Some wisdom this morning

Please…. just ask. Most if not all of what you heard is a lie. Just ask.

This…… people often confuse the two and they think I am a bitch or worse. Neither is true. I am simply me what side of me you see is how you treat me. Respect is earned.

Unfortunately yes. I am pretty open with who I am. The fact people believe in the lies and bull shit that a few say without question still amazes me. Like I could see their bs a mile away but I guess that is wisdom that comes with years of experience.

I mean this speaks for itself. And it leads to this….

I have all their accounts blocked but somehow my name is still in their mouths. Well I am happy. My life is not contingent on Tumblr or Facebook or whatever to make me happy. You know what does make me happy. Today I woke up. I saw my kids. I have my husband everyday. I get a chance to do what I love. Even more simple things. I got to see the sunrise, breathe fresh crisp air, have a cup of coffee.

Happiness is not how many likes or reblogs you get and no one is going to take it away from me with petty ass bs. A momentary anger could happen but you can’t take my happiness.

Enough said. Challenge accepted. You act like a spoiled child you will be treated as such. How you handle that is on you. You don’t get your way and throw a fit. I know one year olds who act better than these “adults.”

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