@forallyourikemensengokuneeds, @toreii, @dhades-diaferia, @ikesenhell and everybody who lives or is from Chile…

I haven’t been here so much, maybe some people realized that…
Some of you know where I live, I’m from Chile.

Things here are awful, similar to 1973. When Pinochet had a ditatorship…
People died, people are missing, some people had to scape out of the country… all because they didn’t think as Pinochet did think.

Friday 18th, October. that night Chile woke up and open their eyes.
It is not just +$30 for transport, It is for TPP-11, for precarious retirement, for the people who are dying at hospitals because they don’t have materials that the government should provide, for students that are in debt with them because they made us sign a contract to pay them exorbitant amounts of money for let us study, there is no job for people and they have a great salary while we suffer.

They put military to stop the protests, to be honest. yes, some of them are violenty, but not all… there are videos and photos where the military and police kick and hit people, even childs, and I had seen that before all of this in my way to the university. important: not all the military all like that.

Since 19th, the govermment declared curfew. since then, at night I hear screams, pleading, fires, shootings and a friking helicopter over my home.
People are dying.

Last night, I wrote to @kthomas325, a message because I know she isn’t too well because some haters that were bothering her (don’t know if I write that right) and I wanted her to know that I love her. the reason?, I thought I would die, in my own home, shootings were out of my home, and I swear I heard people trying to get in to scape.

Mom asked me, beg me to stop talking or share info about what is happening here, she thinks the story could repeat and if I don’t think like the govermment, they would take me to the National Stadium to kill me with more people that doesn’t think like them.

On the tv, the only thing they talk is about what is happening and that all the things that happen is peoples’ fault. they “began” all of this, and it is just to do riots and blah. 

Again, yes and no. Yes, there are people taking advantage of the situation to commit crime, and No, because people like me NEED answers, need this to stop.

This will be the last post about it until this end, just for not worry my mom. About my dad… he is on the govermment’s side, so he is mad at me and doesn’t talk to me… even he disinherited me.

While I write this, I can hear shootings, I can hear some of my neighbors that are protesting right know inside their homes hiting pans and 


I don’t know what will happen, I don’t know if I’ll survive.

Dani I love you. You do what you need to do to survive. We all will understand. When you can let me know you are ok. Even if it is a simple message nothing political. Remember my dearest, you are loved and thought of always.

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