When I left tumblr the hardest thing was leaving the small group of friends I had made. Surprisingly they all reached out to me and still support me as well. I can honestly say I am relieved.

The more time that has passed the more I can sit back and look at the situation. I have tried to be the one with reason for so long that it must have been a shock to see me lash out like that. Instead though it was needed.

Basically that is what my friends said as well. They are also sick of the bs as they tried to navigate the fandom as well. I just got more because I was active and well I seen to attract crazy people. People were actually pissed off that I had the police involved. But when it comes to my children’s safety I don’t play around. As I said before things were sent to my new house and my old one.

This was not okay on any level.

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