And with this…..

I am sorry but again this shit is too much. I am fucking done. This time I am taking a long time off to decide. I can’t do this fucking kissing ass to a fucking bitch who seems to be the master manipulator of so many of you.

So many people in this fandom are so wrapped up in not saying what needs to be said. People are so fucked up here. If you say something about someone else YOU are literally the bad guy. If you call bullshit on someone being a fucking cunt you are the bitch. Most of you need to grow up. Most of you need to stop being delusional as well.

If you say something you are risk at being doxxed. You take the risk of having this attack on you for speaking your mind. So go ahead and attack me. Go fucking ahead and call me out. Fuck you, fuck your followers, fucking grow the hell up. You are supposed to be an adult after all.

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