Dear Artists:

You have a talent, a talent I envy. You can look at a white sheet of paper and see a beautiful scene. With nothing more than pens, markers, a bit of colored oil, mixed media… Whatever calls you, you can bring that scene to life. You can show others what you see and move hearts and souls.

If your talent lie in sculpture or textiles, the above is no less true, you just do it in three dimensions.

As a writer I have those same pictures in my mind. I have those same scenes. But I lack the talent, and indeed the drive, to do it as you do.

So the pictures fall out the only way they can – in words. Imperfect words. Words that paint the scene but leave out some of the more subtle details. Words that may miss the soft shading or gentle transition of your art.

Artists I admire you, we share the same problem, pictures in our minds struggling to find a way out. We only differ in the tools we use to share them.

Wholeheartedly agree!!!

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