Something to be thankful for

The house was full of smells coming from the kitchen as she walked in to the building. The group of men all spread through the house either by themselves or with their significant others. All mingling and laughing. Everyone was just doing something like they would normally.

This was a thing that most of them knew well. They couldn’t go home to their families often so they made their own.

“Welcome princess.” The cook looked up and smiled as he went back to work.

“Do you need any help?” She asked.

He looked up at her like she grew another head. “Alright then.” She laughed as she looked around. This was not her normal group of men. The people were all integrated from all the different groups. There were so many people going through the house in and out of the doors.

Life was funny that this was the next best thing to doing this in their own homes and personal family. This was simply learning that this was a family. Children running around and playing with others.

The tables were lined up outside in the back. There were four turkeys being prepared in different ways. The fixens were being plated and stacked for the table sets. She could only stand off to the side and at the people she worked with everyday. The people she knew could easily be gone at anytime.

“And what is that face for?” She turned to see one of her counterparts asked.

“Ieyasu I was just thinking how thankful I am that we are all here.” She replied with a smile.

“Yeah cause thats normal.” He said as he walked away.

“The angel of the unit has descended upon is.” She heard as she turned to see a group off to the side. Shingen, Kenshin, Yukimura, Yoshimoto, And Sasuke were standing off to the side discussing sports of some sort. She smiled and laughed.

“Come.” She heard a demanding voice in back of her. “You shall sit bu my side and keep me company.” Nobunaga said as he stared her down as Hideyoshi rushed up to see if he needed anything.

“I will pass.” She replied with a smile. She made her way through the throng on people and finally rested her eyes on him.

She had to move passed the man who was lost in a book as he was apt to do, “someone should take that away so he will eat.” She said out loud as she made her way around him. She knew he didn’t hear her.

“Well my favorite little mouse you made it.” Mitsuhide said as he moved his arm to place around her.

“Did you think I wouldn’t come?” She asked as she looked up to him.

“Little one I try to never take you for granted.” He chuckled softly. “However now I have something to be thankful for.”

“What’s that someone to tease?” She asked.

“No simply someone to love.” He said and he bent down and kissed her temple. “Happy Thanksgiving my love. I have much to be thankful for because of you.”

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