I thought I made my point last night…

I would wake up and be done with it. However after a a shitty night sleep and waking up to thia dumbassy

I decided to yeah I would take this one step further.

Luckily for me i do have an artist daughter who has all sorts of programs like this one. This is the two photos in question if anyone really cares. I don’t have the patience nor time to make aure they both are completely even but you get the point on it. They are almost identical.

You do not get that from a reference picture no matter how good you are. By the way copying or reproduction from a picture without changing anything is not okay either. If you are going to use a collection or a something to get the face right use a picture from the game(not a cg, we already had that issue with another tracer in the fandom, ironically they also changed their name and sot of went back to doing the same shit).

It’s common sense people. Look it your picture good, yes. But it is simply not yours to say it is. This will stop people feom producing fan art if they feel someone could easily trace or scan or whatever their hard work.

This goes for writing as well. I am not talking reading something and then Saying that was good I want more and then continuing the thought with your own take. I mean going on a platform and copying and pasting shit into word and changing a few words. Frankly that is lazy and just as wrong. Not to mention both are illegal.

This is a way to shit the fandom down. No one will produce anything because of the fear someone will steal it. Give credit where credit is due.

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