The Kitchen is Always Open (Ch 7)

Chapter 7 is up on Wattpad. Check sources for the link. Blurb below…. (posting mobile and stuff)

I hadn’t bothered to make anything for dinner. Truth be told, I hadn’t bothered to go shopping and the thought of ordering pizza was depressing. I was standing in front of my fridge glaring accusingly at the small mountain of vegetables when I smelled smoke.

Looking over at my breakfast bar, I realized my assumption I had seen the last of them was premature. This one looked like he stepped off the pages of GQ. Anyone could mistake him as an angel in his white, three-piece suit, pale blue shirt and purple tie. His white hair only added to the halo effect and the citrine eyes almost looked gold in the late afternoon light. His smile was anything but angelic.

“Well, he’s certainly the classiest devil I’ve had over for dinner.”

His eyebrows raised and smile widened a bit. I got the impression that I was a very tiny mouse being toyed with by a very, very big cat.

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