Hey, guys. I originally intended for this matter to be handled privately, but unfortunately I feel as though I am left with no other option than to address it here. I have recently had an issue regarding content theft with @mlqc-serene / @vaesha-draecon and as she refuses to address my concerns with her behavior in private, I will be bringing my concerns to her here after having tried to resolve this issue with her multiple times now over the course of the past few days.

  This issue first began when I was told by a friend of mine that Serene was in another server claiming credit for something that I had made, while also implying that she had been doing this outside the server. When my friend questioned her about this Serene claimed that it had been our collaboration. At that point in time we had never discussed collaborating on an idea, nor was I ever made aware that she may have been presenting one of my creations as her own.


   When I made contact with her for the first time I sent her a DM hoping to receive an explanation as to why she was making these claims, and to ask her to stop making them. Her response was simply to turn off her notifications. Seeing as she didn’t plan to respond to my message I then entered the server to confront her there the next night. I tagged her and wrote a short statement telling her that we are not collaborators, not to claim my content as her own, and that I would appreciate it if she were to clear things up had she given herself credit for anything else that I made outside of the server. 


Shortly thereafter I was informed by a mod that they did manage to get someone to talk to her, and that was the one time that I was able to get a hold of her for a very short moment.  She sent a brief apology, however there was one thing that I felt still needed to be discussed; the main reason why I took issue with her behavior.


My issue in this scenario was not about what she wanted to claim as her own, but rather the position that this sort of issue could put me in. There isn’t much I can do as a small creator if someone with a larger presence than me tries to pass off something of mine as their own, and the last thing I want is to be accused of stealing something that I created because somebody else thought it was okay to take things from me without my knowledge. I find it especially insulting when this is something that not only affects me, but also another very small artist which I am currently collaborating with.

The following day I tried to follow up with her only to find out that I had been blocked, that she had fled the previous server, and had tossed the friend who confronted her from one of her servers. The mod from before could no longer message her, and we now needed to involve a fourth person in this situation to talk to her. They said that Serene claimed she was overwhelmed with anxiety, and that she would get back to me once it had subsided. 


One particular thing worth noting is that Serene and I are both in another mutual server, one that she frequents often. Throughout this entire ordeal where she is claiming to be too anxious to speak to me directly, I can clearly see her posting about, thirsting over, and fangirling over her anime husbands, and talking about how she’s been so frustrated lately that she can’t seem to settle on a name for her MC in a fanfic- all while I am supposed to believe that she cannot talk to me because of her anxiety. 


At this point I have lost all patience with her, and if I have to make a public statement just to get my point across to her then so be it.

Reblogging again…. people in the ikesen fandom need to see this too. Sorry but stealing content is not okay, hiding behind anxiety or depression to cover bad behavior is not okay, none of this is acceptable.

What is sad is people don’t want to call out things like this because it might make people look petty or they don’t want drama. Sorry but if people with smaller followers stop Making content half the fandom is gone. If people can knowingly get away with this behavior the fandom dies.

I applaud the OP so much for handling this so nicely and for being polite.

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