I tell.ine to. Go. To hell. She laughs and says “I live there’ and keeps doing what she wants…. Ass


No. I hate it. I am yelling at my muse to just let me do what I want and he is like “nope.” Of course he is laughing as well.

Damn muse.


Dontcha love it when that happens?


The Village

A vistor to the Village throws the men for a major loop. How will they react? Who is he?

This is soooooo not what I planned.

He sits in the corner and waits. As he creeps up and whispers, “you should be writing everything else is done.” As he distracts me and plays with my hair and then, “but that isn’t the way it should really go, do you think?”

Talk about an ass. Luckily for him he has a nice one.

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