Yesterday I posted a very unpopular opinion about a character in the ikémen sengoku game which I was a huge fan of. I literally began my writing as fanfics for this game.

I posted about the hypocrisy of the people who have an issue with this character, Kennyo’s route in the Japanese version of the game, but no issues or have never said anything about the other routes in the game. The point flew over many people’s heads and they again took it as a personal insult when the post was not directed towards any one person instead it was stating my opinion. This should not have surprised me. It really didn’t.

I have endured massive hits to my person and character over the two plus years I have been in the fandom and all of them have been completely unfounded. In the past six months I have been threatened, doxxed, and harassed as well in my personal life only because I didn’t bow down to a very manipulative person who has completely lost their damn mind. I have been called every name in the book and well I have done so without saying to much. I have however stayed, a few fits of anger, a lot of tears, and hours upon hours of working on my craft for my followers.

As time went in I noticed a pattern. My likes and reblogs went down to the point I often wondered if anyone was reading anything I did. The damage done by a few was all to real.

Here is the real thing. I am not a group thinker. I do not need to follow the mindless herd of people and pat them on the back for living. I refused to be a part of their circle jerk and that pissed even more people off. I gave praise when. It was due not because it was the thing to do. I will not bend over for anyone and that was enough to be placed as an outlier of the group. Reblogging something of mine was a kin to committing treason.

Through the insults and hatred I continued on. Until yesterday. The reason being if I received to much flak for sharing my opinion when literally anyone else can I was going to shit down and leave permanently. More than sixty comments and fourteen anons most were supportive and saw what I was trying to say however the last of the comments hit a nerve. It was the typical mentality of the fandom but the tags were what set this all in motion. “This post rubbed me the wrong way”

Opinions should rub some the wrong way but to then explain how it was wrong and not valid was the only way most people in this fandom of mostly adults act. The mentality is that of less than an eight year old. I mean seriously eight years old. I even saw a rebuttal post where the main person who shared their opinion of the character one they actually liked a lot and it was calling out my post.

Hypocrisy at its best. This fandom is ripe with it. Damn near everyone is nothing but a whiny ass child if someone says something they don’t want to hear. Well it won’t be me any longer. I could care less.

I will however say this.

There are people in the fandom that seriously need a reality check otherwise the way they handle themselves online will effect there everyday lives. We have highly mentally ill teenagers in this fandom who have grasped on to the characters as real people. This behavior should not be encouraged instead it should be encouraged to seek help. We have adults who seriously need to be checked for harassment and bullying. We have the wrong kind of group think. Most of all I am truly ashamed that I was really ever a part of the group that encourages this.

Everyone has fantasies of what they want a character to be, changing who they are fundamentally doesn’t do this. Not saying the basic truth will not change.

To the people of the fandom……. take a step back and look at yourself before you say anything. Grow up and take responsibility for your actions. Remember you all killed another’s love for the game and the characters of it.

I would say thank you but it would be a lie and to be honest most of you can basically go to hell for all I care.

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