Please understand this

Why do I bother with any of this fucking bullshit anymore? So in the last month I have been reported to tumblr, Twitter, instagram, and facebook for hate speech among other things because I took away of “some” people harassing me with anon asks.

I know who reported me. I know who harassed me. I know who doxxed me.

This has been proven time and time again. That they not only go after me but others in the fandom who have disagreed with them or said something they didn’t like even months after the event.

No life…..

I am a firm believer in taking responsibility. Something that some have an issue doing instead trying to spin it that they are the victim. I am not a victim, period. I am a grown ass adult who handles my shit straight forward.

If I make a mistake you better believe I call myself out in a public way. I don’t run and hide. Difference between me and some people.

If you have a problem with me calling people out for doing something that has proof, regardless of past behavior, then don’t follow me. Being attacked with over 4000 hate anons containing not only crap about me but my kids, family, my job gives me more of a reason to not lay down and die.

Some people can’t help themselves thinking that starting drama with people makes them somehow in power. It shows that you are immature instead.

So please. Please. Please come at me with I shouldn’t call out bad behavior because I don’t know anything. That I am causing drama and fandoms will die. Look at the ones beginning called out instead. You may see a pattern that should be addressed.

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