Can we have “truth serum” with mitsuhide? That is, if you’re still taking requests!!


Like Ieyasu, there’s also a huge amount of requests with Mitsuhide and the truth serum prompt, so I’m going to make it an experimental Q&A type of series with MC asking the questions and Mitsuhide answering—they’re all likely to be semi-NSFW so consider yourself warned. Tagged #mitsuhide q&a for your convenience. Enjoy it if you can!


“How did you even get yourself into this predicament?”

He sighs, looking so exactly like his normal self yet talking with such candor and straightforwardness that it’s believable to say an extraterrestrial entity has taken over his body.

“I’d say it’s complicated, but it really isn’t. Simply put, all the warlords, with the probable but unlikely exception of Mitsunari and through the instigation of none other than Masamune, have swapped my drink with something else that’s supposed to make me only tell the truth. How they managed to do that is beyond me.”

“Did you not realize they were up to something?”

“When the whole castle conspires against you in such little time, there’s only so much a man could do,” he says, almost regrettably. Mitsuhide unexpectedly reaches his hand out to stroke your hair. “Though I imagine, this situation must be a delight for you, little mouse. After all, the reason they all tricked me into drinking this ‘truth wine’ is that they think I’m not treating you right.”

“They what?”

“You heard me the first time,” he says, stopping the relaxing motion of his palm on your head only to bring you on top of him, sitting so snugly on his lap. He kisses your forehead and then continued in a softer voice. “They think my questionable tendencies can no longer be ignored, especially with you as my lover. They want me to be more honest with you.”

“And you think I’ll enjoy this?”

He smirks, almost returning back to his smug and scheming self, but this time without the scheming. You don’t know why, but even under the bizarre influence of the drink, he still looks like he’s up to no good. 

“Rightfully so, I might say. It’s your chance to ask me anything—with you so close and myself being banned from any work until the effects of that astounding drink dissolve, I don’t even have the capacity to avoid you.”

“You were the one that put me in this position.”

“Indeed. Is it not to your liking? Would you prefer some other position? I will gladly help,” he supplies, kissing near your ear. Amidst your pleasurable shivers as he continues his journey of pressing his lips against your skin, you note that the truth serum only amplifies his teasings instead of watering them down.

“Are you giving me permission to interrogate you?”

“Yes,” he answers against your jaw, his hands snugly attached to your sides. “You can ask me any question you like, though I’d prefer them to not involve any of my projects.” He chuckles, parting from you and facing you once more, his nose not even an inch away from yours. “But I don’t have to tell you that, do I?”

“Are you sure?”

His hands are on your chest now, warm and wandering, and your breath hitches in your throat right after you speak. “I’m sure,” he answers, playing with the collar of your kimono, “as long as I can keep you here and… do things to you. I rather like it. I’m not going to kiss you to shut you up, either.” 

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