A Date to Remember


[Akechi Mitsuhide x Reader/MC]

Post Date: 23/9/2019

Disclaimer: Mitsuhide and Masamune belong to Cybird! MC’s Personality here belongs to me ^-^

Notes: Mentions of Alcohol

The wind blew her hair, ruffling it gently. 

But it’s owner thought otherwise. Irritation had befallen her otherwise stunning features, the female having chosen only to wear a light amount of makeup that night, and yet she stalked down the street, 2-inch heels hanging by the curl of her fingers. Her exposed feet had now been enclosed in a pair of midnight flats – a pair that certainly didn’t fit the gold and white dress she wore.

And her lips fell into a light scoff as she remembered her friend’s not-peculiar and not-surprising request. 

Go on a blind date, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

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