me help you.”, he said.
“Fine help.”, she said as she looked defeated.
“Not much longer now. Just let me help until then.”, he pleaded.
“Fine since this is your fault.”, she said as she motioned to her large size laughing.
“what are you doing, idiot!”, he stated as he huffed the way over to her to take her hand and gently pulled her off the chair taking care to have her reach the ground safely.
“I was trying to get that. I could last week.”, she said.
“Well, now that is off limits to you too!”, he said pointing to the chair.“That is for you to sit on, not to stand.”
“I just wanted the jar!”, she said defensively.
“Tough now you have to ask for help.”, he said firmly.
“I am a grown-up, don’t speak to me as if I am a child.”, she said.
“If you were a child we wouldn’t be expecting our first child, now would we?”, he countered. “Let me help you while I can. You have to do so much already; I can get the jar.”
“Fine.”, she mumbled hastily.
“Lass? What are you doing up there?”, he asked softly.
“Trying to get something!”, she responded.
“I can get it.”, he stated, “When your back on the ground.”
“I just want to get it, Masamune. I could last week when I wanted some.”, she replied.
“Please get down Lass. Let me get it.”, he tried again.
“Fine.”, She said., “I am a whale. Can’t do anything.”
“What’s a whale?”, he asked. “No never mind. You are growing our child; I can get the high jars for now.”
“doesn’t seem fair.”, she said to herself.
“It isn’t. So let me help when I can, okay?”
“Princess what are you doing!”, he exclaimed as he walked into the room as he hurried over to brace her up.
“I was trying to get that jar. I could reach it last week but I can’t now.”
“This jar?”, he reached up and brought it down.
“I wanted to get it.”, she said as she looked at him and he knew he was in for it.
“I know you did, but I need to help you. Not much longer and you will be your old self who never needs to much help. Let me help you now.”, he started hoping she wouldn’t kill him for getting the jar or start crying as she was also prone to do.
“Fine.”, she said, and he also knew that was her tired fine.
“Let’s go back to our room, and I will rub your shoulders and back. Does that sound good.”, he asked as he learned she enjoyed that.
“Yes, it does.”, She said as she started to waddle out of the room at her slow pace. He just smiled and followed to do her bidding.
“Do tell me what you Think you are doing on that chair, my love.”, he stated as he slithered into the room after one of his pages alerted him that the princess yet again had found herself doing something he said not to do.
“Mitsu! I am trying to get the jar up here. What does it look like I am doing?”, she asked.
“It looks like you are doing something I asked you not to do last week when you almost fell off another chair.”, he said as he took hold of her arm and was wrapping his other around her widening frame and lifted her and placed her on the floor.
“But I wanted that!”, she said.
“And you shall have it.”, he said as he reached to get it for her and place it in her hands.
“I can do things for myself, ya know.”, she said huffily.
“I do know that my love, however until you are free of the burden of our child, I will be your personal slave and fetch whatever you need. Just no more standing on chairs please, or climbing ladders, or running around.”, he said.
“Personal slave, huh?”, she repeated.
“Yes now let’s go to our palace, and I will show you.”, he said as he nuzzled her neck as he wrapped himself around her.


re-release *Ieyasu* edited

Ieyasu sat in the war counsel waiting for it to be over, he had worked none stop for days now, and he was tired, not only physically but also mentally. He was so glad to have wiped enough to be done with his own slate to have a day off finally but most important to him was a day he could have just with her. It seemed like weeks or even months had gone by even though it was only five days since he had just seen her in passing as he was rushing around in his own way to get things done, both here in Azchui and at his fief for the rice storage. It was next to impossible to do so much in such little time, but he had. If he admitted it, he missed her presence more then the exhaustion from overworking, but he never would.
When the council ended everyone gathered outside the doors making arraignments for the next few days, as there was nothing he had to do he avoided everyone and quickly made his way to her room which was on the other side of the castle. He hoped that she was still awake because he didn’t really want to have to walk back to his manor alone without seeing that face that haunted him late at night when he wasn’t near her. There was a light coming from her room, so he hoped she was still awake as he knocked and waited to hear a response. She answered out and he slipped in the part way opened door. She beamed up to him with a smile that melted his heart. He was near dead tired on his feet, so he just kicked off his sandals and his outer layer as she looked up at him confused slightly. He just tumbled on to the futon and with a swift motion covered himself as he took her in his arms and closed his eyes. He was soon fast asleep.
She smiled at his ability to just crash like that and without even saying a word he managed to tell her how much he cared. He came to her to finally sleep; it had gotten to be a question when his staff had sent a message to her that day saying he hadn’t slept in days and he was overworking himself, they feared for him. She had known most of that already as he hadn’t even come to see her for five minutes in the past week. She had known it was coming, he had warned her. So, for him to pass out, as he did wasn’t a big deal. The fact he wanted to be with her meant everything to warm her heart and just love him even more.
The next morning when he woke he blinked his eyes open, almost forgetting he was with her and not in his own room. She was snuggled close with her head tucked nicely on his arm, he could smell her sweet scent that was so utterly intoxicating to him. He just wanted to be with her today, so he was going to take her away for the day. No one else needed to know, and for the time being neither did she. It would be a surprise for her for being so patient with him as he did this.
She was awakened as he got up and told her to get ready for a day out. That was all he said so she had no clue. She noticed that he had placed another set of clothes in a satchel for her and probably himself as he had left a few things at her room for nights like the last one. She wondered what he had planned but did really care if she had the day with him. He wrote a quick note and left it on her desk as she finished getting ready for the day. He had the bag in one hand and took her hand in the other and made his way to the stables. They mounted the horse and he handed the note she thought he had left on her desk to the stable boy and told him to get it to Nobunaga. She wondered what was in that note. She almost asked when he started the horse into a trot and then a gallop when the pair had cleared the town.
He knew where he was going, but she had no clue. It was such a lovely scenic trip though as it took them close to mountains and lakes, she loved to look out over the fields of new sprouting flowers and she made a mental note to ask him to take her back this way in a few weeks when the flowers would be in bloom. She enjoyed the ride as she saw a small village off in the distance. He seemed to be heading right for it; she wondered if that was where they were going.
He dismounted in front of the inn they were far enough away from the castle that he could maybe relax but still close enough that if he was needed he could get back before something happened. It was a perfect small vacation that both required. She looked at him with wide eyes as he smirked as she still didn’t know what this was. He told her to wait with the horse while he walked into the inn to secure a room for the next two days. She looked around the small yet nice looking village. It was small enough compared to Azchui but big enough to have its own little marketplace and a few food stalls on either side of the road. She wondered why they were there, was it some mission he forgot to tell her about? She waited somewhat patiently while he was inside only not to hear him as he came behind her. She nearly jumped out of her skin when he touched a stray flyaway hair, which for some reason brought a massive laugh from him.
As the pair walked down the street to the marketplace, she saw a few things that she would have liked so when he treated her without complaint she really began to wonder what was up with this trip. He started to explain that he wanted a quick getaway with her for a day or so. He had got the room at the inn for two days; he just wanted two days without thinking of work or castle life. Only two days with her and her alone. She looked into those sparkling green eyes that were almost pleading with her just to accept it and not fight. The last thing she wanted to do was fight over his kidnapping her for two days; she wanted to hug him instead. She loved the idea that in his time of relaxing he wanted her to be there with him. Her smile could not have grown brighter then it was at that moment, and it even makes him smile a tiny bit in spite of himself.
After the two days of rest and relaxation, even a trip to the local hot springs which lead to a different type of relaxation, it was time to return to the castle. It wasn’t to be a long trip away, but she could definitely say they both had needed the time elsewhere. She hoped there wouldn’t be the usual teasing when they got back, but she knew their friends would tease him relentlessly so when they pulled into the stables, and a few of them were there she wasn’t surprised when they started. She was surprised that Ieyasu played along for a bit. He brought her and her new things back to her room and unpacked his own stuff as he was not leaving again that night. The morning would bring his responsibilities again, but tonight they just loved each other as only they could. When they finally fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms, it was like they were still at the inn, relaxed and ready for what the next day would bring.


Re-release *Masamune moon gazing* edited

She sat alone in town on a rock overlooking the water at sunset was nearly upon them. It was a rare day where she felt not so much herself and was a tiny bit sad as she remembered friendship from her past. It wasn’t so much that she lacked for friends here, but the feeling of things lost. She had drawn something out and immediately thought of an old friend who brought on this feeling. Everyone had noticed that she wasn’t quite herself and he granted her the time off to go and collect herself in peace.
She had been grateful for the time, but she knew this wasn’t going to go away so quickly, she wasn’t one to lie to herself. She hadn’t heard as he moved up to stand behind her. He had been watching for awhile now, and she hadn’t noticed his presence around her which for the two was highly unusual. Despite his usual response of trying to interject himself into whatever was troubling her he had stayed back and just watched instead. He didn’t know how to help her this time. He knew he could explain this from this time but feelings? He wasn’t so good with those. He lived his life based on the principles he thought were most valid but not so much on what he felt. He didn’t understand her need for them, or why she would let things bother her as she did, but he wanted to know. He needed to know.
As she sat looking over the water and he was behind her, he moved closer, so he was just touching her shoulders as he was still standing. “Kitten?”, he asked in his rich tones. “ What is wrong?”
“Nothing is really wrong Masamune; I was just trapped in my thoughts.”, She responded.
“Something was bothering you today, we all saw.”, He said, “You don’t have to hide yourself from me, lass.”
“I know that. It was really nothing.”, she responded looking over her shoulder to him with a smile, but he saw that smile didn’t reach her eyes.
“Come with me.”, He said as he offered his hand. She didn’t want to be alone, but she also didn’t know what he had in mind. He was impossibly impulsive at times. She didn’t worry that much about any of the hidden dangers of life here as he had instinctive protected her which went against his own personal beliefs at the time, sometimes he was a walking contradiction. A puzzle that she, for the most part, wanted to solve because of his magnetic personality, but it was even more.
She places her tiny hand in his as he pulled her up and pulled her along in his fashion. There was only one speed with him she knew, faster. It was reassuring to hear that somethings probably wouldn’t change. He would remain the same, steadfast in his beliefs till his last day, in the meantime he meant to live his life to the fullest never hesitating in his desires. She wondered if some of that could rub off on her in time. Out of all the men here he was the most trusting in her claim she was from the future. He had tested her that first day in Azchui, and he had walked away knowing it was the truth. He never pushed her for knowledge of the future, and that was the best outcome for her, he had explained things in the past to her even when she didn’t want to accept it. She wondered where exactly he was leading her as it wasn’t a way she usually went.
He stopped at a small restaurant that she didn’t know was there. They were small, and it would be cramped if too many people were there but that was not the case, the room was dimly lit, and he had preordered for the two of them. It never occurred to him that she might have said no, even if she had he would have somehow made her come, food was his life besides fighting and ruling. The smells of the food quickly found her and made her wish to try some of everything. He was glad that even with her feelings of sadness she was still hungry enough to eat. He allowed her to have everything even his own food. She was always so eager to please that it was his turn to please her and this was only the first step. He had other things planned for the night as well.
After the meal when she was full and ready to go back to the castle he again lead her to another spot closer to the pier, a ship had come in in the past few days, and they were unloading their wares, one had been some fabric from overseas and he thought maybe she would like to see if it would work with her designs. Something he knew not much about, but he loved her sketches and fancied them as a form of artwork alone. She was in awe of the fabric, and he bought her five bolts of diverse types with the promise they would be delivered to the castle on the morn. She was smiling again, a real smile, he knew he could leave her to know having accomplished his goal, but he chose to go one step further.
He brought her to one last place as he dragged her to it she again didn’t know what the place could be. It seemed to be a table in the middle of nowhere. He motioned for her to sit and then she saw the moon rise over the horizon. She had heard that this was a significant event in these times, to watch the moon risings when it was full. She sat with her back to his chest as he explained the pure joy of watching something so beautiful, she thought he meant the moon; however when she turned to look at him, he was staring at her. Her blush crept over her face, and she turned quickly as he bent down and placed his head on her shoulder. A simple night with a person that means so much is often the best he sighed with contentment.
She smiled at him as he again pulled her up and lead her not so quickly this time to the castle and to her room. He walked slower as not to hurry their goodbyes for the night. He really didn’t want to let her go for some reason. As they made their way up the path to the castle, he suggested that they could do this again sometime, maybe? She laughed but agreed as it was exactly what she needed. As they neared her room his hand almost fell away but instead gripped hers tighter in a wordless bond that the two shared. She opened her door and started inside when he pulled her back to him and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. It was their first real kiss as she didn’t really want to count the one in the lake. She looked up at him not in horror or surprise but with a look that begged for more, and he smirked, and his eyes crinkled at the sight as she led him in her room for just a little more cuddles before he would leave, or Hideyoshi would find him there and the two would never hear the end of it.


re-release *Kenshin and Taller MC* edited

She sat waiting for the lord of kasugayama castle to arrive back from the battle he had gone head first into. She wanted to be the first to greet him as he came home. He was expected within the next few days, and she didn’t mind the waiting it allowed her to stay out of the eyes of the people who had tried to make her stay a welcome one but her differences had made her stand out above everyone else. She knew they all looked and stared all because she was born to be taller than the average male. The only person she had met in this time who never seemed to care was Kenshin, the god of war. He found her difference non-consequential and seemed to fall head first for her.
She heard his voice as he entered the great hall as he barked orders to everyone. She softly smiled to herself as she stood and walked out to greet him. He opened his arms instinctively as she came into view and she embraced him as he did her. Her lips brushed across his temple, and he made a deep grumbling sound, but it wasn’t displeasure that caused it. He looked up into her bright, loving eyes and found himself lost in them as he could spend hours within them. She began to laugh as he turned and ordered his most trusted vassals out so he could enjoy this reunion with his princess. No one understood his reasons behind his undying love for her finding her appearance intimidating instead of what she really was. She was one of the kindest and most openly loving and accepting souls, but most people just say her height especially her in this time period where she well taller than the average male with the exception of Shingen.
He brought her to their room and sat down with her sitting before him as he asked all the details of what happened in his absence. She told all, and he told her of the battle. This was his favorite part of coming home except to the part that would come later when there was no chance of the two would be interrupted. He knew he would need a night or two to show her how much he honestly felt. He, however, had to go finish the preparations for everyone’s return.
She left him in the great hall as she decided to look in on a few things throughout the castle. She was walking down the hallway when she overheard some of the vassals talking. “The new princess is really something isn’t she?”, she heard one man say.
“What do you mean?”, a second confused voice asked.
“Well, she isn’t normal.”
“How so?”, the second man asked.
“Well, she is so tall! Only Lord Shingen is taller than her in the entire castle, but she is with Lord Kenshin correct?”
“Your point is what exactly?”
“It isn’t right. A woman should be smaller than her mate!”
She heard a voice come from the room which she didn’t know was there or that person had just entered the room himself. “Who said?”, he said. “It doesn’t matter the size of a person’s stature but their heart. No man has a more determined heart than my own, so the princess is a perfect match for me.”
She began to smile as this was always her biggest fear that people who only look at her size and not her personality. This made her feel even more in love with the man. She made sure that night the room was stocked with all his favorites, and he had no idea why. When he asked she smiled softly at him and told him it was because of his determined heart and kissed him on the top of the head as he hugged her tightly.


re-release *oda forces party* edited

Tonight was the celebration of the newest battle win for the Oda forces. She was getting used to the parties they all threw before and after each battle. They were fun for the most part as everyone gathered together in the spirit of winning. She usually went and stayed for a few hours then retired quietly to her chambers as the drunken festivities continued well into the early morning. She wasn’t the type who liked to get drunk not that she never had of course. She had a few times, but in doing so, she found out a slight secret. It wasn’t one she liked sharing.
At sundown, she could hear the noise coming from the audience hall as she rounded the corner. The area and the common area outside was lit up brightly as if it was daytime. She wound her way through the mass of people into the large room to show her boss she had arrived and would partake in the festivities as well. He could be a demanding dictator at times he was also kind-hearted when it came to his people. He glanced her way through the crowd of fawning vassals who had surrounded him and nodded with pleasure to see her when she was swept around to be face to face with Masamune who was passing off food to her as was his way. She found a quieter spot near the back of the room to eat and to just watch her friends celebrate their win in the battlefield when Ieyasu walked up to her,“why are you back here?”
“Just watching everyone.”, she said.
“Fine. Do whatever.”, He replied as she saw no more then ten feet away Mitsuhide and Masamune sitting together as the evil grin took hold of Mitsuhide’s beautiful face. She knew exactly what he was going to do. She shook her head at him when he looked back at her. Instead of looking ashamed his grin grew. Masamune’s intolerance for alcohol was legendary, and so was Mitsuhide’s intolerance of letting that fact go. She watched for the inevitable swaying and then he would pass out. Just as she thought he began to sway on the cushion and splat head first on the mat. She thought that would hurt in the morning. As Mitsuhide’s deep roar of laughter filled the room which was buzzing of smaller voices already, she sat back and watched some more of the happy interactions of the people she had grown to care about.
Hideyoshi who was slightly flushed came over to see if something was wrong because she was alone against the back wall. When she replied she was just watching everyone, he told her she did that way too much. He told her she should get up and have fun with everyone and he started to say something else when two hands turned him around and lead him the other way. She wondered what he was going to say and why Mitsuhide had thought that moment was a good time to stop him. She had heard Hideyoshi only told the whole truth when he was drunk; she wondered if that was it. Ieyasu was now sitting with Nobunaga as the crowd started to wane away. They looked engrossed in a drinking game in which Ieyasu looked almost green. She had already been given two cups of sake both she had downed early and had no effect on her. As Ieyasu had literally just fallen out of his chair and moved over to the place now carved out for the sleeping drunken men, Mitsuhide sat down next to Nobunaga, and she moved closer to the pair.
“Princess!”, She heard through the few left standing. Nobunaga’s deep rumble had carried throughout the room.“Come to join us.”
“Do you think that is wise, my lord? She is to tiny to hold more than a few cups.”, Mitsuhide said to Nobunaga.
“I have yet to share a cup with the Princess tonight. One cup or many it doesn’t matter as long as it is done.”
“Thank you,” she said as she took the cup from Nobunaga and watched as the two men also downed their cups. She waited for a refill when she realized who was supposed-to refill the cups. She wondered how much sake he had already spilled, but he was also laying down with the pile of sleeping men. “Did you also out drink Mitsunari?”
“Another lightweight.”, he laughed.
“So only Mitsuhide is a good drinking partner here? I doubt that.”
“No one can drink more than him.”, Nobunaga replied.
“It is true. It does not have the same effect on me as other men.”, Mitsuhide smiled.
“I know the feeling.”, she said.
“Hmmmm what?”, Nobunaga’s black hair flew up as his head snapped up. His red eyes were peering into her face.
“I could probably out drink both of you. It really doesn’t affect me the same way.”
“I doubt that princess. Surely you couldn’t as you are just too small.”
“I can. And for that matter, I will. Just once.”
Cup for cup as the room grew increasingly more quiet as men either fell to the floor to sleep or somehow made their ways home. She drank with the two into the early morning when it was still pitch black the three had gone through endless numbers of pitchers and had requested even more yet. Nobunaga was starting to wane in his desire to watch as his lids got heavy and he began to sway she motioned for him to lay down before he fell and without so much a word he did as she asked. “It is only the two of us now.”, Mitsuhide said to her.“Shall we continue or call it a night? I am very impressed with this ability so far.”
“Continue but in a moment. I would like to get some fresh air.”, She said. Amazingly enough, she was not shaking on her legs. Did he wonder how? He stood and offered his arm to her as she took it without hesitation. He thought she must feel some of the effects however her mind and eyes seemed clear. She usually was leery of him and rightfully so, but that seemed to be gone at the moment. He would enjoy it even if for a fleeting moment.
When the pair stepped outside the hall, she noticed most of the lanterns that had hit up the area were now doused. She smiled still at the sight of the few and the soft light that played out over the open space. She made her way to a bench not far from a light but still some distance away. He said nothing as the pair just sat in silence. “We don’t have to finish this you know Princess.”, he said softly.
“Ah but then you, Mitsuhide, would be the winner. I can’t have that.”, She laughed. He turned to her as she said that.
“My resolve is legendary.”, he said.
“So is mine.”, she said still smiling.
“So this break?”, he asked.
“Just to get some fresh air.”, she smiled sweetly. “It is rather stale in there.”
“True. True.”, He said with a touch of something extra in his smile. Something she had never seen before. She stood and so did he as they went back to finish their battle.
Again they drank cup for cup, and finally, his lids started to close. He would bolt upright she would smile. As he leaned heavily on the table now, she laughed with glee. “You win princess.” He mumbled.
“I know.”, She said. She glanced out the door to the rising sun and knew the castle would be awake sometime soon. Thinking of the men now crowded in the room who would be awake soon as well she glanced at Mitsuhide and knew it probably wasn’t the best idea to leave him prone. “Come Mitsuhide. Wake up. Just for a few minutes.”
He grumbled as she lifted his arm and pulled him to his feet. It was a sight for sore eyes watching the tiny princess leading half carrying the trickster of the Oda forces through the hallways of Azuchi castle; luckily no one was up to see it. She managed to get him to her room where at least he would be safe from outside threats or even inside ones. He stumbled onto her floor and somehow managed to find his way to her futon. She did too after she shut her door.
Sometime later her door slid open quietly as five heads poked through to see if she was okay. They were met with a massive surprise in seeing the man lying in her futon awake but blurry eyed just as surprised to be there with the tiny princess in his arms. He looked up at the five interlopers and smiled,“I guess she won. Who knew I was the prize.” The five all made different sounds of disgust. Mitsuhide looked at the sleeping princess and wondered if the others realized they had all met their matches with her. He doubted they even knew to ask the question. He just smiled and closed again.


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She wondered where he was. Where did he disappear to during the day? She had been looking for him yet again the third time this week, and she couldn’t find him. Everyone else seems to know exactly where he is but won’t tell her. She was frustrated. She just wanted to see him, as her own day was not going the way she wanted and she wanted his arms around her as they are every night when he sits her down and listens to her day as his fingers work their magic on her neck and shoulders. She didn’t think she could ever trust the man, but he had won her heart even with his incessant teasing.
He sat in the cool dank cell of the suspected traitor trying his tricks one by one. He was getting tired of the word games they were playing, and he knew the fun was just going to start. He knew what type of man he was which most people feared. He wasn’t open or even pleasant most of the time; he couldn’t afford to be those things. His job had to be done. His life had prepared him for that. He was unnecessarily good at torturing other men; he could play their games and still get the information he needed. He didn’t hesitate to do whatever he needed too to get either. In the years gone by he would only have his most trusted of vassals around him, most knew of his plots and plans but like him would never speak of them. He believed that he would die alone and never love another person as he did at this moment. She broke through his walls unbeknownst to him to and made him love her, and he had no doubt she felt the same. However, this one secret he had could threaten both their happiness. He had to protect her from what he did. She would hate him if she knew, he didn’t even have to wonder about that he just knew.
When the sun was just about to set she ran into him near the kitchens of the castle. He was spotless, and he had changed his clothes from the ones he was wearing when he left his manor that morning. She had taken note earlier in the week that she had noticed his clothes were different. She wondered why he had changed again and what he was hiding from her. She didn’t like secrets, and her mind began to wonder as she observed him as they made their way to the little-known restaurant he liked to frequent.
He felt her gaze rake over him and wondered he missed a spot of blood or something of the like. He had started to bring a clean outfit to change into a day as the two spent more and more time together. The guards had taken to jokingly pointing out that for a man who cared little if he had the ire of the entire Oda forces pointed directly at him he cared so much about what one tiny woman thought. He would have laughed at anyone else, but he did care what this small slip of female thought, she and her ideas were indefinitely crucial to him.
During the meal, she was looking at him, but it seemed she was looking through him. She had a question in her eyes, and it was evident to him tonight would be the night. He had hoped for more time; he could feel his heart almost breaking before she asked the question he was sure would end her love for him, all he could do was wait for it. He would answer her honestly, and it would be over between them.
She stared for a bit more and quickly finished her meal. Instead of going to his manor as was their regular routine he opted to take a stroll throughout the town to a small peaceful lake. He sat down on edge. If this was the end, he wanted to do it here, where she was framed in beauty, and he could etch this memory in his mind.
“Where were you today?”, she asked.
“I was working, Princess.”, he calmly replied.
“Where? Mitsuhide I looked everywhere for you.”
“Where I normally work.”, He replied.
She looked at him evading her questions one by one. He wasn’t going to make this easy for her. “Who is she?”,she asked looking directly into his pale golden eyes.
“What?”, He responded. He was confused about who was who? She? What was going on in her mind?
“Who is she Mitsuhide?”, she looked like she was going to cry.
“Princess I really do not understand your question. Who is who?”, he replied trying to get a handle on What she was asking.
“Mitsuhide all the signs say you have been with another woman. You have been changing your clothes, washing before seeing me in the evening, you disappear for hours on end. Everyone knows where you are except me. Who is she? Do I know her? I know it is common in these times. I just want to know.”, she said sighing softly.
“You think there is another woman?”, he let out a deep chuckle and started laughing. “Oh, my dear you could not be more wrong if you tried.”
“What?”, she asked now hurt and confused.
“There is no other woman, my love. I could only want you, and I do only want you. I have been working.”, He started. “However I was hiding what my job is or at least part of it from you. It is not pleasant nor nice in any fashion. I didn’t want you to see that part of me.”
“Wait…. there is no other woman? Just your job?”, she asked.
“Just my job.”, he let out a small sigh.
“And that is?”
“When we have a person come into the dungeons who may or may not have information we could use, it is my job to retrieve that information. Sometimes by any means necessary.”, he said extremely reluctantly.
“Oh,” she said softly. “So there really is no one else?”
“No. Only you.”
“And you have been keeping that from me.”
“Yes. I didn’t want you to see that side of me, princess.”
“Oh,” she said thinking of this weird turn of conversation. “Okay then.”
He looked at her. “What?”
She looked at him and smiled. “You were worried I wouldn’t love you because of your job?”
“I torture people, Princess. It is a valid worry.”
“You stupid man. I love you. Even your wrapped sense of a job. However, I love you I will figure out how to get over the horror of your job.”
“Wait you do?”, he was even more puzzled.
“What if the situation was reversed? Would you love me?”
“Of course.”
“Then why is it so hard for you to grasp I could do the same?”
“It’s just that you.” He started, and she cut him off by placing her finger on his mouth. “I love you. That is all.” And he nodded.
“Why would you think it was another woman?”, he asked.
“I didn’t think the man I loved be a torturer,” she laughed,“ in my time it isn’t uncommon for a third party to end a relationship. Even more so here.”
“Only you. I want only you, my dear princess.”
He surprised her by picking her up and carrying her back to his manor. He couldn’t be happier then he was at this moment because she knew and she still loved him. She wasn’t done with him. His heart was close to exploding. She touched his face as he laid her down. The love shined in her eyes, and he knew she must have seen the same.
He awoke at dawn to go off to the dungeon yet again. However, he found a small sack already packed with a clean kimono and a few snacks for him. She had gotten up sometime during the night and did this for him. He looked at her with a smile. She glanced back at him and smiled back.