Warlords and feelings

i am not here to say someone’s feelings are ever wrong about who they care about. That is the group think that I cannot stand. Not everyone has to like a character. Not everyone should have to hold their opinions on said unliked characters.

I have said thing a number of times about each. My personal biases have always been Masamune and Mitsuhide. I have done both routes.

I have done every route with the exception of Kennyo because honestly I could never invest my time or money with a character that I do despise. For the record I dislike Kenshin and Shingen equally along with Kennyo. Both of their routes were nothing short of torture for me. I did speak out both times but it seems people have selective memories.

Run down….

Despite the fact this game does have history in it and it takes place five hundred years in the past (paraphrasing a comment I received) it is NOT a historical romance. What?!?!?

That is exactly what it is. It is a period game that is localized for Sengoku Japan. How is that not historical? (These comments I swear show the mentality of the people who feel the need to put someone down for not having the group think) It does reference life there, things there, war there, basically all of life. Now why would it not be accurate in that? Oh wait, it is.

I am completely gone on tumblr now. I just deleted the app because I am being called out for being hateful and toxic. I am hateful and toxic because of the morons who can’t see past their noses.

Now to finish calling out the stuff.

Nobunaga was a ruler for the time. He took rule of the area and no one told him no. He tried to order mc to spend the night with him the first night. The game of touchy feeley go, was another thing. The cup. Oh for those who don’t say anything about his route the HYPOCRISY is strong with you.

1 thought on “Warlords and feelings”

  1. That explains why I haven’t seen posts on the other account….
    Really hate it, I miss you and those bitches won’t stop soon…
    Anyway, wanted to tell you: I feel in love with “life in the order”
    Hug & kisses from Chile 💖🌺
    P.s: if someone comes to bother you, just call and will help breaking their fingers 😡


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