The Village is now up to ch 4.

Second…… I know I went off the past two days and to be honest that was not my intention. being sick and peoples dumbassary really pissed me off. The orginal post was deleted by the OP after they changed their name as well. However the reblogs are still there and I will not take them down. 

Here is what you do if you are called out, people. it is simple. Admit you were wrong and ready make amends like “I’m sorry.” If you do that people will forgive and forget. you delete posts like they didn’t happen along with the other art you did on your page(kinda fishy as well) and change your handle after being outed, guess what. people remember that shit. 

As I said no one would care if you said I am trying this out, and I had to trace this. Saying “Reference photo” is a cop out though. be an adult and take responsibility and people like me will not go off the deep end, I promise. Hell if you did say “I did this to try this out…..” I would even defend you. 

Now on to Writing. I will be watching. surprisingly I have a memory like an elephant when it comes to things I read. even styles that different authors have. I will be checking at random the things tagged in the fandom. if I see a blatant copy of either mine or any other author’ s story I will call it out much like today and last nights post. I will also let the author know so they can take even more action. 

This is the last warning. I will not be nice when I call out the people. two weeks of warnings is enough. 

oh and this isn’t hate speech, morons. you are the reason people hate that term as well. reporting everything I do or say as hate speech makes the term useless. 

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